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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 28, 2018 8:00am-8:34am +03

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finally darks a rescue ship with more than two hundred refugees and migrants arrives in malta after six days at sea. and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. in the south china sea the north korea nuclear talks a busy agenda as the u.s. defense secretary visits asia. setting up a summit the white house and kremlin agreed to a meeting between donald trump i'm glad to be opposed to. an ultimatum from yemen's
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president to host the fighters the new port city of her day. more than two hundred refugees and migrants have reached land after being stuck at sea while european leaders argued about their fate the charity ship lifeline has docked in malta but only after eight countries agreed to take a share of the migrants johnson office reports from. after six days at sea the lifeline finally came to dock at the letter but also to be impounded the multis government says it is not registered as a search and rescue ship has fails to obey the orders of the italian coast guard and often switched off its transponder to disguise its position raising suspicion that the ship could be deliberately helping smugglers the head of mission lifeline
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says italian authorities opens the investigation against it and suspects political motives under the new anti migration government in rome because the lifeline operated without problems last year we started in the last year and in september. we were starting here. and we had a fight we had five missions with this board last year and rescued five hundred forty nine people for the two hundred thirty three people from sub-saharan countries on board it was the end of an ordeal seven european union members agreed to help malta with their asylum claims that agreement persuaded the maltese government to allow the lifeline to dock the lifeline six day odyssey ended here a boiler war for the refugees and migrants had carried will have their asylum interviews in europe but all thora to say this is an individual arrangement there's no guarantee of safe harbor for future shiploads italy's refusal to accept search
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and rescue ships has opened a new rift in the e.u. its twenty seven leaders are broadly divided between two camps those who believe in collective action and a growing insurgency that says the e.u. needs to push its defense outward creating process in camps in africa and the middle east allowing no one to cross these waters mulder's premier says the hardliners are attempting to politicize a practical issue but i think it's it's sure this is. i wish there were members who show that for the values of you. are not something to be found just in the treaty but that we. don't think it's all about. grandstanding and. high flying political. experience it's about how we act corporations. and how we manage the situation solidarity is certainly what
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these multis teenagers have in mind when they think of europe i think they should be divided by a different kind of leader so we don't have much coming here in morgantown it is a small plane. but not all european countries feel they're in the same boat jobs are all plus al-jazeera the letter politicians in the u.s. house of representatives have rejected an immigration bill which would have addressed the crisis of families separated at the border with mexico it also would have given president twenty five billion dollars to build a wall along the border as well as long term protection for children brought into the country illegally by their parents vote on the bill is being delayed twice an attempt to rally support. u.s. defense secretary james mattis has been in china's capital for talks on regional security territorial disputes in the south china sea and the presence of u.s. troops in south korea one of the main issues discussed in beijing adrian brown has
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more from beijing. well james mattis said he was here to in his words take the measure of china's strategic ambitions joining the photo opportunity before their closed door meetings both sides issued brief statements and it was then the president xi jinping said that china would never concede give an inch of its territory he also said to sort of mollify his guest the china didn't want to create global chaos and would pursue a path of peaceful development that's often a phrase that chinese leaders use on occasions like this both sides apparently discuss the need to maintain military cooperation but the timing of this meeting is unfortunate because the united states is holding a big naval exercise of hawaii at the moment involving the militaries of twenty five other countries china was supposed to have taken part in this exercise but china's invitation was rescinded by the united states in part because of what
