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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 28, 2018 5:00pm-5:33pm +03

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history of the revolution on al-jazeera. deep divisions emerge as european leaders meet to discuss the refugee crisis on the merkel says the issue can make or break the e.u. . i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the white house announces dates for a bilateral summit between donald trump and russian president vladimir putin we will have the details from washington d.c. . china says it will not give up even an inch of its territory in the pacific as the u.s. defense secretary meets president xi jinping and beijing. u.k.'s prince william is concluding his middle east tour with a visit to the religious sites in occupied east jerusalem.
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european leaders are in brussels for what some are calling the most important european union summit in years the issue has brought european faultlines out to the fore and the german chancellor is warning the block it splits unless policies towards refugees are agreed upon she was addressing the german parliament before travelling to belgium at home the migration issues threaten to collapse her governing coalition. what. europe faces many challenges but migration could become the make or break one for the e.u. either we manage it so others in africa believe that we are guided by values and believe in multilateralism not unilateral ism or nobody will believe any longer in the system of values that has made us strong that's why it's so important. the divide in the e.u. has become more evident with the emergence of a new group of right wing governments there demanding tighter border controls the
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new policy is to cut the number of refugees coming it comes from leaders from austria hungary italy slovakia the czech republic and poland while other member states mostly from more western europe will hope to avoid the union swinging to the right the numbers of refugees crossing into europe of the mediterranean has actually fallen drastically this year by finding a resolution that is still kate and a moment ago to charlie angela and sicilian dominic cain in berlin first though let's go to lawrence lee who is in brussels lawrence these this divide seems to be quite deep two completely at least two completely different philosophies for for how to deal with this can you put this in some sort of perspective because certainly seems to be sounding the alarm. yes absolutely it's really a crisis on many different levels clearly initially it's a crisis about how they manage the numbers of refugees and migrants who are coming
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across is not a refugee crisis in the sense of a country like lebanon or jordan which is absorbing millions of people it's a refugee reception crisis and how they actually manage people particularly in countries that don't want anybody at all and so that ends still having to fall back on things like greece suggesting i might fly drones over the aegean sea to try to spot people or it's only trying to engage more help from libya to stop people from coming they can't find any way of sharing refugees and migrants out in the way that's acceptable to any of those far right countries that you mentioned so that's one level of it but the bigger level underneath that clearly is this enormous plates that you described in your introduction this developed inside the european union and that lends into the biggest philosophical question of the whole thing which is what does the european union think it's supposed to be because the treaty
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of rome the founding documents for nine hundred fifty seven talks of ever closer union between all the members of the european project and what migration is doing now is breaking that entire idea of the battle on really as i've been saying from what you can very describe as the heart and soul of the european union do they want to continue to be the world's biggest liberal voice and stand for liberal values looking for looking out for people looking after people who want asylum and things like that or do they give in to populist forces from countries like hungary the hungarian prime minister viktor orban arrives he is saying that this was a summit about the nature of democracy on that point i think some like angela merkel would agree it is about democracy but the way the obama talks about it is the sovereign rights of countries to manage their own affairs by rejecting things that people like angle. mccool will suit with and so in that sense he's a really important meeting about what the european union thinks he wants to be in
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the future salut lee all right lawrence lee live for us from brussels let's go now to dominic kane who is in berlin to dominic which ogling arkell seems to be having to manage at home very much parallels what she and the larger e.u. are also grappling with as well so what can we gather from how she's handled it at home. well the point here the democracy that's being referred to her problem here is that the voices on the right elements in hope party but more specifically elements in her sister party the christian social union in bavaria which has been making feelers to the government of the conservative as it were right minded sebastian courts in austria they don't agree with angela merkel and her position about how the borders should be managed which countries should take in migrants which should not and so her dynamic here is that her instinct is
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to be humanitarian and yes the vote would appear to be in another direction they certainly opinion polls here suggest that the position that the average german takes regarding immigration is not necessarily the one that anglo-american has been putting across for the past few years and that explains why her tone has changed in recent weeks also because as i say the very allies of her party have to be in effectively holding her feet to the fire saying we will not take this much longer giving her an ultimatum of this summit effectively to come up with some sort of solution and her problem is the solution that the very insistent party would accept is not the solution that she wants not a solution that she and indeed the french president perhaps the new spanish prime minister want that's a di lemma as she negotiates today and tomorrow all right time and again live for us in berlin dominic thank you get out of sicily where our charlie angeles and the government there has taken a very very tough stance on migrants to the italian government tell us more about
