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tv   Child Soldiers Reloaded  Al Jazeera  June 30, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm +03

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and discuss the question for the politicians and that it leaves the in principle lady. yes yes our government can be there at the conference table as well we don't deny them their place but we are the people to negotiate on our one on behalf of our people who are saying they need to express themselves on these before the second of october this year when the second of october that will be the hundred eleventh and visitors of that infamous order of generals. and they say we have we just long enough hundred eleven years is a long period in our patients on the.
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unfit november once a few sheep can i want one quarter to be finished and if it can be a war i'm on it or if you will divide the custom people the schools and saves because of that also you know that what is pretty is finished are often wished emma which the infant would learn from good published loss and feel as also hurting our sources for them thought the facts only lincoln meant integer fuzzier know when i may be good then can win in short even if you had infocom out in the air might even call the need door to feed west africa to our shores our shores and few dozen of us rosenfield off cocksucker brines eighty six and that in i'm part of our twenty link of talks of a few hundred fifty absolutely in the ashton for the bush rose and faded as our sources that show best in talking. document heads. are question if it was in fairness but instead that it is a fact and as
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a different zone gigged him different from the link about titan if it acts on been scientifically cloonan i'm going numb. fight injecting this motion the german parliament has effectively put an official stamp of endorsing the extermination orders off second job and maybe no fall for the overhead at all and the one of twenty second a problem ninety five for the number and all that got a comment and atrocity it's that caddick devised those or this in the aftermath of such a humiliating rejection of the motion which is no doubt the slap in the face of the namibian people and their government it certainly cannot be business as usual between.
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yes. today we hear from much we have handled that situation they told me they. were. told the. what you did and what you did to that. game. was the best time to go let it should be given time and again. let's hear that all right you can let the king let you go for you. yes.
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we're anticipating to hand over the invitation here indeed out. of the photography gemini. but i think when i say this because of the from i think we speculated so whatever. they saw if it does we should hand over the petition obviously is at the alfie's there at the base and it's not that i'm young but i am wondering if i was only to. go out there to keep the condition everything to eat to know me to have the funds. to get going you. know. what i like. the fact that i get.
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who was. right at the root the. meeting with the german ambassador. didn't go too well. in the sense that time he stuck to the long term government position. considering that time in the case of the jewish holocaust. they actually same german government has been talking. to a jewish people i'm more than million jewish communities what if we had one state entity us. he said that well i just a special case is different and you couldn't explain when asked
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how are they different how is it just to show case he couldn't spot. which obviously leaves us to conclude that. the only thing that makes them special is because they're europeans they're white people and we are sick and. we in the other had a room under kosha we don't believe that when somebody dies. that is the end of all hey so when he putts or he departs we believe you know that tell you great to go in on a one fifth those and we always you know give him a myth to take to then every other head of. his come to be buried. in new cook each and you know if he's duty to was you know
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he has people. you. know. if you cannot know what happened in the post. why do you believe in the future. you have to know the past and most
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importantly to be able to our way to the mistakes of the past because you cannot build you know the future or mistakes of the past but or how well you know those mistakes if you are not aware of the history. the air. and wind with which to flare in germany. and so i was chatting to some germans they and we started to talk about the issue of genocide and then one of them told me that at that seeing that it one of the universities there must discuss soul and i said are you sure he is as it how can i add goldie so they gave me a number the can that detail of the that wrecked out of the archives at the new
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dr alberts university in freiburg. so i mean i send an e-mail to this this in might introduce myself in message i would really appreciate if i can get even the chance to come and see these costs when this story broke out that is cause i found in germany where they are. made some people to realize even people have died one hundred years ago they can return to haunt you in one way or the other.
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what happened in this in those years. it's very difficult. it's painful. what happened to whom in biggs by the people who are who is power that indigence was in you was. like or licked and people together but in the church better things opinion that you. lack were not turning you were when approaching now is that. they did to depict middle eighty he was a given the head of his i spent a lot of the head of peace morkie they were must take to the meat out of this it sure that they continue his character on in the books to transport it or to achieve b two jim and it was painful and it had been in the church where i'm standing.
