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britain's prince william is visiting holy sites in occupied east jerusalem on the final day of his middle east tour he started the day paying respects at his great grandmother princess alice's grave prince william is also visiting one of the most important holy sites for muslims that is the compound it's the first official visit by a member of the royal family since the british occupation of palestine ended in one thousand nine hundred eight virgin atlantic says it will stop flying from london to dubai from the end of march of next year airlines says it made the decision to withdraw the route because of external factors which make it no longer economically viable keep it here the strain is next. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so many times when you call home al-jazeera international bringing the news and current affairs that might to tease. out is iraq.
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ok and during the strain today the separation of immigrant families crossing into the u.s. southern border may have stopped but the challenges of children with their parents remain legal action is ramping up and so is political pressure to make immigration north america live on you tube and we want to hear from you later in the program we'll also take a look at the state of global press freedom but first to zimbabwe where elections are scheduled for july thirtieth and the youth are energized. is about one single thing that is hopes and aspirations of young zimbabweans sometimes have been left out of the conversation and in this instance they want to feel like the teens in this particular republic and why do i think they'll turn up because at
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no point in this country have young people been so engaged to the political process and understood the political process to the extent of it notwithstanding the fact that we have a very young population but that's the key reason why young people will turn up for election then bob wins will head to the polls for an election in which youth and social media could be determining factors half of the population is now under the age of twenty five and they will have unprecedented power in the first election since a coup toppled longtime leader robert mugabe of the twenty three candidates current president emerson one and god was main rival is nelson chamisa from the movement for democratic change alliance. and harare tauter is a political analyst and linda is a human rights activist an m.p. candidate for her are essential it is good to have you here towel and i am going to show you a tweet from about a month ago from your president he's delighted to paying july thirty as the date
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for the twenty eight thousand harmonize elections these elections will be free fair transparent the voice of people will be heard i call on all candidates to campaign peacefully and focus on the issues that really matter how's that peacefully campaigning going linda. because of the structural reform it is that we have in our societies in which where women are still used to secure our citizens you will find get we've got twenty three candidates in the hold of the women but every time we. won he all the men are going about and it is rather unfortunate that twenty eight hundred mexicans have got the least number. and they lections because of the dominance which is a struggle that will still continue as women in zimbabwe are trying to top one of a company called dominant so they lection campaign is a big. idea. considering the bombing that happened the bombing incident that happened inside again it is an epiphany where. the sitting president who came
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through. was the only pot and it is really scary for open. because no one is safe no one is secure and to date the government has not issued a statement on what really transpired in that particular day and with investigations and with other a conclusive and what we needed was a will to almost everything else so you'll find that most problems are now fearful some are taking it as a joke but all. for those who are. actually seeing that the political playing space is. do you mention that some are fearful and others may be a little bit less face this is one person on twitter who says this could be why she says i'm and willow i o. now and zimbabwe and had this unique ability to be unfazed and all the bombing is mentioned and conversation nothing has really changed it maybe there was
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a bigger gesture or visibility of security adjustments around but not even that it's there so nothing has changed how i wondering from your perspective what is the atmosphere like as we head into. up to the poles do you sense tension. coming from the political do you think that's a good man so let me i'm extra i got your perspective i want to hear from talon that i wonder if he sees similarly. that's where i mean on the show again look lit up is a bit off in the context that the government has stated that the unfortunate incident happened in a while is under investigation or curative agencies on the ground i give credit to the president who has come up obloquy stating and really assuring prison population that elections will go on as promised. and as according to the constitution yes there is somewhat some apprehension but remember that that's one of the only
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incidents of violence that we've seen it's very unfortunate it's not what governments about when society but i have to quote a scene opposition leader of the democratic process which says this is one of the best electoral environments we map since nine hundred sixty four so what it might be some tension indeed it is still a very very peaceful election relatively speaking and comparatively speaking tally and i want to get your take on this a lean forward and look at this very close am going to show here to banners and to try to fight as this is a cause your president at how he looks right and then let me just look at the leader of the m.d.f. he looks like his grandson is this a new kind of a symbol of age that we're looking at here is the u.s. snapping at the heels of the oh god linda you'll take festival. my take first of all is. yes it is high time that the use take all the right leadership in
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government. but these also as i call the exclusion for women and of the country and i could not be propping up the milk and he did yet still have similar candidates in zimbabwe well under represented in the media and all that thousand and eighty and everything else you're really advocating for women here so we had the young leader of the m.d.c. the elder statesman from designing p.f. this is new this is fresh blood coming into politics in the by zero zero zero zero let me make it clear that while all of the term user is indeed a useful candidate if you look at the top five lieutenants around it are to be knowledge it is about fifty years old so as not to say that just because mr john b. says forty years old the leadership of the alliance as young as well are most of them are old having said that i did present my government reasons majority morgans
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of age and to correct our my colleague linda what she keeps on talking about the lack of women representation i must remind her that the majority of them are important in the selection of women. there you are turning point. i wanted to get linda tenser respond to that but lind i will go to you with this because when talking about the voters you know people online are are noting this growing number of registered young voters since the law on twitter says there is a radical shift in expression among them we've gone from whispering our political opinions behind closed doors suspicious to being overheard by intelligence agents to call in but politicians out on twitter attack has killed repression given birth to sidewalk political analyst so he they feel last seems to be saying that young people are out on the streets feeling free to express their political opinions where that wasn't the case before handle and i'm wondering what you think of that.
