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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 1, 2018 1:00am-1:34am +03

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five hundred yemenis have access to countries through our holiday island called j g u r l and then our stuff because the government has moved to heal them in coming to the mainland there's only about three hundred people here right now but they're representing about half a million people who signed a petition urging the government to revise its legislation given all the refugees a lot of these protests is taking place more is another protest one hundred meters away in support of the refugee none of this is hoping for yemenis who so far as do a start on jade you are a lot of fighting in yemen has forced more than two million people from their homes most remain inside the country but hundreds of thousands have fled overseas according to the u.n.h.c.r. fifty one thousand have gone to neighboring amman another forty thousand are in somalia which already has one point five million internally displaced people is followed by saudi arabia which is leading the coalition war effort in yemen and djibouti
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a much smaller number have traveled to asian countries like malaysia where they can say visa free for three months yemenis trying to get to europe go via libya making them vulnerable to mistreatment and drowning one of the asylum seekers adnan alba katie says he had few options but to go to jail and. g.-u. island was the only country you have a level for us to go to without a visa and claim asylum because we can go into a few countries in the world with us of these but they don't accept refugees or they didn't sign the. united nations convention they cream and want to accept refugees and stuff so. it's of south korea but it's i mean we can't go to south korea we can go to. and it's dalai country now while we can go to. claim asylum because obviously if we go to another country and stay there with. if our visa expires than we will be stuck in jan or debilitation sense and because in
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order to be deported back to him because he's an expired us and then you have to go through a neighboring country because it isn't that and that was there's not there is a dire explains we can go to back to yemen we can go back you know because of the war anyway but if let's say you want to go back. because you need to get a visa to go to a neighboring country i mean they don't usually access to refugees and if they do it's really a small percentage maybe three percent something so and now a case they said they considering to give us a human to release a set of refugee status so they missed basically keep this in july then and so the was finished or at least until the think. it's a safe country to go back to so. they do i mean they are considering to give us a human to me and we have to wait at least six months but they did say del try to
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speed the process and probably give us an onset within three months. still to come on the program rescuers drop food into the depths of a cave in thailand as a break in the rain flooding and spares on the search efforts and why sunday's mexican presidential election is turning into a battle between big business and the working class. welcome back look at the satellite imagery across southern and eastern parts of china you see the massive cloud behind me some heavy rain here so we like to see that continuing on sunday maybe more towards the east we've got heavy showers for hong kong but across much of indochina weather conditions are pretty quiet at the moment following conditions for noise very hot and humid and it's much drier
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crossed me i'm armed police will report yang gone maybe dry for the day which should be quite something similar conditions expect as we head through into monday for the east so that rain continues so let's head across into south asia where the monsoon rain is looking pretty active in many areas in d.c. standing quite a long way towards the north now we're getting showers turning up in faisalabad for instance as we look at the forecast we've got some heavy rain down through the western ghats eastern areas also seeing decent man to share activity but it does still look very wet indeed across parts of nepal through towards bhutan nice and states of india bangladesh could be some significant flooding here could conditions i'm from delhi highs of thirty three similar temperatures in karate here in the arabian peninsula we have lost the winds down through the arabian gulf region so the humidity is creeping up very sticky indeed here in doha with a nice one temperature of forty two.
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as it's a takes a tougher line of migrants organized crime is making vast profits from their misery . people in power investigates the state funded perception centers whether helpless are reduced to commodities ripe for exploitation. the goods. after. welcome back reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera hundreds of protests
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are underway across the united states against the trump administration's controversial line gratian policy more than two thousand children remain separated from their parents despite the president signed an order to end the practice the free syrian army says peace talks with the government on its ally russia and broken down in the southern province of daraa several rebel held town and villages in the area have accepted government rule and more protests have been held in the south korean capital seoul against the arrival of yemeni asylum seekers more than five hundred have flown to jay-jay island since december. divers have managed to go several kilometers into a flooded cave in thailand looking for twelve young footballers and their coach will be missing for a week a new opening to the underground complex was discovered on friday offering hope the boys may still be found alive scott hi there we put some chiang rai relatives remain positive despite so many questions and few answers.