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what they're thinking is there charlie. well the new policy at play here in italy is that they will no longer allow themselves to be the first point of contact for boats carrying rescued migrants in the mediterranean and when they turned away the boat the lifeline which was carrying over two hundred migrants which had to end up but docking in malta they did briefly overturn the dublin regulations which they have been asking to be reformed for years said that the prime minister going into brussels will veto any e.u. agreement unless there is a commitment to reform those dublin regulations these new policies have been driven by the new far right interior minister met whose migrant record is actually proving very popular here in italy he came to sicily a few weeks ago and he said migrants are to pack their bags and go home well this is one of the largest camps for asylum seekers more than two thousand seven hundred now we're at home and we asked them how they felt about this very severe mood
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change in the city. a bus from could turn your unloading into cardamon new one of europe's largest refugee camps here there is fresh refugees applying for asylum they've heard that italy's new interior minister is hostile to migrants and their right just in the grades so what the work he. just forwards so we remove. all of the looting to see. ernest came from ghana when he was fifteen he lost his mother in libya and made his way to italy alone now a husband and father the camp has been his home for four years lawyers say these people are the lucky ones italy's new policy of turning boats away will make new arrivals almost impossible. going back to twenty fifty with there's no distinction between genuine refugees and economic migrants we're going back because the
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government is now talking about preventing people from even requesting asylum talking about denying access based on their country of origin and this is a violation of international law italy has shut its ports to charity boats carrying rescued migrants they believe if these boats disappear migrants won't be tempted to cross the mediterranean but charity both account for forty percent of the search and rescue operations here in testing this idea thousands could die. italy's new hardline policy is driven by money a rock star of the italian right seen here in libya pushing for asylum identification centers to be set up in north africa not europe his slogan stop the invasion. local councillor and salvini supporter fabio cantarella took me to parts of katon you know he says overrun by migrants that is you know. if you need a few grand prix is now the biggest refugee camp in europe many times we have taken
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the issue to europe but it's taken so vignette to put a stop to it our coasts are being invaded and the impact of illegal immigration is particularly evident in neighborhoods like this one back at the camp a message from one refugee that this anti migrant rhetoric is dangerous because. you can't group all migrants together some of us fled persecution others have come just to earn money and then return to africa we don't have that choice we came here because we were being persecuted we came to europe because the rule of law is respected in africa it isn't it with these new policies italy risks accusations that it is also forgetting the rule of law and its moral obligations to those in need. of migrant arrivals to actually have dropped by eighty five percent compared to last year but if you were listening to you could be mistaken for thinking they were still arriving every day in their thousands and that's a misconception that works in the government favor as well as that unilateral
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policy of not accepting any new boat carrying migrants it is also going to furnish the libyan coast guard with twelve new vessels to carry out the bulk of those search and rescue missions to try and stop any. boats dinghies arriving in italian waters and therefore bringing the problem on to a tally and shore so you can see that this shift is going from protecting borders away from protecting lives. all right kelly an ally for us and to slee thank you. donald trump will meet russia's president vladimir putin in the finnish capital helsinki on july sixteenth this are leaders are expected to discuss u.s. russia relations and other national security issues it comes a day after trump's national security advisor john bolton met putin in moscow and sharper tongues he joins us live from washington d.c. so i realize the announcement was just made today but what are the details that we do know she have. or those are all the official details we do know we have
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a few off the cuff from donald trump wednesday at the white house where he said that syria and ukraine would be topics of discussion john bolton who is in moscow said the the alleged interference in the u.s. election by russia will also be discussed what's getting a lot of attention this morning in washington over a mostly the political classes at least is a tweet from donald trump that he released shortly before the out of bounds but it was made in the opening sentence is russia continues to say they have nothing to do with meddling in the election exclamation mark that is you know on the face of a statement of fact russia does continue to say it had nothing to do with meddling in the u.s. presidential election but that is causing some consternation here in washington at least art sheraton's a live press in washington she had thank you yes defense secretary james mattis has been meeting his south korean counterpart in seoul the two al talks on washington's
