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they receive this. well the point here is surely as if the deal that's been arrived at in brussels appears unimpressive to people in brussels what matters now here in germany is how that deal is perceived in bavaria specifically by the christian social union that governs the states of area and which in coalition with angela merkel here in berlin controls the interior ministry as the interior minister holds the whole for who are affectively compelled angle americal to try to find a european solution with the threats that he has interior minister this coming monday we decide to start sending refugees back at the borders so how will he perceive this this deal this solution the point to make is it is becoming clear today that there are some member states of the european union for specifically france poland spain and denmark who are prepared to enter into negotiations on a bilateral one might say quadrilateral basis with germany about taking on some
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migrant some refugees and mr is a hopeful we understand is going to be charged with that negotiation so the question for him and his party now is do they want to stay in the government do they want to accept this solution do they want to retract. their threats to go it alone ministerial e. and fall into line with angela merkel and indeed the rest of the e.u. with this deal or do they want to plow on and potentially plunge the government here into the uncertainty that would ensue big questions we might get some answers on sunday because the christian democratic union that's going to merkel's party and separately the christian social union have a very and allies will be meeting on sunday afternoon to discuss the aftermath of this brussels deal this brussels summit and we'll be following as you can imagine we'll be following those events very closely on sunday to see what's what facts will emerge from them part time and i can live in berlin thank you italy's new populist prime minister has threatened to block a day on less other e.u.
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countries agreed to share the number of refugees coming to the e.u. here far to them as a bargain charlie antal has more from sicily. we're hearing tanya and this is the last ship that brought in rescued migrants two weeks ago since then interior minister matteo salvini has closed italy's ports and at the summit there was no discussion as to what will happen the next time a european boat carrying rescued migrants is left stranded in the mediterranean instead italy's prime minister just every county emerged from the summit saying italy is no longer alone he went in threatening to use his veto it if there was not an agreement that suited italy he did and because of that italians believe they got some concessions but nothing will change if we don't play hardball on grey's our voices will never get anything so long. under the new e.u. agreement italy could host voluntarily new migrant centers that would process all arrivals and determine which are genuine refugees and which are illegal migrants to
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us. this country already has refugee camps the difference is that these arrivals would no longer be subject to the dublin regulations italy would not be responsible for them soley the idea is they could be divided up between other member states but again there's no concrete agreement on hell that would happen and for italians sharing the burden is a key issue. italy's been left alone it's true but of course i don't agree on the methods used by our interior minister i do think europe has to be reformed especially because there is no agreement on this issue the agreement also promises to explore the idea of setting up disembarkation platforms in north africa to try and process migrants before they even attempt to the mediterranean crossing but not all italians are convinced because he was offered a full month trying to fix the problem in africa on the spot and trying to help them here it is really difficult those fleeing war should always be welcomed and
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not pushed away but pushing away is exactly what italy has done in closing its ports and the new e.u. declaration that asylum seekers landing in italy are actually arriving in europe seems almost redundant. but in our head of the news hour and quoting will tell you why ethiopia's economy is in crisis despite government efforts to boost exports and contain rising inflation. mexico's presidential front runner is promising he will rescue the country's impoverished population but it might not be that simple i'm john holmes and i'll tell you more. and the biggest star in basketball or on james has a huge decision to make details coming up in sports. a man with murder after five people were killed at a newspaper office in the u.s. state of maryland the police have searched an apartment complex listed as
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a suspect and shooters attracts the shooting happened in the city of annapolis and the suspect has been identified as thirty eight role jared ramos local media reported he had a long standing grudge with the newspaper after unsuccessfully suing it and two thousand and twelve for defamation the shooter entered the newspaper offices on thursday armed with smoke grenades and a shotgun and he then began targeting specific employees. this was a targeted attack on the capital because. that is located eight best gate road in the first floor. he entered the building with a shotgun. and he looked for his victims as he walked through the lower level. castro joins us live now from annapolis and heidi with this having been a chain of journalists in
