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tv   Pakistan Killing For Honour  Al Jazeera  June 29, 2018 1:32am-2:01am +03

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a white male suspect is in custody at least nine people have died after an oil tanker caught fire on a busy road in nigeria's commercial capital more than fifty vehicles were burned when the truck burst into flames in the city of lagos. a temporary cease fire has gone into effect in one of syria's last rebel strongholds a truce in daraa was negotiated by free syrian army rebels and the government's ally russia it will last until noon on friday at least thirty civilians were killed in government as strikes on the province on thursday. over the top stories much more news coming up from doha in twenty five minutes time that's it for myself from the team here in london one i want east is next. al-jazeera is a very important fourth of information for many people around the world when all the cameras are gone i'm still here go into areas that nobody else is going talk to people that nobody else is talking to and bring that story to the forefront.
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traditions run deep in the villages of northern pakistan for women especially it's a life of tight control. punishment is harsh if women bring shame upon their families but what constitutes shameful behavior and steve cho on this episode of one of the unused we look at the mysterious disappearance of four young women were they killed because they clapped their hands. northern pakistan. a place where not much has changed for the locals in a long time. but then technology the mobile phone shook their world.
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a video of four girls and two boys went public. it doesn't look very dramatic girls clapping boys dancing. around or they never appear together and the girls are fully covered. but here that was more than enough just you just if you want to. wait a minute citizen by the east. but in english jealousy afzali stanny is the brother of the two boys in the video. and a lot of men to be given them and yeah you know yard gate at the high. general jack and appears in the case of the i was told that the media was the
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city's. islam a bud based reporter. saw the video he realized the precarious future faced by the girls in a place ruled by strict customs separating men and women he decided to travel to coaster to talk with the locals about the case. of decade. or someone who was it just that he has. some know the job will go through those mr. jealous is the other. didn't get out of got all of this thing and. it is either get out is it again as i thought about. now it was a decade at the end of the book at them that the amount of. they get in the individual
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in a lot of it. because it's a little bottle is. a matter like i mean what are some things that the. delay is about that only this i think and that is that i give them out about that. so i'm on a mound they will both bought it because i think that is just plumb on when they get sick but i mean to be in a case like this. but has seed found the younger residents hold different views. the name the city to highlight bottom up people on the order can you see how. what to do you got back to school much wouldn't mind a journey get a look at it he hand. in pakistan's tribal decisions are made by a group of male elders known as a juror. well controversial giorgos are often used to resolve disputes adjuvants power can be deadly. one young man has the interview described what he
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says happened to the girls in the video. there. that are very early. to say where you get there are. going to be. sure. that people you know know what they were and were always. there to kill book or whatever one particular. record didn't. occur in a. very kewl. cib returned to islamabad with his new story but he knew this was not going to be the end of it. they're going to get hurt but they're going to need to do going with monica order to see and hear yeah nice of little humans get in there go on get we've. got to look at the year or. culture you get there if you want to. get
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time down look at who was there yeah but they. were just on the run down but now where derek's a home get put on dances with. since i've solved brothers were in the video he now fears for his own life yet you know no. show he was just like you would just do all that nobody up with. that it. was you what do you want to. start with. after so is convinced the girls have been killed by getting the outcome of your. body about me i'm going to get on. your honey but i'm not i'm not going to come in but i'm in trouble and happy because the most fun that i commit was the bad i've been through from there and i'm
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happy with at the. end there's i'm done with. and we're happy. with government but women's rights activists didn't believe it immediately even or something like that people like us the knee jerk responses must have happened because these that the violation. all the time the supreme court ordered the girls in question be brought before them the local authorities insisted that the girls were alive but they would not present them to the court so the judge ordered a team of investigators to fly to the region to meet the girls just like does sit on a helicopter and who. farzana bari and other members of the fact finding commission traveled north from islamabad to coerce there should be no i was one of them on the helicopter he had the key would you buy that to look up to write it he was for
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a book in the phone only bismillah pretty with a lot of i think he had bought it eight willie a disk in that lead nowhere got a nomination in the body due to some. of. the investigators talk to the locals about honor killings. every person had a story to tell you that u.t. going to have a mini van because i do you work with you two are. the wilder devour the ridiculous upset the sauce story the lot of us does it give a whopper that i say that is that i'm a common cold you know dollars a gram do it that you had to say got to me the wire the list that. i'm the local administration request he could be upcoming which sweden but you couldn't be here because it was about enjoying it i'm going to continue bellamy living but i'm guessing on quite a difficult to give way but yeah they were very very lucky.
