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jobs. council restaurants are asked if we could hire some of the given our labor shortage at first they didn't even occur to me they were refugees or that there was a civil war raging in yemen it was outside my scope of interest refugees we spoke to said that brother be at home in yemen in stockholm what they regard as an expensive holiday resort island because if you have peace in yemen so that we go back to yemen you have to leave a new country where you grew up. where you have. it is expected it will take up to eight months to process the refugee applications craig lease and al-jazeera j j u r l and south korea all fighting in yemen has forswore than two million people from their homes there amongst the estimated twenty two million people three quarters of the population the u.n. says are in need of humanitarian assistance all of those who fled the country fifty one thousand went to neighboring amman and other forty thousand are in somalia
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that's a country which already has one point five million internally displaced people followed by saudi arabia which is leading the coalition war effort in yemen along with the beauty ethiopia and sudan a much smaller number have traveled to asian countries like malaysia where they can stay these are free for three months and most yemenis trying to get to europe via libya making them vulnerable to mistreatment and drowning at an albuquerque we saw in craig's report that joins us now on skype from jeju island in south korea thanks very much for speaking to us first of all why did you choose to seek asylum in south korea. basically he. was the only country a bailable for us to go to without a visa and claim asylum because we can go to a few countries in the world without these but they don't accept refugees or they
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didn't sign the. united nations convention or remittance to accept refugees and stuff. we have but it's i mean we can't go to south korea. and it's all the country in the world we can go to without a visa. claim asylum because obviously if we go to another country and stay there. if our visa expires and we will be stuck in jail or debilitation censored because in order to be deported back to you because you visa expired or something you have to go through a neighboring country because it is and it was it is not there is a place we can go to. we can go back you know because of the war anyway but it might let's say you want to go back in jail because you need to get a visa to go to a neighboring country. don't mean i can just jump in that someone if you've been granted asylum already or from the process of seeking it and how concerned you are
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about that because south korea does not have a very good track record for allowing people seeking asylum to stay in the country . well basically they did say maybe they're ok they said they'll try the speed of the process you mean they don't usually use and if they do it's really a small percentage maybe three percent some so and in our case they said. they consider it to give us a human to remove said. status so they missed basically keep this in and so the war is finished or at least until they think. it's a safe country to go back to so. i mean they are considering to give us a human to visit but i mean we have to wait at least six months but they did say try and speed the process. probably give us an answer within three months but
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obviously if we don't get except me and it when you do. basically get accepted if not then you have to go through the courts and you have to peel this decision and then you have to go to courts and this would say. have you miss a lot being slightly surprised by the reception that you've had thought i mean we saw in craig's report that you have been helped by this south korean man who admits that he had no real idea what the situation was like in yemen but down in seoul the thing people on the streets and signing petitions are very unhappy that. people from yemen like you. i mean a lot of this is because of the wrong information that the public has that by media . because obviously south korea has a different culture different it's a. it's far away from yemen today a lot of
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a lot of locals don't know anything about yemenis or muslims or and so i mean they've been they've been told a lot of wrong information about us or they've been told bad stories that happen somewhere in the world because of yemeni the muslims or whatever but i mean it's i mean i mean we've all been that people will get to see the real yemeni or like basically yeah i mean you can't really generalise it when you cast there it's i have one race or one religion and you've got bad and good people every country and every race in the world so hopefully and then it doesn't matter if you had a bad story about yemenis or something because it doesn't really matter i mean i got bad and every friend of mine and i just want to take you back to yemen just briefly if you could just tell us what exactly you were feeling and your situation and how you managed to get out of yemen and flew to malaysia. i mean in my case there wasn't an airport that i can go to i'm going to when i had to leave yemen so
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i had to get a bus all the way from on the chemicals on the way to amman and i had to i had to sit in a bus for twenty four hours and obviously i had to go through a lot of check points and you know by different groups of different governments and stuff it was really. sweet that we we had to stop in every couple of kilometers and stuff and. you know but i mean we were i wince always on mon and then from the plane tickets and it was only just trying to get up for an hour and then i went to malaysia and up go malaysia i say to malaysia for. you and it's ago that i'm in the main. i had to take that chance because there isn't another country that i can go to and claim saddam so when i get a by g.o.i. and they had i had to give it
