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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 30, 2018 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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for any military you take a sacred oath that you're going to serve and fight for your country and necessary die to protect a way of life one that you believe in i am an american soldier i'm a warrior and a member of a team. that will never accept defeat. at least i will never win i'll never leave a fine comrade it's the complete opposite in a private military world you look at the budget first the loyalty of these companies and these businessmen's change depending on market forces. we operate in the world's challenging complex emerging markets the middle east is absolutely cool for other business today. the sooner we can are in pal and we perform in the right on. this industry is not just what you see is what you get. when you see
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a company you don't know exactly who's working for them they hire and they sometimes create what we call subs sub contractors. there's been commanders in afghanistan who just simply say we don't know who the subs of the subs are. so you have all the layers of a contract. a level forty control starts to fade quickly the deeper you go from the top to the bottom. united states army and the
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military in general is so reliant on the private sector i would call that dependency by we don't know who is the on the ground presence of these companies overseas we just don't know. it's crazy and actually it's really crazy in iraq. because since the first day i stepped my fits in iraq every day there was a bomb and they bombed the village there is a rockets. every day we have rockets fired. every day i heard gunshots every day a bomb in income in income in all my good it bomb went you know what soups and it's damage four of our guards four of the civil union guys well trained guys
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as soon as a ridge in iraq i called my mom i said mom i'm in iraq she said oh what i said i'm in iraq no no you're kidding i said no moment i'm in iraq i said mom just watch the number what's the number and she watched the number. she was she was just she was yelling oh daddy. i said no mom there is no problem here we have to see if we are not using a weapon we are you here is does our my mom i said we are doing just domestic walk in iraq she told all the neighbors their own son my son he's in iraq you know he's doing a cooking job not with webb on. just after the war in syria you know i couldn't make it up because there was no job by
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then. and my friend calls me it's told me that they allowed. jerry civic and see they were recruiting guys so-called so it's also iraq if you just use weapons and who are well trained in it come for comply on. the first time i arrive to to this training camp can plan iraq's together with to two white men found from the security company. went driving out in this small track and what's towards the camp through this
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forest a landscape not so far away from from the airport and when we enter the camp and get out of the car the first thing we see is this a gunman instructor who isn't shouts of the training out there making the recruits line up in order to receive these guys from the past security company. their work marking for iraq. with marking from iraq you see that he needed. they were a shallow fighter who supposed to go to europe not on ice you know basic weapons uses only people that you can't qualify to go to europe. for michelle young government is active there in. couldn't was considered a quite good deal in the sense that they could actually take no good troublemakers
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something away to back for a couple of years and then returning them after two years with money and from that overseas deployment this could surf to stabilize security in ca on. in the beginning of the training course the one other real weapons presence so they using the said i wouldn't sticks. it was fast after a couple of days and so the training that the weapons and arrived and their well being lined up at these wooden tables within in the middle of the big camp. you know.
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i don't. know it was this tension and excitement those attention mainly because now it's actually getting into something very real ok. for many have to be true this is the first time holding a weapon since the ending of the civil war. when they were starting to shake and some were even starting to cry when that when the souped up the weapons and not being able to handle them. at the end of it i will provide a compliant backing for iraq. and memories come. from the past as though we've been sort of the no one on the scene this went on something.
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most notable for now. but i did ask. so those opposed to who were born again i said this is not my idea. what. i survive and i live where point. this young and what has been mainly by young converts. looking for young men to perform military jobs the chance of a quite good that they have also been since.
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i was it's a teen. but you never can mean. it took my fight a time when putting on this love. to . get. me. talking about. to keep.
