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tv   Skulls Of My People  Al Jazeera  June 29, 2018 4:00am-5:01am +03

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clash between old beliefs and modern life on al-jazeera. hello again adrian from going to here in doha the headlines on al-jazeera the immigration crisis is coming to a head within the european union with italy applying pressure on the group to reach common ground over how to deal with the influx of refugees lawrence live reports from brussels. the european union is in trouble and they all know it's the italians are now siding with the hunger ariens and austrians in a front against migration the greeks are trying to keep up a spirit of unity with the spanish and the french and the country trying to keep it all from falling apart is germany that chancellor had already spelt out the danger to the entire block in a speech before she arrived but he'd hold europe faces many challenges but
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migration could become the make or break one for the e.u. either we manage it so others in africa believe that we're guided by valleys and believe in multilateralism not unilateral ism or nobody will believe any longer in the system of values that has made us strong. given that there's no possible way anymore that the bloc can find a united position on sharing refugees the now having to resort to arrangements between individual countries prepared to help so for example greece which has already failed to find accommodation for many who fled from turkey says it will take more from germany to ease the political pressure on merkel from inside her own coalition. others repeated their calls for a calm approach to diffuse internal tensions many are talking about the crisis we're talking about numbers that at the moment are more or less eighty percent less than what it was last year so we're talking about numbers that are perfectly manageable we shouldn't get into
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a panic state of minds our policies in the last year or so have started to produce results now they need to be sustained and it is extremely important that we do this in cooperation and partnership with our friends in the countries of origin transit in particular in africa we're investing a lot in africa now member states need to do the same. but not only could they not make progress on issues like external holding centers in places like albania the size of the rift became clear as it's alleviates owed a planned joint statement from the political bloc putting yet more pressure on chancellor merkel with one day left at the summit. it's worth remembering that the founding principle of the entire european project was and remains ever closer union and yet migration threatens to break that now because many countries either don't have the money or lack the political will to help anymore there is now a battle on for the heart and soul of the european union. this isn't
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a refugee crisis it's really a crisis about the rule of law and humanitarian standards in the part of the world which claims to be the most moral does it do its people want to be that anymore these are big questions with no satisfactory solutions the recently of zero in brussels police are investigating whether a rescue ship in the mediterranean was helping people smugglers the lifeline docked in malta on wednesday after being refused entry by italy and spain it had been drifting at sea for six days with more than two hundred migrants on board. the military offensive in southwestern syria may have come to an end at least for twelve hours russian led talks in jordan have resulted in a temporary truce with the free syrian army and data at least thirty civilians were killed on thursday the government operation to retake the rebel stronghold began
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nine days ago. five people have been killed in a shooting at a newspaper building in the u.s. state of maryland police say the gunman targeted the offices of the capitol gazette in annapolis which had earlier received threats on social media a man in his thirty's is now in custody at least nine people have died when an oil tanker caught fire on a busy road in nigeria's commercial capital more than fifty vehicles were burned and when the truck burst into flames in the city of lagos. and britain's prince william has wrapped up his middle east tour by visiting the holy sites in occupied east jerusalem it's the first official visit by a member of the british royal family since one thousand nine hundred forty eight. and those are the headlines the news continues on al-jazeera after witness skulls of my people next.
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you know that is they teach. religion means said we should come to the cheech. and magnet to close their eyes to three.
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at the knesset last. was the moment they close their eyes or shot each. even if i prepared them close my eyes. they brought the christan they did they brought all this just. but today they also have the lent.
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the game and they made that and they killed it mad people and the only listen why they killed him it that mad people was the cause of lent. when this because of a people they belong in the maybe they don't belong there in jim and. there are people who are very very plot people they he they are mostly cantle and that this way you will never see how i am for the rest. ok. my name is. s.
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that when young great. and i'm always telling people that it's come one that you found people having two to three names they every can name or traditional name and then the so called christian name now it is also the christian name is mostly linked to colonialism because that then when the missionaries came to africa. they also introduced christianity and with this janet it was now but distant for the small babies so people who the parents would stadia babies to the policed to baptize them in they will say he's made chalte my baby the name of my baby is sure and then the police will say but kili give this the child in the name that you know that i can pronounce.
