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but he places not to go into one next tuesday with the director general in the who is only like other senior leaders of the detention center in libya and they're not happy. places and that is absolutely what we are seeking to avoid we're seeking to ensure that whatever is disembarkation so-called are set up that they have the food protection of the un's business units there are and i am there as eyes and ears to make sure that they do not become as i as it and probably right into the heart are i visited i visited to attention centers in libya last month and the i.o.m. were there but these detention centers were abominable and these detention centers need to close your eyes to what i am serious here and yet i want is not where we have to clear to decide on in africa i do want to put one point lou to judy on the ghana julia do you understand the fears in europe combined with the reality we now have. the e.u. commission boss saying there are divisions in europe and they're getting bigger one
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third of the italian electorate do not want any more migrants on italian soil at all and their logic i guess would be the builders logic which is you don't go to bed up stairs and leave your front door open because if you do when you come down in the morning your t.v. video on your credit cards are gone so there is this fear that european politicians have to be seen to react to or educate the people of europe how does that happen. well i just thought to quickly point out the protection rates for people arriving in italy firm from libya currently about forty percent overall so i wouldn't say that ninety percent of those arriving. and i would also point out that you know the conditions of the abominable and i think we all agree on that but even if you are in iran were in charge of this offshore sentence the states will still not take these people the end because they're still sending the experts to unite safa cities to screen them afterwards if there's no consensus within europe on asylum rules i
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doubt there will be for caps offshore and so on on your specific question i think the key point is the one the quotas making i mean unfortunately styria has been whipped up by political actors in their own political gain and by and by the media which has been largely complicit in this and it is a textbook example of that even if the numbers were higher than in the cost of last few years it is a country of sixty million it has the capacity to absorb those flows and it has in the past when i had labor migration schemes the reason those people are now arriving regularly is because the jobs that they're actually feeling can't be filled unless they arrive the way they're doing and go through the abuse and be that they're enduring. so i think it's quite useful if you start referring to reality as opposed to pointing out chasing the far right and i think it's indicative that we're seeing a shift from a lot of political leaders and that's why i said that possibly tonight we will see
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a group of countries break away from the sort of copy just train and try to set things on a course of expanded cooperation coalitions of the willing if you want to make the system actually work i was quite disappointed by president to six letter from the european council to further details in which again he referred to the waves of migrants in the crisis that's in golf in europe and so on and i think that kind of language is definitely not helpful. up on that point that you name it they're about in the media is it a question of the we have to have a root and branch reform of the language and also when it comes to the media the reporting of this it occurs to me this is in part about depiction and perception so if you're evening news bulletin issuing you wave after wave picture after picture reports after reports of thousands of people flooding into europe of course there will then be a riding the wave on the part of the right wing perhaps i'm i right around the wrong. sure i mean there are many journalists i mean the station is
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a good example of that you cover this issue extremely well so let's be clear about this it's about the optics of the wider kind of social media and journalism that is treating a a new situation and that situation is happening when the numbers are going down and this is why it is very dangerous to jump into situations where you're processing of sure in dangerous countries i mean i was in libya recently and i saw also pushback from algeria or pushbacks even chin is here and i saw that and i go days so i know what will happen if this starts to to happen in africa you know economic migrants i don't need a reality check about that i'm an immigrant and i know what will happen with this processing and the e.u. will then suffer a lot of values damage because of it because it won't work it will be a mess and i think we're talking about coast guards now as well which is really worrying so i think yes the media and all of the kind of optics make things
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difficult but we have to look at the world as it is and deal with it as it is and if we don't fight back every light this point that was made by our guest here that a coalition of the willing there are some member states you might break off and say look we need a strong external border we need claude i'm going to interrupt you because we are getting towards the top of the hour severe give me for that idea of the optics back to julia people are saying julia if the reaction that we get from politicians during this two day summit fails shane and then fail so the zone of free movement in effect disintegrates there also then saying there's a domino effect of the entire e.u. fails is it that bad particularly if you overlay that with the quotes political crisis that's facing angela merkel. potentially it is but in actual fact second is already suspended i mean that's one of the things about the e.u. we keep talking about things that could happen that are actually already happening
