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tv   The Winds of Heaven  Al Jazeera  June 28, 2018 6:33am-7:01am +03

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is that we just don't tell you what the subject of the story wants to know the government is not going to do the one thing the demonstrators want to apologize for that's what else is real and does we ask the questions so that we can get closer to the truth. in one thousand nine hundred forty eight the state of israel was proclaimed. palestine was lost. sixteen years later in one thousand nine hundred sixty four the palestine liberation organization or the p.l.o. was founded. made up of different factions the p.l.o. has been at the heart of the struggle to regain palestine ever since.
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following the expulsion from jordan p.l.o. leader yasser arafat decided to pursue the path of diplomacy. there were hopeful signs in the early seventy's but the optimism was all to come crashing down. people. but what's. good. but only. good also not only the idea that's us but. following id
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in nov nineteenth seventy four yes an artifact received a standing ovation at the general assembly. he had spoken over a peaceful solution to christ in the mount. for the guerrilla leader standing among statesman it was a crown in which. journey to the un had begun several years. following their expulsion from jordan some palestinian factions concluded their fiery rhetoric and revolutionary zeal had harmed rather than help their cause are you saying the same time that there will be increase in terrorism. no i am saying there will be an increase in people who hear this but i gather in the evolution of the struggle inside at this time and i refused the word terrorism because we are not that honest a lot of people in palestine if you are following them they are doing
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demonstrations every day in nablus in ramallah they are accusing there is not only conquered but why do you call this that of as if at the same time you hijack international ecker of ten hold hostages innocent women and children how do you expect the rest of the world to sympathize and respect the palestinian cause first of all it be if he has declared lately that with this type of actions this is number one and number two during all of these actions which we have done previously we did not do harm to anybody however the f.l.p. operative when he heard that did not agree with how much had that dissented and was expelled from the group but this did not prevent him from organizing further operations in one thousand nine hundred eighty five he sent a group headed by the venezuelan revolutionary carlos to vienna to storm a meeting of opec and take several with ministers hostage that was angry that carlos had not followed the meticulous plans he had drawn up. what the let me.
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say that. what dia may not have realized about carlos is narcissism which manifested itself in the opec operation carlos acted against what he is orders and when they met afterwards what the slap him. i think when carlos negotiated and released the oil ministers it gave the impression that he could be bride which was a main reason for the failure of the operation from that moment what d. a broke his connection with carlos. a year later a group of her dad's followers hijacked an air france airliner to entebbe uganda the israelis mounted a spectacular rescue operation killing all the hijackers and freeing the hostages despite these acts of violence the political track was moving. following the one nine hundred seventy expulsion from jordan the democratic front for the liberation of palestine the d.f.l.
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be believed a more realistic political program was required. in one thousand nine hundred eighty two it had floated the idea of accepting a two state solution by the summer of one nine hundred seventy four the p.l.o. had unanimously adopted the d.f.l. peace ten point plan. for the first time the palestinian spoke about establishing an independent national authority the word israel was never explicitly mentioned in the plan but after years of armed struggle the palestinians were now implicitly recognizing the state of israel and under that managed out of the work that i'm not i'm at a loss only about money and misleading it was opposed by the process. of command and called the defeatists as genda but arafat and i were yet west mark there. as a bulldozer or minesweeper to clear the way for it. one of. my.