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a newspaper the newspaper was faced with having to report on what happened to them and on the loss of their colleagues how is all this playing out there. that's right and remarkably less than twenty four hours after this attack unfolded rachele the capital gains that has published as it does every day copy of course the headline today the stark five shot dead at the capital with the pictures of the five victims who were slain inside the office behind me published on the front cover as you said the suspect thirty eight year old jared ramos is charged now with five charges of murder he is due in court in the next few hours investigators say he continues to be uncooperative but they think he had a vendetta against this newspaper dating back to a lawsuit he filed in two thousand and eleven and that was ultimately dismissed the
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paper had run a story about his guilty plea in a harassment case and since then through social media accounts police say he has been making threats to the staff here now as far as the victims four of them were journalists in this news room and one was a sales assistant to remember them the paper published on its opinion page here in the back. just a blank copy with the simple words here today we are speechless for show as are many people castro thank you live in annapolis. thailand's prime minister has visited the flooded cave where the search for twelve young footballers and their coach as entered its sixth day. urge to strong families waiting for news to keep the faith or that at thousand people are now involved in the rescue mission including teams from america and britain scott highly reports from. prime minister was on
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a trip to europe when the twelve boys and their football coach went missing but on friday he was back in thailand at the cave meeting with the search teams there's now a crowded mini village of rescue organizations and command centers on the ground i think we will succeed we will succeed because we have to face the way everyone should keep their heads cool and advising one another helping one another and talking to one another i want things that are helpful. with more personnel and equipment arriving every day there's growing concerns there are too many people involved reducing the efficiency of the rescue efforts. the prime minister also met the families of some of those missing many of whom have been camped out near the cave entrance since saturday. cam'ron cayle runs a shop in a nearby village where the boy's football pitch is located she might have been one of the last people to see them before they entered the cave. i cried when i heard about the boys from my shop i saw them practicing on saturday they came over and
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snacks and soft drinks when i asked why so much they said they were off to the cave this is the road that leads up to the mouth of the cave in the hive of search and rescue operations now for the first time in days the generators are running and the pumps are working i don't know the search also continues in the hills and jungle above the cave complex fissures and chimneys or downward tunnels are being explored and surveyed workers looking for any way to get into the cave beyond the flooded sections to look for the boys or any sign or clue of where they might be. with water again draining from the large mouth of the cave there's hope that the divers can again continue with their push farther into the dark and muddy labyrinth scott either al-jazeera chiang rai. the president of the international committee of the red cross says they were hendra crisis is still an emergency situation peter maer has been visiting me in mar where he's met the defacto later on so in sochi seven hundred thousand roughead to have fled the country since
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a massive military crackdown targeted them last august most are living in makeshift camps and neighboring angle dash i saw certain houses abandoned their neighborhoods destroyed or half destroyed and i saw walls so that in other parts of along the road where villages have existed before nothing much is anymore existent and the vegetation is taking over and. the landscape this observation leads me to the impressions that we have and which confirm icier sees assessment that in the rock kind we are still very much engaged in the mood since the operation and all of next week al-jazeera will be reporting on the crisis from bangladesh were tame will be visiting the camps and meeting those affected by what the united nations has called
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a textbook case of ethnic cleansing the health minister of democratic republic of congo says his government is just weeks away from declaring the country ebola free so happen if there are no new infections in the next three weeks the latest outbreak killed twenty nine people and the r.c. government says vaccines given to more than three thousand vulnerable people were very effective and able epidemic in two thousand and fourteen killed nearly eleven and a half thousand people across west africa. it the o.p.'s economy grew at a faster rate than any other african country in the past ten years of foreign investors and local businesses complain that a shortage of foreign currencies like the u.s. dollar or strife are stifling the press private sector. reports from addis ababa this is the great if you have been remade sounds dumb on the blue nile nearing completion the project has been fully funded by the government and the people of ethiopia it's