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a week after the boys and their coach passed through this entrance into the tom long cave a line of ambulances and hundreds of workers carry out a drill for their rescue. non-home is the mother of one of those boys she tells us thirteen year old among loved all sports but football was his favorite mother and son are very close uncharacteristically he did not ask for permission to go to the cave. he's a good boy he liked to play football since he was small i always support him i never thought and if the light these would happen because when ever he would leave pull he always act. for the first few days after monk on went missing his mother just cried at one point she was so distraught and exhausted she fainted she's only just started eating again she did not previously know any of the other parents of
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the missing boys now they're getting strength from each other i feel much better now and that's the point it's making me stronger i have to be strong but i received my son comes out today that come along cave complex goes on for kilometers now this is a section of it across from where the searching for the boys and their coach is going on now now people here locals believe that there is a spirit in these caves and this is where they come to make offerings to it while offerings to the caves spirit and gods continue. so does the searching for a second day water is flowing from the mouth of the cave decreasing the level inside the flooded sections of the cave complex and rain has been light. and in the hills another chimney or hole leading down toward the cave is being explored as a possible way into the cave complex. the spirit of the cave is fable to be that of a woman who is waiting for her husband to return to her much like the relatives who
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have been here since last saturday he's got other al-jazeera chiang rai. mexicans will head to the polls on sunday in an election that could that country's politics big business is pushing its favorite candidate but the country's working class are expected to be the king makers hoping for an end to poverty and corruption last america set loose in human explains. michael steele of a side you'll have yet to rent a car parts factory that exports to the united states to a mexico's number one industry and like dozens of other prominent industrialists and businessmen he's part of a coalition that publicly supports the presidential candidate for mexico's governing party. the santal you'll need a former finance minister is a friend of big business and the free markets. to says of the populous left wing candidate who's leading in the polls mr the little sad your believes he would be
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disastrous for mexico we had a sample of venezuela this is eleven for what wasn't too big it's. what happens after sixty years he went out of money then you know been his role and he's i mean our very tough story so we don't want that to have an image. and this locus of brotherhood is a longtime opponent of so-called savage capitalism and accuses prominent mexican billionaires of belonging to what he calls a power mafia. there was a study i need is appealing to mexicans to vote for continuity and not for a return to what he describes as the disastrous populism of the past and may well live in visa lections what we believe what we love what we've built is at stake in this election the country's future is at play better so because of the one of the conservative opposition party pan couldn't agree more he too wants mexican's that
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the choice is between stability and the kind of uncertainty that spooks investors. but the concerns of the business sector don't seem to be striking a chord among millions of poor and low income mexicans who struggle to make a living for many here the prospect of electing a president who promises to make the have nots rather than the privilege his main priority seems irresistible people like truth vendor. who says the two other candidates represent options that have failed to the working class simple terms of a whole new consumer because we need jobs education sports health for farmers not just for those who have benefited from welcome the need help so the country can grow. you'll have it remains optimistic he says it's illegal to tell his employees who to vote for but that he has explained what he believes would be the consequences if mexico were to veer off its present course to see
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a new an i'll just see that mexico south. has reportedly been violated within just a few hours both government forces and rebels in the northwest are blaming each other for breaking the cease fire agreement was signed by president salva kiir and rebel leader machar in neighboring city at least fifty thousand people have been killed and four million forced from their homes since the civil war began in twenty . launches there is heavy morgan has covered the conflict in south sudan extensively she explains why the ceasefire is so difficult to implement in the country. the truth is since the ceasefire agreement was signed on wednesday in khartoum both sides said that we are going to hold back from fighting and less attacks so there was already cautious optimism there people were not really sure if the other side would abide by the agreement or not now what we've seen is that the fighting has resumed between the two sides in the northwestern part of western part
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of the country in a place called well county with both sides accusing each other in saying that they have the right to self-defense but the truth is both sides said that the ceasefire is effective and should attack the other so it's shows some kind of lack of control iow between the two sides to their forces regardless of who started the attack it shows that the order that was given by the president and the order there was given by the head of the opposition to their forces is not fully implemented so either it has not trickled down to the commanders on the ground or it did and no commander is listening because the order has been given and people are still violating it if there are commanders on the ground still there leading it and we're talking about one part of the country now these forces that have confronted each other in different other parts of the country in the northern part of the country around the equator region in the east in the west they do have forces as well and it's not really clear if these commanders on the ground are listening to their bosses are they listening to the orders that came out yesterday at twelve am and are they going to hold on to the cease fire a lot. more than the million afghan refugees living in pakistan will find out and
