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tv   Skulls Of My People  Al Jazeera  June 27, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am +03

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the villages were surrounded by the me and my military soldiers swept through they opened fire on men women and children as they were running away and they systematically burned down their wishes and what this shows is that this was not the work of rogue soldiers or units involved units across a large area that this was a pattern carried out and therefore suggest that it was a pattern carried out pursuant to me a common plan the human rights group is naming thirteen commanders and offices who believes are responsible for war crimes one of those generals is now being sacked by the commander in chief's office but it's not believed to be linked to these allegations and amnesty want all thirteen sent to the international criminal court why is the family history twenty seventeen hearings operations one president in my view is a you need to reach out and answer the state crimes against you know we actually you know. for starvation illegal and targeted large
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scale it's the norm from the us to serious and they should be referred to the international group of. any referral to the international criminal court is unlikely to happen soon and that's because it either has to come from the government to be unmarked that steeply unlikely or from the un security council and on this council there's one country that strongly supported the government of myanmar it just happens to be a permanent member of the security council with veto power china james pays out of the united nations prince william the second in line to the british throne has called occupied palestine a country and a meeting with president mahmoud abbas it is part of the first ever official visit by a u.k. royal to the region the prince met israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu in west jerusalem on tuesday the british monarchy has historically avoided involvement in the israeli palestinian issue britain governed the territory prior to the
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creation of israel in one nine hundred forty eight. it's my first visit as you pointed to and i'm very much looking forward to meeting suppose the news today and seeing some of the culture and the diversity of the palestinian way of life so thank you for welcoming and i'm very glad that all of the countries worked so closely together and i've had success stories with education and. relief work in the polls so long without continue. my sentiments the same as yours and hoping that as a loss in peace for the region we're going to weather update banks on how to zero then. very much look forward to discussing with you is i've had the opportunity to do with your colleagues how to prune russian u.s. relations donald trump sends his national security advisor to moscow ahead of an expected summit with vladimir putin.
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hello it's been raining heavily in ground zero and in northern vietnam the last day as a button satellite picture you see beyond that is relatively dry in central china but the line is developing again along the yangtze of valleys from shanghai west was to sichuan occasional but useful damp will seem likely it is he made the sas of course but the time being the rain is taking a back seat so it looks fairly dry for hong kong drive back to the border of vietnam in fact if anything the rain is further west so particular myanmar has become wet recently adding togs i'm sure you're aware but the monsoon is done to try and burst the head where it should be that these are any that she quite small showers of adelie and dancer rushes down given a couple of minutes the moment quality on the whole is
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a little bit better in delhi itself the real heavy rain is rather for the sas still mumbai science words but as you can see in the forecast it's creeping evan northwards this is what it should be doing and it does these bursts and drops but again it's in these bursting stage at the moment in fact we've had some pretty useful right in occasional showers in southern pakistan as well and quite possibly because that to still be an increase in the cloud and rain potential you know none of the next day. well when this idea popped into it when they're on line it's undoubtedly chief cole. over the inequality in society today or if you join the sunset criminal justice system is dysfunctional right now this is a dialogue what does it feel like bring you have to go back for the first time everyone has a voice and allow refugees to plead to speakers for change join the conversation on
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our jazeera. again the top stories this hour on al-jazeera the leaders of south sudan's warring parties have signed a peace deal aimed at ending the country's civil war under the deal a cease fire will begin in seventy four two hours at least fifty thousand people have been killed and around four million displaced since the conflict began in twenty thirteen. eight e.u. countries have agreed to take in more than two hundred migrants who've been stranded at sea for six days they were picked up off the coast of libya on thursday by the german rescue ship lifeline. has now agreed to let the boat use its ports
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for the migrants to disembark. and the united nations envoy to me and has called for the dismantling of what she says is a system of discrimination against range of muslims young he leave was speaking at the un human rights council in geneva in response members and blasted a call for her to be replaced. by members of the world's chemical weapons watchdog of passed a resolution that will give the body the power to assign blame for chemical attacks let's go live now to the hague al-jazeera is leave barca is that leave we were talking about this twenty four hours ago when russia was making it clear that it was very much opposed to this idea of apportioning blame. yes that's right well after an hour delay in this final vote vote we now do have a results that shows that the permanent men bemba's of the o.p.c. w.