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decision to suspend joint military exercises which have long angered north korea that happened during the recent summit between donald trump and kim jong mattis says this is spent and will increase chances for peace earlier on thursday mattis was in china's capital for talks on regional security brown has more from beijing. well james mattis said he was here to in his words take the measure of china's strategic ambitions joining the photo opportunity before their closed door meetings both sides issued brief statements and it was then the president xi jinping said that china would never concede give an inch of its territory he also said to sort of mollify his guest the china didn't want to create global chaos and would pursue a path of peaceful development that's often a phrase that chinese leaders use on occasions like this both sides apparently discuss the need to maintain military cooperation but the timing of this meeting is
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unfortunate because the united states is holding a big naval exercise of hawaii at the moment involving the militaries of twenty five other countries china was supposed to have taken part in this exercise but china's invitation was rescinded by the united states in part because of what china's been doing in the south china sea now the united states has referred constantly to the fact that china has been deploying surface to air missiles on the islands it's been building up and it's also accused china in the past of reneging on promises not to militarize this vast basin of water but china's response is simple it claims sovereignty over all of the south china sea and therefore says it is simply protecting its sovereignty it's not thought that the two sides discussed trade of course trade is the principal point of friction between washington and
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beijing right now although president xi jinping did say that the relationship between the united states and china was one of the most important relationships in the world right now still had on al-jazeera more than a dozen die in a massive fire and kenya's capital. as president sells in the philippines her pursing after crackdown which is seen children as she. an f. five arrested. how the floods are receding in grand dog for example because the heaviest rain has not been moved to the north in fact that is the active zone at the moment that runs through shanghai on the yangtze valid back to sichuan to the south it is of course said he cloudy and certainly feels humid but it's not particularly when the shells
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are rebuilding and they will probably hit hong kong runabout saturday market but the heaviest rain is going to be further north to hands in line shanghai to some degree as well then signs of that few showers around to the west the monsoon is taking all the energy a big burst the title of the tibetan plateau as you can see and showers of reached new delhi really reached pakistan the heaviest is to to the south of that but this is a good sign the monsoon is how to take a few days off has come back with what looks like something of a vengeance yes is still running at its heaviest i think in myanmar possum titan on the western side of india but the showers are clearly moving further north and they have also hit delhi temps here around about the city for thirty five karate has benefited southern pakistan has had some significant rain recently and that burst is also increased the amount of cloud over amman increase or how different it is still pretty hot as you see in some parts of the law.
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where were you when this idea popped into it when they're on line it's undoubtedly chief cole. over the inequality in our society today or if you joined the sunset criminal justice system is dysfunctional right now this is a dialogue what does it feel like to go back for the first time everyone has a voice and allow refugees to be the speakers for a change join the conversation on our jazeera. this is al jazeera and these are your top stories this hour the policy towards
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refugees is top of the agenda of a meeting of european leaders in brussels earlier the german chancellor called it a make or break issue for the union a newly influential right wing group of governments is pressing for stricter policies donald trump will meet russia's president vladimir putin in the finnish capital helsinki on july sixteenth the two leaders are expected to discuss u.s. russia relations and other national security issues it comes a day after trump's national security advisor john bolton met in moscow. best friend secretary james mattis has been meeting his south korean counterpart in seoul the two held talks on washington's decision to suspend joint military exercises earlier maddest was in beijing discussing territorial disputes in the south china sea where he was told that china would not give up an inch of territory . but the u.k. intelligence committee has published two previously leaked reports shedding light
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on the mistreatment of detainees the seven year old consolidated guidance document as it's currently known highlights hundreds of cases witnessed by u.k. security personnel and which detainee rights were violated the report say those responsible for the abuse were british and american nationals the report suggests greater clarity is needed to make sure ministers to not authorize actions which could lead to torture paul brennan has more. these two reports by the intelligence committee of the house of parliament paint a highly critical picture of the behavior of british intelligence services both in the period from two thousand and wants twenty ten and even afterwards what they found was small support times where british intelligence services had for example supplied questions to interrogators despite the fact that they knew that the detainees being interrogated were subject to or likely to be subject of mistreatment and at other times the british were prepared to even offer to fund
