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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 30, 2018 5:00am-6:01am +03

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that you believe in i am an american soldier i'm a warrior and a member of a c. o. i will never accept defeat. at least i will never win i'll never leave a fine comrade it's the complete opposite in a private military world you look at the budget first the loyalty of these companies and these businessmen's change depending on market forces. we operate in the world's challenging complex emerging markets the middle east is absolutely cool for other business today. the sooner we can or the unpalatably perform in tina right on. this industry is not just what you see is what you get. when you see a company you don't know exactly who's working for them they hire and they sometimes create what we call subs sub contractors.
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there's been commanders in afghanistan who just simply say we don't know who the subs of the subs subs are. so you have all these like layers of a contract. a level of quality control starts to fade quickly the deeper you go from the top to the bottom. united states army and the military in general is so reliant on the private sector i would call it a dependency but we don't know who's the on the ground presence of these companies
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overseas we just don't know. it's crazy and actually it's really crazy in iraq. because since the first day i stepped my fits in iraq every day there was a bomb and they bombed the village there is a rockets. every day we have rockets fired. every day i heard gunshots every day a bomb in income in income in all my good it bomb went you know what soups and it's damage for all of our guards four of the civil union guys well trained guys as soon as they originally rock i called my mom i said mom i'm in iraq she said oh
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. i said i'm in iraq no no you're kidding i said no moment i'm in iraq i said mom just watch the number what's the number and she watched the number. she was she was just she was yelling oh daddy. i said no mom there is no problem here we have to see if we are not using a weapon we are you here is does our home i said we are doing just domestic walk in iraq she told all the neighbors around so my son he's in iraq you know he's doing a cooking job not. weapon. just after the war in syria you know i couldn't make it up because there was no job i didn't. and my friend calls me it's told me that's a. very civic and see they were recruiting guys so-called so it's also
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iraq if you just use weapons and who are well trained in it come for comply on. the first time i arrive to to this training camp can plan iraq together with it to see white men found from the security company. went driving out in this small track and what's towards the camp through this forest a landscape not so far away from from the airport and when we enter the camp and
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get out of the car the first thing we see is this a gun an instructor who isn't shouts of the training out there making the recruits lined up in order to receive these guys from the past security company. their work my care for iraq. with mike in from iraq you said that he needed. he was a shallow fighter who supposed to go to europe not on ice you know who goes for more basic weapons uses only people that you can't really fight over to iraq. from his young government perspective the iraqi crude and was considered a quite good deal in the sense that they could actually take you know good troublemakers something away to back for a couple of years. yes and then returning them after two years with money and from that overseas deployment this could serve to stabilize security and cia on.
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in the beginning of the training course the one other real weapons presence so they're using the set i wouldn't sticks. it was fast after a couple of days and so the training that the weapons and arrived there will be lined up at this and within sables within in the middle of the big camp. i looked. it was this tension and excitement those attention mainly
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because now it's actually getting into something very real ok. for many of the recruits in the first time holding a weapon since and think of the civil war. when they were starting to shake and some were even starting to cry when the when the sioux got the weapons not being able to to handle them. at the end of it i'll provide a compliant backing for iraq when our. memories come back from the past as though they're weeping so most of the know when i'm seeing this when i'm teaching. most notable for now it's. a device.
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supposed to have born again. i've. walked on. and i live where point. this young in what has been flipped mainly by young converts and. looking for young men to perform military jobs the chance of a quite good that they have also been. to. mean.
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it took my fight i remember any put it on the floor. as soon as my heart i would grab it i would close my heart up. to people who shouldn't do you do on look like just want to. get out as he wished it was me. give you a glimpse they fed will see us you know i don't know what's right what's he talking about. shall we say you have to keep. right. on.
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no. need to watch your feet and i've got sure you died to have the money to feed on the best if not die every day remember returned our hugh my father are you my word i who next i get i would keep . this it's little i'm going to. fads oh. i said no i don't want a tree so i start to i go to this that's a used in this study put it in my boat. in my boat just then bond and i burn it in your and drop just this idiotic craving for water because the commission forgets about your mortar so i start says. call my house.