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a shot because it's either. dry land or nothing because that is no way there is nothing i can do there's not there's not a country i can go to and claim asylum and to get up easy to get a visa to go to a country club solid ok so at for me we wish you all the best and that many thanks for taking the time to speak to us that from south korea to go on and. no problem i mean i wish we had no more time so i can explain more facts and more stuff. ok thanks very much. now the german government has secured a deal with fourteen countries that will allow the rapid deportation of migrants who fail to qualify for asylum in a letter to partners in ruling coalition the german chancellor angela merkel also says asylum seekers who arrive in germany after first registering and other e.u. countries will be sent to what she describes as anchor senators a leader struck at eleventh hour deal in brussels on friday agreed to stand by
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groups rescued at sea to centers across the block a mccain has more from. the details of the fourteen countries who given pledges to angela merkel to the political level that they will take back some migrants and refugees are as interesting for those who are not part of it as for those who are because the italians and the austrians are not party to this deal they are not prepared as things stand to be part of this pledge system and that means that and so far as its early is concerned that's one of the frontline states in the migration crisis where many of those across the mediterranean first landfall let's remember angle americal already announced that she had arrived as a form of understanding with the greek government and with the spanish government such that anybody who presents themselves across the german border with a stamp in the in their documents from spain or greece will be sent back ultimate question here is is this enough to placate merkel's political allies from bavaria the c s you will find out on sunday when the two parties the c.s.u. and the c.d.u.
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merkel's party meet separately to discuss the fallout from the e.u. summit protests are due to be held across the united states against president donald trump immigration policy in the coming hours hundreds of people were arrested in washington on friday during a protest against the president's policy of separating migrant families the government says it's trying to reunite children with their parents but more demonstrations against donald trump's immigration policies are expected across the country minute appollo reports from washington. yeah dozens of signs and posters are being prepared for something big a protest bringing together more than one hundred different groups all opposed to u.s. president donald trump's zero tolerance policy on migrants it's a national day of action that's not only here in washington d.c. but also across the country the message is simple and our demands are simple we want to see families reunited once again and we want an end to family separation
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and family detention policies images of children locked away crying out for their parents after being forcibly separated from them have shocked many the u.s. government admits more than twenty three hundred children have been taken from their parents since may a federal court has ordered them to be reunited. a majority of them are fleeing violence in countries like honduras and el salvador or extreme poverty in the case of guatemala the outcry from those opposing the treatment of child migrants has led to calls for protests across the united states. in washington on thursday nearly six hundred people were arrested during a demonstration inside the united states senate among those led away by police from capitol hill with hollywood actor and activist susan sarandon and we want. you to take on the. president from continues to call for strengthening of the us mexico border to the construction of a wall something immigration experts say does nothing to address the root cause of
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migration extreme violence and poverty in central america the practice of separating migrant families has halted but the organizers behind the protests against president from zero tolerance policy insist that more demonstrations like the ones planned for saturday will continue until these families are reunited and. washington. u.s. president donald trump is taking credit for convincing saudi arabia to increase its production of oil this comes after a group of oil producing states including saudi arabia already agreed to increase output by a million barrels a day at a meeting of opec this month has just spoke to king solomon of saudi arabia and explained to him that because of the time oil and dysfunction in iran and venezuela i'm saying that saudi arabia increase oil production maybe up to two million barrels to make that make up the difference price is too high he has agreed. well
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saudi arabia has issued a statement through its official press agency saying u.s. president stressed all efforts must be made to maintain stability of the global oil markets and the wild economy's growth both need to emphasize that and devils made by producing countries to meet any possible shortage of supply must be. but the saudi statement didn't mention any new agreement to increase production and for more on this as she joins us live from washington d.c. so rosen why would this increase possible. foreign it's not unusual for any u.s. president to try to put pressure on members of opec particularly on saudi arabia to moderate or increase its oil output mainly because the u.s. president is first and foremost concerned about the cost of gasoline up consumer. specially in an election year we have congressional elections coming up in about five months time and certainly it would help congressional republicans if they
