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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 28, 2018 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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you discount the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera. deadlock in brussels as your opinion leaders try to thrash out a deal on migration an issue which threatens to split the e.u. and bring down angola mughals government. hello i'm maryam namazie in london you're with al-jazeera also coming up after syrian government as strikes kill another thirty people in a twelve hour ceasefire is announced. new reports that trumps campaign t. was willing to give inside information to foreign countries while he was president
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elect. and at least fifteen people die in the latest fire to consume the kenyan capital's largest open air market. welcome to the program our top story italy is ramping up the pressure on its european partners to reach common ground on how to deal with migrant arrivals its prime minister has reportedly blocked the adoption of a joint statement at a tense summit in brussels migration issues cause deep divisions in the european union and even threatens to trigger the collapse of the german government chancellor angela merkel has gone as far as warning that it could split the block apart with a number of undocumented migrants reaching european shores is actually drop since its peak in two thousand and fifteen and the issue is no longer viewed as a crisis the e.u. says it stem the flow of migrants by ninety six percent but bay so rouse of broken out in the last few months. because some member states is simply refusing to let
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rescue boats in new right wing governments are now demanding tighter border controls austria-hungary italy slovakia the czech republic and poland all want a stricter approach so leaders are trying to work out a solution in the form of so-called disembarkation platforms areas outside europe probably in north africa where migrants will be held lawrence lee reports now from brussels. the european union is in trouble and they although it's the italians are now siding with the hungarians and austrians in the front against migration the greeks are trying to keep up a spirit of unity with the spanish and the french in the country trying to keep it all from falling apart is germany that chancellor had already spelt out the danger to the entire block in a speech before she arrived or but feel the whole of europe faces many challenges but migration could become the make or break one for the e.u. either we manage it so others in africa believe that we're guided by values and
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believe in multilateralism not unilateralism or nobody will believe any longer in the system of values that is may destroy. given that there's no possible way anymore that the bloc can find a united position on sharing refugees are now having to resort to arrangements between individual countries prepared to help so for example greece which has already failed to find accommodation for many who fled from turkey says it will take more from germany to ease the political pressure on merkel from inside her own coalition many are talking about crisis we're talking about numbers that at the moment are more or less eighty percent less than it was it was last year so we're talking about numbers that are perfectly manageable we shouldn't get into a panic state of minds our policies in the last year or so have started to produce results you know they need to be sustained and it is extremely important that we do this in cooperation and partnership with our friends in the countries of origin
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transit in particular in africa we're investing a lot in africa now member states need to do the same but what they're really struggling with is finding external countries which are prepared to act as holding centers albania was suggested but it is resistant so are african countries and as usual the question of helping troubled nations so that people don't have to become migrants was barely mentions it's worth remembering that the founding principle of the entire european project was and remains ever closer union and yet migration threatens to break that now because many countries either don't have the money or lack the political will to help anymore there is now a battle on for the heart and soul of the european union. this isn't a refugee crisis it's really a crisis about the rule of law and humanitarian standards in the part of the world which claims to be the most moral does it do its people want to be that anymore
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these are big questions with no satisfactory solutions. and lawrence joins us now live now from brussels so italy blocking a final statement any progress on breaking the deadlock. well know it's no clearly not in you know as bad as we thought things were and as big as the schism really inside the european union we've got even more evidence of it now tonight a good two hours ago now there was supposed to have been a news conference between the presidents of the european council and the european commission in which we assume they're going to issue a joint communique on behalf of the entire block on issues to do with with trade and defense remember not only migration talking about here they've also been talking about what their joint approach should be to america and donald trump who was launch a trade war against europe and what they will do in response to that it turns out that italy use its veto power to block that communique and so they had to cancel
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their news conference we think that the reason why italy is blocked that isn't necessarily because it's completely in favor of trump and doesn't want to stop a trade war happening but we assume that it's because italy is holding out for some source of great a deal to its benefits on migration and therefore won't sign anything else until it's happy with whatever deal the might get hammered out over dinner tonight and into tomorrow around migration but it just shows you the extent to which these countries which are now in open revolt against the european center led by italy and austria and obviously with the express backing of hungary and the central european countries the extent to which they're prepared to say we're not listening to you anymore at all never mind some sort of european finesse deal where you brush aside the differences and get on with things as if he's busy usual that's all gone now and the personal is the most pressure on overwhelmingly is angular merkel the german chancellor because she'd been given until the end of friday to come up with
