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arians well part of the visit greg group with big daughter brown as prime minister was very clearly said that he doesn't want migrants to be part of his society changing the constitution to prevent them as using his words he calls them an alien population so it's very clear angela merkel has this has this deal as it were she's been writing to her coalition partners the point being she's trying to placate her allies saying look i promised you a solution border control will be something that will be a much more palpable presence as it were and look how many countries are now prepared to pledge that they will take back migrants or is it working though is this placating her political allies. well that's the big question is it all weekend this is going to be that the question that the media and others will be will be putting out there because on sunday afternoon there are two important meetings one the executive board of the christian democratic union that single americans party clearly they are very happy with the solution that she's arrived at in conjunction
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with european partners but the crucial one is the christian social union board which will be meeting as well that serve area allies there that's the party which effectively had said sort this out or monday coming we unilaterally x. because we control the interior ministry here we will start sending migrants back as of monday that was the pressure she had the deadline was the e.u. summit come up with something that would put them we'll find out tomorrow whether they are happy with it one of the interesting details is the negotiations that germany will hold with other countries with these fourteen other countries plus the greeks and the spanish well they'll be done by the interior ministry here that's controlled as i say by the c.s.u. by horse disease of the man who's caused merkel so much problems the question will be if he doesn't fit into her plans will he have to quit will that precipitate a collapse of the coalition government the likelihood is just the likelihood that he will fit in with her plans and we may see that confirmed tomorrow we'll have to
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watch to see what happens dominic came there from berlin still ahead of al jazeera . we take a look at mexico's main presidential candidates and what's at stake for both the rich and working for. u.s. carmaker general motors warns the trump administration to put the brakes on trade tariffs. hello and welcome back as we look at weather conditions across asia northeast snares have seen some really big hell storms affecting or northeastern parts of china over the last twenty four hours but the main feature i think in the forecast is going to be this frontal system which is across parts of japan most of it up through the south korea and into northern japan so for much of honshu weather
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conditions remain dry but very hot very humid no further towards the south or some heavy rain there for shanghai as the forecast we start to see a circulation this is a tropical cyclone which will be heading north towards south korea in the course of choose don't wednesdays we'll keep you updated on that one but see some heavy rain is very much on the cards as we head down into southern and eastern parts of china and taiwan we've got quite a bit of rain here stretching from chengdu through toward shanghai across indochina scattering of showers her noise should be largely dry monday very hot and humid and it's looking somewhat better i think for me i'm on the share right to be dying away thank goodness or it could well be just temporary across southeastern parts of asia some really heavy rain across parts of borneo at the moment but looks as though for much of java should be dry and bright with highs of thirty two in jakarta. every year in pakistan hundreds of women are victims of so-called honor killing one
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on one east searches for the truth in a case that exposes the growing clash between all beliefs and modern life and how does iraq. i mean this is different. but there are some i think for some of this very rare. thing it's how you approach a vigil that is a certain way to come to. the out. time to recap our headlines this hour syrian state media is reporting government forces have taken control of the town and from rebels in the southern province
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rebels are talking to government ally russia about a peace deal and there are under which see them hand over more areas to president bashar al assad's forces. divers have managed to go several kilometers into a flooded cave in thailand looking for twelve young footballers and their coach been missing for a week local rescue crews have been joined by british divers and u.s. military personnel as we know contact with the boy since they went into the caves last saturday south sudan's latest attempt to deceive fire is under threat from heavy fighting in the country's northwest between rebels and government forces president salva kiir and rebel leader react machar signed the agreement in neighboring sudan on wednesday. demonstrations are being held in south korea people who are angry about yemenis arriving to seek asylum more than five hundred refugees from the war torn country have flown to jeju island since december craig
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nice and travel to jeju to meet some of the refugees. the kitchen is the last place adnan imagines himself working. choose this job but i'm in an immigration and there are enough this place picked me and it turned out that it was a restaurant so. a qualified health and safety officer he worked for a patrolling company in yemen but was forced to flee the war after he was threatened and tortured by sympathizers of the rebels. adnan fled to malaysia on a tourist visa but soon ran out of money. in december opened a new route to jeju island offering adnan and other yemenis the chance to into south korea through the island's visa free status the sudden influx of yemenis has overwhelmed the local community and the government is acting to stem the flow in april south korea's justice ministry banned yemenis and j.g.
