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press. rewind on al-jazeera. it is time. as the. situation. on the ground now u.s. special forces. have arrived to help.
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and a decision which could shape the direction of the united states. supreme court and . we're going to look at how perhaps another conservative appointment. and as mexico heads to the polls this week the country has seen a wave of politicians and. streaming online through. a dot com and this story is about people the people who are at the heart of the european migration story but also at the extremes off it they're all for example the people on the left of this picture of the leaders and politicians from all. all over the european union meeting in brussels for
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a special migration summit it is no exaggeration to say they have no clear direction of the how to deal with migrants nor is it is it likely they would find consensus at this meeting the politics is deeply divided but then there are those on the right of this picture the migrants themselves what happens to them they are not coming in the numbers they used to despite perceptions to the contrary but the crisis has perhaps morphed into one about their futures and where the europe will accommodate them or not but first let's. listen to the tone really taken by angela merkel the german chancellor this was her in berlin before heading to brussels all but. europe faces many challenges but migration could become the make or break when for the e.u. either we manage it so others in africa believe that we are guided by values and believe in multilateralism not unilateral ism or nobody will believe any longer in the system of values that has made us strong that's why it's so important here's
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lawrence lee at the summit in brussels which has begun today lawrence listening to anglo merkel there kind of highlights the division she's talking about values european values while those who are on the other side of the argument are really just looking at themselves and their borders and their what they would say security . yeah i mean it's clearly very very dramatic language both both merkel and tunnels us the european council president been talking about this being a defining moment for the european union and what it what it thinks he sees really is it going to give in to the earth or its hereon and see liberal forces of governments like hungary and now italy as well it was the election of this new italian government is the thing that's really prompted this crisis or is going to try and carry on as always has done claiming to support liberal values and have this extraordinary situation now you talk about the rifts where on the one hand you have angela merkel putting forward what she's openly calling a coalition of the willing. bilateral talks with countries who are prepared to do
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something. to you know. the legal rights of refugees and people to claim asylum and that involves countries like france and spain and greece but then you have these other bloc led by austria now which also calls for a coalition of the willing although you could probably more accurately call a coalition of the unwilling countries which actually don't want anything to do with it for a variety of reasons and that bloc obviously contains austria and italy and hungary and all of the vicious group in central europe which is saying that we don't anything to do with this and we need to stop what they describe as an invasion and so there's this massive schism now inside the heart of the european union and it is a really significant moment because it's not just about the way in which you manage the resettlements and organize living conditions for people seeking asylum it's all about what the idea of the european union is really is it's about ever closer union and the world's leading liberal voice or is it going to give in to the sort of or
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forwards hereon voices that you see from picture all about the hungarian president and by the by extension clearly vladimir putin in russia iran and donald trump in the united states and all the reading at the moment is that for for all that people are merkel trying to say we've got to hold fast actually they are to some. sense or another appeasing these voices by semi go to strengthen the borders even more try and keep them out this is what these are obama saying three or four years ago at the time he was vilified but in looking very much now as if gradually people like him the willing the argument so then are we right given all you've said there lawrence not to expect much from the summit usually you hope for a communique or a signed document or something like that at the end but yeah i mean the way these things are organized clearly the foreign ministers meet in advance say you know they lay out the whole thing this is what we'll talk about is what we'll agree on then the leaders turn up and say look we're all agreed it isn't isn't life wonderful in brussels that's not what happened this time there.