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principle expression should not infringe other people's rights and to a certain freedom of assembly and freedom of association so like i was stating that all of the female candidates. have actually been receiving really draw mention on media and this has always been the project will dominate going ahead and the men taking everything yet we also have a lot of immokalee and you'll find that although we were excited to do the bump which from took the talk was unequivocal president of the empty seats myself just imagining all the other women have got a lot of his taste is. directed to the statements going on on social media tweets of what's up you name it we're saying freedom of expression should not infringe on other people's rights and that means yes an element of people being theah to express themselves but most of it is a good seat. linda and how we have to leave it there thank you so much we will be
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following the story over the next few weeks so we go from zimbabwe to the united states has al jazeera as gabrielle. it's been one week since president donald trump signed an executive order of roughly indeed the policy of family separation of migrants a policy he put into place that's only added to the confusion on how to implement rapidly changing policies from the administration especially as video emerges from inside the detention centers of suffering children. on tuesday senators were reminded that the government is legally limited on how long it can keep migrant families together in detention right now i would gladly put these children back with their parents in the custody of ice or customs and border patrol but i legally can't because the twenty day mark will just have to be sent back we need congress to change this twenty day limit on parent unification or we need to start criminally prosecuted them and allow them to of terms under time
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but far from the holes of power more than two thousand children are still separated from their parents some for months with us to help sort through some of the legal confusion as ericka policy and litigation director. that's a legal aid organization and holly cooper is the co-director of the immigration law clinic at the university of california davis welcome back to the stream both of you you were both here just a week ago and on that day president trump signed the executive order the latest news this headline here happened late tuesday federal judge just ordered the trumpet ministration to speed up reunifications of course our community is reacting to this eric i want to read this one out for you. about executive order was empty mostly optics to the public pressure the federal judge's decision yesterday to reunite families but then thirty days carry some weight so yes reunification may happen because the judge is forcing it to happen i'm wondering erica is there
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a plan in place that's been announced for reunification. there is no plan that's been announced the plan is that they're working on a plan basically and while we absolutely welcome the judge's decision mandating reunification of children with their parents it remains to be seen how this can actually be carried out so i explained last week that we have now several clients who've been deported back to central america without their children and we're still going through this lengthy legal process of trying to actually get the kids back to their parents and i don't really see how that can be sped up even with the judge's decision out of the southern district of california so you know we're hopeful that this permanent security will move on these are enough occasions but also remains to be seen what will happen with the parents that are still detained will they be released from detention will they be moved to family detention facilities we simply don't know yet only we can use of information about what's going on in the
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detention centers how children are being treated what can you tell us about you because concern about the kids that we come see that we don't know what's happening to. yeah i think our biggest concern is that we're seeing levels of trauma that we're getting reports from the american bar association as well from our clients or cells were children that the trauma is so great that some of them are getting forcibly sedated the children we have several clients who have been sent to psychiatric institutions because of the trauma that this is causing children and this is from all ages from tender age to teenagers so we really can understand how traumatic it is from the child's perspective so thank you for asking that's very important question we got this question from a lawyer this is terry can build it actually lots of lawyers are tweeting us because while they are studying this they also have questions need clarification terry says some parents have already been deported without their children and
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trying to reunite these parents will be an administrative nightmare particularly if they've gone far away how do we find them and how do you match them to children particularly to babies no records were made i see you nodding there holly where do you can begin. well what we try to reify children who are brought with their parents here and it's a nightmare because to travel for a child into the hague convention you have to have the parental permission notarized by a consular official but here we're dealing with an extra layer is that we don't know who the parents are where they are and how to reunite i mean what we're dealing with are epic levels of crisis and i don't think our history and had any idea has any clue like how they're going to go about reuniting children with parents who've already been deported every kid is a little unpacking to keep it simple for us not every case of child separation from their families or what kind of separation are you seeing and hearing about.