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it took almost a year of discussions and on the eve of the b. and c. session in june of one thousand nine hundred seventy four we came to a consensus with factor that b f p and the process. and the ten point program that was adopted just weeks prior to his speech at the un artifacts received the mandate he'd long been seeking from arab leaders the arab league summit in rabat to strip jordan over its traditional role in palestinian affairs and named the p.l.o. as the sole legitimate representative of the palestinian people. for the palestinians it was a dream come true their decision making would no longer be bound by the yoke of an object that although arab states would continue to try and exert influence on palestinian matters the jordanians felt there about some of the decision pointed the finger of blame back. but as. i wonder what would have happened if his majesty had expressed his displeasure by withdrawing from that
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about summit while leaving his prime minister there jordan was being harassed jordan was made out to be the root of the problem not israel. soon after artifacts triumph at the u.n. in november nine hundred seventy four consensus among the different palestinian factions over the two state solution proposal began to falter. after its expulsion from jordan the p.l.o. had moved its headquarters to the lebanese capital beirut. in april one nine hundred seventy five civil war broke out in a. lebanese politics divided into two camps the christiane led dried and a muslim dominated left led by the socialist druze politician come out to. four years lebanon's muslims had clamored for a fairer distribution of political power. the palestinians felt a natural affinity for their calls desperate not to repeat the mistakes committed in jordan the p.l.o. leader sought to keep his forces out of the lebanese. i know that arafat tried to
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keep the palestinians out of the wall at the beginning but that was never going to be possible impossible especially with they. especially with the common nationalisms you know the german. version of nationalism on the palestinian version of nationalism but by nine hundred seventy six the palestinians no longer felt able to stay on the sidelines in the. palestinian fighters linked up with the leftist forces and gradually advanced into the christine heart of. syria found the idea of a p.l.o. backed regime and never known a recipe for disaster it feared such areas would provoke israel into military action that would drag syria into war. for their part israel and the united states also took a dim view of the rise of the lebanese left and its palestinian arabs in one of the more bizarre alignments of interest in the oven on syria decided to throw its
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weight behind the christians with a green light from washington and tacit israeli consent syria sent its army into lebanon in june of one nine hundred seventy six to stem the palestinian leftist advance. got a polygamy story out of the. and that's what it of syria was asked to intervene to curb the expansion of the palestinian and lebanese leftists. the lebanese left had become troublesome to arab regimes. the leader of the left come out jumblatt was viewed as a threat to lebanese and arab stability. another factor was the mutual dislike between arafat and syrian president assad. syria's military intervention was stepped up following an assault on a damascus hotel by the n.t. out of the abu nidal palestinian group. the perpetrators were quickly apprehended and hanged in public. faced with the syrian onslaught i felt appealed to the arab world for assistance accusing syria of attempting to liquidate the palestinian
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resistance the syrian assault force the palestinians onto the defensive. they were no longer able to mount an effective resupply of their besieged refugee camps and the christian. the camps principle among which was telling were overrun and the residents expelled or massacred. two arab summits were quickly convened they established what became known as the out of deterrent forces made up principally of the same syrian forces that had entered lebanon with only token representation from several other arab states syria had prevailed the fellow at the it had. been president assad's view was that syria and its ability to achieve strategic parity with israel had to be supported by two strong wings a lebanese wing and a palestinian wing that is if syria was to have influence on the political scene it
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had to become the sole legitimate representative of syria lebanon and the palestinians. while lebanon was in the throes of conflict on another front there were moves towards peace. in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven egyptian president anwar sadat a longstanding ally of artifacts made a groundbreaking visit to israel to sue for peace in exchange for land artifact was stunning but i have had to be making his own peace moves his representative in london side had been promoting the palestinian vision of a two state solution a ton of fans behest. of us than the. other fatah in the palestinian leadership were convinced that the most important thing was achieving palestinian aspirations not the method employed to achieve them and if the method to achieve them was a civilized and peaceful one then that would be better than a violent one. out of five and the p.l.o.