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it's paid for and it's not it's. when we have arrived there i think they realize the want to take the just in they said no pictures it of and then he said though ok we will take you down to the archives it's a lot of book says the discuss are mixed up we don't even know which ones are coming from namibia because some are also coming from the aborigines in australia as it it doesn't matter as long as i see that the lease ask us so we went down there before i entered the room. said to them i want to talk to masts.
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when they are trying to plan. and be a mean bama to go on the langley. we look to they gym and government we said when the scouts of the people they belong in the media they don't belong there. and then they demand government attitude west we don't talk in negotiate with groups only negotiate with a government so then we went to our government and we said we want you to help us for this custom we don't because i'm so lucky the government supported us in that one.
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coming home from work with their. kids. thank. you. for your airline already saved for me and i. am. a little bit busy go to this cause walk by themselves for food or through of course the ocean from the media by themselves and get up some
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money. and found the rig by rig homes will probably change in recent years. to just following almost forty years a lot of your. cutting up suddenly has no knowledge and have nothing to do jim come on. this is a fuse in with liability. i'm very careful some of my men when i'm wrong yeah. well nobody runs on one down when i don't know how i'm going i don't have all my. hair brown well i'm going i'm not going come on don't back down. home i'm very
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scared some of my family and i'm wrong yeah one on. one that we. saw that day when we had to have to be discussed if it was a national the minister cabinet member as the all went to the airport and that is what we wanted them to look at it this is a national issue that we don't want. that. loss in the mass. good. good good. good good. good good. good good. good. i do ok. then the second scuffs.
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they wondered too and then we hear this is skull from revamp all of that i have seen that may be and that was it is first time we did not deny that it was this was war so that people could have been killed as well but we are seeing our cases based on this in this in order so as to distill tell a difference from a vamp or demo who was killed during the war because there was no if the mission whatever them in there was no indication from the germans the weapon of the only one they to kill in exterminate mad people. in an exclusive documentary series al-jazeera reveals the full story of a war that changed the face of the middle east this is not a war to defeat israel this is a war to open the way for the promise of the final episode of
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a three part series explores the impending threats of two global superpowers i don't cover why the our busy conflict continues to this day the war in october the battle and beyond this time on al-jazeera the nature of music as it breaks although thousands of women have reported frape and other thoughtful atrocities in south sudan's war threats are going to say the figure is likely much higher with detailed coverage nearly fifty schools took part in the drive each one responsible for her liking at different schools of clients clothing from around the world the faithful focal is still very new here but these players are very confident they won't be able fully made people want to fight on the international but. we will maintain the finest fighting force the world has ever known the united states army was so reliant on the private sector i would call it a dependency we have a mismatch between the way we. work to be here and the reality of the twenty first
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century enough to get here in a body legal for you and i want to show you how many of the persons that you're sending out you should be child soldiers not. child soldiers reloaded on al-jazeera. you're watching i was there i was the whole raman in doha these are all top news stories more than one hundred refugees and migrants are missing feared drowned after their boat capsized off libya's west coast the bodies of three young children have been recovered at least sixteen people survived the ice in the front. but then inside of there were one hundred twenty people on board on their way the front part broke a wooden piece pierced it and then the boat started sinking and the water started
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to rise everyone died women children elderly people mean all of them died a plague not like i was forced to get on board families with children were in miserable conditions it was full of about one hundred twenty to one hundred fifty people it was very crowded and the conductor could not even see in front of them the free syrian army says a temporary ceasefire is in effect in southern syria the truce comes as the un refugee agency says the number of displaced people there has tripled to one hundred sixty thousand in the past five days there's been intense fighting in dara in a ten day offensive by government and russian forces a cease fire deal to end south sudan's four a half years civil war has come into force president salva kiir and rebel leader right wish are signed the agreement on wednesday it calls for the forming of a transitional government within four months at least two soldiers under civilian have been killed in an attack on a military base in central mali the compound houses the headquarters of the g.