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. get suspended between one member states right now the italian border with france effectively c.-o. this is the border with austrian that's why people are trapped in a city and that's why the resentment is building up in it. so i think the the approach from pragmatists like chance and right now is to go beyond to the rhetoric and the grandstanding and the grand statements about the future of europe and its basis and really work on practical solutions so that we can actually enjoy it in europe and by law actually tried out for agreements that once that notice referred to a probably one of the instruments that will be used to achieve that and yes it will have multiple tires european cooperation but that's already a fact we have to and we have shango we have various arrangements which don't exclude all member states so i think if it works and if it in to show us humane policies for the migrants and policies that respond to those needs as well then i'd i think we should welcome it clearly leonard doyle in geneva it's on the one hand
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you closed borders you put everyone on the bus towards fortress europe or you share the problem angela merkel surely is the only european politician who thinks she can conjoin those two ideas successful because everyone is saying something else all the agencies are saying something else as well because i mean there's a recognition of the us to be a managed process for migration into europe and you simply cannot have on the television screens large vessels floating around pregnant women and stressed people being fished out of the water though isn't helping anything and that certainly is the malaise process and it seems to me that that's what's happening now there's an attempt to correct the problem by the far right are not to get a managed process of it and some of the ideas as has been pointed out in the show are not ours and not the not this very good but that shouldn't say they shouldn't be seeking a managed process of the end of the. it's the partnership with the african union and the european union and for that matter with iran which is led to thirty thousand detained africans primarily from living in detention centers going home in
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the last seven months voluntarily that's the sort of cooperation we need with the african union having a stake the table being engaged as a proper partner i'm not having that feeling that this thing is going to be imposed . for a round that it should or whatever it would take place should be done with with humanitarian concerns of the heart of the journey in brussels in about twenty seconds if they don't come up with something solid at this summit is there a plan b. i think it's a plan b. from certain governments and i think they'll move ahead regardless of what the other ones and hopefully that plan b. will in visits at some point in the next year other issues like the comprehensive management of migration and not just asylum and the small number of incidents you could come to europe because it began to fit in the group continues to be the economic micah's that europe actually needs and who will continue to arrive regardless of how they arrive at they should do so in conditions which are not five and human rights the clock has beaten us as ever here on inside story thanks to all
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our guests in geneva leonard doyle in brussels julia ghana and in london claude morrison thank you for watching you can see the program again any time on the website i want to go dot com and for more discussion check up a facebook page facebook dot com forward slash inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter at a.j. inside story or tweet me i'm at the to be one elizabeth will keep you company of the usual tie ins tomorrow for me peter dolby and the entire team here in doha thanks for watching i will see you very soon. well you. get when they're on line it's undoubtedly chief goal. of again inequality in our society today or if you join a sunset criminal justice system is dysfunctional right now this is a dialogue what does it feel like to go back for the first time everyone has
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a voice and the refugees to be the speakers for change join the conversation on al-jazeera every year in pakistan hundreds of women are victims of so-called honor killings one on one east searches for the truth in a case that exposes the growing clash between old beliefs and modern life on al-jazeera. july on al-jazeera in a new series of head to head match of the big issues with hard hitting questions mexico is getting ready for a general election what direction will the country take as it struggles with drug violence and economic instability. people in power continues to examine the use and abuse of power around the world as the world cup in russia nears its end we'll bring you stories from on and off the pitch of the world's most viewed sporting events on television and online the stream continues to tap into the extraordinary
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potential of social media to disseminate news. on al-jazeera. the european union reaches a deal on the migration crisis aftermath and talks through the night in brussels. this is. people are dead after a gunman with a vendetta targets a newspaper's newsroom in the u.s. . a temporary truce in the battle for southwestern syria but not before nearly eighty people are killed. and life in the ruins iraq's struggle to rebuild mosul after the defeat of isis.
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will begin in brussels where after weeks of deadlock and division leaders have reached a deal aimed at controlling the influx of refugees into europe they made the breakthrough after negotiating through the night under the deal the bloc will increase funding to address the issue it's an increase will have the option of setting up large holding centers to process migrants the tally and prime minister says his government will decide later whether it is print pead to do that as well as processing centers and italy and greece the e.u. has also agreed to consider setting up centers in countries outside the e.u. e.u. leaders plan to crackdown on movement within the block and step up the return of undocumented migrants the number of refugees will be shared out among members on a voluntary basis and they've agreed to share responsibility for migrants who arrive after being rescued at sea the e.u.