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from traveling to other parts of the country and earlier this month excluded yemen from the island's visa waiver program the more than four hundred eighty yemenis still here and they are stuck until the government decides what to do with them the percentage of successful asylum seekers in south korea is around just four st could . take the time to board if you look at just twenty seventeen it's just one percent so the number of applicants are rising that what the rate of acceptance is dropping or the. many refugees now live in cramped conditions up to twenty min in this under grandchild charity and aid a largely grassroots. there is a negative sentiment towards islam and public opinion so that's something that we need to consider in the long term who more than half a million people have signed a petition urging the government to revise its refugee law on the local government is hoping some including adnan to find jobs. council or restaurants are asked if we
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could hire some of their given our labor shortage at first they didn't even occur to me they were refugees or that there was a civil war raging in yemen it was outside my scope of interest. refugees we spoke to said that brother be at home in yemen and stuck on what they regard as an expensive holiday resort island because of we have business yemen so that we go back to yemen because you have to leave in your country when you grow up when you have the new school or where you have no friends where you have. it is expected it will take up to eight months to process the refugee applications. craig gleason's moved from gerri to back to the capital seoul joins us now live from there so what are the demands of the demonstrators. will there to protests actually going on right now the one that you see behind me which is a relatively small gathering about three hundred people and just one hundred meters
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away from that is a nother protest which is in support of the refugees the way they are here has dampen the spirits of many but if you look at the petition and the number of people who signed the petition to the government more than half a million people have signed that petition asking the government to revise the laws on refugees and asylum seekers to this country and that's on usual because korea is a signatory to the un convention on refugees and in twenty thirteen enacted local laws to protect refugees so it's now being forced to revisit those laws because of the concern that people here have about refugees coming into the country and some of those concerns relate to local welfare so many of the people here have expressed concern for example about the crime rate going up also about muslims coming to the country and their culture being counter to the korean value system here the other
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issue is that they believe many asylum seekers are fake refugees as they call them and there is a sign behind me which is a big stop sign that says fake refugees get out they believe that some of these asylum seekers are actually here to take advantage of korea's economy so they want to protect the local culture here and they want to protect their jobs craig from the numbers i've seen the bin five hundred yemenis who've come to judge you island in seven months since december almost seven months why is this for proving to be such an emotive issue it doesn't sound like those are huge numbers. when terms of what we're seeing with immigration in europe and the refugee status situation there it doesn't appear to be big numbers but jade you oland is a very small island it's a holiday island it's a very local community and that had issues in the past with immigration
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particularly chinese immigration where crime has come across the border and into j.g. remember j.g. has these these a waiver program so anybody can enter j.j. you island and they they had that in place in two thousand and three to encourage tourists to come but others have taken advantage of that and as i said there was a problem with chinese immigrants creating problems on the island so the locals on the island very sensitive to the issue and having five more than five hundred yemenis suddenly appear has caused concern that they will bring crime that they will bring a culture that the south koreans are not used to and as i said that they will take jobs now this is causing major problems for the yemenis who are then now because the justice ministry has moved to block them entering the mainland so they conned seek asylum via and it's also excluded yemen now from that visa free access so no more yemenis can come into jay-jay to island so that means the more than five
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hundred yemenis who are currently stuck there until each of their asylum applications is processed now we saw an emergency meeting of the justice ministry on friday where they looking at making it more difficult for the asylum seekers to go through that process there are normally five steps that includes two reviews and three trials that they're allowed to go through which can take years and the justice ministry says he's going to cut that back to three steps so that the process isn't as long and they can deal with these asylum seekers more quickly now if we look at the history of how south korea's dealt with asylum seekers than only a. four percent of applications have ever been successful here so it doesn't look hopeful for the yemenis do start one jay joyland craig lucinda. north korea is increasing its capacity to produce nuclear weapons despite leader kim jong un promising to work towards full denuclearize ation when he met donald trump vance
