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tv   Pakistan Killing For Honour  Al Jazeera  June 30, 2018 6:33am-7:01am +03

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no quick fix to the. for now he's calling for more cooperation with a profit sector. ethiopia one time ally of the soviet union is now enduring some of the pains of capitalism but there are growing pains the i.m.f. is focused on your growth rate of eight point five percent. above the global object for now it seems ethiopia is still an african economy force to reckon with mohamed atta well just. here. the bank accounts of form a malaysian prime minister and political party have been frozen as part of a corruption probe investigators are looking into whether the jeep still billions of dollars from the government funds during his nine years in office in one thousand malays national organization is believed to have received money from the state fund when naji was in charge he denies any wrongdoing and says he thought some of the funds for their nations. the brother of russian opposition leader alexina valet has been released after three and
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a half years in prison or like novelli was greeted by his wife and brother outside the jail in southern russia it was jailed on fraud charges and a case viewed as retribution for his brother's political actions alexei navalny has organized large protests against russian president vladimir putin was given a suspended sentence in the same trial in october the european court of human rights ruled that the brothers were unfairly convicted bali's international airport is closed and at least four hundred fifty flights have been canceled as a volcano erupts on the indonesian island ash and smoke of shot more than two kilometers into the air from moment ago seventy five thousand travelers have been affected officials fear the wind could carry the ash towards java and uneasy is most densely populated island mt i'm going began erupting last year forcing tens of thousands to evacuate the area nearby.
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good. on. the. business updates. going places together. thank. the.
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business updates. going places together. on. the. tent. when the well cup. thank you very much so with all the world cup group stage matches and now complete the final make up of the last sixteen is in place two huge matches get
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things under way on saturday france will be without defender benjamin mehndi for their clash with argentina after he was ruled out with a muscle injury then your acquired take on european champions portugal english fans have to wait until tuesday for the game against colombia while hosts russian made twenty ten champions spain on sunday fifa says decisions made by referees during the group stage of the world cup have been close to perfection referee bosses told media initial decisions on the field were ninety five percent accurate and this was raised to ninety nine point three percent through the use of the controversial v i os system but today defunct these after forty eight games we don't have a single scandal which is so they live on ten very important you feel good. but important british are like this so does seem. one of the important and most
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important ones for. the russians have been one of the surprise teams at the wildcard despite the country's richest football history decades of underachievement had followed the team into the finals but instead of making an early exit they became the first team to reach the knockout round and the riches and report from moscow. russian football fans are used to feeling good about their national t. written off as no hopers before the tournament began the lowest ranked side of the finals qualified for the knockout rounds after two convincing if unexpected wells. the last sixteen game against spain now awaits. many russians first play football on a pitch known as a corrupter when translated into english it means box and this sort of cage playing space he squeezed into small urban spaces all over the country this thing is for me honestly or democracy because everyone is welcome when you come in here you are
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equal to everyone else it's on the un what you show what you do doesn't really matter which is your gender which is your nationality which is your like if you're russian if your is was based on doesn't really matter all you do you play soccer. pavel says a handful of players he's met in moscow have been given trials with professional teams but many talented players don't make it. right i don't believe the way there's no great way for them believe i feel like i made a lot of them. but they're not playing professionally so i hope the system world will be a little bit better so those people will get the chance to play professionally three years ago russian football introduced new rules and increasing opportunities for young players top clubs were told they have to have at least five russian players in their lineup in an effort to reduce the reliance on foreign imports but