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merkel in particular who's clearly fighting for her own political survival now is going to have to try to get the support of individual countries and then go back to berlin and say look we've salvage something but the italians have already said when when their prime minister arrived that they might veto something that they don't agree with and so it's very very rocky and you do wonder if someone like merkel is saying this is a make or break for the european union if they can't agree on this then what else won't they be able to agree on on things like budgets in euro zone funding and the relationship with trump and the relationship with nato and the range of the turkey and all these other things suddenly become called into question because they are no longer acting and behaving as if as if they're a single unit which is prepared to agree to some to extent or another on the same things that enslaves at the migration summit in brussels thank you lawrence we're going to move a focus now to violet in malta where the rescue ship lifeline arrived on wednesday
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night with those two hundred thirty migrants on board remember this basically symbolized the divide in europe which we were talking about various countries not wanting to take the boat and eventually it was malta that did here is john psaropoulos who's been covering events for us there hi john. hello i'm standing in front of the lifeline which itself became a refugee in the last seven days on wanted in any port of the european union after it refused to hand over a shipment of two hundred thirty three refugees and migrants to the libyan authorities because the head of the organization disagreed with the humanitarian soundness of giving these people to a camp in tripoli axel style who made that decision is standing next to me right now and i'm going to turn to him now and ask him how mr starr is the investigation into the life line the organization and the vessel now proceeding what's happened in the last twenty four hours so we cut with it by police car but
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it just takes a captain and well asking them yesterday. and today again so he's still at the police station just gets questions and answers and he has been talking to the police and your organization has been cooperating what sort of questions are you fielding i think it's in generally about all the paper. licenses and all that we have in the show and maybe they are about mission but i don't know until now because our captain is still in the police station so this refers to the dispute over whether you are registered as a search and rescue vessel and have you successfully oncet. registered as a pleasure boat which means that we in our spare time using this boat and from our point of view it's we have all licenses and the show to is our sorties and does
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that make search and rescue legal as a practice for your organization for this boat at such a rescue it's not only saying it's. internet. no law as captain or as boat you have to rescue if you find migrants or people in distress and finally has there been any word on what will happen to the boat and to the captain how long will they be held here while at the moment we are here anyway because we have a lot of free pass so we don't ask how long we have to stay so we have to stay because a free pass and captain is he's free he can go and come whenever he wants and also the crew can leave malta today for crewmembers already left so that is the head of mission lifeline saying the captain is free on bail he's being
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questioned indefinitely by the police the boat is here for the time being the boat has been registered as a pleasure boat but it has been conducting search and rescue. told us since last year coordinating with italian authorities and the organization is cooperating now with the multis authorities as well all right and from john psaropoulos in multan we go to charlie angela on another front line of this crisis this is the coastal town of catan yet in sicily. well it's clear which side of the e.u. divide italy lies on it seems to be tearing up the rules on migration with its new policy that it won't allow boats carrying rescued migrants into any of its ports and when it turned away that boat the lifeline which ended up in malta it did manage to briefly overturn the dublin dublin regulations that's the system by which whichever country a migrant arrives and takes responsibility for them and that is the point that the
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prime minister basically is taking to brussels saying if we do not get a commitment to reform this regulation we will veto any e.u. agreement now italy's new policies on migration are being driven by the hard right to terry minister matto salvini whose anti migrant rhetoric is proving very popular here in italy came to sicily a couple of weeks ago and he told migrants to pack their bags and go home well this is actually home to over two and a half thousand migrants now asylum seekers and they told me how they feel about this new hard line that italy is taking. a bus from could tanya unloading into column a new one of europe's largest refugee camps here there is fresh for refugees applying for asylum they've heard that italy's new interior minister is hostile to migrants and their right just for doing so what they were.
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just so we remove. over to see. ernest came from ghana when he was fifteen he lost his mother in libya and made his way to italy alone now a husband and father the camp has been his home for four years lawyers say these people are the lucky ones italy's new policy of turning boats away will make new arrivals almost impossible. going back to twenty fifteen where there's no distinction between genuine refugees and economic migrants we're going back because the government is now talking about preventing people from even requesting asylum talking about denying access based on the country of origin and this is a violation of international law italy has shut its ports to charity boats carrying rescued migrants they believe if these boats disappear migrants won't be tempted to cross the mediterranean but charity both account for forty percent of the search and rescue operations here in testing this idea thousands could die. italy's new
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hardline policy is driven by my tales told beany a rock star of the italian right seen here in libya pushing for asylum identification centers to be set up in north africa not europe his slogan stop the invasion. local councillor and salvini supporter of. took me to parts of katon you know he says overrun by migrants that is you know. if you need. me is now the biggest refugee camp in europe many times we have taken the issue to europe but it's taken so vignette to per stop where our coasts are being invaded and the impact of illegal immigration is particularly evident in neighborhoods like this one back at the camp a message from one refugee that this anti migrant rhetoric is dangerous. you can't group all migrants together some of us fled persecution others have come just to earn money and then return to africa we don't have that choice we came here because
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we were being persecuted we came to europe because the rule of law is respected in africa it isn't it with these new policies italy risks accusations that it is also forgetting the rule of law and its moral obligations to those in need so then back to charlie rangel announces that charlie if this really is pursuing what looks like these unilateral policies what are the other ones what else are they proposing well they are in the process of donating twelve ships to the libyan coast guard and giving them crew substantial training they're hoping that they will take up the bulk of those search and rescue missions and intercept any rickety dinghies carrying like once before they enter italian waters to listen to matteo salvini you would or any of his members of the labor party you would think that migrants are still arriving on italian she was in there for hours and every day but that's just not true the numbers are down by eighty five percent compared to last year but this