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five task force made up of soldiers from mali the needs are the key to fast so chad and mauritania. thai rescue teams have held evacuation and medical drills as the search for a young football team went into its seventh day there's been no contact with the twelve boys and their coach since they went missing in a cave that later flooded more than a thousand divers soldiers and border guards have joined the search and you're opening to the underground complex was discovered on friday raising hopes the boys may still be found alive hundreds of people have gathered in the u.s. state of maryland to remember the victims of a shooting at a newspaper office for journalists and the sales assistant were killed a thirty eight year old suspect has appeared in court facing five counts of murder of course you can follow those stories on our website at al-jazeera dot com more news in half an hour with that we continue here on al-jazeera with witness to stay with us. tonight on al-jazeera
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in a new series of head to head maddy has been tackled the big issues with hard hitting questions mexico is getting ready for a general election what direction will the country take as it struggles with drug violence and economic instability. people in power continues to examine the use and abuse of power around the world as the world cup in russia nears it and will bring you stories from on and on the page of the world's most viewed sporting event on television and online this stream continues to tap into the extraordinary potential of social media to disseminate this july on al-jazeera.
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then. but i munch of of the vital people some will matter also got diet of the game and who came in who's that they do you know taking over their land taking the. introducing alcohol to them and when the at that and they do they get law of the land or they leave the women in on that day he said i'm fed up and i am tired of the steam inside the us and now we will face. the full frontal attack in the us in china and they said we wanted to come here because you have some experience from tanzania on how to deal with the negatives
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and we have some here that are very stubborn and wanted to come and deal with them so now the war went all the way up to the what a bit it's where in your far away finished. from thought that said that we finish them all and then will cloak they will be done in we have his black fists that was not the case many people fought. and then they started to be driven into the the macon this set in the african there now they fled and that's why they ended up in but so on and some in south africa. their extermination or does said. exterminate them kill them or.
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this was the final battle of the how people again if they have agendas before they've known many of them fricker the country to for children and he would. in the will more or there are a lot of people way way killed by poisoning. the germans put poison into their what a horse and dam sensible it was a movie when the me and was of it and then when there are people came comes in drink is water from the what i have in the west and i was living with the indian. and then the rest many of them have died by guns and shooting what we do with them you know. some kits were thrown in the air in that way way way way i wanted to which is quite cool so there was so many cooler ways that humans built into the
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people image and throwing a child and then you see him you can buy anything. you. can . you. will rule. although. the federal republic of germany has to acknowledge germany's special historic and moral responsibility towards the republic of namibia. the federal parliament of
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germany the german born stock has reaffirmed its special responsibility towards them into important was a motion that of april nineteenth eighty nine and that of june two thousand and four it was the twentieth century's first genocide an estimated one hundred thousand ethnic herero unama people died at the hands of german colonial troops and present day namibia between the year one thousand nine hundred four and one thousand zero five for a long time berlin refused to call the killings a genocide but that changed back in two thousand and fifteen germany and the may be are now in talks about a joint declaration on the massacre so i want to start off with you these talks are taking place but you're actually quite critical of these talks explain to us why who has decided that they should be tool special invoice a plan that it was the two governments without our knowledge so you feel left out we don't dally excluded in the process did you feel the same way ms hoffman very
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much the same way we are excreted. i am. eating. sleeping and there she was. i was just like the air did. everyone to know what the so-called sex and the snake eating fish did me but i do listen to and this counsel for my people. the proof that many people who we eat feel it. we also know from the history books that
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it's not only scraps that the protein in the plant pods of men the penis way cut off in property in the way people who wish to be resist it work it was indeed men folks not mad people because the things that they'd eat will remain one to one that can make human beings do this too if in the hymn human being so this is the drama that is being transformed from one generation to the next generation. now as the german government says that but they are also now pleading us. you don't decide whether or not you are not you'll also decide if i'm lucky to be