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the next morning when they went to the girls' village they found several empty mud huts. and kittens turned scarlet only career move. far as such from a casino celtic was forget me. the investigators say the locals tried hard to dissuade them from meeting the girls. insist here again little to not accuse them and i don't have my own honest if i had a cup of tea it is far better at the new three spot a bit the only piece this far but if you think about michelle absolutely done but the women insisted. finally they met a girl on the mountainside she was wearing a red shawl like the girls in the video she was looking that skeered but of course like the last and none of us only should be you know speaks little bit of the language the pit. you're looking when you get to. that ik
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communication on lithium disheartening. they were told she was called amine or the investigators asked her about the video . but then they hound. me up and got a million. mom. clapping we're gonna be shoe bomb with a hug here may dear how many. here would you be brunch or a year they compared the girl they met to the one in the video but we saw this look at the food to. all three of us say she seems the same but she was the only girl they met. when the team asked for more time to meet the others their police escort insisted they had to return to the capital immediately they did not let us just. put checks it just that the helicopter just back to the supreme court
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everybody putting that we have only met once and that seems to be a light. this is. ground zero. and this is being. i don't know you know if you. ask i mean stephenville because if you give me something that he still does in the way he just sat there listening to me and then he says i think it was that i asked you guys if i've even done just. yet of going to the friendship to just get down there. but hey. what if you look at the vietnamese if you look at the one they are no good you just look it
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well give it a did you. even know that just being the source of the. christmas joke learn. from it. let's get this believe it was a good joke you're going to get it in the. journalist. disagrees you didn't come up to say i was a score and skip a beat me when i think about it but i'm going to have to provide you can't give up because they can mark you know that you're going to stand by each other so people are to be up even to call you what you are is not people and you haven't even read your stand each other not like you get in here where you have always done what we have need to package the rules are followed have been next my own good by any good morning all you got off you has it do you dr peter. i'm.
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glad i got. to see tries calling one of the brothers in the video oh. oh hello oh goodness that one has the pleasure but only slumbered sejanus for the bob the you were brought in by people. you don't want there to kiev hand in there's an id on the family one called john to opt out it was going to be with us i had to go back to. oh my. god. are. there. not. a jumbo up. a tell you any of you up nearly by night at some of my live locally but not of your likin opcode you dance my way up an
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emotive to me. while i do clipping won't get past guess aboard. your name in milan it can be evident that gassing me noni no more polygamy law and again when i've been there to do an article give you a good going to what obscene is in the guess it. was. the brother sticks to his story that the video was fair. meanwhile one week after the first investigative team returns from coaster their job unfinished a second team is sent. the team again includes farzana bari this time joined by a parliamentarian and a judge. a local government minister addresses the religion in a jirga like setting. yes a daughter marrying your aunt courtside if they were getting there. they can m.r.
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you but. i just you're going to get much credit great you know what you. get sad if i just thank you said you don't feel like idea you're insane you know we did. our society do you have someone here you get home january so we're. always tacky jenner gotta keep jenny grandma on. the investigators met two more girls who claim to be in the video. the team tried to verify if they were. as sick as your pipe which you couldn't my pupils out of. the from. now on. the other machine bush. doesn't care about.
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a lot of. this is what her. last. words this girl. was this girl syringe are far isn't a bari did not believe that they were the girls from the video i told them that these are not those two women afaik but she was overruled by the other team members by the time the team headed back to islamabad they were no longer speaking to each other they were team members of the committee i am saying they are the same in further investigation as to why these two other women are saying you know all the he met the girls and they're saying the thing has happened they submitted their report to the chief justice of pakistan soon after the supreme court closed the case months later the fate of the girls remains
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unclear the boys are in hiding but their family has become the target of deadly revenge started when he was out of the you know who really was going to be as it were they were one of those at the mo you're go there if you're going to live out of the car. i'm going to be good from this. but if you get that. e-mail you can assume that about the. afzal is that breaking point. was very nice families don't just go when buying go near the bottom of the knee you can name this acknowledging name but you know that there won't be news in the about me jamie mediate already knew you know that it was going to sound it out. catherine who rolled is another journalist who took up the kates first that's also me was that these are you know. obviously i can verify that she was saying it in
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a certain strip so i had to go and talk to the women who've been sent by the supreme court to investigate us. and one of them gives photographs of the women that they pass and that photographs us all supplied under catherine sent both sets of photos to a british facial recognition company. the experts then studied the two sets a big. they said that this was very unlikely to be the same one for one thing that you might notice is that here she has a mole just above her leg maybe a couple of millimeters above her left here and the mole appears to have moved and it's. much higher. her facial structure also seems to be different. so the question is if. these two women are not the same.
