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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 28, 2018 11:00am-11:33am +03

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european leaders get ready to meet to try to find a solution to the refugee crisis but there are deep divisions on the issue. a refugee ship with china people on board is allowed to dock in malta after almost a week at sea. and i'm jane dutton this is al jazeera live from coming up china says it won't give up even an inch of its territory in the pacific as the u.s. defense secretary meets president xi jinping in beijing and u.k.'s prince william is concluding his middle east tour with a visit to the religious sites. the
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german chancellor is warning that the european union's approach to refugees has the potential to make or break the e.u. should be addressing the german parliament before leaving for a key summit in brussels they shal meet leaders from across the union tried to repair divide that has threatened to split the bloc in recent weeks a new group of right wing governments has emerged demanding tighter border controls and new policies to cut the number of refugees coming in made up of leaders from austria hungary italy slovakia the czech republic and poland it wants other countries to agree a stricter approach to refugees while other member states mostly from north western europe will hope to avoid the union swinging to the right that's been seen as one of the most difficult and important summits and years as you can imagine and with rescue boats full of refugees trying to cross the mediterranean every day finding a resolution is becoming more urgent by the minute let's go live now to dominick in
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berlin so we've been getting a sense of the importance of today the phrase is not the same as the situation of september twenty fifth you remember. that's when i go to merkel decided to open up the borders of her country to allow in many many hundreds of thousands of migrant of refugees into germany she said in parliament behind me in the last half an hour or so that that decision was done to help other countries to help austria to help hungary is very country as you were referring to in your introduction the point is of course those countries that they really don't want to accept anymore and the sort of solution that angular merkel has been suggesting to the e.u. and to other countries on a bilateral basis is being for them to perhaps to accept other to accept a quota of people of migrants or some theme she returned to saying that it can't be right that the countries that are the first port of arrival first point of arrival for refugees should be the ones who who have to deal with the migrant issue on
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their own well that's code for as i say the idea of managing the migration of having numbers of migrants of refugees go to lots of european countries he's also been talking about the need to help african states and saying that the libyan coast guard has been strengthened will cost the libyan coast guard are the ones who are involved in the mediterranean sea trying to turn rescue migrants trying to rescue people who are adrift. but it's angle it heads off to brussels for the summit and i wonder how you meld those opposing views because you have countries who are interested in helping and others who just are not. yes not just are they not interested in helping some of them are interested in making it worse harder for migrants that come to their countries specifically hungary the prime minister mr or baron and his few days party very recently used their super majority in parliament to legislate into the constitution
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a criminal offense for those who sought to give help to what the one considers to be illegal immigrants further they change their constitution to say that hungary should not be settled by. very cold in their words an alien population so the issue at hand in brussels is how do you bring a country with that sort of approach into some sort of solution which works with the countries like angola merkel's germany one final thoughts to report jane we understand that the lifeline organization whose vessel has been the cause of such a such a political role in the mediterranean of the court the last few days with the people on board which countries would take those refugees those migrants we understand the organization will be giving a news conference here in berlin in the next few hours they go let's talk a little bit more about that lifeline isha thanks for that dominic came because early on wednesday more than two hundred refugees reach land after being stuck at sea for six days the charity ship lifeline docked in malta but only after eight countries agreed to take its share of the migrants johnson obvious reports from the
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letter. after six days at sea the lifeline finally came to dock at the letter but also to be impounded the multis government says it is not registered as a search and rescue ship has failed to obey the orders of the italian coast guard and often switched off its transponder to disguise its position raising suspicion that the ship could be deliberately helping smugglers the head of mission lifeline says italian authorities opens the investigation against it and suspects political motives under the new anti migration government in rome because the lifeline operated without problems last year we started in the last year and in september. we were starting here. and we had a fight we had five missions with this board last year and rescued five hundred
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forty nine people for the two hundred thirty three people from sub-saharan countries on board it was the end of an ordeal seven european union members agreed to help malta with their asylum claims that agreement persuaded the maltese government to allow the lifeline to dock the lifeline six day odyssey ended here a boiler war for the refugees and migrants had carried will have their asylum interviews in europe but all thora to say this is an individual arrangement there's no guarantee of safe harbor for future shiploads italy's refusal to accept search and rescue ships has opened a new rift in the e.u. its twenty seven leaders are broadly divided between two camps those who believe in collective action and a growing insurgency that says the e.u. needs to push its defense outward creating process in camps in africa and the middle east allowing no one to cross these waters mulder's premier says the hardliners are attempting to politicize
