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so much. good.
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protest marches are planned in south korea on saturday to demonstrate against the number of your many is arriving there to seek asylum but then five hundred yemenis have flown to as you island since they sent her the government on friday held an emergency meeting to deal with the crisis and is moving to stop the flow craig
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leeson travel to shoot to meet the refugees. a kitchen is the last place adnan imagined himself working i didn't choose this job but i'm in the immigration and they own of this place because me and turned out that it was a restaurant so. a qualified health and safety officer he worked for a patrolling company in yemen but was forced to flee the war after he was threatened and tortured by sympathizers of the rebels and then fled to malaysia on a tourist visa but soon ran out of money. in december it opened a new route to jeju island offering adnan and all the yemenis the chance to into south korea through the islands visa free status the sudden influx of yemenis has overwhelmed the local community and the government is acting to stem the flow in april south korea's justice ministry banned yemenis on j.g.
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from traveling to other parts of the country and earlier this month excluded yemen from the island's visa waiver program the more than four hundred eighty yemenis still here and they are stuck until the government decides what to do with them. the percentage of successful asylum seekers in south korea is around just four st could. take the time to board if you look at just twenty seventeen it's just one percent so the number of applicants are rising with the rate of acceptance is dropping. many refugees now live in cramped conditions up to twenty min in this under grandchild charity and aid a largely grassroots. there is a negative sentiment towards islam and public opinion so that's something that we need to consider in the long term. more than half a million people have signed a petition urging the government to revise its refugee law on j.j. the local government is hoping some including adnan to find jobs. council
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restaurants are asked if we could hire some of their given our labor shortage at first they didn't even occur to me they were refugees or that there was a civil war raging in yemen it was outside my scope of interest the refugees we spoke to said that brother be at home in yemen and stuck on what they regard as an expensive holiday resort island because of we have this in yemen so there we go back to yemen because you have to leave a new country where you grew up in new music or where you have friends where you have lived. it is expected it will take up to eight months to process the refugee applications. craig lease an al-jazeera j. jew arland south korea.
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was. wounded. al-jazeera. where every. when the news breaks. in the mail man city and the story bill needs to be forced to leave it would just be when people need to be heard to women and girls are being bought and given away in refugee camps al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you the winning documentaries and. i got to commend you all i'm hearing is good journalism. and.
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ninety percent of the world's fish stocks are being fished out or beyond the sustainable limits growing demand and industrial fishing techniques are pushing some populations of cod and china to the brink of collapse while millions of tons of other less marketable species are being used to fast allies or fish food or simply discard it i'm so we are rightly in london u.k. where marine scientists are working together with local fisherman to get consumers hooked on sustainable seafood. based in east
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london a tiny startup by the name of sol shah is hoping to change london his relationship with fish. to fish for their journey. overseas disappoints. you choose how much for if you want health and you want to uncover get it from well it's a bit like a budget box but let's say. we work with a couple of ensure fisherman. and then handed out to us it's a really good way of just getting a home for the most of the. trying things that maybe you haven't tried before and also supporting the god of cool to. infinite is one of five to three and a half thousand small scale fishermen working in english waters but unlike many others skis families have been in the business but generations to come to the trade a decade to get the oyster my fish and let's go a little boys out of the one that told us what the drought situation of the school said you know for the stronger for it made me think that what i really rocks down to that once out of there on the tree they say slides. here on the continent is
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nothing that they have a market for you know to tell you are there are no. fish touches the bigger fish. the all the nice old side big fish but some of the actual small fish as well which are trolling the only thing you know learning this by the way and. the son told you could avoid every bit of that. unlike industrial bottom two minutes which tried to along the seafloor and can kill a wide array of three night. stay still in the world and the notch holes means he's not undermining future fish stocks by catching up some juveniles. those he does like standing that come in and i. say that's legal so it's a low life and i work for backyards but. not.
