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about to get a little easier this summer drones will be used to tell rescue stranded swimmers to spot sharks that might be getting a little too close for comfort and a thomas reports a drone flies over the australians as well as the rough water films in the center of the shot to swimmers who've been swept out and are in serious trouble but rather than just film them the drone drops help a self inflating float to which the swimmers cling on and used to get gradually swept by the waves back into sure it was one of these drones which in january carried out the rescue of two sixteen year old boys mark phillips was at the controls lucky. we didn't actually put it on our end because we're obviously busy but we did it with of it from the video footage from the wire so we know from takeoff to them receiving a part with. seventy seconds a demonstration shows how it works the drone hovers above the person in trouble
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then it's operator times when to drop its load swimmers hold on until help arrives and i more traditional way in some cases drones are equipped with the loudspeakers too connected to lifeguard radios they act in a preventative capacity where being able to get above people and say i stopped there's a repair or you are about to get into trouble or you're about to be washed off its head back in with had that capability so we're having intervened probably close to one hundred times where we'll stop people getting into that situation before they've even gone the last australian summer beaches down the east coast where patrolled by seventeen lifesaving drones by this november more than fifty rescue drugs will be operating the water today is calm of that ever get but in the rough weather with waves rowing can reach places that jet skis can and far in frightening they've gone from shore to drop in just twenty five seconds. other
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drones look for sharks computers have been taught to recognize different species we've tried it with images this computer system and it can actually come back and actually give us accurate answers on the basis of the data we fit the computer can then alerts people to get them out of the water it is an excellent example of where . being used in not replacement things but as a system in getting the work done in a better way the shark spotting and life flow dropping drones have finished their trial periods they'll be patrolling australian beaches for real this summer and those behind them hope to sell their technology worldwide after thomas al-jazeera. the brisbane. well how about that still to come here all that is out in sport as argentina's men's team struggles its way through the world cup female players are in a battle for equality. every
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weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking story this happened was in the truck didn't happen on the boy told through the eyes of the world journalists images matter a lot international politics join the listening post as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they report on the stories that matter the most the big third is someone from the country who guides you will lead you to this story of the byline tells us who wrote the listening post on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where every. this is a really fabulous news for one of the best i've ever worked in there is a unique sense of bonding where everybody teams in but something i feel every time
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i get on the chair every time i interview someone we're often working around the clock to make sure that we bring events as i currently as possible to the viewer that's what people expect of us and that's what i think we really do well. again time for sports his tatiana.
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thank you very much with all the world cup group stage matches the now complete the final make up of the last sixteen if in place two huge matches get things under way on saturday france will be without defended benjamin mehndi for that clash with argentina after he was ruled out with a muscle injury then your required take on european champions portugal english fans have to wait until cheese day for the game against colombia while hosts russian made twenty ten champions spain on sunday. fifa says decisions made by referees during the group stage of the world cup have been close to perfection referee bosses told media initial decisions on the field were ninety five percent accurate and this was raised to ninety nine point three percent through the use of the controversial v i os system but today defunct these after forty eight games we don't have a single scandal which is so they live on ten very important to football in
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a very important competition like this so this is even i think one of the important and most important unsaid. the russians have been one of the surprise teams that the wild card despite the country's richest football history decades of underachievement had followed the team into the finals but instead of making an early exit they became the first team to reach the knockout round and the riches and reports from. russian football fans only used to feel good about their national team oh. written off as no hopers before the tournament began the lowest ranked side of the finals qualified for the knockout rounds after two convincing if unexpected winds. the last sixteen game against spain now awaits. many russians first play football on a pitch known as a corruptor when translated into english it means box and this sort of caged playing space he squeezed into small urban spaces all over the country this thing
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is for me on this lead or democracy because everyone is welcome when you come in here you are equal to everyone else it's on the un what you show what you do doesn't really matter which is your gender which is your nationality which is your like if you're russian if your is was based on doesn't really matter all you do you play soccer. pavel says a handful of players he's met in moscow have been given trials with professional teams but many talented players don't make it. right i don't believe the way there's no great way for them to i feel like i made a lot of them. but they're not the first so i hope the system world will be a little bit better so those people will get the chance to play professionally three years ago russian football introduced new rules and increasing opportunities for young players top clubs were told they have to have at least five russian
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players in their lineup in an effort to reduce the reliance on foreign imports but instead of investing in a cattle maize clubs have found themselves paying inflated wages to mediocre but in demand russian players who no longer have the motivation to test themselves abroad the head of player development for russian champions lokomotiv moscow has experienced the failings of the rules at first hand but he hopes this world cup will be a turning point in convincing emerging russian players they can compete at the highest level of russian national team to play for russian players. against egypt against old are over it is the most important if you must believe your. player for your account and what motivation. maybe after five years in national team. the decades of faltering steps russia is finally getting to watch its own star performers on football's biggest stage and the richardson al-jazeera.