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a solution on migration that was satisfactory to her junior coalition partner and she's only now got one day left to do that and they made absolutely clearly no progress whatsoever. at this summit so far that's right in great detail at stake here for the german chancellor what then is the plan for the second day of the summit on friday. well i mean overwhelmingly the got to translate this migration issue well because if it is just it blanketed everything there are other things that they've been meaning to talk about imposing a reform of the euro zone which is very important to countries like greece and italy because they've been saddled with enormous amounts of debts and austerity that the demand of the european central bank and the german governments they can't organize any of those things until clearly they've got a migration bill is satisfactory to the italians as well there's obviously the other deal of breck's it which in in any other time you'd think would be quite
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important that's been pushed right down to the bottom of the agenda partly at least because the british still don't have any position for the e.u. twenty seven to discuss but all these things are pretty small now compared to the overwhelming problem of migration and what it's doing to the cage of the inside european union all right thank you very much from brussels aren't slay the captain of a rescue ship that's become a symbol of e.u. division is being questioned by maltese police the m.v. lifeline unloaded more than two hundred thirty refugees in the letter on wednesday after six days stranded at sea is a members argued over which country should take it in john's or up list has the latest from wall to capital. behind me is the m.v. lifeline impounded by multi-source dorothy's here at boilers dock in this vessel was allowed to dock here on wednesday offloading its two hundred thirty three refugees and migrants but the vessel itself is impounded and the captain is being
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questioned by police here the nub of the disagreement between the mission lifeline charity and or thorough seems to be what the exact movements of the vessel word during the last week when it picked up these people at sea and why it didn't deliver them into the hands of libyan authorities who were prepared to take them i spoke with the head of the charity actually who said we ask the libyans for a port of safety but a port of safety has to be an international law a real port of safety i received in an email that it should be tripoli i couldn't believe that that was the end of communication with the libyans there seems to be displeasure with mission lifeline for refusing to hand these refugees or migrants over back to the libyans which is obviously what the italian government would have preferred and insisting on bringing them to a european union port of safety. opposition
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fighters in one of syria's lost rebel strongholds of agree to a twelve hour truce with the government's ally russia the seas find there i will come into effect at midnight local time that's just under two hours from now truce was negotiated by free syrian army rebels at least thirty civilians were killed in government as strikes on the province on thursday syrian army was also also captured the town of according to the government's lebanese ally has fallen. meanwhile hundreds of syrian refugees in lebanon have begun crossing the border to return home to an uncertain future the refugees cram their families in belongings into pickup trucks cars and tractors the lebanese government has told them to return saying many areas in syria are now stable enough but the united nations is more cautious saying the country is not yet safe
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a trumpet ministration plan to sell high tech arms to saudi arabia and the u.a.e. could beat the rails by a top u.s. lawmaker who's holding back support the u.s. agreed to sell one hundred twenty thousand precision guided munitions to its gulf allies but senator bob menendez says he has concerns about the war in yemen and whether u.s. policies are contributing to the country's humanitarian crisis he's asked for more information on whether the arms could be used to kill civilians well in other developments the u.s. deputy attorney general has been accused of withholding documents related to the f.b.i.'s investigation into donald trump's presidential campaign rosenstein why are you keeping information from congress. and i'm not keeping any information from congress that it's approved few minutes mr rosenstein think the house of representatives going to say something different i don't agree with you congressman i don't believe that's what they're going to say and if they do they'll might disagree but i think we might think drums allies in congress had a heated exchange with rod rosenstein during a special hearing he's been criticized by trump's supporters for appointing robert
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muller to lead a special investigation into links between russia and the trump campaign meanwhile it's been reported that close confidence of donald trump had close to ties to the u.a.e. than previously thought when they were on the campaign trail middle east ice says it has e-mails that show they were willing to exchange inside information with the u.s. ambassador to washington earlier we spoke to david hurst editor in chief of the middle east i what it shows is that there is a concerted efforts. very very early on. to imprint. people and ideas on the blank sheets of crumbs mind on the blank sheets of gerald cushions mind and the same people are now forging ahead with her agenda be it against qatar that are going to solve a zero or be with the deal of the century syrian people are true involved because they think they're actually running the middle east at least fifteen people have
