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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 30, 2018 8:00am-8:35am +03

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that and less attacked and is their attack so basically in defense and that's what they've been saying all along you will find a ceasefire that is signed and then they will want one side to come out and say we have been attacked and we fought back in self-defense and the cease fires were late and so it's not clear if this one is going to hold but people do have cautious optimism that this one will be this could be a little bit different because it has been brokered by sudan not by the regional bloc i gad and that that it was signed by the two leaders it was signed by the president himself and the leader of the opposition and the representative of the south sudan's opposition alliance so so just because the top figures who have signed the ceasefire they're hoping that it might be a bit stronger than the previous ceasefires this may be a little person mr bush should be a return to fighting what will the repercussions for the parties be while really there is none of the previous cease fires that have been violated there has been no repercussions whatsoever however on the thirtieth which is basically today the u.n.
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security council is going to meet together and try to see if they should punish south sudanese officials both from the opposition and the government for previous rounds of fighting if you hear the region which is leading the regional bloc i gad is trying to push against those sanctions that's trying to push against an arms embargo saying that basically there is now a deal that might end the conflict in south sudan but we would not know what the repercussions would be because at the moment it's all the goodwill of the people who signed. many thanks indeed ozias. here with the news hour from al-jazeera still to come on the program. the photo journalist who's facing the death penalty for doing his job during a military crackdown in egypt. the targeted destruction of a military base in mali at least six soldiers are dead. and later in sport the biggest star in pascagoula bron james has a huge decision to make. gaza's
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health minister says that two people including a thirteen year old boy have been killed by israeli gunfire the boy was reportedly shot in the head during the latest protests on the border with israel more than three hundred palestinians were injured they've been weekly protests at the border since march against israeli land confiscation many demonstrators keep going back despite their injuries. i had three operations on my leg and a fourth one yesterday i escaped from the hospital to participate with my people in today's protest we want to wake up all the sleeping palestinians from gaza to the west bank despite my injury i came to throw stones and burns hires and cut the wires of the border to. a photo journalist in egypt could face the death penalty for taking pictures during the military crackdown five years ago
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a judge is expected to deliver his verdict on thirty year old mahmoud abbas zaid on saturday they are korean reports. mahmoud that was aide better known as show kind could be sentenced to death for simply doing his job and egyptian judge is due to give his ruling in the case. was arrested along with two other nonny gyptian journalists who were later released while he was taking pictures during the post-coup unrest in egypt where in twenty thirteen. he was among hundreds of people detained when injection security forces ordered by general of the fatah has sisi now the president to end the six week sit in almost one thousand people died in the violence that followed human rights watch has said the egyptian military's crackdown is probably a crime against humanity according to court documents show khan is being charged
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with weapons possession illegal assembly murder and attempted murder. rights groups have called for his immediate release the egyptian embassy in paris refused to accept a petition with more than seventy thousand signatures in support of. amnesty international says his health is deteriorating. and we demand that all charges against him a dropped we demand that the egyptian government stops the suppression of human rights defenders who are being silenced simply because they criticize egyptian authorities he's been diagnosed with malnutrition and niƱa and depression he's written a letter from his prison cell outlining the abuses he's faced and how journalism in egypt has become a crime there are thirteen journalists facing life imprisonment or the death sentence on saturday show khan will learn his fate diana kerim al-jazeera.
