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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 30, 2018 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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one is going to hold but people do have cautious optimism that this one will be this could be a little bit different because it has been brokered by sudan not by the regional block i get and that it was signed by the two leaders it was signed by the president himself and the leader of the opposition and the representative of the south sudan's opposition alliance so so just because their top figures who have signed the ceasefire they're hoping that it might be a bit stronger than the previous these fires. to thailand where it's been nearly a week since twelve young footballers on the coach went missing in a cave that subsequently flooded in the north of the country more than a thousand dollars us soldiers and border calls have joined the search a new opening to the underground cave complex was discovered on friday raising hopes that the boys may still be found a low life school hyla has more from chiang rai. you can hear the hum of that big diesel generator behind me that or unstructured that's good news and we heard that again saturday morning as we climbed up this hill to the mouth of the cave that
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means that the pumps are working pumping out the water in the mouth of the cave right here we know that navy seal divers are standing by the scene as that water gets down to a level that's safe for them to go back in they continue with their exploration going further into the cave from this side that's one front second prong today is exploring hole vertical hole a chimney that was discovered on friday that is the other side of the search and rescue operation that they're focusing today on saturday now because there is a better visibility helicopters are going to be able to bring a quick end to that location up in the hills we know that the chief of the national police here in thailand is already up there orchestrating that part of the search and rescue operation what they're looking to do they have drilling equipment scanning equipment they want to try to get down into the bottom of that of that tunnel of that chimney to see if it reaches into the cave complex if it does they can drop equipment they can drop supplies and then hopefully climbers so that's the two focuses today again still no definitive proof definitive evidence any clues to
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where these boys in the coach might be but at least on these two fronts because the weather is holding out that they're able to push forward. well still ahead here on al-jazeera we look at who's taking care of children as uganda shuts down hundreds of all finishes. also u.s. comicon general motors holds the trump of ministration to put the brakes on the trade towers. we got some big and a lot of the storms into central and eastern parts of the u.s. right now you can see that fund a heads up quite nicely on the satellite picture just spinning out of the canadian pairs big area of low pressure here in little china storms down towards the southeast cooler and also affecting for where we got this area of low pressure something of a temperature contrast warm southerly winds behind this this warm front after red
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line on average shot here thirty four celsius for chicago thirty five fold they say into the thirty's towards that east side of kind of the hope across the other side of the system and it's twenty three for winnipeg that will be some big and lively thunderstorms and just around the northern plains pushing over towards the midwest and down into the southeastern corner a little cooler a little fresher dry and bright across western parts we could do with some right of course with a wild fos just around northern california and also into colorado no sign of any wet weather here as we go on through the coming days and that dry weather stretching down into a good part of mexico actually become down into the caribbean and the think is cloud the heaviest showers there across the western side of the caribbean nicaragua costa rica panama seeing some big and lively showers and some really wet weather coming in the first saturday i don't insist sunday but elsewhere there's sunshine and a few showers. right
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. of the back you're watching i was there i was the whole robin to remind of our top news stories more than one hundred refugees and migrants are missing their drowned
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after their boat capsized off libya's west coast the bodies of three young children have been recovered at least sixteen people survived also the free syrian army says a temporary ceasefire is in effect in southern syria the truth comes out as the un refugee agency says the number of displaced people in southern syria has tripled to one hundred sixty thousand in the past five days and a ceasefire deal to end south sudan to forewarn a half years civil war has come into force president salva kiir rebel leader i wish our sign the agreement on wednesday it calls for the forming of a transitional government within four months. staying in africa at least two soldiers and a civilian are being killed in an attack on a military base in central mali fighters drove a vehicle rigged with explosives on to the base and opened fire on the million troops two of the attackers were killed the compound houses the headquarters of the
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g five task force made up of soldiers from mali and share the kenya fast so chad and mauritania it was set up to defeat armed groups across west africa alex fuchsia is an assistant research fellow at the africa center for strategic studies she says many groups are dedicated to securing the so how will reach him. there are multiple forces that are deployed to each contribute to fighting extremist the first is the french force back on that is deployed in that area and has been deployed in different forms since. the since islamist groups tried to take the capital bamako back in late two thousand and twelve another force of course is the un mission. which is deployed again throughout mali and also has a mandate to help mali security forces fight these groups so there's a multitude of actors there and they all try to work together to defeat these
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defeat these groups will uganda has begun shutting down hundreds of all from the ages that don't meet legal standards the government suspects being used for profit that it believes others help traffic children out of the country pull reports on a home in the northern city of gulu those trying to help the children nine year old appeals parents died from aids four years ago her grandmother took care of her until she passed away the little girl who has hiv was living now shuttered orphanage in the northern ugandan city of gulu appeal is now cared for by her legal guardian jeffrey who has four kids of his own it's a lot of press so much i'm trying. from my from my from me and china i think. valerie was the manager of one shelter that shut its doors the orphanage was home to children who lost their parents to aids and war and the government of uganda