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china's been doing in the south china sea now the united states has referred constantly to the fact that china has been deploying surface to air missiles on the islands it's been building up and it's also accused china in the past of reneging on promises not to militarize this vast basin of water but china's response is simple it claims sovereignty over all of the south china sea and therefore says it is simply protecting its sovereignty it's not thought that the two sides discussed trade of course trade is the principal point of friction between washington and beijing right now although president xi jinping did say that the relationship between the united states and china was one of the most important relationships in the world right now matters next office south korea craigslist and found this report from jeju island where mathis will attend
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a security conference and hold talks with his south korean counterpart. this will be the third meeting between the defense secretaries this year and on the agenda the main topic of course will be the alliance between the united states and south korea and moving forward following the announcement that the alliance will be suspending these military exercises off the korean coast which of so angered north korea in the past freedom guardian the biggest of those military exercises involving some seventeen and a half thousand u.s. soldiers has been suspended and more recently the announcement that they will suspend two other exercises the careen korean marine exchange program drills of course this has been woken by the north koreans who saw these as provocative mr trump himself admitted they were provocative but also said they were expensive which may be one of the reasons that they've decided to act on this suspension certainly the issue of how that will be played out going forward and what that
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means for security in the region will be discussed by mr song and mr madison at today's meeting those issues and how serious north korea is about continuing these peace negotiations being discussed here at the peace for him in jail where academics and political leaders are looking at into korean re conciliation and the issue of denuclearization on the korean peninsula the u.s. and russia say a summit between the two leaders will take place for a few other details have been released officials say the talks between donald trump and lovingly putin will be held in the third country comes a day after trump's national security advisor john bolton met the russian president in moscow our state department correspondent resident jordan falls from washington . it was the warmest of welcomes for john bolton the national security advisor for u.s. president donald trump is greater president vladimir putin's west but he just must
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cool off so your visit to moscow gives us hope that we can at least make the first steps towards restoring for formal relations between our states bolton build his political career criticizing the russian government but on this trip bolton suggested better days were in fact ahead even in earlier days when when our countries had differences arab leaders and their advisers met and i think that was good for both countries good for stability in the world and president from the feels very strongly on that subject trump has long wanted closer ties with putin even in the face of allegations moscow was trying to throw the twenty six thousand election trumps way and that trumps campaign knew about it all the time they like to tie me to russia and they say such bad things about potent and then the supposed to go shit was potent why would he do this in the middle of the moeller
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investigation trumps aides told him not to see too much after putin one reelection in march he ignored them. call with president putin and congratulated on the victory has alecto and even though russia was kicked out of the g eight for annex in crimea in two thousand and fourteen trump recently said it was time to reverse course russia could be in the meeting if it be a part of you know whether you like it or not even so the two countries are still at odds after a former russian spy and his daughter were poisoned in the u.k. in march washington expelled sixty radical amends moscow responded in kind the u.s. criticizes russia for violating the rights of political activists and journalists and it says moscow should be stopping by attacks on syrian civilians. however the u.s. secretary of state told congress on wednesday ignoring moscow is not an option we
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have been harder on russia and this is ministration than has been the case in many previous administration the president is looking forward to an opportunity to find those handful of places where we can have productive conversations that lead to improvements for each of our two countries political observers in both russia and the us doubt the upcoming summit will be anything more than theatre but that maybe all the two leaders want and me well in jordan al-jazeera washington and tanks by pro-government forces on for medical centers in the rebel controlled syrian province of data have killed thirty two people including ten children russian backed regime forces are trying to recapture the region the areas close to the border with jordan and these very occupied golan heights it's supposed to be part of a deescalation zone and the situation and could be worse than the cedars of aleppo in the east in the whole water that's the dire warning from the u.n.
