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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 29, 2018 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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that kingdom is due to leave the european union in march next year but time is running out to agree on terms of the divorce to which will need to be ratified by both the u.k. and e.u. parliament the future of trade over the forthcoming u.k. border on the island of island remains a key sticking point this is a future security partnership we have with the european union movies very important we currently enjoy a high level of cooperation with member states of the e.u. in a number of areas on security this is important for our citizens this is a state and i want to see a strong and deep security partnership continuing. a ten day military offensive in syria's dare our province may have ended at least temporarily russian that talks in jordan have resulted in a truce between fighters of the free syrian army and pro-government forces the break in fighting comes after the deaths of at least eighty people on thursday porches reports. a bloodbath in the southwestern syrian rebel
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stronghold of daraa russian and syrian government judson helicopters hit an estimated one hundred targets on thursday dozens of civilians were killed in the twenty four hour barrage of barrel bombs and rocket fire. the u.n. says tens of thousands of newly displaced people have fled to syria's borders with the israeli occupied golan heights and jordan or peel goes to jordan one of the most generous recipients of refugees on earth that they keep border open for people fleeing south there is no there is no other place to go. but jordan says its border with syria will remain closed the kingdom already has six hundred fifty thousand registered syrian refugees. the u.n. says the fighting has also cut off vital cross border relief and aid supply routes
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it's asking the warring parties to stop fighting immediately the un the u.s. u.k. and france have condemned russia's role in the offensive for you a year ago the us russia and regional powers had agreed that i was one of the so-called deescalation zones of humanitarian access this done agreement designated that and three other regions as places that would be free of hostilities between rebel groups and forces fighting on behalf of bashar al assad's government the day it then mean b. day that this unprecedented air campaign by the russian jets adopting the scorched earth strategy is in gross violation of a deescalation agreement. but russia's ambassador to the united nations says moscow will no longer uphold the deescalation zone saying it was among the last strongholds of al qaeda syrian branch and i sold we urge the again the russians the american suchitra daintiest were able to to to do it last july they can
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do it again today. that they have only influence in this in this area there's nothing inevitable about. this escalation of fighting for assad taking the rebel stronghold of down especially important after all this is where the uprisings against his rule began seven years ago. libyan warlord khalifa haftar says his forces have taken full control of the city have done a phone rival armed groups people have been celebrating in the streets. groups denying the reports turnout was the losses in eastern libya not under have to control is self proclaimed libyan national army is one of the main factions that have competed for power since the twenty eleven uprising four years ago i still control the iraqi city of mosul the battle to recapture it cost thousands of lives and the city was
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left in ruins looks at life then. morsel maybe clear of ice will. but reminders of the group's reign are everywhere. not just of the group's atrocities but also the brutal fighting it took to topple them. here streets are still in. and buildings are destroyed for the former residents who were lucky enough to escape i suppose web of violence and inhumanity and things remain difficult. thought his homecoming would be a happy one he and his family fled in two thousand and fourteen they were overjoyed when an alkie forces declared they'd retake in mosul then he saw what remains of their house similar yet not sit on them but a shout out to him wherever you go there's awful destruction if you go outside you'll see entire neighborhoods destroyed and in some parts you can still smell
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dead bodies lying under the rubble it's impossible to bring our families to such a place where the smell of death is still lingering. strewn about are symbols of suffering. of youth stopped dead in its tracks of a displacement crisis that is nowhere near over. the dear whose family can't afford to rebuild struggles to come to terms with all that has happened. neither one official nor n.g.o.s visited us in order to help no one has come forward and asked us if we have we have not begged still or we only want to write some help from good people so we can get back on track while the situation remains dire there are signs of hope some philanthropists and contractors are promising to restore this city. as bulldozers roll through bringing a sense of anticipation to these alleyways that. we have taken the initiative to
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rebuild destroyed houses in mosul because we have seen the high level of destruction so we decided to hold hands together with the people of mosul and start this reconstruction campaign still no one expects this will be easy attempting restoration and renewal amid so much despair. lawyers representing cattle in the united arab emirates are making their final arguments before the united nations highest court of the hay took the u.a.e. to the international court of justice accusing us of violating human rights as a result of the blockade imposed on by the us three other countries last year katz's companies and individuals have been denied access to education medicine and justice. has more from the hague. there was a tense legal battle underway at the moment cats are the u.a.e. do not see eye to eye over whether the i.c.j. should have the jurisdiction to continue with this case just to remind you the
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u.a.e. has been accused by cats are of violating the international convention on the eradication of all forms of racial discrimination which the us is a key signatory and there are procedures to follow if there are accusations of violation of these key treaty firstly that the nations in question speak to each other directly in order to try and come to some sort of solution secondly that the complaint is referred to the committee in charge of this treaty and finally that it's referred here to the un's highest court consul argues that all of these stages have been fulfilled that it has attempted to have negotiations with the u.a.e. with the u.a.e. is simply ignored those attempts secondly qatar also argues that it's possible for these different stages to happen similar taney asli allowing therefore this case to be heard here at the i.c.j. the u.a.e. disputes that claiming that protocol hasn't been properly followed essentially