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going on. no. need to. show you. if not every day remember. and we turned out he my father he my word that we next i get i would keep. this it's little i'm going to. have to go. i said no i don't want a tree so i start how good it is that's a used. stutz you put it in my boat. in my boat is that bond in my bunny it's in your drop just this it yes do cried for more to the comic she forgets about you or your motor so i start says. cool my
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house. when i was young. at a lot of things that i've been scindia. not a day which is not good for human beings. or because. of the job have you come on down when does it go the people you have to go to bed then you don't go dutch you two have been killed. when we think of war and the warrior who fights we have this image and are mine now
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of a man and uniform. and uniform means they're fighting as part of a military serving a nation because if they fight for their force political patriotism and yet when you look at the wars of the twenty first century they don't match those assumptions anymore now we have outsourced a lot of our warfare to private military companies. the background of this changing nature of war and who fights that dates back to the very start of the private military industry itself isn't. until the early ninety's the need for security in street is
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a dull commercial industry. outright mercenaries who were bringing down governments for the cash can you explain what exactly sound fine internationally is and what you do in a. certain line. it is a company that provides military consultancy services for governments or large corporations. at the time the idea was to get very posh english officers on top of these private military companies and tim spicer was an officer in the military and british military he got out and was asked to come help with a company called sandline. to spices a rival gay you've almost instant sense of respectability to what had previously been a mess in the world and i don't personally have any difficulty would mostly i just
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don't like the image that comes out in most people's mind the first time it was interviewing him for a newspaper the washington charming public school educated god's office and that need to be a feature of the construe before they change the agenda of the global agenda and what a prophet you company was. to spicer was considered a respectable head of a mercenary organization but at first his business affairs didn't go too well he was dogged by failure for example he got a phone call from a fellow indian with a tie passport who was under house arrest for a financial scandal and he contacted tim spicer and wanted him to restore the president of sierra leone. once the president surely and was back in power this guy would then get his contracts for diamonds and be able to make money
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. but it didn't work out that way. the companies run by tip spicer's focus on a couple hundred fifty patients by customs and excise and he's accused of smuggling weapons illegally. when they. i would firm gets involved in foreign politics for the benefit of a criminal you have to stop and ask ok did this really happen or is this a fictitious you know james bond type story but it was a true story. these things tended to happen to some spies or government and that he'd always somehow managed to get assigned the recently retired british commander who had a band of ministers is safely back in this country so has this put him up his new career as a hired gun are you going to continue with this new new business of heroes sandline international well i think we've got a number of lessons to learn from this particular. episode i think that we will
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continue to try and develop our business as long as we can do it in a. sensible way. sandline eventually collapsed under the weight of bad publicity. was that a failure be in the short term you can say that was also a successful company in terms of delivering an enormous amount of money to its shelves and so forth to firstly. it launched him spice on a career where he was able to found what would then become one of the most significant problem if you can from his in the world. each is. be.
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as it simply takes a tougher line on migrants organized crime is making vast profits from the misery of. people in power investigates the state funded perception centers where the helpless are reduced to commodities right for exploitation. margarets. the nature of news as it breaks although thousands of women have reported rape and other sexual atrocities in south sudan's word rats are going to say that figure is likely much higher with detailed coverage nearly fifty schools took part in the drive each one responsible had collected at different school supplies clothing from around the world. are still very new here but these players are very confident they won't be able to leave because it made people want to buy on the international
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stage. how reliable is an eyewitness when you have an eyewitness to say i was there so him do it that is the best evidence about thirty percent of the time witness is a real caissons who pick someone and say yes that's the person determining the plot are wrong he's been falsely accused incarcerated for something he did not do the exploring the do. side of american justice system. on al-jazeera. and again america and doha these are the top stories on al-jazeera syrian state media is reporting government forces have taken control of the town of dale for rebels in southern province rebels are talking to government ally russia about a peace deal and under which they would hand over more areas to president bashar al