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have voted overwhelmingly in support of the u.k.'s proposal to extend the mandate of the world's chemical weapons. the results are as follows out of one hundred six different permanent members of the a p c w that were eligible to vote eighty two voted in favor of the u.k. proposal twenty four against undoubtedly russia among the number voting against their britain's permanent representative to the organization peter wilson has tweeted saying an overwhelming majority to restore the to boo over chemical weapons the u.k.'s permanent representative mission here said the international community has come together to strengthen the ban on chemical weapons use clearly the u.k. delegation the drew up this proposal and presented it here at the a.p.c. w. on choose day will undoubtedly see this is something of a foreign policy triumph britain's foreign secretary came here in person on tuesday
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and urge the. permanent members to back the u. case proposal u.k. arguing that given the rise in the use of chemical weapons as is two thousand and twelve this body really needs to have a little bit more strength more bytes when it comes to. controlling a chemical weapon usage around the world they have many thanks they think back of that in the hague president donald trump's national security advisor john bolton has met president vladimir putin and moscow as he finalize his plans for an upcoming u.s. russia summit it's reportedly being considered for mid july after trump attends the nato talks in brussels during his meeting with both and putin said that he hopes the two nations could put their differences behind them. initially be here the there's been a minute and it brings me great regret to say relations between russia and the us i'm not in the best shape but just most school related to its little visit to moscow gives us hope that we can at least take the first step to reviving full
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blown ties between our countries. even in earlier days when when our countries had differences arab leaders and their advisors met and i think that was good for both countries good for stability in the world and president from feels very strongly on that subject life out of moscow to serious war a challenge is that for us rory as we saw from singapore president trump seems to like big one on one summits president putin has been wanting to sit down with the u.s. president for some time or so likelihood of a big breakthrough in russia u.s. relations. well i think if we're going to make predictions any trump putin summit is going to be similarly big showy events as the one we sort of singapore between trump and kim jong un perhaps just as light on detail as that one was perhaps with just as many of washington's foreign policy elites kind of sitting on their on the edges of their chairs hoping that trump doesn't promise away too
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much in the way of u.s. interests put in though it's a real chance so isn't it to restore the damaged relations with the united states and perhaps to extract some key concessions from the u.s. president. in terms of russia's foreign interests he has been wanting this for ages but to me a putin puts i think beyond the two men there's probably not that much excitement either here room moscow or in washington d.c. that there is going to be a huge breakthrough because of any meeting that comes up between these two leaders the russians know this is a big opportunity for them because donald trump is not your average u.s. president as everyone knows he has a view on global affairs which is much more in line with the russian view on global affairs that international relations should be transactional and that country's
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interests should absolutely rule their decisions overseas not any value system that they might have but the russians also know enough about donald trump enough about his administration not to take too much hope from that and they also know that there are going to be a lot of people back in washington d.c. who are going to be watching very nervously and if they feel that donald trump has promised away too much given russia too many concessions they will spend the weeks and months afterwards trying to unpick. things that he said and roll them back so yes there are big problems that these two countries have to talk about that's talk about syria they have to talk about ukraine crimea cyberwarfare electoral interference all these sorts of things but i don't think there are many people in either capital who believe that this upcoming summit if it doesn't happen is going
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to be a massive breakthrough on any of those issues this is more going to be a some sort of showpiece event already many thanks worry china's live in moscow at least eleven people have been killed by two car bombs in africa and in the northwest of syria it happened in the center of the city on wednesday morning turkish backed forces captured a free from kurdish y.p. g. fighters in march after a two month military campaign it's one of the first deadly bombings in the city since the campaign ended and it. catalyzed taking the united arab emirates to the un's international court of justice accusing it of violating human rights the case was prompted by the blockade of qatar by four countries which is now into its second year lawyers for both sides will sit out the arguments during hearings at the hague over the next three days the policy and practice of racial discrimination undertaken by the u.a.e. are extraordinary in the sense that the actions taken by the u.a.e.