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according to u.s. intelligence agencies have been speaking to american media outlets a satellite imagery website which monitors north korea earlier published pictures showing movement at the ukrainian enrichment plant the images appear to show the construction of the yongbyon scientific research center and nuclear site. mexicans vote on sunday in an election that could up end the country's politics big business is pushing its favorite candidate for the country's working halls are expected to be the kingmakers very hoping for an end to violence corruption and poverty our latin america to see a new and explains feel michael steele of a side you'll had to rent a car parts factory that exports to the united states to a mexico's number one industry and like dozens of other prominent industrialists and businessmen he's part of a coalition that publicly supports the presidential candidate for mexico's governing party. the santillan you'll need a former finance minister is
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a friend of big business and the free markets. to says of the populous left wing candidate who's leading in the polls mr the little sad your believes he would be disastrous for mexico we had a sample of venezuela this is eleven for what wasn't for the kids. what happens after sixty years he went out of money then you know venezuela is i mean our very top story so we don't want that happening next. and this is what i thought is a long time opponent of so-called to savage capitalism and accuses prominent mexican billionaires of belonging to what he calls a power mafia. iraqi study. media is appealing to mexicans to vote for continuity and not for a return to what he describes as the disastrous populism of the past and may well lead in these elections what we believe what we love what we've built is at stake
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in this election the country's future is at play. because of the now of the conservative opposition party couldn't agree more he too wants mexicans but the choice is between stability and the kind of uncertainty that spooks investors. but the concerns of the business sector don't seem to be striking a chord among millions of poor and low income mexicans who struggle to make a living but many here the prospect of electing a president who promises to make the have nots rather than the privilege his main priority seems irresistible people like true vendor. who says the two other candidates represent options that have failed to the working class. of a whole new consumer because we need jobs education sports farmers for those who have benefited from. the help so the country can grow.
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your had it remains optimistic he says it's illegal to tell his employees who to vote for but that he has explained what he believes would be the consequences if mexico would to veer off its present course to see. mexico hundreds of people have been arrested in the u.s. capital during a protest against the president's policy of separating families the government says it's trying to reunite children with their parents but critics are skeptical from washington has the story. yeah dozens of signs and posters are being prepared for something big a protest bringing together more than one hundred different groups all opposed to u.s. president donald trump's zero tolerance policy on migrants it's a national day of action that's not only here in washington d.c. but also across the country the message is simple and our demands are simple we want to see families reunited once again and we want an end to family separation
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and family the tension policies images of children locked away crying out for their parents after being forcibly separated from them have shocked many the u.s. government admits more than twenty three hundred children have been taken from their parents since may a federal court has ordered them to be reunited. a majority of them are fleeing violence in countries like honduras and el salvador or extreme poverty in the case of guatemala the outcry from those opposing the treatment of child migrants has led to calls for protests across the united states i in washington on thursday nearly six hundred people were arrested during a demonstration inside the united states senate among those led away by police from capitol hill with hollywood actor and activist susan sarandon and we've. been taking on the. president from continues to call for a strengthening of the us mexico border through the construction of
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a wall something immigration experts say does nothing to address the root cause of migration extreme violence and poverty in central america the practice of separating migrant families has halted but the organizers behind the protests against president francis zero tolerance policy insist that more demonstrations like the ones planned for saturday will continue until these families are reunited . washington. times take you through the headlines now syrian state media is reporting government forces have taken control of the town of that from rebels in the southern province of that are rebels are talking to government ally russia about a peace deal and under which they would hand over more areas to president bashar assad's forces the u.n. says the fighting has displaced one hundred sixty thousand people in southern syria over the past five days the area is meant to be part of