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died in a fire in the kenyan capital's largest open air market up to seventy others have been taken to hospital with serious burns in suffocation including many children the fire broke out early on thursday morning at the market which is famous for selling secondhand clothes catherine soyuz the latest from nairobi. this is watch remains of a section of one of nairobi's largest markets more than two hundred traders shared the space mostly selling. and kilts the fire started early morning when the market was close to the people living nearby was asleep many including children were overcome by smoke and fumes and suffocated others were a hospital someone who was at home when he had the market is on fire he had a business here and lost most of his stock. so i was called at around two am told there's a fire i rushed here i still have my pajamas on when i got here all my timber was on fire it was worth about ten thousand dollars but afternoon investigators will
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still collecting evidence to find out what started the fire. and rescue has opened shop daws to make sure no one had been trapped inside all the people who died of suffocation in this building's many a still in hospital some resident in trade as we spoke to said that the fire was caused by an electrical fault but police are still investigating. this maybe there was tragedy in a market in reason he says but it's certainly not the first to happen at least seven serious incidents in the last seven yes some are blamed on our son because of business rivalry but most a say to be accidental i can't say what the problem is but the market is too congested and narrow it makes it difficult to contain fires we also sell highly flammable goods like mattresses timber and clothes so far as spreads very quickly we need at least a water hydrant here it's a busy market to tens of thousands of people trade every day so as those who lost
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friends and family in the fire and property ponder their next move just a block away it's business as usual catherine sawyer al-jazeera nairobi. you without is there a lie from london still ahead and u.k. parliamentary report criticizes what it calls britain's any excusable collusion with the us in the mistreatment of detainees after nine eleven and relatives wait for a fifth day outside a cave in thailand where twelve school boys and their coach is still trapped. hello and welcome to international weather forecast we're still dealing with some pretty severe storms across central and southeastern parts of europe at the moment
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across eastern parts we've got some fine conditions there for russia twenty eight degrees in moscow and across western areas also looking draw and finally warm weather continues across the u.k. iberian peninsula still looking pretty hot but some isolated big storms are likely now as we advance a forecast through into saturday we can see some rain pushing into the iberian peninsula and across eastern heiresses where the rain is going to intensify up through ukraine into moldova western parts of russia with moscow seeing some showers later in the day but still some pretty hot weather across southeastern areas and still the risk of some really heavy storms for rumania in particular into north africa it's all looking fine the winds coming as the south attempt at thirty seven degrees fortunate meanwhile over across in cairo weather conditions are looking fine thirty six. in central africa we've got showers across the central belt mushy space but pretty wet at the moment across parts of west africa through lagos nigeria and ghana and that continues through saturday much of southern africa
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is draw and fine plenty of sunshine temps those struggling in capetown a high here of just fourteen to greece. in an exclusive documentary series al-jazeera reveals the full story of a war that changed the face of the middle east this is not a few words to defeat this is a war over the promise of the final episode of a three part series explores the impending threat to global superpowers i don't covers why the out is where the conflict continues to this day the war in october the battle of beyond this time on al-jazeera.
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come back quick look at the top stories now a city is ramping up pressure. as to reach common ground on how to deal with migrant arrivals its prime minister has reportedly blocked the adoption of a joint a you statement at a tense summit in brussels. opposition fighters in the syrian rebel stronghold of daraa have agreed on a twelve hour truce with the government's ally russia the cease fire is due to take effect a midnight local time or twenty one hundred g.m.t. . and confidence of donald trump reportedly at close contact with the u.a.e. just before just while he was president elect the middle east ice says they were willing to exchange inside information with the ambassador of washington to keep amrozi interests at the heart of u.s. policy. it's now been announced that u.s. president donald trump will meet the russian president vladimir putin in helsinki next month is almost on july sixteenth is set to be the first official meeting
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between the two ladies they've held informal talks on the sidelines of international gatherings twice before the white house says the two will discuss u.s. russia relations in a range of national security issues jabber tanzi has more from washington. in off the cuff remarks of the white house on wednesday doldrums that ukraine and syria would be on the agenda of the summit national security advisor drawn bolton in moscow said the alleged interference by russia in the us presidential election will be the scope of what's getting a lot of attention here in washington is the tweet of donald trump shortly before the announcement of the summit was made it says the following russia continues to say they have nothing to do with meddling in our election exclamation point on the face of it a simple matter of fact russia does continue to deny any meddling in the u.s. presidential election but that's calling for causing some consolation as is the potential for the truck once again to be ending traditional u.s.