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are express direct and in the words of the convention have the purpose of nullifying and impairing protected rights based on national origin victoria gaping the reports. saudi arabia the u.a.e. behind in egypt cut diplomatic relations with cattle last june imposed a blockade and expel qatar ease catalog denies its neighbors accusations of supporting terrorism cattles national human rights committee estimates the blockade affected thirteen thousand people more than four thousand cases of human rights violations have been reported in the past year and it's affected all aspects of daily life in cattle education health the right to perform religious rituals own property or freedom to travel abroad and perhaps most crucially the right to family reunification in a region where family ties go beyond borders the blockading nations forcibly
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deported qataris and separated children from their parents rashid mother is qatari and his father is bahraini and gulf countries children take the citizenship of their father he believes if he continues to defy an order by bahrain to leave cattle he'll lose his bahraini passport and be stateless once my passport expires what do i do do i stay here and not pursue my future because i don't have a passport because i did not want to go to the country that i hold the citizenship nothing else but the citizenship and that's some sort of leverage that they have against me the blockade in countries also crack down on the nationals for expressing sympathy for cattle with jail terms and fines catulus for ministry says the u.a.e. is violating international law prohibiting racial and national discrimination. the
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president of algeria has sex his head of national security no reason has been given but major general abdul ghani how mel recently criticized the justice ministry over its handling of a cocaine smuggling scandal twenty a arrests have so far been made in connection with the seizure of seventy million dollars worth of cocaine that was on a ship from spain it's been alleged that senior government officials were involved in the smuggling days of fighting between farmers and herders in nigeria led to the deaths of at least two hundred people it's happening in plateaus states where there's been a decade's old conflict over an increasing demand for farming land police have now called a dusk to dawn curfew across the state on nigeria's president muhammadu buhari has appeals for calm. a white police officer has been charged with killing an unarmed black teenager in the united states the shooting of seventeen year old and one rose
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last tuesday provoked days of protests in pittsburgh officer michael rosenfield was arresting a suspect in a drive by shooting when he allegedly fired at rose as he fled the scene. a japanese spacecraft has won david with an asteroid which hopefully can provide clues about the origin of the solar system the unmanned hayabusa two blasted off from earth three and a half years ago on the two hundred eighty million kilometer journey scientists hope that it will land on the real go asteroid three times and the probes will collect rock samples if all goes well it should make the return journey home to earth arriving in twenty twenty four is jones a space analyst and author of when men walked on the moon he says the team will now look for a safe place for the craft to land. it's very challenging because the asteroid is
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very irregular in shape and it's to write in and it's partly a question of finding a safe place to land but it's also a question of saying whoa which type of to write in which type of surface and which type of materials do you want to sample for the returns who worth and so there's always a bit of a conflict between what the scientists want in terms of their samples and what the engineers want in terms of policy in the spacecraft as straight such as the one that high abusive who is visiting do have the potential to endanger life on earth if they get too close and crash into the earth and we do know that several asteroids do make close approaches from time to time to the yearth and so studying near earth asteroids is helping us to understand their composition and also how we could deflect them or possibly defend the earth through out the methods against an impact in the future in the u.k. firefighters are struggling to prevent
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a major fire spreading or more land there manchester in the northwest thick smoke is causing poor visibility and breathing problems for some strong winds and heat wave like conditions have found the flames for the past three days on subtle with more homeowners nearby have been moved to safety and want fires in northern california threatening hundreds of homes for major fires are burning in lake county where the governor of california has declared a state of emergency large areas of forest have already been destroyed as a spoil me of firefighters tries to stop the spread. it is good to have you with us hello adrian from going to hear it of other top stories and al-jazeera the leaders of south sudan's warring parties have signed a peace deal aimed at ending the country's civil war under the deal a cease fire will begin in seventy two hours at least fifty thousand people have been killed and around four million displaced since the conflict began in twenty
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thirty. eight e.u. nations have agreed to take in more than two hundred migrants who've been stranded at sea for the past six days they were picked up off the coast of libya on thursday by the german rescue vessel the lifeline spain and italy delighted the boat permission to dock now malta has agreed to let the boat use its ports for the migrants to disembark members of the world's chemical weapons watchdog of passed a resolution that would give the body power to assign blame for chemical attacks the u.k. led proposal was passed by eighty two votes to twenty four russia syria and iran opposed the resolution i think it's too early to say how many will go where we have very clear indications. of and play just very concrete pledges from each member state i think everyone will take who are linked to it's safe to say everyone is take according to. its capability
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i'm sorry that was in the video that we meant to play it more heavy rain in northern thailand has hampered the search for a football team missing now for four days in a flooded cave rescue as they remain optimistic that the teenagers are still alive because other cave explorers have been found in the past after a flood water had receded the united nations envoy to me is called for the dismantling of what she says is a system of discrimination against religious muslims yankee levy was speaking at the un human rights council in geneva in response may amazon basad a call for her to be replaced. donald trump's national security advisor john bolton has met president vladimir putin in moscow as he finalizes plans for an upcoming u.s. russia summit it's reportedly being considered for a big july after trump attends nato talks in brussels during his visit with both putin said he hoped the two nations could put their differences behind them. here that is good little over twenty five minutes here on al-jazeera after today's edition of the stream next. in the.
