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a barrel why is argentina again turning to the i.m.f. for help now we bring you the stories the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. european leaders get ready to meet to try to find a solution to the refugee crisis but they are why divisions on the issue. with china people onboard is allowed to dock in most of the almost a week at sea. i'm jane doesn't this is al jazeera live from also coming up china says it won't give up even an inch of its territory in the pacific as the u.s. defense secretary meets president xi jinping in beijing. and in thailand rain
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continues to hamper the search for a group of teenagers stuck in a flooded cave. leaders will meet in a few hours to try to resolve divisions over the block's policy on refugees which has threatened to split the union in recent days european commission president donald tusk has traveled to austria and hungry two nations lobbying for stricter controls to try to pave the way for compromise of the divide has been triggered by the emergence of new right wing governments they want tighter border controls within the union and new policies to cut the number of refugees coming in aside from austria and hungry italy poland the czech republic and slovakia are also demanding changes on the other side of the table many presidents and prime ministers from northwest europe. headed by germany's angela merkel and france's
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a man your mark on they want the current system to be largely man tamed with rescue boats full of refugees trying to cross the mediterranean every single day finding a resolution is becoming more urgent by the minute and germany's chancellor is addressing m.p.'s just before she joins opposite number in the eve for that summit in brussels let's cross live now to dominic kane in berlin what will she be telling dominic. well jane the point here is that she's briefing m.p.'s about what she intends to do for them as it were at the e.u. summit taking place in brussels also should be talking about the nato summit that comes up in july but specifically regarding the e.u. two really prime issues for the machall today first one as you've been mentioning migration this idea of more border calls on the border controls or not tight immigration rules or not and then also another problem for her is this new euro
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zone budget that she announced with president mccann here in in germany last week there are those in in her coalition from her friends as it were the bavarian christian social union you don't really like her approach on immigration not very keen on her approach to do with the eurozone either so that is why this statement she's making to m.p.'s will be followed avidly and when it comes to migrants and refugees and the policies that threaten to split the e.u. i mean you know some countries want them some countries don't how do they reach middle ground here. well that's that is the vexed question isn't it because she's been trying to patch up alliances to form bilateral agreements trilateral agreements multilateral agreements she's tried for a european solution and it seems to be rebuffed by several of the states that you mentioned in your introduction jane specifically that visa greggory element that's
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the element of central europe the czech republic slovakia hungary poland they really don't agree with angle america's approach that they're more in tune with her but very an ally for the variant party the c.s.e. which controls the interior ministry here federally they want to see border controls they don't want migrants to come into their countries they don't want anything to do with the idea of e.u. wide solution where they would have to accept a proportion of migrants of refugees as part of the an e.u. ideal so that's a. how does she as it were square that circle and the final point to make here remember proviron allies the c.s. you forced her into a sort of compromise where she said she'd find some kind of solution by the e.u. summit by the time the e.u. summit concludes tomorrow so that's what that's how high the stakes are for her right now dominic thank you well earlier on wednesday more than two hundred
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refugees reached land after being stuck at sea for six days the charity ship lifeline docked in malta but only after eight countries agreed to take a share of the migrants john seraphina's reports from valetta. after six days at sea the lifeline finally came to dock at the letter but also to be impounded the multis government says it is not registered as the search and rescue ship has fails to obey the orders of the italian coast guard and often switched off its transponder to disguise its position raising suspicions that the ship could be deliberately helping smugglers the head of mission lifeline says italian authorities opens the investigation against it and suspects political motives under the new anti migration government in rome because the lifeline operated without problems last year we started in the last year and in september.