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that's not. a children. that. some of them. even their siblings many in uganda worry the closure of some six hundred orphanages will put children out on the streets without the basic skills for survival unicef says there are two and a half million orphans in uganda and hundred fifty three million worldwide the charity hope and home says children living in orphanages are forty times more likely to have a criminal record and five hundred times more likely to commit suicide researchers say children who grow up in orphanages suffer physically intellectually and emotionally the quality of life of orphans in uganda is what's worrying the commissioner for youth and children's affairs he's overseeing the closure of orphanages that don't meet the government's criteria we have also learnt that many of these when it is being used as a group of children out of the country i'm suspecting parents just leave their
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children to be taken on by anybody under the guise of helping them and in the end. one of the licensed homes in gulu st jude it's home to more than ninety orphans. for the children to grow up in bed last night as their i divined from the children it was some of the children we don't often it knew do have stirred. while living with family is the ideal situation for orphans less and shelters can help st jude says some of the children who've grown up in their home have turned out to be productive and successful people with university educations and fulfilling careers paul judge on al-jazeera. now the international committee of the red cross says the ring of crisis is still considered an emergency peter moore has been visiting me a bar where he's meant to facto leader suchi more than seven hundred thousand
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rangar have fled me and mine the wake of a huge military crackdown last year. i saw certain houses abandoned their neighborhoods destroyed or half destroyed and i saw was so that in other parts of along the road where villages have existed before nothing much is anymore existent and the vegetation is taking over and. the landscape this observation leads me to the impressions that we have and which confirm i.c.r.c. easy assessment that in the right kind we are still very much engaged in an emergency operation i said to the americans now where rallies are planned across the u.s. on saturday to protest against the president's zero tolerance policies on immigration
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earlier this month donald trump signed an executive order ending the separation of migrant children from their parents but that's too little to dampen the outrage as more repeller reports of washington d.c. . yeah dozens of signs and posters are being prepared for something big a protest bringing together more than one hundred different groups all opposed to u.s. president donald trump's zero tolerance policy on migrants it's a national day of action that's not only here in washington d.c. but also across the country the message is simple and our demands are simple we want to see families reunited once again and we want an end to family separation and family the tension policies images of children locked away crying out for their parents after being forcibly separated from them have shocked many the u.s. government admits more than twenty three hundred children have been taken from their parents since may a federal court has ordered them to be reunited. a majority of them are fleeing
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violence in countries like hundred sandal salvator or extreme poverty in the case of guatemala the outcry from those opposing the treatment of child migrants has led to calls for protests across the united states. in washington on thursday nearly six hundred people were arrested during a demonstration inside the united states senate among those led away by police from capitol hill with hollywood actor and activist susan sarandon and we want to. give you a new. president from continues to call for strengthening of the us mexico border to the construction of a wall something immigration experts say does nothing to address the root cause of migration extreme violence and poverty in central america the practice of separating migrant families has halted but the organizers behind the protests against president france zero tolerance policy insist that more demonstrations like the ones planned for saturday will continue until these families are reunited.
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washington and staying in the u.s. the comic a general motors is warning that trade tariffs on imported vehicles could lead to the isolation of american businesses from the global market g.m. has told us commerce department that thomas could force the company to downsize putting thousands of jobs at risk now that contrasts with the trumpet ministrations argument that tyrus on imported vehicles would protect u.s. industry robert e. sculpts is a senior economist and director of trade manufacturing at the economic policy institute he says the terrorists could actually boost domestic production. the tariffs are going to be costly. and they may be a particular costly for general motors on the other hand they also may lead to an increase paradoxically in auto production in the united states g.m. has proven itself unable to make automobiles in particular. they do fine making
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trucks and s.u.v.s but they can't make automobiles that's what they're for the talking about putting in tariffs on but what we've seen in the past when the u.s. imposes trade restraints we did this and nineteen eighties on all imported autos especially those coming from japan those those other producers simply shift its production to the united states that would be the sensible response so us as a whole may gain even if general motors loses as a result of these tariffs. canada sit back and the united states over steel in alimony and towers with twelve billion dollars in retaliatory measures on american goods canada's plan will take effect from next week and include tower it's on u.s. imports like go get coffee and toilet paper. canada has no choice but to retaliate with a measured perfectly reciprocal dollar for dollar response and that is what we are doing i cannot emphasize enough they were bred with which we take these
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counter measures we are acting very much in store oh not in anger but the us terrorists leave canada no choice but to defend our industries our workers and our communities and i can assure you that we will maintain the firm resolve to do so. but mexicans head to the polls on sunday to choose the next president frontrunner on the last leg while lopez obrador is vowing to reverse decades of decline and poverty in rural areas but as joe holan reports in the states of michigan to be a tough pledge to fulfill. the mix can countryside decimates but puppets in an empty bun migration over decades. as is one of the aging population of small scale phones struggling to compete with industrial scale operations in the world the mexico and the u.s.