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thousands of people have been protesting in yemen's capital against the fight for control of the port city of how data. demonstrators chanted slogans against the offensive led by the saudi embassy coalition there's been increased fighting in hooded of this month as government forces try to retake it from rebel control the protesters urged the international community to do more to stop the war in yemen. lawyers representing the u.a.e. have made their final arguments before the international court of justice at the hague accuses its gulf neighbor of violating human rights as a result of the blockade imposed by the u.a.e. and three other countries last year says that companies and individuals have been denied access to education medicine and justice to seriously barker reports from the hague three days of hearings have now come to an end here at the hague at the un's highest court cattle had appealed to the court to consider its case
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a case of discrimination against the state and its people the u.a.e. is accused of violating its obligations under the international convention for the elimination of all forms of racial discrimination consol says that its people were denied access to healthcare education legal services access to to their properties and their assets and the policy of expelling qatar rees from the u.a.e. led also to the separation of families or cats on wednesday was the first country to set forth its opening arguments this is what they have to say regarding the allegations against the u.a.e. . as a result two of the u.a.e. is discriminatory measures and campaign of hatred against properties my people have been and continue to be torn apart from their closest neighbors family members friends and crucial supplies and livelihoods on which they had
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a light well on thursday the united arab emirates had a chance to respond categorically denying all of the allegations levied against it by cattle it said that he had a problem not with the qatari people but only with the cattery government and denied that there had ever been a policy to expel catteries from the united arab emirates well starting the session was the us ambassador to the netherlands let me be clear there has been normalize expression of catteries from you we and the u.a.e. certainly has no policy to separate or thirty mics from use on the contrary as we will show the court using officials. and records be you we are going to stick up to the government of syria carefully major to have the least possible impact on ordinary people on friday both countries had
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a chance to speak in the morning cattle and then several hours later the united arab emirates qatar is hoping that the un's highest court will grant something called provisional measures allowing the court to respond quickly to what qatar says is the imminent threat that its people are under across the region well the court will now deliberate on what to do next and report back at a later date. at least two soldiers and a civilian have been killed in an attack on a military base in central mali fighters drove a vehicle rigged with explosives onto the base and opened fire on mali and troops two of the attackers were killed the compound houses the headquarters of the g five task force made up of soldiers from mali in the book in a faso chad and mauritania it was set up to defeat armed groups across west africa expansion is an assistant research fellow at the africa center this is studies she says that many groups a dedicated to securing the whole region there are multiple forces that are
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deployed that each contribute to fighting extremist the first is the french force back on that that is deployed in that area and has been deployed in different forms since the islamist groups tried to take the capital bamako back in late two thousand and twelve another force of course is the u.n. mission. which is deployed again throughout mali and also has a mandate to help mali security forces fight these groups so there's a multitude of actors there and they all try to work together to defeat these defeat these groups the international committee of the red cross says that the crisis is still considered an emergency peter has been visiting me and where he met with de facto leader aung san suu kyi more than seven hundred thousand injured who fled me a man in the wake of
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a huge military crackdown last august china says that it hopes repaired relation of refugees could begin soon the power of maintains that it's not yet safe for the ranger to return i saw certain houses abandoned their. neighborhoods destroyed or half destroyed and i saw walls so that in other parts of long the road to where villages have existed before nothing much is anymore existant and the vegetation is taking over and. at the landscape. this observation leads me to the impressions that we have and which confirm icier seizes says meant that in the right kind we are still very much engaged in an emergency operation thailand's prime minister has told destroyed families to keep the faith as the search goes on
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for a football team stuck in a flooded cave. came to the underground cave complex on the sixth day of a search that has gripped the nation scotty's the reports from china. prime minister was on a trip to europe when the twelve boys and their football coach went missing but on friday he was back in thailand and at the cave meeting with the search teams there's now a crowded mini village of rescue organizations and command centers on the web and i think we will succeed we will succeed because we have faith that everyone should keep their heads cool advising one another helping one another and talking to one another i want things that are helpful. with more personnel and equipment arriving every day there's growing concerns there are too many people involved reducing the efficiency of the rescue efforts. the prime minister also met the families of some of those missing many of whom have been camped out near the cave entrance since saturday. cam'ron cayle runs a shop in
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a nearby village where the boys football pitch is located she might have been one of the last people to see them before they entered the cave. i cried when i heard about the boys from my shop i saw them practicing on saturday they came over and bought snacks and soft drinks when i asked why so much they said they were off to the cave this is the road that leads up to the mouth of the cave in the hive of search and rescue operations now for the first time in days the generators are running and the pumps are working i don't know if the search also continues in the hills in jungle above the cave complex fissures in chimneys or downward tunnels are being explored. and surveyed workers looking for any way to get into the cave beyond the flooded sections to look for the boys or any sign or clue of where they might be. with water again draining from the large mouth of the cave there's hope that the divers can again continue with their push farther into the dark and muddy
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elaborate scott harder al-jazeera chiang rai thousands of people are setting off on a pilgrimage to one of the hindu religion's holiest sites in indian administered kashmir security is being boosted after an attack on a group last year and i would reports it is a journey many long to make to a holy cave high in the himalayas this is just the start of the yatra pilgrimage to worship the hindu god shiva. the trek from base camp will take pilgrims more than three and a half thousand metres above sea level in indian administers kashmir the heavy rains and sludgy conditions had prevented people from making their ascent at several stop points but the poor weather hasn't dampened the spirits of those about to set out. security this year is tighter than ever with forty thousand troops deployed to protect the route i've been giving to the pilgrimage for the last
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twenty one years and it's the first time i've seen such measures taken by the government and so many forces on the road after every one hundred meters we see someone got a ghost. the extra security measures are being taken because pilgrims have been targeted because last year eight people were killed and many more injured in an attack on a police bunker and a checkpoint nearly all the victims were women the indian authorities blamed fighters from the group lashkar e tayyiba for the attack kashmir has been at the heart of decades of hostility between india and pakistan both of which claim the region. c.c.t.v. drones and bullet proof police convoys will be used this year to try to prevent any attack on the pilgrims. certain. groups. which have been put in place the pilgrimage to want to pin do with themselves
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holiest sites lasts for several weeks it will be seen as a big test for a security force hoping it will pass a peacefully emma haywood al-jazeera. we're going to weather update next here on the news out then u.s. carmakers general motors warns the trumpet ministration to put the brakes on trade tariffs. next cruise presidential front runner is promising he rescued the country's impoverished population but it might not be that simple and john homa and i'll tell you more. in sport as argentina's men's team struggles its way through the world cup female players are in a battle for equality. we got some big a lot of the storms into central and eastern parts of the u.s.