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how much would you get say for. a place if you send it three don't rub it in just jack because it's a flat right for her to carry on. the house side of the market railton are a tool for a crate for for the son plights says quite a bit different. yeah so share members help keep mostyn in business by giving him a good price and buying a set weight each week of whatever he brings. and we're also going to fishmonger what i sell the most over the break simon called the pearls and sure you know they're beautiful friends of ours so more than anything else and they're also some of the most kind of owner fish exactly. everyone at someone's office all which. is go all day because i've had to accept whatever turns up and have a car or different spaces and that spanking first figure given a child. who got it into cash is going to put it really is invested royale made
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significant this meant that for we end up in boy. the business is not is missing from a lot of the way that we know we eat today you know it is such a big disconnect between what's going on place the merits come from. that's that people want to buy didn't that there's something about we're not so sure i started in twenty thirteen and now has eighteen members in london you buy from martin and a few up a small scale fishing. from boat to icebox in a matter of minutes the race is now on to get today's fresh catch straight up to social members in london so it's about finding people that care about where the fish come from and linking them with the called the fishermen that can have because i feel.
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that. our. there's no one way of telling. keeping it right and to be i suspect. it's great to get to know the person from the test. bowman report to the state official that will be a tough campaign pledge to fulfill. because. the mix can countryside decimated by poverty and empty but migration over decades. is one of the aging population of small scale phone was struggling to compete with industrial scale operations in the world the mexico and the us. i produced grains but not money he says. many communities young have either left or turned to more lucrative
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ventures when. they sell drugs they kidnap. for few days and then they get killed just next to my house there was kind of a kidnapping. this man promises to change the presidential front runner and raise money well look as obrador has made the neglected mix can country side a campaign priority. he said here we're focused government support from large industrial producers to small to farms seek help them get quality seeds technological know how better access to loans and the guaranteed minimum price for their crops it's all part of an ambitious plan for mexico to produce its own food. they're buying everything a bra that we could grow in mexico me that's going to stop.
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in the past there were incredibly strong ties between mexicans and the land this is the birthplace of corn itself but it's a different country now daming with a booming urban population and the global market the question is if it's really possible or even worth the cost of resuscitating this sector so that. even lopez obrador team says the wholesale change he promises will be impossible one of been a straight. and agricultural economist who in general support the plan of question dave price guarantees for individual farmers and in particular in forcing home grown food and carry a steep cost for authorities and consumers is one consequence i think if you are that in consequence it's going to be very expensive for the government and mexican taxpayer. promise them so seems split between those two banking on a ruling party which has given them just enough to survive and those like
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a year or more voting in the hope of change john home and how does it make to account. at all for the news hour here on al-jazeera. kerry thanks for your time we do have much more of the on the other side of the break so keep it here and it's our web site as well al-jazeera. bradway when this idea popped into it whether on line it's undoubtedly chief goal. of again inequality in our society today or if you join a sunset criminal justice system is dysfunctional right now this is a dialogue what does it feel like bring you to go back for the first time everyone has a voice and allow refugees to be the speakers for change join the conversation on
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our. july on al-jazeera. in a new series of head to head maddie hasson tackled the big issues with hard hitting questions mexico is getting ready for a general election what direction will the country take as it struggles with drug violence and economic instability. people in power continues to examine the use and abuse of power around the world as the world cup in russia nears its end we'll bring you stories from on and off the pitch of the world's most viewed sporting event on television and online the stream continues to tap into the extraordinary potential of social media to disseminate news july on al-jazeera. the time had come for the p.l.o. to seek a new and peaceful solution. pursuing a path of diplomacy but what was to turn their agreement to draw from lebanon into one of the most realistic civilian massacres of modern times women children jews we
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couldn't believe our thanks chronicling the turning story of the struggle for a palestinian a. history of a revolution on al-jazeera. al-jazeera . where every. leaders clayborne agreement on migrants but details for that on how they will put it into action. when we shall carry this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. oh