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a practical issue i think it's it's sure this is. were there were members who showed up for the values. are not something to be fought just to treat but that we. don't think it's all about. grandstanding and. high flying political. races out of the act corp. problematic situation solidarity is certainly what these multis teenagers have in mind when they think of europe i think they should be divided by a different kind of deal so we don't have much coming here in moore thank you to this small plane. but european countries feel they're in the same boat. al-jazeera valetta u.s. defense secretary james mattis has been meeting with his south korean counterpart in seoul the two held talks on washington's decision to suspend joint military
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exercises which along angered north korea that happened during the recent summit between donald trump and kim jong un matters says the suspension will increase chances for peace earlier on thursday matters was in china's capital for talks on regional security territorial disputes in the south china sea and the presence of u.s. troops in south korea were the main issues but china made it clear it wouldn't give up an inch of territory in the south china sea edge and brown has more from beijing . well james mattis said he was here to in his words take the measure of china's strategic ambitions during the photo opportunity before their closed door meetings both sides issued brief statements and it was then the president xi jinping said that china would never concede give an inch of its territory he also said to sort of mollify his guest the china didn't want to create global chaos and would pursue a path of peaceful development that's often
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a phrase that chinese leaders use on occasions like this both sides apparently discuss the need to maintain military cooperation but the timing of this meeting is unfortunate because the united states is holding a big naval exercise of hawaii at the moment involving the militaries of twenty five other countries china was supposed to have taken part in this exercise but china's invitation was rescinded by the united states in part because of what china's been doing in the south china sea now the united states has referred constantly to the fact that china has been deploying surface to air missiles on the islands it's been building up and it's also accused china in the past of reneging on promises not to militarize this vast basin of water but china's response is simple it claims sovereignty over all of the south china sea and therefore says it is simply protecting its sovereignty it's not thought that the two sides discussed
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trade of course trade is the principal point of friction between washington and beijing right now although president xi jinping did say that the relationship between the united states and china was one of the most important relationships in the world right now a specialist u.s. military team has joined the search for twelve young footballers and their coach missing in a flooded cave complex in northern thailand the group of around thirty joins a british cave diving team and time navy seals who are already involved in the search but rescue efforts are being slowed down by constant rainfall scott hyder has more from outside the cave in chiang rai. heavy rain overnight between wednesday and thursday brought the water level in the cave system to its highest level yet but now that on thursday morning the rain has lightened still the water level has retreated a bit but the pumping systems are still sitting idle you can see
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a lot of the hosing over my shoulder now on wednesday morning they're putting hundreds of metres of a hose in there trying to go deeper into this cave system that has stopped that is halted because of that heavy rain overnight on wednesday and now they're waiting to see how the conditions go here on thursday even though the rain has stopped now part of the problem is yes the water level but also the water is very muddy now this is turned in through the international operation we have a team from the united states and from the united kingdom here as well as from laos they're going to provide their expertise to try to push further into the cave system no right now they're about three kilometers in they believe there's speculation that the team and their coach might have retreated to a chamber that's about five to six kilometers and that's why you see a lot of this hose behind me because they hope to further move in now while that's going on while that's on idol on hold i should say they're also serving area on the outside trying to find a fourth chimney a fourth tunnel upward tunnel to get into they found three but they were impassable so that's where the focus is right now and as the day goes on we'll see if they can
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get these pumps back moving and also if they find that fourth jim that's mostly head on al-jazeera setting up a summit at the white house in the kremlin agree to a meeting between chomp and plus. lawrence lee on the border between albania and most of the growth where the government is coming under pressure to put up a fence to keep refugees and migrants out almost being called the new balkan routes into western europe. and. the weather sponsored by cateye oas. hello the thunderstorms that are still going in the southeast of your have produced some flooding in greece most recently it's a very slow circulation as you see these white took things of the big clouds as more of a killer runs through poland back through austria and the amount of rain there
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similar actually but the biggest concentration was further south and i think we'll see more of the same the same circulation exists throughout thursday from greece right up to poland this is the rain is rather steady this is the sundry stuff temperatures in the middle thirty's here thirty middle twenty should say thirty two in ankara where the sun's back out again and similar things could be found again in the western side of the u.k. twenty six in london about the same in paris it's pretty warm there in spain and portugal that might prompt a shower too but nothing compared but there's a still there friday there maybe less concentrated in greece now south of all this is fairly far thirty quiet whether it's hot in the middle of algeria and you think with that the capital will be rather war but it's not still around the middle twenty's the next day or so thirty seven in cairo but the onshore breeze is keeping most places around the high twenty's or low thirty's it's actually warmed up in tripoli and today's i mean to just looks hot at thirty eight and about does not.
