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and as if this attempt and years of conflict will hold karen rebel leader. in neighboring sudan on wednesday it's the first time they met in almost two years threatened with a u.n. arms embargo and sanctions if the fighting didn't stop at least fifty thousand people have been killed and four million forced from their homes it's the civil war began in two thousand and thirteen. morgan has covered the conflict in south sudan extensively she explains the fragility of this agreement this is not the first cease fire agreement to be signed since the conflict started in twenty states and this is. this is the month the green went to be signed and it's not clear yet whether it is going to hold a lot of agreements have been violated nearly every single agreement they've been signed between the two parties and several other factions have been violated sometimes in less than twenty four hours after they resigned so it's not clear yet whether this would. i would actually hold because what both sides said is that they do not want their forces to attack and less attacks and is their attack so
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basically in defense and that's what they've been saying all along you will find a cease fire that is signed and then they will come out and say we have been attacked and we fought back in self-defense and the cease fire as well it's not clear if this one is going to hold but people do have cautious optimism that this one will be this could be a little bit different because it has been brokered by sudan not by the regional bloc i get and that it was signed by the two leaders it was signed by the president himself and the leader of the opposition and the representative of the south sudan's opposition alliance so so just because their top figures who have signed the ceasefire they're hoping that it might be a bit stronger than the previous these fires. united nations envoy to yemen says both the warring parties on her in her data have agreed to allow the u.n. to have a role in managing the city's red sea port and saudi u.a.e. military coalition has been fighting for more than two weeks to take the city from the rebels most of the country's imports come through the port to feed millions of
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people who desperately need a zero zero zero zero zero elsewhere thousands of people have protests in the who three controlled capital sanaa against the saudi and led campaign the coalition intervened against the who is in early two thousand and fifteen to assist the internationally recognized government. and a rapid rise in the number of yemenis seeking asylum in south korea has prompted the government to tighten its refugee arrival laws more than five hundred aflame to jeju island since december quickly some travel there to meet some of the refugees. the kitchen is the last place adnan imagines himself working. choose this job but i'm in the immigration and they own of this place picked me and it turned out that it was a restaurant so. a qualified health and safety officer he worked for a patrolling company in yemen but was forced to flee the war after he was threatened and tortured by sympathizers of the rebels adnan fled to malaysia on
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a tourist visa but soon ran out of money. in december opened a new route to jeju island offering adnan and other yemenis the chance to into south korea through the islands visa free status the sudden influx of yemenis has overwhelmed the local community and the government is acting to stem the flow. in april south korea's justice ministry banned yemenis and j.g. from traveling to other parts of the country and earlier this month excluded yemen from the island's visa waiver program the more than four hundred eighty yemenis still here and they are stuck until the government decides what to do with them the percentage of successful asylum seekers in south korea is around just four st could . take the time to board if you look at just twenty seventeen it's just one percent so the number of applicants are rising with the rate of acceptance is dropping.
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many refugees now live in cramped conditions up to twenty min in this under grandchild charity and aid a largely grassroots. there is a negative sentiment towards islam and public opinion so that's something that we need to consider in the long term. more than half a million people have signed a petition urging the government to revise its refugee law. the local government is hoping some including adnan to find jobs. council restaurants are asked if we could hire some of their given our labor shortage at first they didn't even occur to me they were refugees or that there was a civil war raging in yemen it was outside my scope of interest the refugees we spoke to said that brother be at home in yemen and stuck on what they regard as an expensive holiday resort island because of we have this in yemen so there we go back to yemen because you have to leave a new country where you grew up with new music or where you have friends where you
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have lived. it is expected it will take up to eight months to process the refugee applications. craig al-jazeera j u r l and south korea. ahead here on this news take a look at mexico's main presidential candidates and what's at stake for both the rich and the working poor. and tactic ahead of a nato summit or does he really mean it supports the u.s. president is thinking of pulling out thousands of troops stationed in germany. plus it will be a knockout game joe will tell you how early hoping to make portugal bites the dust at the world cup. because of health minister says two people one of them a thirteen year old boy have been killed by israeli gunfire the boys reportedly shot in the head straight for the protests on the border with israel more than
