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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 28, 2018 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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south korea hear their story on talk to al jazeera. bitterly divided on how to deal with migration into europe e.u. leaders meet for a summit we're going back on says could make or break the union. and our entire lives is al jazeera live from london also coming up. relatives wait for a fifth day outside a cave in thailand where twelve school boys and their coach remain trapped. a parliamentary report in the u.k. reveals expired agencies tolerated the inexcusable mistreatment of us held prisoners. in the massive campaign against north korea in the philippines thousands have been jailed for it including children as young as five.
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and zero e.u. leaders are meeting in brussels for a summit dominated by discussions on how to deal with illegal migration the problem is turned out to be so divisive it's even overshadowing brix it and the german chancellor angela merkel has gone as far as saying that it could split the union apart the number of undocumented migrants reaching european shores has actually dropped since its peak in twenty fifteen and the issue is no longer viewed as a crisis the e.u. says it stemmed the flow of migrants by ninety six percent but bitter rattles or broken out of the last few months because some member states are simply refusing to let in rescue boats new right wing governments are demanding tighter border controls austria-hungary italy slovakia the czech republic and poland all want to stricter approach so leaders are trying to work out
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a solution in the form of so-called disembarkation platforms essentially areas outside europe probably in north africa where migrants will be held. actually has taken a particularly hard line stance on rescue ships will be live with more on the situation there which out charlie rangel in a moment but first an arch lee who's at the e.u. summit in brussels what are the chances of getting anything agreed in the next few hours. well it's pretty slim i would say and they've certainly already reduced their aspirations the idea of getting a common approach across the block has now been jettisoned entirely and so they're talking about about bilateral agreements and so people are going to merkel the german chancellor is having small meetings on the side with people like alexis tsipras the greek prime minister and people like that it will become clear actually until friday lunchtime what they've come up with which is which is when they issue
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their final communique but they're talking tonight and will carry on again tomorrow but in terms the split is between what i'm going to merkel to try to hold on to some sort of humanitarian policy is calling the coalition of the willing which should be countries prepared to go through the legal obligation to look after refugees and that might be countries like greece and spain and france luxembourg and germany then this is another coalition of the willing or coalition of the unwilling that you might call it led by austria which is you said takes in the new very right wing government in italy and all the countries from the vishu grad group as well led by hungary who was saying the europe's under threat and it needs to stop and all these sorts of things so he sees it is a very difficult and dangerous moment for the european union because the whole idea of ever closer union countries marching in step with each other has obviously got out of the window and that's why merkel is talking about it being effectively a start of next essential crisis for the block and given that the numbers of
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refugees have actually gone down why has this become as you put it was put it in an existential crisis for me you. well it isn't you know people call it a refugee crisis i mean clearly lebanon's got a refugee crisis and so has jordan many african countries where there are literally millions of people pakistan as well this isn't the refugee crisis in europe it's a crisis of the rule of law across the resettlements even austria which says there are eighty thousand people spread around the balkans trying to get to ward austria and germany and that number patently is much lower than in other parts of the world it's just that countries like australia which has now a very right wing government and others as well regard this as being what they will call the civilizational threat to christian values in europe and they regard the borders as being leaky and they're having no control over what's going on i think by the end of it what we might find is things like more dealings with libya to try
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to keep people out strengthen in the borders this this sort of thing that's about the extent of what they can do at the moment but it's what you in terms is the problem is these ideological very right wing argument that you see expressed by these countries in much the same way as donald trump of the united states saying we're not going to abide by rules the united nations and people like that think is very important we want to do our own thing and have solvent governments deciding what their own policies should be included that flies directly in the face of the entire european idea of joint rules and an agreement across the board personally thank you we can trust said now to charlie angelo who's at a refugee camp at kennedy now in sicily how different is the atmosphere charlie for refugees now the italian government has altered its stance so significantly on immigration. well italy is certainly one of those seven countries that is making up