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so. there are cases of family separation that continue to this day even after the executive order any further after the court's decision in many cases the department of homeland security claims that they don't have enough information about the parental relationship we're also seeing regular separations where the custodial adult is not a parent so like a grandparent an older sibling an aunt or an uncle and in many of these cases the parents have been killed in home country and the child is fleeing with the grandmother or the ads or the uncle and their being still separated regularly even when they present themselves legally at a port of entry those that are being prosecuted or are being coerced into signing their own deportation orders and as holly mentioned once the parent is back in a home country there's very little we can do to find them you know thankfully in some countries we have consulates that are very cooperative and in other countries we have zero consular support so i think we're facing an enormous challenge in
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terms of getting these children back to their parents once they've been deported and in cases where it's a non parent who's the custodian or if the parent remains in detention for whatever reason it's basically impossible for the government to comply with the court order mandating reunification within thirty days how the situation has i would say america right now is so focused on what is happening we've immigrant children being separated from their parents and how these parents get back together. i knew that you understand that the kids know that the story is happening around them and they are talking to you at about how america is reacting can you share that with us because it's it's not that i've never heard before the hades. yes so the other day i was in a detention facility and i can i i have a friend who's a former prisoner and she said one thing that got her through was knowing that she had outside support so i tried to incorporate it into my interview with the child
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and i said you have any idea what's happening outside this jail that there are thousands if not millions of people internationally who are clamoring to support you journalists who are writing articles and people who are protesting outside of detention facilities and he lit up and he showed me a drawing that he had done of a medium as a papa and he smiled and he said you know that essentially that helped him feel stronger about his decision to fight for his freedom and for his right to stay here . i wanted to share this week we got from a judge who says there is no sign that the administration kept track of many children once the immigrants are deported and disappear it may be buried difficult to reunite the courts need to grant injunctions ordering the administration to move heaven and earth to reunite and grant citizenship but that last point that i doubt what happened there erica but what do you make of his tweet. i think the government has kept track of most of the children and their custody issue is
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a really coordinating communication with ice with immigration and customs enforcement so in the cases that i've worked on the agency that's actually holding the children has made many attempts to try to coordinate communication with the parents or even reunify the children with parents but when immigration and customs enforcement is ignoring their messages and refusing to coordinate that's really where we see this breakdown where the parents don't know where the children are i would be ecstatic if the united states offered some kind of status to these people because they really have suffered irreparable harm as holly mentioned the children are suffering such intense trauma that it's going to affect them for the rest of their lives i think they're absolutely owed a debt and it would be amazing if they could receive some kind of easy but i really do doubt that would happen erica and holly cooper thank you so much for joining us again on the stream the story is developing and here at the stream we'll be watching it closely next move on to renewed calls my old easier media network for
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press freedom. when the news is restricted and censored the press is not free it is external interference in influence in the. not explained. window and the least access to information is prevented is still a tough time but i want us. out of the castle. and just as never sees the lightening no i only meant anybody. and the stories that matter and told. the press is not. neither. with us now by her man it is an al-jazeera journalist and mohammed spent four
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hundred thirty seven days in prison in egypt many of them in solitary confinement and barbarity on fee is executive director of the international press institute in vienna it's good to have you here. barbara i am wondering if journalists are phil very uncomfortable about covering stories about themselves because not enough stories about what's happening to journalists regarding press freedom even make it into the news tell us one that's relevant that you are thinking about today. or about press freedom well. there are many there are the stories of the journalist the many giordani that are in prison today which are twice as many as a year ago almost. and this is a scary figure it seems that it has become acceptable in many countries to join a list imprisoned just because of their dissenting opinion and not
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a telling sign story is that are joining these two are being killed for covering. corruption mostly for covering for investigating. mostly their government and i'm thinking about the killing off. jauntily young earlier days here in february who was investigating the relationship between the lock in state and the italian mafia a group called and i'm going to. he was very young and very brave and was just killed together with his girlfriend following a murder people went to the streets to protest against the government and to state that. allows for these to happen and eventually the prime minister also baka has to step back as a consequence so this is the type of movement also that. jolie