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never giving up parents and sprint to hear anything call out the names of missing loved ones trapped and a case in thailand. the man accused of shooting dead five people at a newspaper office and the u.s. is charged with murder. and why ethiopia's economy is in crisis despite growing at the fastest rate in all of africa. at least one hundred refugees are believed to have drowned off the coast of libya in the mediterranean sea the libyan coast guard says it rescued fourteen people after the boat they were in capsized in waters east of tripoli follows a compromise deal between e.u. leaders and brussels that they hope will control the influx of refugees trying to cross into europe their government pledges more funding to turkey and north african countries including libya to stop the safe crossings. we have sent
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a clear message to all of us. including the dose of n.g.o.s operating in the mediterranean. that they must respect the law. and must not obstruct the operation of the libyan coast guard. play has been following the events in brussels and sent us this report. when the future of the european union may be at stake it's worth staying up all night to save its so that's what they did. emerging warily at five in the morning the french president suggested they had bridged the gap many thought impossible. position. europe is not an island and we must be able to face up to this challenge was remaining loyal to our values and protect our people and national cohesion tonight we took an important step many predicted the in possibility of an agreement many predicted the triumph of national solutions tonight we have succeeded in finding
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a european solution and a way of working in cooperation. micron will take the credit for winning the rebellious it's how he and governments around the breakthrough policy is to set up centers of which migrants and refugees will be screened and either sent home or resettled among countries prepared to have them even if it isn't clear how the italians who would also demanded reform of wider asylum rules then signals their consent. at the end of the european council to give a more responsible and more united europe italy is no longer alone. and keeping the hardliners happy extended to germany as well where chancellor merkel's political future has been in the balance the indication seems to be that the right wingers in her coalition seem satisfied that germany will be better protected from mass refugee flows the merkel herself acknowledged the vos rift in europe about humanitarian values this is kind of moot we have agreed on five guidelines but two
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are still lacking a common european asylum system but i'm optimistic after today that we can really continue to work even though there is still a lot to be done to bridge the different views of the moves like strengthening support for the libyan coast guard will be condemned by humanitarian organizations as europe turning its back on its legal obligations if this were a success it was only in that it staved off the apparent imminent collapse of the european union under the weight of migration but in doing so it gave more weight to the populist right wing in europe a further retreat from the liberal values the european union is so fond of proclaiming and as ever the final communique was long gone wishes and very short on promises about how to accomplish them this may have averted a crisis for now but europe remains a political unit deeply unhappy lawrence lee al-jazeera brussels. going at it on mccain is covering all this from our land so let's talk about german chancellor angela merkel what do we know about the bilateral deals the she has been
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negotiating. or shall remember that over the course of the last week or so our angle america had been studiously playing down the chances of some europe wide solution at this process summit and yet here it is we have one but she'd also been talking about how she intended to try to strike bilateral trilateral multilateral deals with some of the countries as it were on the frontline of the migration crisis certainly the ones where the people concerned the markets refugees make first landfall on and on that line of argument we know now that she has struck a deal with the greek government the spanish government such that if people present themselves to across the german border and they have already done so they have an entry visa or any of the greece or spain then they will be turned back directly at the border that's exactly the sort of thing the sort of language that her interior minister varian allies in the christian social unit will will welcome because
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that's what they've been advocating to the point where they threaten to go it alone as of this monday and start sending people back themselves using their control of the in an interior ministry to justify that in addition to those two countries i mentioned richelle few others also have indicated they're prepared to enter into negotiations with the german government namely the poles and the danes and the french now the point to be made as i say is it's the interior ministry that those governments will have to negotiate with the very ministry controlled by the of the angle americans be very analogous sell is there any fine print any strings attached to any of these deals. well on the face of it perhaps there is because i'm going to merkel has been reported as saying that she doesn't believe the disembarkation centers in these e.u. solution any bilateral agreements that are arrived that should be allowed to exist without some sort of overwatch as it were from either
