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the hopeless ridged commodities right exploitation. just. european leaders seek solutions to their migration crisis at the summit the german chancellor says could make or break the e.u. . this is al jazeera live from london also coming up fifteen people die in the latest fire to consume the kenyan capital's largest open air market. children as young as five are among thousands arrested for loitering in the philippines. and prince william tours jewish hymns sensitive holy sites on the final day of his vertically
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charged visit to the middle east. and the e.u. leaders a carton meeting in brussels a two day summit dominated by the agent question of how to deal with illegal migration the problem is caused deep divisions in the european union and threatens to trigger the collapse of the german government johnson has gone as far as warning that it could split the bloc apart. the number of undocumented migrants reaching european shores has actually dropped since its peak in twenty fifteen and the issues not viewed as a crisis the e.u. says it stemmed the flow of migrants by ninety six percent but bitter hours of broken out of the last few months because some member states a simply refusing to let in rescue boats new right wing governments and demanding tighter border controls austria-hungary it's nice to rock in the czech republic and poland or to structure approach so leaders are trying to work out
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a solution in the form of so-called disembarkation platforms basically areas outside europe probably in north africa where migrants will be held. arge pleased at the summit in brussels for a search what are the chances of them coming up with something they can all agree on at this event. well i think a chance and funny so they can all agree on is basically nail and they've already indicated that by saying that they don't expect to have that sort of thing at all the best they can hope for is what they call bilateral solutions talks between the couple of countries we'll find out in a minute or two actually if they got anywhere today because donald tusk the head of the european council and john claude younger the head of european commission are about sick of a news conference and then after that there's going to be a series of individual countries giving press conferences as well and those two nights include countries like austria the czech republic poland slovakia all of
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these countries in this so-called austrian branded coalition of the willing which means countries which ones have pushed back in the cases of the central european countries send everybody back to to wherever it was that they came from against that you've got countries obviously led by germany with the support of greece and spain to some extent saying they want their own coalition of the willing which means countries which actually want to abide by the rule of law and keep allowing refugee status an asylum claim for people who they think deserve it and so you have this complete schism now between these two blocks and as you were saying an introduction the best they can probably hope for since they counts agree on much to do with doling out refugees inside different countries is better and stronger ways of keeping them out in that sense it's already looks like the moral authority hereon sides of the e.u. twenty seven might actually be winning the arguments in in in some of the man who
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will be most pleased with all this will be viktor orban the hungary and prime minister who only a couple of years ago was being vilified for putting up fences and saying he wanted to defend european kristie. honestly in things like this and gradually and over time more and more countries seem to be finding a way of agreeing with him and paradoxically that i mean the figures have actually gone down haven't they so why do you think this has blown up into such a big issue apart from that there's those governments appearing if you know that we talked about the right wing ones is there is there anything else that has brought this to the fore this point. well i mean on one level there is a lot of antipathy from a lot of these countries towards germany in particular who they regard as telling them how to behave and what to do enough not just to do with the now failed quota system of saying to countries you've got to take this many people we don't want to see what you've got to try and do it anyway that sort of thing the sense of being bossed around by germany it also plays into
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a bigger. and legal issue to do with things to do with european finances in the countries in the age of the euro zone particularly italy and greece having to absorb the largest number of refugees while imposing enormous austerity on their own people and so you then have the italians saying well your telling us that you've basically stifled our economy i mean yes you'll not taking any and any more of the refugees themselves and germany's and say well hang on we've taken almost everybody why can't anybody else help and so it's a very very difficult situation to resolve and they really can't very well and when i go to myrtle says this could be a make or break thing for the european union what she means by that is that the whole original ethos of twenty eight countries walking in step with each other ever closer union is now under threat and it is under threat and migration breaks apart then what else might they disagree on italians for example want to drop sanctions against russia which is something that most of the rest of the bloc think should be
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sustained and so this big crack is starting to emerge could split out into all sorts of different directions and that i think is what the center of europe is most worried about thank you very much indeed. well italy has sent a clear message to europe as we've heard that it will no longer bear the brunt of immigration with its hardline stance on rescue ships many italians are welcoming interior minister but anti immigrant rhetoric. is in sicily to find out how refugees are finding this new more hostile environment a bus from could turn your unloading into cardamon near one of europe's largest refugee camps here there is fresh refugees applying for asylum they've heard that italy's new interior minister is hostile to migrants and their right just. so what the. new just so even if. it's interesting