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for argentinians football is a national passion all eyes have been on the men's team at the world cup as they struggled to make out of their group but reports from players in the women's team mccourt up in a battle of their own one of equality. it's training time for the women's football team twice a week they travel to a ground on the outskirts of when a site is nine of them by members of argentina's national squad. including the cost ten florins one say oh no she accepts that the men's team is extremely important for argentina but says that women should not be forgotten that. we are fighting for change in women's football and the clubs in the national team i wish we could get to see that happen so now everyone is focused on the men's team but we would like a quality because we are treated differently to have a woman coach that will be a quality. the players tell us they have never met stars like you an enemy but they
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share the same pride wearing the same national colors on the field even the women's football has grown in the last decade in argentina it continues to be largely ignored in terms of investment and support most of this women are part of argentina's national team and yet they cannot make a living by playing football. and that's why some women have gone on strike in the past demanding the argentine football association gives them more prominence it's almost an order you know it well there is no equality not even the least you see the difference in the training that we do in the stipends receive we don't have support to compete in the best way. but the main problem is the culture support of the women's league in argentina is mall in fact most matches attract very few fans . it is difficult for people to get used to watching women's football some are
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surprised to see good players society needs to change and accept the fact that women can play to. the argentine football association says it wants to give women a bigger role. especially after the national team came in third in the america's cup. is in charge of making it happen. the problem is not only with us but also in the clubs that needs to give women's football a place they deserve and give them support in the possibilities they need. gro i believe in five years we will start seeing professional women players in argentina . but most of these players can't wait that long some are considering leaving the country to find somewhere where they can earn a living from the game. he said well i'll just leave when a site is. nearly two hundred members of the twenty twenty two world cup organizational team has been in russia looking to gain insight that can be used for
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the tournament in qatar. size in country between russia and qatar is it's quite big all of participants are learning on some processes and similarities one delivering a major event like the world cup and have been really benefiting from this adventure and being in involved in various functional areas whether it's venue operations or staging management or airport operations or atomization they have been really able to leverage on such a unique opportunity away from the world cup and there are multiple reports that le bron james has declined an option to extend his contract with the cleveland cavaliers and will now be a free agent if the associated press both say the team has been informed of the decision the four time m.v.p. could choose to remain in cleveland where they would be able to pay him more than any other team but he's been strongly linked with a move to the l.a. lakers. the draw has been made for wimbledon and defending champion roger federer
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will play serbian does the lay of it first up the draw held at the all england club was kind of the big things with rafa nadal novak djokovic and andy murray also getting comfortable opening round matches. in the women's draw seven time wimbledon champion serena williams will face out on shadows of the netherlands in the first round williams missed last year's event due to pregnancy and is controversially seeded despite being runt outside the world's top thirty two wild number one so i know how to play could mean out of japan in her opening match the tournament gets underway on monday two thousand a champion agni ascot advance guy has been knocked out of the east born international tournament losing to unseeded lanka the belorussian winning six three one six six three to reach her third career final. show face top seed caroline wozniak e who came from a set and a match point down to beat former world number one and jimmy carter. and that is
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all this ball for now more later. thanks dave and that is it from this particular woman here just a mother to touch on the day's top stories i'll see you again thanks for watching but. every year in pakistan hundreds of women are victims of so-called honor killings one on one east searches for the truth in a case that exposes the growing clash between old beliefs and modern life on al-jazeera. july on al-jazeera in a new series of head to head maddie hasson tackles the big issues with hard hitting questions mexico is getting ready for a general election what direction will the country take as it struggles with drug violence and economic instability. people in power continues to examine the use and abuse of power around the world as the world cup in russia nears its end we'll
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bring you stories from on and off the pitch of the world's most viewed sporting event on television and online the stream continues to tap into the extraordinary potential of social media to disseminate news. july on al-jazeera. eradicating leprosy in cambodia relies on education and treatment in equal measure on. him but he early you know disability yet in jail we will be wait until three year old four year more he will have this ability to play it. and then no wait the next generation of antibiotics may just be way taking at the bottom of the ocean maybe this into. this hope so too i revisited on al-jazeera and monday pointed on the. us and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is