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is a misconception he doesn't seem in any hurry to be tearing up that's charlie angelo with us from qatar in sicily thank you for that. now you saw lawrence lee in brussels a little bit earlier he has also been out producing a series of reports from around europe we've got one of them here his most recent on the refugees taking a new and more dangerous route to europe through the balkans this is a combination here of a reporter's notebook and that on a report from lawrence lay out some pictures that he took there is well the easiest way to find it is in the more menu at the top at al-jazeera dot com his and many other reporter notebooks they have this one on the balkan route to europe and you can get in touch with us of course as well hash tag is a genuine twitter facebook what separately had a few comments coming through quite a while sayyid has been watching on facebook live is certainly not convinced by angela merkel's talk of values she said what value is the value of destroying
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countries so you can have cheap labor is also a facebook comment with someone is clearly split on the migrant crisis not sure if this will be resolved in brussels and i think that's very much what we heard from laurence li the divisions are so much that it would be difficult for them to come to some sort of consensus in just a couple of days if they haven't come to that already as i said. be it on twitter or facebook whatsapp or telegram to get in touch with us now rescuers in northern thailand are turning to some high tech methods in their search for twelve young footballers and their coach missing in a flooded cave since saturday but as the days go by without any sign of them their families are understandably becoming increasingly desperate scott hide the has our report now from chiang rai. yelling into the hills for their missing boys for fathers in the jungle above one cave pleading for their son to come home but the only reply they got was the whirring of
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a black hawk helicopter after a night of heavy rain the skies cleared in the afternoon allowing helicopters to resume searching from the air. frustrated with the lack of information and progress after five days the fathers went out on their own checking in with the searchers and looking for answers. i want to ask the governor how my boy is and all the other kids where are they do they have food and water that's all i want to know the only thing i can do is just wait and wait i mean when a group of rescue volunteers from bangkok will use a high tech laser scanner in an attempt to locate the boys plan to lower down a recently located chimney that they hope lead to deep in the cave. because that means scan i can see through layers of ten meters and can share a graphic of the cave if we dropped it in the cave we can see the shape of a human more than a thousand people are now involved in the search including american troops and british diving experts. but was so many bodies and organizations at the scene there
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are also serious logistical challenges were deep in the hills that how's this vast cave network while some groups are using high tech to assist in the search and rescue operation somewhat like these from the park service are doing the old fashioned way they're hiking through these woods to link up with some rescue officials deeper in the hills while the searching continues in the water in the air in the vast jungle families are focused on staying strong because at this stage that's one of few things they have control over scott how to al-jazeera chiang rai and also reporting for us from chang right wayne hayes live band now why and what's the focus now while the operation and in some progress being made. well it's very slow progress kemal with the alarm of course as we recall was first rays saturday afternoon went out deep into thursday evening and the there is still no sign of the missing boys and the coach the focus really still kemal is trying to
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get that water level in the cave to a level that will allow the divers to proceed beyond the mock with the really been stranded for the past couple of days because the water levels too high in there and they say it is too dangerous for them to really try to push any further into the cave system so again the been trying to pump it out using something like a hundred water pumps they have on site now that really hasn't been working and they haven't been helped by the fact that they continued rain showers coming across this area dumping more rain on the surrounding hills which then flows into the cave system so what they're doing now is they have resorted to drilling there is a drill just a few meters from where we are now they are drilling into the rock face just below the entrance to the cave into an underground water system that they believe is connected to the cave itself and therefore will help to speed up the draining all
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of the water from inside the cave people must be very frustrated when given how long this is taking i mean it's clearly a complex operation but six days of waiting. yes very complex and as you heard from scott's piece there that there are a lot of people involved in this the first concerns we heard a few days ago came from people in the local community and people are continuing to say that they were concerned by the apparent slow response to this again the alarm was first raised on saturday afternoon the first navy divers didn't arrive on the scene here until early monday morning the people in the community say well that is not good enough and now there are hundreds if not thousands of people involved in this search and rescue operation there are five hundred alone from the local provincial it ministration hundreds of soldiers there are multiple search and rescue volunteer organizations and some of those people are saying to us look there
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are simply too many people here now and there is not enough coordination not enough direction coming from the very top and that is being led by the governor himself the governor of chiang rai province the other issue which is not necessarily unique to this situation is that there have been a few distractions in the form of high ranking military officials military generals visiting the area also the national police chief was here on thursday on a friday morning the thai prime minister prior is visiting to get a firsthand look at the operation again nothing unusual about some involved in this will say well that is going to be another distraction that those on the front line of this operation don't really need when he's in china are keeping an eye on that rescue operation thank you wayne. just heard of the long haul chicken and what's happening here a couple of high profile people up on capitol hill at the moment. is right here of course he is the deputy a do an attorney general of the united states he and the f.b.i. director christopher wright are in front of the house judiciary committee this is