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instead of investing in a cattle maize clubs have found themselves paying inflated wages to mediocre but in demand russian players who no longer have the motivation to test themselves abroad the head of player development for russian champions lokomotiv moscow has experienced the failings of the rules at first hand but he hopes this world cup will be a turning point in convincing emerging russian players they can compete at the highest level russian national team can play football russian players will book against egypt against old are over it is the most important if you must believe your. blared for your account and what motivation. maybe after five years in national teams. decades of faltering steps russia is finally getting to watch its own star performers on football's biggest stage and the richardson al-jazeera. for argentinians football is
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a national passion all eyes have been on the men's team at the world cup as they struggled to make out of their group. reports from when outsiders players in the women's team caught up in a battle of their right one of equality. between in time for the women's football team twice a week they travel to a ground on the outskirts of when a site is nine of them by members of argentina's national squad. including the cup ten florins one still no she accepts that the men's team is extremely important for argentina but says that women should not be forgotten. we are fighting for change in women's football and the clubs in the national team i wish we could get to see that happen so now everyone is focused on the men's team but we would like a quality because we are treated differently to have a woman coach that would be a quality. the players tell us they have never met stars like you name ac but they share the same pride wearing the same national colors on the field even though
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women's football has grown in the last decade in argentina it continues to be largely ignored in terms of investment and support most of this women are part of argentina's national team and yet they cannot make a living by playing football. and that's why some women have gone on strike in the past demanding the argentine football association gives them more prominence it's almost an order you know it well there is no equality not even the least you see the difference in the training that we do in the stipends we are seeing if we don't have support to compete in the best way. but the main problem is the culture support of the women's league in argentina is mall in fact most matches attract very few fans. it is difficult for people to get used to watching women's football some are surprised to see good players society needs to change and accept the fact that women can play to. the argentine football association says it
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wants to give women a bigger role. especially after the national team came in third in the americas cup . who. is in charge of making it happen. the problem is not only with us but also in the clubs that needs to give women's football a place they deserve and give them support in the possibilities they need to. gro i believe in five years we will start seeing professional women players in argentina . but most of these players can't wait that long some are considering leaving the country to find somewhere where they can earn a living from the game. peaceable i'll just leave when a site is nearly two hundred members of the twenty twenty two world cup organizational team has been in russia looking to gain insight that can be used for the tournament in qatar. size in country between russia and qatar is it's quite
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big all of participants are learning on some processes and similarities one delivering a major event like the world cup and have been really benefiting from this adventure and being in involved in various functional areas whether it's venue operations or staging management or airport operations or atomization they have been really able to leverage on such a unique opportunity away from the world cup and there are multiple reports that le bron james has declined an option to extend his contract with the cleveland cavaliers and we're now be a free agent yes and the associated press both say the team has been informed of the decision the four time m.v.p. could choose to remain in cleveland but he's been strongly linked with a move to the l.a. lakers. the draw has been made for wimbledon and defending champion roger federer of will play serbian do final a vision fast up the door held at the all england club was kind to the big things with roughen a doll and if a joke about getting comfortable opening round. in the women's stroll seven time
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wimbledon champion serena williams will face that introduced of the netherlands in the first round when ams admits last year's event due to pregnancy and is controversially seeded despite being ranked outside the world top thirty two. two thousand a champion i can ask about events has been knocked out of the one international tournament losing to one feeded of olenka develop russian. third career final where she'll face top seed caroline quarterbacking. that is all the sport for now more later. thank you tatiana the latest supply rockets has taken off for the international space station just two months after it last flew three two one. we had to lift off. the falcon rocket operated by the private company space x.