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could say that the price of gasoline and the price of heating oil for the winter has gone down however what donald trump is saying is something that is much more complicated than simply persuading or not persuading saudi arabia to watch change its output levels this is a situation where you westsail the oil production itself has fallen off in the past few months and that drop in the inventory has pushed a wild prices up also because the u.s. is trying to convince all other countries to stop accepting any are drawn to get oil imports by november fourth or face the possibility of sanctions there's other part of the pressure on the oil prices now there's also some analysis from energy sector experts who say that saudi arabia could perhaps increase its daily output but it would only be for a very short time. and the quality of the oil produced would be very long very
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difficult and debuts in consumer markets around the world so there's a lot of hope at this stage but i think it's noteworthy that the saudis to say that they're committed to any of this. that they would be inclined to not have any dealings whatsoever with the rod in the things. ok rather many thanks for the update there from washington d.c. . ok the weather now here's richard with some rather unusual storms in west africa. how boobs are storms that we often describe their current in many parts of the world but we don't often see them in senegal nuts what we've had in looking on these pictures laura you see this great mass of dust approaching. and a quote from whether a colleague who sent this in the wonderful name popped up and gore. you said this
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kind of sandstorm is usually most frequent over the sun. sarah does and then the region of. mauritania and the volunteer but not really in senegal it's a first and you can see the strength of the winds which came with this storm as well and those winds resulted in damage at the airports there was loss of livestock already quite nasty conditions so we look at the general situation room parts of west africa up here you've got senegal seventy six millimeters of rain coming down in parts of ghana but it is that area towards west where you had the most extreme weather i think much of the next twenty four to forty eight hours is further south into the lights of guinea guinea-bissau sierra leone we could see some really heavy showers developing them more storm to go to dot com i think the weather should be somewhat quieter but packing up again and moving slightly further north as we head through into sunday we were all across more eastern parts of africa we've had some
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decent rainfall totals being reported here looks rather be further heavy rain across parts of congo and other sections of east africa but generally here weather conditions are looking much quieter. reza thank you so ahead on al-jazeera they take a look at mexico's main presidential candidates and what's at stake for both the rich and the working poor plus. i'm andrew thomason him a little of all australia's ace post all the explaining how roads a transforming the white lifestyle you both are rescuing people at sea. tiger woods fires himself into contention for a first title and five years because we'll have the details later on in school. a new series of rewind a care bring your people back to life i'm sorry and brand new updates on the best
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of al-jazeera documentaries this trouble continual book from bondage to. use distance rewind continues with alfred's free press. i'm the money we didn't talk we go from the topic of what's how can you live the rest of sites that have been some changes over what a years you know rewind on al-jazeera. al-jazeera . where ever you are.
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and there again you're watching al-jazeera has a reminder of our top stories this hour syrian state media is reporting government forces have taken control of the town of dialogue from rebels in the southern province of was talking to a government ally russia about a peace deal and they're under which they would hand over more areas to president bashar assad's forces. south sudan's latest attempt at a cease fire is under threat from heavy fighting in the country's northwest between rebels and government forces presence all the care and rebel leader signed their agreement in neighboring sudan on wednesday. and demonstrations are taking place in south korea against the number of yemenis arriving there to seek asylum more than five hundred yemenis are fleeing to chad you island since december about hoffa's
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a million people have signed a petition urging the government to revise legislation on migrants. divers have managed to go several kilometers into a flooded cave in thailand for twelve young footballers and their coach you've been missing for a week local rescue crews have joined been joined by british divers and u.s. military personnel and you opening to the underground complex was discovered on friday offering hope that the bass boys may still be found alive let's go hide reports relatives remain positive despite so many questions and few ounces. a week after the boys and their coach passed through this entrance into the tom long cave a line of ambulances and hundreds of workers carry out a drill for their rescue. non-home boon is the mother of one of those boys she tells us thirteen year old monk home loved all sports but football was his favorite mother and son are very close uncharacteristically he did not ask for permission to go to the cave often take that he's
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a good boy he liked to play football since he was small i always support him i never thought anything like these would happen because whenever he would leave will he always act. for the first few days after monk or went missing his mother just cried at one point she was so distraught and exhausted she fainted she's only just started eating again she did not previously know any of the other parents of the missing boys now they're getting strength from each other i feel much better now and this the pause is making me stronger i have to be strong but i received my son . the tom long cave complex goes on for kilometers now this is a section of it across from where the searching for the boys and their coats is going on now now people here locals believe that there is a spirit in these caves and this is where they come to make offerings to it while offerings to the caves spirits and gods continue. so does the searching for