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to do with the investigations into the twenty sixteen election how the f.b.i. handles the hillary clinton e-mails in the light the first time that we're hearing from this director right there from the f.b.i. and the deputy attorney general as well what's happening on capitol hill with those they also plenty of other international news lauren tyler's got that for us in london has come out u.s. president all trump will meet the russian president vladimir putin in finland next month the summit on july sixteenth in helsinki is set to be the first official meeting between the two leaders they've held informal talks on the sidelines of international gatherings twice before the white house says the two will discuss u.s. russia relations and a range of national security issues u.s. defense secretary jim mattis has told south korea that american troops will remain station that matus has been holding talks with the south korean defense minister in seoul president donald trump said he was canceling a major military exercise with south korea after holding talks with north korean
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leader kim jong earlier this month the regular military drills that angered pyongyang trump said stopping them would help negotiate the denuclearization of the korean peninsula but critics said it was a major concession and that north korea could not be trusted earlier mattis was in china's capital for talks on regional security territorial disputes in the south china sea and trade tensions with the u.s. were among the main issues that is said it was important that both countries improve relations and move forward these thirty civilians have been killed in government test trikes on the syrian province of dera local sources have told out of syria the number of internally displaced people reaching jordan's border is more than one hundred fifty thousand. meanwhile the syrian army has captured the town of iraq in southwest syria according to the government's lebanese ally hizbollah troops loyal to damascus began ramping off air raids rocket fire and the use of barrel bombs on rebel territory in daraa and neighboring connector province about
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ten days ago the jordanian government says it cannot take in any more syrian refugees a correspondent tamara smadi reports jordan's border with syria. and i am of the nearest borderline area to the south of syria behind that ridge to my right is there on which since there really morning hours has been reeling under intense shelling by the russian air force as reported by our fellow correspondents on the ground to my left there is the free zone on the syrian jordanian borders residents fleeing shelling and explosions have taken shelter in that free zone which has been sealed off for a period of time thousands of syrian citizens have fled to that free zone more than one thousand yesterday alone according to eyewitness accounts those displaced syrians are living through dire conditions woman children age citizens like in the basic living conditions needless to mention the sharp shortage of medicines and baby milk jordanian authorities stated that the borders would not be opened citing
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political reasons and security concerns jordan says he's now housing more than one and a half million syrian refugees and has no capacity to accommodate any additional numbers of jordan's government said it is prepared to open the borders only for un humanitarian lifeline is extended it is all sort of boarded that there will be a meeting between jordan's foreign minister and his russian counterpart to discuss the set up of temporary camps within the syrian territories leasure is pulling its troops from saudi arabia the malaysian government says it has concerns about the war in yemen where a saudi led coalition is fighting whose rebels relationships are not part of their lives and the country's defense minister says he wants to remain neutral. so we want to maintain our good list with saudi arabia we went to maintain a good relation with yemen we have qatar kuwait iran syria our iran all we and our country. we made the commitment. to draw our
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army from so maybe because we don't want to go in the complete among the neighbors . you know the arab emirates has told the un's top court that claims made against it by qatar are without merit and should be dismissed has taken the u.a.e. to the international court of justice accusing it of violating human rights as a result of the blockade imposed on us but lawyers acting on behalf of the u.a.e. said joe has misled the court saudi arabia the u.a.e. bahrain and egypt and us to blockade against cattle last year accusing it of supporting terrorism that of denies the allegations the u.k. parliamentary committee says british spies were complicit in the mistreatment of hundreds of detainees by the us in the wake of the nine eleven attacks the committee says british operatives were involved in the illegal transfer of suspects and witnessed some detainees being tortured first hand and also fast on intelligence knowing it could be used in illegal untether interrogations although
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british spies were not found to be directly involved in the mistreatment that the committee says they did not do enough to challenge the u.s. and its fifteen people have died in a fire in kenya's largest open air markets in the capital nairobi up to seventy others have been taken to hospital many with serious burns a fire broke out early on thursday morning at the combine market which is famous for selling secondhand clothes. so for me and i'm going back to come on i don't have a thank you for that lauren just as i check the hash tag a.j. news group before we hit the bright getting a bit of a common theme your feelings on the migration situation one tweet saying the crisis sorry the solution to the crisis will come from the people responsible for the crisis and another one the solution is very simple don't create wars where people have to seek safety and security in other countries you can keep your thoughts coming in to us of course that number plus nine seven four five one triple one four nine if you're using whatsapp or if he's in telegram as well we've got a channel you can subscribe to their get content from us and send in your messages
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this is the news grid and if you're watching us on facebook live a little bonus story coming up for you know about how female sports reporters covering the world cup are fighting back against sexual harassment and then later fed up with corruption and soul and violence mexicans but there's a vote in historic elections we will be in mexico city at a rally with the presidential favorites. hello the weather is now coming from the east as the monsoon the pepsodent once more you see wrong the geo screen the cloud building the white dots yes it's a shadow significant right have it for you want to places in the hot bits of pakistan right down to the coast as well but focus wise that's as far as it gets beyond that across iraq of course is fine it's looking weather forty three in baghdad rather better across the levant certainly on the the cards on shore breeze
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in beirut this is how you might expect it to be doesn't changes to get to saturday the still a breeze to blowing out of iraq and down through the gulf states the tension here around about the middle so low forty's the most part it's hotter in among the clouds like it is suggest if it actually bring onesies on the storms which of course b.'s flash floods in the water he's in we see it every year and this is maybe the start of it so i was harvey's doing far in this massive class just a few show showers was on storms in central or more likely western society and passive yemen no such thing to the sex of the equator we have seen rain recently run across the cape as you can see and there is more cloud gathering here so if you want some yeah you might be lucky in cape town forty eight degrees but in johannesburg you're in the sunshine.