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right now you can see the thunderheads already showing up quite nicely on the satellite picture just spinning out of canadian paris big area of low pressure here and a little chain of storms down towards the southeast corner and also affecting florida where we got this area of low pressure something of a temperature contrast warm southerly winds behind this this warm front red line on our chart here thirty four celsius for chicago thirty five for d.c. into the thirty's to that east side of kind of the hope across the other side of this system and it's twenty three for winnipeg there will be some big and lively thunderstorms and just around the northern plains pushing over towards the midwest and down into the southeastern corner it's a little cooler a little fresher dry and brighter across western parts we could do with some rain of course with the wildfires just around northern california and also into colorado no sign of any wet weather here as we go on through the coming days and that dry weather stretching down into a good part of mexico actually become down into the caribbean and the think is cloud the heaviest showers there across the western side of the caribbean the
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correct costa rica panama seeing some big and lively showers and some really wet weather coming in through saturday and on into sunday but elsewhere it's sunshine and a few showers. in an exclusive documentary series al-jazeera reveals the full story of a war that changed the face of the middle east this is not a war to defeat israel this is a war to open the way for the promise of the final episode of a three part series explores the impending threat of two global superpowers i don't cover why the out is where the conflict continues to this day the war in october the battle and beyond at this time on al-jazeera. how reliable is an eyewitness when you have an eyewitness to say i was there i saw him do it that is the best evidence about thirty percent of the time witness is
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a real case is to pick someone and say yes that's the person to terminate the plot are wrong these are being falsely accused in costa rate it was something he did not do the exploring the dark side of american justice the system with joe byrne and on al-jazeera. it is good to have you with us hello adrian for going to here in tow how with the news out from al-jazeera our top stories this hour more than one hundred refugees migrants are missing feared drowned after the boat capsized off libya's west coast the bodies of three young children have been recovered at least sixteen people
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survived. the united nations refugee agency says the number of displaced people in southern syria has tripled to one hundred sixty thousand in the past five days it follows intense fighting in a ten day offensive by government russian forces. and a cease fire deal to end south sudan's five. a civil war has just come into force president salva kiir rebel leader signed the agreement on wednesday it calls for the forming of a transitional government within four months. people in mexico go to the polls on sunday to choose their next president the front runner andras manuel lopez obrador is vying to reverse decades of decline in poverty in rural areas but as john holdren reports now from the state of michoacan it will be a tough pledge to fulfill. the mix can countryside decimated but poverty and empty but migration over decades. is one of the aging
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population of small scale phone is struggling to compete with industrial scale operations in the world the mexico and the us for all that i know i produce grains but not money he says. many communities young have either left or turned to more lucrative ventures. they sell drugs they kidnap. for few days and then they get killed just next to my house there was head of a kidnapping. this man promises to change that presidential front runner andres manuel lopez obrador has made the neglected mix can country side a campaign priority. he said he were focused government support from large industrial producers to smaller farms help them get quality seeds technological know how better access to loans and the guaranteed minimum price for their crops it's all part of an ambitious plan for mexico to produce its own food.