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a second day water is flowing from the mouth of the cave decreasing the level inside the flooded sections of the cave complex and rain has been light. and in the hills another chimney or hole leading down toward the cave is being explored as a possible way into the cave complex. the spirit of the cave is fable to be that of a woman who is waiting for her husband to return to her much like the relatives who have been here since last saturday scott how to al-jazeera chiang rai. one of the parents gave scott this picture showing several of the children before they went missing his mark his son on the phone so we'll keep bringing you updates on this ongoing rescue operation as we get. time is running out for pakistan to extend the right for more than one million registered afghan refugees to stay in the country for over a year pakistan's government has set and extended deadlines requiring all registered
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afghan refugees to cross back over the border if that's a deadline is not extended they'll be legally required to leave immediately so that in pakistan for decades with many having fled afghanistan when the soviet union invaded in one nine hundred seventy nine many of them have never been in afghanistan and were born and raised in refugee camps in recent months about government has taken a more hardline attitude with ministers describing refugees as a burden that the economy can no longer maintain not to previous deadlines past united nations warn that involuntary return of refugees to other states is against international principles and i hired a as more from islamabad. ever says the russian and region of honest on nineteen seventy's on refugees have corp august on their home their country has become host to a million refugees and even today over g. and a half decades on august on is said to host over two point five million of run refugees
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of which one point five million afghan refugees are registered and the others do not have adequate documents the government of pakistan has been exerting pressure on these refugees to go back because they. say you will die sanctuaries by militant outfits which are targeting august on however the relationship between kabul and islamabad has become. several rounds of talks between the civil and military leadership buggiest on it as far as dealing with the of foreign refugees is concerned that countries also do toward an election on the twenty fifth of july. new government will be in place in islamabad to take key decisions on the future relationship rid of run a stand and the plight of the afghan refugees residing in this country the united nations high commission for refugees is optimistic that despite the fact that turkey it was indeed their day to nine the government of pakistan was likely to
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increase that deadline. and to ease the suffering of the of one refugees dieting across this country and the gyptian court has to lay the final ruling and a mass trial involving seven hundred people until next month is on trial include photojournalists. who's facing the death penalty. being involved in the session in two thousand and thirteen that was broken up by the minute she will play in the delay on what it's called security reasons. mexicans vote on sunday in an election that could up and their country's politics big business is pushing its favorite candidate but the country's working class are expected to be the kingmakers for an end to violence poverty and corruption last america explain feed my kids for the side you'll have yet to rent a car parts factory that exports to the united states to a mexico's number one industry and like dozens of other prominent industrialists
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and businessmen he's part of a coalition that publicly supports the presidential candidate for mexico's governing party. the santillan you'll need a former finance minister is a friend of big business and the free markets the end to sis of the populous left wing candidate who's leading in the polls mr the little sad your believes he would be disastrous for mexico we had a sample of venezuela this is the difference rather what wasn't too big it's. what happens after sixty years he went out of money then you know been his role on these i mean our very top story so we don't want that to happen the next. piece of it i thought is a long time opponent of so-called savage capitalism and accuses prominent mexican billionaires of belonging to what he calls a power mafia. iraqis. need is appealing to mexicans to vote for continuity and not for
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a return to what he describes as the disastrous populism of the past and may well lead in these elections what we believe what we love what we've built is at stake in this election the country's future is at play. because of the one of the conservative opposition party plan couldn't agree more he too wants mexicans but the choice is between stability and the kind of uncertainty that spooks investors but the concerns of the busy. there don't seem to be striking a chord among millions of poor and low income mexicans who struggle to make a living but many here the prospect of electing a president who promises to make the have nots rather than the privilege his main priority seems irresistible people like troops vendor. who says the two other candidates represent options that have failed to the working class. of a whole new consumer because we need jobs education sports health for farmers not