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demain the intersection of reality and comedy and post revolution tennessee a. mission to entertain educate and provoke debate through satire. a weapon of choice. and intimate look at what inspires one of tunisia's most popular comedians to make people laugh. my tune is yeah hang on al-jazeera. friendship to spank seems. impossible in sci. fi and then stand in the sand on the laws of the public support to paint some discussion when you see tough questions like this what comes to my how do you respond before how global of all could we see. winning programs take you on a journey down this command.
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line from al jazeera dot com and what's trending as well the racist myth of the physical african football team i genuinely have no idea what that's about but if
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it's a number one people are clearly interested might be worth a read if you're looking at the world cup news at the moment we still have more about later in the news but plenty of variety there for you from malaysia to eritrea and russia that is what is trending this thursday at about zero. in an unexpected story out of the u.s. now the retirement of supreme court justice anthony kennedy happened on wednesday pretty much everyone by some. prize kennedy has been serving on the court since one thousand nine hundred eighty seven when he was appointed by the then republican president ronald reagan now this is a big deal because supreme court appointments are long term ones kennedy has been doing it thirty plus years himself and how liberal or conservative his replacement is will have a major bearing on future court decisions president obama trump was hosting the president of portugal shortly after the news broke here's how he views it in our country the selection of a justice of the united states supreme court is considered i think we can all say
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one of the one of the most important events one of the most important things for our country i mean you see the decisions it just came down how big they are how vital they are and they can swing different ways depending on who it might whom there might be in the court so it's always been considered a tremendous and tremendously important thing some people think outside of obviously war and peace is the most is that most important thing that you could have but. another very important thing is introducing the president the highly respected i must say president to portugal thank you thank you thank you president well as a constitutional law professor. i know how important it is when a justice. on the supreme court rethought. well in many ways it's a president's dream to have a vacant supreme court justice seat to fill it manes agenda shaping but on
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a level they don't always get and this will be trump's second nomination in an eighteen months in power what liberals fear though is the conservative majority bench which could lead to enforcing or overturning key political issues think about immigration already on tuesday we saw the court voted on a five to four to uphold trump's travel ban and the ongoing immigration crisis on the mexican border could yet become a supreme court issue guns are another the last case the supreme court heard about the second amendment was back in two thousand and ten but some say the court hasn't heard more cases on guns because it was unknown which way justice kennedy himself would vote with him gone conservatives could perhaps have more confidence abortions a big one back in one thousand nine hundred eighty three it was of course the supreme court which made abortion legal through the landmark roe v wade ruling but there are now fears there could be attempts to overturn that and voting in favor of l g b t rights is one of justice kennedy's biggest legacies is the judge as a member of the supreme court he authored the court's first major pro gay decisions
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way back in one thousand nine hundred ninety six let's discuss some of this further with us from colorado on skype is clear finkelstein who's the director of ethics and the rule of law at the university of pennsylvania law school clear as always lovely to talk to you. so what i just outlined there is all of that fair basically i've heard a lot of talk about people getting quite concerned especially about something like roe v wade that it could be overturned in your opinion is that a path that we could head down if there is another conservative and there probably will be conservative judge appointed. it's not only a path that we could head down it's almost certainly a path we will have down. president trump has already indicated that he intends to pick the next nominee for the supreme court from his list of twenty five and that list has been compiled with a heavy right wing evangelical christian influence people who are very determined to see roe v wade overturned so it seems extremely likely that that will be
6:36 pm
a major litmus test for the next supreme court justice if you were a person in the united states i guess i'm talking democrats here mostly who would be opposed to that is there anything that can be done or is this just and this is more explaining to our international audience just a case of trump nominating and congress approving. there will likely be of a pitched battle around this because democrats are extremely resentful about the fact that obama's nominee merrick garland did not even receive a hearing and that neil borsak then first nominee was confirmed fifty four to forty five but only after the republicans had actually changed the voting rules with regard to spin port nominees a before that it used to be that you had to have the sixty votes in order to be confirmed as a supreme court justice in the senate and now you can be confirmed with a bare majority so having used this nuclear option changing the rules and then
