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this is the position of malta it is exposed to graphically and it wants european mechanisms to work collectively or at jones or up close and multiverse good to talk to on the spot and of course waiting for the lifeline ship to arrive while we are talking about the issue of migrants and refugees the united nations envoys a million man has called for the dismantling of what she says is a system of discrimination against religion muslims young healy told the un human rights council that region just should have their rights to citizenship and property restored in response the main mara basta called for her to be replaced we remain committed to continue to work with the mandate of the special reporter but the people of myanmar considered that it would no longer be productive to continue to extend corporation with the current special reporter because of her leg off objectivity and noncompliance with the code of conduct as such we have requested the counsel for the replacement of her for the reason spent above after listening
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attentively to her assessment we reaffirm our position assessment lexx the value of an independent reporter which valens impartiality and a call receipt. for some analysis we spoke to matthew smith co-founder and chief executive officer of something called fortify rights it's a human rights organization specializing in southeast asia and he told us actually it's china which is preventing the un security council from taking action against me and. fortify rights believes these crimes constitute the crime of genocide and certainly crimes against humanity as well right now u.n. member states need to think very hard and seriously about the implications of an action and are one of our main concerns right now is not only for the rank of population but also for other communities around the world impunity travels impunity doesn't know borders so if the un security council fails in this situation
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it would be disastrous not only for the range of population or for the people of myanmar but potentially for other communities elsewhere the u.n. member states that are that make up the security council all have bilateral relationships with china and so there are there are a large number of different ways and means that states can negotiate with china sensually what's what's been asked of china from our perspective at least is actually just in action just get out of the way so that justice can run its course got a recent opinion piece here written by two in kin who is the president of the burmese were injuries organization in the u.k. it's just interesting you know to get the view of a range of person who is not there actually who's in a position to to talk and influence his people he thinks it's all about the international criminal court it's up to the security council to refer the situation to the i.c.c. quite a few opinion pieces actually about justice for the rich if you look for it in your
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i.c.c. you'll find all of that at al-jazeera dot com. we have been talking about u.s. immigration for weeks now haven't we been legal or illegal but this wednesday we're talking about both people trying to enter the united states either crossing the border and seeking asylum or arriving at an airport with a passport in hand all of their futures are now uncertain you're a member this time on tuesday don't trumps travel ban was upheld in the supreme court and we're going to look at that shortly from the perspective of those it will affect or rather than as we did the legal and political ramifications of yesterday but there's also the issue of border migration and indeed immigration as a whole house republicans are voting on legislation which they wanted to be wide ranging but may end up just focusing on the issue of family separations and we're going to talk to she had brittania the about that and other things he's in washington d.c. for us so what exactly is this with this house republican vote and divisions within the party itself almost. right exactly that's a really good point because this is often being referred to as
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a moderate compromise bill but we should be clear this is moderation and compromise between the extreme right wing of the normal republican party and the even extreme right wing of the republican party this is about no one else's no one is going to vote for it what's in this bill is several issues including a powerful system ship the dreamers those are citizens or those rather those residents of the u.s. now who are brought here without papers as children that's where the moderation goes out the window the other the other elements of this bill another twenty five billion dollars we don't trust border wall and making it even more difficult for migrants to gain any kind of residency in the u.s. including making it much more difficult for those who do manage to get their papers in the u.s. to bring over family members then the other section which is what you are referring to is ending family separation that's what they're calling it at least stopping the ripping away of children from their parents at the border but we need to be really
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clear about this when the republicans say they want to end family separation what they're talking about is overriding the current law which says children can't be held in custody for any longer than is necessary in fact they should be released perhaps within twenty days what they say when they say they what they don't want families to be separated is they want to keep families together but but children can be incarcerated indefinitely with their parents this isn't about the welfare of the child this is simply saying all right there's no need now because of the welfare of the trials to get them released as quickly as possible we have a new law which means we can keep them with their parents but incarcerated indefinitely while the legal proceedings other proceedings are under way to be really careful about this because as you said this bill today will probably not go anywhere but we're hearing talk about a more narrowly focused bill on family separation where we'll hear lots of talks about talk about well it's. to remove the child from the parent or what they're
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talking about is indefinite incarceration for children as long as they are with their parents she had let's go broad brush with this next question and maybe i've listened to too many political pop casts i don't know but is there a bigger issue in the united states right now as we go what is it for five months now till the midterm elections is there anything big get as far as political issues guy and i think bigger than the family separate just than immigration sorry if it was with a fake i mean i mean image immigration itself. will be sure to begin. the point i suppose. well i think there is an unease about trump's migration policies and it will of course lead to what the democrats hope will be more of the ethnic minorities of the u.s. coming out to vote and we did have a very interesting evening last night with a number of primary elections where a twenty something woman in the bronx in new york defeated an incumbent