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a deescalation zone negotiated by the united states and russia turkey's foreign minister says the two countries have a responsibility to end the fighting. the united states and russia have reached an agreement regarding this area and syria they reach an agreement for deescalation zones and according to the deal opposition forces would be deployed on one side while syrian regime forces would be on the other but syrian regime forces launched an attack on the other side so who made this agreement the united states and russia they both have responsibility and this needs to stop. divers have managed to go several kilometers into a flooded cave in thailand looking for twelve young footballers and their coach have been missing for a week local rescue crews have been joined by british divers and u.s. military personnel there's been no contact with the boys since they went into the caves last saturday or here are some of the latest images from inside the cave as
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rescuers search for the missing children and their coach flooding is still preventing access to many areas but emergency workers are looking for alternative routes to get deeper into that cave south sudan's latest attempt at a cease fire is being threatened just hours after it began with heavy fighting between government forces and rebels in the country's northwest the agreement was signed by president salva kiir and rebel leader react from a child in sudan on wednesday the german government has secured a deal with fourteen countries that will allow the rapid deportation of migrants who fail to qualify for asylum in the letters of partners in her ruling coalition the german chancellor angela merkel also says asylum seekers who arrive in germany after first registering in other e.u. countries will be sent to watch she says our anchor centers it's inside story in
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our stay with us. questions. to take back. down are they destined to remain stranded in overcrowded camps and. this story. i don't welcome to the program on in the purana the probably the most friendless
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people in the world almost ten years after those words were uttered by a un spokeswoman the situation facing what could barely be more dire hundreds of thousands of sheltering in camps and having fled what rights groups have described as atrocities by myanmar's military. peter moore of the international committee of the red cross has visited nine month walk onstage where the violent crackdown happened now while the government is going to start repair treating the head to the villages they abandoned but more told al jazeera that he doesn't think how that's possible at least in the short term for the i.c.r.c. this is still and is at the present moment first and foremost an emergency operation a lot of people have been affected from all the communities and we need also to have even stronger support and facilities from all the authorities in myanmar to be able to operate and to expand our operations the reconsolidation of the
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communities the bringing back of minimal safety and security for people with is a tall order in. the work of many of the actors of many of the communities as well so we are probably looking at the long term and medium term perspective i don't think that we have yet conditions conducive to large scale return we'll need security arrangements which are embraced by the communities and this is again a political task of this key stakeholders in in myanmar. we certainly appreciate the support that we have for our humanitarian work and we certainly would appreciate if others would join us in a few because again we do believe that this is still an emergency operation where
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a lot of food medical assistance basic assistance is needed for the population stows who are there into those who eventually will come home. well let's bring in our guest flower engineer that we have turned ken president. in the u.k. is. organization matthew smith is and calling them por he's the co-founder and chief executive officer of forty five rights that's a nonprofit human rights organization based in southeast asia and joining us from barcelona is robert templer founder and director of the higher education alliance for refugees a very warm welcome to all of you mr turn ken i'm going to start with you despite the reservations from the red cross there is more and more talk the talk about the repair tradition of some seven hundred thousand revenge it continues but how many of them want to return to myanmar and do they have a choice. as far as i know
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i've been i've been busy type three times to bangladesh since august two thousand and seventeen you know the big team the review does you know they told me before the i returned they want to see justice and because the daughter has been raped the a father for brother has been slow to act in front of them and there should run been bond alive that is what they told me you know what we have to point out here is they want to return of call the whole and. before they are it on the air want to see this situation need to be where more than five hundred thousand ruling or if people in our history right now they want to see the situation need to be recalled and i the them are citizenship and access to health care to a degree. and it says to the a business you know as to restriction are there and on top of that where they were written this is the question because the. village has been bulldogs and you know.