6:37 pm
having neal boortz. when that position through a bare majority vote has left the democrats extremely angry and they feel that their shot at the supreme court was stolen from them already a number of democratic senators have said that they intend to fight as much as possible and i think we will see a historic battle ship up in the united states political system and please correct me if i'm wrong on any of this as i go through there as i say three separate but equal branches of leadership the executive it is the white house the president the legislative that is congress and then the judiciary which the supreme court is part of it if they're supposed to be equal in their powers doesn't this whole thing sort of make a mockery of that the fact that it can be political appointees leaning in any one direction and it would then change politics for potentially decades to come. right
6:38 pm
and let me just make clear the three branches are the executive congress and the court and the executive branch is of course much larger than just the white house to. numerous agencies including the justice department which is currently investigating the president what you see going on is an epic battle over presidential powers something that has been occurring a lot but now has accelerated very much with the presidency of donald trump and what's very significant about the next appointment to the supreme court is that the court may be deciding on the parameters of executive authority in particular presidential authority with regard to things like self pardoning or whether or not the president has to answer to a subpoena that robert muller was issued to him or whether or not the
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president can be. indicted a sitting president can be indicted these are all questions that haven't been fully settled and which may come to the supreme court what we see them is both congress and the court in recent years really since nine eleven taking a kind of back seat to the executive branch and in particular to the president in the name of national security and saying well we can't interfere with presidential powers here and we see a steady growth in presidential powers. i think it's i'm glad we could talk to you about this and get your expertise on a topic which perhaps not all of our global audience knows everything about great to talk to you thank you. thank you very much and you can dive deeper into us political matters with this edition of people in power from around the year ago but it explores the u.s. constitution the document which the president promises to uphold when he is sworn in as you see there but which according to this film has been threatened by the current president donald trump it also goes into issues to do with the travel ban
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a bit further down and the supreme court as well further and have a look the itself it is called the constitution versus trump people in power in the documentary section at al jazeera dot com. three days now before mexico's presidential election and political parties are drawing huge crowds who are looking for a better future and as a latin america. reports a political veteran is riding a wave of popular support in what many describe as turbulent times. he's been campaigning for the presidency for more than twelve years addressing every single one of mexico's nearly twenty five hundred municipalities at least twice and his hand. over the lot of wrapped up the campaign for his third bit at the presidency it seems his perseverance is finally paying off. with polls giving the left wing populist
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a seemingly unbeatable lead he and his supporters say they already taste victory but. for a very much we will carry out a profound orderly and peaceful transformation of measure and it will be radical but don't be alarmed radical the war root so we will root out corruption injustice a brutal. popularly known as a successfully tapped into widespread anger over unbridled corruption he promises to use the billions of dollars he says are stolen by politicians to fund ambitious social programs but he is short on specifics was in other parts of mexico opponents were holding their final rallies running a distant second in the polls as a recount of the an idea from the conservative national action party he's articulate and also outspoken about fighting corruption. when i become
6:42 pm
president of mexico there will be an independent prosecution that will investigate every act of corruption of this administration including the participation of president and on year too. running in third place as the ruling party candidates will say i'm told you'll need a former finance minister his biggest handicap his association with the current government the most unpopular one in memory. these around the time we meet every two chamber the. people that were filing in recent mexican history with one hundred thirty candidates diminutives and state positions in order for the last few months crime and violence along with the corruption that feed them continue their upward spiral mexican say they desperately need real change the polls are correct the majority
6:43 pm
believe. is the one most likely to deliver. the. next it will city. so the senior leader that some of the violence in the lead up to this mexico vote and regulars been taking a closer look at that yes indeed the call according to a report by etta lacks this is a risk analysis firm since campaigning began in september there have been more than five hundred attacks on politicians one hundred thirty of them have been assassinated of which forty eight were candidates and party because several more were killed this week just days before mexicans head to the polls and big deal nope as i've been down oh and four other members from the leftist politesse party were found dead in the southern state of the haka and then earlier this month congressional candidate for a number of poor and from mexico's main party the institutional revolutionary party was shot dead and this was author debates where he vowed to tackle crime in the