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when i was young. i don't let off things that i've been scindia. not a day which is not good for human beings. when they have these because. of the job have you come on down the people you have to go to that denny don't you two have been killed. when we think of war and the warrior who fights and we have this image and our mind of a man in uniform. and
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uniform means they're fighting as part of a military serving the nation the cause that they fight for their force political patriotism and yet when you look at the wars of the twenty first century they don't match those assumptions anymore now we outsourced a lot of our warfare to private military companies. the background of this changing nature of war and fights that dates back to the very start of the private military industry itself is a particular. bit above the . because of the to the up until the early ninety's the private security industry is adult to mercury industry. outright mercenaries who were bringing down governments for the cash can you explain what exactly sound fine
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internationally is and what you do in it. learn. it is a company that provides military consultancy services for governments or large corporations. at the time the idea was to get very posh english officers on top of these private military companies and tim spicer was an officer in the military and british military he got out and was asked to come help with a company called sandline. to spices a rival gave an almost instant sense of respectability to what had previously been a mess in the world and i don't personally have any difficulty with mostly i just don't like the image that comes out in most people's mind for some time it seems vice i was interviewing him for a newspaper ditching in charming public school educated god's officer and that
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medievals it must be a feature of the construe before they change the agenda global agenda and what the problem is your company was. tim spicer was considered a respectable head of a mercenary organization but at first his business affairs didn't go too well he was dogged by failure for example he got a phone call from a fellow indian with a thai passport who was under house arrest for a financial scandal and he contacted tim spicer and wanted him to restore the president of sierra leone. once the president sierra leone was back in power this guy would then get his contracts for diamonds and be able to make money . but it didn't work out that way. the company's satellite run by chip spy service
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global army colonel hundred best occasion by customs and excise it is accused of smuggling weapons illegally. when a private firm gets involved in foreign politics for the benefit of a criminal you have to stop and ask ok this really happened or is this the fictitious you know james bond type story but it was a true story. these things tended to happen to some spies or government runs that he'd always somehow managed to get assigned the recently retired british commander who had a band of ministers is safely back in this country so has this put him up his new career as a hired gun are you going to continue with this new new business of rose sandline international well i think we've got to a number of lessons to learn from this particular. episode i think that we will continue to try and develop our business as long as we can do it in a. sensible way.
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sandline eventually collapsed under the weight of bad publicity. was that its idea been the short term you can say that was not a successful company in terms of delivering an enormous amount of money to its shelves and so forth to firstly. it launched him spice on a career where he was able to found what would then become one of the most significant for the movie companies in the world. each is. how reliable is an eye witness when you have an eyewitness to say i was there i saw
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him do it that is the best evidence about thirty percent of the time witness is a real cases who pick someone and say yes that's the person to determine the plot are wrong these are being falsely accused incarcerated less something he did not exploring the dark side of american justice the system with job on al-jazeera. african heads of state and government will gather in mauritania for the thirty first assembly of the african union ongoing conflicts in the fight against corruption will take center stage al-jazeera will bring you extensive coverage of the summit and its outcomes the african union summit on al-jazeera. in an exclusive documentary series al-jazeera reveals the full story of a war that changed the face of the middle east this is not of war to defeat israel this is a war to open the way for the promise of the final episode of a three part series explores the impending threat to global superpowers i don't
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covers why the how this way the conflict continues to this day the war in october the battle and beyond at this time on al jazeera. hello i'm sue tatton in london with the top stories on al-jazeera around the hundred migrants are missing feared dead after their boat capsized in the mediterranean as it headed to europe libya's coast guard has also recovered the bodies of three young children it comes just hours after a year of pain leaders signed a compromise deal aimed at preventing such journeys from north africa including the possibility of setting up offshore processing centers but while some of these
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leaders are calling the agreement a breakthrough details remain vague on how it's actually got to work. as regards show or do you all migration it's far too early to talk about the success. we have so much to reach an agreement in the repeal of cultural but this is inside the easiest part of the task comp store through h.r. from the growth. for a new start to implement. garza's health minister says two people one of them a thirteen year old boy have been killed by israeli fire during protests along the israel gaza border more than three hundred palestinians have been injured in the latest protest against israeli land confiscation they've been staging weekly demonstrations along the gaza israel border since march with many returning after sustaining injuries jordanian officials say a new cease fire has been agreed for southern syria after a twelve hour truth and truth ended in daraa province the u.n.