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you are buying everything abroad that we could grow in mexico me that's going to stop. in the past there were incredibly strong ties between mexicans and the land this is the birthplace of corn itself but it's a different country now daily with the urban population and the global market the question is if it's really possible or even worth the cost of resuscitating this sector. even lopez obrador team says the wholesale change he promises will be impossible one of been a straight. and i agree cultural economists who are in general support the plan of question dave price guarantees for individual farmers and in particular in full swing home grown food and carry a steep cost for authorities and consumers is because when testing the view that in
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consequence it's going to be very expensive for the government and mexican taxpayer that. promise them so seems split between those two banking on a ruling party which has given them just enough to survive and those like a year or more voting in the hope of change john home and how does it make to account. jonathan fox is a professor of development studies at the school of international service at american university he joins us now via skype from washington good to have you with us for the last seventy years mexico has been led by leaders from the rights now we're looking at a strong left wing candidate lopez obrador potentially becoming president that could suggest a major shift in how the country will be governed now if lopez obrador wins will he be successful in turning the country around and tackling major issues like corruption violent crime the economy. well thank you the answer depends
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a lot on on how much he wins by if he can win with a strong majority and the party that he has been leading in a majority in the congress he might be able to carry out some significant reforms keep in mind that for the last thirty years mexico has been governed by an alternation of different parties from the from the right as you say but it's really been a three way party system and none of those parties are hanging on the really all collapsing and look as a brother was party which split off from one of them represents a broad new coalition that has some strange bedfellows in it it's not a conventional left wing party where any means there are some centrists and right wing forces as well so if you can keep that that big tent that coalition he might have the credibility in the legitimacy to carry out some significant changes and keep in mind that the main challengers that mexican voters are concerned about are
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not left right ideological issues their violence insecurity and corruption ok lopez obrador gave a speech to mounting the trumpet ministrations policy of separating children from families at the border branding it arrack and racist and inhumane so on one side of the border you've got this potentially left wing nationalist president on the other side of the rio grande day this trump a right wing nationalist how to deal with with a series with such fundamental differences in opinion. well first one doesn't need to be a left wing nationalist to be very strongly critical of trump's hardline and inhumane immigration policy and his rejection of the basic principles of asylum the wide range of of political forces in the united states including all the living first ladies. are critical of that so he's certainly not alone there but i think we need to remember that if we consider what kinds of of international leaders trump
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respects he respects the leaders who stand up for their countries who are willing to to be to be tough and. he doesn't respect mexico's current outgoing president i think in part because he was perceived as weak so there could be some unexpected outcomes here ok i swear pick up on something you were saying a few moments ago the issue of the border as far as mexicans are concerned is not really that important as to masticate shoes the economy corruption of violence that that take priority as far as they're concerned yes i mean the border and the perception of the way much mexicans are treated in the u.s. there are great symbolic importance to many mexicans but it's not going to drive their choice of one presidential candidate over another they're feeling much more with the everyday challenges of the violence and insecurity and corruption and the persistent inequality in mexico was promised the with nafta mexico was going to
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have a huge wave of economic development and and go from the third world to the first world and that those promises delivered only purport of the population in some regions and there are large parts of the country are left behind so those are the issues that are going to be really weighing on the on the minds of most mexican voters professor it's been really good to talk to you many thanks indeed to being with us that call john thank you daryn. the man accused of a mass shooting at a newspaper office in the u.s. state of maryland faces five charges of murder police say the thirty eight year old suspect had a vendetta against the paper and it's just a list of zeros hardy joe castro reports. despite what happened in their news room the staff of the capitol gazette about thursday's attack would not stop the presses rolling and so it was that less than twenty four hours later the paper's headline read five shot dead at the capitol with photos of the victims printed on
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the front page when i heard one day wonders as the first victim of the sure you know you know i jumped off the sofa i couldn't believe it clutching a fifteen year old copy of the paper this man remembers one of the reporters who was killed a mother of four who visited his home to write about his tomato sauce. i'm thinking about her daughter you know her daughter was in my family room you know playing you know with building blocks well you know discussing about how to get to maybe who would have thought of something like this because that is a community paper a forum for everything from local politics to school sports they're the only ones that are going to care about your kids' sports games and you know you deny just dog it's those things the board of my community right represented in this piper and representative those jealous police say the lone suspect is from the community jared rameses is now jailed without bail in facing five counts of murder the thirty