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a fact that many here are proud of yet the infrastructure projects like the dam have put pressure on the country's foreign reserves which are already short supply foreign currency shortages the worst that i've witnessed in my entire life and it's all time lows that we have heard of and seen and this is because look at the economy look at the construction sector you look at the manufacturing sector look at the import everything and the government projects all those that have been planned and viciously have slowed down. a mother calls for the crisis is that ethiopia sells fall less than what it buys the international monetary fund says that if he appeals for the reserves at the end of the two thousand and sixteen two thousand and seventeen fiscally stood at three point two billion less than what it spends on imports into moments. in recent years it has encouraged the must of chinese investment in industrial parks to create employment and increase exports
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the government directed functional feature foreign currency to import as one malt insect must consider the priority such as pharmaceuticals and manufacturing and with no means of paying their supplies many of them for down. at that is supposedly just market monocultural traders complain of how businesses in our fight is clearly imports textiles from china and. the results are muddy idealogue getting supplies every challenge for us increasing prices are also keeping customers away last year the government devalued the local currency by fifteen per cent in an effort to boost exports and contain rising inflation but prices kept rising under. we don't fix the prices that is beyond us there from us in rural areas do depending on the a production costs even ethiopia's new prime minister but the knowledge is that there is no quick fix to the pub for now he's calling for more cooperation with the
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private sector. ethiopia a one time ally of the soviet union is now enduring some of the pains of capitalism but the growing pains the i.m.f. is focused on your growth rate of eight point five percent. above the global approach for now it seems ethiopia is still an african economy force to reckon with mohamed atta well just how does somebody here in. time for weather now at everton something pretty big is happening on. the tennis ball there and that's the one medal and strangely enough we're not expecting any rain rachelle hey i think we may even stage right into the second week so perfect tennis weather ok swarm is fine and sunny look at the satellite picture barely a cloud in the sky of course that western side of here but of course i've been talking about that he way for many western areas for the past few days now and there's really no sign of it letting up as we go on through the the coming days ahead fine and dry there are some showers around into chiefly across central parts
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on the other side of the adriatic over towards the balkans pushing which was the black sea but let's forget about that for now but the western europe was warm and sunny glorious conditions in paris yesterday we saw some pita for weather coming through here as that heat temperatures have been getting up about thirty degrees celsius as we go through the weekend we may even get into the mid thirty's across a good pass so france a loss of form sunshine at present and more warm sunshine as we go on through the next couple of days we have been keeping an eye on this little clutch the storm some wet weather just coming out of northern parts of portugal northern areas of spain i think it's the style should all stay out there in the the bay of biscay pushing up at western side of france coming into the southwest approaches of england yes but with the london twenty seven celsius on sunday some more warm sunshine coming through kick it up to thirty three in paris i think this feature will and gradually fizzle out all move away and we'll see that fine dry and warm
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tennis weather can. thank you everton still ahead on al-jazeera one year after i saw was defeated in the iraqi city of mosul reminders of the group's rule are still everywhere plus. i'm craig leeson on jade you island south korea and i'll be explaining why there's a refugee crisis on this holiday island and why hundreds of yemenis are now stuck here. and sport will tell you why this former england international is in washington d.c. details in just a bit. every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking story news but it was in the truck didn't happen on the board through the eyes of the world's journalists the images matter a lot of international politics joining the listening post as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they report on the stories that matter the most the
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big fear is someone from the country who guides you to lead you to the story of the bar line tells us who wrote the listening post on alt.