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they hid that then he had meek look they way dismay eight it symbolizes the haunts of a kitten kaitlin limits either the. man up unless it's to the head of our nation kiss. the. ground. for. the good of the was the was. the. was . the
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was yes. the. radio station today is one of the many. commemorations on the calendar of the ladder in band-aid on monday there was my. god. that our villages. elders when they wake up they need to him fire. and at the holy fire they then connect with this but it's a flaw in systems. and i will insist as then for texas. and against all kinds in real i'll bet luck. and.
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even rain really be paid to. do better with all kinds. like when we optic trading for serious negotiations. with the germans in the carriages was. the. the germans must come out and in clear language state that they they accept that what has happened to us is genocide that they apologize for the genocide and that the ad refused to sit down with us and discuss the question of the politicians and that it leaves the in principle ready to pay as it punishes yes our government can be there at the conference table
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as well we don't deny them the up nice part we are the people to negotiate on our one on behalf of our people in usa they need to express themselves on these before the second of october this year why the second of october that would be the hundred eleventh and vista of that infamous order of generals until. n.s.a. we have rejected long enough. hundred eleven years is a long period in our patients. and. i'm feared november once a few sheep can i would learn from puerto be finished if it can be a while i'm on it or if you will divide because until the smalls and saves because
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of that also that is pretty is finished he often wished them or which limb fund would. fund good clubbish loss and fail on as our sweating our sources to them and thought the facts on the linker meant him teeter fuzzier know when i may be good then can i'm uninsured who feared info come out in the air might even call the need door to feed west africa to our shores our shores and few days in a bush rosenfield off cocksucker behinds eighty six in that part of our twenty linka of talks of a few hundred fifty absolutely when we asked him for the bush rose and failing to our sources that are serviced in tagging. document heads. he was was a fearless within that city with tears of fact and as a defiant tone gave him the facts on the link about how to act on britain's thoughts of the gluten.
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feit injecting this motion the german parliament has effectively put an official stamp of endorsing the extermination office off second up to open one thousand and four for the overhead a row and the want of twenty second april one thousand and five for the number and all the public comment and atrocities that ketek devised those for this in the aftermath of such a humiliating rejection of the motion which is no doubt the snap in the face of the namibian people and their government it certainly cannot be business as usual between. today we have to match we have handled that situation
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a. little bit. a goal the goal of. what you did and what you did to that. game. was the best time to go back to the ship you know i mean yes but let me get that all right you can let the king live the funding. that. we're anticipating to hand over the invitation here ended out with ambassador of
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the football to proceed to germany. but i think when i say this because of the from i think thank you ladies or whatever. they saw you feel that we should hand over the petition fox news and the alfie's there on the basis that it was not that i'm going to. want a house only to. go out there to keep the decision i'm going to delete you know moving all the funds. they could come in to people. that. i was. that. close. right at the root the.
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meeting with the gemini. didn't go too well. in the sense that he stuck to the only government position. considering the time in the case of the jewish holocaust. the actually same german government has been talking. to a jewish people more than million jewish communities who are you really one state and to us. he said that well i'm just a special case is different and you couldn't explain when asked how are they different how is it especially case he couldn't spot. which obviously leaves us to conclude that. the only thing that makes them special is because
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they're europeans they're white people and we are fickle people. we in their oh i had a room. we don't believe the toe insulated dice. that is the end of all hey so when he putts or he departs we believe you know that tell you is going to go in a no one fist us and we always you know give him a myth to take to then every other head of. his come to be buried. in the cookie shin you know well if he's duty to was you know he has people.