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ernest came from ghana when he was fifteen he lost his mother in libya and made his way to italy alone now a husband and father the camp has been his home for four years lawyers say these people are the lucky ones italy's new policy of turning boats away will make new arrivals almost impossible. we're going back to dean when there was no distinction between genuine refugees and economic migrants the government is now talking about preventing people from even requesting asylum or denying access based on their country of origin and this is a violation of international law italy has shut its ports to charity boats carrying rescued migrants they believe if these boats disappear migrants won't be tempted to cross the mediterranean but charity boat account for forty percent of the search and rescue operations here in testing this idea thousands could die. italy's new
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hardline policy is driven by mike taylor salvini a rock star of the italian right seen here in libya pushing for asylum identification centers to be set up in north africa not europe his slogan stop the invasion. local councillor and salvini supporter fabulous took me to parts of catan yehi says overrun by migrants that. if a needle. is now the biggest refugee camp in europe many times we have taken the issue to europe but it's taken salvini out to put a stop to it our coasts are being invaded and the impact of illegal immigration is particularly evident in neighborhoods like this one back at the camp a message from one refugee that this anti migrant rhetoric is dangerous to. migrants together some of us fled persecution others have come just to earn money and then return to africa we don't have a choice we came here because we were being persecuted we came to europe because
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the real of law is respected in africa it isn't it with these new policies italy risks accusations that it is also forgetting the rule of law and its moral obligations to those in need charlie and to al-jazeera. the captain of a rescue ship has become a symbol of division is being questioned by maltese police the m.v. lifeline unloaded more than two hundred thirty refugees in valetta on wednesday after six days stranded at sea by arguments over which country should take it in trucks or press as the latest from office capital. behind me is the m.v. lifeline impounded by dorothy's here at boilers dock. this vessel was allowed to dock here on wednesday of floating its two hundred thirty three refugees and migrants but the vessel itself is impounded and the captain is being questioned by police here the nub of the disagreement between the mission lifeline charity and or
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thora g.'s seems to be what the exact movements of the vessel were during the last week when it picked up these people at sea and why it didn't deliver them into the hands of libyan authorities who were prepared to take them. i spoke with the head of the charity actually who said we asked the libyans for a port of safety but a port of safety has to be an international law a real port of safety i received in an e-mail that it should be tripoli i couldn't believe that that was the end of communication with the libyans there seems to be displeasure with mission lifeline for refusing to hand these refugees or migrants over back to the libyans which is obviously what the italian government would have preferred and insisting on bringing them to a european union force of safety. at
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least thirty civilians are being killed on thursday in government a strike on the syrian province of daraa the syrian army is now captured the town of al hierarchical in the government's lebanese ally hizbollah forces loyal to president assad began ramping up air raids rocket fire and the use of barrel bombs on rebel territory in daraa a neighboring connector province about ten days ago local sources have told on jazeera the number of internally displaced people reaching jordan's borders is more than one hundred fifty thousand meanwhile hundreds of syrian refugees in lebanon again crossing the border to return home to an uncertain future the refugees crammed their families and belongings into pickup trucks cars and tractors anemones government has told them to return saying many areas in syria now stable enough but the united nations is more cautious same country is not yet safe and he's fifteen people have died in a fire in kenya is not just open air market in the capital nairobi up to seventy
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others have been taken to hospital with serious burns and suffocation including many children the father account early on thursday morning at the gate come by market which is famous for selling secondhand clothes catherine story has the latest from nairobi. this is watching maines of a section of one of nairobi's largest markets more than two hundred traders shared this space mostly selling t. funny and coats the fire started early morning when the market was close to people living nearby was asleep many including children were overcome by smoke and fumes and suffocated others were the hospital someone was at home when he had the market is on fire he had a business here and he lost most of his stock because. i was called at around two am and told there's a fire i rushed here a still of my pajamas on when i got here all my timber was on fire it was worth about ten thousand dollars. but after noon investigators will still collecting