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just for those who have benefited from. the need help so the country can grow. the mossad you had it remains optimistic he says it's illegal to tell his employees who to vote for but that he has explained what he believes would be the consequences if mexico were to veer off its present course. newman. mexico. general motors is warning that trade tariffs on imported vehicles could lead to the isolation of u.s. businesses from the global market told the u.s. commerce department that the levees could force the country to downsize but thousands of jobs at risk for the trump ministrations argument that the tariffs would protect u.s. industry. hundreds of orphanages that don't meet legal standards the government suspects for profit or child trafficking. reports on a home in the northern city of trying to help the children nine year old appeals
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parents died from aids four years ago her grandmother took care of her until she passed away the little girl who has hiv was living at a now shuttered orphanage in the northern ugandan city of gulu a pos now cared for by her legal guardian jeffrey who has four kids of his own. heart. my throughout my family and i think. valerie was the manager of one shelter that shut its doors the orphanage was home to children who lost their parents to aids and war the government of uganda has not . been the children's home the children. there and some of them. even their siblings many in uganda worry the closure of some six hundred orphanages will put children out on the streets without the basic skills
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for survival unicef says there are two and a half million orphans in uganda and hundred fifty three million worldwide the charity hope and home says children living in orphanages are forty times more likely to have a criminal record and five hundred times more likely to commit suicide researchers say children who grew up in orphanages suffer physically intellectually and emotionally the quality of life of orphans in uganda is what's worrying the commissioner for youth and children's affairs he's overseeing the closure of orphanages that don't meet the government's criteria we have also learnt that many of these often it is being used as a route across got children out of the country i'm suspecting parents just leave their children to be taken on by anybody under the guise of helping them and in the end. one of the licensed homes in gulu st jude it's home to more than ninety orphans. for the
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children to grow up in but also. for the children because some of their children would. while living with family is the ideal situation for orphans less and shelters can help st jude says some of the children who've grown up in their home have turned out to be productive and successful people with university educations and fulfilling careers. on al-jazeera. eighteen people have been killed in a head on collision between a bus and a truck in china's hunan province many more were injured after one of the vehicles reportedly crossed the central divide on a rain sleet highway on friday the world health organization says around two hundred sixty thousand chinese die every year in traffic accidents. every day and stray near thirty people are rescued from drowning and saving lives is about to get there is this year during the southern hemisphere summer drones will be used to
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help rescue stranded swimmers and to spot shocks might be getting a little too close for comfort under thomas reports from. a drone flies over the australian surf as well as the rough water films in the center of the shot to swimmers who've been swept out and are in serious trouble but rather than just film them the drone drops help a self inflating float to which the swimmers cling on and used to get gradually swept by the waves back into sure. it was one of these drones which in january carried out the rescue of two sixteen year old boys mark phillips was at the controls lucky. we're didn't actually put it on our end because we're obviously busy but we did it from the video footage from the wire so we know from takeoff to them receiving the pod was just sixty seventy seconds a demonstration shows how it works the drone hovers above the person in trouble
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then it's operates at times when to drop its load swimmers hold on until help arrives and i'm a traditional way in some cases drugs are equipped with the loudspeakers too connected to lifeguard radios they act in a preventative capacity for being able to get above people and say stop there's a real bear or you are about to get into trouble or you're about to be washed off head back in with had that capability intervened probably close to one hundred times where we'll stop people getting into that situation before they've even lost australian summer beaches down the east coast were patrolled by seventeen lifesaving drones by this november more than fifty rescue drugs will be operating the water today is calm at the devil gets put in a rough weather with waves rowing can reach places that jet skis can and. in frightening they've gone from shore to drop in just twenty five seconds. other
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drones look for sharks computers have been taught to recognize different species we've tried it with images this computer system and it can actually come back and actually give us accurate answers on the basis of the data we fit the computer can then alerts people to get them out of the water it is an excellent example of where . being used in not replacement things but as a system in getting the work done in a better way the shark spotting and life flow dropping drones have finished their trial periods they'll be patrolling australian beaches for real this summer and those behind them hope to sell their technology worldwide after thomas al-jazeera. been. out of their. knockout game where female football players face a battle for equality he will have that story and more in just a moment.


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