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democrat powerbroker paul in part one of the many issues and she's latino latina in part by bringing out that ethnic vote this was an ethnically diverse vote and what the democrats are hoping is that they'll be more of this grassroots grass roots and through the house and for the mid-term elections however the interesting twist in this particular case is that she this was a primary election so she actually unseated a democrat powerbroker who was thought of as too worked to part of the system to not really when he talks about immigration immigrant he doesn't really care about that he cares more about the corporate donors but there is this interesting dynamic now as we go towards the midterms as to how immigration works having said that though the reason told trump keeps talking about immigration in more and more. you know ways it's because it really works to his base that's what he thinks go into office in the first place and he's hoping that will bring out his base and ensure that the republicans do well in the midterm since it's sort of always interesting
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dynamics as we go towards the midterms when we talk about migration thank you she had good to talk migration with you on the news in washington d.c. so that even with the border she there we now want to as i said revisit the travel ban remember it covers five middle east or african countries syria yemen iran libya somalia and also venezuela or north korea it seems the fear now after the band was up held is that that may only be the beginning with this decision we are concerned that donald trump will move beyond the five muslim majority countries that are in the current version to not only target more countries but should we even go after u.s. citizens and lawful permanent residents i say who's going to be in. is the president going to issue an executive order yes mexican's is going to issue an executive orders against people coming from honduras guatemala what's next. well he was here
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now to take us through some of the stories of people who are understandably incredibly worried about their futures of course and we've been talking to people from the countries affected by the troubles and keep in mind that this ban does not just affect those trying to enter the united states there's also a lot of uncertainty for those inside the country and here's what some had to say about the supreme court's decision. my name is being has flown home from syria i came to know it's a few years ago and i'm going to visit my mom i haven't seen her for like three years and i miss her but i'm really worried. that i will. return back to us. but i will i will go i will visit her anyway. yes a pretty good season is extremely disappointing one for me and for the somebody coming in to get as much of the water the bundle with any opportunities for students and
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business people to connect with the markets and so many families separated between us and hardship places like the. us on land i won the us lottery from iran unfortunately i couldn't use it because of the travel ban issued by the us and supreme court this is a very serious problem for me and my family my brother is an american citizen and he's sick some days he can't even and he needs me doc to say the presence of family is necessary he needs someone to support him in my opinion it's a racist law mr trump you say that you're a supporter of the iranian people how can you say that while you close doors on iranian people. when it comes to the muslim then if you look at the descending a dissenting opinion from justice sonia sort of meyer she clearly lays out all the instances in one's presidents trump and his administration has completely and utterly set out right how he wants to ban muslims how he wants to put legislation
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in place you know that work against muslims you know just step by step by step it's laid out you can look for yourself and then when you look at chief justice john roberts saying in his opinion that you know he doesn't see it in the eyes in the travel ban executive order it doesn't make any sense to me and you know this is going to go down in history as one of the worst decisions from the supreme court some strong opinions there if you have been affected by the travel travel ban we do want to get your thoughts on the story so did connect with us is the hash tag or you can miss me directly and. thank you he was so good to hear directly from our view isn't it on the story like this these so this documentary puts things into perspective it is cold as you say between war and the band a yemeni american story in it we may say fourth generation american from yemen whose own children and now banned from entering the u.s. he says that wasn't the america we thought about that we dreamed to live in and to
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come and to settle here and to pursue our lives and watch a few cell phones in the documentaries section at al-jazeera dot com. we are returning now to our top story the south sudan ceasefire deal which will directly affect some twelve million people just a bit of background for you in this five year civil war south sudanese have been displaced in their millions and killed in their thousands goes back to december of twenty thirteen two years after the country going to dependence on troops loyal to the then vice president rick machar on the left clashed with troops loyal to president salva kiir on the right it morphed into a nationwide ethnic conflict which displaced a third of the population two million people fled to neighboring countries two million internally the death toll is up over fifty thousand in actually in february the u.n. decided there was enough evidence to charge dozens of government offices with war crimes it gets worse rape of women and children used as
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a weapon by both government and opposition forces and on top of that famine was declared in conflict affected areas in twenty seventeen the u.n. says seven million south sudanese that is more than half the population will need food aid this year here's where morgan arguably correspondent happens to be in doha at the moment we talked about this yesterday and you said to urge caution at that point now twenty four hours later yes they've signed something what are the actual details of ceasefire this is the key word at the moment well what they have agreed to for the moment is that there will be a cease fire which will be effective within seventy two hours so by saturday all were inside should stop fighting or attacking each other they've also agreed tunis all political prisoners now that's going to be a little bit tricky because nobody knows how many political prisoners are on both sides nobody knows how many political prisoners are in the government side and nobody knows how many political prisoners there are on the opposition side they've also agreed to humanitarian aid and access to humanitarian aid and that there will be a four month period which will be followed by
