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tv   Seven Days In Beirut  Al Jazeera  June 29, 2018 9:00am-10:01am +03

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more people to quit smoking and fewer people to take it up well the industry always arse's first of all try to defeat legislation then if it can't defeat it it tries to drive uses and water it down and if it can't do that it tries to delay the implementation and what these cases are all about the trying to impose a regular treat chill globally so that other countries won't follow instructions for footsteps but they've lost a little bit light we've already got six countries which have implemented and we've got in addition to australia we've got france england the united sorry the united kingdom norway island and new zealand and there are another country another seven who have legislation waiting in the wings and hungary canada and slip mania of gold at the well in the aliments probably going to be implemented.
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and time to take you through some of the headlines now a new leaders have reached a deal aimed at controlling the number of migrants and refugees entering europe the breakthrough came after nine hours of negotiations at the e.u. summit in brussels they've agreed more funding and italy and greece can set up migrant centers on their soil if they want to. contrapositive conclusions are not of the roundabout the united kingdom has been encouraging for some time which is taking more action upstream in countries of origin so that we can ensure that people aren't having to make now making this very dangerous journey is often travelling many miles often at the hands of the people smugglers and making the dangerous trips across the mediterranean where we still see some people dying police are investigating whether a rescue ship in the mediterranean was helping people smugglers the lifeline docked in malta on wednesday after being refused entry by italy and spain it has been
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drifting at sea for six days with more than two hundred migrants and refugees on board. five people have been killed in a shooting at a newspaper building in the u.s. state of maryland the gunman targeted the offices of the capital gains that in annapolis the dead include four journalists and one sales assistant a man's now in custody and being questioned by police the military offensive in southwestern syria may have ended at least for twelve hours russian led talks in jordan have resulted in a temporary truce with the free syrian army and there are a least seventy eight people were killed on thursday some of donald trump's aides have closer ties to the u.a.e. than previously thought according to a new report from middle east i says it has e-mails revealing those who are willing to exchange inside information with the a morality ambassador to the u.s. during the two thousand and sixteen election campaign it's my turn is here now stay
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with us here on al-jazeera. each year childhood ends for an estimated fifteen million girls globally all married before the age of eighteen. young girls compelled to marry after fleeing the war in syria share their stories on talk to al jazeera. received.
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top of your game at school. the whole family bands together and shares the sacrifices necessary for a son to have a shocked at becoming a professional footballer. my two new zero home game on a jersey about. the nature of news as it breaks although thousands of women have reported rape and other thoughtful atrocities in thousands were threats are going to this is they this figure is likely much higher with detailed coverage nearly fifty schools took part in the drive each one responsible had her liking at different aida schools of quiets clothing from around the world very poor folk all is still very new here but the players are very tall for that they won't be able fully gaza maybe will want to fight on the international space. the time had come for the p.l.o. to seek a new and peaceful solution. pursuing
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a path of diplomacy but what was to turn their agreement drawn from lebanon into one of the most horrific civilian massacre. times women children she couldn't believe i can explain to moon story a strong. history of the revolution on al-jazeera. i'm sammy's a damn and with a look at the headlines here now to syria a new leaders have reached a deal aimed at controlling the influx of migrants and refugees into europe made the breakthrough after negotiating through the night of the e.u. summit in brussels under the deal the bloc will increase funding and italy and greece have the option of setting up large holdings centers to process migrants.
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from positions. europe is not an island and we must be able to face up to this challenge was remaining loyal to our values and protect our people and national cohesion tonight we took an important step many predicted the in possibility of an agreement many predicted the triumph of national solutions tonight we have succeeded in finding the european solution and a way of working in cooperation lawrence lee has more on italy and greece his role from the summit in brussels. both of these countries now will be able to host voluntarily holding census it's a bit difficult to imagine exactly what these places would look like but the idea i suppose is they would they would be very very large centers where everybody who arrives is putting them in process and then has decided that those places who might have any chance old getting any sort of asylum system claim. one who
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doesn't and presumably the ones who dozens are then they need to be sent back and what happens the rest of his is is a bit unclear but the main points of this is to try to stop what's been happening at the moment which is when people arrive a major relief those countries into sars a canon child a lot on foot all but by whatever other means with use a getting sick western europe and it's in those places where the pressure was coming because austria and they part of the german coalition the sides we won't accept this anymore that the person is going to benefit clearly the most in a short sentence of this if it's if it's as good as what they say it is now is the german chancellor angela merkel because this is obviously threatens her inside premiership in germany you mentioned the use the word voluntary is there an obligation in fact upon the members to share the responsibility of dealing with the migrants and refugees well no it doesn't it doesn't look like it and you know from
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that that the the whole problem that they have with this the dooms so-called closest system countries are supposed to share refusing migrants ause was one of the reasons why the site is a full of thoughts in the first place because so many countries said. to look after anybody it's all. in what it looks like this is probably going to have to run well i haven't really been specified yet hand in hand with some source of reform of the. so-called dublin regulation where refugees are those who seek asylum in the first country to go to greece or signal that it might be prepared to take back people from germany under dublin in order to shore anger merkel it fully conscious and said it's not prepared for their role because it believes it is shouldering too much responsibility and thinks the refugee should be shared more police are investigating whether rescue ship in the mediterranean was helping
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people smugglers the lifeline docked in malta on wednesday after being refused entry by italy and spain had been drifting at sea for six days with more than two hundred migrants on board the syrian government offensive in the southwestern province of daraa is on hold after a deal was reached with this free syrian army russian led talks in jordan resulted in a temporary truce at least seventy eight people were killed in daraa on thursday five people have been shot dead as a newspaper building in the u.s. state of maryland the gunman targeted the offices of the capitol guess that in annapolis for journalists and one sales assistant were killed a man is now in custody thailand's prime minister has visited the flooded cave where a young football team went missing last saturday has been some progress in efforts to drain water from the cave those are your headlines the news continues
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here after al-jazeera world stay with us.


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