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you. know. if you cannot know what happened in the post. why do you believe in the future. you have to know the past and most importantly to be able to our way to the mistakes of the past because you cannot build you know the future or mistakes of the past but or how will you know
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those mistakes if you are not aware of the history. the air. and wind with which to flare in germany. and so i was chatting to some germans they and we started to talk about the issue of genocide and then one of them told me that at that seem that it one of the universities there must discuss soul and i said are you sure he is as it how can i add goldie so they gave me a number they got that detail of the that wrecked out of the archives in the new drive out that's right brooke. so i mean i send an e-mail to this this in might introduce myself in message i would really appreciate if i can get even the chance
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to come and see these costs. when this story broke out that is cause i found in germany where they are. made some people to realize even people have died one hundred years ago they can return to haunt you in one way or the other. what happened in this church in those years. it's very difficult.
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it's painful. what happened to whom in biggs by the people who are who is power that indigence was you was. like or licked and people together but in the church better things opinion that you'd. like we're not telling you it when approaching now is that. the to depict middle eighty he was given the head of his i spent a lot of the head of his morkie they were from us taking the meat our core this. sure that they continue his character on in the books were transported or to be told jim and it was painful and it had been in the church where i'm standing. it's paid for here it's not it's.
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when we have arrived there i think they realize that we want to be just in they said no pictures it of and then he said we will take you down to the archives they sell it of books says the skulls are mixed up we don't even know which ones are coming from many bia because some are also coming from the aborigines in australia as it it doesn't it as long as i see that the police ask us so we went down there at before i entered the room i said to them i want to talk to masts. that they. were going with de trunk me the plan that. and that the man will be
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a marine bama to go on the. way. we look to the german government we said when the scouts of our people they belong in the media they don't belong there in germany and then they give me a government attitude west we don't talk in it was shit with groups who only negotiate with a government so then we went to our government in we said we want you to help us. well discussed because i'm so lucky the government supported us in that one. on a regard. went over my job and i mean i'm sorry i'm going oh i'm. going are going to.
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work with you. thank you thank you thank you. very. much i. was basically this close walking by themselves or food or food or course we follow in your mind. and ended up somehow even. found their way by your homes or insist. thanks. awfully nice
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oh you're. absolutely no knowledge and there's nothing to. this infuse it. with. this is. the moment i'm down when i'm. going down and i don't know what i'm going to do i'm going to have all my. hair. come on go back on the. camel my medicare some of my family and i'm. going down. so that day when we have to be discussed it was
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a national the minister cabinet member the all went to the airport and that is what we wanted them to look at this is a national issue badly done one. that. was in the mess. we're. in. who. would. want to own. them the second sky. they wondered too and then we hear this is skull from revamp all of that i've seen that may be and that was it is fine we did not demand that it
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was this was war so that people could have been killed as well but we are seeing our cases based on the east in this in order so as to distill delhi different from yvonne or demo who was killed during the war because there was no if the mission whatever them in there was no indication from the germans the weapon of the only one they to kill in exterminate mad people. african heads of state and government will gather in mauritania for the thirty post assembly of the african union ongoing conflicts in the fight against corruption will take center stage al-jazeera will bring you extensive coverage of the summit and its outcomes the african union summit on al-jazeera graduating well this idea talked into it whether on line it's undoubtedly chief goal of
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poverty and inequality in our society today or if you join the sunset criminal justice system is dysfunctional right now this is a dialogue what does it feel like bring you to go back for the first time everyone has a voice and allow refugees to flee the speakers for change joining the conversation on our. in an exclusive documentary series al-jazeera reveals the full story of a war that changed the face of the middle east this is not a war to defeat israel this is a war to open the way for the promise of the final episode of a three part series explores the impending threat of two global superpowers i don't cover as why the our business conflict continues to this day the war in october the
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battle and beyond at this time on al-jazeera. hello again adrian figure here in doha the top stories and al-jazeera italy is putting pressure on its e.u. partners to reach common ground on how to deal with the influx of refugees migrants to europe the new populist italian prime minister picante has blocked a joint e.u. statement and threatened to veto the entire agenda if no solution is found the e.u. summit could decide the fate of the german chancellor as government coalition partner has given her until sunday to come up with an e.u. wide solution to migration obeid feel a whole europe faces many challenges but migration could become the make or break one for the e.u.
