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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 29, 2018 7:00am-7:34am +03

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it's also good to have revisited on al-jazeera. but. europe faces many challenges but migration could become the make or break one for the e.u. . breaking news out of brussels the e.u. says it's reached a deal on how to handle the migration crisis. i'm sorry say that this is al-jazeera live from doha also coming up a temporary truce in the battle for southwestern syria but not before nearly eighty people are killed plus. a parent's desperation is emergency crews continue the search for a youth football team trapped in a flooded cave in thailand. why cigarette logos must go world trade organization
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backs australia's plain packaging of tobacco products. now e.u. leaders have reached a deal aimed at controlling the influx of migrants and refugees into europe they made the breakthrough after negotiating through the night to the e.u. summit in brussels under the deal the bloc will increase funding italy and greece have the option of setting up large holding centers to process migrants the italian prime minister says his government will decide later whether it's prepared to do that. it will be a campaign of the just a word to say that after nine hours of talks and work a deal has been reached and it's good news for france it's the period of combined work and its european cooperation that one as opposed to a non deal or a national decision that would have been neither efficient nor lasting. becomes
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a positive conclusions a lot of the around what the united kingdom has been encouraging for some time which is taking more action upstream in countries of origin so that we can ensure that people aren't having to make now making these very dangerous journeys often traveling many miles often at the hands of the people smugglers and making the dangerous trips across the mediterranean where we still see some people dying. a lot and so he has been covering the summit in brussels has the details. both of these countries now will be able to host voluntarily holding census it's a bit difficult to imagine exactly what these places would look like but the idea i suppose is they would they would be very very large centers where everybody who arrives is putting them in process and then has decided that those places who might have any chance old getting any sort of asylum system playing. one who
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doesn't and presumably the ones who dozens are then they need to be sent back and what happens the rest of his is is a bit unclear but the main points of this is to try to stop what's been happening at the moment which is when people arrive a major relief those countries into sars a canon child a lot on foot all but by whatever other means with you suggesting some western europe and eastern those places where the pressure was coming because austria and they part of the german coalition the sides we won't accept this anymore and that the person is going to benefit clearly the most in the short sentence of this if it's if it's as good as what they say it is now is the german chancellor angela merkel because this is obviously threatens parents on premiership in germany you mentioned the use the word voluntary is there an obligation in fact upon the members to share the responsibility of dealing with the migrants and refugees well no it doesn't it doesn't look like it and you know from that that the the whole
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problem that they have with this that dooms so-called closest system countries are supposed to share refusing migrants ours was one of the reasons why they started to fall the thoughts in the first place because so many countries said. to look after anybody it's all. in what it looks like this is probably going to have to run well i haven't really been specified yet hand in hand with some source of reform of the. the so called dublin regulation where refugees as opposed to seek asylum is the first country that the go to greece is secure that it might be prepared to take back people from germany under dublin in order to shore angola merkel it's really a contrast that said it's not prepared to do a little because it believes it is shouldering too much responsibility in things the refugees should be shared out more it lays one of those countries that refused
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to let in a rescue ship carrying more than two hundred migrants a lifeline eventually docked in malta off to being stranded at sea six days on now it's the subject of an investigation with police questioning whether it was assisting smugglers john through office reports from volatile. the lifelines belong to the crew spent the day washing down the boat taking out rubbish accumulated during its six days at sea mission lifeline which owns the vessel has a more complicated cleanup of its reputation it's interactive accused of colluding to smuggle people to europe after it refused to hand over two hundred thirty three rescued refugees to libyan authorities we picked up them on the twenty first of two in. about eighteen and twenty two miles. from the libyan coast so in international waters off the. coast guard boat approached us and told us to hand out the migrants to them they wanted to bring
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back some migrants to libya where they put to jail so we said well there's no way for us to hand outs of migrants. refused to the life line a safe port in italy preferring to send refugees to camps in libya what to do is illegal so we think that. it's breaking international law because libya is not safe and people are crowded in in such prisons and. face monitress and and tortured and raped so we are sure that this is not a solution and should stop very very soon the plight of the lifeline embodies the broader european debate about whether to rescue refugees at sea and bring them to say forts in the european union or ship them to camps in so-called safe countries
