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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 29, 2018 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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a right in the wave on the part of the right wing perhaps a right around the wrong sure i mean there are many journalists i mean this station is a good example of that you cover this issue extremely well so let's be clear about this it's about the optics of the white or kind of social media and journalism that is treating a a new situation and that situation is happening when the numbers are going down and this is why it is very dangerous to jump into situations where you're processing of sure in dangerous countries i mean i was in libya recently and i saw also pushback from algeria or pushbacks even chin is here and i saw that and i go days so i know what will happen if this starts to to happen in africa you know economic migrants i don't need a reality check about that i'm an immigrant and i know what will happen with this processing and the e.u. will then suffer a lot of values damage because of it because it won't work it will be a mess and i think we're talking about coast guards now as well which is really
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worrying so i think yes the media and all of the kind of optics make things difficult but we have to look at the world as it is and deal with it as it is and if we don't fight back every light this point that was made by our guest here that a coalition of the willing there are some member states you might break off and say look we need a strong external border we need claude i'm going to interrupt you because we are getting towards the top of the hour severe give me for that idea of the optics back to julia people are saying julia if the reaction that we get from politicians during this two day summit fails shane and then fail so the zone of free movement in effect disintegrates there also then saying there's a domino effect in the entire e.u. fails is it that bad particularly if you overlay that with the quotes political crisis that's facing and bla merkel. potentially it is but in actual fact second is
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already suspended i mean that's one of the things about the e.u. we keep talking about things that could happen that are actually already happening . suspended between one member states right now the italian border with france effectively c.-o. this is the border with austrian that's why people are trapped in a city and that's why the resentment is building up in it. so i think the approach from for a pragmatist like counts right now is to go beyond to the rhetoric and the grandstanding and the grand statements about the future of europe and its basis and really work on practical solutions so that we can actually enjoy it in europe and by law actually tried out for agreements that once that notice referred to a probably one of the instruments that will be used to achieve that and yes it will have multiple tires european cooperation but that's already a fact we have to we have shango we have various arrangements which don't include all member states so i think if it was and if it in to show us humane policies for the migrants and policies that respond to those needs as well then i'd i think we
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should welcome it clearly leonard doyle in geneva it's on the one hand you close borders you put everyone on the bus towards fortress europe or you share the problem angela merkel surely is the only european politician who thinks she can conjoin those two ideas successful because everyone is saying something else all the agencies are saying something else as well. because i think there's a repetition of there has to be a managed process for migration into europe and you simply cannot have on the television screens large vessels floating around pregnant women and stressed people have been fished out of the water though isn't helping anything and that certainly has been to manage process and it seems to me that that's what's happening now there's an attempt for it probably by the far right are not to get a managed process up of it and some of the ideas as has been pointed out in the show are not ours and up there not this very good but that shouldn't say that they shouldn't be seeking amount of process at the end of the day is the partnership with the african union and the european union and for that matter with iran which
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is led to thirty thousand detained africans primarily from living in detention centers going home in the last seven months voluntarily that's the sort of cooperation we need with the african union having a stake at the table being engaged as a proper partner and not having feeling that this thing is going to be imposed. for a while and that it should or whatever it would take place should be done with with humanitarian concerns of the heart of them today in brussels in about twenty seconds if they don't come up with something solid at their summit is there a plan b. i think that's a plan b. from certain governments and i think they'll move ahead regardless of what the other once a and hopefully that plan b. will in physics at some point in the next year other issues like the comprehensive management of migration and not just asylum and small number of incidents you could come to europe because it began affecting the group continues to be economic mike is that europe actually needs and who will continue to arrive regardless of how
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they arrive at they should do some conditions which are not fighting a human rights the clock has beaten us as ever here on inside story francs to all our guests in geneva leonard doyle in brussels julie laguna and in london claude moraes and thank you for watching you can see the program again any time on the website i want to go dot com and for more discussion check up a facebook page facebook dot com forward slash inside story you can also join the conversation. on twitter at a.j. inside story or tweet me i'm at peta don't be one elizabeth will keep you company of the usual talking tomorrow for me on the entire team here in doha thanks for watching i will see you very soon.
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thank you. south america australia pretty. tough. to phone. me. and the crowd. in the street. that's safe to cross make sure it's close to. coming. just as. they.