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a transitional three to six month period now these are again just framework agreements and then they'll be further negotiations on power sharing on how to move forward and try to stabilize. i'm just reading some comments here sort of quickly shoni on facebook live who said the south sudan is missing a very important factor the issue to do justice and accountability for crimes and this is important to think about isn't it because i think you told me earlier they have been nine previous agreements he has them and lives countless lives lost in between each one yes there's been a mine previous agreements have been signed and broken within twenty four hours sometimes sometimes within days sometimes within a few months and the thing is accountability something neither the government or the opposition want to come close to whenever that subject is reached is brought up both sides seem to be taking a few steps back one of the one of the provisions of the twenty fifteen p.c. which was signed by the president the opposition before it collapsed a year later was that a justice system would be would be formed that a hybrid system a hybrid court would be formed to hold those who have committed crimes during the
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war and even after the war to hold them accountable for what they have committed now twenty four. now looking at what the agreement has been signed today in sudan they have not spoken about it just as they did say they were going to have further talks but so far nobody's bring up the subject of justice or accountability for the thousands of lives lost for thousands of homes destroyed for the women who have been raped in this conflict and there were thousands of women who have been reported to be to have been raped in this conflict including children and for those who have been displaced from their homes the fact that they got this father the fact that they talked. and silva here was that something in itself and i mean if the sole falls apart in a couple of days time you know we can't predict the future but the fact that they were able to get as far as it does it doesn't bode well in some sense because let's remember only on friday last week the president's spokesman came out and said they're not ready to work with my charge they don't want him as part of the government they might work with his people but not with him personally that the president would forty eight hours later or seventy two hours later and meet with my
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char and that they would have close meetings and reach some sort of agreement even if it's just a framework which would lay the groundwork for further negotiations and talks and agreements that that is a good sign and it is something to be optimistic about the. fairly cautious very cautious optimism here have i'm glad we've got you here to talk us through this one it's very helpful here morgan joining us in the studio thank you. now the u.n. special envoy for yemen has met president. had a yawn brokering a ceasefire this is between saudi arabia and the hooty rebels president had he told martin griffiths he demanded the who these full withdrawal from her day the province remember that's been under fire recently the minister of foreign affairs was quoted by local media saying the president told griffiths the hutu rebels must withdraw from her data or face a full scale military assault so that's just a new development coming out of yemen more heavy rain is hampered rescue efforts for twelve young footballers and their coach who are missing in
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a northern thailand cave system divers were unable to progress further into the cave after water rose as much as fifteen centimeters an hour early on wednesday officials though do remain optimistic the group is alive after noting other tourists have previously been rescued when the waters did recede scott either with this from shanghai hundreds of metres of large hoses were fed into the town long cave early wednesday tools for an uphill battle to reduce the water level inside rescuers hope to make up lost ground from heavy overnight range that continued when the sun rose rescuers say they need more power and equipment in the cave system to pump the water out that also raises the danger of electrocution for the divers working around the clock. also to lower the water level a huge pumps have been emptying a nearby reservoir connected to the cave system saying it could not have that but we will continue to do this operation until we find the boys and get them out
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safely more vigils have been held and prayers said for the missing twelve boys and their football coach as they had done before the eleven to sixteen year olds went into the cave for fun after a practice match on saturday they never came out. the emotional and physical toll is visible on the boy's families many have not left side of the cave entrance wanted to be there when word comes from rescuers the searching outside the caves has expanded hundreds of soldiers have fanned out into the jungle here looking for a way into the vast labyrinth of caves concealed by these rugged hills the military had hoped to use helicopters to take a wider survey of the area and possibly drop a navy seal divers into the jungle but poor visibility prevented that for most of the day that. song sung them son also plays for the academy football team but didn't go with his friends on saturday they live walking distance from the cave and the football team's home pitch now transformed into
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a makeshift hella pad for rescue helicopters. i saw them hit every day. the youth football team named after a while the jungle boar was practicing here for a tournament next month something many in this community are hoping will kick off with everyone safe it's got hotter al-jazeera chiang rai i'm also part of our reporting team in chiang rai wayne he's live for us now i know it's late obviously wayne and they've had to spend the efforts for now but tell us about how big this rescue effort has now become what is it five days now. yes well kemal it's certainly a twenty four hour operation now and the activity is continuing late into the night there's been a fairly steady stream of search and rescue workers coming and going from the cave entrance behind me both volunteers and military and also a few moments ago we saw three experts from the united kingdom go into the cave
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system to try to assist with the search and rescue operation the news is mixed really the hero saying they have not found any new evidence since they first saw those hand prints on the walls of the cave and some clothing and other equipment left behind by the boys and coach as they entered the cave on saturday but the water level they're saying in the cave has receded we know that the navy divers who are very much at the forefront of this operation have been and able to continue much beyond about the three kilometer mock and beyond that is where they hope that the boys and their coach but they haven't been able to continue because the water level has simply been too high but it is going down because we haven't had any significant rainfall for quite a few hours and they've brought in larger equipment big water pumps to try and get that water out of this so that is certainly the good news and those navy divers