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stablished humanitarian practice is that of bringing them to europe but there is disagreement on putting sharing and a growing chorus of hardliners supports outsourcing humanitarianism to others the lifelines refugees are now at this processing center invalid. lucky to have their asylum interviews in europe from their balconies they can see the freedom little weights them unemployment television and dominoes in this ship breaker's yard it is safe but not a life and some european attitudes are hardening against free lance search and rescuers who would help bring others here malta's prime minister a liberal compared to some e.u. leaders holds this against them the captain of the said who went against international rules and ignored directions being given by the italian authorities who were coordinating the rescue it appears that european search and rescue has become a political not a humanitarian act. al-jazeera valetta. the military offensive in
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southwestern syria may have ended at least for twelve hours russian led talks in jordan have resulted in a temporary truce with the free syrian army the break in fighting and that comes after the deaths of at least seventy eight people on thursday poll chata jan reports. a bloodbath in the southwestern syrian rebel stronghold of daraa russian and syrian government judson helicopters hit an estimated one hundred targets on thursday dozens of civilians were killed in the twenty four hour barrage of barrel bombs and rocket fire. the u.n. says tens of thousands of newly displaced people have fled to syria's borders with israeli occupied golan heights and jordan peele goes to jordan one of the most generous recipients of refugees on earth that they keep border open for people fleeing south there is no there is no other
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place to go but jordan says its border with syria will remain closed the kingdom already has six hundred fifty thousand registered syrian refugees. the u.n. says the fighting has also cut off vital cross border relief and aid supply routes it's asking the warring parties to stop fighting immediately. the u.n. the u.s. u.k. and france have condemned russia's role in the offensive for you years ago the u.s. russia and regional powers had agreed that i was one of the so-called deescalation zones of humanitarian access this done agreement designated there are three other regions as places that would be free of hostilities between rebel groups and forces fighting on behalf of bashar al assad's government the day it then mean the day that this unprecedented air campaign by the russian jets adopting the scorched earth strategy is in gross violation of the deescalation agreement. but russia's
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ambassador to the united nations says moscow will no longer uphold the deescalation zone saying it was among the last strongholds of al qaeda syrian branch and i sold we urge the again the russians the americans and the daintiest were able to to to do it last july they can do it again today. they have all influence in this in this area so there is nothing inevitable about. this escalation of fighting for our side taking the rebel stronghold of down especially important after all this is where the uprisings against his rule began seven years ago. on al jazeera five people have been killed in a shooting at a newspaper building in the u.s. state of maryland the gunman targeted the offices of the capitol because that newspaper in annapolis the dead include four journalists and a sales assistant
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a man's now in custody and being questioned by police. we've had a terrible shooting incident here this afternoon there are several people who have died from this incident and several others are injured those who are injured have been transported for medical care to in on the medical center and to johns hopkins shock trauma those fatalities are. so so sad and i don't know what to say other than our thoughts and prayers are with them and their families and we take comfort knowing that they are in god's embrace. still ahead on al jazeera and you are sure it is i would have you know you were news for just the last piece. britain's prince for william drops off the first official royal visit to israel of the palestinian territories.
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and it's his first on. the weather sponsored by. hello and welcome back as we look at weather conditions across the levant and western parts of asia we've all but lost the showers across eastern areas find an almighty there in kazakhstan thirty degrees the maxwell. in the caspian sea is looking draw a fine thirty six in tehran but the main feature for iraq and down through kuwait and into the eastern side of saudi arabia is going to be the wind which is going to result in quite a lot of lifted dust so visibility is going to be very poor across the region during the course of the weekend from the eastern side the mediterranean jeremy the weather conditions looking good we've lost the showers across turkey so fine weather everywhere twenty seven and sunshine one current and fine in beirut that twenty seven degrees so moving down into the arabian peninsula as i mentioned when
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we're juicer visibility here in cateye to during the course of friday as you head on into south in the windies is down and visibility will improve a little bit on the other side of the potential largely fine pictures certainly very hot one for the dean of the might some of forty six degrees celsius as we head into africa southern areas are as you'd expect a dry and fine at this time of the year not particularly warm fourteen degrees in cape town rising to sixteen as we head through into saturday but for central parts of africa it's looking pretty wet across more western areas highs of twenty eight expected in. the weather sponsored by. the way when this idea. when they're on line it's undoubtedly. call of poverty and inequality in our society today or if you join the sunset criminal justice system is dysfunctional right now this is a dialogue what does it feel like bring you have to go back for the first time everyone has a voice and allow refugees to flee the speakers first change join the colobus.