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will give turkey more than three billion dollars to take care of syrian refugees living there and those african countries will also get extra cash to help stop migration to europe. sometimes in. europe is not an island and we must be able to face up to this challenge was for many loyal to our values and protected our people and national carrier to not we took an important step many predicted the impossibility of an agreement many predicted the triumph of national solutions tonight we have succeeded in finding the european solution and a way of working in cooperation into something always not into overall after intensive discussion on the most challenging fee for the european union it's a. good sign that we can agree on a common text we have agreed on five guidelines but two are still lacking a common european asylum system but i'm optimistic after today that we can really continue to work even though there is still a lot to be done to bridge the different views and sleigh has been following those talks in brussels and joins me live from them just wondering how plausible this
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plan is and how it's actually going to work. well yes they those are very good questions indeed i think i think for me the headline out of all this jane really is that it's been a victory for the hardliners inside the european union because as you describe in your introduction almost all of the measures that they ended up agreeing on at five o'clock in the morning here are designed to keep people out or if they've come in and they're not welcome to send them back to wherever it was they came from there's only one mention of trying to help africa they talk of a new level of support for africa to try to empower women and stop people from coming in the first place but overwhelmingly it's about strengthening the support for the libyan coast guard strengthen the border with turkey and the breakthrough basis as we now know with this idea that was hatched by the french president to set up these things called holding centers which could be a nice little grease or other places where they basically process people as quickly
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as they can to separate what they would see is the wheat from the chaff resettle people who may have an asylum claim and send everybody else back even if it's not clear quite how they would do that all of this really is a political mechanism to solve the crisis was aimed as appeasing to people really in european politics one the deputy prime minister of italy matteo salvini who's many of his policies seem to boredom more on fascism the real thing else nowadays the italians then said that they were satisfied and so salvini can say look italy is now being listened to the other person it was able to pay zing was. junior coalition partner the horses. who would threaten to bring merkel down over this and the indications are we think that the c.s.u. is relatively happy with this and so it seems probably that it will have rescued angle or merkel's political career too and so in that sense the elements of migration to some is now finished have a brief conversation about breakfast this morning and some talk about the euro zone
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reform and then go home and breathe a sigh of relief the save the block for the time being go or none of it is done is answer the question that angela merkel raised in the sound bite you heard about what sort of union does this want to be does it wants a liberal legal humanitarian policy or doesn't is in the evidence of this summit seems to be precisely retreating from that position lansley thank you please in the u.s. state of maryland say they've captured and identified the man who killed five people inside a newspaper office in the city of annapolis investigators say the gunman specifically targeted journalists al-jazeera is castro reports. police say the shooting that left five people dead on thursday was a targeted attack on a local newspaper the capital gazette journalists caught in the violence described the scene as a war zone with one crime reporter tweeting there is nothing more terrifying than hearing multiple people get shot while you're under your desk and then hear the gunman reload police say
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a lone suspect was responsible they captured him inside the newspaper office and have searched his home but there was no gunfire exchanged between officers and the suspect since we were able to get here very quickly but just something for you guys to get to know. you know we have a unified training on how to respond active shooters and that's would be one of the major things that made this a huge success police say the suspect is linked to a social media account that has made threats to the newspaper staff as recently as the day of the attack they say he also deployed a smoke canister to create confusion as he forced his way into the building a sign that this attack was meticulously planned this person was prepared today to come in this person was prepared to shoot people his intent was to fall short exactly why he targeted the local newspaper a staple of day to day life in maryland's capital city for more than two hundred
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years is still unknown. asked to comment on the journalist slayings president donald trump who earlier this month labeled the news media the country's worst enemy he walked away but tweeted his condolences meanwhile his press secretary offered a stronger condemnation writing a violent attack on innocent journalists doing their job is an attack on every american as a precaution police deployed to guard the entrances of the new york times and other large u.s. media organizations an ominous site to mark uncertain times hi joe castro al-jazeera and apple as maryland. a ten day miniature offensive in syria's province may have ended it temporarily russian it talks in jordan have resulted in a truce between feiss of the free syrian army and pro-government forces the break in fighting comes after the deaths of at least eighty people on thursday paul today reports. a bloodbath in the southwestern syrian rebel stronghold of daraa