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says the number of people displaced in the latest fighting has tripled to one hundred sixty thousand and the u.s. says the situation is grim syrian government troops and russian forces have been battling against the free syrian army for the past ten days. thailand's prime minister has told the families of twelve schoolboys trapped in a cave complex along with their football coach to remain hopeful prior channel two of the boy's family is to keep faith as the search efforts and to a six day at the six have been killed in an attack on a military base in mali the attack in the tennis a very was carried out by fighters using rockets and a vehicle rigged with explosives the compound houses the headquarters of the g five task force of soldiers on mali became a foster child in mauritania set up to defeat violent groups across west africa those are the headlines stay with us here in our child soldiers reloaded is coming
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up next. when nine eleven occurred everything changed. the contractor content of the armed forces went up astronomically at this hour american and coalition forces are in the early stages of military operations to disarm iraq. ideologically republicans my party wanted every single public function to be scrutinized analyzed evaluated and if possible privatized general shinseki the head of the us army at the time testified to congress and said if we're going to do iraq it's going to take several hundred
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thousand u.s. troops and very quickly the rest of the bush administration reacted negatively and he's absurd that's crazy it's not going to require those amount of troops and they actually simply dropped him out of the military it turned out he was right we did deploy several hundred thousand forces it was just through private military. so in the early days of iraq it was a gold rush you had companies coming out of nowhere including blackwater who was really like a tomboy a wild wild west where nobody had any control anybody doing anything with firearms in this country to say their private military company. was an a.t.m.
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for these companies the basic idea of a contractor versus recruiting. training in supporting military vets is that there is room hiring a prostitute or getting married. so instead of a soldier who has an x. cost of a year now being a contractor who's being paid a times ten. well what has happened is that america has basically married a prostitute and has been active in them for a very long period of time almost to be a. good example of. it's not invade a country and it would be a. good. thing but none of the russians just go to run the ship and i think unfortunately. this is how we will go wrong movies or it's very. contractors offer some gray area benefits to politicians everybody's concerned
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like we have a thousand boots the ground nobody ever asks how many contractors there is don't like hard to turn the ground. so if the u.s. military wanted to put one thousand kids in the ground and there's four thousand contractors it's a way of you know having a force of five thousand but without politically risk. we. should do mean. you're shooting at you know it just you yes yeah yeah but other. than that bang bang so did did you get skirt shoot first of it shot in front of you in record shaking his car. they did exactly. this only right. the security companies had the sensitivity all. the civilians
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would often if not always. get caught in the crossfire. what governments have always done is they would do two things at once. you fight and you win hawks and mines. private did not do that. on the ground opening fire they were very very noticeable they would play rock music that in this was not there was no subtlety six this was not a even the military will most discreet in the private security companies so they would as they were very very public slap in the face for the average iraqi on a daily basis.
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to a real problem for the military so we sell the contractor presence in iraq in particular but afghanistan too was becoming contrary to what the mission was for the armed forces there for their presence was more danger than it was help. knowing. who. embodies turnaround the traffic circle. they're probably trying to glean. and. the problem was that we had all of these different private military companies running around we outsourced too quickly and they weren't coordinated both in contract terms but also in on the ground operational terms so what is your answer to a problem of outsourcing. outsource more we outsourced it to a private military company to coordinate.
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these uses contracts in iraq was to oversee the communication and coordination for all of the privacy of your companies on the ground. and in effect it meant that they were the general in charge of all of the private contractors. now that point the u.s. military was the largest machine presence in iraq but if you added together all of the private military contractors spies was effectively in charge and second largest on force in iraq. the prisons in iraq was relatively stable for years one. video which was posted on you tube from the contract so who is. following that gun while playing rock music.
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playing. on its way. but no legal actions were taken. very rapidly each is such a machine huge company. and it made to spy certain extremely healthy man. the majority of americans now think it was a mistake to go to war in iraq public support for the war is falling war americans want the troops to come home. in a brief ceremony on a base on the edge of baghdad the united states took down the flag of its command
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here to mark the end of the military mission. the u.s. money was starting to be pulled out of the iraqi. field operations and the industry had to go through a very complicated reset. those companies had to realize that they weren't going to get that level of money again and so they had to offer different. deals. that meant they would have to hire cheap the soldiers. were moved to move. the loophole to law.
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yeah. and. so on mass. and. all the usual. energy if you hardly. used to get it out of. a movie. and. i'm on on and
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sometimes they will give you just a march up which is not shop we are by even if you can breathe. a little whatsoever depressing can feel it more than you expect so you know that. you. destroyed the life. that's for when i was just.