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evidence to find out what started the fire. and rescue uk has opened shop dogs to make sure no one had been trapped inside all the people who died of suffocation in this building's many others a still in hospital some residents in trade as we spoke to say that the fire was caused by an electrical fault but police are still investigating. this maybe there was tragedy in good combo market and reason he is but it's certainly not the first to happen at least seven serious incidents in the last seven yes some are blamed on our son because of business rivalry but most us a to be accidental i can't say what the problem is but the market is too congested and narrow it makes it difficult to contain fires we also sell highly flammable goods like mattresses timber and clothes so far as spreads very quickly we need at least a water hydrant here it's a busy market where tens of thousands of people trade every day so was those who
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lost friends and family in the fire and property pondered their next moves just a block away it's business as usual catherine saw al-jazeera. still to come this half hour relatives wait for a fifth day outside a cave in thailand where twelve school wars and their coach are still trapped plus . the amount of. nicolas maduro brands the u.s. vice president a poisonous viper as mike pence takes to step up the pressure on venezuela. hello the weather is now coming from the east as the monsoon peps out once more you see wrong the geo screen the cloud building the white dot yes it's
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a shower significant rain heavy for you want to places in the hot bits of pakistan right down to the coast as well but focus wise that's as far as it gets beyond that across iraq of course is finally looking weather forty three in baghdad rather better across the levant certainly on the the coast was on shore breeze in beirut this is how you might expect it to be doesn't changes to get to saturday the still a breeze the blowing out of iraq and down through the gulf states the tension here around about the middle so low forty's the most part it's hotter in amman in the cloud it is suggest if it actually bring one or two thunderstorms which of course means flash floods in the world he's in oman we see it every year and this is maybe the start of it so i was hardly he's doing far in this massive class just a few shy showers was on storms in central or more likely western society and boss of yemen no such thing to the south of the equator we have seen rain recently run across the cape as you can see and there is more cloud gathering here so if you want some yeah you might be lucky in cape town fourteen degrees but in johannesburg
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you're in the sunshine. african heads of state and government will gather in mauritania for the thirty post assembly of the african union ongoing conflicts in the fight against corruption will take center stage al-jazeera will bring you extensive coverage of the summit and its outcomes the african union summit on al-jazeera.
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one of the top stories here now jazeera is meeting in brussels for a summit dominated by discussions on how to deal with illegal migration germany's get a makeover has warned that it's a make or break challenge for the union. at least thirty civilians have been killed in government as trikes on the syrian province of daraa the syrian army and pro-government forces are battling to recapture the rebel stronghold. and a fire in the kenyan capital is largest open air market has killed at least fifteen people and injured another seventy. rescues in northern thailand are trying to find an alternative entrance to a flooded cave where twelve boys and their soccer coach i mean trapped for five days as more time passes without any news the families are becoming increasingly desperate scott hanyu reports from chen right.
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yelling into the hills for their missing boys forefathers in the jungle above long cave pleading for their son to come home but the only reply they got was the whirring of a black hawk helicopter after a night of heavy rain the skies cleared in the afternoon allowing helicopters to resume searching from the air frustrated with the lack of information and progress after five days the fathers went out on their own checking in with the searchers and looking for answers. i want to watch the governor how my boys and all the other kids where are they do they have food and water that's all i want to know the only thing i can do is just wait and wait i mean when. a group of rescue volunteers from bangkok will use a high tech laser scanner in an attempt to locate the boys they plan to lower down a recently located chimney that they hope leads deep in the cave. because that means scan i can see through layers of ten meters and can show a graphic of the cave if we dropped it in the cave we can see the shape of
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a human more than a thousand people are now involved in the search including american troops and british diving experts. but was so many bodies and organizations at the scene there are also serious logistical challenges were deep in the hills that how's this vast cave network while some groups are using high tech to assist in the search and rescue operation somewhat like these from the park service are doing the old fashioned way they're hiking through these woods to link up with some rescue officials deeper in the hills while the searching continues in the water in the air in the vast jungle families are focused on staying strong because at this stage that's one of few things they have control over scotland al-jazeera chiang rai. and these eleven thousand people including children have been arrested in the philippines for loitering the crackdown ordered by president. has resulted in hugely of a crowded jails where cells meant for six people now hold as many as eighty jimmy