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its own rules with this new policy that they won't be allowing any new arrivals of migrants to the airport this new hardline stance is being adopted by the far right interior minister. he's been actually called the trump of europe with his anti migrant rhetoric when we. hear how they felt about this new hostile environment this is what they told us. a bus from could turn your unloading into cardamon near one of europe's largest refugee camps here there is fresh refugees applying for asylum they've heard that italy's new interior minister is hostile to migrants and they're right just. so what. you just so even if. you drove it into the street ernest came from ghana when he was fifteen he lost his mother in libya and made his way to italy alone now
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a husband and father the camp has been his home for four years lawyers say these people are the lucky ones italy's new policy of turning boats away will make new arrivals the most impossible. we're going back to. when there was no distinction between genuine refugees and economic migrants the government is now talking about preventing people from even requesting asylum or denying access based on their country of origin and this is a violation of international law italy has shut its ports to charity boats carrying rescued migrants they believe if these boats disappear migrants won't be tempted to cross the mediterranean but charity boats account for forty percent of the search and rescue operations here in testing this idea thousands could die. italy's new hardline policy is driven by mike taylor sylvania rock star of the italian right seen here in libya pushing for asylum identification centers to be set up in north
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africa not europe his slogan to stop the invasion. local councillor and supporter of. took me to parts of catan yeah he says over run by migrants. if you need. me is now the biggest refugee camp in europe many times we have taken the issue to europe but it's taken so vignette to put a stop to it our coasts are being invaded and the impact of illegal immigration is particularly evident in neighborhoods like this one back at the camp a message from one refugee that this anti migrant rhetoric is dangerous. migrants together some of us fled persecution others have come just to earn money and then return to africa we don't have a choice we came here because we were being persecuted we came to europe because the rule of law is respected in africa it isn't it with these new policies accusations that it is also forgetting the rule of law and its moral obligations to
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those in need. italy's prime minister has taken his proposals to brussels he's saying he will veto any e.u. agreement that doesn't include a commitment to reform the dublin regulation that is the rule by which whichever country a migrant arrives and becomes responsible for them and he says it is time to share that burden but they're not going to leave it up to the e.u. as well as that policy of not allowing any migrant rescue rescued migrants into their ports they're also going to be furnishing the libyan coast guard with twelve brand new ships and giving them ample training to use them they want them to take up the bulk of those search and rescue missions to intercept any. before they enter waters and take them back to libya but humanitarian so that libya is not a safe port that reports of mistreatment of migrants is widespread and you saw in my report there told me how he was beaten almost blowing while in
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a holding center in libya now if you were to listen to interior minister sounds a little bit like viktor orban who to. of an invasion but this isn't quite accurate . arrivals on a top down by eighty five percent but you speak to most italians they're not aware of this they seem to think the levels are still the same as two thousand and fifteen and this misconception is really playing into the hands of the government so it's unlikely that many of their proposals will be adopted at the e.u. summit so we could be seeing more of these unilateral actions tony thank you very much indeed. rescuers in northern thailand are trying to find an alternative entrance to a flooded cave where twelve boys and soccer coach have been missing for five days as more time passes without any news their families are becoming increasingly desperate school hard to reports from chiang rai.
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yelling into the hills for their missing boys forefathers in the jungle above long cave pleading for their son to come home but the only reply they got was the whirring of a black hawk helicopter after a night of heavy rain the skies cleared in the afternoon allowing helicopters to resume searching from the air. frustrated with the lack of information and progress after five days the fathers went out on their own checking in with the searchers and looking for answers. i want to watch the governor how my boys and all the other kids where are they do they have food and water that's all i want to know the only thing i can do is just wait and wait i mean when. a group of rescue volunteers from bangkok will use a high tech laser scanner in an attempt to locate the boys they plan to lower down a recently located chimney that they hope leads deep in the cave. because that means scan they can see through laser ten meters and can show
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a graphic of the cave if we dropped it in the cave we can see the shape of a human more than a thousand people are now involved in the search including american troops and british diving experts. but was so many bodies and organizations at the scene there are also serious logistical challenges we're deep in the hills that how's this vast cave network while some groups are using high tech to assist in the search and rescue operation somewhat like these from the park service are doing it the old fashioned way they're hiking through these woods to link up with some rescue officials deeper in the hills while the searching continues in the water in the air in the vast jungle families are focused on staying strong because at this stage that's one of few things they have control over scott how to al-jazeera chiang rai . the u.k. tolerated what's been described as inexcusable treatment of detainees by the us following the nine eleven attacks in two thousand and one according to