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three hundred palestinians were injured they've been weakly processed at the border since march against israeli land confiscation and the ongoing occupation one hundred thirty practice palestinians have been killed by israeli live fire and thousands injured since march that hasn't stopped people from going back out to protest and. i had three operations on my leg and a fourth one yesterday from the hospital to participate with my people in today's protest we want to wake up all the sleeping palestinians from gaza to the west bank despite my injury i came to throw stones and burns hoyas and cut the wires of the border fence the pentagon is looking at how much it would cost to withdraw u.s. troops from germany that's according to a report in the washington post germany currently has the largest u.s. military presence in europe including thirty five thousand active duty soldiers since the end of world war two and especially during the cold war years they've seen they've been seen as
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a strong terence against the russian invasion of europe but of any withdrawal transfer european officials are said to be considering. if this is a negotiating tactic before donald trump attends the nato summit next month he's repeatedly accused nato allies of not paying enough to live after mccain he joins us from berlin that i might want to is behind these reports of withdrawing u.s. troops but it certainly does play into doubts doesn't it about tom's commitment to nato. will certainly here the view would be that is this about defense spending because that's been the big bug for donald trump as president but also as candidate trump he had railed against germany and what he considered to be the insufficient contributions to defense spending let's be clear two percent of g.d.p. is the target all nato countries had signed up to some time ago that they would get to two percent in a timely manner germany is not going to do that it's something that angle america
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has repeatedly stressed it's her aspiration to get to that level but the german is not going to get anywhere near that for some considerable time current events friend defense spending is around somewhere between one point two percent trying to get to one point five percent that's not enough for donald trump people might remember that last month at the white house when president trump meant the secretary general of nato he specifically spoke about germany saying they're not doing enough so it might well be the defense spending is is the beginning of this this this suggestion of the reconsideration of troop deployments that may not necessarily be the end of it ok we got this nato summit in a couple of weeks and then trump's meeting with putin how much does that russia meeting how much is expected to affect trump's approach to nato. well there's a question here isn't there about strategy geopolitics will mr putin president putin be sanguine about the idea of thirty five thousand active duty american
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troops being stationed in poland therefore close to the russian federation closer to russia's borders because hitherto when it was talked about boosting its presence in the baltic states in poland well there's been a degree of dissatisfaction in moscow at that suggestion so quite how he's going to treat the idea of thirty five thousand troops perhaps more than that being stationed permanently closer to his ball as well that remains to be seen in one sense but then there's also the other elements that are going on regarding the u.s. russia relationship the fact that president trump has spoken about the situation in crimea the fact that that many member states in the believe that russia annexed the crimea and it should not be allowed to have to have done that we've got away with it whereas president trump has certainly taken a different tone regarding that so so it's very much we need to see these developments through that prism that idea of the dissatisfaction the uneasiness in this nato relationship is going on right now and it's going to very interesting
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summit indeed dominic thanks very much for joining us there from valen. now in a document seen by german media chancellor angela merkel says asylum seekers who arrive in germany after first registering and other you countries will be sent to what she describes as anchor centers leaders struck at an eleventh hour deal in brussels on friday they agreed to send migrants rescued at sea to centers across the block was reported plan is exactly the strategy had coalition allies are demanding. meanwhile more than one hundred refugees and migrants are missing fare drowned after their boat capsized of libya's west coast are warning that some viewers may find these following images disturbing. the bodies of three young children have been recovered at least sixteen people survived a spanish rescue ship says it was told by a time officials to let the libyan coast guard respond to the distress call from the boat and when it's described the vessel is old and overloaded.