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we were starting here. and we had a fight we had five missions with this board last year and rescued five hundred forty nine people for the two hundred thirty three people from sub-saharan countries on board it was the end of an ordeal seven european union members agreed to help malta with their asylum claims that agreement persuaded the maltese government to allow the lifeline to dock. the lifeline six day odyssey ended here at boiler war the refugees and migrants had carried will have their asylum interviews in europe but will thora to say this is an individual arrangement there's no guarantee of safe harbor for future shiploads italy's refusal to accept search and rescue ships has opened a new rift in the e.u. it's twenty seven leaders a broadly divided between two camps those who believe in collective action and a growing insurgency that says the e.u. needs to push its defense out with creating process and camps in africa and the
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middle east allowing no one to cross these waters multis premier says the hardliners are attempting to politicize a practical issue i think it's it's surely a situation where there were a member states who showed that for the values of europeans. are not something to be found just in the treaties but that we act i don't think it's all about. grandstanding and. high flying political. experience it's thought how we act cooperation. and how we manage the situation solidarity is certainly what these multis teenagers have in mind when they think of europe i think they should be divided by a different kind. so we don't have much coming here anymore i thought was it is as small a way. but not all european countries feel they're in the same boat jumps are all
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plus al-jazeera the letter. u.s. defense secretary james mattis has been meeting with his south korean counterpart in solve the two held talks on washington's decision to suspend joint military exercises which have long angered north korea that happened during the recent summit between donald trump and kim jong un matzoh says the suspension will increase chances for peace. or. early on thursday matters was in china's capital for talks on regional security territorial disputes in the south china sea and the presence of u.s.
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troops in south korea were the main issues but china made it clear it would not give up an inch of territory in the south china sea adrian brown has more from beijing. well james mattis said he was here to in his words take the measure of china's strategic ambitions during the photo opportunity before their closed door meetings both sides issued brief statements and it was then the president xi jinping said that china would never concede give an inch of its territory he also said to sort of mollify his guest the china didn't want to create global chaos and would pursue a path of peaceful development that's often a phrase that chinese leaders use on occasions like this both sides apparently discuss the need to maintain military cooperation but the timing of this meeting is unfortunate because the united states is holding a big naval exercise of hawaii at the moment involving the militaries of twenty five other countries china was supposed to have taken part in this exercise but
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china's invitation was rescinded by the united states in part because of what china's been doing in the south china sea now the united states has referred constantly to the fact that china has been deploying surface to air missiles on the islands it's been building up and it's also accused china in the past of reneging on promises not to militarize this vast basin of water but china's response is simple it claims sovereignty over all of the south china sea and therefore says it is simply protecting its sovereignty it's not thought that the two sides discussed trade of course trade is the principal point of friction between washington and beijing right now although president xi jinping did say that the relationship between the united states and china was one of the most important relationships in the world right now a specialist u.s.
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military team has joined the search for twelve young footballers and their coach have been missing in a cave in northern thailand since saturday their grip of around thirty joins a british cave diving team and time navy seals who are already involved in the set scott had asthma from outside the cave in chiang rai. heavy rain overnight between wednesday and thursday brought the water level in the cave system to its highest level yet but now that on thursday morning the rain has light to the water level has retreated a bit but the pumping systems are still sitting idle you can see a lot of the hosing over my shoulder now on wednesday morning they're putting hundreds of meters of a hose in there trying to go deeper into this cave system that has stopped that is halted because of that heavy rain overnight on wednesday and now they're waiting to see how the conditions go here on thursday even though the rain has stopped now part of the problem is yes the water level but also the water is very muddy now this is turned in through the international operation we have a team from the united states and from the united kingdom here as well as from laos
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they're going to provide their expertise to try to push further into the cave system no right now they're about three kilometers in they believe there's speculation the team and their coach might have retreated to a chamber that's about five to six kilometers and that's why you see a lot of this hose behind me because they hope to further move in now while that's going on while that's on idol on hold i should say they're also serving the area on the outside trying to find a fourth chimney a fourth tunnel upward tunnel to get into they found three but they were impassable so that's where the focus is right now and as the day goes on we'll see if they can get these pumps back moving and also if they find that fourth chimney still ahead on al-jazeera prince william is concluding his middle east tour with a visit to the religious sites. that's the u.n. says the human cost of the fighting and maybe fall worse than previous sieges in syria.
