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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 181  Al Jazeera  June 30, 2018 8:32pm-9:01pm +03

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to ation really the the ask is for china to just step aside and let you have the u.n. security council refer the situation to the international criminal court for too long the diplomatic community has sort of rested on this notion that it's simply impossible because of china and i think if we have to get to the point where u.n. member states regard that as completely unacceptable and they use the political leverage that they use you know to ink other deals with with the government of china they need to use that type of leverage towards justice and human rights and we do think it is possible and it's as mr tin can said it's absolutely essential right now and mr templar is it possible to sort of circumvent china and even myanmar on this because the international criminal court right now is looking at whether it can try myanmar for the crime deportation even though it's not a member state i mean can the i.c.c. get around that and do they have the will to do its. well to
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clear the room almost. there is a strong interest in the r.c.c. . africa missing of its case. and they would like to. write. their own interest in this case it's very clear whether they. think. this because it does pressure russia likely. to the security council. well we've heard from. the de facto leader aung san suu kyi who's faced global criticism for not standing up more for the revenge of his supporters say that she has little control of on the actions and recent social media posts by cinci suggest that she blames meddling
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from a border for worsening divisions she said hate narrative from outside the country have driven the two communities for the pot so if we take what she's saying about this which is consistent with what she said since the military crackdown began mr temple let me come back to you you know how likely is it that the perpetrators all of these crimes will be held to account when this is the sort of narrative coming from the country's leader. well barry are right and i think the only ones that should tell who is all in the situation where it's clearly driven by. pain. by many people who are sensitive. to troll every military but certainly.
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very much in the wrong. kind of predator predator. pretty much. and i want to talk more about the repatriation because as we've said you know there yes the countries and organizations are continuing to talk about it mr tone can i believe there's something like a hundred and twenty thousand. living in the. camps what are the conditions like in those camps and what the. that they should now if they have a repatriated what they be living in the same source of cabs and facing the same conditions. for me as i am receiving information from the ground every day this is quite clear there will be the same situation these rohingya are when they are effect treated bad that's why i mentioned earlier nobody want to return to it if you do comes at all sort of know what you want to return to prison camps at all you
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know these are people one hundred and twenty thousand in the sea to a it's been a kind of temporary but still there is no talk of origin a return to the ability as you know they are not proper getting proper aid and you know education and other health access at all that's why many rohingya flat many just you know by board the flight from these refugee camps you know this is barmy it's government and military says democratically destroying our community that's why we call it a general site you know we need to see also you know like kofi annan recombination commission already. calling for to close these i.d.p. camps are still we have not seen any positive and implementation on that so. politic or willingness from burma top military to and government from also suggest there is no such a hope for the rohingya i can see there is no policy to us rowing a has changed
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nothing has changed instead situation is getting was so that's why we are calling here as their own india we know we need international protection too when during a repatriated back to burma without international protection this ruling it will face must atrocity against attorneys and i'm going to drag that isn't of them seventeen i mean he's not been i and that. mr snow said the international protection even be focusing on those one hundred twenty thousand that are living and cancer the u.n. start would then. absolutely you know there have been avoidable deprivations in those internment camps and they are internment camps there are more than twenty internment camps in five different townships in rakhine state and there are as you mentioned elizabeth more than one hundred twenty thousand men women and children who are confined to those camps
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they're denied freedom of movement many of them are denied access to livelihoods their health needs maternal mortality is a very serious issue in those camps so there does need to be unfettered humanitarian access to those areas but more importantly you know it's really not sensible to be talking about returning refugees to recline state while the meum our government is confining more than one hundred twenty thousand to internment camps so those camps do need to be deconstructed as the anon commission recommended and those individuals and families living in those camps have a right to return and to rebuild their homes and they deserve reparations on top of that but unfortunately right now there are no indicators from the mia maurice ortiz that that's going to happen any time soon and mr temple you know one aspect of the story that is often overlooked is how all of this is impacting the many people of color. are they sees themselves who are already one of the most impoverished people
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in the world i think nearly a set of them live an extreme policy so what impact has some at least seven hundred thousand coming across the border had on people in that part of the day what is the devastation. it causes the. tree. well it's a very poor. place it's very severe. expand it. it's. and it's great a little loose. since they were dramatically. so who are especially russians i must dismiss i think bangladesh is spending something like a million dollars a day to sustain its own relief and security efforts where is this money coming from well right now there are huge shortfalls among the international aid
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organizations in terms of the the amount of resources that they need to provide even vaisakhi aid to the refugee population and you know bangladesh has done. a really great service to the ranger community to you know except the refugee population i was on the border when tens of thousands of people were pouring across and i could see the border guards going out of their way to ensure that refugees could make their way to a secure and safe place and i think that need to be acknowledged however there are other things happening on the ground in the camps and aid groups are having a difficult time doing their work due to some arbitrary restrictions that are being imposed by various authorities so i think the bangladesh authorities need to stay vigilant to ensure that the aid organizations that are operating there can work closely with religious communities to to provide. gentlemen we don't have very long
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left in the program and the last question to all of you the u.n. secretary general antonio tears is going to be in the region and beyond that they should in a couple of days to assess the severity of the crisis and what needs to be done what do you think needs to happen to to support the refugees living in bonn the days to support the bond that they she's themselves and to ensure that if a petri ation does happen it is not forced and does not send the russian jet back into harm's way missed its own can let me start with you. yes great to see he's busy it into the. hams in next week that is very good first thing what i want to say we would like to see that you know the u.n. a.c.r. . u.n.h.c.r. myanmar government and u.n. d.p. agree man there is a set is. there is no transparency on that agreement we as a rohingya as
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a big team says a refugee is they did not consult with any representative of this community this is very very disturbing and i do not think this is totally you know. it is totally not. it's really not i don't see this is this would walk because you know rohingya they want to be consulted with the u.n. a c.r. sale and from want. anything they need to see mr template what about you. running. through. greece seriously.