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alliances that have been in place since the cold war particularly since this summit will take place shortly after what's likely to be a could be a contentious they threw summit in brussels venezuelan president has called u.s. vice president might pens a poisonous viper and vowed to defeat what he called washington's attempts to force him from power and is currently on a three nation tour of latin america seeking to boost regional pressure on venezuela following nicolas materials controversial reelection in may while in brazil mike pence met venezuelan refugees and expressed his support for them in contrast to his hardline stance on migrants from central america trying to enter the us it was president to do his response to his toll. every time the police in this viper mike pence opens his mouth i feel strong and clear of what the road is the road is ours it is venezuelan it is not the one mike pence points out to us not twenty poisonous snakes not twenty vipers like mike
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pence broken and defeated mike pence yes we have defeated you and we're going to defeat us wherever you travel. during his trip to brazil mike pence pledged his support to venezuela's economic refugees. back in our country we. we face. a crisis on our southern border as many seek to come into america for a better life. the families that karen and i met today with flood from venezuela. came here to brazil not to seek a better life they came here to live to survive. in the families we spoke to today told us again and again how you desire to return to venezuela and restore freedom in your land and i want to
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assure you that we will stand with you in that cause. drama's in milwaukee wisconsin way has been visiting a new foxconn factory complex u.s. president says the project with the taiwanese electronics manufacturer will see the creation of fifteen thousand jobs john hendren is in mt pleasant wisconsin forest hills rather like president trump is trying to claim this box called project design . yes indeed he came here and he took credit for thirteen thousand new jobs coming to the state of wisconsin this was a groundbreaking for a company called foxconn that is a time when ease company that manufactures l.c.d. screens like those behind me there and also manufacturer assemble apple's i phones so this was a big addition an opportunity for donald trump to take credit for what he has done for the u.s. economy and he certainly did that he said that when the company mentioned this to him he was the one who mentioned the state of wisconsin so he took credit also for
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the location of this place and that's very important to donald trump the reason is that he was the first republican to win the state of wisconsin since one thousand nine hundred eighty four and this is a key swing state he wants to make sure that his republican party wins it in november in the midterm elections so that they can retain control of congress that's very important to him for a number of reasons but among them are all of the investigations into him and his administration so this was very important to him and he certainly took credit. and of course this comes amid a growing tariff wolf is a trade war developing between countries particularly america's traditional allies how is that affecting people why you are in wisconsin. well i spoke to the head of a trade group here and he said nearly all of the businesses here in this milwaukee area are affected his organization represents about two hundred businesses about three hundred jobs and he says nearly all of them are affected and one of the
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reasons is this is a heavily manufacturing district so those steel and aluminum tariffs. those are affecting them but also all of the retaliatory tariffs it good countries are placing on places like this wisconsin is a dairy state and farmers here don't know if they're going to be able to continue to export things like milk and cheese so that's a significant problem for them the iconic motorcycle maker harley davidson now says that due to the tariffs it plans to move some production abroad general electric which makes m.r.i. machines as magnetic resonance imaging machines that doctors used to look inside your body they say that they will also be hits or nearly everyone has been affected business wise but many of the voters reach out to voted for it all dropping twenty six teams that they will continue to vote for him and his republican party all right thank you very much from wisconsin john hendren. i want to bring you up to speed with all the developments in the united states now reports of the now the
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shooting that multiple people have been shot at a newspaper headquarters in the state of maryland this is the scene now in annapolis the gunman appears to have targets at the offices of the capitol newspaper in annapolis and we now know that a number of people have been shot we'll continue to say across that bring you more on developments that as the information comes in to us but this is the scene now in annapolis where we understand there's been another shooting in the u.s. state of maryland now to an investigation into the u.k.'s involvement in rendition and torture after nine eleven has criticized inexcusable collusion with the u.s. and the mistreatment of detainees the british parliament intelligence committee report says the security agency supplied questions for the interrogation of prisoners they knew or suspected was subjected to cruel inhumane and degrading treatment paul brennan reports. the brutal methods of western intelligence agencies
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after nine eleven included waterboarding starvation sleep deprivation stress positions verbal threats and physical assaults on the u.k.'s intelligence and security committee set out to uncover the extent of british involvement after fifty hours of testimony and forty thousand documents the conclusion was clear in the view the united kingdom tolerated actions and took others that we regard as inexcusable the committee declared itself astonished that despite rendition being illegal in britain there is still no clear policy on the u.k.'s involvement in the practice by other countries via the u.k. and while there was no smoking gun showing british agents had physically abused detainees there were hundreds of cases where agents had been involved in interrogations despite knowing or suspecting mistreatment but crucially the committee was prevented from talking to the agents involved we want to talk to the