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hope that they'll be able to continue their operation sometime in the next few hours so they're actually quite optimistic then about the chances of the boys and the coach of survival. yes because for a number of reasons really the boys or at least most of them and the coach had been into this cave system a few times before so there is optimism that they perhaps know the area reasonably well and when the floodwaters started going into the cave while they were in there the hope is perhaps they knew an elevated area where they could head to and that is the area that the work is believe or at least hope that they may well still be an area just beyond that three kilometer mark where the divers have being have suspended their operations so again the hope is that once that water level recedes by about twenty five percent saying that they will be able to push through that
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flooded area into what they hope is a dry area where they believe the boys and their coach will still be alive and well they also believe according to some messages that were exchanged between the boys before they went in the air that they had some food they had some torches so that is also providing some hope for the rescue workers and also for the family who continue to gather here and wait for some news one extraordinary story this is why and how the reporting from shanghai in thailand. and this story is also being discussed online with a lot of cartoon illustrations and this one that says don't give up is really just the prevailing message we're seeing a lot at the moment and as rescue efforts go into the fifth night people in thailand are trying to stay positive and that's reflecting with the hash tag which is the name of the cave luan and we're also seeing cartoons being shed all of the teenage boys with messages of hope and prayers for them to be reunited with their
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families and all those also sharing and following the tying navy seals facebook page which has been posting real time updates on the rescue efforts as well if you are currently in thailand we do want to get your thoughts on the story see do connect with us is that age and his grades thanks for here full contact details for you doc as i haven't reminded you of this today we're going busy with the news hashtag o.j. newsgroup on twitter at a.j. english we put a tweet out just before the show every day you can reply to the thread there and osama our producer is looking for your responses there that's the live stream at facebook dot com slash zero thank you for your comments on south sudan particularly today and that number plus one seven four five i one triple one four nine that covers your own telegram and on whatsapp unfortunately we won't be able to speak to that member of the south sudanese government who would hope to but thank you for your questions i was able to at least put some of them to him organ a little bit earlier ok let's move on u.s.
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foreign policy in the spotlight in two countries this wednesday first russia why don't trump national security adviser has met president vladimir putin and they've reached an agreement on holding a summit between the two leaders this visit by john bolton follows months of work by the kremlin to make a trump summit happen the kremlin's foreign policy aide says the summit will be held in a mutually convenient third country days in location to be announced on thursday. even in earlier days when when our countries had differences arab leaders and their advisors met and i think that was good for both countries good for stability in the world and president from the feels very strongly on that subject more on this now for chalons in moscow. although you don't all trump seems to like these big flashy one on one bilateral sit downs and let him eat putin has been angling for just such a meeting with donald trump quite some time now i think beyond those two leaders in
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washington and in moscow too is not actually that much excitement about the prospects of a trump putin summit and any likelihood of it producing any significant breakthrough in u.s. russia relations the russians do know donald trump is a very unusual u.s. president and they see this as a window of opportunity because their view is that trump holds a similar opinion. as they do that's essentially global relations international relations are something that should be operated on national interests rather than values and that is an unusual thing for u.s. presidents to articulate but they also have enough experience of the of the trumpet ministration thus far that they know is unpredictable and they know the.
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things that he promises don't always come to fruition and in china the u.s. defense secretary is there discussing territorial disputes in the south china sea james mattis met president xi jinping after saying china's rapidly expanding military power is a big a national security threat and terrorism his visit coincides with a u.s. aircraft carrier dropping anchor in the philippines as well the u.s.s. ronald reagan which is the third carrier to patrol the south china sea this year here is aging brown in beijing with more. well almost eighteen months after he became u.s. defense secretary this was james madison's first official visit to beijing in that role of course he's not here to talk about trade trade of course is the real point of friction between the world's two largest economies right now he did though meet president xi jinping who said afterwards according to state media that the relationship between china and the united states was one of the most important
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bilateral relationships in the world so those words from the president very measured indeed given the state of friction between washington and beijing right now for james matters of course his big concerns are what china is doing in the south china sea right now he has accused china of militarizing this vast basin of water citing those aerial photographs which shows say washington that beijing has been deploying surface to air missiles on those islands it's been building in the south china sea china though says the u.s. is over hyping this issue saying all they're doing is simply defending their sovereignty remember china claims sovereignty over almost all of the south china sea and just a few months ago in a vast naval parade china sailed its aircraft carrier and dozens of other warships and that was a symbol if you like of china's sovereignty in the south china sea but the united
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states has also been upping its profile in the area conducting what it calls freedom of navigation operations which means that u.s. warships often sail very close to chinese islands and china has called all of that a deliberate provocation the relationship between china and the united states is complicated right now and it's also in deep trouble. the blockade of culture has been going on over a year now but two united nations bodies are now being drawn into the crisis first of all in the hague though has taken the united arab emirates to the international court of justice over human rights violations at the separation of family also financial damages three day process the country's had their chance to address the court today lawyers representing tata setting out their arguments here's what they've been saying the policy in practice of racial discrimination undertaken by the u.a.e. are extraordinary in the sense that the actions taken by the e.u.