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eight year old had lost a defamation lawsuit against the paper after it published a story about him stocking a former classmate police say afterwards ram a swan it revenge in may of thirteen we did have a situation where online frightening comments were made it was discussed at the capitol because that did not wish to pursue criminal charges. there was a fear that doing so would exacerbate an already flammable situation police say ramesses attacked the newspaper armed with a shotgun and smoke grenades a search of his home revealed more evidence of the planned attack u.s. president donald trump has previously called the news media the country's worst enemy but offered his condolences journalists like all americans should be free from the fear of being violently attacked. while doing their job. the communities memorial for the slain newspaper workers rose by the hour the plane
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cancelled one of them while that speech loudest of all is one with very few words this nearly blank opinion page published in the capital does that with a simple sentence today we are speechless. castro al-jazeera and our listener alike. canada has hit back at the united states of a steel minium tariffs with twelve billion dollars in return a tree measures on american goods canada's plan will take effect from next week and include tariffs on u.s. imports like your goods coffee and toilet paper. canada has no choice but to retaliate with a measured perfectly reciprocal dollar for dollar response and that is what we are doing i cannot emphasize enough their regret with which we take these counter measures we are acting very much in store oh not in anger but the us
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terrorists leave canada no choice but to defend our industries our workers and our communities and i can assure you that we will maintain the firm resolve to do so us come make a general motors is warning that trade tariffs on imported vehicles could lead to the isolation of american businesses from the global market g.m. has told the u.s. commerce department the tariffs could force the company to downsize putting thousands of jobs at risk that contrasts with the trumpet ministrations argument the tariffs on imported vehicles would protect u.s. industry already scored is a senior economist and director of trade and money fracturing at the economic policy institute he says the tariffs could actually boost domestic production. the tariffs are going to be costly. and they may be particular costly for. motors on the other hand they also may lead to an increase paradoxically in auto production
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in the united states g.m. has proven itself unable to make automobiles in particular they do fine making trucks and s.u.v.s but they can't make automobiles that's what they're for the talking about putting in tariffs on. but what we've seen in the past when the u.s. imposes trade restraints we did this and one nine hundred eighty s. on all imported autos especially those coming from japan those those other producers simply shifted production to the united states that would be the sensible response so us as a whole may gain even if general motors loses as a result of these tariffs the u.s. nominee to head the un's migration agency has been snubbed it's only the second time in the bodies history that the agency won't be run by an american can isaacs was knocked out in early rounds of voting he'd coolest control of a seat by being forced to apologize for social media posts in which he disparaged muslims political centanni of its own you know will had deal been a zation at
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a time when migration is one of the world's most pressing issues. five hundred seventy five women who protested against donald trump's immigration policy policies in washington have been charged with unlawfully demonstrating most of the women who took part of a sit down protest in a senate office building on thursday were arrested they include hollywood actress susan sarandon and democratic congress one paul they're angry at trump's policy of separating migrant families at the mexico border which he has now reversed. italy's government has begun a crackdown on its roma community clearing out camps on the outskirts of the capital police shut down a council one community which housed more than one hundred families on wednesday saying that the lease expired the interior minister bhutto salvini has called for a census of the roma population and for foreigners to be expelled around twenty six thousand roma people living in camps across italy. money we are human beings
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we have all our documents in order my children are telling citizens they were born here they went to school here. italian interior minister salvini and also virginia raji did this it would be better if they go to other camps to see the children they don't go to school and do nothing they are in bad condition they leave the camp like that this camp was in order and they destroyed it they left us in the middle of the road now that european leaders have reached a deal on migration the e.u. summit will turn its attention to briggs that the united kingdom is due to leave the european union in march next year but time is running out to agree on terms of the divorce deal which will need to be ratified by u.k. armed e.u. parliaments one major sticking point is the future of trade over the border between ireland and more than a island with the e.u. saying that the disagreement is putting the entire deal at risk. we have made progress but eugen syracuse divergence remains particularly from the iron on the
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notion of the. op to break shift we want you want to in the e.u. nuclear ambitions partnership. on trade as well and in security but we have to raise these partnerships on our one use time principles for the future security partnership we have with the european union will be very important we currently enjoy a high level of cooperation with member states of the year and a number of areas on security that are important for our citizens this is what is at stake and i want to see a strong and deep security partnership continuing the brother of russian opposition leader alexina valley has been released from prison. served three and a half years on fraud charges many say his jelling was retribution for the political activities of his brother who got a suspended sentence of the same trial.


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