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all work undertaken by aegis is carried out to high standards of fresh milk competence and integrity when we first started into theater we were briefed on peruvian and colombian guards and the natural question you ask is so what do you pay for these folks and you know at the time and i'm playing off memory cells but i'm pretty good at that that was about a thousand to twelve hundred dollars and them oh i don't know six months a year ago it became. gun and guards at about eight hundred dollars a month and we douse the question of security companies because of those lowest price technically acceptable rushed to the bottom that's what some call. white
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while gone it's now versus proving some columbia i'm sorry so we don't have a chance to get the award unless we use a garden's because there are two to four hundred dollars less in now on this most recent trip that the company that is winning all the awards that had this let's first start heard of well we've got a good strategy we're using sierra leonean it's so you ask the question so so what are we paying in form it's about two hundred fifty dollars a month. you know i guess rhetorically i don't expect to be answered you know can we go lower could we find someone it's like we'll do it for boardroom you know that has such a terrible country that maybe they'll just go out of the country and be a free security guard i mean that's pretty inexpensive i say that it sounds facetious but it's real. you know you get what you pay for.
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the original goal was not to bring soldiers or exogenous from the poorest countries on earth but the u.s. system requires that you pick the lowest bidder so that became the status quo in iraq to have multiple layers of foreigners as long as you're in the army and you meet certain criteria and sometimes you don't have to be in the army to meet this criteria. and the. company's self interest is different than national self interest companies are profit maximizes what they do that's natural. or manmade right now. what do you do if you know you have somebody from the philippines working for american private all try company
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in afghanistan who kill somebody what jurisdiction does that person fall under we don't know. in about fifteen countries i've been involved in programs to reintegrate children who have served in armed forces. it's a contradiction in terms on the one hand western countries have pumped large sums of money into the reintegration of former child soldiers but now we have governments like us supporting these so-called security companies that recruit people and continue their exposure to violence and their identities as perpetrators
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of violence and as soldiers that make it impossible to ever reintegrate into civilian life. when they came into work. i think when. all. i think about might go into what's happened before.
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when he brought you back. you faced him for. it actually. intended to be. full force. should and i remember. school deceased was a nice what's happened instead you seem. to. not. know. if you are running in a calm and candid. fighting for what i want to thank you for your. i feel is that you don't you see no it's not a good well to be close to one. justice you don't have to.
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it may seem like an actor free well it is not young people in sierra leone have no jobs they're desperate to feed themselves and their families and result is that it becomes harder and harder to ever find their way back into civilian life and they may plant seeds of violence wherever they go. it is well known that young people who have extensive histories of violence and being fed drugs and manipulated over time they develop problems of impulsivity high levels of aggression. you know we pride ourselves on being a moral people trying to do the right thing what we're doing is we're exploiting people using young people who have been child soldiers deliberately sung them into the jaws of combat and further violence nothing could be worse for these young people nothing could be worse for security.
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there's a close connection between this this industry and policy makers. is private military firms really poach a retired general officer as an arab world's from the armed forces. because they have connections. and.
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i say that it sounds facetious but it's real. you know you get what you pay for. for the security industry will continue to act for us you're going to see private companies neutrino gaging in warfare.
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people care a lot wondering if a dead soldier or dead marine shows up in this country and we start asking ourselves why did they die why what were they fighting for nobody bothers to ask about that contractors. every american who serves joins an unbroken line of heroes i'm awed by their sacrifice. when in good time and not allow anything i'm going to lie i'm not i'm not i'm not when you bag you in kind of wood our men have family coming in the family unit. got in on me what they need a god. there's
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no one going to go out and protest in the streets of a contractor's kill. country still exercises its foreign policy the use of force and violence in these four regions but is using proxies contractors third country nationals and in obscurity their role. you say to that you're getting that in the record i just finished the sierra leone and left instead it's really your money and your tax money doing it but make sure the politicians don't get in trouble.
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private military contractors make a decision to go to war a lot easier. as part of ending a war responsibly is standing by those who fought it.
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friendship to spank seriously or to new possibilities. c.n.n.'s jen and examine the fall of man made noise and the public support debates and discussion when you see tough questions like this what comes to my how do you respond before how global of problem could we see algy zero zero mood winning programs take you on a journey and down the line.