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a are express direct and in the words of the convention have the purpose of nullifying and impairing protected rights based on national origin this is not a circumstance that is limited to whether racially neutral laws or actions have an impermissible e discriminatory effect while the us actions indeed have discriminatory effect no inference is necessary as to their unlawful purpose. and then there's the fight over the skies above the gulf which has been taken to i k o the international civil aviation organization now saudi arabia space has been closed off to qatar airways since the blockade began forcing the national carrier to take longer routes and factories have a look at this i've got the flight right on twenty four up and running right now this is a live look at all the qatar airways flights coming in and out of doha you see this corridor first of all of planes which head north can't go of a saudi arabia and here's an example of
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a plane let's say with this one's coming from kid galley and heading to doha now it won't be able to take that straight line into doha across saudi arabia it will in fact have to go out. of the arabian sea and then in through the gulf to come into doha so that's what is. up for debate here if you like who is really controlling the skies politically speaking will daniel lakas covering this story for us he is in montreal outside ikea headquarters. the international civil aviation organization i k.-o. says it will decide later this week friday on the concerns of qatar that the blockade of its airspace by bahrain saudi arabia the u.a.e. and egypt is illegal under international law governing aviation that was challenged on tuesday by the four blockading states and the international civil aviation organization decided that it was competent it was able to hear mandated to hear
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complaints but later on tuesday the four nations also decided to take their concerns to the international court of justice in the hague says it's still going ahead with its plans to deliberate and rule on this on friday this week but again this is all caught up now in international legal matters so it's probably wise prudent to wait and see just how things unfold normally i k.-o. is an organization that governs the technical technological and safety. aspects of aviation political disputes though it has heard them in the past are not normally things that likes to consider and also it's an organization that doesn't talk much about its inner workings its thirty six member governing council is meeting this week it'll break on friday for several months and so if the decision isn't made this week it'll probably take at least until september or beyond to get this resolved and of course the latest updates page is keeping across both the stories that al-jazeera dot com this is your one stop shop for the gulf crisis story constantly being refresh of course by our journalists who are closer to the story
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given allocation and sometimes even there it is our part in the story how look for yourself gulf crisis all of us updates at al-jazeera dot com. we're going off the grid now to india where some in raja stan have decided to make or take matters into their own hands to tackle the spread of fake news reveal that we're about to use all of this is specifically about what's up yes exactly now we've seen multiple cases of fake news stories shed on social media over the past few months and some have resulted in brutal killings in india place in the western state of raw just on urging people to be more aware of nice stories a hoaxes which could mislead could be misled as fact as part of measures to combat misinformation they've released this video to educate everyone about how to spot fake news.
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now some of the false news and videos have been reportedly circulated on the messaging service whatsapp and has become a big problem and in india creating unrest within communities. was beaten to death last month by a mob in bengaluru two room is on whatsapp that convince people that he was a child kidnap a. and then all the false techs a case in earlier this month in my dare protest state enraged
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a mob of fifty to sixty villages into beating up two men last week and their attack was based on suspicions that they were going to measure people and sell their organs one of the victims was twenty one year old buck ray and two weeks ago two men were lynched in north eastern assam as they stopped a car to ask for directions and they were accused of being child snatches many have been tweeting in protest and demanding justice now whatsapp biggest markets in the world is india with two hundred million uses and it's important to note that the service does have an encryption which makes it difficult to monitor how articles are being shed and the social media hoax slayer this is a site that debunks information it says that hundreds of fake stories have been found on the service and the site's founder explains why it's so popular what is a messaging application so almost everybody is using it from like.
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from or from most educated people to most illiterate people everybody of using it second is. all the smart phones are getting cheaper plus did our charges have decreased a lot a lot so. that again. makes what a very popular card most important point is the people who actually are spreading the feed news they know the flaw they know how like though when they spend fifty it cannot be tracked back what's up is not in use. if you get something from someone you ask them for a credible link something to verify you just don't believe it in writing. now what's up is considering making some changes for example it's testing a new feature that labels forwarded messages that same that identifying anything spam related but if you are currently in india we do want to get your thoughts what
12:36 am
more can be done to count a fake name is kept us use the hash tag aging is good things we're going to talk about this further with given that your is the founder of the fact checking web site boom joining us on skype from mumbai before we get actually into the issue of the technology and the spreading of fake news and how to combat it i'm trying to get my head first around first of all why there is such a violent reaction how it sort of seems to whip people up into a frenzy this news and you know look at the things that results in. thanks for having me on your show and you know i as your biggest fan that was saying you know this is the first time many kids are encountering the internet the smartphone it was the internet it was washed up and people didn't quite understand that a lot of what comes on the on the what types of similar other social media platforms could actually be knocked through it is a simple i mean how many are actually militants on the basis of those is that we do on the net you know you have to have a dozen who can answer and you and if there are a can do