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with. there were one hundred twenty people on board on their way the front broke a wooden piece pierced it and then the boat started sinking and the water started to rise everyone died women children elderly people mean all of them died. at first i was surprised with this boat because i was told it was eight meters and could hold twenty people when i tried to leave they beat me. i was forced to get on board families with children were in miserable conditions it was full of about one hundred twenty to one hundred fifty people it was very crowded and the conductor could not even see in front of him. and the gypsum court has delayed the final ruling in a mass trial involving seven hundred people until next month. of photojournalist mark wood who's facing the death penalty thank you for being involved in the sitting in two thousand and thirteen that was broken up by the military the court plane the delay on what it calls security reasons. time is running out for pakistan
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to expel extend the right for more than a million afghan refugees to stay in the country for over a year pakistan's government has set and extended deadlines requiring all registered afghan refugees to cross back over the border if asked as that deadline is not extended they'll be legally required to leave immediately some of lived in pakistan for decades with many having fled afghanistan when the soviet union invaded in one nine hundred seventy nine many of them have never been in afghanistan and were born and raised in refugee camps in recent months the pakistani government has taken a more hardline attitude with ministers describing refugees as a burden that economy that their economy can no longer maintain after previous deadlines pass the united nations warn that voluntary return of refugees to other states is against international principles carter is head of the program for norwegian refugee council in afghanistan afghanistan he joins us now from kabul thanks for being with us how likely is it do you think that this deadline will be
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extended again. did say yes thank you we we are hopeful that it will be extended at least this time around on the cabinet decision today tempers do not seem so high levels for us mint reportedly relatively low so so we're hopeful that least six or twelve month extension will be granted but. we were in this situation two years ago when over six hundred thousand refugees suddenly felt forced to return back to afghanistan from pakistan at this point in the year why do you think the pakistani government is taking the hardline stance these last few years when these refugees have been there for around forty years. that's right pakistan and the authorities there have been incredibly generous. over the last four decades has been the largest and oldest refugee crisis in the world for many
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years. and it's only in the last few years that the patience is beginning to wear thin. economically and politically a sensitive sensitive issue in pakistan right now but we hope that pakistan will continue to show the same levels of generosity and hospitality as it is not yet safe more fit for afghans to feel for storing courage to return back to afghanistan right and what's the effect of these sort of ad hoc or rather predictable short term extensions both on so the for the refugees themselves on their mental state and also on the aid groups trying to help them. its course a lot of uncertainty for families many of for misuse you mentioned that never grown up in afghanistan so it's it causes a lot of anguish there's a lot of panic we when i was in eastern afghanistan where hundreds of. it will
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return a couple of years ago people were very unprepared the conditions that they were coming back to really were very unfair it's thousands of families sleeping in the open or crowded into unfinished buildings children sleeping in mud next to livestock heavily pregnant women feeling forced to suddenly return some of them giving birth during that sudden movement back to afghanistan so this unpredictability really needs to change people need to be given a proper chance of restarting their life and ideally after hostilities in afghanistan have ceased that would require us to look more at two three four years time wise right ok. thanks for joining us there from kabul. the region is there with the weather in just a moment and then. you take a look at what will happen to children in uganda has often it is a paying close down. and security stepped up as pilgrims make their way to one of
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the hindu religions peleus sites. tiger woods fires himself into contention for a fast title in five years so one hundred details a choice. for . the weather sponsored by catarrh airways. as a british based weather forecast for best part of twenty years i can state with a high degree of confidence that my countrymen like nothing more than to moan about the weather it's usually just too cold or too wet but then the sun comes out and temperatures us in here in london reach twenty nine to thirty degrees celsius and then over sudden it becomes far too hot and i'm not quite sure about the french i think they're probably more low but stoical and that's the temperatures. new
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terrans you can well see temperatures across parts of friends over the course of the weekend getting into the mid indeed upper thirty's celsius very hot weather indeed but if you find that all a bit too much temperature around thirty degrees just spare a thought for people in oman because on choose day oman's set a record of a temperature of forty two point six degrees celsius that's one hundred eight fahrenheit but that's not the mix on temperature but was the minimum temperature that was the overnight minimum temperature the world meter organization doesn't actually keep a note of records as such but i can firm that that was an all time high as far as the forecast is concerned it's going to stay pretty high i'm not sure when to see quite a night time temperature like that but the heat and humidity are certainly here in the arabian gulf. the weather. catarrh. eradicating leprosy in cambodia relied on education and treatment in equal measure
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on them all in him but he early you know disability yes jail be revealed wait until three year old four year more he will have disability great used to it and in normal weight the next generation of antibiotics may just be way taken at the bottom of the ocean maybe this but good to have it let's hope so but you are revisited on al-jazeera fresh perspectives new possible in sci. fi and this gentleman is a. norse the public support debates and discussion when you see tough questions like this what comes to mind how do you respond before how global of all couldn't see out zeros that award winning programs take you on a journey around the globe. only on the ground zero.