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the weather sponsored by qatar airways. where were you when this idea popped into your point where they're online which i'm going to the chief school of poverty and inequality in our society today or if you join us on sat criminal justice system is dysfunctional right now this is a dialogue what does it feel like when you have to go back for the first time everyone has a voice and allow refugees to be the speakers for change join the colobus conversation on our jazeera. and the you watching al-jazeera mind of our top stories u.s.
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defense secretary james mattis has been meeting with his south korean counterpart in seoul the two held talks and washington's decision to suspend joint military exercises earlier masses wasn't beijing discussing territorial disputes in the south china sea where he was told that china would not give up an inch of territory . german chancellor angela merkel has addressed parliament on refugee policies which of threatened to collapse a coalition in recent weeks later chile had to brussels for a key summit with e.u. leaders hoping to agree to an e.u. wide approach to the issue which is threaten to split the union. more than two hundred refugees of reach land after being stuck at sea for six days the charity ship lifeline docked in malta but only after eight countries agreed to take share of the migrants. as e.u. leaders gather in brussels for a summit on the refugee crisis some members countries are worried about the emergence of a new route now taken by those trying to reach western europe it's through the
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balkans and includes the nation of montenegro their own sleeve reports from the capital. all these people are about to find out that the chance of getting to the rich countries of western europe is vanishing over the horizon never mind if you're from baghdad or a bill and have taken your children over land for months compassion is in short supply at this center in montenegro they can come and go as they please not much choice then but to keep moving. we go today. to there you're going to try to get there as near. it's really difficult. the border between albania and montenegro is fearsome and it's a crucial part of the new balkan routes smugglers guide refugees and migrants through these high hills the police who didn't want to be identified said they'd caught seventeen people on the morning we were filming sliding down the side of the
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rocks separating the two countries clearly the numbers of refugees and migrants trying this new balkan route aren't anything like the same as the old one but there is a principle which is the same and that is country after country simply allowing them to slip through and make them somebody else's problem and that's put montenegro in a situation where he's having to answer to austria and germany about what he's doing to stop them and at least one solution being promoted is the idea of building yet another fence this time between albania and montenegro the montenegrin government's has apparently been advise on how to make a fence by hungary which in twenty fifteen decided to set its own agenda on the crisis the european union one so critical is now adopting similar strategies across the block and so it isn't hard to find politicians in montenegro enthusiastic about the fence it's a new very big route and because that absolutely i understand concerns of the
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government to be slovenia out through germany but do you know what's broken in mud to negril which is first most important part of the mob of the discuss about it not discussion the parliament not discussing the media first statement about this issue was my. so you think building the fence is a good start and you know of course austria claims there are eighty thousand people across the balkans attempting this route it's italy and part of the german governments are now driving the wrong after of measures at this summit either to prevent new arrivals or expel people more quickly to prevent what they call an invasion it's the opposite of what the united nations wants montenegro to do. that there's exactly the message of of uni c.r. season establishment of the asylum system montenegro back in two thousand and sixteen to now sixty were the person that were granted for that so he's far from an invasion he's
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a member that montenegro has the capacity to absorb one european plan under discussion is to hold and process migrants in albania before they get anywhere near e.u. territory both albania and montenegro are proving increasingly important to enforce the new hostile environments in western europe laurence li al jazeera on the albania montenegro border britain's prince william is visiting holy sites in occupied east jerusalem on the final day of his middle east tour he started the day paying respects at his great grandmother prince alice's grave she helped rescue jews during the holocaust prince william is also visiting one of the most important holy sites for muslims the mosque compound it's the first official visit by a member of the royal family since the british occupation of palestine ended in one thousand nine hundred forty eight kensington palace has emphasized the prince's trip is not political forces joins us now from occupied east jerusalem it seems
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there it is rather political though harry isn't it. yes i mean it's been character fully choreographed not to be it is there an official visit that was requested by the british government the first as you say since the end of the british mandate in one nine hundred forty eight and this day is perhaps the most. political of the lot despite the fact that he met at little leaders earlier in his visit meeting the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu when they palestinian president mahmoud abbas today he's here in occupied east jerusalem visiting these holy sites but in the royal itinerary it is described as part of the occupied palestinian territories that hasn't gone down particularly well with israel's government he isn't meeting jerusalem's mare here in jerusalem that's something that was criticized as being impolite by israel's culture minister so there is some criticize ation of course of this and it's all happening in this current series of