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assad's forces as being a temporary ceasefire in parts of the province but it's been breached by sporadic fighting adding to fears of a humanitarian catastrophe u.n. says the fighting has displaced one hundred sixty thousand people in southern syria over the past five days has secretary general says the group will help return some of the syrian refugees and lebanon to their country. says he'll work with both the syrian and lebanese governments to coordinate voluntary returns or than one million syrians have fled to neighboring lebanon to escape the violence. it's now been a week since twelve young footballers and their coach went missing in a cave in northern thailand heavy rain flooded the cave leaving them trapped inside more than a thousand divers soldiers and border guards have joined the search for top british cave divers along with u.s. military personnel are also involved south sudan's latest attempt at a cease fire has failed just hours after it began it comes after heavy fighting was
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reported between government forces and rebel fighters in the northwest both sides are blaming each other for breaking the cease fire that agreement was signed by president salva kiir and rebel leaders react michel in sudan on wednesday. the united nations envoy to yemen says both the warring parties and one day to have agreed to allow the u.n. role in managing the city's red seaport saudi military coalition has been fighting for more than two weeks to take the city from who the rebels most of the country's imports come through the port to feed millions of people who desperately need aid and north korea is encreasing its capacity to produce nuclear weapons despite leader kim jong un promising to work towards full denuclearization when he met donald trump that's according to u.s. intelligence agencies who've been speaking to american media outlets satellite imagery websites which monitors north korea published pictures showing movement at iranian enrichment plant. with all the headlines are back
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with more news after we return you to child soldiers. to. the a the a. to a. the i was the a. to a. was.
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when nine eleven occurred everything changed. the contractor content of the armed forces went up astronomically at this hour american and coalition forces are in the early stages of military operations to disarm iraq. ideologically republicans my party wanted every single public function to be scrutinized analyzed evaluated and if
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possible privatized general shinseki the head of the us army at the time testified to congress and said if we're going to do iraq it's going to take several hundred thousand u.s. troops and very quickly the rest of the bush administration reacted negatively and he's absurd that's crazy it's not going to require those amount of troops and they actually simply dropped him out of the military it turned out he was right we did deploy several hundred thousand forces it was just through private military. so in the early days of iraq it was a gold rush you had companies coming out of nowhere including blackwater who was really like
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a cowboy but nobody had any control anybody doing anything with firearms in this country to say they're private military company. was an a.t.m. for these companies the basic idea of a contractor versus recruiting. training in supporting military vets is that there is room hiring a prostitute or getting married. so instead of a soldier who has an x. cost of a year now being a contractor who's being paid eight times ten. well what has happened is that america has basically married a prostitute and has been active in them for a very long. almost to be a. good example of you it's not invade a country is going to be a good thing. but not a few things in russia just go to run the shelf i think we're seeing. this now we will get
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a real movies where it's very. contractors offer some gray area benefits to politicians everybody's concerned like we have a thousand boots the ground nobody ever asks how many contractors there is don't like our goods on the ground. so if the u.s. military wanted to put one thousand boots on the ground and there's four thousand contractors it's a way of you know having a force of five thousand but without politically risk. we. should do mean. you're shooting at you know it just you yes yeah yeah but other. than that bang bang so you did did you get skirt shoot first of it shot in front of you in ricochet to his car. and it did exactly. this only right.
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the security companies had the sensitivity all. the civilians would often if not always. get caught in the crossfire. what governments have always done is they would do two things at once. you fight and you win hearts and minds. private didn't do that. on the ground opening fire they were very very noticeable they would play rock music that in this was not there was no subtlety six this was not a even the military will most discreet in the private security companies so they would as they were very very public slap in the face for the average iraqi on a daily basis.
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a real problem for the military so we sell the contractor presence in iraq in particular but afghanistan too was becoming contrary to what the mission was for the armed forces therefore their presence was more danger than it was help them. knowing. who. every turn around the traffic circle. they're probably trying to get. the problem was that we had all of these different private military companies running around we outsourced too quickly and they weren't coordinated both in contract terms but also in on the ground operational terms so what is your answer
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to a problem of outsourcing. outsource more we outsourced it to a private military company to coordinate. these uses contracts in iraq was to oversee the communication and coordination for all of the privacy of your companies on the ground. and in effect it meant that they were the general in charge of all of the private contractors. now that point the us military was the largest machine presence in iraq but if you added together all of the private military contractors spies was effectively in charge of the second largest on force in iraq.