6:44 pm
northern state of call him now in the election season scenes have spiraled in the number of homicides as well government assisted show that there have been twenty thousand five hundred and six homicides so far this year and the highest number occurred in may with four thousand three hundred eighty one now it's unclear what's driving this high level of violence we heard from mexico correspondent at home and . there have been move. killings this election season in mexico five of them where we are now in the state of michu a kind of now some of that is due to dirty politics but i'm really say that a lot more of that is due to criminal gangs they will come to the special level who clued with them in their illegal enterprises and when politicians resist when there are laws with a rival going that's when there are risk now this it poses
6:45 pm
a growing threat to democracy still fraud joke in certain parts of this country and it's not just politicians journalists are also being targeted for their reporting reporters without borders say that there have been forty five cases of attacks against journalists in the fast five months of this year alone the type of attacks including verbal written all online threats and acts of physical violence smear campaigns and also cases of judicial harassment and eight political candidates who perpetrated such attacks are running for mayor governor or senator or we heard from their representative. it's very important for the mexican of fruit is to sell specific measures of protection for the journalists covering the electoral campaigns as a reminder mexico is still one of the most dangerous countries in the world for the press to southern and seventy eleven journalists were killed with a direct connection with their activities so far this year we had five cases of
6:46 pm
murders of journalists in the country well most of the incidents registered were in mexico city and moral us but they're not among the most violent states for the media the brunt of crimes against journalists took place in family pass that accrues and also carol well we spoke to stephen whitman from the index on censorship he says that journalists avoid reporting such attacks due to fear of reprisals we also know that organized crime has been very active during this period and there are criminals and politicians are often working together we say no mice are complete blackout of crime coverage in some parts of the country such as the northern state of tamil e pass and that's because journalists have to make a choice on whether to pursue these kinds of careers pursue these stories or whether to keep themselves and their family safe. well the committee to
6:47 pm
protect journalists have issued this safety advisory just telling a list of precautions for the media to take including risk assessments and also contingency plans so if you are currently in mexico we do want to hear from you to connect with us here's the hash tag aging is great and cure a hero fast facts on the mexico election around zero don't call me if you want to stand the whole exercise a little better the when's the who's the wiser all covered there is also an episode a little bit for them of up front with me. on the biggest external factor concerning mexico which is of course groups meant to serve the united states have at the south mexico elections why are very important it's a fantasy were to come. straight back here you know we're going off the grid now somalia i believe you're taking us to that's right today is office day which means a day off forgiveness on june twenty eighth somalis in fourteen countries from around
6:48 pm
the world come together and there's been a call for people to join the forgiveness campaign and the aim is to end the current culture over avenge that comes from traumas and grievances of somalia's civil war now it's organized by a team of mostly journalists and dyess burra who say that it's time to forgive and reconcile the country has gone through years of violent conflict with crimes and human rights abuses now it was the somali finnish peace activists widely hashmi who called on somalis to unite. more. than a pause just. comes to own individual basis and then come to transform it and develop it into a community level it is an idea that hasn't been told about it before and it's picking up a lot of attention on and off line the main event in mortgage issue has been promoted for days cost live on somali national t.v.
6:49 pm
as well as other media outlets in the region and the government has given the green light to recognize it as a public holiday online people are addressing the issue of reconciliation with the hash like a feast and says that to czerny move this nation forward to the process of healing we must tell the truth about the civil war and the purpose is not to blame but to understand and learn and to document findings for future generations and then have a comet who to put this into perspective as much as the country wants to achieve this long term goal others do say that the political commitment is not enough to overcome the difficulties in the country so he says the reconciliation should begin from the grassroots without manipulation well if you are currently in somalia without to get your thoughts on whether you think reconciliation day will make a difference get in touch use the hash tag genius get thank you once again for the facebook live same a story for you about the u.s. travel ban now how people reacted by posting pictures of the grandmas with the hash
6:50 pm
tag grandparents not terrorists over tosses revisited now you are in just a second ben farmer is here with your sport looking at why winning isn't everything but it's really in england's match against belgium by for a first vote a quick look at some internet.