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one but then again. you have forgotten. that dominic refer come out when he and i can vanish when mentioning his son of a bitch of lucius disaster the home of affinities after that sentence farmlands and bison hunt deer able unama would i might allister norm down to lines of deserted the grounds of a circle in america there's a. war for small stations in the west for i know you had legs and carry him back and gave who have twenty more not foresee this after two hundred million or lawson that is still who stood up and quit long. in africa ya the phantom to find that you don't love him found one a transparent. skit about you in the steam of physician or mr money climate and
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business of. this in wonder stock and she doesn't and that's the democrat. on here we have your mouth i now have a hammer out here after with india along with sister club me off i named seriously i wouldn't week is mission on syria if you don't want to. make your own indecent your look it says in word it came to us to discuss you won't need to fight article you see it doesn't diminish ploughs are a scum country. you damage a sister ship it's of her come out for. quarter of kiff inferior cupful in our. way city with namibia that the gym is a special relationship is because of nineteen or four ways in the gym and dumb and not having a good relationship with the south african government for example so our government how would you tell me against the hint that this fitting ephemera
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receiving these millions from the german government in the name of development eight let me be is the biggest recipient of the gym in development in ways that the case is to keep them to shut their mouth enough to support the issue of genocide in africa political by this are organized along ethnic lines that they're linked but due to sloppy is the my unity of the many because the obama people and they want the whole world to know that their liberation stratus that it in and in sixty six. they don't want other people to get connected could you just go to them and now if we legalize the many know for you to govern as they have other people and you
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don't want back. when my had already treated two boats one up and turn when the war and did. we had arrows in the oven by new people were incarcerated in court for drinkin cons and to ninety eight. this used to be a concentration camp where they used to keep denominator was
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a prisoner of war when you look at this scene and see what was happening here here you would have the wound it actually the day one with a daily basis you had. people who were decimated. from hunger and thirst malnourished. and some of the women were pregnant and in this place goes through a brick and when the dam comes they used to get beth right here in full view of everybody the soleus used to. look at the parade during era women and in memory men and girls to choose from. which ever they wanted to take into the depths. to satisfy themselves oh.
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oh. well under the new who are on the number one even. number one you know we don't where do we on your a mother when you want your. mother meeting in one room when no one will make you along and. lorianne need to go in one event i mean there are going to be the guy who will get bowing again going where going along with.
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they killed them they buried them here here they also must agree because ben day up to fifty hundred have been handed the bill they were killed. they are pissed now themselves this is the be one way used to come and dig deep into the abyss and i'm not going to and. when the game is came they had one thing and the amount in that was to make sure that no one living in this continent. to themselves.
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then lindy issue is a big problem. i will tell you about eighty percent of commissioned farmhouse. this is in the hands of the german people some of the farmers and their owner is in dimon this only what animals they will only received once when we come two hundred joining us in what i mean it worked as a let me to have a fire my own place the firm would have a did not but when was the going to be by force with also get everything in sight now is the only thing whatever i want to do something then i have two requests for that i have to buy for them i think the government at the moment the x. leg there kate when people say they are reacting now when people are demanding they
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are coming up with we want to do this in this in this so they the it's a time bomb and then know that many people are saying we need to join this group because they are talking about lent and we are seeing lent is what we have been dropped off by the germans and if people also start getting into the farms of the germans i don't know how their brothers and sisters will react in berlin if the germans that's feeling unsafe in the media i don't know how it will affect. the millions. development eight that the gym and government gives to our government to menu pilate them not to support the genocide.
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because of all why richard the sauce is is where the european country divided themselves and is hip and that giving them and government decided to come in i mean and decided also to do these two giving the people that. these seaborne men made small only. because where internet a lot of one thought got stood and that it is. very noble extremely mission order.