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hello and welcome to international weather forecasts will start by looking at europe central areas are looking pretty unsettled over the next two days with some severe storms across southeastern areas some pretty heavy rain across central areas so flooding a certain issue across much of russia weather conditions looking fine there twenty eight in moscow and for western areas also it's looking fine and warm temperatures still in the mid twenty's across much of the low countries down through the u.k. france and on into the iberian peninsula but a great deal of changes ahead on through into friday so as westerners looking fine madrid thirty three degrees and still pretty unsettled picture across central and southeastern areas so as we head into the side of the mediterranean sea where the conditions are looking largely fine here warning chillis karo coming in at thirty seven degrees the breeze coming off the mediterranean will take the nice and down
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to thirty five by tommy get through to friday central africa and some pretty big storm system coming through in the east at the moment towards the gulf of guinea region also some heavy showers the ethiopian highlands and so sudan but you could see some big downpours in lagos nigeria and ghana and wanted to show is further north towards chart mali for southern portions of the continent remains largely fine cool and bright in cape town high seer of fifteen. just. african heads of state and government will gather in mauritania for the thirty post assembly of the african union ongoing conflicts in the fight against corruption will take center stage al-jazeera will bring you extensive coverage of
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the summit and its outcomes the african union summit on al-jazeera. there you're watching al-jazeera mind of top stories u.s. defense a great james mattis has been meeting with a south korean counterpart in seoul the two l. talks on washington's decision to suspend joint military exercises earlier matches was in beijing discussing territorial disputes in the south china sea where he was told that china would not give up an inch of territory. german chancellor angela merkel is addressing parliament on refugee policies we're looking at live pictures coming from there now which is threatening to collapse the coalition in recent
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weeks later on head over to brussels for a key summit with the leaders hoping to agree and wide approach to the issue which is threatening to split the tune. of more than two hundred refugees of reach land of being stuck at sea for six days the charity ship lifeline docked in multi but only after eight countries agreed to take a share of the migrants. now the family of a refugee killed himself in the remote island of nauru are calling for his body to be brought to australia activists also calling for his mother and brother to. to be allowed to settle there for the boers carom easy took his life two weeks ago after being held on the island for almost five years the family had tried to reach australia by boat in twenty thirteen but resent it now are part of the country's immigration policy under thomas has more from sydney. bibles karami took his life two weeks ago but he hasn't been buried yet his body is still in a refrigerated shipping container next to the compound where he lived and where his
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mother and younger brother still do his mother doesn't want him buried on the roof she says first his time on the roof was what led him to kill himself and he doesn't feel he can rest in peace there and second because he thinks one day she'll live somewhere other than the route i would like to be able to visit his grave in order she want his body sent to iran the country her family fled and where she feels she could never return cremation isn't an option either because it goes against her religion and her son's tribal seize on his mother sister came by boat to australia before it started its policy a permanent deportation to nuru i want to see her in person my name is but it's just a stay in the free and my sister only see him see is buddy and this is terrible i'm worried about my sister and. her little size twelve he has twelve years on and they're
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just. in our state without nothing. and no future you know. i worry about the bible says mother wants him buried in australia and has written a very emotional letter to the officials she says keeping her prisoner in it she describes herself as a sick feeble suffering and miserable mother who has repeatedly begged for help she says officials tortured her son and have now confiscated his dead body and says if you don't want to have another corpse along next to my son she needs permission to bury him anywhere except in the room or iran after questions on this to people in the office of australia's immigration and border protection minister and someone representing the roots of government so father i've had no response from either the family of the refugee killed himself are no real calling for his body to be brought to australia just confirming that information. britain's prince william is visiting
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holy sites in occupied east jerusalem on the final day of his middle east start of the day paying respects at his great grandmother princess alice is grave it helped rescue jews during the holocaust is also visiting one of the most important holy sites for muslims the al aqsa mosque compound it's the first official visit by the royal family since the british occupation of palestine ended in one hundred forty eight kensington palace as emphasize the prince's trip is not political let's go over to harry for city is in the occupied east jerusalem what's the plan for today harry. well he has only so really dean at the compound known to the temple mount as a tunnel mount to jews he will then be heading to the western wall. jews pray at the at the wall and then to be coming here to the holy circle catcher. of course throughout christianity is the place where jesus christ was crucified and laid to
