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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 29, 2018 11:00am-11:33am +03

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can do. nothing but. the seven year. joins in. with. the left now the man that. can be a gas. can under. one day in my home not for. what.
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it means two years i wonder how she remains so strong who siblings killed in a civil war and her mother killed by a car at the entrance to the camp after finishing her work as a cleaner. a lawyer how mad. i'm with my soul and how that. now must soon enough the more supply him than another celestial sum of how long the twenty four. it's hard for the parents to see their children growing up here knowing that they
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would have to face a life without any rights a citizen. up until now have seen on the surface how not to stuff for them but tonight for the first time there is a tension in the house to review some something much deeper. the most. well over a year. you have. all of. this money now on trial you know yes he is a failure of it having almost all of his roof and the home of the cologne fostanes and modify lawgiver susan sale i love the whole way to me so i have asked them if an understood had now. nothing on foot and i said i. have
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a mallet infestation is among them that mustard on our side will stay on the lot nischelle you some of them are. in muncie and look out on plus they will. love you many good question here now. how your notion seeing can or could not me while i curled up there like many. of it at the loss of only oh he. understood here i never thought of that the mclaughlin part of a whole lot of thought all of us fought off my own all little doc. put out especially my little doc all the battle of the lot of that the lot of mustache book. no one the less about the law of the law. i don't know what the what about mustache for less oh look learn it going to pull out the one bottle off then it let me get for it then the moron moustache will honk you have
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money. like my thought of a foot moustache from a lack was thought of more like a headline not a headline how about that up with that form of or two on the stash well now mama thought it. less than a year for us there and another bit of no i love the death up but i have not seen this hurt the nominee for now i know to what depths of despair existence in this camp can bring a man. that camp is no longer a story for me pictures i can see in a book or refracted to me from the t.v.
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screen from which i'm removed and can remove myself a tiny moment the cam is in me. i wander through the camp and the images imprinted in me forever beneath the deadly electrical wires cutting across the sky lines and in closing the trail of streets. that are. posing much the camp is real and the kindness and generosity welcomes. the child. now. as i was wondering one day i remember my being caught by a house in one dusty street of the come into us quite beautiful on the outside it was called in sun human. rooms filled with artistic projects in a way strangely at odds with the stark and harsh reality of the camp i wondered if
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this were some museum some funded arts center for the privileged. i learned from naama the chairman of insight on that this was actually a drug rehabilitation center. and all funding came to the center and it was built upon the ruins of a prison a remarkably small number of drug offenders live in the community number tells me but for them this center has proved to be the way back to the community. for the young palestinians living in the cam there is more that can do to resist a life spent. in the midst of the crowded streets the kids keep playing football and hubba ensuring their survival.
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what strikes me most is how out of the darkness everyone i meet here is trying to find. was. was was. music nurtured by want to musicians is bringing beauty back to an ugly existence. was the. the
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. for a brief moment here these people celebrating together and not refugees at all own way. but are equal citizens of the world i feel so lucky to be witness to this. there was. this is. from our people from our. voting rolls for your visit. it is thirty. a big for us but it doesn't ish to come to all of them. thank you very much thank you but.
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my journey has been a journey of self discovery as i walk home without merit i realize our happy i am to be coming to the door there only six days ago i approached that prevention and uncertainty. i love drinking tea with the family and helping to be alone thirteen with the food i love the sound of the children and seen them smile and laugh. i want to be their advocate i want to make a difference they can want everyone to feel what i felt and to see what i've seen. one thing that they kept telling me is that we're just we're just human like everyone else and they just want to live a normal life and. they kept emphasizing that you know to day they will return one day and that will happen and so although they feel that.
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there is a huge injustice being committed against them but they're still not giving up on an on on seeking this is their goal which is to to go back to palestine and to to live that it's such a depressing situation name just one world now how nasty can it and rattle it it's like a great board of string it's got into such a mess the rest of us. a human misery is just a. bunch we're more annoyed with so much that they should be ignored. by international. coverage and international opinion and you know it's very very hard to get an airing for this subject that's why one of the things i wanted to ask from this meeting is. if this in this parliament would be so important if we could have perhaps a debate on the issue of palestinian refugees if we could have. issues being more
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at the forefront it will be very important to you to the people living in and the refugee camps in lebanon and elsewhere and especially. as a british citizen t.v. they reminded me that britain has. a special responsibility it's. the to parliament ariens jenny tongue and thomas shepherd were keen to listen to how should the story and stories from the camp but i realised how complicated the palestinian issue is. when ever you meet palestinians in the caps or anywhere else you always get positive messages from men they're always you know arranging things doing things having festivals carry on their lives i. met children the children that education education education that's most wonderful
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thing that's very positive very positive. and i'm going to let that culture die. i think. i. i. i.
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follow. a lower court mob a lower court. almost right over there sort of what i think. of two of. the most lovable. of us to. a. doctor and a bug. bug. you fool that. will write to me. we have a number. of
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industry where a family is like back to hard to build a shop to print kick ass in palestine who are driven from their homes in prosperous farms seventy years ago and have been living in camps in temperate accommodation in lebanon since then and is he aware that the lebanese government didn't continues to restrict palestinians right to what prohibits them from ending property and refuses access to health care and education leaving them dependent on an roic who have
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diminishing funds can he really be content to let this continue for another seventy years or will the palestinians be allowed the right of return to their homeland as prescribed in international law. this story of a friendship between a filmmaker and a seven year old girl but this is me. giving a home to my refugee family being this syria. in the face of deep rooted tension between the libyan means and the refugees. around my syrian friends. but i say here on al-jazeera.
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hello and welcome back as we look at weather conditions across the levant and western parts of asia we've all but lost the showers across eastern areas find an almighty there and cusses down thirty degrees the mice will. come around the caspian sea is looking to draw a fine thirty six in terror on but the main feature for iraq and down through kuwait and into the eastern side of saudi arabia is going to be the way in which is going to result in quite a lot of lifted dust so visibility is going to be very poor across the region ger in the course of the weekend from the eastern side of the mediterranean jeremy the weather conditions looking good we've lost the showers across turkey so a fine weather everywhere twenty seven and sunshine one current and fine in beirut that twenty seven degrees so moving down into the arabian peninsula as i mentioned when we're to save his ability here in cateye to during the course of friday as we head on in society in the windies is down and visibility will improve a little bit on the other side of the potential laurie fine picture certain very hot one for the dean of the my some of forty six degrees celsius so we head into
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africa southern areas are i should expect to dry and find at this time of the year not particularly warm fourteen degrees in capetown rising to sixteen as we head through into saturday but for central parts of africa it's looking pretty wet across the western areas highs of twenty eight expected in accra. july on al-jazeera in a new series of head to head maddie hasson tackle the big issues with hard hitting questions mexico is getting ready for a general election what direction will the country take as that.


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