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and there again you without is there as a reminder of our top stories this hour rebels and southern sarah said to be talking to brush about a peace deal province under which they would hand areas they control to syria's government regime offensive backed by russia has killed one hundred civilians and space one hundred sixty thousand of those. divers have managed to go several kilometers into a flooded cave in thailand looking for twelve young footballers and a coach has been missing for a week ago rescue crews have been joined by british divers and u.s. military personnel. and a cease fire began a midnight on an on saturday in south sudan as a war where we nation wonders if this attempt to end years of conflict will hold
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president salva kiir and rebel leader rep michel signed the agreement and they bring suit on wednesday. uganda is shutting down hundreds of orphanages that don't meet legal standards the government suspects being used for profit or trial of child trafficking. and reports on a home in the northern city of trying to help the children nine year old appeals parents died from aids four years ago her grandmother took care of her until she passed away the little girl who has hiv was living at a now shuttered orphanage in the northern ugandan city of gulu appeals now cared for by her legal guardian jeffrey who has four kids of his own there's a lot of pressure on trying. to make sure my family and i think. about all ok. valerie was the manager of one shelter that shut its doors the
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orphanage was home to children who lost their parents to aids and war the government of uganda has not. been the children's home children. that. some of them. even their siblings many in uganda worry the closure of some six hundred orphanages will put children out on the streets without the basic skills for survival unicef says there are two and a half million orphans in uganda and hundred fifty three million worldwide the charity hope and home says children living in orphanages are forty times more likely to have a criminal record and five hundred times more likely to commit suicide researchers say children who grow up in orphanages suffer physically intellectually and emotionally the quality of life of orphans in uganda is what's worrying the commissioner for youth and children's affairs he's overseeing the closure of orphanages that don't meet the government's criteria we have also learnt that many
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of these often it is being used as a route across got children out of the country and suspect and parents just leave their children to be taken on by anybody under the guise of helping them and in the end. one of the licensed homes in gulu st jude it's home to more than ninety orphans. for the children to grow up in but. for the children because some of the children will. while living with family is the ideal situation for orphans less and shelters can help st jude says some of the children who've grown up in their home have turned out to be productive and successful people with university educations and fulfilling careers. on al-jazeera. at least two soldiers and a civilian have been killed on a military base in central mali. a vehicle rigged with explosives into the base
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before opening fire on money and troops to the attackers were killed in ice nations condemn the attack on the tea five terror headquarters eighteen people have been killed in a head on collision between a bus and a truck in china's hunan province many more were injured after one of the vehicles reported the crossed a central divider on the rain soaked highway world health organization says around two hundred sixty thousand chinese die each year in traffic accidents. mexicans vote on sunday an election that could hence their country's politics big business is pushing its favorite candidates but the country's working class are expected to be the king makers paying for an end to violence poverty and corruption in america as they say in human explains feel michael still have a side you'll have yet to rent a car parts factory that exports to the united states to a mexico's number one industry and like dozens of other prominent industrialists
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and businessmen he's part of a coalition that publicly supports the presidential candidate for mexico's governing party. the sampling you need a former finance minister is a friend of big business and the free markets the end to sis of the populous left wing candidate who's leading in the polls mr the little sad your believes he would be disastrous for mexico we had a sample of venezuela this is eleven for what wasn't for the kids. what happens after sixty years he went out of money then you know when it's wrong he's i mean are very tough hard so we don't want that to happen next. and this locus of brotherhood is a longtime opponent of so called savage capitalism and accuses prominent mexican billionaires of belonging to what he calls a power mafia. a working study. need is appealing
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to mexicans to vote for continuity and not for a return to what he describes as the disastrous populism of the past and they are. in these elections what we believe what we love what we've built is at stake in this election the country's future is at play. because of the now of the conservative opposition party plan couldn't agree more he too wants mexicans but the choice is between stability and the kind of uncertainty that spooks investors but the concerns of the. business sector don't seem to be striking a chord among millions of poor and low income mexicans who struggle to make a living for many here the prospect of electing a president who promises to make the have nots rather than the privilege his main priority seems irresistible people like fruit vendor. who says the two other candidates represent options that have failed to the working class. or before
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we need jobs education sports farmers for those who have benefited from. the help so the country can grow. civil side you'll have it remains optimistic he says it's illegal to tell his employees who to vote for but that he has explained what he believes would be the consequences if mexico to veer off its present course to see human. mexico. were arrested in the u.s. capitol during a protest against the president's policy of separating migrant families the government says it's trying to reunite children with their parents more demonstrations against immigration policies are expected across the country. reports from washington. dozens of signs and posters are being prepared for something big a protest bringing together more than one hundred different groups all opposed to u.s. president donald trump's zero tolerance policy on migrants it's
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a national day of action it's not only here in washington d.c. but also across the country the message is simple and our demands are simple we want to see families reunited once again and we want an end to family separation on family the tension policies images of children locked away crying out for their parents after being forcibly separated from them have shocked many the u.s. government admits more than twenty three hundred children have been taken from their parents since may a federal court has ordered them to be reunited a majority of them are fleeing violence in countries like hunter s. and l. salvador or extreme poverty in the case of guatemala the outcry from those opposing the treatment of child migrants has led to calls for protests across the united states. in washington on thursday nearly six hundred people were arrested during a demonstration inside the united states senate among those led away by police from
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capitol hill with hollywood actor and activist susan sarandon and we want. you to take a. president from continues to call for strengthening of the us mexico border to the construction of a wall something immigration experts say does nothing to address the root cause of migration extreme violence and poverty in central america the practice of separating migrant families has halted but the organizers behind the protests against president francis zero tolerance policy insist that more demonstrations like the ones planned for saturday will continue until these families are reunited one resident of washington. it was called make a general motors is warning that trade tariffs on imported vehicles could lead to the isolation of u.s. businesses from the global market g.m. also told the u.s. commerce department that the levees could force the company to downsize putting thousands of jobs at risk and a contrast with the trumpet ministrations argument types would protect u.s.