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also all that i know i produce grains but not money he says that many communities the young have either left or turned to more lucrative ventures many in there although they sell drugs they kidnap they live well for a few days and then they get killed just next to my house or there was head of a kidnapping. this month promises to change that presidential front runner andres manuel lopez obrador has made the neglected mix can country side a campaign priority. he said here we're focused government support from large industrial producers to smaller farms to help them get quality seeds technological know how better access to loans and the guaranteed minimum price for their crops it's all part of an ambitious plan for mexico to produce its own food. they're buying everything abroad that we could grow in mexico me that's going to
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stop. in the past there were incredibly strong ties between mexicans and the land this is the birthplace of corn itself but it's a different country now daming with a booming urban population and the global market the question is if it's really possible or even worth the cost of resuscitating this sector so that. even lopez obrador team says the wholesale change he promises will be impossible in one of been a straight. and agricultural economists who in general support the plan have questioned of price guarantees for individual farmers and in particular in forcing home grown food and carry a steep cost for authorities and consumers is one cause one thousand people that in consequence it's going to be very expensive for the government and mexican taxpayer that. promise them so seems split between those two banking on
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a ruling party which has given them just enough to survive and those like a year or more voting in the hope of change john homan how does it make to account . a spacecraft that's taken off from cape canaveral in the us is set to be the last of its kind three two one. we have ignition and lift off the falcon nine rocket pilot companies they say resupplying the international space station is part of a nasa mission but the company says it's. the last time it'll use this type of rocket it will now focus on producing rockets that can be used after returning from space. you're watching al-jazeera i'm still robin these are all top news stories more than one hundred refugees and migrants are missing feared drowned after their boat
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capsized off libya's west coast the bodies of three young children have been recovered at least sixteen people survived. but then. there were one hundred twenty people on board on our way different broke a wooden piece pierced it and then the boat started sinking and the water started to rise everyone died women children elderly people mean all of them died. i was forced to get on board families with children were in miserable conditions it was full of about one hundred twenty to one hundred fifty people it was very crowded and the conductor could not even see in front of them the sinking happened just hours after european leaders signed a compromise deal aimed at preventing such journeys from north africa including the possibility of setting up offshore processing centers while some of those leaders are calling the agreement a breakthrough details remain vague on how it's actually going to work. also the
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free syrian army says a temporary ceasefire is in effect in southern syria the truth comes out as the un refugee agency says the number of displaced people in southern syria has tripled to one hundred sixty thousand in the past five days a ceasefire deal to end south sudan's four a half year civil war has come into force president salva kiir and rebel leader right shar signed the agreement on wednesday it calls for the forming of a transitional government within four months. it's not been a week since twelve young footballers and their coach went missing in a cave that subsequently flooded in northern thailand and the opening to the underground cave complex was discovered on friday raising hopes the boys may still be found a lot of. years carmaker general motors is warning that trade tariffs on imported vehicles could lead to the arse elation of american businesses from the global market g.m. has told the u.s. commerce department the tires could force the company to downsize putting thousands
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of jobs risk i'll be back with old news in half an hour here on al-jazeera next it's one of the least do stay with us. an estimated one hundred thousand lives cruelly ended over a century ago. a distant past not to the descendants of the sultan. a tale of colonialism and racial supremacy unravels in the quest for justice and recognition of the sacrifices of tribal people remember. the skulls of my people i witnessed documentaries on al-jazeera. traditions run deep in the villages of northern pakistan for women especially it's a life of tight control. the punishment is harsh if women bring shame upon their
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families but what constitutes shameful behavior and steve check out on this episode of one of one east we look at the mysterious disappearance of four young women were they killed because they clapped their hands. northern pakistan. a place where not much has changed for the locals in a long time but then technology the mobile phone shook their world. a video of four girls and two boys went public. it doesn't look very dramatic girls clapping boys dancing. around or
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they never appear together and the girls are fully covered. but here that was more than enough just you know just if you want to. wait a minute citizen by the east. but in english fifty. afzali stanny is the brother of the two boys in the video. and a lot of men at the gate yeah. yeah you know yard gate but the i. engage on jana chat and it gives it a case of the most of the many of us to see what. islam a bud based reporter. saw the video he realized the precarious future faced by the girls in a place ruled by strict customs separating men and women he decided to travel to coaster to talk with the locals about the case.