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linda gun reports from manila. the last time sir you are good seal your sword genesys was a few years ago and he says his son promised she will come home but she never did. genesis died while under police detention after he was arrested for loitering right outside his home last week his family says he was taken in for simply not wearing a shirt in a public place and he paid the price with his life. released after all possible for an innocent man a man who has committed no crime. and killed dogs are killed in the street the. president of brega the third to says he wants to rid the country of street crime and has ordered the police to launch an intensive anti loitering campaign but critics say this is another crackdown directed against the poor the churches so-called war on drugs continues with more than twenty two thousand people killed
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since it took office two years ago we visited one of the detention facilities in the capital manila the stench of human sweat and heat is overwhelming this only has the capacity of six but it currently houses at least eighty in me it is so packed that there are three hour shifts so that others can sleep while the rest stand and the warden says this is an improvement. another cell for women when asked almost all of them say they have not seen a lawyer this fight being jailed for the rights groups say the situation is similar across the culture and deter to policy this isn't there more than ten thousand filipinos have already been arrested over the last two weeks but by tremendous criticism president through the good artist says there will be no letup in his anti
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loitering campaign. and as even ordered the rounding up of minors hundred several ready been brought to police stations and this attachment alone at least fifty children are made to sign up as offenders every night some as young as spidey years old. there are cases of abuse in these are perpetrated by authorities who are supposedly duty bound to protect the children the grounds that force is laid. or anything or drinking in public space places such as industries so what we want to deliver is more speer obscene but that is not a sentiment shared by many here rights groups see the country is steadily becoming a police state and they're dead and the justice of courts have now been replaced by the justice of guns. al-jazeera manila. britain's prince
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william has visited sensitive holy sites in occupied east jerusalem on the final day of his middle east tour it was in the western wall the most important side to judaism and alexa mosque compound or of most important sites in islam is the first official visit by a member of the royal family since nine hundred forty eight and as harry force reports he's had to walk a political tightrope. appealing fellows welcome prince william to the most personal part of this first official visit to israel in the occupied palestinian territories by a british royal to the church of st mary magdalene on the slopes of the mount of olives he paid tribute to his great grandmother princess alice a devout christian would show to jews during the holocaust she doest to be buried in jerusalem. but present day politics will close at hand the royal itinerary turned this last day in east jerusalem part of the prince's visit to the occupied palestinian territories attracting some criticism from right wing israeli politicians israel's culture minister called him impolite for not meeting
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jerusalem's israeli man. at the al aqsa mosque compound the site no deduces the temple mount he met islamic clerics and viewing up close the golden dome of the rock just below at the western wall he met the chief rabbi of the holiest site where jews can pray leaving his own print between the stones. it reflected a balance he's had to strike throughout the trip choosing israel seventieth anniversary year one in which the united states has moved its embassy to jerusalem for a first official royal visit meant the politics had to be played carefully and you are sure it is all over the world you are good news for just these on wednesday prince william was in the occupied west bank addressing the palestinian president as the head of a country. britain does not recognize the state of palestine but language like that ensured a warm reception his final speech of a visit at the consulate in east jerusalem was in similar vein my message. is that
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you have not been forgotten. it's been a very powerful experience to meet you and other palestinians living in the west bank and hear your stories. back in the old city on his final day prince william's final stop the man who one day become head of the church of england spending time inside one of christianity's holiest places the church of the holy sepulcher the site where jesus christ is said to have been tuned and resurrected so prince william has now completed his final official engagement of this trip it's a trip that kensington palace has been careful to describe as nonpolitical but it was at the request of the british government and of course in this environment at this time your city of jerusalem is intensely political it is hard to walk the political fault lines very delicate very sorry for so i'll just authorities to. it's now announced that us president i will trample meet russian president vladimir putin in helsinki next month the summit on july sixteenth is set for the first
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official meeting between the two leaders they've held informal talks on the sidelines of international gatherings twice before the white house says the two will discuss u.s. russia relations and a range of national security issues. and when is when and president has called us vice president mike pence a poisonous viper and vowed to defeat what he called washington's attempts to force him from power pence is currently on a three nation tour of latin america seeking to boost regional pressure on venezuela following nicolas maduro controversial reelection in may while in brazil mike pence met venezuelan refugees and expressed his support for them in contrast to his hardline stance on migrants from central america trying to enter the us this was president renderers response to his tour. every time the poisonous viper mike pence opens his mouth i feel stronger and clear of what the road is the road is ours it is venezuelan it is not the one mike pence points out to us not