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leadership to firmly believe this. chairman arafat's know very well that the one nine hundred seventy three war demonstrated the limits of collective action and what the international community could accept therefore the leadership of fact that was convinced that the palestinians could never achieve anything more than a state always done the lands occupied the nine hundred sixty seven. but some palestinians took a very different view palestinian guerrilla leader abu nidal believed the two state solution was tantamount to capitulation he split from the p.l.o. and formed his own group calling it the revolutionary council and basted and backed out. the iraqi regime once again hostile to artifacts leadership of the p.l.o. provided backing to abu nidal splinter. in january of one nine hundred seventy eight gunmen loyal to abu nidal assassinated site hamami at the p.l.o. office and. it was to be the first of many killings of federal palestinians that
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a little area. despite its talk of a two state solution the mainstream thought a hundred artifacts did not relinquish its arms struggle in march one thousand seven hundred eight a fact that unit led by a female commando element to be commandeered an israeli bus near the city of haifa . in the ensuing firefight thirty six israelis were killed or israel responded by invading southern lebanon and setting up what it termed as a security zone to drive p.l.o. forces out of rocketing which. almost a year later israel struck a massive blow against the p.l.o. by assassinating a. cylon he was in charge of artifacts personal security. over the years he had been developing contacts with the cia and was seen as a point man for interaction with the air. we had through the cia some kind of
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a liaison or larsen ship without a house and salama. and that had to do ostensibly with security issues. and it worked with embassy was never attacked in those days. now people still argue whether that relationship led to our house and saw my becoming an agent of the cia or not. i personally think that he did it but i can't prove it i was in government during that period and we were in fact receiving remarkably sensitive intelligence from inside the p.l.o. at the highest levels and i if it wasn't our house and saw it was somebody very much like him. and fats could do little to parry such blows being delivered by it but it was a different matter went up on a dog isn't his assassination a fact the opposite it's a book. in june nine hundred seventy eight from his base in baghdad abu nidal
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ordered the killing of photos bureau chief. explicitly accused iraqi intelligence of complicity in d.s.s. . two months later the abu nidal group killed at the hospital is representative. retaliated by attacking the iraqi embassy in paris and targeting iraqi diplomats in london paris and karachi. abu nidal struck yet again on june first one nine hundred eighty one killing the p.l.o. brussels representative but a couple of dollars most significant operation was to come pick a year later. on june third one nine hundred eighty two and other than a doll gunmen opened fire on israel's ambassador to london critically wounded. israel responded by launching the military operation more massive than its nineteen seventy three war effort against the combined forces of egypt and syria. and nine hundred eighty two israeli invasion of lebanon had been an open secret for some
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time the lebanon israel border had been a constant point of tension as palestinians and israelis dreda drugget and artillery fire and a fact had realized that it was only a matter of time before israel launched an all out attack go ahead. bet that they had a man who at our arafat's was the only one who believe that an israeli invasion which would reach beirut was inevitable how much you can deny the people always military council and it won't a committee headed by the p.l.o. his chief of staff start to plan the defense of beirut. many palestinians are expected to repeat of the one nine hundred seventy eight invasion and assault with limited objectives. said that many there yeah. their belief was that the israeli operation would not extend beyond forty kilometers from the international border this effected palestinian preparations for
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the invasion as well as syrian and lebanese preparations therefore resistance to the invasion in southern lebanon was ineffective. on june sixth ninety eight to two days of air strikes israel in its land invasion of lebanon. with the exception of stiff resistance put up by the defenders of the palestinian refugee camps in southern lebanon palestinian forces in general quickly collapse commanders abandoned their fighters in the field and fled for safety artifact was living. in the edge out of it was incredulous kept on saying in all possible he couldn't believe the israelis were advancing so far so quickly he orders to for assistance later on i learned that he was very angry that there was no real resistance such as want to have sort of the the operational headquarters in the south seriously mess calculated the commanders believed that all was lost and
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left i went to arafat's headquarters in beirut and told him what happened he became agitated and started swearing. syrian forces in lebanon were drawn into the fighting an epic three day air battle left the syrian air force virtually decimated . unable to sustain such losses syria agreed a cease fire with israel within the first week of the invasion the palestinians were now left on their own. along modern man non-magical half a cup and out of i did not just accept that the syrians had been defeated he made it seem like the series didn't fight the whole but the syrians did fight in the back a valley and the mountains around beirut and lost lots of men and equipment but they fought to defend themselves and. of the palestinians the syrian army had no orders the check there is rate advance of the israelis had left the syrians alone. by now the israelis had arrived at the gates of the lebanese capital but the closer they
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do to beirut the tougher the fighting became they fought and they fought very brave . very brave the siege of beirut had begun. the p.l.o. was encircled some palestinian leaders advised the p.l.o. should surrender but i found had other ideas the audition. and the jury had gotten off. at one early meeting the leader of the p.f. lp general command homage agreeable suggested excepting israeli towns of withdrawal under the banner of the red cross this hour i mean red cross provided overall i've had said he would say a prayer to help them arrive at the decision and he went away and returned and said i sense the winds of heaven blowing god has ordered me to fight. the winds of heaven as i have had described them meant holding out for better conditions in a bid to raise more out out a fact and his office feels toward the streets of the besieged lebanese capital.