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russian and syrian government judson helicopters hit an estimated one hundred targets on thursday dozens of civilians were killed in the twenty four hour barrage of barrel bombs and rocket fire. the u.n. says tens of thousands of newly displaced people have fled to syria's borders with the israeli occupied golan heights and jordan peele goes to jordan one of the most generous recipients of refugees on earth that they keep border open for people fleeing south there is no rule there is no of the place to go but jordan says its border with syria will remain closed the kingdom already has six hundred fifty thousand registered syrian refugees. the u.n. says the fighting has also cut off vital cross border relief and aid supply routes
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it's asking the warring parties to stop fighting immediately. the u.n. the u.s. u.k. and france have condemned russia's role in the offensive for you but a year ago the us russia and regional powers had agreed that i was one of the so-called deescalation zones of humanitarian access this done agreement designated that and three other regions as places that would be free of hostilities between rebel groups and forces fighting on behalf of bashar al assad's government the day it can mean b. day that this unprecedented air campaign by the russian jets adopting the scorched earth strategy is in gross violation of a deescalation agreement. but russia's ambassador to the united nations says moscow will no longer uphold the deescalation zone saying it was among the last strongholds of al-qaeda syrian branch and i sold we urge the again the russians the american suchitra damien's were able to to to do it last july they can
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do it again today. that they have all influence in this in this area so there is nothing inevitable about. this escalation of fighting for us saad taking the rebel stronghold of down especially important after all this is where the uprisings against his rule began seven years ago. al jazeera isis control of the iraqi city of mosul and the battle by iraqi forces to recapture it left the city in ruins thousands of people were killed others are takes a look at life in the city now and how conditions are still unbearable has mohammed engine. mosul may be clear of eisel. but reminders of the group's reign are everywhere. not just of the groups atrocities but also the brutal fighting it took to topple them. here streets are still him to eat
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and buildings are destroyed. for the former residents who were lucky enough to escape ices web of violence and inhumanity and things remain difficult. thought his homecoming would be a happy one he and his family fled in two thousand and fourteen they were overjoyed when at out the forces declared they'd retaken mosul then he saw what remains of their house not civil yet of saddam but a shout out to him wherever you go there's awful destruction if you go outside you'll see entire neighborhoods destroyed and in some parts you can still smell dead bodies lying under the rubble it's impossible to bring our families to such a place where the smell of death is still lingering. strewn about are symbols of suffering. of youth stopped dead in its tracks of a displacement crisis that is nowhere near over the deer whose family can't afford
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to rebuild struggles to come to terms with all that has happened. neither one official nor n.g.o.s visited us in order to help no one has come forward and asked us if we have we have not begged still and we only want to write some help from good people so we can get back on track while the situation remains dire there are signs of hope some philanthropists and contractors are promising to restore this city. as bulldozers roll through bringing a sense of anticipation to these alleyways but. we have taken the initiative to rebuild destroyed houses in mosul because we have seen the high level of destruction so we've decided to hold hands together with the people of mosul and start this reconstruction campaign. still no one expects this will be easy attempting restoration and renewal amid so much despair.
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live in warlord khalifa haftar says his forces taking full control of the city of. rival armed groups people have been celebrating in the streets the local groups are denying the reports was the last city in eastern libya not under control his self-proclaimed libyan national army is one of the main factions that have competed for power since the twenty eleven uprising. head on al-jazeera say loaders must go the world trade organization backs a strain is plain packaging of tobacco project products plus. mexico's presidential front runner is promising to rescue the country's impoverished population but it might not be that simple i'm john home and i'll tell you what. i. mean the weather sponsored by cattle.
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however there's no letup in the heat wave across western parts of europe still the clear skies him fabulous warm sunshine coming through high pressure still very much in charge you see across the british isles for i settle lots of warm sunshine here that sunshine stretching down across many western areas to get to central areas that was a different story because this little area of cloud head just around the balkans season a little further north woods up through austria up towards that western side of russia and some live the show is still very much in the forecast here as we go on for the next few days all the way down towards the far north of greece now so more very wet weather coming through the hate there that remains in place there for moscow something of a change day falls stockholm scandinavia has got some cool normally winds potting first just eighteen celsius still up into the mid to high twenty's across the northwest if you have over the next few days and it will stay like that as we go on
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into next week so wimbledon looking good northern pasta spain and portugal fine and dry but a few showers just a possibility to the northwest as by now some of the wet weather across northern parts of africa more hot sunshine here you can see temps getting up to twenty five celsius or about thirty six inch enos and a similar value there for kyron. the weather sponsored by cateye always. the afghan national army. guardians of a country ravaged by decades of war and occupation abandoned by its liberate his. young men who know each day could be the last one to continue to fight for a future free from camps. afghanistan's battle and witness documentary on al-jazeera.