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i'm standing. here in the stream live on al-jazeera and you tube today. government demonstrations have turned into the country protests. well look at the continued violence and ask whether human rights are being protected. in the two months since many nicaraguans began calling for president daniel ortega to step down parts of the country have to send it into heavy violence while peace talks have yielded little progress for an end to the crisis protests began in
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a poor in response to a proposed overhaul of the country's pension system grievances quickly turn to ortega himself as the people q state of running a corrupt government some anti-government protesters armed with their own homemade weapons have clashed with police and pro or take up paramilitary groups where than two hundred people have been killed since april and despite the government's pledge to stop the violence human rights groups say protesters continue to be killed detained or even disappeared so to help us understand the situation in nicaragua joining us on the set we have latin america correspondent. he was covering the crisis in the last week for al-jazeera. the castro he is a human rights activist and a journalist in estella coahuila steven sefton he's a writer for to appear consol that's a new side that identifies with the sandinista national liberation front and we also have one sebastian morrow he's
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a leader of the main civic alliance looking to negotiate peace with the government we also invited members of the to work in government to share their perspectives but they have not responded to us but gentlemen it's good to have you here stephen this idea of trying to get a government response or trying to get an idea of how the government is dealing with this crisis how would you sum it up from your perspective. well right from the start on april twenty first three days after the protests we took an illegitimate one for the first twenty four pounds they were peaceful as was correctly quoted in the names in but after that they were taken over by extremely violent right wing activists who are very well armed and very well prepared but despite the violence of those first three days. president then you will take on a p twenty s. called for a national dialogue. which was accepted by the right wing business that was.
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also involved in protests and then the following day sunday april twenty second president to take a request it's the catholic church hierarchy want to mediate that so right from the start the dialogue has been committed to feast and from april twenty third they instructed the police not to use live grounds and to people very low profile. so i think from my point of view the role of the government from the start to try. and unfortunately money. the opposition has been resolutely opposed to taking. enormous. let me share this view this is online from a non he's also a journalist and she summarizes this is i'm using the translation here from twitter a summary of the current situation in the coag although from june the twenty first to today there are already more dead injured imprisoned and disappeared two hundred
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twelve killed one thousand three hundred thirty seven wounded five hundred seven plus in prison. so many issues here sebastien stephen says that the government is trying to negotiate in good faith but how do you describe this it's not even the latest list of of what's been happening to some of the protesters in iraq are today. oh put a poll i would like to denounce the brutality of the or to dictatorship brutality and i have seen with my own eyes this violence and brutality against innocent civilians is the reason why the popular of price it is not going to stop and this is not. this is a popular of rice not a rising from any. woman or anything like that and i want to emphasize one thing the killing the extra u.d.c. or killing the started but april nineteenth it is not true that the that.
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occur later the extra you the cherie killings started the various first day of the hold of the protestant right now as we speak there has been two hundred and eighty five people dead these are being denounced by human rights organizations one of them means precisely the into the american commission on human rights which says that there has brought the responsibility of the state of our state of nick and our what to who have violated fundamental rights including life personally integrity health freedom assembly exploration and access to justice is and the most important and relevant human rights commission by the organization's already come states and how. to i know very strong report blaming the
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state of nick and i were asked responsible for all these killings so the in addition to that i missed the international issue a report that says in the title here should the keel showing our evidence of the x. or unies yari killings committed by the naked eye one police force and. fogs are by the govt there is ample. human rights violations so in other words we are this woman living. next door to an irish. humanitarian crisis i want to bash and i want to follow up on there was extraordinary circumstances of the the list really that you detailed with a couple of experiences from our community about what they are seeing this is one person on twitter who says we still don't know how many are detained or just missing or if they're still alive the numbers grow every day we have two hundred
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twelve plus dead including little kids and just this weekend they shot a fifteen month old in the head as a sniper and it was caught on camera and we got a video comment from someone who mentions that same incident and how it struck her this is deny she's a journalist and i go and this is what she told the stream. one of the cases that i think the the most it's about. who would he was working with his parents in the streets when he happened they were a type mentors for police in the b.b. di i think every week no one wants to see justice not only for disturbed but more than two hundred that's that have occurred these two months. so many that the incident that she mentions i pulled up on my screen here this is from al jazeera nicaraguan rest baby among five killed in fresh protests that's from june twenty fourth it doesn't seem to gel with what we heard earlier from stephen who mentioned that the police were told to keep a low profile i know you just returned from the crowd about what can you make sense
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of those two things for us so i made two trips within the last couple of months and a good one to visiting messiah which were a lot of the most brutal fighting has been concentrated between anti-government demonstrators and the government and also most of my time spent in when i was the incident that you were learning about right now is not that different than another one that we heard about a week and a half ago where a house with a family of six was set on fire and two children of the age of two were killed inside that house the government has repeatedly denied any responsibility in both that incident as well as in the ongoing conflict saying that they're not using lie browns that they're not to do you know participating in these claims of human rights abuse but the evidence compiled by human rights observers both from national from the inner american human rights commission which prepared preliminary report to the organization of american states just last week and all point to something