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the prisons in iraq was relatively scandal free as one. video which was posted on you tube from the contract so who is. following that gun while playing rock music. trying. to explain. the legal actions were taken. very rapidly each is such a machine huge company. and it made to spy certain extremely healthy man. the majority of americans now think it was a mistake to go to war in iraq public support for the war is falling war americans
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want the troops to come home. in a brief ceremony on a base on the edge of baghdad the united states took down the flag of its command here to mark the end of the military mission. the u.s. money was starting to be pulled out of the iraqi. field operations and the industry had to go through a very complicated reset. those companies had to realize that they weren't going to get that level of money again and so they had to offer different. deals. that meant they would have to hire cheap the soldiers. move to move. the long haul to
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war. then i. am. so mad. and. all the usual. energy is. used to get out of. the mood. and. i'm gonna need.
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you got. what you need long. the initial story could see. it be long sleeve could see. them would. be that long. the access. to the. courts people. innocent people.
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sometimes that will give you just a march up which is not shop we are by even if you can breathe. a little whatsoever depressing can feel it more than the experts you know the. story the life. that's for when i was just.
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all work undertaken by egypt is carried out to high standards of fresh milk competence and integrity when we first started into theater we were briefed on peruvian and colombian guards and the natural question you ask is so what do you pay for these folks and you know at the time and i'm playing off memory cells but i'm pretty good at that that was about a thousand to twelve hundred dollars and them oh i don't know six months a year ago it became. a gun and guards at about eight hundred dollars
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a month and we douse the question of security companies because of those lowest price technically acceptable rushed to the bottom that's what some call it. why why organics now versus proving some columbia i'm sorry so we don't have a chance to get the award unless we use a garden's because there are two to four hundred dollars less and now in this most recent trip the company that is winning all the awards that had this was first started heard of oh well we've got a good strategy we're using sierra leonean it's so you ask the question so so what are we paying from it's a two hundred fifty dollars a month. you know i guess rhetorically i don't expect to be answered you know can we go lower could we find someone it's like we'll do it for boardroom you know that has such a terrible country that maybe they'll just go out of the country and be a free security guard i mean that's pretty inexpensive i say that it sounds facetious but it's real. no you get what you pay for.
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the original goal was not to bring soldiers or exogenous from the poorest countries on earth but the u.s. system requires that you pick the lowest bidder so that became the status quo in iraq to have multiple layers of foreigners as long as you're in the army and you meet certain criteria and sometimes you don't have to be in the army to meet this criteria. and the. company has self interest is different than national self interest companies are profit maximizes what they do that's natural.
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right now. what do you do if you know you have somebody from the philippines working for an american private all try company in afghanistan who kill somebody what jurisdiction does that person fall under we don't know. in about fifteen countries i've been involved in programs to reintegrate children who have served in armed forces. it's a contradiction in terms on the one hand western countries have pumped large sums
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of money into the reintegration of former child soldiers but now we have governments like us supporting these so-called security companies that recruit people and continue their exposure to violence and their identities as perpetrators of violence and as soldiers that make it impossible to ever reintegrate into civilian life. one time when they came into work. we had to. i think. had a bone all. i think about might go into what's happened before. when
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he brought you back. you faced him for. it had he. intended to become a. full force. and i remember. school deceased was a nice what's happened instead you seem. to. not. know. if you're running into calm and. fighting for what i want to fight you for you know.