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rest and indeed rose again and so this is obviously full of religious significance but it's also perhaps the most political day of this visit because in the official program from the british government this was referred to as part of his visit to the occupied palestinian territories something of course that israel sees very differently and as well as that this is a year of extreme contention over jerusalem after the adult front decoration on december sixth last year of jerusalem being israel's capital is in the view of the united states and more recently the moving of the us embassy to jerusalem and this was a very contentious time to make this visit so for all that comes in power says that this is not political obviously it has the potential to be viewed that way british diplomats will tell you that they've viewed this as of the seventy years after the british mandate ended in one thousand forty eight this was the right time for the first official visit and so to sort of balance that out it does seem that he has been paid. particular attention to the palestinians he went to meet mahmoud abbas
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yesterday in ramallah spoke of both our countries in his opening remarks of course britain doesn't yet recognize palestine as a state it says it would do so at a later stage when it seems helpful towards the peace process in britain's view and as well as that he gave a speech at the british consulate in east jerusalem last night in which he said the palace could allison's had not been forgotten he said the united kingdom stood with the palestinians in the path towards peace similar language they used at towards the israelis the night before in tel aviv so there are very significant little calculations here and it does seem that he's tried and perhaps successfully so far to walk the political fault lines as delicately as possible thank you. attacks on for medical centers in syria have killed thirty two people including ten children the strikes were carried out by pro-government forces in the rebel
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controlled province of data they're trying to recapture the area it's close to the border with jordan and the israeli occupied golan heights it's supposed to be part of a deescalation zone and the situation and there are could well be worse than the siege as of aleppo nice and go to that's the dire warning from the u.n. special envoy to syria a diplomatic editor james pace has more. it's a pattern of violence that syria has seen a number of times before like derive aleppo an eastern ghouta there's been a carefully planned military offensive by the assad regime using artillery and other indiscriminate heavy weapons the syrian government's planes assisted by the might of russian air power the u.n. special envoy briefing the security council by video link said he was deeply concerned it could be like limbo and if the who combined do good in terms of that properly. in the area of some forty five thousand people all of fifty
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dollars and here have already been displaced you to fly during the u.s. and its allies called out russia saying it's and the syrian government would breaching an agreement on deescalation in southwest syria made last year the united states can confirm that russia itself launched airstrikes in the southwest the escalation zone in recent days to be clear the unilateral military operations underway by the assad regime and russia in southwest syria represent a violation of the cease fire arrangement reaffirmed by president trump and president putin some humanitarian groups are now calling on jordan to take care of patients some of those fleeing the violence in southern syria have nowhere to go and the jordan syria border remains closed james pays out just era of the united nations two car bombs in a free in northwestern syria have killed at least eleven people turkish back forces
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captured a friend from kurdish why p.g. fighters in march after a two month military campaign no one has claimed responsibility for the bombings yemen's president is demanding here the rebels withdraw from her data province of abu months so how does ultimatum comes after he met the united nations special envoy the u.n. fears an all out assault on the port city could trigger a famine as poacher durgin reports. in the southern yemeni port city of port data hundreds of desperate people wait in line for a handout for. the health care. eight million people rely on the food that comes through the port the offensive by saudi and their morality back government forces is hurting them already shops bakeries and restaurants are closed and grocery shelves remain bare. where available price of wheat and vegetable oil have increased by thirty percent while prices of cooking
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gas increased by fifty two percent in the last week the u.n. says most areas of the city don't have electricity or water it warns that any sanitation problems could trigger another cholera outbreak hundreds of thousands have been infected by cholera and diptheria since the war began four years ago ten thousand people have been killed and three million of yemen's twenty eight million people have been forced to leave their homes. there are thirteen thousand nine hundred seventy four internally displaced families inside the province of how data the humanitarian organizations efforts only meet ten percent of what's necessary at the cmin aid organizations meeting in paris some participants wonder how the west claims to be worried about the plight of yemenis but continues to sell arms to the saudis and amorality six time uncle be good with it's extremely complicated to discuss the humanitarian situation and peace process while bombs are being of randomly dropped on civilians heads. as fighting continues in yemen the un's envoy
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remains hopeful that a political solution can be found who will say they're willing to hand over management of a data point to the un but them arrive he's demand out who the fighters leave the city altogether as a precondition for any peace deal. in the meantime the prognosis for the southern port city where data is not good for centuries yemen was known as the arabian peninsula as most fertile land it was often called the arabian felix latin for happy or fortunate. now yemenis find themselves in what the u.n. calls the world's worst humanitarian crisis. on al-jazeera at least fifteen people have died in a fire in kenya's largest open air market reuters is reporting that dozens more people were injured in the blaze that border that broke out early on thursday morning at the markets there have been several fires in recent years at this market