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months that we've seen the declaration by donald trump of jerusalem as israel's capital as far as united states is concerned the moving of the u.s. embassy here to jerusalem both things which have been opposed by the british government and so as well as sort of coming here seventy years after the creation of the state of israel kind of a a signifier of of the british relationship with israel has also been to pay a good deal of attention to the palestinians in his meeting with mahmoud abbas he referred to both countries of course britain does not yet at least recognize palestine as a state he also talked about the palestinian people not having been forgotten saying that the united kingdom would stand with them as they work towards peace similar language again used on the israeli side so this is his last engagement here right here a few minutes ago is inside the church of the holy sepulcher of the sites around which this church was built i believe to be by christians the one where jesus was
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in tombs and where the resurrection took place so another very significant holy site on what has inevitably become a politicized trip had a force of thank you. the u.s. and russia have struck a deal to hold a summit soon between their two leaders donald trump says he'll discuss the conflict in syria and ukraine with vladimir putin it comes a day after trans national security advisor john bolton met with putin in moscow our state department correspondent roslyn jordan reports from washington. it was the warmest of welcomes for john bolton the national security advisor for u.s. president donald trump is greeter president vladimir putin's west but he just must cool off so your visit to moscow gives us hope that we can at least make the first steps towards restoring for formal relations between our states bolton build his political career criticizing the russian government but on this trip bolton
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suggested better days were in fact ahead even in earlier days when when our countries had differences arab leaders and their advisors met and i think that was good for both countries good for stability in the world and president from the feels very strongly on that subject trump has long wanted closer ties with putin even in the face of allegations moscow was trying to throw the twenty six thousand election trumps way and that campaign knew about it all the time they like to tie me to russia and they say such bad things about potent and then the supposed to go shit was potent why would he do this in the middle of the moeller investigation trumps aides told him not to see too much after putin one reelection in march he ignored them. call with president putin and congratulated him on the victory has a lector all victory and even though russia was kicked out of the g eight for annex in crimea in two thousand and fourteen trump recently said it was time to reverse
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course russia could be in the meeting if it be a part of you know whether you like it or not even though the two countries are still it odds after a former russian spy and his daughter were poisoned in the u.k. in march washington expelled sixty russian diplomats moscow responded in kind the u.s. criticizes russia for violating the rights of political activists and journalists and it says moscow should be stopping by attacks on syrian civilians. however the u.s. secretary of state told congress on wednesday ignoring moscow is not an option we have been harder on russia and this administration has been the case in many previous administration the president is looking forward to an opportunity to find those handful of places where we can have productive conversations that lead to improvements for each of our two countries political observers in both russia and
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the us doubt the upcoming summit will be anything more than theater but that maybe all the two leaders want. washington to a man accused of fatally poisoning the north korean leaders half brother have appeared in court in malaysia for closing arguments of the trial they charged with smearing a band nerve agent on kim jong at kuala lumpur airport last year they have pleaded not guilty saying they thought they were taking part in a t.v. show lawyers representing the united arab emirates saw apparent before the united nation's highest court at the hague taken the u.s. to the international court of justice accusing us of violating human rights as a result of the blockade imposed on doha qatar as representative says out their arguments during the first day of hearings on wednesday the case has been prompted by the blockade of cattle by saudi arabia bahrain and egypt. has more
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from the hague. the second day of hearings at the international court of justice on choose day cancer or accuse the u.a.e. of discrimination against the country and its people now are about to hear from the united arab emirates lawyers representing cats are focused on the expulsion of qatari national some the u.a.e. the recalling of u.a.e. citizens from qatar and the closure of the u.a.e. space all qatari traffic accuses the u.a.e. of preventing access to individuals and companies when it comes to being able to access their assets and their property of denying people the right to education health care and judicial services and also violating its obligations under the international convention on the elimination of all forms of racial discrimination of which the u.a.e. is a key signatory the u.a.e. hasn't said much ahead of this case although at least one amorality minister has accused this case of being simply a stunt to keep the blockade on cattle in the public eye qatar is hoping for