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completely different which is an ongoing systematic repression against peaceful demonstrators and one of the conditions set by the catholic church the catholic church is very influential and they get out what the they have been hosting this ongoing national dialogue that for better or for whispers is the only thing that's truly mediating this conflict the main condition of the catholic church for this dialogue to continue has been for the government of president or to go to stop the heavy handed to use the light term approach to anti-government demonstrators something that the government has failed to do which is why we've seen a continuation of the violence which is why we see very little progress being made in way of these peace talks. stephen when one sebastian was showing the shoot to kill you said something i didn't quite hear what it was can you repeat it what did you want to say. you know and what i want to say is that. it's true that there are plenty of human rights organizations making these denunciations none of those cases
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have been investigated and the internet the into merican commission for human rights. based on information that they just accepted. from human rights organizations in my career with the long track record over a cup of. being vicious anti government. and the lot of a lot of the cases are as you are reports of pointed out many points down disputed by the government but something many said that was very interesting was he talked about peaceful protest now i have a question from the manny could you please explain how the. result of peaceful protests ten police officers. and the over two hundred injured don't you think a little strange it doesn't rattle him on allegedly there's no answer that question i'm not saying that there are not elements of criminal organizations that have infiltrated the peaceful protests but overwhelmingly from my experience from my
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observation the people that are on the ground there are armed with slingshots are armed with rocks and they are or if you want to say that rocks are weapons sure they are armed and they're armed with homemade mortars which may be a less than lethal weapon i think that at the very best they are they are fireworks launchers. and these people are up against automatic weapons live rounds and snipers on mother's day on may thirtieth we were on the ground during one of the largest demonstrations that you could i would had seen up until that point half a million people marching on the streets of amman i were at the very end of that march i actually don't remember how many were killed somewhere around a dozen people were killed when snipers opened fired on it grew out of civilians i want to point to the initial comment by the even. need. to talk about the will. you know all this it is regretful that he the new ground government for years has labeled everybody who disagrees with and as extreme right wing.
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as part of an extreme wrangling conspiracy if you are on the streets to talk to people and see who's out there on the barricades in the universities who is protesting we're talking about people who are workers who are students who are. you know people generally. concerned about what is happening in the country and this isn't part of a pattern over the years that this government been in power you know disqualifying people who have a different opinion and this is one of them can this is what it led to the situation. because there's been a breakdown in the institutional framework that allows people to actually was their opinion in a peaceful in a sit in was their opinion and be heard and so what you have is a protest over a very you know very legitimate issue was the social security which was which could
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have gone on and ended without a problem but it didn't happen because those dunes who were on the street were immediately attacked and people reacted to that and they reacted to that because this is been going on for many many years and now it's escalated to a point where we have these you know hooded jugs on the street followed by the police going around killing people and this is been widely documented this is probably the most well documented rebellion in the history of central america because everybody had cell phones everybody had cell phones everybody has cell phones or everybody has you know here in italy or nice of a century so a gang of between has eyes and six hundred people attacked the municipal office here in a silly they're trying to get molotov. tale with firearms and it's completely untrue and only tory government probably worse it's just been widely programmer
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every of those people who attack that place including you know if you talk to the families of people who were killed during that you know have been killed in a tele. i think you know you should go talk to the family so that i know more than one else students. i knew one of the students that was killed and that individual and who's a great guy unfortunately was duped into taking part into that demonstration which involved the participation of between two and three hundred people from outside the makah who had nothing to do feel with us and they did this group of between five and six hundred people i was here. and. trying to build you think. people are risking their lives because they believe in liberty because. running over their rights and not. only hearing you there you know i hear what
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you're saying about people being tired of their rights being. trampled upon i want to bring up a perspective that we don't see a whole lot of online i'll admit it was very difficult to find people who are pro or take at this point at least on twitter during our outreach but we got this question from someone on twitter saying could take a d. there are all these years without people support so we did find one woman her name is regina stand of all and she since deleted her twitter account after speaking with us on this she says i'm a native of nicaragua and have been visiting my country for the past fifteen years and in the last ten years i've only seen positive improvements of course with much more to accomplish however i've never seen repression of any kind the economy was booming and tourists are flooding nicaragua up or she is now and expert but one sebastian i'm wondering about the support for take what is left of it what are the polls saying what are you hearing from people. well first of all i it is true that certain economic sectors like this that they may show were are doing extremely well
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however because of this crisis get tourist industry simply got a million people came last year to new guy what will be said because of these preparations by the government by the police are. bringing the country to to a halt and i want to mention something that is very important when i missed international. was in the country. and saw and lived how snipers where shooting the demonstrations a mother saying this is not something that i report that was written from from outside people from on this international actually saw the. repression so why are so you know it's. and i think the explanation of how this popular revolt across all sectors of the of the society you have to understand that all sectors of society