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and mr smith. i agree with mr temple i agree with mr tin can in addition to that i would just add that it's absolutely essential that the secretary general send a very clear message to perpetrators and me and more that this type of behavior is completely unacceptable in the perpetrators will be held accountable this message of accountability is absolutely essential but beyond that there needs to be action and so we would also like to see the secretary general apply pressure to the u.n. security council to refer the situation to the criminal international criminal court and missed a turn can just last the you know so much of this has been caused by the fact that the revenge of don't have legal rights as citizens in myanmar has anything been done has any action being taken by the government there to give them more legal status or protection. though we didn't see.
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anything from the government side at all because you meant by barbara means government right yes you know burmese government this being a systematic prosecution going on since maintenance is due to you know after nine hundred seventy eight we have to you know of many operations against rohingya so. what i can see here is we need to see the solution from not inside burma at all because as a whole burma you know us deep you go by us d.p. party you know the government of military security flaws police for first nobody want to see rule he has the cities and unfortunately even though we have glorious pacifist abolishment there they don't recall the nice us so the solution will come from international level so we need international community protection and you know also when you have secretary general because it we need to see you know a very near future i don't think this or if we do will be trying to burma at all so
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as a counter act of this went by his government and military destroy you know a community we need to counteract to rebuild to empire our community in refugee camps or out of that we can move forward you know because we need protection. i'm afraid and i will run out of time to building others need to be done thank you very much for your time there is just one can and geneva matthew smith and kuala lumpur and robert templer in boston and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and to further discussion and to go to our facebook page that facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter i had a list at a.j. and five story from the end of the problem and the whole team here i found.
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july on al-jazeera in a new series of had to had maddie hasson tackle the big issues with hard hitting questions mexico is getting ready for a general election what direction will the country take as it struggles with drug violence and economic instability. people in power continues to examine the use and abuse of power around the world as the world cup in russia nears its end we'll bring you stories from on and off the pitch of the world's most viewed sporting events on television and online the stream continues to tap into the extraordinary potential of social media to disseminate news july on al-jazeera.
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a new series of rewind a can bring your people back to life. and bring you updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries the struggle continues from. huge distance rewind continues with alfred's free press. they didn't talk we. recited. over the years rewind on al-jazeera eradicating leprosy in cambodia relied on education and treatment. on. the employee early you know disability yet. until three year old four year more he'll have this ability. and then no wait the next generation of antibiotics may just be waiting at the bottom of the ocean. as it.
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revisited on al-jazeera. on counting the cost the european union is trying to change we'll look at the reasons why the economic cost of violence in mexico plus the timber companies are accused of endangering the world's second largest rainforest. counting the cost on al-jazeera. these are the top stories on al-jazeera syrian state media is reporting government forces have taken control of the town of dialogue from raffles in the southern province. talking to government russia about a peace deal and are under which they would hand over more areas to president bashar assad's forces has been a temporary ceasefire in parts of the province but it's been breached by sporadic fighting and if it is a humanitarian catastrophe u.n.