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why did this woman meet investigators returning to this one. one possible explanation is the tremendous. it's technically he's honest i think he is technically the most he can do something how could there be evidence they would be having with this new evidence from the facial recognition experts for senate barrino believed she could get the case reopened then get things article published and i had that every good spirit it was the one that they you know it was forty percent resemblance it was good for the feet but they died three brothers of you know those boys that also and i got the statements from the police stations bit by these people reported because they were
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at it as were but it was always saying that he had killed these boys because they had made videos of the men. she was advised to take the case to the district. because of the dollar did the big chunk of wood yard to join a full fall by the body of. yeah i don't know if you're within the borders that i'm going to cuba pile up was i got by or double john with the book on cause it of value was done a good bit what did you know you were getting office like of mine had it not budging. nearly two years after the video was first leaked mazhar akram the lawyer for the national commission for the status of women presents the case when i did go to pedro eastman hiddink and that door or to your boss who are going to your boss yeah good day to know that you hand your will not to yeah i won't go. i've got
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a bulls in than he had on to dead bodies drab or bored to have produced. determined to keep the case in the public. turned to social media. i just thought you know how to show that you know how to. look ok who you just know so it's really easy but if you're in the car just because of the night. it touched a nerve. that . was that said that. i. was ok that. was. the one who. understands you but i thought one of your own is about going to be a noticeable difference as you probably know about that your problem about young
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women. in those that are in there it's just it's a button on your face just put your but not the one that i did the judge gave me to . write that. was please can get the school cocky humble the bombsite can shine the course of their kid to school or just him some i think he can eat institution the spec just people just it was or what they didn't but soften him up. but after months of legal wrangling the high court reverses the district court order that the case is closed again. the girls were never seen in any court you're looking at it was obvious that the young gent yes and that he didn't get it for five years was simply if you have it if you have to be that's of course not the summit. will not be fun even if you go to school the cop to get you break it will get you what it was
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under what i've yet to get it out but you will be either what the got not yet let's look a look at the well but you don't get stuck in a moment but i know i know what i'm going to be i'll give you good take a look when you get when i get a look that test. i'm going to get up now because i'm going on now to me but you get to see one smart to try to bridge where you're going on you don't you don't you sell your. soul. but that's not how those who hold the power in this remote region think of men like jurgen member move . don't get marry mighty busy we get behind big ticket is the we hear about it make a whole other look justifiably proud to be needy you know. i got i thought i was out did the hit i got a good side i'm saying they got. nothing to do they can with your hundred but
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something. else i mean it was silent you have to face and i day that is the automatic bill itself isn't like that and if he. was crap. this is the house where brothers are hiding. bin nasser explains how the video has turned his life upside down. as part of that american me. because he made clear. he's sure the girls have been killed when to start. with but. the brothers see no escape from the death threats also hanging over them . they can't even plead their case to the jirga. they get. the numbers in the name of. the mediator gives him
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a letter you send it out as you know you but you didn't get one even to. talk about the game and when you get. the force which means. he. committed to signal that you. must then you. this is a. big thing if he were not.
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yet. here they watch. eradicating leprosy in cambodia relies on education and treatment in equal measure on. him body early you know disability yet we will be waiting until three year old four year more he will have this ability to play it again and then no wait the next generation of antibiotics may just be way taking at the bottom of the ocean maybe this into as it is hope so good to have revisited on al-jazeera. july on al-jazeera in a new series of head to head maddie hasson talk of the big issues with hard hitting
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questions mexico is getting ready for a general election what direction will the country take as it struggles with drug violence and economic instability. people in power continues to examine the use and abuse of power around the world as the world cup in russia nears it and we'll bring you stories from on and off the pitch of the world's most viewed sporting events on television and online the stream continues to tap into the extraordinary potential of social media to disseminate news. july on al-jazeera. getting to the heart of the matter if more stuff i can see the turkish cypriot leader calls you today and says let's have talks would you accept facing realities what do you think reunification of look like that of people think the peace for unification is the only option for prosperity of south korea hear their story on talk to al-jazeera.
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this is al-jazeera. hello i'm adrian from again this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes european union plans to resolve the migration issue in disarray with italy threatening to veto a potential deal. the u.k. tolerated inexcusable treatment of u.s. detainees after the nine eleven attacks according to a new report. the emails that linked donald trump in the united arab emirates report claims close ties and influence over diplomatic appointments. that in sports columbia.


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