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a new parliamentary committee report members of parliament said it was beyond doubt that british intelligence agencies knew at an early stage that the u.s. was mistreating detainees and that more could have been done they said to try to influence u.s. behavior the committee found that in two hundred thirty two cases u.k. personnel continued to supply intelligence to allies after they knew or suspected mistreatment and in ninety eight cases they received intelligence obtained from detainees who they knew or should have suspected had been mistreated paul brennan has more. these two reports by the intelligence committee of the house of parliament paints a highly critical picture of the behavior of british intelligence services both in the period from two thousand and wants twenty ten and even afterwards what they found was small support times where british intelligence services had for example supplied questions to interrogators despite the fact that they knew that the detainees being interrogated were subject to or likely to be subject of
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mistreatment and at other times the british were prepared to even offer to fund rendition by third party countries what the author of the report said was it is difficult to comprehend how those at the top of office did not recognise a pattern of mistreatment by the united states and the view that the u.k. tolerated actions and took other actions that we regard as inexcusable and the picture after twenty ten does not look much better what the members of parliament on the committee found was that there still remains a lack of clarity about exactly how the government decides how to get involved in rendition and in intelligence they said that there is no clear policy not even an agreement as to who is responsible for preventing u.k. complicity in illegal acts now the opposition parties have said that in order to clear up those kind of. lack of clarity there needs to be a judge led independent inquiry with the power to compel witnesses to come and give
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evidence there were certain intelligence agents who refused to take part in the reports that the intelligence committee put together but the fact is that the british government at the moment is taking a lot of flak for the behavior of its intelligence agents. pushing here live from london still to come on the program a time and place is announced for the first official meeting between donald trump and vladimir putin. and britain's prince william wraps up his middle east tour visiting some. it's in occupied east jerusalem. how the floods are receding and grand dog for example because the heaviest rain has not been moved to the north in fact that is the active zone at the moment to run
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through shanghai on the yangtze valid back to what sichuan to the south it is of course city cloudy and seventy feels humid but it's not particularly when the shells are rebuilding and they were probably hits home called runabout saturday market but the heaviest rain is going to be further north to hands in line shanghai to some degree as well then south of that few showers around to the west the monsoon is taking all the energy a big burst the title of the tibetan plateau as you can see and showers of reached new delhi really reached pakistan the heaviest is to to the south of that but this is a good sign the monsoon as having taken a few days off has come back with what looks like something of a vengeance yes it's still raining at its heaviest i think in myanmar possum titan on the western side of india but the showers are clearly moving further north and they have also hit delhi temps here around about the city for thirty five karate has benefited southern pakistan has had some significant rain recently and that burst is also increased the amount of cloud over amman increase or how different it
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is still pretty hot as you see in some parts of the law. demain the intersection of reality and comedy and post revolution tennessee a. mission to entertain educate and provoke debate through satire. how weapon of choice. and intimate look at what inspires one of tuna's his most popular comedians to make people laugh. miten asea hack on al-jazeera.
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and we're going to run to the top stories here on our syria. just a meeting in brussels for a summit that's being dominated by discussions on how to deal with illegal migration a subject so divisive it's overshadowing breck's it. rescuers in northern thailand of trying to find an alternative entrance to a flooded cave where twelve boys in their soccer coach have been missing for five days. in the u.k. tolerated what's being described as inexcusable treatment of detainees by the u.s. following the nine eleven attacks in two thousand and one that's according to a new parliamentary committee report. at least thirty civilians have been killed on thursday in government a strike on the syrian foreign sabera the syrian army is not captured the town of a hierarchy according to the government's lebanese ally hizbollah forces loyal to president assad began ramping up air raids rocket fire and the use of barrel bombs
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on rebel territory in daraa a neighboring province about ten days ago local sources have told al-jazeera the number of internally displaced people reaching jordan's borders is more than one hundred fifty thousand i'm sure there are but correspondent has more from jordan's border with syria. and i am of the nearest borderline area to the south of syria behind outrage to my right is there on which since there really morning hours has been reeling under intense shelling by the russian air force as reported by our fellow correspondents on the ground to my left there is the freeze on the syrian jordanian borders residents fleeing shelling and explosions have taken shelter in the trees on which has been sealed off for a period of time thousands of syrian citizens have fled to that free zone more than ninety thousand yesterday alone according to eyewitness accounts those displaced syrians are living through dire conditions woman children age citizens liking the basic living conditions needless to mention the sharp shortage of medicines and