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has been protestant force. different reasons the environment the violations of human rights violations of the right to protest to assemble it has been this has been a very repressive government that tried to lose a situation that didn't exist in a in reality. let me just play the number of years since even i here i just want to move things on just a little bit i hear you want to come back and we will come back to you many you did a whole series of reports you just got back from the coag one of your reports was about families calling for the release of detainees a would i want to be very frank about what you saw and what you reported on i'm going to play this a little bit of the story here one of the stories that you did for al-jazeera have a listen. to. these desperate mothers crying out to prison guards for the release of their children my d.s.l. danya has been camped outside these gates for more than
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a week her son wielded was arrested after attending an anti-government demonstration at one point she change her self to the fence begging for her son's release me you want to give me you want my son is innocent his only crime was holding up the flag of my country i believe this is why they're keeping him there. when i hear the back in full force and stephen about who is responsible who is responsible for the violence who's had to snog but the feeling that if you were in the. amongst different communities what was it like it's tension especially in places like messiah and cities like messiah cities that have seen an extraordinary amount of violence over the course of the last two months people must inevitably be having some sort of psychological trauma from all of this there are daily attacks by paramilitary forces that are coming into the that are coming into the town and firing indiscriminately at civilians yes there may be individuals
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who are armed but overwhelmingly what we're seeing from from anti-government demonstrators most of them being very young teenagers oftentimes is that they're not is that they're not armed and if i can just say something in regards to that snippet of my report on the detainees as a quick update the gentleman that i was reporting on his name was the wheel that he has since been released he was held for eight days after he was picked up after a after a protest and he was he was released along with that other half dozen detainees that were that were picked up during protests that sadly but still good news was the only bit of good news that i was able to report in my time in the because there are still an unknown number of forced disappearances where people didn't end up in jail they simply disappeared there's no way to know what it did up happening to a lot of these protesters. well i want to push this for just a little bit more because while we have so many tweets on the protest tactics one
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of the things that people want to know about is negotiations and is that the way forward this is toyota on twitter who says the president's greatest weakness is the fact that he is no longer nicaragua's worship savior social media has united all nicaraguans even the former or taken followers that's why this is working there is no opposing political party this is the people's movement but on the other side of that is someone who thinks that our take it is the perfect person for negotiations and will lead the country towards peace this is francisco we've subtitled his response to us in spanish have a listen to what he told us of. the . well a pretty. equal level of. proof
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. so to me no francisco there says that the president is advancing the solution to the crisis i know that you're interact lee involved in the negotiation in the dialogue what do you make of that comment. i think that the president will show a willingness to bring to snicker now when he orders the paramilitary groups followed by the police to leave the street and i hear the one that has the power to disarm these groups and the reason why he's not doing that is because he knows that if these groups give him certain. protection because you know he's the head of the army and the police and you know he's sending these paramilitary groups
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out there and he and the government says they have nothing to do with them because he doesn't want to take responsibility for what is happening and everybody knows that these groups are being coordinated by mayor by second political secretaries of the of their pursuant party of by ex-military people have been recruited to be part of these groups and you know the troops are in the videos on these groups to move into the neighborhoods and behind then come the police so you know somebody had to explain to me how groups that have nothing to do with the government move around with the police to try and open up wrote and and you know take people prisoners and . and fire you know indiscriminately against innocent people killing them and they are nothing to do with the government and i want to just bring out something that seaman was saying about the government and what it's done in the last years you know i've been critical of the human rights activist and then as
11:44 pm
a journalist of all governments and we get our there's always room for improvement there is obviously in it in the good in the economic front and you could say the government you know been something in the world that did help the poor but you know you can do that and and get rid of. you know essential rights like the right to elect your leaders the right to express your opinion the right to protest you know here you have a come in below. three years of you know the media has been concentrated in a few will point out that here i've got less a moment left i just want started to be i was wanting just by pre-fill stephen galahad husband that's what it was hilarious in a sense like instances like through the looking glass listening once a best and can be that in the end it's going to resist the truth that money but that'll turn out investigations will turn up the truth. and the political process will happen. in the next elections on next dream to come for the sandinista will
11:45 pm
win the next this do you think stephen and i'm starting to do you think the president or to a guy is going to announce whether or not he is in favor of early elections that's going to be a yes no as there are not are not the government's new exhibits. it's perfectly possible that they'll bring forward the elections but whenever they're trying to show that the trends a sudden it's even once the bank of canada they're going to sounds like the right conversation for the next episode of the co aca on the stream but for now dropping out of the cap for now the protesters demands are main toyota size or take us immediate resignation police forces and government guerrillas to stop are oppressing the people and justice for the murdered among other things has all the time we have thank you for watching look at i will see you online always on the string the next time take. my.