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already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the war. many fatalities feared as a boat carrying around one hundred refugees capsizes in the mediterranean. meanwhile the e.u. finally agrees on a new policy to deal with migrants after italy threatened to scupper the deal. watching al-jazeera live from doha i'm still robin also coming up. south sudan's
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hopes for a lasting peace another ceasefire comes into effect we look at the fragility of the new agreement. and still searching the underground caves rescuers in thailand trying to make contact with a football team that's been missing for over a week. welcome to the program more than one hundred refugees and migrants are missing drowned after their boat capsized off libya's west coast the bodies of three young children have been recovered at least sixteen people survived a spanish rescue ship says it was told by a talent officials to let the libyan coast guard respond to a distress call from the boat witnesses describe the vessel as old and overloaded. we are actually in the front. row of the thirty there were one hundred twenty people on board on our way the front part broke
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a wooden piece pierced it and then the boat started sinking and the water started to rise everyone died women children elderly people mean all of them died and i don't regret it at first i was surprised with this boat because i was told it was eight metres and could hold twenty people when i tried to leave they beat me. i was forced to get on board families with children were in miserable conditions it was full of about one hundred twenty to one hundred fifty people it was very crowded and the conductor could not even see in front of him. it was him eunice is the head of mission for doctors without borders in libya the mediterranean he works on rescue ships and has noticed the italian coast guard is increasingly diverting responsibility to libya and normally we. stress call. from and italian m.r.c. sea org. authorities and when we reach the target had been assigned to
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us. most likely to tell us any structures to stand by because a guard at the scene and sometimes we wait for hours basically a transfer for responsibility to the libyan coast guard. we know that sometimes they will be on course guard and don't have the necessary equipment like life jackets so that. it will in danger a lot of people for sure. now the tragedy at sea happened as e.u. leaders finally agree on how to deal with those refugees that reach land there will be a series of migrant processing centers within and outside the block but only if they're wanted in the country lawrence lee reports. when the future of the european union may be at stake it's worth staying up all night to save its so that's what they did . emerging warily at five in the morning the french president suggested they had bridged the gap many thought impossible to sympathize with. europe is not an island
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and we must be able to face up to this challenge was remaining loyal to our values and protect our people and national cohesion tonight we took an important step many predicted the impossibility of an agreement many predicted the triumph of national solutions tonight we have succeeded in finding a european solution and a way of working in cooperation. micron will take the credit for winning the rebellious it's how he and governments around the breakthrough policy is to set up sensors at which migrants and refugees will be screened and either sent home or resettled among countries prepared to have them even if it isn't clear how the italians who would also demanded reform of wider asylum rules then signals their consent. at the end of the european council of a more responsible and more united europe italy is no longer alone. and keeping the hardliners happy extended to germany as well where chancellor merkel's political
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future has been in the balance the indications seem to be that the right wingers in her coalition seem satisfied that germany will be better protected from mass refugee flows the merkel herself knowledged the vast rift in europe about humanitarian values this is and if we want to we have agreed on five guidelines but two are still lacking a common european asylum system but i'm optimistic after today that we can really continue to work even though there is still a lot to be done to bridge the different views other moves like strengthening support for the libyan coast guard will be condemned by humanitarian organizations as europe turning its back on its legal obligations if this were a success it was only in that it staved off the apparent imminent collapse of the european union under the weight of migration but in doing so it gave more weight to the populist right wing in europe a further retreat from the liberal values the european union is so fond of proclaiming. and as ever the final communique was long on wishes and very short on
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promises about how to accomplish them this may have averted a crisis for now but europe remains a political unit deeply unhappy lawrence li al-jazeera brussels. italy's new populist prime minister just held a deal his government is sticking to its tough stance all migrant ships it's a rescue vessel from docking at one of its ports the third to refusal this month now the policy is being driven by the far right interior minister matteo salvini charlie rangel reports from sicily. well here tanya and this is the last ship that brought in rescued migrants two weeks ago since then interior minister matteo salvini has closed italy's ports and at the summit there was no discussion as to what will happen the next time a european boat carrying rescued migrants is left stranded in the mediterranean instead italy's prime minister just emerged from the summit saying italy is no longer alone threatening to use his veto if there was not an agreement that suited