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twenty poisonous snakes twenty vipers like mike pence broken and defeated mike pence yes we have defeated you and we're going to defeat you wherever you are wherever you travel. there are just three days left until mexico's presidential and parliamentary elections parties and candidates have drawn huge crowds looking for a better future and lucien human reports a political veteran is riding a wave of popular support in what many describe as turbulent times. he's been campaigning for the presidency for more than twelve years addressing every single one of mexico's nearly twenty five hundred winos a palette he has at least twice and his embrace manuel lopez overlord wrapped up the campaign for his third bit at the presidency it seems his perseverance is finally paying off. with polls giving the left wing populist
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a seemingly unbeatable lead he and his supporters say they already taste victory. or at the very much we will carry our propound or the early and peaceful transformation of measure and it will be radical but don't be alarmed radical gone from the war route so we will root out the regime of corruption injustice a brutal. locus of the popularly known as a successfully tapped into widespread anger over unbridled corruption he promises to use the billions of dollars he says are stolen by politicians to fund ambitious social programs but he is short on specifics was in other parts of mexico a political holding their final rallies running a distant second in the polls as a recount of the an idea from the conservatives national action party he's articulate and also outspoken about fighting corruption. when i become
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president of mexico there will be an independent prosecution that will investigate every act of corruption of this administration including the participation of president and pinon year too. running in third place is the ruling party candidates will say i'm done you'll need a former finance minister his biggest handicap his association with the current government the most unpopular one in memory. of mine a campaign of it these rallies are all it takes time because that would seem very natural the. political campaign that with mylan in the recent mexican history with one hundred thirty candidates diminutives and state positions in order for the last few months crime and violence along with the corruption that feed them continue their upward spiral mexican say they desperately need real change the
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polls are correct the majority believe. is the one most likely to deliver. you see a human just see that mexico city. and quick money can always catch up with all the stories we're reporting on by checking out our website out to zero dot com and you can watch us on there by clicking on the live icon al jazeera dot com. top stories on al-jazeera a unit is a meeting in brussels for a summit dominated by discussions on how to deal with illegal migration german chancellor angela merkel says the issue could make or break the european union a right wing group of countries is pushing for stricter policies on migrants italy's new populist government says other e.u. states must allow refugee rescue boat to access their ports and host migrants within their own borders bardsley has more the split is between what i'm going to
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merkel to try to hold on to some sort of humanitarian policy is calling the coalition of the willing which should be countries prepared to go through the legal obligation to look after refugees and that might be countries like greece and spain and france luxembourg and germany then this is of a coalition of the willing or coalition of the unwillingness you might call it there but austria which is you said takes in the new very right wing government in italy and all the countries from the vicious drug group as well led by hungary who was saying europe's under threat and and needs to stop and all these other things so he sees it is a very difficult and dangerous moment for the european union because the whole idea of ever closer union countries marching in step with each other has obviously got out of the window the captain of a rescue ship that's become a symbol of division is being questioned by maltese police the m.v. lifeline unloaded more than two hundred thirty refugees in vetter on wednesday after being stranded for nearly a week as e.u.
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members argued about which country it should dock in authorities want to know why the ship didn't had to libya after it rescued the migrants. at least thirty civilians are being killed in government air strikes on the syrian province of daraa the syrian army has now captured the town about her rock according to the government's lebanese ally hizbollah troops loyal to president assad began ramping up attacks on rebel territory in daraa and neighboring province about ten days ago . and east fifteen people have died in a fire in kenya is not just open air market in the capital nairobi up to seventy others have been taken to hospital many with serious burns the fire broke out early on thursday morning at the get home by market which is famous for sending secondhand clothes there's that i was to stay with us next up it's inside story i'm more news for you after that.
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make or break time for europe that's the german chancellor angela merkel on the migrant crisis which is polarizing the some countries are threatening to seal the borders so could that sealed the fate of the european union itself this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm peter it is an issue that has split the european union and as the german chancellor angela merkel is warning it's make or break time for the future of the twenty eight nation bloc e.u. leaders are in.


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