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accuses the u.a.e. of discrimination against its people of preventing qataris with the expulsion of them from the country from accessing assets property education health care and judicial services a little later on in the day the u.a.e. will have a chance to speak after which the court here will decide exactly what to do next. minister of democratic republic of congo says he's government is just weeks away from to caring the country free the latest outbreak killed twenty nine people the government says vaccines given to more than three thousand vulnerable people were very effective and it barely epidemic in twenty fourteen killed nearly eleven and a half thousand people across west africa. if you know piers economy grew at a faster rate than any other african country in the past ten years but foreign investors and local businesses complain that a shortage of foreign currencies like the u.s. dollar stifling the private sector mohamed atta reports from at a suburb or. this is the great if he appointed masons dumb on the blue nile nearing
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completion the project has been fully funded by the government on the people of ethiopia it's a fact that many here are proud of yet i'm bishops infrastructure projects like the dam have put pressure on the country's foreign reserves which are already short supply foreign currency shortages the worst that i've witnessed in my entire life and it's all time lows that we have heard of and seen and this is because look at they qana me look at the construction sector you look at the manufacturing sector look at the import everything and the government projects all those that have been planned and viciously have slowed down. another cause for the crisis is that ethiopia sells fall less than what it buys the international monetary fund says that if he appeals for the reserves at the end of the two thousand and sixteen two thousand and seventeen fiscally stood at three point two billion less than what it
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spends on imports in two months in recent years it has encouraged the must of chinese investment in industrial parks to create employment and increase exports the government does direct that one small piece of foreign currency the important one not insect that's considered a priority such as pharmaceuticals and manufacturing and with no means of paying their supplies many of them falls down. i thought it was the largest market monocultural traders complain of how businesses in our fight is clearly imports textiles from china to buy that we sell to muddy idealogue getting supplies every challenge for us increasing prices are also keeping customers away. last year the government devalued the local currency by fifteen percent in an effort to boost exports and contain rising inflation. but prices kept rising under it and we don't think the prices that is beyond us there from us in rural areas do depending on
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their production costs even ethiopia's new prime minister but the knowledge is that there is no quick fix to the pub for now he's calling for more corporation with the private sector. it's your p.r. one time ally of the soviet union is now enduring some of the pains of capitalism but there are growing pains the i.m.f. is focusing on growth rate of eight point five percent. the global average for now it seems ethiopia is still an african a comic force to reckon with mohamed atta well just. the straight and government has won a major trade dispute over its plain packaging laws for tobacco products the world trade organization has ruled the laws helped improve public health rules require cigarette manufacturers to remove all logos and branding from their products. a spacecraft bound for the international space station is taking off from cape
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canaveral in the u.s. three two one. the private company space x. is resupplying the supplies as part of a nasa mission the company says it's the last time it will use this type of rocket it will focus on producing usable rockets. zero these are the top stories around one hundred refugees are feared to have drowned after their boat capsized in the mediterranean sea off the coast of libya follows a compromise deal between leaders in brussels that they hope will control the influx of refugees trying to cross into europe the agreement pages more funding to turkey and north african countries including libya to stop sea crossings it also gives member states the option of setting up migrant processing centers on their own soil. thailand's prime minister's visit the size of
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a flooded cave complex where a young football team went missing last saturday. told family members to keep the faith as the international search and rescue mission entered its sixth day there's been some progress in efforts to drain water from the cave where the twelve boys and their coach went missing a man's been charged with murder after five people were shot dead at a newspaper office in the us state of maryland police say the gunman specifically targeted journalists in the city of annapolis. talks at the summit are likely to refocusing on budgetary and economic concerns in the wake of the deal on migration at the core of that is brics it united kingdom is due to leave the european union in march next year but time is running out to agree on terms of the divorce deal which will need to be ratified by both the u.k. and e.u. parliaments the future of trade over the forthcoming u.k. e.u. board on the island of ireland remains a key sticking point this is a future security partnership we have with the european union moving very important
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we currently enjoy a high level of cooperation with member states of the you in a number of areas on security disrepute and france which is a this is a state and i want to see a strawman deep security partnership continuing there's trade in government as one a major trade dispute over its plain packaging laws for tobacco products the world trade organization has ruled the laws helped improve public health rules require cigarette manufacturers to remove all logos and branding from their products those are the last headlines i'll be reading as after thirteen years and will be leaving this incredible network thank you very much for the amazing people who helped me get through it and very much for your support inside story is up next.
