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tv   Wajiha Jendoubi Hair  Al Jazeera  June 29, 2018 8:32am-9:01am +03

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american as a precaution police deployed to guard the entrances of the new york times and other large u.s. media organizations an ominous site to mark uncertain times. castro al-jazeera and apple s maryland still ahead an al-jazeera. be increasingly desperate search for a football team stuck in a flooded thai cave plus. mexico's presidential front runner is promising his rescue the country's impoverished world population but it might not be that simple unjoin home and i'll tell you bill. hello and welcome back as we look at weather conditions across the levant and
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western parts of asia we've all but lost the showers across eastern areas find an almighty there in kazakhstan thirty degrees the maxwell. in the caspian sea is looking to draw a fine thirty six in tehran but the main feature for iraq and down through kuwait and into the eastern side of saudi arabia is going to be this wind which is going to result in quite a lot of lifted dust so visibility is going to be very poor across the region during the course of the weekend from the eastern side the mediterranean jeremy the weather conditions looking good we've lost the showers across turkey said fine weather everywhere twenty seven and sunshine one current and fine in beirut that twenty seven degrees so moving down into the arabian peninsula as i mentioned when we're to save his ability here in cateye to during the course of friday as we head on into south in the windies is down and visibility will improve a little bit on the other side of the potential largely fine pictures certainly very hot one for the dean of the my some of forty six degrees celsius so you head into africa southern areas are as you'd expect
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a dry and fine at this time of the year not particularly warm fourteen degrees in cape town rising to sixteen as we head through into saturday but for central parts of africa it's looking pretty wet across the western areas highs of twenty eight expected in accra. the story of a british italian man experiencing life in a palestinian refugee camp it's. coming feast a feast with the daily lives of its residents some of whom have lived there for seventy years but there has been for a few jomo soldier's life it's not a normal life for sure seven days in the room. announces iraq.
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you're watching al-jazeera time to recap our headlines now e.u. leaders have reached a deal lane there controlling the number of migrants and refugees entering europe the breakthrough came after ten hours of negotiations at the e.u. summit in brussels agreed more funding and that italy and greece can set up migrant centers on their soil if they want. the military offensive in southwestern syria may have ended at least for twelve hours russian led talks in jordan have resulted in a temporary truce with the free syrian army and that are at least seventy eight people were killed on thursday. five people have been killed in a shooting at a newspaper building in the u.s. state a very land the gunman targeted the offices of the capitol because that in annapolis a man's now in custody and being questioned by police. some of our chumps
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assistants have closer ties to the united arab emirates than previously thought according to a new report the middle east eyes says it has e-mails for a feeling aides who are willing to exchange inside information with the m.r. r.t. ambassador to the u.s. during the two thousand and sixteen election campaign alan fischer has more donald trump was a key figure in all of this according to the emails the website middle east i says it a pain is tom brock a prominent and influential businessman he's an old friend of donald trump's and raised huge sums of money for his election campaign he was allegedly exchanging e-mails with us of the united arab emirates ambassador to washington. it's claimed the ambassador managed to change the republican party platform and it's cleveland convention the first draft had a call to release twenty eight pages of classified documents from the nine eleven
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inquiry which were potentially embarrassing to saudi arabia a close ally that was removed. after daughter i'm surprised election victory in november twenty sixth in its alleged ambassador a tie but pushed for insights on who would be moved into key diplomatic intelligence and defense positions in the new administration it was his intention to brief his bosses including the emma rattie crone prince mohammed bin zayed. but then he also apparently offered his own suggestions middle east ice says in one e-mail he wrote to tom barac about george w. bush's former homeland security adviser fran townsend i saw her last night and immediately thought she would be huge asset to you she would make a perfect director of national intelligence or d h s secretary she would hit the ground running on every issue tones and in fact made the shortlist for a key intelligence position she was considered as a possible f.b.i. director when james comey was fired up middle east i suggest the e-mail exchange
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may be of interest to the ongoing milot inquiry into potential russian interference into the twenty sixteen presidential election and links to the trump campaign he's looking for not just contact but for flows of money because what is basic investigating is whether any foreign power and he started with russia but he's now continuing with united emirates and saudi arabia whether any foreign government actively contributed financially to translation campaign and that would be illegal under u.s. law it's claimed crown prince been ziad canceled a planned trip to washington last month because he was caught up in the inquiry the crown prince did meet donald trump at the white house in may last year and tomorrow at eleven thirty was interviewed by the miller investigation in december he actually recommended pomona for a strums campaign manager one of four no faces several charges arising out of that
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miller investigation. alan fischer al-jazeera washington. now the united arab emirates has told the international court of justice that claims made against it by qatar without merit and should be dismissed. ledges the u.a.e. violated human rights through its ongoing blockade but lawyers acting for the u.s. . has misled the court the blockade on the cutter by the u.a.e. saudi arabia bahrain and egypt began nearly thirteen months ago. the u.s. vice president's arrived in guatemala the final leg of his tour of central america the region's migrant crisis will top the agenda during my pence's talks with the presidents of guatemala el salvador and honduras manually apollo has more but. when it comes to u.s. support for latin american countries dealing with an influx of migrants it appears humanitarian assistance can depend on just where those people are heading in brazil
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u.s. vice president mike pence met with venezuelan migrants and announced ten million dollars in humanitarian assistance to the brazilian government for their continued role in accepting thousands of migrants we are with you we stand with you and we will keep standing with you until democracy is restored in venezuela on a free country tour of latin america the u.s. was president announced a similar commitment in ecuador this time two million dollars the last stop for mike pence was guatemala it's the home country of an estimated forty five percent of migrants trying to enter the southern border of the united states many being migrant children separated from their parents however assistance for migrants wasn't an offer instead a message to central american refugees considering migration to the u.s. if you want to come to the united states come legally or don't come at all. if
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someone tells you they can bring you or your children to america outside the law don't believe them randy capps of the center for migration policy says it's the conditions in the region's northern triangle solved or and want tamala that are at the heart of the crisis you've seen an uptick in violence organized by gangs in el salvador and drug cartels and under us those two countries i have a model highest murder rates in the world right now guatemala has security issues too but the bigger issue there is poverty. the trumpet ministration announced that more significant resources would be sent to central american countries while also calling for stronger border security the vice president's trip was intended to focus on trade and security but the worsening migrant crisis in both north and south america have overshadowed his trip went up alone and dizzy down washington.