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people who were in those posts back at that time and in addition to that we want to talk to people who were in the field at that time because without it you call fill in potential gaps campaigners say it's time for a judge led independent inquiry which has greater powers to demand disclosure and compel witnesses to attend this is something the government promised back in twenty ten. it has stalled but the government has until now always maintained that this will be the position once the i se has finished its inquiry and so we now look to theresa may to establish that inquiry without delay the response from the intelligence agencies has come from an interview with an unnamed agent here at m i six in which they said that the agencies were unprepared for the upsurge in counterterrorism work which followed nine eleven that they had who had specific training in conducting detainee interviews but the tough important lessons had been learned and they did things very differently now. the abuses at abu ghraib bag ram
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obey in the numerous so-called black sites around the world led to a global scandal and now even the united states prohibits its agents from using cruel or degrading interrogation methods but rendition and detentions are still going on in the oversight of the remains murky pull brennan al-jazeera london. rescuers in northern thailand are trying to find an alternative entrance to a flooded case where twelve boys and the soul could have been trapped for five days scott hide their reports from chiang rai. yelling into the hills for their missing boys for fathers in the jungle above cave pleading for their son to come home but the only reply they got was the whirring of a black hawk helicopter after a night of heavy rain the skies cleared in the afternoon allowing helicopters to resume searching from the air. frustrated with the lack of information and progress
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after five days the fathers went out on their own checking in with the searchers and looking for answers i mean like that. i want to ask the governor how my boy is and all the other kids where are they do they have food and water that's all i want to know the only thing i can do is just wait and wait with. a group of rescue volunteers from bangkok will use a high tech laser scanner in an attempt to locate the boys they plan to lower down a recently located chimney that they hope lead to deep in the cave. because that mean a scan i can see through layers of ten meters and can share a graphic of the cave if we drop it in the cave we can see the shape of a human more than a thousand people are now involved in the search including american troops and british diving experts. but was so many bodies and organizations at the scene there are also serious logistical challenges. we're deep in the hills that housed this
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vast cave network while some groups are using high tech to assist in the search and rescue operation somewhat like these from the park service or doing the old fashioned way they're hiking through these woods to link up with the rescue officials deeper in the hills while the searching continues in the water in the air in the vast jungle families are focused on staying strong because at this stage that's one of few things they have control over scotland al-jazeera chiang rai. it's in a quick update on the breaking news from the united states reports that multiple people have been shot at a newspaper headquarters in the state of maryland the gunman appears to have targeted the offices of the capitol newspaper in annapolis a spokesman for the local police says officers are searching a building in that situation is active and ongoing we'll have more on that as we get it in see people perhaps just in the process of being evacuated there and
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police as we can see are also on the scene amid reports of multiple people being shot there in annapolis maryland italy's ramping up pressure on its european partners to reach common ground on how to deal with migrant arrivals its prime minister is reportedly the adoption of a joint statement at a summit in brussels and german chancellor angela merkel says divisions on migration could make or break the e.u. a right wing group of countries is pushing for stricter policies on migrants aren't slay has more shows you the extent to which these countries which are now in open revolt against the european sense a lead by italy and austria and obviously with the express backing of on greece and the central european countries the extent to which they're prepared to say we're not listening to you anymore at all never mind some so the european for this deal where you brush aside the differences and get on with things as if these bridges usual that's all gone. and all the headlines opposition fighters in one of syria's
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last rebel strongholds of agreed on a twelve hour truce with the government russia. will come into effect at midnight local time that's just under two hours from now the truce was negotiated by free syrian army rebels at least thirty civilians were killed in government as strikes in the province on thursday syrian army also captured the town of according to the government's lebanese ally hezbollah. and at least fifteen people have died in a fire in the kenyan capital's largest open air market up to seventy others have been taken to hospital many with serious burns the fire broke out early thursday morning in nairobi's market which is famous for selling secondhand clothes. the top stories i'll have more news for you in about twenty five minutes time do join me then coming up next on al-jazeera the stream.
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and i really could be today with more l g b t representatives in the public eye we discuss what impact they have so tell us who you are proud of our why the rest the world should know about them too just sort of your comments in our live chat maybe you could also be in the street. names stories i'm a democratic candidate for the kansas third congressional district and you are in the show your. politicians are slowly gaining visibility and reaching their nation's highest offices something that was on soften mobile and till very recently well why they're all four heads of government two are
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also part of the l g b t community and twenty seventeen thirty three represent.


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