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massive israeli bombardment caused civilian casualties but also strengthened the palestinians resolve. finally in august after two months of siege and bombardment u.s. envoy philip had he been announced that an agreement had been. their grievance gave safe passage for the p.l.o. fighters to leave lebanon on the understanding that israeli forces would not enter west. the evacuation of the p.l.o. marked the end of an here. after more than ten years and eleven on the p.l.o. was finally leave. it was a dramatic moment. for the fighters. for the lebanese. and for the palestinian refugees left behind. most p.l.o. leaders left to damascus. but out of fact signaling his displeasure with syria
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charles de gaulle degrees. within days of the departure of the last palestinian fighters lebanese president elect bashir gemayel was assassinated. breaking the american brokered agreement israeli forces moved into west beirut under the pretext of keeping the peace. there is really is accused the p.l.o. of leaving two thousand of its fighters in beirut refugee camps the charge was a fabrication. the israelis quickly encircled the refugee camps and brought in their allies from the christine lebanese forces militia. on september sixteenth one thousand eighty two dozens of lebanese forces militia men entered the some branch of the refugee camps. we knew of course that the israeli had surrounded the camp and we also knew that in the night the flares was there that the campus was lighted up we saw it from from distance and after i remembered that night it was
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very strange it was so quiet it was like a ghost town and we didn't realize that inside this ghost town was the killing and the shooting. under the watchful eyes of there is really analyzed the lebanese militiamen embarked on one of the most horrific massacres of modern times. skies were lit by israeli flares as the militia men continued their people. and then we stopped it came in the same way and we saw the bodies and i went around with my tape recorder i had no crew and had no television crew in the beginning to count bodies throwing up throwing up counting bodies. like that just under. that she would house men and fire fuel.
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and then more bodies were found out was there in las. women killed children killed and we also saw that had used by those us to to take the rap is over that that bodies we couldn't believe our eyes. by the time it was finished the subbranch of the law massacre had claimed the lives of some eight hundred palestinian and lebanese civilians. the israelis set up a tribunal to investigate the massacre. in its final report the kahan commission found that israeli defense minister ariel sharon bore personal responsibility for the massacre. the p.l.o. in exile and no longer the force it once was could only watch impotently stripped
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of his base in lebanon out of fact was in the political wilderness. israel and its american benefactors had the stablished a foothold in lebanon on one that syria backed by the soviet union sought to overthrow in the eyes of the masochist the much weakened p.l.o. was ripe for the taking and the defeat of the acid artifact was of no political consequence but for the master of palestinian politics who had just emerged from doing battle with the israelis the fight for survival was about to enter a new and bloodier phase. expelled from their base in jordan in lebanon and left in a little. rebellion was rising in the ring solution alone but was this just another inevitable step on the road to this is a fact of this long story just for the conflict that would cost out of sight his leadership in life. chronicling the term story structure for announced plans
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to allow history of a revolution on al-jazeera. july on al-jazeera. in a new series of head to head maddy has been tackled the big issues with hard hitting questions mexico is getting ready for a general election what direction will the country take as it struggles with drug violence and economic instability. people in power continues to examine the use and abuse of power around the world as the world cup in russia nears its end we'll bring you stories from on and off the pitch of the world's most viewed sporting event on television and online the stream continues to tap into the extraordinary potential of social media to disseminate news july on al-jazeera. the story of a british italian man experiencing life close up in a palestinian refugee camp in beirut's. coming face to face with the daily
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lives of its residents some of whom have lived there for seventy years but there has been horrific jomo soldier's life it's not unknown life to show seven days in beirut let. on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. swear every seals. the i.m.f. said riyadh's breakeven oil price for twenty eighteen is likely to be around eighty eight dollars a barrel why is argentina again turning to the i.m.f. for help now we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera.
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finally dog rescue ship with more than two hundred refugees and migrants arrives in malta after six days at sea. i'm sam is a damned this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up setting up a summit the white house and kremlin agreed to a meeting between donald trump and glad to be uprooted. from the south china sea to north korea nuclear talks busy agenda as the u.s. defense secretary visits asia. beethoven from yemen's president to host the fight.


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