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a swift resolution a swift conclusion to this case both countries will have a chance to speak on friday before the court decides what will happen next attacks on for medical centers in syria have killed thirty two people including ten children the strikes were carried out by pro-government forces in the rebel controlled province of trying to recapture the area close to the border with jordan and these really occupied golan heights at least fifteen people have died in a fire in kenya's largest open air markets in the capital nairobi another seventy people have been taken to hospital many was serious burns the fire broke out early on thursday morning at the market which is famous for selling second hand clothes you're looking at live picture of the attempts to put out the fire and rescue people. and the military has been called in to help fight
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a huge fire on hills near manchester in the united kingdom the blaze began on sunday and has forced the evacuations of dozens of homes in a report some subtle with more in northern england an unusual heat wave tinder dry undergrowth and gusting wind created all the conditions for an inferno in the green hills of saddleworth have been turned black by the flames with the smoke affecting the city of manchester ten miles away the more has burned before but not as badly as this all really smoky dry windy because there's pockets of fire everywhere wind direction change is dangerous why is it so difficult to fight this particular fire . because the it just keeps popping up in different areas so you think you've got it and then it comes in the lead to meet up somewhere else on tuesday night the blaze was officially designated a major incident in the nearby housing estate evacuated you never seen no. twenty say for flames coming straight towards. this back we were going to leave because
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the smoke was really really sort of dense and you could hardly breathe pleasure eyes were burning as well some people believe we were just giving must away to help others to breathe more than one hundred firefighters from across the north of england have been called in all in all some two thousand acres of them or has been destroyed by this fire and you can see that the wind is blowing the smoke across and causing this kind of thing look down here another outbreak of fire just where the firefighters have already put much of it out. emergency services are expected to take at least a week to extinguish the fire from. zero. i'm jane dutton with the headlines on al-jazeera german chancellor angela merkel is
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addressed parliament on refugee policies which have threatened to collapse a coalition in recent weeks later she had to brussels for a key summit with e.u. leaders hoping to agree and wide approach to the issue which has threatened to split the union with internal refugees of reach land after being stuck at sea for six days the charity's ship lifeline docked in multiple only after eight countries agreed to take a share of the migrants u.s. defense agree james mattis has been meeting with his south korean counterpart in seoul the to hold talks on washington's decision to suspend joint military exercises earlier matters was in beijing discussing territorial disputes in the south china sea where he was told that china would not give up an inch of territory especially as u.s. military team has joined the search for twelve young footballers and their coach missing in a flooded cave complex in northern thailand the group of around thirty joins
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a british cave diving team and thai naval seals who are already involved in the search but rescue efforts are being slowed down by constant rainfall. britain's prince william is visiting holy sites in occupied east jerusalem on the final day of his middle east tour he started the day paying respects of his great grandmother prince alice's grave she helped rescue jews during the holocaust prince william is also visiting one of the most important holy sites for muslims the aqsa mosque compound it's the first official visit by a member of the royal family since the british occupation of palestine ended in one thousand nine hundred forty eight kids into an palaces emphasize the prince's trust is not political at least fifteen people have died in a fire in kenya's largest open air market in the capital nairobi you're looking at live fire from there the rescue attempt another seventy people have been taken to hospital many was serious burns this fire broke out early on thursday morning at
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the market which is famous for selling secondhand clothes it was largely destroyed by another fire last october. those are the headlines the stream is up next. an estimated one hundred thousand lives cruelly ended over a century ago. a distant past not to the descendants of the sultan. a tale of colonialism and racial supremacy unravels in the quest for justice and recognition of the sacrifices of tribal people in the media. skulls of my people i witnessed documentaries on his era. ok and during the strain today the separation of immigrant families crossing into the u.s. southern border may have stopped but the challenges of me uniting children with
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that hence remain legal action is ramping up and so is political pressure to make immigration nor change its. we're live on you tube and we want to hear from you later in the program we'll also take a look at the state of global press freedom but first to zimbabwe where elections are scheduled for july thirtieth and the youth are energized. this election is about one single thing that his hopes and asked.


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