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special envoy to syria out diplomatic editor james spaces more. it's a pattern of violence that syria has seen a number of times before like darius aleppo in eastern guta there's been a carefully planned military offensive by the assad regime using artillery and other indiscriminate heavy weapons the syrian government's planes assisted by the might of russian air power the u.n. special envoy briefing the security council by video link said he was deeply concerned it could be like lipo and if they're caught that combined together in terms of the population in the area some forty five thousand people all of fifty dollars here have already been displaced you two fighting the u.s. and its allies called out russia saying it's and the syrian government would breaching an agreement on deescalation in southwest syria made last year the united
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states can confirm that russia itself launched air strikes in the southwest the escalation zone in recent days to be clear the unilateral military operations underway by the assad regime and russia in southwest syria represent a violation of the cease fire arrangement reaffirmed by president trump and president putin some humanitarian groups are now calling on jordan to take action some of those fleeing the violence in southern syria have nowhere to go and the jordan syria border remains closed james pays out just era of the united nations. yemen's president is demanding who fear rebels withdrawal from hyundai the province president of the problem a sort heidi's ultimatum comes after he met the un special envoy the united nations face an all out assault on the cold says he could trigger a famine paul chata jan reports. in the southern yemeni port city of port data hundreds of desperate people wait in line for
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a handout food. the health care is. eight million people rely on the food that comes through the port the offensive by saudi and them are already backed government forces is hurting them already shops bakeries and restaurants are closed and grocery shelves remain bare where available price of wheat and vegetable oil have increased by about thirty percent while prices of cooking gas increased by fifty two percent in the last week the u.n. says most areas of the city don't have electricity or water it warns that any sanitation problems could trigger another cholera outbreak hundreds of thousands have been infected by cholera and diptheria since the war began four years ago ten thousand people have been killed and three million of yemen's twenty eight million people have been forced to leave their homes. there are thirteen thousand nine hundred seventy four internally displaced families inside the province of how data humanitarian organizations efforts only meet ten percent of what's necessary at
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this yemen aid organizations meeting in paris some participants wonder how the west claims to be worried about the plight of yemenis but continues to sell arms to the saudis and moralities it's time on hold because it's extremely complicated to discuss the humanitarian situation and peace process well being that randomly dropped on civilians heads. as fighting continues in yemen the un's envoy remains hopeful that a political solution can be found who the rebels say they're willing to hand over management of her data port to the u.n. but the demand out who the fighters leave the city altogether as a precondition for any peace deal. in the meantime the prognosis for the southern port city hard data is not good for centuries yemen was known as the arabian peninsula as most fertile land it was often called the arabian felix latin for happy or fortunate. now yemenis find themselves in what the u.n.
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calls the world's worst humanitarian crisis paul chatterjee on al-jazeera. had an al-jazeera in thailand a setback in the race to rescue a group of teenagers stranded in a cave. and redefining u.s. law the retirement of a long standing supreme court justice paves the way for a new era of law making in washington. hello again we'll start this time by looking at the levant and western parts of asia so wanted to showers across stan but otherwise don't we find conditions on marty coming in twenty nine it's pretty hot there in tashkent and it's back east down mid thirty's mid thirty's also for tehran baghdad forty four degrees pretty hot weather there and down into kuwait temperatures when excess of forty but
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generally for a change is looking fine across much of turkey we seem to have lost the most of the shower to vittie and that fine weather largely continues to head on through into friday further south it should be a fine day in beirut with highs of twenty seven degrees into the arabian peninsula and weather conditions here looking fairly quiet temperatures mid forty's much as you expect at this time of the year here in doha the winds easing down temperatures again into the low forty's and not continuing as we head into friday patchy cloud around there you'll notice now into southern parts of africa it's a fine picture here so will do well in this region too long little bit of patchy cloud for the eastern cape but otherwise a fine conditions continue into friday lusaka in zambia their highs of twenty three central parts of africa we've got showers all the way from the ethiopian highlands through sosa down and run the gulf of guinea with some heavy downpours expected here certainly for both lagos nigeria and akron ghana we could see some heavy showers with temperatures of around twenty nine.