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i feel is that you don't use you know it's not good well to be close to one. justice you don't have to. it may seem like an act of free well it is not young people in sierra leone have no jobs they're desperate to feed themselves and their families and result is that it becomes harder and harder to ever find their way back into civilian life and they may plant seeds of violence wherever they go. it is well known that young people who have extensive histories of violence and being fed drugs and manipulated over time they develop problems of impulsivity high levels of aggression. you know we pride ourselves on being a moral people trying to do the right thing what we're doing is we're exploiting people using young people who have been child soldiers deliberately sending them into the jaws of combat and further violence nothing could be worse for these young
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people nothing could be worse for security. there's a close connection between this this industry and policymakers. these private military firms really poach a retired general officer as an admiral from the armed forces. because they have connections.
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i say that it sounds facetious but it's real. know when you get what you pay for. private security industry will continue to act for us you're going to see private companies neutrino gaging in warfare.
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people care a lot wondering if a dead soldier or dead marine shows up in this country and we start asking ourselves why did they die why don't what were they fighting for nobody bothers to ask about that contractors. every american who serves joins an unbroken line of heroes i'm awed by their sacrifice. men in good time and no allowance and i'm going to lie i'm not i'm not i'm not you when you bag you in kind of would our men have family
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coming in the family unit. got in on me what the media got. there's no one going to go out and protest in the streets of a contractor's kill. country still exercises its foreign policy the use of force and violence in these four regions but is using proxies contractors third country nationals and in obscurity their role. you think i do that you're good enough in iraq i just finished the sierra leone and left instead it's really your money and your tax money. doing it but make sure the
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politicians don't get in trouble. private military contractors makes a decision to go to war a lot easier. as part of ending a war responsibly is standing by those who fought it.
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i phone when you hear me. sponsored by. hello and welcome back we'll look at the weather across the americas this time and south america showers extend all the way from french guiana through towards colombia oh i see come southwards is generally looking fine there's not much of no
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relief loss the rain across southern parts of brazil we have got a frontal system which is pushing up from the south affecting parts of chile so certainly as we head through into sunday we'll see rain turning up in santiago some snow over the n.d.s. otherwise looking at fine conditions across the rio de janeiro highs that of twenty seven degrees with some rain coming into parts of argentina sixteen the nice one point is aries heading into the caribbean the audience enjoying a fair amount of sunshine we have still got a fair few showers across western parts of cuba and into the bahamas otherwise up through the isthmus it showers for panama and costa rica and here i go but otherwise for the north is looking generally dry and fine and five and a fine weather likely that guatemala will see some showers cheer in the course of sunday so let's head up into north america here we've got some pretty heavy showers across southeastern or through florida into georgia in particular and those will continue through the weekend we've got some rain across parts of the midwest that develops as it head on through into sunday system heavy rain like elation they for
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chicago heise here thirty two. the weather sponsored by cattle waste. african heads of state and government will gather in mauritania for the thirty posed assembly of the african union ongoing conflict in the fight against corruption will take center stage al-jazeera will bring you extensive coverage of the summit and its outcomes the african union summit on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. and there are more kyle this is the news hour live from coming up in the next sixty minutes syrian state t.v.