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rendition by third party countries what the author of the report said was it is difficult to comprehend how those at the top of office did not recognise a pattern of mistreatment by the united states and the view that the u.k. tolerated actions and took other actions that we regard as inexcusable and the picture after twenty ten does not look much better what the members of parliament on the committee found was that there still remains a lack of clarity about exactly how the government decides how to get involved in rendition and in intelligence they said that there is no clear policy not even an agreement as to who is responsible for preventing u.k. complicity in illegal acts now the opposition parties have said that in order to clear up those kind of. lack of clarity there needs to be a judge led independent inquiry with the power to compel witnesses to come and give evidence there were certain intelligence agents who refused to take part in the
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reports that the intelligence committee put together but the fact is that the british government at the moment is taking a lot of flak for the behavior of its intelligence agents. at least fifteen people have died in a fire in kenya's largest open air market in the capital nairobi another seventy people have been taken to the hospital many of them with serious burns this fire broke out early on thursday morning at the market and it's famous for selling secondhand clothes the market was largely destroyed by another fire last october only when the government i went to this is an even see that the government is going to do to be it's those who are in the hospital. for no that is what the house we have trying to clear this site. will be what is. going to be sure that even within the structure of the bunch we do know. what is there. some of the structure you
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find some people even sleeping them. in northern thailand are continuing their search for twelve young footballers and their coach missing in a flooded cave sent saturday but as the days go by without any news their families are becoming increasingly desperate scott high live reports from shanghai. yelling into the hills for their missing boys for fathers in the jungle above cave pleading for their son to come home but the only reply they got was the whirring of a black hawk helicopter after a night of heavy rain the skies cleared in the afternoon allowing helicopters to resume searching from the air. frustrated with the lack of information in progress after five days the fathers went out on their own checking in with the searchers and looking for answers. i want to ask the governor how my boy is and all the other kids where are they do they have food and water that's all i want to know the only
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thing i can do is just wait and wait with. a group of rescue volunteers from bangkok will use a high tech laser scanner in an attempt to locate the boys they plan to lower down a recently located chimney that they hope leads deep in the cave because it means scan i can see through layers of ten meters and can share a graphic of the cave if we drop it in the cave we can see the shape of a human more than a thousand people are now involved in the search including american troops and british diving experts. but was so many bodies and organizations at the scene there are also serious logistical challenges we're deep in the hills that how's this vast cave network while some groups are using high tech to assist in the search and rescue operation somewhat like these from the park service are doing the old fashioned way there hiking through these woods to link up with some rescue officials deeper in the hills while the searching continues in the water in the air
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in the vast jungle families are focused on staying strong because at this stage that's one of few things they have control over scott had to al-jazeera chiang rai at least eleven thousand people including children as young as five have been arrested in the philippines for loitering in the streets the crackdown ordered by president margot to territory has resulted in hugely overcrowded jails where cells mental six people contain as many as eighty tamil aladin and reports from manila. the last time say are you are good seal your sword genesys was a few years ago and he says his son promised he will come home but he never did. genesis died while under police detention after he was arrested for loitering right outside his home last week his family says he was taken in for simply not wearing a shirt in a public place and he paid the price with his life. released after all possible
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for an innocent man a man who has committed no crime. and killed dogs or killed in the. president to go to thirty says he wants to rid the country of street crime and has ordered the police to launch an intensive anti loitering campaign but critics say this is another crackdown directed against the poor the church's so-called war on drugs continues with more than twenty two thousand people killed since it took office two years ago we visited one of the detention facilities in the capital manila the stench of human sweat and heat is overwhelming this cell only has a capacity of six but it currently houses at least eighty inmates it is so packed that there are three hour shifts so that others can sleep while the rest stand and the warden says this is an improvement. another sell for women when asked almost
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all of them say they have not seen a lawyer this fight being jailed for. rights groups say the situation is similar across the country and deter to palestinian descent and there are more than ten thousand filipinos have already been arrested over the last two weeks but despite tremendous criticism president through the good artist says there will be no letup in his anti loitering campaign. and is even ordered there rounding up of minors hundred several ready been brought to police stations and this attachment alone at least fifty children are made to sign up as offenders every night some as young as spider years old. there are cases of abuse in these are perpetrated by authorities who are supposedly duty bound to protect the children the grounds that we're trying to enforce is like so how. are you to meeting him or drinking in pubs big places