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it was a war that united egypt and syria are against israel but in the heat of the battle that different agendas soon became apparent i suppose that his dream was to avenge to see tonight a sixty seven when president sadat came to power he told us just give me ten centimeters of land in the east the second of a three part series the israeli population were told that their troops were on the west bank of the su is going to explore the second week of the war in october on al-jazeera. you're watching are just zero time to recover headlines now more than two hundred
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refugees and migrants stuck at sea while european leaders argued about their faith have now reached land after a six day stand by the charity ship lifeline has docked in malta eight e.u. countries agreed to take a share of the migrants. u.s. defense secretary james mattis continues his tour of asia with a visit to south korea on thursday he'll meet there with his counterpart to discuss regional security masses left beijing not too long ago where he sat down with china's president xi jinping the main topic was the territorial dispute in the south china sea. attacks by pro syrian government forces on for medical centers in the rebel controlled province of data have killed thirty two people including ten children russian backed forces are trying to recapture the region. more heavy rain in. the search for a football team missing for four days in
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a flooded cave but rescuers remain optimistic that teenagers are alive in the polish cave explorers have been found when floodwaters has receded scald high blood has more from outside the cave in chiang rai heavy rain overnight between wednesday and thursday brought the water level in the cave system to its highest level yet but now that on thursday morning the rain has light the water level has retreated a bit but the pumping systems are still sitting idle you can see a lot of the hosing over my shoulder now on wednesday morning they're putting hundreds of meters of a hose in there trying to go deeper into this cave system that has stopped that is halted because of that heavy rain overnight on wednesday and now they're waiting to see how the conditions go here on thursday even though the rain has stopped no part of the problem is yes the water level but also the water is very muddy now this is turned in through the international operation we have a team from the united states and from the united kingdom here as well as from laos they're going to provide their expertise to try to push further into the cave
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system no right now they're about three kilometers in they believe there's speculation that team and their coach might have retreated to a chamber that's about five to six kilometers and that's why you see a lot of this hose behind me because they hope to further remove him now while that's going on while that's on idle on hold i should say there are also serving area on the outside trying to find a fourth chimney a fourth tunnel upward tunnel to get into they found three but they were impassable so that's where the focus is right now and as the day goes on we'll see if they can get these pumps back moving and also if they find that fourth chimney. poland has watered down a controversial holocaust floor which imposed jail sentences on people who suggest the country was complicit in nazi crimes polish politicians removed provisions for jail terms during an emergency parliament session the law was introduced just four months ago it angered both fear u.s. and israel the unexpected u.
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turn comes as poland looks to improve security ties with washington political parties in mexico are entering the final few days of campaigning ahead of sunday's presidential election the country's largest vote in modern history nine governorships and hundreds of country county positions are also being contested our latin america editor listen human has more. in mexico city's as a football stadium for the final campaign rally on monday this month i love visible that a lot of the best we can that it was a party to love polls on the presidential election on sunday listening. to the pilot could see this supporters say that they can make very this is the third time that my little visible god has tried to lead the presidency for years has been the solving problems but this time it seems that somehow. trailing in second place is
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because the one i got from the conservative national action party more than it is well spoken well educated but he has absolutely no administrative experience he's never been elected to office before and he also has the disadvantage of representing a political party that has twice had the presidency and according to most mexicans fell short of their expectations and their base is one i'm told you'll meet he is a former finance minister of the current government the most popular government according to polls in recent mexican history and that is of course his biggest handicap the big issues here are corruption and violence which have reached record levels here in mexico with just a lot to say some thirty thousand people were killed in two thousand and seventeen and two cows of eighteen is expected to surmount even that because of the rising crime levels among the not just over the lord says that he is going to rule by
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example he is the only candidate who has not been tainted by corruption scandals but that may not be enough to do the job still at this hour the people who support him believe that he will be the next president who will be the one to bring change to this country and if the polls are correct he will be the next one to would least give it a shot. one of the nine members of us. frame court is retiring giving donald trump the chance to bring in a new justice anthony kennedy was appointed by ronald reagan thirty years ago he was often the key vote on controversial issues pointing a successor could lead to a lengthy and bitter battle al official reports from washington and for the kennedy spent thirty years as a u.s. supreme court justice he may have been appointed by a conservative president but he was often the crucial swing vote on controversial issues abortion was one in one thousand nine hundred you rejected a law which insisted parents had to be notified if