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i that we manage it so others in africa believe that we're guided by valleys and believe in multilateralism not unilateral ism or nobody will believe any longer in the system of values that has made us strong. police investigating whether a rescue ship in the mediterranean was helping people smugglers the lifeline docked in malta on wednesday after being refused entry by italy and spain it's been drifting at sea for six days with more than two hundred migrants on board. some of president donald trump's aides have closer ties to the united arab emirates than previously thought according to a new report the middle east i new site says it has e-mails revealing those who are willing to exchange inside information with the ever aussie ambassador to the u.s. during the twenty sixteen election campaign. five people have been killed in a shooting at a newspaper building in the u.s. state of maryland police say the gunman targeted the office of the capitol gazette
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in annapolis which the earlier received threats on social media a man in his thirty's is in custody at least nine people have died after an oil tanker called file a busy road in nigeria's commercial capital more than fifty vehicles were burned when the truck burst into flames in the city of lagos police say the tanker crashed on a motorway because its brakes failed and britain's prince william has concluded his middle east tour by visiting the holy sites in occupied east jerusalem it's the first official visit by a member of the british royal family since one nine hundred forty eight he started the day by paying respects at the grave his great grandmother princess alice who sheltered jews during the holocaust. i'll be back with a nice hour for you in a little over twenty five minutes here on al-jazeera panellist gets you back to witness skulls of my people.
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then. but i munch of of the vital people some will matter also what diet of the germans who came in who's that they do you know taking over their land taking the. introducing alcohol to them and when they had that and they do they get law of the land or they leave the women in on that day he said i am fed up and i am tired of the steam inside the us and now we will face. the full frontal attack in the west in chimed in they said we wanted to come here
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because you have some experience from tanzania on how to deal with the negatives and we have some here that are very stubborn and wanted to come and deal with them so now the war went all the way up to the what a bit it's where when you're far away finished. from thought that said that we finish them all and then we'll clock they will be done in a we have his breakfast that was not the case many people fought. and then they started to be driven into the they'll make in this that in the aftermath there now they fled and that's where they ended up in but so on and some in south africa . the extermination or does said. exterminate them kill them or.
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this was the final better of the happy for a good thing for the germans before the who knew from flick of the country to for children in the woods. in the will more or there are a lot of people way way killed by poisoning. the germans put poison into their what a horse and damsons all who was one of them me and was of it and then when there are people came comes in drink is water from the want to live in the they got poisoned and i was living with the indian. and then the rest many of them have died by guns and shooting what we do with them you know they are some kits were thrown in the air in that way way way way i wanted to which is quite cool so there was so
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many cooler ways that the humans built into the people image and throwing a child and then you see him you can buy anything. you. can. you. will rule. although. the federal republic of germany has to acknowledge germany's special historic
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and moral responsibility towards the republic of namibia. the federal parliament of germany the german born stock has reaffirmed the special responsibility to what some of us into important was the motions that of april nine hundred eighty nine and that of june two thousand and four it was the twentieth century's first genocide an estimated one hundred thousand ethnic herero unama people died at the hands of german colonial troops and present day namibia between the year one thousand nine hundred four and one thousand nine hundred five for a long time berlin refused to call the killings a genocide but that changed back in two thousand and fifteen germany and the may be are now in talks about a joint declaration on the massacre so i want to start off with you these talks are taking place but you're actually quite critical of these talks explain to us why who has decided that they should be tool special invoice upwind that it was the two governments without our knowledge so you feel left out we feel we at delhi excluded
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in the process did you feel the same way ms hofmann very much the same way we are excreted. i am. eating. sleeping and education. i was just like the air did. everyone to know what the so-called sas and the snake eating fish did me but i believe the situation this council for many people could be the proof that many people who we eat feel it. we also know from the history