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shows celebrations in one of several southern towns that have reportedly except to the deal to return to government control. another setback for peace the cease fire in south sudan's five year old civil war is violated within hours plus. not welcome yemenis fleeing to south korea to escape the violence face angry protests and i've used them as with all the sports the world cup are tunes on saturday with france taking on argentina in the last sixteen one of these two former world champions will be going home by the end of the day i'll have all the news from russia coming up later this news hour. now rebels are talking to syrian government ally russia about a peace deal in the south under which they would hand over areas they control to president bashar al assad's forces now these pictures which were aired on syrian
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state hello. vision is set to show celebrations in one town called dial it up is people a chanting pro-government slogans off to the army and to the town there's been a temporary ceasefire in parts of daraa province but it's been breached by sporadic fighting adding to fears of a humanitarian catastrophe the u.n. says the fighting is based one hundred and sixty thousand people in southern syria over the past five days there are by correspondent tom. has this update from the jordanian side of the border with sara what. the cease fire announced friday and made not only held for a few minutes there's been uninterrupted shelling across billy just south of syria namely in the eastern and western countries sod's of daraa province according to eyewitness accounts we received the areas will all residential homes and makeshift hospitals which is no longer operational as a result of the intense bombardment as we speak we can still hear the shelling a true massacre took place in the town of paulson in dars west and countryside the
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ceasefire collapsed in this town where residents of neighboring areas have taken refuge over the past few days was targeted by intense shelling this means more syrians will be fleeing for their lives towards the jordanian border as it also exacerbates the dark humanitarian conditions of the displaced as the un reported that more than one hundred sixty thousand syrians have fled to jordan is borderline with syria jordan's government says it cannot open the borders as it's already home to one point five million syrian refugees and due to political economic and security issues jordan is in no position to accommodate more he goes. off in the regime held areas south of syria between representatives of the free syrian army and russian forces we have learnt that the rebels would propose to give up crossing on jordan's border while the syrian regime laid a precondition that the f.s.a. must lay down withdraw from the south then integrate into the police force these demands were turned down. culch embry from the norwegian refugee council says aid
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agencies are ready to help if jordan lets the refugees cross the border you know that they are lacking the most basics water food. shelter even they are stranded there today are facing some of the most dire conditions now it's summer it's getting hotter it's already thirty five degrees that will get hotter and in the next few days and they've been fleeing from extreme escalation of fighting in their areas they're tired they're exhausted and we still can't reach them the best that we can offer to these people is to hold them and the safety and security of a country like jordan and then we can step up our services inside this country we appealed to the international community not to abandon jordan jordan needs all the help possible right now in this moment of crisis it is also going through a very tough economic moment with a lot of unemployment and people who are on the poverty line here so of course
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jordan needs all the all the solidarity together with the syrians who are now fleeing from this fighting that is has decimated their neighborhoods. south sudan's latest attempt at a cease fire is being threatened by new fighting between government forces and rebels in the northwest both sides blaming each other for breaking the cease fire agreement was signed by president salva kiir rebel leader react in sudan on wednesday at least fifty thousand people have been killed and four million others forced from their homes since the civil war began in two thousand and thirteen not have a morgue and she's covered the conflict in south sudan extensively and i have been sitting here just yesterday not very optimistic that this ceasefire would hold where are we seeing this fighting breaking out a why has it broken out while the truth is since the ceasefire agreement was signed on wednesday in khartoum both sides said that we are going to hold back from
9:54 pm
fighting and less attacks so there was already cautious optimism there people were not really sure if the other side would abide by the agreement or not now what we've seen is that the fighting has resumed between the two sides in the northwest and the western part of the country in a place called while county with both sides accusing each other in saying that they have the right to self-defense but the truth is yesterday at twelve o'clock local time to over here both sides said that the ceasefire is effective and attack the other so it's shows some kind of lack of control iow between the two sides are to their forces regardless of who started the attack it shows that the order that was given by the president and the order there was given by the head of the opposition to their forces is not fully implemented so either it has not trickled down to the commanders on the ground or it did and no commander is listening so there is still some hope then that it will hold while truth is lower and no if you give the order has been given and people are still violating it if there are commanders on the ground still there leading it and we're talking about one part of the country now these forces that have confronted each other in different other parts of the
9:55 pm