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a minor was seeking an abortion and he supported gay rights writing the majority opinion on all four of the court's landmark rulings on the issue including the constitutional right to same sex marriage his retirement had been predicted he informed the president on wednesday and no donald trump gets to nominate a new supreme court justice his second in less than two years we will begin our search for a new justice of the united states supreme court that will begin immediately. and hopefully we're going to pick somebody who will be as outstanding. the supreme court was an important election issue for donald trump many conservative christians threw their support behind him hoping he would change the make up of the one person bench when given the opportunity barack obama had a vacancy to fill in his final months in the white house but republicans blocked him repeatedly now the top republican in the senate which confirms any appointment
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has asked democrats to play fear it's imperative that the president's nominee become sort of verily and not subjected to partial a car crash. then three months of taking office still appointed neil gorsuch conservative no he gets a second pick which could cement a conservative majority on the court for years to come civil rights criminal justice everything is on the line with this new justice being appointed kennedy was the second oldest justice on the court the oldest is ruth bader ginsburg considered to be a reliable liberal vote it's no believes she's less likely to stand on the head of the next presidential election giving donald trump a third supreme court pick. i'll just go to washington and jeff house is the executive director of the revolving door project at the center for economic and policy research he thinks justice kennedy's retirement will worry a lot of liberals some issues that people thought were long resolved in this
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country like abortion rights and some issues that seem to have been resolved more recently like gay rights are going to be called into question i think that justice kennedy did not vote with the liberals the more liberal justices that often but he at least created the chance that the more liberal side could get a fair hearing it gave them hopes and sometimes slow down the movement of the court to the right i think that if trump succeeds in confirming a replacement for anthony kennedy that movement is going to accelerate and i think you're going to see people begin to appreciate in this country the broad scope of the court's powers that it not only includes issues of civil rights and free speech but also a whole bunch of commercial law labor law antitrust law type issues. a twenty eight year old newcomer has shocked the democratic party by defeating one of its most senior figures in the primary vote. u.s.
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representative joe crowley in his new york city district crowley has held the seat since nine hundred ninety eight and is the fourth ranking democrat in the house. as is a member of the democratic socialists of america and the former campaign organizer for bernie sanders why i think what we've seen is that working class americans want a clear champion and there is nothing radical about moral clarity in twenty eighteen a police officer in the u.s. state of pennsylvania has been charged with murder for shooting an unarmed black teenager the incident was captured on mobile phone video and led to widespread demonstrations and pittsburgh kristen salumi reports. it's a scene that's become all too common in the united states demonstrators pour into the streets to vent their outrage over at least officers killing of an unarmed black man but in this case calls for justice have resulted in criminal homicide
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charges against a thirty year old east pittsburgh police officer it was michael ross filled first day on the job with the east pittsburgh police department when he shot an unarmed seventeen year old it's an intentional act recklessly. and there is no justification for the district attorney said there was no evidence the officer's life was threatened cell phone footage from the scene showed and when rose was running away when the officer fired on him one day sooner no means a fatal bullet hitting him in the back the officers lawyer says he acted reasonably given rose had been in a car that was used in a drive by shooting earlier that day another passenger in the car has been charged for that crime but rose's family said that was no excuse for officer rumsfeld's actions he was a passenger in a story in the wrong place at the wrong and in no way justified his murder was.
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the charges are exactly what protesters have been demanding they still has a long way to go to get the conviction they say anton rose deserves christianson only al jazeera. has take you through some of the headlines here now to syria now more than two hundred refugees and migrants stuck at sea while european leaders argued about their fate have now reached land after a six day stalemate the charity ship lifeline has docked in malta eight countries have agreed to take a share of the migrants i think it's too early to say how many would go where we have very clear indications. of and play just a concrete pledges from each member state i think everyone will take to it's safe to say everyone is take a core think to. its. its capability.
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the u.s. and russia say a summit between the two leaders will take place but have given very few details official say talks between donald trump and vladimir putin will be held in the third country and wednesday trumps national security advisor john bolton met the russian president in moscow u.s. defense secretary james mattis continues his tour of asia with a visit to south korea he'll meet his counterpart there to discuss regional security matters left to beijing not too long ago where he sat down with china's president xi jinping the main topic there was territorial disputes in the south china sea she said china will not give up any inch of territory in the pacific ocean attacks by pro-government forces on for medical centers in rebel controlled syrian province of daraa have killed thirty two people including ten children
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russian backed regime forces are trying to recapture the region the area is close to the border with jordan and the israeli occupied golan heights it's supposed to be part of a deescalation zone more heavy rain in northern thailand has hampered the search for a football team missing after four days in a flooded cave but rescuers remain optimistic that teenagers are alive in the past cave explorers have been found when floodwaters receded as the headlines these continues here in al-jazeera after witness the flying starts.
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