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says the fighting is displaced a hundred sixty thousand people in southern syria over the past five days there are a bit correspondent has this update from the jordanian side of its border with sara look at. the cease fire announced friday and i mean not only held for a few minutes there's been uninterrupted shelling across billy just south of syria namely in the eastern and western countries sod's of daraa province according to eyewitness accounts we received the areas will all residential homes and makeshift hospitals which is no longer operational as a result of the intense bombardment as we speak we can still hear the shelling a true massacre took place in the town of possum in dars west and countryside the ceasefire collapsed in this town where residents of neighboring areas have taken refuge over the past few days was targeted by intense shelling this means more syrians will be fleeing for their lives towards the jordanian borders it also exacerbates the dark humanitarian conditions of the displaced as the u.n. reported that more than one hundred sixty thousand syrians have fled to jordan is
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borderline with syria jordan the government said it cannot open the borders as it's already home to one point five million syrian refugees and due to political economic and security issues jordan is in no position to accommodate more he goes also keep door from the regime held areas south of syria between representatives of the free syrian army and russian forces we have learnt that the rebels would propose to give up crossing on jordan's border while the syrian regime laid a precondition that the f.s.a. must lay down withdraw from the south then integrate into the police force these demands were turned down. hezbollah is actually general says the group will help return some of the syrian refugees in lebanon to their country. says he'll work with both the syrian and lebanese governments to coordinate voluntary returns with one million syrians have fled to neighboring lebanon to escape the violence rights groups fair return of refugees could be premature. it's now been a week since twelve young footballers and their coach went missing in
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a cave in northern thailand heavy rain flooded the cave leaving them trapped inside when the thousand divers soldiers and border guards have joined the search for top british cave divers along with some u.s. military personnel and now involved a new opening to the underground cave complex was discovered on friday raising hopes the boys may still be found alive well here are some of the latest images from inside the cave as rescuers continue their search for the missing children and their coach flooding is still preventing access to many of the areas but emergency workers are looking for alternative routes to get deeper into the cave people and bring you updates on this rescue operation as we get them. south sudan's latest attempt at a cease fire has failed just hours after it began it comes after heavy fighting was reported between government forces and rebel fighters in the northwest both sides are blaming each other for breaking the cease fire agreement was signed by president salva kiir rebel leader react in sudan on wednesday. the united nations
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envoy to yemen says both the warring parties and her data have agreed to allow the u.n. to have a role in managing the city's red sea port the saudi u.a.e. military coalition has been fighting for more than two weeks to take the city from who is the rebels most of the countries and was coming through the port of millions of people who desperately need aid. and north korea is increasing its capacity to produce nuclear weapons despite leader kim jong un promising to work towards full denuclearization when he met donald trump that's according to u.s. intelligence agencies have been speaking to american media outlets satellite imagery website which monitors north korea earlier published pictures showing movement at a uranium enrichment plant the images appear to show construction at the young be on scientific research center known there's no nuclear sites. you have so you know the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera that's after a child soldiers reloaded. the at the
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at. the at the our. we will maintain the finest fighting force of the world has ever known the world has ever known the world has ever known the world has ever known so i would not it personally have only two people it would most spirit i just don't like the image that it conjures up in most people's mind. it's like any other thing in the global finance it's just the military trade. contractors don't like hard time around. my dad paid to go to. the missing young government perspective the iraqi troop and was considered
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a good deal. in the article you were on the it's more than thirty years closely. and we have a mismatch between the way we imagine the war to be and the reality of the twenty first century can we do a little or could we find someone that we do it for boardroom don't you get what you mean from. b.b.c. world service u.s. troops have left iraq. and it continues to maintain a high passes in the country with the largest u.s. embassy in the world the situation of kurdish john the center crucial for the
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international troops to go in and get control over to the afghan forces be sure just attrition through each critical we country. says throughout american oxidative we are stopped by my car down south in iraq. this is a trap as one commander says he will. so yeah like if i was this other funds or even friends. and they are worried after all that stuff. they know right now down there tonight yeah. how many of the persons that you're sending out. the child soldiers and i can say i got i can tell you that only if you think i can't. i can tell you dealing with the many people i'm going to do. this and this and this.
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inspecting smom to. recruit. it was. enough for the good. for evil and i will too. this is a traditional if you don't know fight with sticks in the spirit that are all. that's the tradition if you are trying to simulate this me disoriented them say well it couldn't but that isn't the case some may be critical of people who used to be
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fighting when they were very young that they all go to war you're busy that's a problem not that's not a problem mother from. yes that must have shown the particles not phone boxes yes it must have. and even if they had started when they would fulfill or they're not thirteen but that's not a problem wasn't a roman mts that's the job as they are here his parea. let me send guidance well yes we fasted and they got the school fees training. the army never got in the summit and resorted to using a gun and because of the ideas being that people who come isn't what you telling them it would be to andy and as an english.
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gun to shoot those who want to find neat gun one. that it. will give companies risk on common on tract as we sometime on onto them. are example i didn't remember it was for some would kind.
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the private military industry is a part of how the country is in fights wars today. u.s. government doesn't track the number of contractors it uses in places iraq or afghanistan we know it's a lot we don't really know exactly how many. i spent several years working within the industry i have a military background and one of the differences between being a soldier i found and being a private military contractor is that when you work for the u.s. military or any military you take a sacred oath that you're going to serve and fight for your country and necessary die to protect a way of life one that you believe in i am an american soldier i'm
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a warrior and a member of a team. that will never accept defeat. at least i will never win i'll never leave a fallen comrade it's the complete opposite in a private military world you look at the budget first the loyalty of these companies and these businessmen's change depending on market forces. we operate in the world's challenging complex emerging markets the middle east is absolutely cool for other business today. the sooner we can are in pal and we perform in the right in. this industry is not just what you see is what you get. when you see a company you don't know exactly who's working for them they hire and they sometimes create what we call subs sub.


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