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books that it's not only scraps that print protein in a plant plants of men the penis way cut off in property in their way people who wish to be resist it work in the west indian men folks not mad people because the things that they did eat will be made while while never that can make human beings do this to offend the him human being so this is a drama that is being transformed from one generation to the next generation. in now as the german government says that but they are also now p.s. if. you don't decide for yourself with
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a lucky shot you'll also decide if i'm guilty what then again it's. the mark of. dominic a fur come out of you and i can vanish when mentioning his so on and the traveler just as asked the same of affinities after a sentence farmlands and bison hunt in here they were numb about it i might alice k'naan down to lines of assorted ignorance of their preferred calling in america this is a. war for small stations in the west for i know you had legs and carry him back and gave him who have twenty more not foresee this after two hundred million orchids rawson that's is still hoops to pour cup and. in africa yeah the phantom to buy nick young off some time fun wanted to transparency
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. a skit about you in the steam a physician or mr money climate and business if. this isn't in the stock and she doesn't and that's the democrat. on here we have your mouth i now have a hammer out here after with india along with cystic lobbies of i named seriously i wouldn't week is vision on syria review don't want to make you want to see indecent or look what's his word came to us to discuss you wouldn't need to martyr and article you see it doesn't diminish ploughs are a scum country. you damn a legal assistant. it's a first come out for. check the order of keef in fear caps and enough. way sit with namibia that the gym is a special relationship is because of nineteen or four ways in the gym and dumb and not having a good relationship with the south african government for example so our government
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how would you tell against the hand that is feeding you eventually sealing these millions from the german government in the name of development eight let me guess the biggest recipient of the gym and development in ways that the case is to keep them to shut their mouths enough to support the issue of genocide in africa political practice are organized along ethnic lines then their ruling party which is sloppy is the mileage of the many because the obama people and they want the whole world to know that their liberation struggle started in one hundred sixty six they don't want other people to get clicked it could should just go to them and now if we
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legalize them and in zero four we recognize they have a people in on one act. when my hair already treated two brits wanna. turn when the war and did. we had arrows in the oven when your people were incarcerated in court for direction comes . to ninety eight. bizzy used to be a concentration camp where they used to keep in my mind that era was
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a prisoner of war when you look at this scene and see what was happening here here you would have known better it's really the day one the daily basis you had. people who were dissing me did. from hunger and thirst malnourished. and some of the women were pregnant and in these plays goes through a brick and when the dam comes they used to give birth right here in full view of everybody there soley as used to. look at the rate doing it are women and him in memory men and girls to choose from. which ever they wanted to take into the depths. to satisfy themselves.
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still oh. oh. well on board the one. who brought on the number one even. number one you've only got to wear it on your own mother when you want your boo. boo mother meeting in one room when no one will make you a long gonda. lorianne need to go on one event i mean there are going to be big guy who will your bowing again going where going alone we.
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they kill them the embedded them here here they also must like grace because spend days up to fifty a hundred have been handed the bill they were killed. they're pissed now themselves this may be one way used to come and dig deep into the abyss and underground. when the game is came they had one thing and the amount in that was to make sure that no one living in this continent. to themselves.
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then lindy issue is a big problem. i will tell you about eighty percent of committee are farmers. it's in the hands of the german people some of the farmers and their owner is in dimon this only what animals they will only received once when we come two hundred joining us in what i mean if it were up as a let me to have a fire my own place the firm would have a did not buy when was the going to be by force with also cable and everything inside it now is the only thing whatever i want to do with those and then i have two requests for that i have to buy for them at in the government at the moment the
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x. leg the fabric eight when people say they are eighteen now when people are demanding they are coming up with we want to do this in this in this so they the it's a time bomb and then know that many people are saying we need to join this group because they are talking about lent and we are seeing lent is what we have been dropped off by the germans and if people also start getting into the farms of the germans i don't know how they have brought us in says that's really it in berlin if the germans that's feeling unsafe in the media i don't know how it will affect. the millions of development eight that the gym and government gives to our government to menu police them. not to support the genocide issue.