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announces iraq. welcome back you're watching out zero time to recap our headlines e.u. leaders have reached a deal end to controlling the number of migrants and refugees entering europe the breakthrough came after ten hours of negotiations you summit in brussels it would read more funding and italy and greece can set up migrant centers on this oil if they want to police are investigating the operators of a rescue ship that was at sea for six days with more than two hundred migrants and refugees on board a lifeline docked in malta on wednesday after being refused entry by italy and
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spain police are looking into whether it was helping smugglers five people have been killed in a shooting at a newspaper building in the us state of maryland the gunman targeted the offices of the capital because that in annapolis a man's now in custody and being questioned by police. there's been some progress in efforts to drain a flooded cave complex in northern thailand where a football team remains missing twelve boys and their coach not been seen since saturday leaving many families anxious and desperate has more from chiang rai. after six days of searching still no answers for the twelve boys and their coats last trapped in the cave system here in chiang rai problems now the family members have been here most of them have been here since saturday when they first went missing almost every morning begins with a buddhist prayer and they're staying in a tent and have been in a tent again since saturday but some fathers are taking things into their own hands
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. yelling into the hills for their missing boys for fathers in the jungle above long cave pleading for their son to come home but the only reply they got was the worrying of a black hawk helicopter after a night of heavy rain the skies cleared in the afternoon allowing helicopters to resume searching from the air frustrated with the lack of information and progress after five days the fathers went out on their own checking in with the searchers and looking for answers. i want to watch the governor how my boy is and all the other kids where are they do they have food and water that's all i want to know the only thing i can do is just wait and wait till. a group of rescue volunteers from bangkok will use a high tech laser scanner in an attempt to locate the boys they plan to lower down a recently located chimney that they hope lead to deep in the cave because that
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mean a scan i can see through laser ten meters and can show a graphic of the cave if we dropped it in the cave we can see the shape of a human more than a thousand people are now involved in the search including american troops and british diving experts. but was so many bodies and organizations at the scene there are also serious logistical challenges. we're deep in the hills that how is this a vast cave network while some groups are using high tech to assist in the search and rescue operation some like these from the park service are doing it the old fashioned way they're hiking through these woods to link up with some rescue officials deeper in the hills while the searching continues in the water in the air in the vast jungle families are focused on staying strong because at this stage that's one of few things they have control over so friday's seeing a little bit of progress when it comes to draining that massive cave system as we walked up here this morning this road that leads up into the mouth of the cave we
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heard generators and pumps were actually working this is the first time in a couple of days that they're actually able to pump some of the water out of the mouth area from the cave now that's a very large area that goes back into the caverns the deep caverns where they believe the boys and their coach are so it's going to take some time so they can drain this and then go back also today on friday the prime minister is here to survey the situation to get a reading on how the search and rescue operation is going now britain's prince william has wrapped up his middle east tour by visiting the holy sites in occupied east jerusalem it's the first official visit by a member of the royal family since nineteen forty eight and he started the day paying respects at the grave of his great grandfather princess alice who shall to jews during the holocaust how to force it has more. appeal of prince william to the most personal part of this first official visit to israel in the occupied palestinian territories by
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a british royal at the church of st mary magdalene on the slopes of the mount of olives he paid tribute to his great grandmother princess alice a devout christian who'd sheltered jews during the holocaust she'd asked to be buried in jerusalem but present day politics will close at hand the royal itinerary turned this last day in east jerusalem part of the prince's visit to the occupied palestinian territories attracting some criticism from right wing israeli politicians israel's culture minister called him impolite for not meeting jerusalem's israeli man. at the al aqsa mosque compound the site no deduces the temple mount he met islamic clerics and viewing up close the golden dome of the rock just below at the western wall he met the chief rabbi of the holiest site where jews can pray even his own print between the stones. it reflected a balance he's had to strike throughout the trip choosing israel seventieth anniversary year one in which the united states has moved its embassy to jerusalem for a first official royal visit meant the politics had to be played carefully and you