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and there you watching al-jazeera mind of our top stories this hour leaders have reached a deal they hope will control the number of refugees entering europe they've agreed to give more funding to turkey and north african countries to help stem the flow of people italy and greece have been given the option of setting up asylum processing centers. police have detained a man is shot and killed five people inside a newspaper office in the us state of maryland they say specifically targeted journalists in the city of annapolis. the syrian government fence of in the southwestern province of dera is on hold after a deal was reached with opposition fighters russian led talks in jordan resulted in a temporary truce least eighty people were killed in daraa on thursday. thailand's
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prime minister has visited the site of a flooded cave complex where young football team went missing last saturday china told family members to keep faith as the international search and rescue mission entered its sixth day they've been some progress in efforts to drain water from the cave with a troll voice and the coach went missing the group disappeared after the decides to explore the cave despite warnings of potential flooding scott hired as more from china. finally some progress on friday morning the generators are going and the pumps are going that's the first time we've seen that in the morning in a couple of days now as you walk up this road this is the mouth of the cave just off camera here that's where a lot of water had gathered over the last couple of days they're draining that out now it's the first time we've seen it when you walk up this road you can see that there's a stream a very muddy water on the right hand side so at least some progress on that front other fronts they're working up to the search and rescue operation they're surveying the area again that they've been doing this several days running the
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weather's a little bit better today they're looking for drill points things locations where they can drill in a possibly drop some supplies and possibly drop some high tech equipment to take some readings that's something they're looking at helicopters are again able to fly because the cloud cover has lifted also on friday the prime minister has come to visit this is the first time he has been able to come he was out of country until a couple days ago he's come to this many village if you will that sprouted up around the mouth of the cave he's been getting briefings from the many different departments and organizations here there over a thousand people involved in this operation but again today so far there really hasn't been much rain so hoping that there's progress pumping that water out of that massive cave system the president of the international red cross and red crescent is preparing to hold a major news conference on the crisis peter moore is visiting me in my way he's met the de facto leader and sons who cheat seven hundred thousand to hang a fed the country since a massive military crackdown talking to them last august most are living in
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makeshift camps in neighboring bangladesh and peter mora told al jazeera the conditions are not yet in place to allow rehang to safely return home. for the i.c.r.c. this is still and is at the present moment first and foremost an emergency operation a lot of people have been affected from all the communities and we need also to have even stronger support and facilities from all the authorities in myanmar to be able to operate and to expand our operations the reconsolidation of the communities the bringing back of minimal safety and security for people with is a tall order in the. work of many of the actors of many of the communities as well so we are probably looking at the long term and medium term perspective i don't think that we have yet conditions conducive to large scale
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return we'll need security arrangements which are embraced by the communities and this is again a political powerhouse of this key stakeholders in in me and mark. we certainly appreciate the support that we have for our humanitarian work and we certainly would appreciate if others would join us in a few because again we do believe that this is still an emergency operation. a lot of food medical assistance basic assistance is needed for the population stows who are there into those who eventually will come home and all of next week algiers there will be reporting on the crisis from bangladesh where our team will be visiting the camps and meeting those affected by what the united nations has called a textbook case of ethnic cleansing and the u.s.
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state department has released its annual people trafficking reports warned about the dangers of forcibly separating children from their families frozen jordan has more on the report's findings. there are four categories and to which a country's performance on dealing with human trafficking can be evaluated cheere three basically says the country isn't making any effort at all among those countries in this year's report include russia china syria and burma the us report says that authorities particularly in iraq in province haven't done anything to protect the wellbeing of the real him and that people as a result have been much more vulnerable not just to abuse but to smuggling to sex trafficking and other labor abuses this is a point which the secretary of state like pale stressed during thursday's ceremony in southeast asia burma us armed forces and others in the rocking state dislocated
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hundreds of thousands of rowing go and members of other ethnic groups many of whom were exploited through the region as a result. some of the burmese military also recruited child soldiers and subjected adults and children from ethnic minority groups to forced labor one of the other issues that is highlighted in this report is the vulnerability of children who were forcibly separated from their talents u.s. officials here though did not want to address that matter as it relates to the ongoing controversy on the us mexico border however the report does evaluate u.s. abilities to protect people from vulnerable actions such as forced labor or sex work and it might well turn up in next year's report however for now state department officials are referring all of these sorts of questions to other agencies homeland security and health and human services the u.s. vice president is in guatemala on the final leg of his term of central america the region's migrant crisis will top the agenda during my pants as talks with the
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presence of guatemala el salvador and honduras and. when it comes to u.s. support for latin american countries dealing with an influx of migrants it appears humanitarian assistance can depend on just where those people are heading in brazil u.s. vice president mike pence met with venezuelan migrants and announced ten million dollars in humanitarian assistance to the brazilian government for their continued role in accepting thousands of migrants we are with you. we stand with you and we will keep standing with you until democracy is restored in venezuela. on a free country tour of latin america the u.s. was president announced a similar commitment in ecuador this time two million dollars the last stop for mike pence was guatemala it's the home country of an estimated forty five percent
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of migrants trying to enter the southern border of the united states many being migrant children separated from their parents however assistance for migrants wasn't an offer instead a message to central american refugees considering migration to the u.s. if you want to come to the united states come legally or don't come at all if someone tells you they can bring you or your children to america outside the law don't believe them.


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