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watching al-jazeera take a look at top stories right now later a separate chicago from my steel that they hope will control the influx of refugees trying to cross into europe at times as another one hundred refugees are believed to have drowned after their boat capsized in the mediterranean sea off the coast of libya. police have identified the gunman who shot dead five people and a newspaper office in the us state of maryland. ramos specifically targeted journalists in the city and this thailand's prime minister paying with channel sure has visited the flooded cave for a young football team went missing last saturday there's been some progress in efforts to drain the water from the cave as the rescue operation intercept six day officials say there is still a chance to twelve footballers from their coach are alive. some of donald trump's assistants had closer ties to the united arab emirates and previously thought
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according to a new report the middle east has e-mails appealing aides were willing to exchange inside information with them iranian basser to the u.s. during the two thousand and sixteen campaign alan fisher has more donald trump was a key figure in all of this according to the emails the website middle east says if the pain is told a prominent and influential businessman he's an old friend of donald trump's and raised huge sums of money for his election campaign he was allegedly exchanging e-mails with us of the united arab emirates ambassador to washington. it's claimed the ambassador monies to change the republican party platform at its cleveland convention the first draft of the coulter least twenty eight pages of classified documents from the nine eleven inquiry which were potentially embarrassing to saudi arabia a close ally that was removed. after dalton surprise
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election victory in november twenty sixth in its alleged ambassador tiber push for insights on who would be moved into key diplomatic intelligence and defense positions in the new administration it was his intention to brief his bosses including the emma rattie crone prince mohammed bin zayed. but then he also apparently offered his own suggestions middle east ice says in one e-mail he wrote to tom barac about george w. bush's former homeland security adviser fran townsend i saw her last night and immediately thought she would be huge asset to you she would make a perfect director of national intelligence or d.h.h.s. secretary she would hit the ground running on every issue tense and in fact made the shortlist for a key intelligence position she was considered as a possible f.b.i. director when james komi was fired up middle east i suggest the e-mail exchange may be of interest to the ongoing milot inquiry into potential russian interference into the twenty sixteen presidential election and links to the trump campaign he's
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looking for not just contact but for flows of money because what he's basically investigating is whether any foreign policy started with russia but he's now continuing with you know emirates and saudi arabia whether any foreign government actively contributed financially to trump selection campaign and that would be illegal under u.s. law it's claimed crown prince been ziad canceled a planned trip to washington last month because he was caught up in the inquiry the crown prince did meet donald trump at the white house in may last year and tomorrow at eleven thirty was interviewed by the miller investigation in december he actually recommended pomona for a strums campaign manager one of four no faces several charges arising out of the miller investigation by alan fischer al jazeera washington. players are present in qatar and the united arab emirates are making their final arguments before the
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united nations highest court at the hague qatar to the u.a.e. to the international court of justice accusing it of violating human rights as a result of the blockade imposed on too hard by the u.a.e. and three other countries last year qatar says companies and individuals have been denied access to education medicine and justice a barker has more from the hague. there was a tense legal battle underway at the moment casts of the u.a.e. do not see eye to eye over whether the i.c.j. should have the jurisdiction to continue with this case just to remind you the u.a.e. has been accused by cats are of violating the international convention on the eradication of all forms of racial discrimination which the u.a.e. is a key signatory and there are procedures to follow if there are accusations of violation of these key treaty firstly that the nations in question speak to each other directly in order to try and come to some sort of solution secondly that the
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complaint is referred to the committee in charge of this treaty and finally that it's referred here to the un's highest court consul argues that all of these stages have been fulfilled that it has attempted to have negotiations with the u.a.e. with the u.a.e. is simply ignored those attempts secondly qatar also argues that it's possible for these different stages to happen similar taney asli allowing therefore this case to be heard here at the i.c.j. the u.a.e. disputes that claiming that protocol hasn't been properly followed essentially accuses the u.a.e. of discrimination against its people of preventing qataris with the expulsion of them from the country from accessing assets property education health care and judicial services a little later on in the day the u.a.e. will have a chance to speak of to which the court here will decide exactly what to do next terry cadman is an international human rights lawyer he joins us now from london
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thank you very much for your time so mr president for this type of case if you. have to repeat the question are you sure i said is there a precedent for this type of case. well there are obviously the international court of justice has a as a long history of dealing with state state disputes this this case is particularly unique in in in the circumstances that surrounds the allegations that are being made by the state of qatar. as as quite rightly was reported to the u.a.e. is contesting jurisdiction. the state of qatar has put its arguments for would as to what they are effectively arguing and these are compelling arguments that been put forward and based on the fundamental principles of international law there have also been expert opinions recently by two leading international legal scholars who have clearly stated that the conduct force within the convention on the elimination