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are sure it is i with all of you are doing is just he's on wednesday prince william was in the occupied west bank addressing the palestinian president as the head of a country. britain does not recognize the state of palestine but language like that ensured a warm reception his final speech of the visit at the consulate in east jerusalem was in similar vein my message. is that you have not been forgotten. it's been a very powerful experience to meet you and other palestinians living in the west and your stories back in the old city on his final day prince william's final stop the man who one day become head of the church of england spending time. inside one of christianity's holiest places the church of the holy sepulcher the site where jesus christ is said to have been tuned and resurrected so prince william has now completed his final official engagement of this trip it's
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a trip to kensington palace has been careful to describe as nonpolitical but it was at the request of the british government and of course in this environment at this time the issue of jerusalem is intensely political and he's had to walk the political fault lines very delicately are a force for the chinese to. now this trainee in government has won a major trade dispute over its plain packaging laws for tobacco products the world trade organization has ruled the laws helped improve public health the rules require cigarette manufacturers to remove although goes and branding from their products australia introduced the laws in two thousand and eleven but if a strong opposition from tobacco producing countries and manufacturers like philip morris for example which sued the government for what it called brand damage ok so was thrown out in the back of firm was ordered to pay the government's legal fees the latest complaint to the w t o was filed by cuba honduras the dominican republic
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and indonesia all of them to back oh producing countries who claim the laws damage international trade and violated intellectual property rights or that claim was rejected and the ruling is expected to accelerate the rollout of plain packaging laws in other countries too for more on this we're joined by simon chapman in sydney via skype he's a public health professor at the university of sydney who campaigned for plain packaging laws in australia good to have you with us so how important a victory is this for plain packaging. well this is the fifth time to becker interests of lost on this case they lost in the strike in the high court six to one a humiliation then they lost in a hong kong case against philip morris even philip morris as our own appointed arbitrator voted against it then it lost in the we'll try to organization in the
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british courts and again nice we heard the another loss again in the w w c a so the fifth the loss is this the final victory though it could still go to appeal couldn't it but what the industry always does with legislation that threatens its bottom line and of course in public health that's exactly what we want to do we do want more people to quit smoking and fewer people to take it up well the industry always usses first of all try to defeat legislation then if it can't defeat it it tries to dodge uses water it down and if it can't do that it tries to delay the implementation and what these cases are all about and trying to impose a regular treat chill globally so that other countries won't follow in a stroke is put footsteps that they've lost little bit light we've already got six countries which have implemented it we've got in addition to a stroller we've got france england the united sorry the united kingdom norway
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island and new zealand and there are another country another citizen who have legislation waiting in the wings and hungary canada and slit mania of going to the well in the aliments problem to get it implemented it's been a bitter battle why how effective is playing packaging in reducing smoking. well many countries around the world have banned all forms of tobacco advertising and we know from internal industry documents that the dominican to syria guards that pack as the last bastion of about the type of thing it's where they bring the associations that they try to bring to smoking to potential customers to a young starters children adolescents in particular so it's vitally important to them it enables them to charge a premium prices for products which can't be sort of differentiated from cheaper brands we've seen over and over experimentally in blindfold tests and so
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easily an enormous importance we have a thing in temecula control called the scream tastes and if the industry screams loud and long particularly legally we know that we should actually continue going on the things that they doing they did it with that bans they did it was smoke free areas they did it with graphic health warnings with attacks and now they're doing it with plant packaging all right good to get your fault on that thanks so much simon chapman and his the u.s. vice president has arrived in guatemala the final leg of his tour of latin america the region's migrant crisis top the agenda during my pence's talks with the presidents of guatemala salvador and honduras i know apollo has more. when it comes to u.s. support for latin american countries dealing with an influx of migrants it appears humanitarian assistance can depend on just where those people are heading in brazil
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u.s. vice president mike pence met with venezuelan migrants and announced ten million dollars in humanitarian assistance to the brazilian government for their continued role in accepting thousands of migrants we are with you. we stand with you and we will keep standing with you until democracy is restored in venezuela. on a three country tour of latin america the u.s. once president announced a similar commitment in ecuador this time two million dollars the last stop for mike pence was guatemala it's the home country of an estimated forty five percent of migrants trying to enter the southern border of the united states many being migrant children separated from their parents however assistance for migrants wasn't an offer instead a message to central american refugees considering migration to the u.s.
