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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 179  Al Jazeera  June 29, 2018 2:32pm-3:00pm +03

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hard flying and i'm sure there are a lot of them to do in that we deduce that they want leaving their country is not exactly an escape from their homeland and some could. be seen wondering if you can take those two comments on people who see the importance of being in the public eye but it's difficult there are a lot of odd stocktake and them yes yes indeed and you know i spend a lot of part in the public eye and i know what he did like one might make me think demi to dick british and from the me people you knew an extra on the too much pressure on you to be a role model and do you own to become and the wall that tickled them the to make dolls and the souls and yet that some people who don't see us the past people who don't think but you can still have a lot of people who don't think that these are due to exist in the first place and the important thing is your consistency in theme in the public giving hope to young
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people to other people who are struggling who need someone thinking this doesn't come to it and i could do it but he doesn't mean that you take all the bullets that are coming from people who are against the community and very much about how you strike the balance but i personally think that if i'm given the choice i will continue to stand in the public because for every person who finds validation in my story is much more important to me than someone who thinks i don't design. two for my story to be heard tamara i totally agree with your busy are i think the positive impact on the younger people of you being are out if. the mafia reward the whole. thing that you are doing because you're creating hope for those who have been excluded and do not foresee for any puter and but when they see you as an example you give up and you give a warm those to these very difficult. yes i'm waiting for it and check out your
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skype i'm going to show you a headline from the daily mail this is from a year ago they mailed the first gentleman husband of lot some birds gay prime minister joins the nato wifes and girlfriends let me show you their picture. letting you discuss is justice gus. well you know i think we've come a long way in this country in the u.s. when it comes to you it's not going to be african-american. people in elected office and well obviously or and. also in ireland and discrimination unquestionably we now have our own white house and white we have the green court and less and less tolerant of where we are today and where americans are today and so will i get very concerned when i see it being i mean why should. i constantly
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i'm very concerned that our country will take an act and unfortunately that means that our ability to also rent pro l.g.b. . feelings and all of the around the world will use that as well and so right here in colorado and at state level a lot of openly l.g.b. . are i mean had a level so that people can and i've been there. not an all or a discrimination our. friend. and i hear you there i want to bring up a comment from someone who talks about the challenges during the campaign and so this is a this isn't the us that says i ran and won for borough council here in pennsylvania in two thousand and nine i was contacted by another councilman who had been called about a picture on my my space course you remember that site you might be eating yourself there but. my space the social networking site before it before facebook
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he says a friend who was a drag queen was pictured there and he was told i don't care what you do but it's in your best interest to remove about picture he goes on to say i should add that this happened during the campaign and it bothered me as i hadn't planned to make my sexuality an issue in this race unless it was necessary but it was kind of offensive that people were sinking this low and telling supporters of mine that people were talking now this is one example i know for you personally you've had rocks thrown at you you had a court case opened against you talked to us about some of those challenges. well the. usual challenge is. i want to talk about when. there are. discrimination and violence against one minorities. for that country the other minorities are equally under there's you know miss him and country can take on. how how difficult time state of emergency the democracy was
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was crushed by the monarchy then who took the data who were dismissed on them and the time. the most insurgency was in its peak and rampant human rights violation by many and most. were the minority groups. disability women single women this it'll cost people you know which is the oppressed for centuries so then you know we faced we face to court challenge. fundamental you know fundamentalist was was also. a challenge filed late edition in the supreme court to close down the u.s. be to listen. to the court was you know more enlightened than the government then
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and then. give a decision say try talking to. a new minority groups or anybody is circus you should know so that was a big if but. you know the challenging time there was silence by security forces. you know getting organelle from a why i think it's extorting about your story is not that activism that we've been doing and the political office that your health but the fact that this is all happening in nepal which is not an area where we think oh it's a very progressive area it's very open to. right what do you think of happened at that time to make it a place where you could to run for office and hold office. well but the museum we have had enough of creation. all the challenges and we
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said you know it's generation i for it that's one thing but also time was a very right because the one country going through a difficult time the democracy was was cost crushed by the bullet and goods so on the other civil society were also you know i think we do in the forest to get there and then the whole you know quality and inclusion you know. eliminating discrimination stigma was the you know national agenda for everybody ok so when went to. seven we had this interim parliament and then election and. there was the opportunity and it was it was more open you know an inclusive understandably get to see i want to show you. a movie that's been made about the life a timer has the trial how to look. for.