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blasted off from cape canaveral in the u.s. it's carrying an ai robot genetically identical mice and super caffeinated coffee for the crew the same falcon was used to launch the test satellite in april is the fastest turnaround time for your useable rocket but it will be used again space x. is developing a more advanced model a safer maybe i'll be back with more in a moment. there are over seven million lives in this lawn each one is still a. demonstrably jewel
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a. witness documentary to open your eyes on c.n.n. . july on al-jazeera in a new series of head to head maddie hasson tackle the big issues with hard hitting questions mexico is getting ready for a general election what direction will the country take as it struggles with drug violence and economic instability. people in power continues to examine the use and abuse of power around the world as the world cup in russia nears its end we'll bring you stories from on and off the pitch of the world's most viewed sporting events on television and online the stream continues to tap into the extraordinary potential of social media to disseminate news july on al-jazeera. captaining a leading used team at sixteen years old takes determination. to that staying on
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top of your game at school. the whole family bands together and shares the sacrifices necessary for a song to have a shocked at becoming a professional footballer. my tunisia home game on a. three young children dead and one hundred missing after a migrant boat capsizes libya. hello again i'm citizen this is al jazeera live from london also coming up israeli troops
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that ship dead two palestinians one of them a thirteen year old boy in the latest protest at the council border the u.n. says one hundred sixty thousand syrians have fled recent fighting and there are where with desperate families trying to make it across the border to jordan and concerns there are too many rescue workers trying to find twelve young footballers trapped in a flooded cave in thailand. a spanish rescue ship patrolling the mediterranean sea says it was told by italian officials to ignore a distress call from a boat but at least one hundred migrants on board soon after came reports of one hundred migrants missing feared dead after their boat capsized in the same area so far only the bodies of three young children have been recovered along libya's coast it happened hours off the european leaders signed a compromise deal aimed at preventing such journeys from north africa mark mood has
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more from tripoli. these migrants have just been rescued by libya's coast guard and they were on three rubber boats and immediately before their rubber boats capsized in the mediterranean libya's coast guard patrols received a distress call from the migrants also the patrol say that another one hundred migrants were on board of of course they died in the mediterranean these migrants are from different african countries including. mali and also the majority of them are from sudan now they are usually being set here and they are supposed to be sent to detention centers where some of them who want to. return to their own countries they can return to their own countries incorporation
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with the the i.o.m. the international organization for migration now these migrants say that they they have fled war poverty and on and unemployment in their own countries and they have paid people smugglers in libya to send them to italy now. during these summer months there may ration ration boats increase from libyan shores across the mediterranean because the weather is calm and the sea is also during these summer months but as we touched on earlier american summit in brussels has ended with e.u. leaders signing a compromise deal and stemming the flow of migrants and involves setting up secure centers in north africa and within the block to receive migrants and process asylum claims some leaders are calling the agreement a breakthrough there are few details on how it's actually going to work low and
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slow reports from brussels. on the future of the european union maybe at stake it's worth staying. up all night to save it's so that's what they did. emerging wearily at five in the morning the french president suggested they had bridged the gap many thought impossible to sympathize with. europe is not an island and we must be able to face up to this challenge was remaining loyal to our values and protect our people and national cohesion tonight we took an important step many predicted the impossibility of an agreement many predicted the triumph of national solutions tonight we have succeeded in finding a european solution and a way of working in cooperation. micron will take the credit for winning the rebellious it's how he and governments around the breakthrough policy is to set up sensors at which migrants and refugees will be screened and either sent home or resettled among countries prepared to have them even if it isn't clear how the italians who would also demanded reform of white or asylum rules then signals that
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can sense. at the end of the european council we have a more responsible and more united europe italy is no longer alone. and keeping the hardliners happy extended to germany as well where chancellor merkel's political future has been in the balance the indications seem to be that the right wingers in her coalition seem satisfied that germany will be better protected from mass refugee flows the merkel herself knowledge to the vast rift in europe about humanitarian values this is a good we have agreed on five guidelines but two are still lacking a common european asylum system but i'm optimistic after today that we can really continue to work even though there is still a lot to be done to bridge the different views of the moves like strengthening support for the libyan coast guard will be condemned by humanitarian organizations as europe turning its back on its legal obligations if this was a success it was only in that it staved off the apparent imminent collapse of the