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of all forms of racial discrimination and got there is quite right when they state that the i.c.j. has jurisdiction it clearly does all forms to mediate failed the u.a.e. simply dismiss is that. and we expect them to say the same again today but it is likely that the i.c.j. as as a preliminary issue will will hold that it has jurisdiction to hear the claims if qatar. prevails and when is there a way to actually make. comply. well that's always going to be the big question once it goes to a substantive hearing and cut stablish is the the the allegations which which are well documented and well known it's unclear other than contesting jurisdiction what the u.a.e. will actually put forward whether they will put forward
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a lot of justification which is under like three to succeed but the big issue is in foresman of any future decision that the international court of justice issues and we know one of the leading cases from the i.c.j. relates to the the war in jerusalem that has not been implemented but of course there is diplomatic pressure that the state of qatar can bring on the u.a.e. they can take it to the u.n. general assembly. and the big question is whether u.a.e. wants to become more of a pariah state the the human rights violations that all persistently violated by the state to buy u.a.e. a well known well documented and it's a question of whether they are actually going to respect the ruling of the international court of justice they would be very foolish to think they can just ignore it and walk away from it ok i want to say on how this all plays out take had been joining us from london thank you very much. a twelve hour ceasefire in syria's
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darragh province has ended a temporary was a great on after intense fighting between pro-government forces and the free syrian army a ten day military offensive in terror left at least eighty people dead on thursday now the un office for human rights says warning that civilians in syria southwestern province may be trapped cocktail opus dei on reports. this is the province that sparked syria's uprising seventy years ago now rebel controlled areas of daraa are unrecognizable days of airstrikes have left their mark there. now a warning of civilians trapped in unable to escape the u.n. says there are reports fighters are not allowing civilians to leave the real concern is that we're going to see a repetition of what we saw in eastern kuta the bloodshed the suffering of the civilians being held being under a siege the u.n. estimates more than forty five thousand people have managed to flee most heading to
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the israeli occupied golan heights and to neighboring jordan but they can only go so far jordan has closed its border that they keep border open for people fleeing south there is no there is no other place to go but jordan says it can't afford to take in more syrian refugees. coming out of the let me sort of jordan already has one point three million syrians a country has reached its maximum capacity jordan has been shoulder in this responsibility and i must say we've been doing so alone. roughly one hundred targets were hit by russian in syrian forces on thursday dozens of civilians were killed. a deescalation agreement was in place but the truce was overlooked by syria's government and its allies russia's ambassador to the u.n. says the agreement doesn't apply in what he describes as one of the last
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strongholds of al qaeda and i still in syria or on the condition that the this is not this is not. concern that that is who are. who are not exempt from being fought and this latest cease fire now over not long enough for those still trying to get out card to llopis will yon al-jazeera four years ago i saw control of the iraqi city of mosul the battle to recapture it cost thousands of lives and the city was left in ruins mohammed him soon looks at life there now. mosul may be clear of iceland. but reminders of the group's reign are everywhere. not just of the group's atrocities but also the brutal fighting it took to topple them. here streets are still him to eat and buildings are destroyed. for the former residents who were lucky enough to
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escape ice was web of violence and inhumanity and things remain difficult. thought his homecoming would be a happy one he and his family fled in two thousand and fourteen they were overjoyed when at out the forces declared they'd retaken mosul then he saw what remains of their house not civil a yet of saddam but a shout out that isn't wherever you go there's awful destruction you go outside you'll see entire neighborhoods destroyed and in some parts you can still smell dead bodies lying under the rubble it's impossible to bring our families to such a place where the smell of death is still lingering. strewn about are symbols of suffering. of youth stopped dead in its tracks of a displacement crisis that is nowhere near over. the deer whose family can't afford to rebuild struggles to come to terms with all that has happened. neither one
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official nor n.g.o.s visited us in order to help no one has come forward and asked us if we have leads we have not begged still we only want to rights and help from good people so we can get back on track while the situation remains dire there are signs of hope some philanthropists and contractors are promising to restore this city. as bulldozers roll through bringing a sense of anticipation to these alleyways that. we have taken the initiative to rebuild destroyed houses and most old because we have seen the high level of destruction so we decided to hold hands together with the people of mosul and start this reconstruction campaign. still no one expects this will be easy attempting restoration and. so much.
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protest marches are planned in south korea on saturday to demonstrate against the number of you many's arriving there to seek asylum but then five hundred yemenis have flown to jew island since december the government on friday held an emergency meeting to deal with the crisis and is moving to stop the flow craig leeson travel to shoot to meet the refugees. the kitchen is the last place adnan.


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