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such as industries so what we want to deliver east speer obscene but that is not a sentiment shared by many here whites groups see the card she is steadily becoming a police state and their dead day and the justice of courts have now been replaced by the justice of guns jim duggan al-jazeera manila britain's prince william is visiting holy sites in occupied east jerusalem on the final day of his middle east tour the start of the day paying respects at his great grandmother princes alice's grave shelter rescue jews during the holocaust prince william is also visiting one of the most important holy sites for muslims the ox a mosque compound it's the first official visit by a member of the royal family since the british occupation of palestine ended in one nine hundred forty eight harry fawcett has more from occupied east jerusalem. so the church of the holy sepulcher is the last official engagement of prince
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william's visit the third of the holy sites that he's visited here in occupied east jerusalem kensington palace made it very clear tried to choreograph this to the maximum that it could as a nonpolitical event but of course this visit coming seventy years after the end of the british mandate the first official rule visit to israel has been one which has been politically sensitive that is potentially why the palace was so keen and british government was so keen to pay significant attention to the palestinians during the course of this visit defining in the royal itinerary this old city of jerusalem as part of the occupied palestinian territories east jerusalem itself and as well as that in his dealings with the palestinian president mahmoud abbas in ramallah he spoke of both our countries in his initial remarks despite the fact of course the united kingdom does not at least yet recognize palestine as a state saying that only do so when it became helpful towards peace he also said
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that the palestinian people had not been forgotten the united kingdom stood with them as they worked towards peace that was something that he also said the united kingdom stood with the israeli people during his engagement in tel aviv that has been some criticism both of the definition of is jerusalem is occupied by a is the israeli israeli politicians and the israeli culture minister has said that the decision not to meet with israel with jerusalem or others mare here in jerusalem was somewhat impolite so he's had to negotiate these political faultlines very delicately and paying as much weight as he can to both sides of the divide lawyers representing the united arab emirates have appeared before the united nations highest court at the hague qataris taken the u.a.e. to the international court of justice accusing it of violating human rights as a result of the blockade imposed on shaha qatar's i presented a set out their arguments during the first day of hearings on wednesday the u.a.e. saudi arabia bahrain and egypt and host the blockade on qatar nearly thirteen
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months ago now. virgin atlantic has announced it will stop flying from london to dubai from the end of march next year the airline says it made the decision to withdraw the route because of external factors which made it no longer economically viable. to make out the headlines for you on al-jazeera the german chancellor angela merkel has arrived in brussels for a key summit with leaders she is hoping to agree on approach to refugees the chancellor warned earlier the european union's current way of dealing with immigration has the potential to split the bloc donald trump will meet russia's president vladimir putin in helsinki on july sixteenth two leaders are expected to discuss u.s. russia relations and other national security issues it comes a day after trump's national security advisor john bolton met putin in moscow u.s.
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defense secretary james mattis has been meeting his south korean counterpart in seoul the two all talks on washington's decision to suspend joint military exercises which have long angered north korea that happened during the recent summit between donald trump and kim jong the maddest says the suspension will increase chances for peace at least fifteen people have died in a fire in kenya's largest open air market in the capital nairobi another seventy people were taken to the hospital many was serious burns the fire broke out early on thursday morning at the kumble market that's famous for selling secondhand clothes and the market was largely destroyed by another fire last october lawmakers representing the united arab emirates are appearing before the united nation's highest court at the hague kottaras take in the u.a.e. to the international court of justice accusing it of violating human rights as a result of the blockade imposed on doha. britain's prince william is visiting holy
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sites in occupied east jerusalem on the final day of his middle east tour he started the day paying respects at his great grandmother princess alice's grave prince william is also visiting one of the most important holy sites for muslims. compound it's the first official visit by a member of the royal family since the british occupation of palestine ended in one thousand nine hundred eight virgin atlantic says it will stop flying from london to dubai from the end of march of next year airlines says it made the decision to withdraw the route because of external factors which make it no longer economically viable keep it here the strain is next. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so many times when you call home. we'll bring you the news and current affairs that
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matter to. al-jazeera. ok and you're in the strange today the separation of. u.s. southern border may have stopped but the challenges children with that hence remain legal action is ramping up and so is political pressure to make immigration. live on you tube and we want to hear from you later in the program we'll also take a look at the state of global press freedom but first to zimbabwe where elections are scheduled for july thirtieth and the youth are energized i believe this election is about one single thing that his hopes and aspirations of young zimbabweans sometimes of the left of the common.


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