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
but latest from the world cup in russia now with phone. thank you so much come all the pressure is on where into the final round of group games right now the teams in group age are battling it out for a place in the last sixteen senegal or face in colombia with both sides trying to qualify while japan are playing the already eliminated poland let's go straight to moscow where annie richardson is standing by let's talk first about colombia senegal what's at stake of that game. ok so much this looked like the game of the day it's been a pretty nervy affair it's opened up a little bit in the second half we were inside the final minute now senegal desperately need a goal they are one nil behind at the moment they've been unlucky in this game they thought they had a penalty early in the first half study omani was brought down the referee decided
6:53 pm
to award a spot kick went to an overturned his own decision now in the second half yet remain a has scored for colombia giving them a one nil lead that would be enough to see them through into the last sixteen and as it stands senegal would fail to go through jute of them having an inferior fair play record to japan japan a losing in a game at the moment against poland so it's on a bit of a knife edge senegal came into this world cup only qualifying for the finals for the second time the last time was in two thousand and two when they reached the quarter finals began their servos finals for that famous win against the then defending champions france i'll go see say he was a player then is the coach now and he looked to have a team with the likes of color who could have barley inside the omani to take them just as far again but that game is just finished now so senegal will not be going in to the last sixteen of these finals and that means no african seem has made it
6:54 pm
out of the group stages. how a shocker and japan ok he said that they're losing but they haven't been the surprise at the tournament is that still kind of true. yeah well i mean this group was always that's pretty fascinating geographically very balanced it's the only one with with four teams from the four different continents and you could really throw them all up in the air in and pick any two winners japan surprised a lot of people by winning their opening game against colombia they got a bit lucky colombia how to play a sense off early but they took their chance one night game soo warm followed that up with a draw against senegal and they have a pole and one nil in the last few seconds but that is enough for them to go through a rather bizarre scenes at the n.f.l. game because they knew senegal were losing and they knew they had a superior fair play record so they even though they were losing they were just passing the ball around to the back and that is enough for them to get through to
6:55 pm
the last sixteen and it has been generally an improved showing from the asian seems at this world cup four years ago in brazil it was a bit of a disaster for asia not a single win for any of the teams that has all changed this time out saudi arabia involved in the opening game of this to one of the ends for russia felt rather humiliating five no defeat but they still managed to finish with a win against egypt iran went so close in what was a really tough group for them they beat morocco just lost to spain to a really unlucky goal and then went really close against portugal that drew that game one one came really close to a win that would have put them through to the last sixteen south korea of course yesterday even though they were outs of contention some make it into the knockout rounds that win against germany against the defending champions germany that knocked them out of the tournament and now we have japan who despite that defeats are through to the last sixteen ok andy well lots to talk to you about later so well chat a bit later on thank you. later on it's the last round of matches in group g.
6:56 pm
england and belgium are already strew but top spot in the group is on the line although going through as group winners might not be all that is cracked up to being with the exception of the group h. teams the winner grucci will go into a side of the draw that's just daft it includes four world cup winners brazil uruguay france and argentina in addition to european champions portugal plus mexico while the runners up will have a far less daunting task that side does include spain the rest are sweden switzerland russia croatia and denmark. now there are a lot of conspiracy theories out there on social media that suggest both belgium and anglin will play to lose the match and avoid the bracket of death for this british journalist tear his morgan says and off of all this can't say the word
6:57 pm
about england playing to least semites of what resilient churchill ever deliberately lost a battle to win a war if we beat belgium nobody will want to play us including brazil mark ogden of e.s.p.n. says if england won to navigate their route to the world cup final their chance was against panna bob i'm not scoring so many goals too late to pick and choose now here's some simple advice from an x. footballer go all out to win today versus belgium and for a change lead other nations worry about england. so what are your predictions you can tweet me directly at after score if miles will be back with more in one thousand nine hundred but for now i'll hand you back to come all the thank you so much for that for this newsgroup you know how to get in touch with us hashtag i'd use it can remind you if you've got a specific question for one of our correspondents who gets to send that and i'm even happy to last that on your behalf if it's because we will see you back here in
6:58 pm
studio fourteen it down to zero fifteen hundred hours g.m.t. tomorrow for writing. when the news is restricted and sam said the press is not free and is external interference and influence in the moves. zooms to explore not explain. when journalists access to information is prevented. them but i want us press. for the most of the costs. and just as never sees the light of day no i knew about
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that event. on the weekend the team of course eat out at what the show will have. and the stories that matter go on told and the press is not. and neither are we. the afghan national army. guardians of a country ravaged by decades of war and occupation abandoned by its liberate his. young men who know that each day could be the nost it to continue to fight for a future free from calix. one hundred stands in battle a witness documentary on al-jazeera. getting to the heart of the matter if. the supreme leader calls you today and says that's how would you accept realities
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what do you think reunification would look like there's a lot of people think the peaceful unification is the only option for prosperity or for south korea hear their story on talk to al-jazeera. bitterly divided on how to deal with migration into europe leaders meet for a summit we're going back on says could make or break the union. live from london also coming up. relatives wait for a fifth day outside a cave in thailand where twelve school boys and their coach remain trapped. a parliamentary report in the u.k. reveals expired agencies tolerated.


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