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a certain medicine if this is what we're seeing now in these violent reactions obviously you would sort of a dramatic lift explosion of that phenomena but that but that's not the real problem i think they're standing. there we're beginning to dismiss it as a social me yes article more of what the problem is not it's actually a breakdown of law and order and the reason i mean you have to look deeper into why people who are otherwise normal who are not biased and get together and there and and like mr maule mob justice of mumbai the longest in the way that they've done you know we've been measuring some of these cases and trying to document them we've measured about fifteen cases of maudlin thing in the in two thousand and eighty now and almost all these cases and you report of them some of them are there as well were triggered by rumors spread on social media that sounds like what that so the
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patented lot of the challenges that are why why is it that people are believing it you know because this is the first time that they're in congress think that and therefore have to be educated the second is that if they are then why allow it now to be sending law and order the law and order machinery of the law enforcement system so as to infer that people don't take the law into their own man right because that is what kind of a certain type it's a good thing that of the say the right to some government is doing something about it at a state level is this something which is on the radar of the federal government or actually does india function better politically when things are dealt with at a more grassroots level. so the way law enforcement works it is a state subject integrating nine states and india will not move on its own rather than a doctor first under petition telling that the south have taken similar initiatives or senior police officials in those states have taken similar initiatives where they were warning that one of them has made
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a video i think so the efforts are on you know the reaction is just beginning i think people are beginning to notice and i'm talking about law enforcement people and they're beginning to recognize and acknowledge the problem and therefore also also also actually work on the education part of the act rather than trying to you know dismiss it as a social media problem or some other problem so what you're seeing in the case of rather than is really an attempt to educate and then people that you know this is not something you should believe at first and there are other examples as well and that is a school in the southern state of canada hundreds of people who want to be teaching you know sort of sense of a nation to use and it's and the government was by the way you know this is this is a much other problem and it requires to be at that at the very very elementary and basic level whether it's a child on a diet given troja tara to good to talk to you about this it is important as you say the education of people on site news and technology thank you. ok
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sport time will come a time when if you go for a sort of very tense moments in russia right now because champions germany are currently trying to secure a spot in the last sixteen of the world cup there into the dying moments of their final group game with south korea germany looked to be on their way out a bit more on that in a moment brazil will attempt to book their place later when they face serbia of the five time champions need just to draw in that match in moscow the serbians however are also in contention to go through they know a win against brazil puts them through and switzerland face costa rica knowing that a draw is enough our sports correspondent andy richardson joins us live from moscow and he just starts off with brazil they were the pre-tournament favorites heading into this but they seem to really struggle. yeah i mean the first thing to say about brazil is that they feel they've got a hugely respected coach in charge of thurmont and that is something you can always
12:41 am
say about brazil seems he said a couple of years with them now and his emphasis is be on trying to build a team that is less reliant on neymar something that was so obvious four years ago really the whole team was focused on the p.s.g. strike and when he was injured for the semifinal against jim germany that infamous semifinal the team all both fell apart and he's a real student of the game spent a sabbatical from coaching in south american took time out since if he coaches like color when she last see you can call goalies a huge fan of forty older really to study how different managers work the game and how different systems are being employed around the world and we've seen now with the players he's got they really like him he's got a lot of faith in gabrielle has this the young manchester city striker filip could seen you know as well as having a good world cup so far which is fortunate because neymar really isn't far and still to convince that he's fully fit after his comeback from from a mets also injury and if you look at their first two games so far it's been pretty
12:42 am
anemic from that one more draw against switzerland played at a very pedestrian pace and then they were held for long periods against costa rica only deep into injury time they managed to get two goals in one game could see you know scoring again in neymar finally i'm getting off the mark but it was less than convincing and coming into this final round of games their place in the knockout rounds not secure and i think everybody around this tournament still waiting to see brazil really burst into life what i think will play to their advantage is that serbia who they're taking on. probably need to win in order to have a chance of going through a point might be enough that they probably need to come out and attack in the first two games switzerland and costa rica have sandeep and that's not the way brazil like if they got a team attacking them brazil may. be able to exploit some gaps in the serbian defense and some good news first switzerland to had a better match tell us about that. couple
12:43 am
other key players didn't you carry and granted shaq who could have faced suspension for this game after the celebrations and the dramatic win over serbia they were they did this for a cross. celebration which is seen as an albanian national symbol can breed so put it in that way that's two players with cost of heritage. kosovo and serbia have a long history of sympathy towards each other of on this occasion pfieffer of taking a pretty apolitical stance they've they've handed out a fine. so those players and also to the serbian f.a. after some pretty pretty heated remarks from their coaches after that so they'll go into the game with huge confidence because switzerland. has got a habit of getting into the knockout rounds but they've never not for fifty years not won a knockout round going to live hoping to put out right ok and the defending champions germany appear to be going out to nail to south korea what's going on.