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of decay. or someone who just that it is you. know they deal with your clothes mr. jealous is the other. didn't get out of gaza with this thing and. it is either get out isn't it and i thought about the yeah a lot now it was a decade at the end of the book at them that the young out of syria. they get in the end get you in a lot of it. because it's a linear battle is. a matter like i mean but i sometimes at the beginning. is that really this i think and that is that i give them out. so i'm not in mound you will both the body because i think. there is this islam on when they get sick
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but i mean to be naked. but hussey found the younger residents hold different views and the corresponding name the food to her let's put him up he put on the old the genesee bone of the object because said the portuguese had fought to beckon with the young but that was school much wooden mighty johnny coffee but if i look at it he hands. in pakistan tribal decisions are made by a group of male elders known as a juror. well controversial giorgos are often used to resolve disputes. a jurgens power can be deadly. one young man has steep interview describe what he says happened to the girls in the video. the truth is that i was ready. to. play or because that's the very easy in those if you were to. go you don't really do oh sure sure or make people
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but you know there was literally. always. there is go go go whatever was going to recover. that it doubles do or intermediate there because you're so close to the gills of the caribbean. cib returned to islamabad with his new story but he knew this was not going to be the end of it. they're going to figure out that we're going to do that with monica or appeared to see you yeah nice of little human get in there go on get we family. or. culture you get in there if you want to there. are time don look at you was there you but they . were just on the rundown but now where the home get put on dances with. since i've solved brothers were in the video he now fears for his own life yet in
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one nokia show he was just like you would just do all that nobody up with. it. was you what do you want. he didn't want to start with. after saul is convinced the girls have been killed but i get the outcome of you not going to. be about me i'm going to get on. your honey but i'm not but i'm. going to come in but i'm in trouble and happy because the first on the back i'm in it was the bad i've been through from there and i'm happy at the. end there's i'm done with. government but women's rights activists didn't believe it immediately even or something like that people like us the knee jerk responses must have happened because these that the violation. all that. the
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supreme court ordered the girls in question be brought before them the local authorities insisted that the girls were alive but they would not present them to the court so the judge ordered a team of investigators to fly to the region to meet the girls just like just. ahead. dr who. farzana bari and other members of the fact finding commission traveled north from islamabad to coerce there should be no i was one of them on the helicopter he had the key would you buy lead to a cop to run it if you were brought in the phony bismillah pretty with a leg i think you had bought it i'd really a disk in that one can lead to nowhere got a nomination or the body would be some where you're getting. the investigators talk to the locals about honor killings. every person had a story to that do you see that u.t. going to have a mini van because i do you work with you too are. the wilder devour the ridiculous
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opposite the sauce story the lot of us does it give a whopper to i say that is that i'm a common cold no dollars a gram do it that you had to sit it got to me the wireless that. i'm the local administration go request he could be upcoming which the sweden but you couldn't be here because you were going at the home going for company belinelli from guess ill guided defecating to give way but yes they were very very lucky. all right. the next morning when they went to the girls village they found several empty mud huts. and kittens turned scarlet only career move. far as such from a casino celtic was forgotten even. the investigators say the locals tried hard to dissuade them from meeting the girls. who insist on little to do not accuse them of
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nice damo known as if they had a cup of tea it is far better at the two three spotted the only piece this far but if you think about michel absolutely done but the women insisted. finally they met a girl on the mountainside she was wearing a red shawl like the girls in the video she was looking that scared but of course like the last and none of us only should be you know speaks little bit of the language the pit. you're looking when you get to. that ik. communication on lithium disheartening. they were told she was called amine or the investigators asked her about the video . but then they're on their way up and got a million. journal back up shopping about their mom.
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being we're gonna. bomb with a hog here may dear how many. here we give a bunch or a year they compare the girl they met to the one in the video but we saw this look at the food to. all three of us say she seems the same but she was the only girl they met. when the team asked for more time to meet the others their police escort insisted they had to return to the capitol immediately they did not let us just. put shots what does that helicopter just back to the supreme court if you were to put it that we have only met one and that seems to be a lie. this is. ground zero.
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and this is being. i know you as you. ask i mean stephenville because if you give me something that he still does in what way did you decide to listen to me and then he says i think it was that i asked you guys if i've even done just yet. the friendship to just get down there. but hey. when you look at the vietnamese that you look at the one they are no good you just look it well give it a did you. even know that i just. was addictive behavior because miss the joke learn. from it. let it go between even just a joke joke you're going to get it in the. journalist
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. disagrees you give me a mother who sucks a score and skip a beat me when i think about it but i'm going to have to provide you can't give up because they can mark you know that you're going to scare me off so people are to be up even to give you what you didn't give up and you haven't even need your sanity two enough to get into your body to have or start what we have need to plug into rules are followed at the end next month and by any good morning all you go on you might use it get you to peer. i'm. glad i got. to see tries calling one of the brothers in the video oh oh oh oh oh oh oh goodness it. has brought only slumbered sejanus to the bob go you were brought in by people.


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