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i don't really need as well i don't have the yet they were reality for a while frankly got me going in for a democratic way. you're going to see on. time or when you have a movie made about you a made about you know that you know important one of the things i was really curious about was how do you can compound how would you out for talking to the public and encouraging them to vote for. well actually the fact is that when you are totally out you do not only for rights you have the. duty to pipe for everyone's rights women's rights might
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want to write in general and for every base rights for everybody so when you are doing a campaign you're talking to everyone and compasses in the needs of everyone because there is not all the b.l.t. to be a community of it's going to bolt for you it's everyone that you are asking. to vote for you and this is the real task to be perceived and to beyond your stood as a person who actually fights for everyone. so interesting that you mentioned that you don't only fight for l.g.b. tea rights because we've got a good conversation going online among some people and i'd like to share with you the first is a bit of this is from a nice parker and she's the former mayor of the city of houston and also the president and c.e.o. of the victory fine here in washington d.c. and this is what she told the stream we believe that it is important to have out elected officials at all levels of government advocating for community they are
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good public servants they work hard for their constituents but they also shape the dialogue around the needs of the bt keep the unity we have great at once but we need to speak for ourselves because we are also role models for the next generation of leaders that comes behind us. so she mentions that leslie that she is working hard for all constituents but also members specifically in the l g b t community and that's it an idea that brian here picks up on he says one of the major challenges is recognizing that i could never fully represent the breath and the depth of the l.g.b. t.q. communities while simultaneously being the only out person in my legislature i have to teach i have to explain and i often embody the lessons that i've learned can you talk to us about that issue about representing a community but then of course not being the one spokesperson for all that community and having issues that affect the entire constituency. yeah so here in
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colorado we're fighting for a lot of things i had to make sure that we unite immigrant families with their kids re fighting to make sure that people understand that black rising matter and that people shouldn't be relied on mom for on our street and so there's a high is you know i work on as an african-american person as a legislator at the community member and i always present and it's really hard to do that if you're the only one representing because you have to build those relationships you have to be your authentic self but not everyone is like me not everyone else of the community believe everything that i believe in my houses experiences and so i think it's so important that we elect more l.g.b. out elegy people in the office so this last primary cycle we make sure to expand the number and l.g. it actually is that they got two more members elected to their primary and i have
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to run their general in november but i'll be there to help and i think that all the really important i'll tell you a quick story though i was working i thought on the judiciary committee and there was a cell that came in front of me it was called a liberal but i live bill was basically it says that one can refuse services what else you need to the person they want now add a black person that reminds me of the day when we had a geisha right and just pro-life the law that says if you're black you can't eat you're going to the back of the aisle you can't use a park and for saying that elders written about. it even more so though it affects all kinds of people people of color religious minorities so many different groups it would have a disaster. and so we have this hearing and i talked to one of the members who's from rural colorado a very different place than this in the center and i said look i don't think you're hateful person you never show hate toward me but this bill would allow you to.
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allow people to really allow people to discriminate and i don't think that's who you are i don't think that's who i am a colorado is and i ask you to come with me really want to name our house you know dinner and let's have a conversation. and i got it how you want and he has changed that i want to be right now as we and i think that we're the one we're there we're not only able to work on our own. we're actually in all the earthly members who really bring our people well and how do we really are and how it's really. busy i want to show you this picture here this is of a governor candidate for maryland not far away from the stream studios and this is him and his family campaigning he made news for being the first politician to kiss his husband on a political ad i'm wondering if you're seeing globally
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a change in attitudes to leaders l.t.p. t.q. activists who are out there who are leading the way leading their communities in the way that the public reacts to them. yes indeed and. a lot of very very well i don't. think i'm going to bend but i did that then i got a picture. that. you know you are a picture or well. on the front page. very. very. very stark do that and you're going to break that i think that there are challenges but more on the representation. many people are getting the board to be very. nice we have to recognize. well i haint maybe not but if they're
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go right to see unless one tomorrow thank you for being part of the house a conversation going down online. i think it's an interesting challenge for some communities and or for others they feel like they're more advances. always online and you can look at. the conversation now. thanks so much. change the face of the middle east this is not a war to defeat this is a war. the final it is a three part series explores the impending threat to. i don't. conflict continues to this day. the battle. this time
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on al jazeera eradicating. education and i'm treatment. me. yet. we would be waiting until three year old four year more people have this ability great job and didn't know wait the next generation of antibiotics may just be way taking at the bottom of the ocean maybe this could have it. revisited on al-jazeera fresh perspectives new possibility. seeing this gentleman is in the north of the.


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