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baby milk jordanian authorities stated that the borders would not be open side think political reasons and security concerns jordan says he's now housing more than one and a half million syrian refugees and has no capacity to accommodate any additional numbers jordan's government said it is prepared to open the borders only for un humanitarian lifeline is extended it is all sort of boarded that there will be a meeting between jordan's foreign minister and his russian counterpart to discuss the set up of temporary camps within the syrian territories. meanwhile hundreds of syrian refugees in lebanon have begun crossing the border to return home to an uncertain future refugees crammed their families and belongings into pickup trucks cars and tractors lebanese government whatever is you haven't has argued that many areas in syria have stabilized enough for refugees to return however the united nations is cautious and says the country is not yet safe president says his summit with russia's president vladimir putin will take place in house sinking
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on july sixteenth the white house says the two men will discuss u.s. russia relations and a range of national security issues she had the chance he has more from washington d.c. . an off the cuff remarks at the white house on wednesday don't trump said ukraine and syria would be on the agenda at the summit national security advisor drawn bolton in moscow said the alleged interference by russia and the u.s. presidential election would also be the scope of what's getting a lot of attention here in washington is the tweet that donald trump wrote shortly before the announcement of the summit was made it says the following russia continues to say they have nothing to do with meddling in our election exclamation point on the face of it a simple matter of fact russia does continue to deny any meddling in the u.s. presidential election but that's calling so causing some consternation as is the potential for the truck once again to be up ending traditional u.s. alliances that have been in place since the cold war particularly since this summit will take place shortly after what's likely to be a could be
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a contentious nato summit in brussels yes tense actually james mattis has met his south korean counterpart in seoul but you discussed washington's decision to suspend joint military exercises which have long angered north korea says the suspension which was implemented for a summit between donald trump and kim jong un will increase the chance of peace in the region and all the. other. we're. really. going to. go to. least eleven thousand people including mine is have been arrested in the philippines for noise during the crackdown ordered by president reagan to have resulted in huge we
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have a crowded jails where cells meant to hold six people now contain as many as eighty jimmy fallon about reports from the capital manila. the last time sir you are good seal your genesis was a few years ago and he says his son promised he will come home but he never did. genesis died while under police detention after he was arrested for loitering while outside his home last week his family says he was taken in for simply not wearing a shirt in a public place and he paid the price with his life. release after all possible for an innocent man a man who has committed no crime to be pick up and killed. dogs or killed in the street the. president of the good that they're to says he wants to rid the country of street crime and has ordered the police to launch an intensive anti loitering
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campaign but critics say this is another crackdown directed against the poor the church's so-called war on drugs continues with more than twenty two thousand people killed since it took office two years ago we visited one of the detention facilities in the capital manila the stench of human sweat and heat is overwhelming this cell only has a capacity of six but it currently houses at least eighty inmates it is so packed that there are three hour shifts so that others can sleep while the rest stand and the warden says this is an improvement. another sell for women when asked almost all of them say they have not seen a lawyer this fight being jailed for. rights groups say the situation is similar across the culture and deter to policy this isn't and there more than ten thousand filipinos have already been arrested over the last two weeks but this fight
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tremendous criticism for president through the good data says there will be no letup in his anti loitering campaign and has even ordered the rounding up of minors hundred several ready been brought to police stations and this attachment alone at least fifty children are made to sign up as offenders every night some as young as spider years old. there are cases of abuse in these are perpetrated by authorities who are supposedly duty bound to protect the children the parents the force is like . or anything in the order in puppets big places such as industries so what we want to deliver is a more spiel cd but that is not a sentiment shared by many here rights groups see the cut she is steadily becoming a police state and they're dead and the justice of courts have now been replaced by
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the justice of guns. dog et al jazeera mandela pope francis has excepted the resignations of two more bishops in chile who have been caught up in a sex abuse scandal last month all of chile's thirty four bishops offered to resign after meeting with the pope over a possible cover up this was after police raided offices of the roman catholic church in santiago and where fourteen priests are accused of abusing minors so far the vatican has accepted five resignations at least fifteen people have died in a fire in kenya's largest open air market in the capital nairobi up to seventy others have been taken to hospital many with serious burns the fire broke out early on thursday morning at the market which is famous for selling secondhand clothes. united arab emirates has told the international court of justice that claims made against it by qatar are without merit and should be dismissed catherine edges that