12:44 am
yeah it's i mean you'd say it was a surprise but the way germany has been playing it's not a surprise they were there were signs of life in their win over sweden in game two when they came back with that late late winner by toni cross but in this game against south korea they've looked awful they've looked they've looked but there they've looked all the problems they've had coming into this tournament vulnerable on the counter-attack slow in midfield have resurfaced they needed a win. to make sure of a place in the last sixteen and they've never looked anything like that some very confused signals from from coach shogi love he made for changes ahead of that sweden game and it was an improved performance he drops the likes of sammy kiram as it will put them on the naughty step and then for this game went back to them and brought them back in and really the team reverted to type they've looked they've
12:45 am
looked way off the pace one of the poorest teams german seems i've ever seen at a world cup to put it into some sort of context. a group for much of the world cup germany have never not made it out of the group at the last nine world cups they've reached at least the quarter finals and they've reached the semifinals at their last six major tournament but they are on their way out sweden pulling off an incredible three male win against mexico there it seemed they just don't score goals so they are heading through sort of a moment will be sweden and mexico heading through from that group and germany unless they can do something absolutely extraordinary the last minute since they were of that game or heading out of the world cup the defending champions are heading out of the world cup what an incredible tournament thank you so much andy what do you think about all of it you can tweet me directly at underscore that will be back with more at eight hundred g.m.t. but for now i'll hand you back to thank you for looking forward to tomorrow's grid already defined out of germany do go up it's going to be some reaction online to that one is there thank you for getting in touch with us on the shows that i think
12:46 am
you're watching. twitter facebook what's. telegram as well you saw people sending in that you guys telling us stories you can do that to see you back here in studio fourteen at al-jazeera fifteen hundred hours g.m.t. tomorrow thursday. july on al-jazeera in a new series of head to head maddie hasson talk of the big issues with hard hitting questions mexico is getting ready for a general election what direction will the country take as it struggles with drug violence and economic instability. people in power continues to examine the use and
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abuse of power around the world as the world cup in russia nears its end we'll bring you stories from on and off the pitch of the world's most viewed sporting events on television and online the stream continues to tap into the extraordinary potential of social media to disseminate news july on al-jazeera. as it simply takes a tougher line of migrants organized crime is making vast profits from the misery. people in power investigates the state funded deception centers where the helpless are reduced to commodities ripe for exploitation. of migrants and outers are.
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currently all. every year in pakistan hundreds of women are victims of so-called honor. searches for the truth in a case that exposes the growing clash between old beliefs and modern life on al-jazeera. the kremlin says a trial will happen in ousmane coincides with a visit by u.s. security advisor john bolton. hello i'm the end london you're with al-jazeera also coming up after almost a week of european bickering finally agrees to last
12:49 am
a rescue ship with more than two hundred migrants on board dock. heavy rain hampers the search for twelve school boys and their coach has been trapped in a cave in thailand for four days. south sudan's base arrivals agree to a cease fire deal raising hopes of permanent peace. and dismay many as the champions crash out of the world cup. the kremlin has announced that a summit between donald trump. will take place although they haven't yet revealed where or when the decision was made to trump's national security adviser john bolton held talks with the russian president in moscow officials say the meeting will take place in a quote convenient country. even in earlier days when when our country's had
12:50 am
differences arab leaders and their advisers met i think that was good for both countries good for stability in the world and president from feels very strongly that subject to the should he be here that there's a genuine if it brings me great regret to say relations between russia and the us and not in the best shape. they will visit to moscow gives us hope that we can at least take the first step to reviving full blown ties between our countries. jordan is following developments for us from washington and so on the heels of that summit that took place in singapore the president now carrying out for a not very important meeting what would be the purpose of having discussions with president putin now. well first this would be donald trump's effort to make good on a campaign promise to try to improve russians with relations i should say with russia the relationship between the u.s.
12:51 am
and russia really went downhill during the eight years of barack obama's presidency because obama was very critical of what he considered moscow's failures in terms of human rights in terms of promoting democratic ideals in terms of its own foreign policy mr trump however is been making this push for closer ties with moscow in light in the face of the ongoing investigations of whether the russian government meddled in the two thousand and sixteen presidential election as well as in the face of ongoing international criticism of russia's efforts to claim crimea the ukrainian province as its own territory so this is a very complicated and controversial effort but it does appear that in the next several weeks there will be a face to face meeting between donald trump and vladimir putin when are we going to know more about the logistics of this meeting runs. well according to the kremlin
12:52 am
the basic logistics include some sort of working breakfast or a luncheon you know appropriate a call event a tete a tete a closed door meeting between the two presidents and then a joint press conference of course the big question is where will this summit take place there's already speculation that it could be happening somewhere perhaps in the baltic states there is historical precedence for perhaps doing it in vienna in one thousand nine hundred sixty one u.s. president john kennedy and nikita khrushchev the soviet premier met in that city in one nine hundred seventy nine the soviet president linda brezhnev met with the u.s. president jimmy carter in the same city so the speculation is that it could be in vienna austria but we won't know until about this time on thursday when the formal announcement is expected to come out of moscow thanks very much for the latest from
12:53 am
washington roslyn jordan. a rescue ship with more than two hundred refugees and migrants on board is being allowed to dock in malta after spending six days stuck at sea as governments argued over who should take the vessel in the end the lifeline was denied access to ports in both and malta but the maltese government has now agreed to allow those on board to disembark eight e.u. countries have agreed to take a share of the migrants i think it's too early to say how many would go where we have very clear indications. of and play just very concrete pledges from each member state i think everyone will take to it's safe to say everyone is take according to. its. its capability.