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would spread specializes in second hand clothes to a woman accused of fatally poisoning the north korean leader's half brother have reappeared in court in malaysia for closing arguments of the trial the charges smearing a band nerve agent on kim jong face at kuala lumpur airport last year they pleaded not guilty saying they thought they were taking part in a harmless prank for hidden camera show their face the death penalty if convicted they three days left before mexico's presidential election political parties are drawing huge crowds looking for a better future. reports of political veteran is riding a wave of popular support in what many describe as turbulent times. he's been campaigning to the presidency for more than twelve years addressing every single one of mexico's nearly twenty five hundred we disappear at least twice and as one british manuel lopez obrador lord wrapped up the campaign for his third bit
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at the presidency it seems his perseverance is finally paying off. with polls giving the left wing populist a seemingly unpalatable lead he and his supporters say the already tasted victory. or are going to very much you are we will carry out a profound orderly and peaceful transformation of many and it will be radical but don't be alarmed radical gone from the war root root out corruption injustice a brutal. popularly known as a successfully tapped into widespread anger over unbridled corruption he promises to use the billions of dollars he says are stolen by politicians to fund ambitious social programs but he is short on specifics. in other parts of mexico opponents who are holding their final rallies running a distant second in the polls as
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a recount of the one idea from the conservatives national action party he's articulate and also outspoken about fighting corruption. when i become president of mexico there will be an independent prosecution that will investigate every act of corruption of this administration including the participation of president. running in third place as the ruling party candidate will say i'm told you'll need a former finance minister his biggest handicap his association with the current government the most unpopular one in memory. and i might mean a bit these rallies are all it pretty please be lovely to timber. but let me let mylan in recent mexican history with one hundred thirty candidates diminutive and state positions for murder over the last few months. crime and
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violence along with the corruption that feed them continue their upward spiral mexican say they desperately need real change the pull to correct the majority believe. is the one most likely to deliver. you see a human just see that mexico city. jane doesn't with the headlines u.s. defense secretary james mattis has been meeting with his south korean counterpart in seoul the two held talks on washington's decision to suspend joint military exercises matter's was in beijing discussing territorial disputes in the south china sea where he was told that china would not give up an inch of territory german chancellor angela merkel is now addressing parliament on refugee policies which have threatened to collapse the coalition in recent weeks later she will head
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to brussels for a key summit with e.u. leaders hoping to agree and approach to this issue which has threatened to split the union. well than two hundred refugees of reach land after being stuck at sea for six days the charity's ship lifeline docked in malta but only after eight countries agreed to take a share of the migrants. a specialist u.s. military team has joined the search for twelve young footballers and a coach have been missing in a cave in northern thailand since saturday the group of around thirty now joins a british cave diving team and time navy seals who are already involved in the search rescues continue to face ongoing setbacks as they once again had to cut power to pumps to prevent the risk of electrocution. britain's prince william is visiting holy sites in occupied east jerusalem on the final day of these middle east he started the day paying respect to these great grandmother princess alice is grave she helped rescue jews during the holocaust is also visiting one of the most
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important holy sites for muslims the mosque compound it is the first official visit by the royal family since the british occupation of palestine ended in one nine hundred forty eight attacks and for medical centers in syria have killed thirty two people including ten children the strikes were carried out by pro-government forces in the rebel controlled province of data they're trying to recapture the areas close to the border with jordan and these really occupied golan heights at least fifteen people have died in a fire in kenya's largest open air market the reuters news agency is reporting that dozens more people were injured in the blaze that broke out early on thursday morning at the markets in the capital nairobi as the headlines the news continues on al-jazeera of the inside story. as it takes a tougher line of migrants organized crime is making vast profits from their misery
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. people in palo investigates the state funded reception centers where the helpless are regions to commodities right for exploitation. goods. and. recruiting child soldiers in yemen both pro-government forces and the feces are accused of enlisting children to join the war and the un condemns the saudi that coalition forces most child deaths and injuries that we can hold any of the guilty to account this is inside story.
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welcome to the program i'm peter dubey now is considered to be the biggest battle of the three year war in yemen the fights for its largest ports.


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