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the u.a.e. has violated human rights through its boycott of the country but lawyers acting on behalf of the u.a.e. say doha has misled the court the case has been prompted by the blockade of qatar by the u.a.e. saudi arabia bahrain and egypt britain's prince william has visited holy sites in occupied east jerusalem on the final day of his middle east tour the start of the day paying respects at the grave of his great grandmother princess alice who sheltered jews during the holocaust prince william also visited the western wall the most important site in judaism and al aqsa mosque compound or of most important sites in islam or a force that reports. appeal of bells welcome prince william to the most personal part of this first official visit to israel in the occupied palestinian territories by a british royal of the church of st mary magdalen on the slopes of the mount of olives he paid tribute to his great grandmother princess alice a devout christian who sheltered jews during the holocaust she'd asked to be buried
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in jerusalem but present day politics were close at hand the royal itinerary turned this last day in east jerusalem part of the prince's visit to the occupied palestinian territories attracting some criticism from right wing israeli politicians israel's culture minister called him impolite for not meeting jerusalem's israeli man. at the al aqsa mosque compound the site noda jews as the temple mount he met islamic clerics and viewing up close the golden dome of the rock just below at the western wall he met the chief rabbi of the holiest site where jews can pray leaving his own print between the stones. it reflected a balance he's had to strike throughout the trip choosing israel seventieth anniversary year one in which the united states has moved its embassy to jerusalem for a first official royal visit meant the politics had to be played carefully i know i'm sure it is i with all of you are going is just he's on wednesday prince william
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was in the occupied west bank addressing the palestinian president as the head of a country. britain does not recognize the state of palestine but language like that ensured a warm reception his final speech of the visit at the consulate in east jerusalem was in similar vein my message. is that you have not been forgotten. it's been a very powerful experience to meet you and other palestinians living in the west and your stories back in the old city on his final day prince william's final stop the man who one day become head of the church of england spending time. inside one of christianity's holiest places the church of the holy sepulcher the site where jesus christ is said to have been tuned and resurrected so prince william has now completed his final official engagement of this trip it's a trip that kensington palace has been careful to describe as nonpolitical but it was at the request of the british government and of course in this environment at this time the issue of jerusalem is intensely political it is hard to walk the
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political fault lines very delicate are a force for al-jazeera authorities to the. top stories and i was there a unit is meeting in brussels for a summit dominated by discussions on how to deal with illegal migration and german chancellor angela merkel says the issue could make or break the european union a right wing group of countries is pushing for stricter policies on libraries it's a nice new populist government says i e.u. states must allow refugee rescue boats to access their forwards and host migrants within their own borders errantly has more the split is between what i'm going to merkel is trying to hold on to some sort of humanitarian policy is calling the coalition of the willing which should be countries prepared to go through the legal obligation to look after refugees and that might be countries like greece and spain and france luxembourg and germany then this is another coalition of the willing or
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coalition of the unwilling that you might call it led by austria which is you said takes in the new very right wing government in italy and all the countries from the vishu grat group as well led by hungary who was saying the europe's under threat and and the needs to stop and all these other things so he sees it is a very difficult and dangerous moment for the european union because the whole idea of ever closer union countries marching in step with each other has obviously got out of the window. rescuers in northern thailand are trying to find an alternative entrance to a flooded cave where twelve boys and their football coach are missing for five days of the operation has been hampered by constant rain which has raised water levels forcing elite navy divers to pause their search the cave system extends for several kilometers with narrow passage ways and uneven ground officials say they could be drive places on higher ground where the boys in their coach may have taken refuge
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the u.k. parliamentary committee says british spies were complicit in the mistreatment of hundreds of detainees by the u.s. in the wake of the nine eleven attacks the committee says british operatives were involved in the illegal transfer suspects and witnessed some detainees being tortured first hand at least thirty civilians have been killed in government ass trikes on the syrian province of daraa the syrian army has now captured the town of according to the government's lebanese ally hizbollah. there's the headlines up next it's my duty as you to say with a synergy if you can to get meantime a website out there dot com for any use at a time of now. the
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be. jesus would resume to. assure him. and that is me air was is and will be. there. must have been an assessment is not with a out.


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