country in the northern part of the country around the region in the east in the west they do have forces as well and it's not really clear if these commanders on the ground are listening to their bosses are they listening to the orders that came out yesterday at twelve am and so. and are they going to hold on to the cease fire and all this could be entering see what the u.n. thinks of it isn't it because one would have thought the ceasefire would hold because you've got these looming sanctions and they presumably will go in place of the fighting continues what would need to happen now is that the u.n. representative in south sudan has to report to the u.n. secretary general and the secretary general by today by the end of today has to report whether there is a viable peace on the ground with this agreement that was signed in sudan is actually holding or not and the security council has to decide within five days whether to impose an arms embargo and sanctions on sawsan these officials and opposition figures as well if if the u.n. security council gets reports from the secretary general that there is no peace that there is fighting on the ground and as we have seen both sides accusing each other then they have to make a vote whether to impose sanctions on south sudan or not so it is quiet the clock
9:56 pm
is ticking down in south sudan to come out and say no it was just a one time thing and we can hold this piece of this cease fire agreement or to come out and say it's not working and the u.s. a critical can move forward what do you think these to be done that isn't being done at this stage or will the cease fire agreement was signed there was no monitor on the ground there the whole mechanics of monitoring the cease fire was self wanted to or in which our diplomats in the country outside the country said it's not going to work and as we've seen it hasn't really worked both sides are the ones who are going to report whether this cease fire has been violated or not both sides are now reporting that it has been violated by each other so what needs to happen is there has to be a monitoring body that is neutral on the ground to try to see who is violating the the cease fire so to hold them accountable but so far that is not happening and even the voices that were there during the previous cease fires they have little control over what's happening to have they have little movement and access to areas where there are fighting so they can't fully report if violations are taking place and if they have to be if there are people who have to be held accountable many
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thanks for coming in. more still ahead here on this news hour including a search for twelve missing footballers in thailand enters a seventh day and why some locals are offering to the cave where they went missing . and take a look at what will happen to children in uganda is often a being closed down. class and will be a knockout game these will tell you how early quiet hoping to make portugal bites the dust at the world cup. now demonstrations are taking place in south korea against the number of yemenis arriving there to seek asylum more than five hundred yemenis have flown to jeju island since december half a million people have signed a petition urging the government to revise the legislation on migrants on friday the government held an emergency meeting to deal with the influx craig travel to
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j.g. to meet the refugees. the kitchen is the last place adnan imagines himself working . this job but. there are enough this place because me and the restaurant so. a qualified health and safety officer he worked for a patrolling company in yemen but was forced to flee the war after he was threatened and tortured by sympathizers of the rebels. adnan fled to malaysia on a tourist visa but soon ran out of money. in december asia opened a new route to jeju island offering adnan and the yemenis the chance to into south korea through the island's visa free status the sudden influx of yemenis has overwhelmed the local community and the government is acting to stem the flow. in april south korea's justice ministry banned yemenis and j.g. from traveling to other parts of the country and earlier this month excluded yemen
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from the island's visa waiver program the more than four hundred eighty yemenis still here and they are stuck until the government decides what to do with them the percentage of successful asylum seekers in south korea is around just four st could . take the time to board if you look at just twenty seventeen it's just one percent so the number of applicants are rising with the rate of acceptance is dropping. many refugees now live in cramped conditions up to twenty min in this under grandchild charity and aid a largely grassroots. there is a negative sentiment towards islam and public opinion so that's something that we need to consider in the long term. more than half a million people have signed a petition urging the government to revise its refugee law on j. the local government is hoping some including adnan to find jobs. council or
10:00 pm
restaurants are asked if we could hire some of their given our labor shortage at first they didn't even occur to me they were refugees or that there was a civil war raging in yemen it was outside my scope of interest the refugees we spoke to said that brother be at home in yemen and stuck on what they regard as an expensive holiday resort island because of we have this in them and so they are we going back to yemen because you have to live in your country where you grew up. with music or where you have more friends where you have. it is expected it will take up to eight months to process the refugee applications craig leeson al-jazeera j j u r l and south korea. well fighting in yemen has forced war than two million people from their homes there amongst the estimated twenty two million people three quarters of the population the u.n. says are in need of humanitarian assistance all of those who fled the country fifty one thousand went to neighboring amman and other forty thousand are in somalia
10:01 pm
that's a country which already has one point five million internally displaced people followed by saudi arabia.


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