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to cuba. wendy we don't know how soon does one electoral these landowners view a courtroom linda would most would have preferred it was held elsewhere you know sure they were and could change. there would be refugees each day like. we germans would have to go to germany every new era ching really been the be free of freeing the wealth or for generations and we have been inherited didn't object poverty.
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starting from ninety two for. if you go to sleep much. it's so nice to be denied. the blake in the white. you know you have that they read between these two. the one advice when they blacks. is the money. it them at risk yes and so on in the on the other side of the wheel we have now the . past that i see. the men do you know for beatings they did the members are still there. and that is not only saw one way you see these division off balance sheets in many towns as well almost so.
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what would your motto they've opened up what do you know if you know i don't have one of the only card played you want to let me go let robert go to linda but o.-w. nobody here would i wonder if you might remember of your. well and all of the war over and all that before will be a monument to you in her obama was unworkable. theory that you see here. it's quotes go there people go there poised for your old way of
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saying remove feet and that was given the name after people find out the story of the tree. it was like a movie for the human so d.s. sitting there watching these women make it. and guess we didn't find them too you know there is a second of october. is the day that they do date that was given by the paramount chief to the german government to respond to our demands so.
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twelve for me tonight the deadline is over they send it so tomorrow morning nine o'clock we will be here with a chief then we'll talk to his people and if he sells himself but he may rightly say that the order was given in a few minutes i'm also going there to morrow to give my overtime to my people is to . how we will take it fifty. you. meet. a hare yes. right right right
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yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. yeah. oh yeah. on bus day we use you. to fight for but. you can use. it. until you find out you in the form of. a man you know reality about mom yes. that's it but. then when that people have started to understand the issue of genocide. some people in my day i don't like that but the issue or not
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this long as you still have it a must win this if it doesn't help for the aged men government to exact to have weighed in to come up with a lot of tactics the more they do that the money. we become. it's. the afghan national army. guardians of a country ravaged by decades of war and occupation abandoned by its liberate his.
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young men who know that each day could be the last it to continue to fight for a future free from chaos. honest on's own battle a witness documentary on al-jazeera. however more hot sunshine across the middle east no surprises here we've got a few showers just afghanistan that man is down his back is down but essentially it's clear blue skies war very hot sunshine coming through thirty seven celsius there in baquba getting up to forty two in baghdad added to kuwait city while the more pleasant twenty seven therefore by route very slim similar value here as well as we go on through sas day and indeed into sunday so central areas will see a few more a bit is just icing up a few more degrees there forty three celsius for kuwait city thirty three for karate the hot sunshine of course that drains its way down across the arabian place
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a little more clout there into amounted to the u.a.e. a little on the humid side here i suspect as we go on through saturday. tending to just ease back a little bit as we go on through sunday but still to put in a little bit of an easterly fate i think even here in kata let's just feel a little more humid as we make our way to the early part of next week for south africa here is generally fine and dry as is the case goes much of southern africa western cape could see a little bit of wet weather as we go through sas day easing through the selling papers we got one through sunday we need the rain in cape town that's on its way through a top temperature here of sixty degrees. reports
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of violations in a temporary ceasefire in southern syria thousands flee the fighting stranded at the borders with jordan and israel. alone sam is a down this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. seven days and still no sign of the missing teenage footballers trapped in
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a flooded cave in thailand. a truce comes into effect in southern sudan in another attempt to end the five year old civil war plus. i'm andrew thomas name a little of all australia's east coast i'll be explaining how roads a transforming the white lifesavers rescuing people at sea. sporadic fighting has moderate temporary ceasefire in the syrian government's campaign to retake rebel controlled areas of the ceasefire came into effect at midnight on friday local time as fears grow over humanitarian catastrophe on the borders of israel and jordan where rebels now say they're in negotiations with russian officers to reach a peace deal with the syrian government the u.n. says the russian backed offensive has displaced one hundred sixty thousand people