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welcome to look at international forecasts of hasn't basically cold weather into the eastern side australia recently thursday august today for around twenty five years in melbourne it will be a little modest to go on through the next few days with a little more cloud just spilling in here despite the fact that this cold front will make its way through and temperatures should act up at least into double figures thursday the struggle to get to nine point eight celsius did even get into double figures further north a little bit of cloud there up towards boston possibly some showers into southern parts of queensland elsewhere much of a stretch it does look fine and dry and that's the case across the western side of the country warming up in perth northerly winds coming in twenty two celsius here then on sunday afternoon and warming up into the southeast and kona could touch fourteen celsius in adelaide i've also in a melbourne getting into a double figures there into new zealand by a large it does look blas leitch drive a little more cloud just sliding through the tasman that will eventually make its
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way in across the western side of the country over the next couple days but ten celsius there for christ church on saturday go on sunday and getting up to thirteen degrees is that wall right gradually makes its way through said turning increasingly wet and study increasingly wet to across southern parts of japan big downpours coming here and also for south korea. on counting the cost the european union is trying to change we'll look at the reasons why the economic cost of violence in mexico plus the timber companies accused of endangered the world's second largest rainforest. counting the cost on. the afghan national army. guardians of a country ravaged by decades of war and occupation abandoned by its liberate his.
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young men who know that each day could be the last it to continue to fight for a future free from chaos. on a stone's battle and witness documentary on al-jazeera. zero. other i'm certain this is the news hour live from london coming up three young children dead and one hundred missing after a migrant boat capsizes near libya a spanish rescue ship says italy told it not to respond to a distress call this as the leaders agree
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a deal to stem the flow of people trying to reach europe israeli troops shoot dead two palestinians one of them a thirteen year old boy in the latest protest at the gaza border and concerns are all human the rescue workers trying to find twelve young footballers trapped in the flooded caves in thailand. i'm tatiana franchise the end sport fifa says the controversial v a r fifteen has helped the decision made by referees three to grip stages at the world cup be close to perfection. a spanish rescue ship patrolling the mediterranean sea says it's highly and officials told it to let the libyan coast guard respond to a distress call from a boat with at least one hundred migrants on board soon after they had reports of one hundred migrants missing feared dead after their boat capsized in the same area
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so far only the bodies of three young children have been recovered it happened hours after european leaders signed a compromise deal aimed at preventing such journeys from north africa it was a busy day for libya's coast its crews also rescued more than three hundred refugees and migrants off the coast of tripoli mahmood of the wellhead as more. these migrants have just been rescued by libya's coast guard and they were on three rubber boats and immediately before their rubber boats capsized in the mediterranean libya's coast guard patrols received a distress call from the migrants also the patrol say that another one hundred migrants were on board of of course they died in the mediterranean these migrants are from different african countries including. mali and also the majority of them are from sudan now they are usually being set here and they are
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supposed to be sent to detention centers where some of them who want to. return to their own countries they can return to their own countries incorporation with the the i.o.m. the international organization for migration now these migrants say that they they have fled war poverty and on and unemployment in their own countries and they have paid people smugglers in libya to send them to italy now. during these summer months they may ration ration boats increase from libyan shores across the mediterranean because the weather is calm and the sea is also during these summer months well european leaders have been trying to find a way to stem the flow of migrants signing
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a compromise deal in brussels after american some which is going deep into the night e.u. countries agreed to consider setting up security centers for migrants in north africa and providing money for those countries to help stop migration to europe the e.u. will give turkey more than three billion dollars to help take care of the three and a half million syrian refugees living there e.u. leaders also hope to set it secure centers within the blocked process asylum claims and step up the return of undocumented migrants known sleigh has more from brussels . when the future of the european union may be at stake it's worth staying up all night to save its so that's what they did. emerging warily at five in the morning the french president suggested they had bridged the gap many thought impossible to sympathize with. europe is not an island and we must be able to face up to this challenge was remaining loyal to our values and protect our people and national cohesion tonight we took an important step many predicted the impossibility of an
5:53 am
agreement many predicted the triumph of national solutions tonight we have succeeded in finding a european solution and a way of working in cooperation. micron will take the credit for winning the rebellious it's how he and governments around the breakthrough policy is to set up sensors at which migrants and refugees will be screened and either sent home or resettled among countries prepared to have them even if it isn't clear how the italians who would also demanded reform of wider asylum rules then signals that consents. at the end of the european council have a more responsible and more united europe italy is no longer alone. and keeping the hardliners happy extended to germany as well where chancellor merkel's political future has been in the balance the indications seem to be that the right wingers in her coalition seem satisfied that germany will be better protected from mass