12:54 am
we expect the ship to arrive. well i'm standing in front of boilers wharf invalid where the ship is expected very shortly within the next hour according to the vessel tracking systems available online it's only about six nautical miles offshore now so it can't be very far off we moments ago saw three ambulances drive in to the fenced off area that belongs to the maltese military that must correspond to the three refugees who are said to be on board the in the ship's hospital the onboard hospital being cared for when we don't show what their particular problems are so we expect their arrival to be imminent however what is also imminent is the impounding of the lifeline because apparently it was don't correctly registered as a search and rescue ship it wasn't registered under a dutch flag as it claims the prime minister earlier today said it is extremely
12:55 am
worrying that there was a vessel intercepting people carrying people on board claiming to have a particular registration his concern is that if this ship isn't properly configured and registered to do the job it's doing it might be suspiciously moving through mediterranean waters assisting smuggling operations he didn't say that but that was the clear implication and so he has launched an investigation which will be judicial into the ship's actions in the last few days. thank you very much with all the latest from the maltese capital the john psaropoulos. the. defending champions germany have just been knocked out of the world cup but the
12:56 am
first stage a two nil defeat to south korea means they'll be heading home early so let's speak to addie richardson who joins us now from moscow and how shocking a defeat is this. you know let it sink in germany not south in the group stages of the world cup let's give it some historical context since they played in world cups with great formats they've never not made it out of their group they did go out in the first round in nineteen thirty eight but then it was a straight knockouts allotments at the last knowing world cups they've reached at least the quarter finals and at the last six major tournament. they've reached the semifinals at the last world cup when they were champions they were only one hundred eight minutes in the whole tournament they've barely been ahead in this tournament there were signs of life from this german team in the second game against sweden when they they came back with a late late winner when to want to great goal from toni crows and you just kind of thought of that point they settled down they've discovered a winning formula and by game three against south korea they'll win they'll be into
12:57 am
the knockout rounds and everything will be back to normal but what has been really strange about this germany team is seemingly the confused thinking around it i co-chaired love made for changes before the sweden game and coming into this game you make more changes admittedly some of them through suspensions and injury but some of the plays even left outs in one second game as it is when sammy you both come in for huge criticism after the opening defeat against mexico i would back off the naughty step back into the team and they played all flee again it was a very small stream performance they never really paid close to get to getting to when they made it in south korea with two goals in injury time getting a famous win for them not enough to sit together in the last sixty instead it's sweden who had to come back from the disappointment of that late defeat against germany in a second day they won three nail against mexico and they have to finish top of their group not only of germany point out they finished bottom of their group. and
12:58 am
then andy what went wrong for germany and this is he said they have been struggling from the beginning but really for them to be knocked. now of the first stage i think it will this is the first time this has happened in decades in some eighty is . well historically it's very difficult to defend this title since brazilian one nine hundred sixty two is it's he managed to do that if we could spend any money going into the twenty four team tournament having won it in twenty two and they also went south in the group stage it's psychologically difficult to lift yourself the same core of players here as there were four years ago it's difficult to get back up for a tournament like this and perhaps yogi love the show and faith in some of those players from four years ago for three long pre-tournament if you look at what's gone wrong in this world cup it was happening before this tournament began its struggle just before they came here with three two one win over saudi arabia when they didn't look at sickly good that last friendlies against austria but lost to
12:59 am
brazil and they were problems there was a little slow in midfield they looked vulnerable on the counter it's time you call for germany but it's hard to get to the world cup they'll be fine they're not and perhaps just perhaps with a little bit of overconfidence remember yogi love the courage talking a few weeks before this tournament began about the the choice of team or patient and he said we're going to place themselves just outside of moscow he was asked as to why that would be because they only had one great game in moscow and he said well geographically it makes sense to be to be around moscow when we get to the quarter final stages and beyond now with the time you can afford to kind of make sense because that's what germany do but perhaps they were just taking for granted that they would get through this group stage and as we've seen today that house nor happen all right thank you very much with all the latest on that shock defeat from moscow and the richardson. and more heavy rain is how but the search for twelve young footballers and their coach who are missing in
1:00 am
a cave in northern thailand divers were unable to progress further into the cave system off the water rose as much as fifteen centimeters an hour early on wednesday while in haiti is at the scene for us now and wayne any hope of finding these boys . well there is mixed news really coming from the search and rescue personnel what they are saying is that they have found nothing new in terms of exactly where the boys and the coach may be and what condition they might be in since they found those and prints on the wall clothing other items left behind the boys and a coach as they entered the cave on saturday so that's the bad news the good news is that the water level has been receding there hasn't been any significant rainfall for quite a few hours now so that water level inside the cave has been fooling the navy divers who at about the three kilometer mark have.


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