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can generate income countries. i wanted to share a couple more stories that people online are sharing this is share rethread this is a story we covered here on the stream a reminder of things that have happened this year photos of eleven afghan journalist killed in april in the cover of a local magazine those pictures are being shared with the hashtag we will never forget here in the u.s. this is lauren wolfe a journalist whose that's my phone was recently tapped after i was attacked by hundreds of trolls and other journalists friend was sent a death threat by a guy who called us dirtbags she blames this on the campaign surrounding president trump saying his anti journalism campaign has real dangerous consequences so that all around the world keeping that in mind we got a video comment problem someone from the reporters without borders in france and here are some tips she wants people to keep in mind have a listen. making amends that you know it's. any good at the site. when it come over mad that you see passed through to
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the asian. nations you know she you a secret censorship and of course they can't read a report just safety for journalists but has been a little over two years since you were released what do you want people to keep in mind journalists or non journalists. i want to also add something with what barbara said what happened is. in this region and other regions what happened is the journalists at the beginning were intimidated they would threatens to let's say at the national level and at some point to try to like a you want to work with the government you want to do something to try to bite them but it didn't work but since we have trump in office and he started this thing of fake news we're having governments and that's the problem that we're having governments now trying to legalize or like acting as if they're fake news or like
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anything that have a top secret issue or it harms the national security or the national interest as a low and that is that the trend now in many countries in the u.k. in egypt and everywhere and that does not come only on like press for look and join a list it goes all to activist those who are having mobile phones with cameras they are being threatened so the idea is that yes it's our fault we're not doing enough we're not doing enough for our colleagues who are being were being jailed for just reporting the truth for letting us know and i think at this level we we do in this we need to let everybody know that this is not this is not only about us journalists take risks they always go to see risky places they take lots of risk and they know sometimes that this is a very sensitive issues but they do it because it really matters in the cares for the people we need the people to know this is the people right to know the people right to through that the government want to share this information i want them to know something that i don't see how a few very briefly because when the end of the shadow and people watching this
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might think well i'm i'm not a journalist what is this got to do with me it's not my job it's not my industry what would you say to them in a sentence it's it's the basic rights it's democracy without jordan ism professional journalism you want to be able to practice your basic right of democracy to choose who is the kind of who would represent you or. present your country they want more than what is a bomb or how many you know where is your important words when you go when you are very thank you for joining us to talk about press freedom a reminder that al-jazeera has saying it remains imprisoned in today as being more than eighteen months thank you for watching the stream i will see you always on the . the nature of news as it breaks although thousands of women have reported free but
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other sexual atrocities in south sudan's word rats are going to say that figure is likely much higher with detailed coverage nearly fifty schools took part in the drive each one responsible had her like a different school supplies clothing from around the world several focal is still very new here but these players are very confident they won't be able to leave gaza and maybe one day by all means that are still studying. everything we can a news cycle brings a series of breaking stories join the listening post as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they report on the stories that matter the most. to.
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the characters. african heads of state and government will gather in mauritania for the thirty first assembly of the african union ongoing conflicts and the fight against corruption will take center stage al-jazeera will bring you extensive coverage of the summit and its outcomes the african union summit on al-jazeera a new series of rewind i can bring your people back to life i'm sorry and brand new updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries. from. these distance continues with alfred's free press. we think of what's happening. over the years rewind
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on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera and live from studio fourteen here at al-jazeera headquarters in doha. welcome to the news great it is make or break time. the warning to europe as the crucial migration summit begins in brussels but while they talk of the situation doesn't change the report from. the front lines of european migration people have arrived to a life of uncertainty also on the grid the search strengthens in thailand for the football team stuck in an underground cave now u.s. special forces and divers from the u.k. have arrived to help the young players and their coach of instruction on a six day and a decision which could shape the direction of the united states that.


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