5:54 am
refugee flows though merkel has self acknowledged the vos rift in europe about humanitarian values this is and if we were to we have agreed on five guidelines but two are still lacking a common european asylum system but i'm optimistic after today that we can really continue to work even though there is still a lot to be done to bridge the different views other moves like strengthening support for the libyan coast guard will be condemned by humanitarian organizations as europe turning its back on its legal obligations if this was a success it was only in that it staved off the apparent imminent collapse of the european union under the weight of migration but in doing so it gave more weight to the populist right wing in europe a further retreat from the liberal values the european union is so fond of proclaiming. and as ever the final communique was long on wishes and very short on promises about how to accomplish them this may have averted a crisis for now but europe remains a political unit deeply unhappy lawrence li al-jazeera brussels. on the european
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council president will toss cast warned that implementing the agreement will be difficult. if you go out so i would do you all migration it's far too early to talk about the success. to reach an agreement. this is. just. during the talks in new populist prime minister threatened to block the deal unless other countries agreed to share them or of migrants coming to europe. from sicily. we're hearing tania and this is the last ship that brought in rescued migrants two weeks ago since then interior minister matteo salvini has closed italy's ports and at the summit there was no discussion as to what will happen the next time a european boat carrying rescued migrants is left stranded in the mediterranean
5:56 am
instead italy's prime minister just emerged from the summit saying italy is no longer alone he went in threatening to use his veto if there was not an agreement that he did and because of that italians believe they got some concessions but nothing will change if we don't play hardball on grey's or voices will never get anything so long. under the new e.u. agreement italy could host voluntarily new migrant centers that would process all arrivals and determine which are genuine refugees and which are illegal migrants to be sent back these are. managed by the e.u. this country already has refugee camps the difference is that these arrivals would no longer be subject to the regulations italy would not be responsible for them so really the idea is they could be divided up between other member states but again there's no concrete agreement on how that would happen and for italians sharing the burden is a key issue. italy's been left alone it's true but of course i don't agree on the
5:57 am
methods used by our interior minister i do think europe has to be reform. especially because there is no agreement on this issue the agreement also promises to explore the idea of setting up disembarkation platforms in north africa to try and process migrants before they even attempt the mediterranean crossing but not all italians are convinced. trying to fix the problem in africa on the spot and trying to help them here it is really difficult war should always be welcomed and not pushed away but pushing away is exactly what italy has done in closing its ports and the new e.u. declaration that asylum seekers landing in italy are actually arriving in europe seems almost redundant well abraham yunus is the head of mission for doctors without borders in libya on the mediterranean he joins me now from skype from china aside from us for coming on to al-jazeera first of all just wanted to touch on the
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story that we're hearing this breaking story this spanish rescue ship. had tried to go to the assistance of what they understood was a craft needing rescue and that was worn by the italian authorities not to go to leave it to the libyan coast guard and it sounds from reports that that ship indeed got into difficulty and that life was lost does this kind of report surprise you that this the libyan coast guard is not equipped possibly to deal with the kind of numbers that are out there that need help. thank you for having me. never surprises me. we've faced a similar situation for months now when we had a new horse drawn up on the aquarius no money we received. a distress call. from and italian m r c c or the mouthpiece authorities and when we reached a target that you know assigned to us. most likely to tell us all to destruct us to
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stop by the young cause guard right off the scene and sometimes we wait for hours basically a day to day transfer foot responsibility to the libyan coast guard. we know that sometimes they would be on coast guard and don't have the necessary equipment like life jackets so that but it does raise the endangered a lot of people for sure the name but abraham anybody that knows the rules of the sea knows if any kind of croft is in difficulty it's beholden on all of the craft to go and try to assist but it seems the italian authorities want to try and stop that happening. for sure. a lot of this c.e.c. here if what can distress don't get us asked and should be should be done first aid but the way we see it now and for months there is a clear. policy over omened of people. which we all know is cold
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but maybe is not the point of safety by the phoenician. doesn't want of safety or that people should have at least. processed in place and again international protection and yet not this is when they disembark and that's the other one of the other points a saying to create disembarkation sentences it all sounds very well and good and well organized but the reality on the ground certainly in libya appears to be anything but well organized. well i just said it's easy being said and it's easy in paper but i don't think it it when materialize as this fossil should be looking at in my scale of migrations that coming up to me i go to point just mention it's the summertime and of course during the summertime. when we come back to the to this in my kitchen in libya there is no need to you process.


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