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whether they're allowed to say some of lived in pakistan for decades with many having fled afghanistan when the soviet union invaded in one nine hundred seventy nine. from islam about. ever says the russian and region of advanced on nineteen seventies on refugees have corp august on their home their country has become host to millions of refugees and even today over g. and a half decades on august on is said to host over two point five million afghan refugees of which one point five million afghan refugees are registered and the others do not have adequate documents the government of pakistan has been exerting pressure on these refugees to go back because they. say you are saying cities by militant outfits which are targeting august on however the relationship between kabul and islamabad has become. a several rounds of golf between the civil and military
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leadership buggiest on it as far as dealing with the of foreign refugees is concerned that countries also do toward an election on the green the fifth of july . new government will be in place in islamabad to take key decisions on the future relationship or doesn't run a stand and the plight of the afghan refugees residing in this country the united nations high commission for refugees is optimistic that despite the fact that it was indeed the day to nine the government of pakistan was likely to increase that deadline. and to ease the suffering of the of one refugees dieting across this country and i'm just thirty people and say rescued from drowning in australia but saving lives is about to get easier next summer drones will being used to help rescue stranded swimmers and sports chocks that might be getting a little too close for comfort andrew thomas reports from new labor on queensland's sunshine coast. a drone flies over the australians
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as well as the rough water films in the center of the shot to swimmers who've been swept out and are in serious trouble but rather than just film them the drone drops help a self inflating float to which the swimmers cling on and used to get gradually swept by the waves back into sure it was one of these drones which in january carried out the rescue of two sixteen year old boys mark phillips was at the controls lucky yes we didn't actually put it on our end because we're obviously busy but we did it with of it from the video footage from the fly so we know from takeoff to them receiving that part was just sixty seventy seconds a demonstration shows how it works the drone hovers above the person in trouble then it's operator times when to drop its load swimmers hold on until help arrives and i more traditional way in some cases drones are equipped with the loudspeakers
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too connected to lifeguard radios they act in a preventative capacity where being able to get above the point sorry i stopped there's a repair or you are about to get into trouble or you're about to be washed off head back in with had that capability so we're having intervened probably close to one hundred times where we're stop people getting into that situation before they've even got the last australian summer beaches down the east coast were patrolled by seventeen lifesaving drones by this november more than fifty rescue drugs will be operating in the water today it was part of the devil get put in a rough weather with waves rowing can reach places that jet skis can and off in training they've gone from shore to drop in just twenty five seconds. other drones look for shocks computers have been taught to recognise different species we've tried it with images this computer system and it can actually come back and
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actually give us accurate answers on the basis of the data we fit the computer can then alerts people to get them out of the water it is an excellent example of where . i've been used in not replacement things but this is a system in getting the work done in a better way the shark spotting and life flow dropping drones have finished their trial periods they'll be patrolling australian beaches for real this summer and those behind them hope to sell their technology worldwide after thomas al-jazeera balloon neighbors but. if their top stories are out as there are hundreds of protests are underway across the united states against a trump administration's controversial migration policy more than two thousand children male remain separated from their parents despite president signing an order pledging to end the practice our correspondent reza in jordan is at the march
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in washington. just before a long holiday weekend thousands of people have packed lafayette square behind me across from the white house to say that they do not support the tropic ministrations migration policy and certainly in light of this week's supreme court upholding the so-called travel ban or muslim ban people are simply saying this is not the united states we want to live in and they have come out by the thousands just here in washington to protest against the trumpet ministration syrian rebels say peace talks with the government and its allies russia have ended in failure the free syrian army says they refused to surrender in the southern province of daraa several rebel held town and villages in the area have now accepted government rule more protests have been held in the south korean capital seoul against the arrival of yemeni asylum seekers around five hundred her flown to jail since december about
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half a million people in south korea have signed a petition urging the government to revise refugee legislation divers have managed to go several kilometers into a flooded cave in thailand to search for twelve young footballers and their coach been missing for a week a new opening in the cave was discovered on friday offering hope they may still be found alive and rescuing them were hampered by heavy rain south sudan's latest cease fire has reportedly being violated within just a few hours with both government forces and rebels blaming each other the agreement was signed by president salva kiir rebel leader ria china in neighboring sit down on wednesday at least fifty thousand people have been killed and four million forced from their homes since the civil war began in twenty thirteen those are the top stories people in power is coming up next.
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hundreds of thousands of migrants have arrived in italy over the past four years gaining sanctuary from violence and poverty but prompting an increasingly toughest films from the state. of being more welcoming those seeking to profit from the migrants misfortune we've been to investigate the system a privately run reception center is as full and wide open to exploitation corruption and organized crime.