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in southern syria over the last five days almost one hundred civilians have reportedly been killed. both israel and jordan are refusing to open their borders as displaced people continue to amass a moron is on the syrian side of the border with jordan now. there are more here at the border crossing that many syrian refugees have used in the past to cross from syria into jordan today thousands of civilians mainly women and children again others along this border hoping to be able to cross into jordan. there were calls to his highness the king of jordan to give them permission to cross over these families have nothing left for them to ask to cross that border to escape death they've been displaced from areas that have been hit by thousands of airstrikes in the past few days and they're now looking to cross to safety we've witnessed the tragic events the civilians have been through and their only demand now is to go in
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the direction of jordan of the area is meant to be part of a deescalation zone negotiated by the united states and russia turkey's foreign minister says the two countries have a responsibility to end the fighting where they are rooster the united states and russia have reached an agreement regarding the area in syria they reach an agreement for deescalation zones and according to the deal opposition forces would be deployed on one side while syrian regime forces would be on the other but syrian regime forces launched an attack on the other side so who made this agreement the united states and russia they both have responsibility and this needs to stop meanwhile has been laws secretary general says the group will help return some of the syrian refugees in lebanon to their country has an says he'll work with both the syrian and lebanese governments to coordinate voluntary returns more than one million syrians have fled to neighboring lebanon to escape the violence. it's now been a week since twelve young footballers in their coach went missing in
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a cave in northern thailand heavy rain flooded the cave leaving them trapped inside more than a thousand divers soldiers and border guards have joined the search for top british cave divers along with some u.s. military personnel also joined the efforts a new opening to the underground cave complex was discovered on friday raising hopes the boys may still be found alive scott hyla has more from chiang rai. you can hear the hum of that big diesel generator behind me that orange structure that's good news and we heard that again saturday morning as we climbed up this hill to the mouth of the cave that means that the pumps are working pumping out the water in the mouth of the cave right here we know that thai lady seal divers are standing by the sea as that water gets down to a level that safe for them to go back in they continue with their exploration going further into the cave and from this side that's one problem second prong today is exploring hole vertical hole that chimney that was discovered on friday that is the other side of the search and rescue operation that they're focusing today on
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saturday now because there is a better visibility helicopters are going to be able to bring a quick end up to that location up in the hills we know that the chief of the national police here in thailand is already up there orchestrating that part of the search and rescue operation what they're looking to do they have drilling equipment it's getting treatment they want to try to get down into the bottom of that of that tunnel of that chimney to see if it reaches into the cave complex if it does they can drop equipment they can drop supplies and then hopefully climbers so that's the two focuses today again still no definitive proof definitive evidence any clues to where these boys in the coach might be but at least on these two fronts because the weather is holding out that they're able to push forward a ceasefire deal to end south sudan's four and a half year civil war has come into force president salva kiir and readily there we have from a child's signed the agreement in sudan's capital khartoum on wednesday it calls for the opening of corridors for humanitarian aid the release of. prisoners the forming of a transitional government within four months at least fifty thousand people have
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been killed and about four million displaced since hostilities began in two thousand and thirteen al-jazeera has ever morgan has covered the conflict in south sudan extensively she explains the fragility of the current ceasefire agreement this is not the first ceasefire agreement to be signed since the conflict started in twenty thirty and this is agreement this isn't my think we meant to be signed and it's not clear yet whether it is going to hold a lot of agreements have been violated nearly every single agreement they've been signed between the two parties and several other factions have been violated sometimes in less than twenty four hours after they were signed so it's not clear yet whether this would. i would actually hold because what both sides said is that they do not want their forces to attack and less attacks and as their attacks are basically in defense and that's what they've been saying all along you will find a cease fire that is signed and then they will come out and say we have been attacked and we fought back in self-defense and the cease fires were late and so