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mexicans head to the polls this sunday to choose their next leader frontrunner. dora's valid to reverse decades of the client and poverty and rural communities but as john allman reports from the state of michoacan it's a tough campaign pledge to fulfill. the mix can countryside decimated by poverty and empty but migration over decades. is one of the aging population of small scale farmers struggling to compete with industrial scale operations in northern mexico and the us. i produced grains but not money he says. many communities young have either left or turned to more lucrative ventures. they sell drugs they kidnap they live well for a few days and then they get killed just next to my house where there was kind of
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a kidnapping. this man promises to change that presidential front runner andres manuel lopez obrador has made the neglected mix can country side a campaign priority. he said he were focused government support from large industrial producers to smaller farms to help them get quality seeds technological know how better access to loans and the guaranteed minimum price for their crops it's all part of an ambitious plan for mexico to produce its own food. you are buying everything abroad that we could grow in mexico me that's going to start. in the past there were incredibly strong ties between mexicans and the land this is the birthplace of corn itself but it's a different country now dealing with the urban population and the global market the question is if it's really possible or even worth the cost of resuscitating this
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sector. even lopez obrador team says the wholesale change he promises will be impossible in one of been a straight. and agricultural economist who in general support the plan of question dave price guarantees for individual farmers and in particular in forcing home grown food and carry a steep cost for authorities and consumers is because when housing if you care that in consequence it's going to be very expensive for the government and mexican taxpayer that. promise them so seems split between those two banking on a ruling party which has given them just enough to survive and those like a year or more voting in the hope of change john home and how does it make to account. thailand's prime minister. visited the flooded cave where a young football team went missing last saturday there's been some progress in
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efforts to drain the water from the caves as the rescue operation enters its sixth day officials say there's still a chance the twelve footballers and their coach are alive. scott has more from chiang rai finally some progress on friday morning the generators are going and the pumps are going that's the first time we've seen that in the morning in a couple of days now as you walk up this road this is the mouth of the cave just off camera here that's where a lot of water had gathered over the last couple of days they're draining that out now it's the first time we've seen it when you walk up this road you can see that there's a stream of very muddy water on the right hand side so at least some progress on that front other fronts they're working up to the search and rescue operation they're surveying the area again that they've been doing this several days running the weather's a little bit better today they're looking for drill points things locations where they can drill in a possibly drop some supplies and possibly drop some high tech equipment to take some readings that's something they're looking at helicopters are again able to fly it because the cloud cover has lifted also on friday the prime minister has come to
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visit this is the first time he has been able to come he was out of country until a couple days ago he's come to this mini village if you will that sprouted up around the mouth of the cave he's been getting briefings from the many different departments and organizations here there over a thousand people involved in this operation but again today so far there really hasn't been much rain still hoping that there's progress pumping that water out of that massive cave system at least nine people have died after an oil tanker caught fire in a busy road in nigeria's commercial capital more than fifty vehicles were burned when the trunk burst into flames in the city of lagos officials say the tanker crashed on the motorway because of its brakes had failed and the strain in government has won a major trade dispute over its plain packaging laws for tobacco products the world trade organization has ruled the laws help to improve public health the rules require cigarette manufacturers to remove all logos and branding from their
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products australia introduced the laws in two thousand and eleven but it faced strong opposition from tobacco producing countries and manufacturers. for them maurice for example sued the government for what it called brand damage the case was thrown out and the tobacco of them was ordered to pay the government's legal fees of the latest complaint to the w t o was filed by cuba honduras the dominican republic and indonesia or them tobacco producing countries who claim the laws damaged international trade in violated intellectual property rights but that claim was rejected in the ruling is expected to accelerate the rollout of plain packaging laws in other countries simon chapman is a public health professor at the university of sydney who campaigned for plain packaging laws in australia he says tobacco firms are unlikely to succeed in appealing the ruling but work the industry always starts with legislation that
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threatens its bottom line and of course in public health that's exactly what we want to do we do want more people to quit smoking and fewer people to take it up well the industry always arses first of all try to defeat legislation then if it can't defeat it it tries to drug users and water it down and if it can't do that it tries to delay the implementation and what these cases are all about the trying to impose a regulatory chill globally so that other countries won't follow instructions for footsteps that they've lost a little bit light we've already got six countries which have implementors we've got in addition to australia we've got france england the united sorry the united kingdom and norway are.


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