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because all for why richard is sauce this is the way the european condrey divided themselves and is hip and that giving them and government decided to come in i mean and decided also to do these to get in the people that. these sebald men may trim only. because where intimate
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a lot of one thought that's good and that it is. very noble extremely mission or do . you. wendy we don't know how soon this one a little these landowners you have caught in limbo knows where from himself elsewhere you know sure the order in which. they would be refugees in thailand. the germans would have to go to germany they're bringing a very chilling really been the equator freeing the wealth over generations and we have been inherited object poverty. starting from ninety two for.
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if you go to swap months. it's so nasty denied. the black in the white you know you have there they read between these two. one advice when they blacks. it's their money. it them at risk yes and so on and then on the other side of the railway you have now the. past the last say. the nineteen zero four buildings they did the members are still there. and that is not only saw one way you see in these division off balance sheets in many towns as well awsome.
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what would your motto they have over know what they know if you know delivered an ordinary car put a lot of money from abroad would go to wonder what o.-w. nobody who were in remote room where you were and all of the board all the world up to four will be a monument to come in her own bombers in world little. bit
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three that you see here. it's quotes go there people go there poised for heroes we're seeing them remove feet and that was given the name after people find out the story of the three. it was like a movie for the human soul d s c t v what. we make it. and yes we did for them to you know this is second of october. is the day that the due date that was given by the paramount chief to the gym and government to respond to our demands so come
4:54 am
twelve for me tonight the deadline is over they send it so tomorrow morning nine o'clock we will be here with a chief then we'll talk to his people and as he sells himself pretty mad at rightly said that the auto was given him a few minutes i'm also going there to morrow to give my overtime to my people is to . how we will take it further. yeah it would. be a bear yes. correct. right
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yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep. yep. oh yes. on both day we. fight for but. you can use. it. until you find that you in the form or. you know you got it you. know you. got it but. then when that complete started to understand the issue of genocide. some people in my day i don't like that but the issue not this long as you still
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have it of us when this is going to equal destiny help for the aged men government to exact to have led him to come up with a lot of tactics the more they do that the money. we become. it's. the afghan national army. guardians of a country ravaged by decades of war and occupation abandoned by its liberate his.
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young men who know that each day could be the last it to continue to fight for a future free from chaos. honest on its own battle a witness documentary on al-jazeera. welcome back it's time to look at the americas sand and this forecast we've got some heavy showers across southeastern areas there across parts of louisiana into alabama georgia may see a few showers so too for the florida peninsula further towards the north of got
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some heavy rain just clearing through when the pages across the far north of the united states and into canada but the eastern seaboard generally fine conditions with new york and washington seen temperatures into the thirty's and that continues as we head on through into the start of the weekend had across more western areas is generally looking fine with it cooler than denver temperatures coming back to twenty five degrees celsius for central parts of america we've got some heavy showers across panama and costa rica otherwise weather conditions looking mostly fine up through the rest of the isthmus as for the islands of the caribbean heavy showers still across parts of the bahamas western parts of cuba but will find some brighter conditions returning as we head through into saturday the heavy showers across northern parts of south america have been for quite some time to come further towards the south this frontal system is still be in effect to the far south of brazil and into your acquired and that is expected to move on through into saturday the clear way into the south atlantic is a brighter condition and should be a fine day in ascension with high seer of twenty eight.
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as it takes a tougher line of migrants organized crime is making vast profits from the misery. people in power investigates the state funded deception centers where the helpless are regions to commodities right for exploitation. migrants. and. we will maintain the finest fighting force the world has ever known united states army was so reliant on the private sector i would call that the tendency we have a mismatch between the way we. are to be and the reality of the twenty first century. for evil and i want to show you how many of the persons that you're
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sending out you should be chancellor not. child soldiers reloaded on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm adrian figure this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes european union plans to resolve the migration issue in disarray with italy threatening to veto a potential deal. the u.k. tolerated the inexcusable treatment of u.s. detainees after the nine eleven attacks according to a new report. the emails that link donald trump from the united arab emirates a report claims close ties influence over diplomatic appointments. and in sport
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colombia and japan joined.


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