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industry i count as hit back at the u.s. i have a sale an alum many i'm tyrus by imposing twelve billion dollars worth of tariffs on american goods kind of this ban will take effect from next week and includes charges on u.s. imports like coffee and leave. canada has no choice but to retaliate with a measured perfectly reciprocal dollar for dollar response and that is what we are doing i cannot emphasize enough they were bred with which we take these counter measures we are acting very much in store oh not in anger but the us terrorists leave canada no choice but to defend our industries our workers and our communities and i can assure you that we will maintain the firm resolve to do so. the un's top court has heard the case by castle which accuses the u.a.e. of spreading
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a climate of fear amongst cash was living there says the blockade began more than a year ago katter is appealing to the international court of justice to use emergency measures that would lift restrictions imposed by gulf neighbor lawyers representing cattle and the u.a.e. have made their final arguments before the court in the hague says companies and individuals have been denied access to education medicine and justice. the police chief on duty during the one nine hundred eighty nine hells for a football stadium disaster in the u.k. will go on trial for manslaughter ninety six people cross to death for the fans packed into the grandstand during the f.a. cup semifinal in sheffield david duncan field is now age seventy three i was in command when it happened and inquiry found police failed to control the flow of people into the stadium thousands of people are setting off on a pilgrimage to one of the hindu religions holiest sites in india most of kashmir security is being boosted after an attack on a group last year ever heard reports. it is a journey many long to make to
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a holy cave high in the himalayas this is just the start of the yatra pilgrimage to worship the hindu god shiva. the trek from base camp will take pilgrims more than three and a half thousand metres above sea level in indian administers kashmir the heavy rains and sludgy conditions had prevented people from making their ascent at several stop points but the poor weather hasn't dampened the spirits of those about to set out. security this year is tighter than ever with forty thousand troops deployed to protect the route i've been coming to the pilgrimage for the last twenty one years and it's the first time i've seen such measures taken by the government seventy forces of the road after every one hundred meters we see someone daughter goes the extra security measures are being taken because pilgrims happening targeted because last year eight people were killed and many more injured
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in an attack on a police bunker and a checkpoint nearly all the victims were women the indian or thought is blamed fighters from the group lashkar e tayyiba for the attack kashmir has been at the heart of decades of hostility between india and pakistan both of which claim the region. c.c.t.v. drones and bullet proof police convoys will be used this year to try to prevent any attack on the pilgrims. certainly. grow. which had been put in place the pilgrimage to want to pin do isms holiest sites lasts for several weeks it will be seen as a big test for a security force hoping it will pass a peacefully emma haywood al-jazeera. oh every day in australia thirty people are rescued from drowning and saving lives is about to get easier later this year
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during the southern hemisphere summer drones will be used to help rescue stranded swimmers and to spot sharks that might be getting too close for comfort andrew thomas reports from. a drone flies over the australian surf as well as the rough water films in the center of the shot to swimmers who've been swept out and are in serious trouble but rather than just film them the drone drops help a self inflating float to which the swimmers cling on and used to get gradually swept by the waves back into sure it was one of these drones which in january carried out the rescue of two sixteen year old boys mark phillips was at the controls lucky. we didn't actually put it on our end because we're obviously busy we did it we're avatar from the video footage from the voyage so we know from takeoff to them receiving that part was sixty eight seventy three.


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