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if you want to come to the united states come legally or don't come at all if someone tells you they can bring you or your children to america outside the law don't believe that randy capps of the center for migration policy says it's the conditions in the region's northern triangle wonderous will solved or and want tamala that are at the heart of the crisis you've seen an uptick in violence organized by gangs in el salvador and drug cartels and under us those two countries i have a lot of the highest murder rates in the world right now guatemala has security issues too but the bigger issue there is poverty. the trumpet ministration announced that more significant resources would be sent to central american countries while also calling for stronger border security the vice president's trip was intended to focus on trade and security but the worsening migrant crisis in both north and south america have overshadowed his trip but up alone i visit our
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washington. police in washington d.c. have arrested ninety six hundred women protesting against the president gone from zero tolerance immigration policy. demonstrations called for an end to the separation and detention of why green families i'm sure in the country illegally two thousand three hundred my room children will be forcibly split from their parents in recent weeks. the u.s. state department has released its annual people's trafficking were pulled it's warning about the dangers of forcibly separating children from their families and jordan has more in the report's findings there are four categories and to which a country's performance on dealing with human trafficking can be evaluated cheer three basically says the country isn't making any effort at all among those countries in this year's report include russia china syria and burma the us
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report says that burma is authorities particularly in rocking province haven't done anything to protect the well being of the wrong hands and that people as a result have been much more vulnerable not just to abuse but to smuggling to sex trafficking and other labor abuses this is a point which the secretary of state like pale stressed during thursday's ceremony in southeast asia burma us armed forces and others in the rocking state dislocated hundreds of thousands of rowing up and members of other ethnic groups many of whom were exploited through the region as a result. some of the burmese military also recruited child soldiers and subjected adults and children from ethnic minority groups to forced labor one of the other issues that is highlighted in this report is the vulnerability of children who are forcibly separated from their parents u.s. officials did not want to address that matter as it relates to the ongoing controversy on the. border however the report does evaluate. to
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protect people from vulnerable actions such as forced labor or sex work and might well turn up in next year's report however for nell state department officials are referring all of these sorts of questions to other agencies homeland security and health and human services. this time to take you through the headlines reached a deal aimed at controlling the number of migrants and refugees entering europe the breakthrough comes after ten hours of negotiations summits in brussels they've agreed more funding that italy and greece can set out migrants soil if they want to lawrence lee has more on greece's role from the summit in brussels the idea is that
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both of these countries will be able to host voluntarily holding centers it's a bit difficult to imagine exactly what these places would look like but the idea i suppose is that would they would be very very large centers where everybody who arrives is putting a man process under has decided that those places who might have any chance of getting any sort of the saddam system have a claim. on who doesn't. five people have been killed in a shooting at a newspaper building in the u.s. state of maryland the gunman targeted the offices of the capitol because that in annapolis the dead include four journalists and one sales assistant command's now in custody being questioned by police the military offensive in southwestern syria may have ended at least for twelve hours russian led talks in jordan have resulted in a temporary truce with the free syrian army in that hour i least seventy eight people
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were killed them first. thailand's prime minister prayuth chan archer has visited the flooded cave where all young football team went missing last saturday there's been some progress in efforts to drain water from the cave the rescue operation is now entering its sixth day. this trading government has won a major trade dispute over its plain packaging laws for tobacco products the world trade organization has ruled the laws helped improve public health the rules require cigarette manufacturers to remove all logos and branding from their products those are your headlines the news continues here on out to zero right after this tree stay with us. seen but rarely heard india's two million street children live a desperate existence when he speaks the child reporters from the slumdog press are giving voice to invisible children.
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and imo they could be today with more l g b t representatives in the public eye we discuss what impact they have so tell us who you are proud of our why the rest the world should know about them too just sort of your comments in our live chat maybe you could also be in the street. names of a democratic candidate. for the congressional this year and you are in this your. politicians are slowly gaining visibility and reaching their nation's highest offices something that was on thousand mobile and till very recently well why there are four heads of government who are also part of the community and twenty seventeen thirty three representatives were elected to the british parliament and the united states so over four hundred.


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