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european union under the waves of migration but in doing so it gave more weight to the populist right wing in europe a further retreat from the liberal values the european union is so fond of proclaiming. and as ever the final communique was long gone wishes and very short on promises about how to accomplish them this may have averted a crisis for now but europe remains a political unit deeply unhappy lawrence li al-jazeera brussels well the european council president obama task has warned that implementing the agreement will be difficult as regards to you all migration it's far too early to talk about the success. we have so much to reach an agreement. but this is in fact the easiest part of that us. store from the growth when you start implementing it. abraham yunus is the head of mission for doctors without borders
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in libya on the mediterranean he says he's disappointed by the outcome of the e.u. summit. the only thing you don't be an estate appeared to have agreed upon. to actively push off responsibility to. protection of people i didn't notice of europe regardless of how vulnerable they are. or what horrors the ethics gaping it's it's very disappointing to see that the e.u. leaders are not able to agree on a solution and a quick tribute to protection of a couple of people such as a refugee i'm going to need to focus on border closing going to god that's a fee for the state this also no solution seem to be have been found to have been is the risk of people drowning at steep the log to see. if a walk in distress then yes acid should be should be done first aid but the way we
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see it now and for months there is a clear. policy of performant of bringing people to libya which we always call that is not a port of safety by the phoenician. doesn't want of safety where the people should have at least asylum processed in place and again international protection and yet not necessarily india when they disembark during the talks they said these new populist prime minister edges epic on say that since it's a bloc that dale unless other e.u. countries agree to share the number of migrants coming to europe charlie angle angela has more from society. we're hearing tanya and this is the last ship that brought in rescued migrants two weeks ago since then interior minister matteo salvini has closed italy's ports and at the summit there was no discussion as to what will happen the next time a european boat carrying rescued migrants is left stranded in the mediterranean instead italy's prime minister just emerged from the summit saying italy is no
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longer alone he went in threatening to use his veto if there was not an agreement that suited italy he did and because of that italians believe they got some concessions but nothing will change if we don't play hardball andre's our voices we never get anything so long. under the new e.u. agreement italy could host voluntarily new migrant centers that would process all arrivals and determine which are genuine refugees and which are illegal migrants to be sent back these would be finals and managed by the e.u. this country already has refugee camps the difference is that these arrivals would no longer be subject to the drop in regulations italy would not be responsible for them solely the idea is they could be divided up between other member states but again there's no concrete agreement on how that would happen and for italians sharing the burden is a key issue. italy has been left alone it's true but of course i don't agree on the
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methods used by our interior minister i do think europe has to be reformed especially because there is no agreement on this issue the agreement also promises to explore the idea of setting up disembarkation platforms in north africa to try and process migrants before they even attempt to the mediterranean crossing but not all italians are convinced that if trying to fix the problem in africa on the spot and trying to help them here it is really difficult war should always be welcomed and not pushed away but pushing away is exactly what italy has done in closing its ports and the new e.u. declaration that asylum seekers landing in italy are actually arriving in europe seems almost redundant well as well as taking a hardline stance on migrants into this new government has also begun a crackdown on the roma clearing out camps on the outskirts of the capital this week to shut down a council run community which more than one hundred families on wednesday saying
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the lease for the land has expired interior minister. has called for a census of the rim of population for foreigners to be expelled an estimated twenty six thousand roma people live in camps across italy. we're human beings we have all our documents in. my children are telling citizens they were born here they went to school here. italian interior minister metairie salvini and also virginia raji did this it would be better if they go to other camps to see the children there don't go to school and do nothing they are in bad condition they leave the camp like that this camp was in order and they destroyed it they left us in the middle of the road. gaza's health minister says two people one of them a thirteen year old boy have been killed by israeli fire during process along the
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israel gaza border more than three hundred palestinians have been injured in the latest protest against israeli land confiscation they've been staging weekly demonstrations along the gaza israel border since march with many returning after sustaining injuries and i believe of our that. i had three operations on my leg and a fourth one yesterday straight from the hospital to participate with my people in today's protest we want to wake up all the sleeping palestinians from gaza to the west bank despite my injury i came to throw stones and burns hires and cut the wires of the border fence. the united nations or fiji agency says the number of displaced people in southern syria has tripled to one hundred sixty thousand in the past five days of fighting it comes as jordanian officials say a new cease fire has been agreed after a twelve hour truce and in daraa province the poor for.


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