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more than six hundred thousand migrants have arrived by boat in southern italy over the past four years seeking century or more persecution and extreme poverty. most of them have been funneled straight into a network a privately run emergency reception center as these a funded by italy and the european union and operate on the contracts issued by prefixes the regional offices of the ministry of interior. but as this investigation will show the sheer number of arriving migrants in recent years and the united could monitoring of the way the centers are run of with
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a system wide open to exploitation corruption and abuse. it's grown into a hugely profitable business for both ruthless entrepreneurs and old guys crying sometimes with deadly consequences. in the near mom that i see you know i thought it was. ok but i don't know the guy. i don't know. the be so they. say i'm going to go oh yeah yeah god only god is evil guy like a monk. in the article. the fourteenth two thousand and seventeen in the outskirts of glitching yanagida
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best in naples nineteen year old can be an asylum seeker. was shot by the owner of a mike and reception center where launched. bob agreed to be interviewed for this film but for security reasons we can see his face. in the problem of the girls who could really be free. to move through the neutral or do they going to the room what was going to go on still. when they called. them both to. sure. papa travelled from the gambia to italy to libya where he say's he was badly tortured. unwillingly. to the
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polluted improve who are waiting going to work going to go. kill. once in italy and still in great pain bob was sent to the christianity center by call such privately owned facilities it was applied to provide medical care for its residents of bob ses his pleas for help were ignored. because of my interest with really couldn't believe that michael could do what. who are the ones who knew three women to. according to another resident that wasn't the only problem with center was desperately overcrowded that mess on process but commit said tuesday when it appeared that one person on. the welcomed as anymore. yet it was our will. be dead there's a law about what would be
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a book in protest bob set fire to the mattress on his bed that's when the owner of the center showed up and shot him. liberal new position if we did rid of the girl who polluted and to move it through with duke knew that. the center's owner who shot buffalo ga with an illegal weapon was local businessman part of me like actor that raccoon thought the testimony when i first saw him i said in my mind is aware and the more the more tory than take him being me that they feel the . need to get a shia card i mean it really got his interests a previously ranged from construction to chicken farms so he decided to house migrants inside some of his properties. we went to delhi got his mansion and rich in yarnell we want to ask how his previous experience of qualified to provide assistance to asylum seekers i don't usually audience it will fight
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a bit thick with stuff but a lot of on this one out. of the center where bob was shot a since been closed by the authorities and calum in a delegate has been forced to step down from the business he's now awaiting trial for attempted murder. but to many of the operators of italy's privately owned reception centers he'd been found wanting. if i she were not there misty so no subject you cannot be talking momentum it. gets you in it forty it up or that it down out or if you so much it means that the. saints are we are in a limbo. that put it left. but it isn't just inexperienced and greedy who spotted a chance to make money from migrants across southern italy where most of the centers are based few business opportunities escape the scrutiny of more organized
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criminals. and if i'm in. the system where the. team were sort of well again i would listen to the phenomena called. queer due to illness or biases and what about your list and setting them over month year old authorization elevator for. me good and evil people a drug. policy is a member of the italian parliament and a former member of a parliamentary commission that looked into the management of italian migrant reception system it's a business with over four billion euros per year which every migrant is valued at roughly thirty five euros per day for most of whether they didn't where were jordan or whatever as compressible misses me to the assistance of the koreans i mean granted cheap boy poked at molly boy. in the due to the treaty of the seasons as. in media to linguistic assistance of. course in dealing with. the west
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on the b.n. it part of the problem he told us twice in the haphazard way contracts for the privately run emergency reception centers one hundred out by local prefixes. it but up until a bit of a. system was. the system where they are all live better. this is they were. added to it insufficient . not good when you get them on the. symbols on the go mark so coming to you to. day is an asylum seeker from the ivory coast who is housed in a privately owned emergency reception center in a small town called definitely naples another part of the marquee and moan. he go. on there it is not sure what i was yankovic the unique
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is that the market. for. the center into which my son was placed is managed by a company called two point zero. the protest the company filed a report against the. queues in him of violating eternal rules told him you have to leave. it's a good long bus you're watching the on the buses this week was here visiting the monday that was the mood where i want to mark the one when the sun. after being ousted from the center. sort of assistance from yes it's a group of activists based in this form a psychiatric hospital in naples abdel meir is one of the group's volunteers.
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but these are all. of the. chain working with. abdel focuses attention. on the conditions inside the center in feel a bit paranoid. about not according to all that they see when you answer that i got sick of you and was so into the game that he dad ne more than careful of what to do . when it was sunday the city council. with. a lot of well off. center is one of the biggest in the area housing up to two hundred eighty eight migrants is buried deep in the countryside at least and i was really from the nearest bus stop. bell and offered to take his there to see it to find out whether anything had changed. according to the report
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was sent to lax many of the basic services that the owners a contractually obliged to provide. these claims across borate it by videos the migrants shot themselves with the police make it even just. yet but inmates. feel good looking at him is when i could give in to his little. sister mediator to. assistance sonny. made the send us on with. the i was there so i say. yes i did want to so if you go yeah i'm mad say. ok i'm allowed. looking is your complete. philly's think your wife didn't see it and that is.
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actually not when it. was in one to me. but you come tonight again on the road. is that the right side on the other that i do know about myself when i was not up well with. yes came with them on their own event so the mark sikkim of our for example an instant q that's what i believe the buttons will. be. said these are going to be the magic that's not on our way to the. files. so comes up with the information i need these. are going to be lost if you read are usually strictly. not usually written. as we were talking to the residents lines or grimaldi the center's coordinator turned up and agreed to speak to us can you elaborate a bit about the national anthem the winter.


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