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a humanitarian agency or other third parties now that could be perhaps a on. necessarily a stumbling block but that might be something to slow down the implementation of this deal that's been agreed but clearly from her perspective it's unlikely having as it were had her feet held to the fire by have a varian allies that she'd like to see any kind of impediment put in the way of a deal which might save her coalition government here and indeed might help to resolve the migration crisis across the e.u. but the point finally here is that all of this is very much dependent on her coalition surviving and we'll know a great deal more whether that will happen over the coming weekend because the two parties of the conservative right angela merkel's christian democrats and her very unwisely christian social union meeting on sunday to discuss the aftermath of this of this deal and as i say we'll know a lot more when those meetings break up all right tommy cain live for us and our
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land thank you. elice new populist prime minister had threatened to block the deal less other e.u. countries agreed to share the number of refugees coming to the e.u. he referred to them as a burden charlie angela has more from sicily. we're hearing tanya and this is the last ship that brought in rescued migrants two weeks ago since then interior minister matteo salvini has closed italy's ports and at the summit there was no discussion as to what will happen the next time a european boat carrying rescued migrants is left stranded in the mediterranean instead italy's prime minister just every country emerged from the summit saying italy is no longer alone he went in threatening to use his veto it if there was not an agreement that suited italy he did and because of that italians believe they got some concessions but nothing will change if we don't play hardball andre's our voices we never get anything so brabazon really long lives any. under the new e.u. agreement italy could host voluntarily new migrant centers that would process all
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arrivals and determine which are genuine refugees and which are illegal migrants to . this country already has refugee camps the difference is that these arrivals would no longer be subject to the dublin regulations italy would not be responsible for them soley the idea is they could be divided up between other member states but again. on how that would happen and for italians sharing the burden is a key issue. so that's all i had to italy's been left alone it's true but of course i don't agree on the methods used by our interior minister i do think europe has to be reformed especially because there is no agreement on this issue the agreement also promises to explore the idea of setting up disembarkation platforms in north africa to try and process migrants before they even attempt to the mediterranean crossing but not all italians are convinced that if trying to fix the problem in
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africa on the spot and trying to help them here it is really difficult war should always be welcomed and not pushed away but pushing away is exactly what italy has done in closing its ports and the new e.u. declaration that asylum seekers landing in italy are actually arriving in europe seems almost redundant thailand's prime minister has visited the flooded cave where the search for twelve young footballers and their coach has entered its six day. urged distraught families waiting for news to keep the faith more than a thousand people are now involved in this rescue mission including teams from america britain scott tyler reports a. prime minister was on a trip to europe when the twelve boys and their football coach went missing but on friday he was back in thailand and at the cave meeting the search teams. there's now a crowded many village of rescue organizations and command centers on the ground i think we will succeed we will succeed because we have faced the way everyone should
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keep their heads cool and advising one another how being one another and talking to one another i want things that are helpful. with more personnel and equipment arriving every day there's growing concerns there are too many people involved reducing the efficiency of the rescue efforts by the prime minister also met the families of some of those missing many of whom have been camped out near the cave entrance since saturday. cam'ron calle runs a shop in a nearby village where the boys football pitch is located she might have been one of the last people to see them before they entered the cave. i cried when i heard about the boys from my shop i saw them practicing on saturday they came over and snacks and soft drinks when i asked why so much they said they were off to the quay . this is the road that leads up to the mouth of the cave in the hive of search and rescue operations now for the first time in days the generators are running and the pumps are working i don't know if the search also continues in the hills and jungle
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above the cave complex fissures and chimneys or downward tunnels are being explored and surveyed workers looking for any way to get into the cave beyond the flooded sections to look for the boys or any sign or clue of where they might be. with water again draining from the large mouth of the cave there's hope that the divers can again continue with their push farther into the dark and muddy labyrinth it's got harder al-jazeera chiang rai. i mean it's been charged with murder after five people were shot dead at a newspaper office and the u.s. state of maryland the police have searched an apartment complex listed as the suspects address the shooting happened in the city of annapolis and the suspect has been identified as thirty eight year old jared ramos local media reported that he had a long standing grudge with the newspaper after unsuccessfully suing it in two thousand and twelve for defamation idea castro joins us live now from annapolis where the
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people most affected by this are the ones that actually have to report on it heidi so what else are we learning.


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