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it's not clear if this one is going to hold but people do have cautious optimism that this one would be this could be a little bit different because it has been brokered by sudan not by the regional bloc i get and that it was signed by the two leaders it was signed by the president himself and the leader of the opposition and the representative of the south sudan's opposition alliance so so just because their top figures who have signed the cease fire they're hoping that it might be a bit stronger than the previous ceasefire. at least two soldiers and a civilian have been killed in an attack on a military base in central mali fighters drove a vehicle rigged with explosives into the base before opening fire on mali and troops two of the attackers were killed the united nations condemned the attack on the g. five and the terror attack force headquarters. the united nations envoy to yemen says both oring parties and her data have agreed to allow the un to have a role in managing the city's red sea port it follows more than two weeks of
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fighting since the saudi u.a.e. coalition launched a military operation to take the city from houthi rebels the offensive sparked fears of a humanitarian catastrophe most of the aid and food entering yemen comes through the port. in the yemeni capital sanaa thousands of people protested against the saudi amorality led campaign the protesters are calling on the international community to do more to stop the conflict. protest marches are planned in south korea to demonstrate against the number of yemenis arriving there to seek asylum more than five hundred yemenis have flown to jeju island since december friday the government held an emergency meeting to deal with the crisis craig leeson travel to jeju to meet the refugees. a kitchen is the last place adnan imagined himself working. didn't choose this job but i'm in an immigration and they own of this place because
3:57 pm
me and it turned out that it was a restaurant so. a qualified health and safety officer he worked for a petroleum company in yemen but was forced to flee the war after he was threatened and tortured by sympathizers of the rebels. and then fled to malaysia on a tourist visa but soon ran out of money. in december opened a new route to j.g. island offering adnan and other yemenis the chance to into south korea through the island's visa free status the sudden influx of yemenis has overwhelmed the local community and the government is acting to stem the flow. in april south korea's justice ministry banned yemenis and j.g. from traveling to other parts of the country and earlier this month excluded yemen from the island's visa waiver program the more than four hundred eighty yemenis still here and they are stuck until the government decides what to do with them the
3:58 pm
percentage of successful asylum seekers in south korea is around just four st could . take the time to board if you look at just twenty seventeen it's just one percent so the number of applicants are rising with the rate of acceptance is dropping. many refugees now live in cramped conditions up to twenty min in this under grandchild charity and aid a largely grassroots. there is a negative sentiment towards islam and public opinion so that's something that we need to consider in the long term who more than half a million people have signed a petition urging the government to revise its refugee law on j.j. the local government is hoping some including adnan to find jobs. council of restaurants are asked if we could hire some of their given our labor shortage at first they didn't even occur to me they were refugees or that there was a civil war raging in yemen it was outside my scope of interest the refugees we
3:59 pm
spoke to said that brother be at home in yemen and stuck on what they regard as an expensive holiday resort island because of we have this in yemen so there we go back to yemen because you have to leave a new country where you grew up. with music or where you have no friends where you have. it is expected it will take up to eight months to process the refugee applications craig leeson al-jazeera j j u r l and south korea. now gaza's health minister says two people including a thirteen year old boy been killed by israeli gunfire the boy was reportedly shot in the head during friday protests on the border with israel more than three hundred palestinians were wounded there have been weekly protests at the border since march against israeli land confiscation many demonstrators keep going back this fight the injuries and. i had three operations on my leg and
4:00 pm
a fourth one yesterday i skype from the hospital to participate with my people in today's protest we want to wake up all the sleeping palestinians from gaza to the west bank despite my injury i came to throw stones and burn tires and cut the wires of the border fence a photo journalist in egypt could face the death penalty for taking pictures during the military crackdown five years ago a judge is expected to deliver is verdict on thirty year old mom or dad was a day on saturday than a korean reports mahmoud it was aid better known as show kind could be sentenced to death for simply doing his job and he gyptian judge is due to give his ruling in the case. show can was arrested along with two other ninety gyptian journalists who were later released but he was too.


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