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what do you want to return prison camp this is very clear response from there if you do these big teams when i met them all of those points and greater detail but i want to put your last question to matthew smith in kuala lumpur watch what these refugees these people from myanmar be going back to given that their houses villages have been burnt to the ground and rock kind will this have already been settled and some of the land that's right elizabeth the situation in northern rakhine state right now hasn't really changed the miramar authorities haven't really made the fundamental changes that are needed in order to ensure a safe and dignified return into ken is absolutely right the villages have been burned. there is tremendous uncertainty about protections for anybody in northern
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rakhine state right now who is muslim and particularly for those who are injured. so this is this is a big concern and you know at this point. there's there's nothing really on the immediate horizon that would suggest any sort of refugee return is tenable mr temple or do we know what the actual terms of the agreements between the un and the government of myanmar between the governments on the day and myanma. very very transparent. and maybe even the request to. take chances. will retain. the. rights. well.
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so the little. man with. the really. very dangerous situation well i want to look more now at how we've got here at how the u.n. is describing the world's fastest growing refugee crisis the u.n. calls it a began with an offensive by myanmar's army in august last year the military said it was responding to attacks by a group but the u.n. says it became a campaign of ethnic cleansing seven hundred thousand one hundred fled their homes most of them now in camps in neighboring bonn that there are doctors without borders believes six thousand seven hundred others were killed in the first month of violence and this international says what happened was systematic organized and ruthless and says culpability reaches the military's top ranks the reports of rapes
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looting and as the revenge of a muslim minority in myanmar and the long being denied citizenship and basic human rights by the government which for god's them as illegal immigrants mr punkin let me come to you now with the latest report by amnesty international that we've mentioned they have named thirteen top military personnel who they think should be tried at the international criminal court for war crimes including rape forced starvation how likely do you think that is that they will go to the international criminal court. yeah we have to see of course yes that is right. especially if the main online senior dinner me online and other top they've been involved of course this is not a suddenly happen is quite systematic and you know what we have to see here is.
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the secret consul must run for international criminal court that is one point and unfortunately we have not seen that much stronger voice from security council members you know even you know u.k. is quite they are not strongly telling about it and you know of course russia and china they are there but we have not seen quite seriously about it you know the thing is we have to look at you know it's been already more than eight months now and it's not only rohingya. kyra and shan other ethnic minority has been you know facing this seriously right violation other parts of burma you know this impunity going on this is time right this is right time international community must support i see zero farland security calls musser far to the hague to burma is military and
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by his government including who are complicit in the genocide against that's what i can see mr smith just today we've heard from the chinese government china's top diplomat saying that they think that myanma is ready to take back the refugees how likely is it that china will support any u.n. security council action that would force the government of myanmar to the international criminal court given that they are a key supporter of the government of. yeah that's a great it's an important question elizabeth and right now the u.n. security council member states should really be doing everything in their power and that includes in their bilateral relationships with china to essentially just get china to step aside and let justice run its course i mean no one's really asking anything of any action from china with regard to the situation really the the ask
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is for china to just step aside and let you have the u.n. security council refer the situation to the international criminal court for too long the diplomatic community has sort of rested on this notion that it's simply impossible because of china and i think if we have to get to the point where u.n. member states regard that as completely unacceptable and they use the political leverage that they use you know to ink other deals with with the government of china they need to use that type of leverage towards justice and human rights and we do think it is possible and it's as mr tune can said it's absolutely essential right now and must attempt is it possible to sort of circumvent china and even myanmar on this because the international criminal court right now is looking at whether it can try myanmar for the crime deportation even though it's not a member state i mean can the i.c.c. get around that and do they have the will to do its. well as
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a doctor to clear as air really almost. there is a strong interest in the i.c.c. . getting outside of africa missing of its cases of aftercare and they would like to soldier. horizons to some degree if they are interested in this case it's very clear whether they have legal grounds to do it is i think. because it does put pressure on china or russia like to. be shown any attempt at the security council or national mall or well head for. a defector meet a young son sochi who's faced global criticism for not standing up more for the revenge of his supporters say that she has little control of the army actions and recent social media posts by cinci suggest that she be.


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