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italy he did and because of that italians believe they got some concessions but nothing will change if we don't play hardball on grey's our voices will never get anything. under the new e.u. agreement italy could host voluntarily new migrant centers that would process all arrivals and determine which are genuine refugees and which are illegal migrants. us. this country already has refugee camps the difference is that these arrivals would no longer be subject to the dublin regulations italy would not be responsible for them soley ideas they could be divided up between other member states but again as no one held that would happen and for italians sharing the burden is a key issue. italy has been left alone it's true but of course i don't agree on the methods used by our interior minister i do think europe has to be reformed especially because there is no agreement on this issue the agreement also promises
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to explore the idea of setting up disembarkation platforms in north africa to try and process migrants before they even attempt to the mediterranean crossing but not all italians are convinced that if trying to fix the problem in africa on the spot and trying to help them here it is really difficult war should always be welcomed and not pushed away but pushing away is exactly what italy has done in closing its ports and the new e.u. declaration that asylum seeker. it's landing in italy are actually arriving in europe seems almost redundant though the free syrian army says a temporary ceasefire is in effect in southern syria the truce comes as united nations refugee agency walls the number of displaced people has tripled to one hundred sixty thousand in the past five days it follows intense fighting and are in a ten day offensive by government and russian forces at least eighty people were killed in airstrikes on thursday. her own ears on the syrian side of the border
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with jordan. national and how there are more here at the border crossing that many syrian refugees have used in the past to cross from syria into jordan today thousands of civilians mainly women and children again others along this border hoping to be able to cross into jordan. ever caused his highness the king of jordan to give them permission to cross over. these families have nothing left for them to ask to cross that border to escape death they've been displaced from areas that have been hit by thousands of airstrikes in the past few days and they're now looking to cross to safety we've witnessed the tragic events the civilians have been through and their only demand now is to go in the direction of jordan or is meant to be part of a deescalation zone negotiated by the united states and russia turkey's foreign minister says the two countries have a responsibility to end the fighting. are with the united states and russia have
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reached an agreement regarding the area in syria they reach an agreement for deescalation zones and according to the deal opposition forces would be deployed on one side while syrian regime forces would be on the other but the syrian regime forces launched an attack on the other side so who made this agreement the united states and russia they both have responsibility and this needs to stop i said to africa now where a cease fire deal to end the south sudan's for the half year civil war has come into force president salva kiir rebel leader right now shar signed the agreement in sudan's capital khartoum on wednesday night calls for the opening of corridors for humanitarian aid the release of political prisoners and the forming of a transitional government within four months at least fifty thousand people are being killed and about four million displaced since his stall or his hostilities began in twenty team algis there is hippa morgan has covered the conflict in south sudan extensively she explains the fragility of the current ceasefire agreement.
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this is not the first ceasefire agreement to be signed since the conflict started in twenty states and this is. this is a my think remain to be signed and it's not clear yet whether it is going to hold a lot of agreements have been violated nearly every single agreement have been signed between the two parties and several other factions have been violated sometimes in less than twenty four hours after they resigned so it's not clear yet whether this would cease fire would actually hold because what both sides said is that they do not want their forces to attack and less attacks and is their attack so basically in defense and that's what they've been saying all along you will find a cease fire that is signed and then they will come out and say we have been attacked and we fought back in self-defense and the cease fires were late and so it's not clear if this one is going to hold but people do have cautious optimism that this one will be this could be a little bit different because it has been brokered by sudan not by the regional bloc i get and that it was signed by the two leaders it was signed by the president
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himself and the leader of the opposition and the representative of the south sudan's opposition alliance so so just because their top figures who have signed the cease fire they're hoping that it might be a bit stronger than the previous ceasefires to thailand where it's been nearly a week since twelve young footballers are missing in a cave that subsequently flooded in the north of the country more than a thousand dollars soldiers and border guards have joined the search for a new opening to the underground cave complex was discovered on friday raising hopes that the boys may still be a lawyer. has more from. here the home of that diesel generator. that's good news saturday morning.


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