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time for europe the german chancellor angela merkel on the migrant crisis which is polarizing the ease some countries are threatening to seal the borders so could that sealed the fate of the european union itself this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm peter it is an issue that has split the european union and as the german chancellor angela merkel is warning it's make or break time for the future of the twenty eight nation bloc leaders are in brussels to discuss the migration crisis with deep divisions over how to manage the migrant
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flow into europe a controversial proposal to set up asylum seeker processing centers in northern africa will be examined france and germany want a shared responsibility among the member states but right wing governments are demanding tights of border controls and policies to reduce the number of migrants getting in well ahead of the summit dress the german parliament warning of how vital it is that europe does find the right solution. oh but you know how europe faces many challenges but migration could become the make or break one for the e.u. either we manage it so others in africa believe that we are guided by values and believe in multilateralism not unilateralism or nobody will believe any longer in the system of values that has made us strong that's why it's so important a you leaders have been here before especially in twenty fifteen when the migration crisis in europe was at its peak but they struck deals with countries like turkey and libya to keep refugees from ever reaching the continent in the first place it's
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been working for more than a million refugees in twenty fifteen the international organization for migration says the numbers arriving by sea dropped to under forty three thousand so far this year most of them crossed the mediterranean and rich spain italy and greece almost forty percent arrived in italy the rest split evenly between greece and spain nine hundred seventy two people died trying to make that crossing italy is turning away ships carrying refugees rescued from the mediterranean sending a clear message to europe that they will no longer bear the brunt of migration italy's interior minister mathias l. beenie the still refugees to pack their bags and many italians many of whom still believe migrants are still flowing in at crisis levels welcoming his anti immigrant rhetoric charlie angela is in sicily finding out how refugees there feel about this new more hostile environment. a bus from catan yeah unloading into cardamon new
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one of europe's largest refugee camps here there is fresh for refugees applying for asylum they've heard that italy's new interior minister is hostile to migrants and their rights just. so whatever he puts is that it'll just fully so even if he said revolution will talk a little of it into sleep. ernest came from ghana when he was fifteen he lost his mother in libya and made. his way to italy alone now a husband and father the camp has been his home for for years lawyers say these people are the lucky ones italy's new policy of turning boats away will make new arrivals almost impossible. going back to twenty fifteen where there's no distinction between genuine refugees and economic migrants we're going back because the government is now talking about preventing people from even requesting asylum talking about denying access based on the country of origin and this is
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a violation of international law italy has shut its ports to charity boats carrying rescued migrants they believe if these boats disappear migrants won't be tempted to cross the mediterranean but charity boats account for forty percent of the search and rescue operations here in testing this idea thousands could die. italy's new hardline policy is driven by my tales told beany a rock star of the italian right seen here in libya pushing for asylum identification centers to be set up in north africa not europe his slogan stop the invasion local councillor and salvini supporter fabio kuntar allah took me to parts of catan yehi says overrun by migrants.


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