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the time had come for the p.l.o. to seek a new and peaceful solution. pursuing a path of diplomacy but what was to turn their agreed look strong from lebanon into one of the most horrific civilian massacres of modern times women children killed we couldn't believe our son chronicling the term moon story is true from pounced. on the history of the revolution on al-jazeera. life in the islands fringing the antarctic peninsula is abundant the place of seemingly endless variety the whole region is richly biodiverse a living example of how things are pretty much free from the influence of man.
11:47 pm
getting to see the astonishing bond life here is by no means a straightforward the weather makes everything a challenge environment where was life is living is incredibly fragile incredibly delicate there's all sorts of threats that are up against climate change cruel fishing and then of course there's this tourism the number of tourists coming down here it's a beginning of the two thousand and two somewhere around four five thousand a year we're now over thirty thousand a year. is still in pretty good shape but it's apparent this unique landscape needs to be very carefully managed as multiple threats begin to lose on the horizon. we will maintain the finest fighting force the world has ever known united states army was so reliant on the private sector i would call it a dependency we have a mismatch between the way we. are to be here and the reality of the twenty first
11:48 pm
century enough to get here in a bathing pool for evil and i want to tell me if the person that you're sending out to should be child soldiers and i have my child soldiers reloaded on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera live from studio fourteen here down to their headquarters in doha. welcome to the newsgroup in civil war to ceasefire just a day ago we were talking about a possible turning point for south sudan president salva kiir and his deputy turned rebel leader. of the greatest the details still emerging but we're going to look at whether the people of south sudan and. have some hope for the future also on the
11:49 pm
great migrants in the mediterranean the two hundred thirty plus on board the ship lifeline have now entered multis waters they will be allowed to dog but this is just another temporary fix for an ongoing problem really the e.u. will have its summit on thursday to try to find a long term solution and tackling the blockade on two fronts concert goes to the international court of justice and the international civil aviation organization both of them by the way seeking international intervention in the gulf. and we're in india looking at how fake social media messages have feel the series of bomb attacks and what's being done to prevent it. to show you the hash tag eighteen spends. you get the news grades live on air and streaming online through you tube facebook live at al-jazeera dot com and twenty four hours ago in south sudan we were talking
11:50 pm
about a framework for pay and agreement on some points well now it's been signed the leaders of south sudan's warring parties have struck a peace deal aimed at ending the country's five year civil war president salva kiir . the rebel leader reg much are signed that agreement. north actually they were in the sudanese capital of how to where they've been holding the talks under the deal a ceasefire will begin in seventy two hours time a plan meant cease fire is here but i declared it through a very public done. enter into force within seventy two hours of this declaration of agreement we were hoping to speak to someone from the south sudanese government a little light on the newsgroup but just so you know up front had
11:51 pm
a fascinating interview with someone who they call mama rebecca get on who is the widow of dr john garang who played a big role in the founding of south sudan she served as an advisor to president salva kiir even called for him to step down once short story unique insight into the country and how it fell into civil war after such an optimistic birth the so-called mother of south sudan rebecca get on his own up front with me at the house on what you will find in the show's section at al-jazeera dot com so yes that news just breaking in the last couple of hours assizes they were hoping to actually speak to a spokesperson from the south sudanese government in juba to find out what chance of this actually holding if you've got some questions a simple twenty send them into us right now and we can put them to our guests the hashtag of course is a.j. newsgroup on twitter facebook and whatsapp we'll move on just for now though and against the news which is just developed in the last hour or so members of the world's chemical weapons watchdog the o.p.c. w.