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are. well. so. now. i'm richelle carey and these are the top stories on al-jazeera around one hundred refugees are feared to have drowned after their boat capsized in the mediterranean sea off the coast of libya that follows a compromise deal between e.u. leaders and brussels that they hope will control the influx of refugees trying to come into europe their great pledges more funding to turkey and north korean countries including libya to stop sea crossings it also gives member states the option of setting up migrant processing centers on their own soil. sometimes in. europe is not an island and we must be able to face up to this challenge was for
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many loyal to have values and protect our people and national cohesion tonight we took an important step many predicted the impossibility of an agreement many predicted the triumph of national solutions tonight we have succeeded in finding the european solution and a way of working in cooperation talks at the summit are likely to refocus now on budgetary and economic concerns in the wake of this deal on migration or at the core of that is bracks it united kingdom is to believe the european union and march of next year the time is running out to agree on terms of that divorce deal which will need to be ratified by both the u.k. and e.u. parliaments the future of trade over the forthcoming u.k. e.u. border on the island of ireland remains a key sticking point. the president of the international committee of the red cross says the right hensher crisis is still an emergency situation peter maer has been visiting me in mar where he met the de facto leader so she seven hundred thousand
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wrote him to have fled the country since a massive military crackdown targeted them last august most are living in makeshift camps in neighboring bangladesh thailand's prime minister has visited the flooded cave where the search for twelve young footballers and their coaches entered its sixth day. urged district distraught families to keep the faith that more than one thousand people are now involved in this rescue mission including teams from america and britain scott highly reports from shanghai. prime minister was on a trip to europe when the twelve boys and their football coach went missing but it was friday he was back in thailand and up the cave meeting the search teams there's now a crowded mini village of rescue organizations and command centers. and i think we will succeed we will succeed because we have faith everyone should keep their heads cool advise on one another helping one another and talking to one another or things that are helpful. with more personnel and equipment arriving every day there's
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growing concerns there are too many people involved reducing the efficiency of the rescue efforts. the prime minister also met the families of some of those missing many of whom have been camped out near the cave entrance since saturday. cam'ron cayle runs a shop in the nearby village where the boys football pitch is located she might have been one of the last people to see them before they entered the cave. i cried when i heard about the boys from my shop i saw them practicing on saturday they came over and bought snacks and soft drinks when i asked why so much they said they were off to the cave this is the road that leads up to the mouth of the cave in the hive of search and rescue operations now for the first time in days the generators are running and the pumps are working i don't know if the search also continues in the hills and jungle above the cave complex fissures and chimneys or downward tunnels are being explored and surveyed workers looking for any way to get into the cave beyond the flooded sections to look for the boys or any sign or clue of where
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they might be. with water again draining from the large mouth of the cave there's hope that the divers can again continue with their push farther into the dark and muddy labyrinth scott harder al-jazeera jeong ride. a man's been charged with murder after five people were shot dead at a newspaper office in the u.s. state of maryland police say the gunman specifically targeted journalists in the city of annapolis. the syrian government offensive in southwestern province of daraa is on hold after a deal was reached with opposition fighters russian led talks in jordan resulted in a temporary truce at least eighty people were killed and just on thursday those are the headlines a news continues keep it here on al-jazeera the war in october is next thanks for your time.
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new york. saturday the sixth of october one thousand nine hundred seventy three. the waldorf astoria hotel. in the early hours and merican secretary of state henry kissinger. is woken in his suite with the news of military activity in the middle east. two hours later at two pm middle eastern time. egypt and syria launched a war against israel on two fronts. after
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three years in power egyptian president anwar sadat had grown tired of peace initiatives that seemed to be going nowhere. you don't fear them with your toes has not been successful and sort of and the united states was the main supporter of the surge so it was clear that if you want to solve the problem you would have to do two things either go to war. or try to convince the americans to move into. two weeks into the war and with the opposing forces locked in a stalemate and richeson just arrived in moscow. is goal was to agree a u.n. cease fire acceptable to egypt soviet allies. the russians had to. for the russian jews it was unacceptable so we had to rewrite it in history and. showed up from the. right again. we push it to
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the next morning. within two days the draft of the un security council resolution three three eight had been accepted by both the soviets and the americans. but instead of returning direct to washington kissinger made a stopover in tel aviv for a few hours. that's off to news twenty second of october he would give his blessing to israeli plans to violate a cease fire even before it turned the gun. on the sick for the toba nine hundred seventy three the egyptians mounted a lightning attack across the suez canal. their goal to liberate the
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sinai peninsula occupied by israel sixty is in the six day war. to field all means one hundred thousand men had established bridgeheads ten kilometers deep into sinai. during the first week of war the israelis had lost equipment at an unprecedented rate. five hundred tanks. and fifty aircraft. to an egyptian army equipped with the latest soviet weaponry can tell the anti-tank rockets. and sophisticated sufis to and missiles. right on the political system away from the soviets were trying to impose their will on the middle east to regain a position data supplied mashable forms to the arab world. united states had to respond and it had to make sure that weapons were not perceived as being inferior
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in the soviet union. by the fourteenth of october a massive american alef had begun to carry weapons to israel. the operation was code named nickel grass. electronic equipment sand which would help to neutralize a sand sige toll antitank missiles or sand the strange thing is that the really important material it was sent was the most basic one hundred five millimeter ammunition they sent that by the thousands of tons and it was fired off almost immediately. throughout the whole war we were receiving ammunition crates of ammunition which came straight off the planes and ships. and no one even tries to make it look like it's israeli there was u.s. army on it so it was clear what role america took in keeping israel alone.
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reinforced with american arms. israelis now formed a bold plan to cross the canal at a gap that identified between the two egyptian field armies. the plan was cooled stout hearted man. during the second week of the war and after face fighting these really succeeded in crossing to the egyptian mainland on the west bank of the canal. three on the divisions some six hundred tanks formed an israeli bridge had in an area called devore swaths . of the rocky purposes. we had to get to all the anti aircraft bases and take them out and hit the retreating egyptian forces and cut off the egyptian troops that had
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crossed to the eastern side of the canal so it was a complicated mission but is a fish up there of. the egyptians confused and unsure what was going on began to restrict the release of information about the israeli presence on the western side of the canal. but sort of talking here was the moment the egyptians said that four or maybe even eight israeli tanks had been attracted to the western side of the canal and were being dealt with i told the friends the egyptian command have started making false statements up till then all the egyptian statements were truthful and the israelis were lying now i said it's the other way around that egyptians are lying and the israeli statements are correct. on the other hand the israelis were working closely with western journalists.
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just the wrong box and purely military it was a brilliantly conceived plan israel. managed to see more with israeli troops in egypt. international correspondents accompanied minister of defense moshe dyan on visits to israeli forces west of the canal. president sadat claimed the israeli operation and devil swap was in a television stunt an attempt to cover up israeli failures in the first week of. trouble in fact it was a really serious problem i knew it was not just a media operation but that israeli breakthrough was a personal blow to me as a commander of.


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