11:52 pm
they've passed a resolution that will give the body the power to assign blame for chemical attacks and they've banned has been covering this one from the hague for us talk us through well the implications of that but also the opposition there was to it knave. well first of all let me just recap the results because the o.p.c. w. have voted overwhelmingly to support the u.k.'s proposal to introduce an amendment to the would allow the monday night for the i.p.c. w. the world's chemical weapons watch dog to be expanded currently it only has the ability to say where and when a chemical attack has taken place is not allowed to say who is responsible and that's exactly what the british proposal calls for it comes in light of a surgeon and chemical weapons attacks in different parts of the world in syria and iraq in soulsby with the attempted murder of a script hala nearly
11:53 pm
a script out of course he was a russian double agent and also in malaysia with the fatal assassination of the north korean leader kim jong un's hoth brother boris johnson the british foreign secretary came here and she was saying urge all members here to support the proposal to give the watchdog more bite essentially and that's what they've done the results eighty two for twenty four against one hundred six voting in total so definitely more than two thirds majority voting in support of the u.k.'s proposal and the opposition to it again it was well the usual suspects really wasn't it. sure that's right well the british proposal is face of some tough opposition from russia the russians sir throughout have said that the only body that really technically should be a labor able to apportion blame for something like the carrying out of a chemical weapons attack should be the un security council where of course russia
11:54 pm
has the power of veto but this is the first time that an organization has been able to point the finger at various different countries or individuals or organizations or carrying out chemical weapons attacks back in two thousand and fifteen the u.n. in partnership with the o.p.c. w set up something called the joint investigator e mechanism that started investigating and apportioning blame for attacks in syria but russia went out of its way last year to avoid supporting extending the mandate of that body leaving the world without any single organization that could apportion blame which is why the u.k. and now with the backing of other members of the o.p.c. w a saying that this organization needs to be able to hold those guilty of carrying out attacks to account knave barker's at the hague there the latest on that development of the o.p.c. . now a ship carrying two hundred migrants over two hundred migrants is finally on its
11:55 pm
way to malta after being stranded at sea for six days they were all picked up off the coast of libya on thursday by the german rescue ship lifeline but spain and italy both denied the boat permission to dock now multiply has agreed to let it use its port for the migrants to disembark and eight e.u. countries have agreed to take in those refugees i think it's too early to say how many will go where we have very clear indications. of and play just very concrete pledges from each member state i think everyone will take cory think to it's safe to say everyone is take according to. its. it's capability so just seen on the seizing a website he called marine tracker which just shows us where the ship was the lifeline this is basically where it had been parked as we said for six days and if i assume out or if it will let me. there it goes we see it is now tracking in
11:56 pm
towards malta and it might even give us its last reported position but anyway you see the other ships around in the region is now heading towards where it will be taken into the port there now we're going to check in with john psaropoulos who's also in malta waiting for this to arrive hi john i mean i described it at the start of the show almost as another sort of temporary solution isn't it you get these acute problems of ships where do they go someone takes them in this time it's malta . well the multis prime minister joseph muscat has been keen to stress the practical nature of this arrangement also its uniqueness he's not making any overarching proclamations or claims about whether this arrangement solves future problems in fact he told me an answer to a question that that i asked on behalf of al-jazeera. whether this is the beginning
11:57 pm
of a permanent solution between member states that would end the recurrent standoff over who is going to take boatloads of refugees rescued at sea this is an ad hoc agreement on this very particular case he said this is not a pass and this is not a blueprint what i think it is is a situation where. there were member states who showed that for them the values of european solidarity are not just found in the european treaties but that we act together he is saying that eight out of the twenty seven willing to volunteer and more may follow and that is the basis on which we should on our legal and moral commitments to international treaties but he is trying not to isolate or. pinpoint blame on those who have refused and he did say when he was by another reporter that there were member states that refused point blank all of this will
11:58 pm
come to head no doubt in the european summit in the next couple of days we don't know therefore what all of this implies because it's being billed as an ad hoc agreement and the major political issues remain to be resolved but we do know that people like joseph muscat are saying let's take a practical approach and let's take a humanitarian approach broadly speaking john where does malta see it if you had to divide europe into the camps of those who say yes take people in and disperse them across the continent and those who are saying no way we're tightening our borders is on the fence there. well malta is more exposed than most european countries even more so arguably than greece and italy on whose behalf the whole relocation scheme was thought up because motors sits on the main maritime route between libya and italy if you depart the libyan coast bound for hastily you will come across most of first also across the
11:59 pm
maritime route between tunis you're sailing east toward sicily and the boot officially well to sit in the way of that and it is therefore a very much in the path of the mid mr rayney and smuggling route i don't think that the multis with the small territorial expense and their small population are happy with much larger and wealthier and more powerful countries whose coast guard forces extend across the mediterranean saying that they will turn ships away and that implies that others who don't say such things have to take them in and pick up the slack i think the multi is therefore have a particular reason to take the initiative as they did on this occasion and ask for a collective consensual agreement to be reached but they would rather that it not have to happen for every shipment in particular. that is the that is the position
12:00 am
of malta it is exposed to graphically and it wants european mechanisms to work collectively all right john's are up listen multi they're good to talk to on the spot and of course waiting for the lifeline ship to arrive while we are talking about the issue of migrants and refugees the united nations envoy to me in mind has called for the dismantling of what she says is a system of discrimination against range of muslims young he told the un human rights council that really hinges should have their rights to citizenship and property restored in response the mean mara basta called for her to be replaced. we remain committed to continue to work with the men of the special reporter but the people of myanmar considered that it would no longer be productive.


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