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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 1, 2018 5:00am-6:00am +03

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well though when you start kind of zoom in it is doing our own thinking where i am in the refugee camp with the. with choose he's been been here for seventy years. and. and he's been a refugee almost all his life. kind of fills feel strange that that is so permanent for him to be in a camp from being a refugee. you
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know. what. you know. then mark one of the big. good it's my bad luck. but us now it's a i mean when i'm going is it up or were lawyers that are. now here i had bad guy on but i'm there but the only let i mean the end of the promised when there are all or nothing doing here. about i have a quarrel but i'll let him know bad. those are out and about most in my
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family value but in terms of our message we're going to hue. our red blue and ask them about the perceived need for good little bart or good law. to have militias then it'll fall to quit looking up and had a better than after all at no can't been miller had them of that is yet another saw to see if it had been higher than the helm of the sith are almost off yannick at certain bill mahoney of animation for that and a lot of that i still think the. hello but to see. you know.
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what. i'm also like you know what sort of. brings me to the nursing home don't know starts to tell me about escape from palestine when he was a boy and the beginning of his life and the day i asked. him for a brief closing time the people of that they asked for show me that when they are together they can we live a life taken from them so by and. i think. i should done shows the rest of the story and has i'm not the one month sort of. the head guy that you know might be like that but be sure. that it's
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not a boy. and when i do with him that a kid needed to let you out on. your walk you have come to set that up big. or got it dead. on and before you judge a judge that i'm about to suck up i want to. pay. that bill for don't you know it may. not have but make me look both. is that i'll bore you with zip not by pressure i believe now. not do not now. this way below zero but what. we. now know out of a hat. but that he if i'm not being i. thought that people have been shot right now all that but not. in horror i listen to the stories of
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the catastrophe told to me by people who were children then. and have lived with their tragedy for seventy is. the effect of kind of a single. shred of stuff just think if you're one of the people that i was missing did that somehow you know i saw you on. the job done and his friends tell me the sign is coming from europe committed this massacre these indiscriminate killings of innocent people not to native jewish people who had lived side by side with the muslims and christians for over two thousand is it was designed is to store the palestinian homeland and made the people of the nakba homes and nobody didn't believe this mistake and that witness is still at it and you see it truthful as you live. it then what it is will this will
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lead to an elf of the moon that it will have that man will have less than an event that it will not be. on the planet this shit in any event that is going to be shared is. mine and really as a bill am lee the head that in this instance let me tell my. thing enough you know we had one this. week that was a fellow student out of order i think it had been did you think i did not and that i'm not. getting the amount of money i need to know much at the beginning and now when i'm not having. the set up i did not have a meeting with many a set up in the harbor sit there with many in a sort of file you know a little bit about the sort of a sort of i live in the neck of national league. no my mom was a government man never those who got a home. yet despite their pain there is
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a hope here the house growing and believeth and strength every year up to seventy years dispy pull of how that has. you know i'm not sure that. there had there not a philosophy in what you know about almost or do i now. i'm putting this new year's eve campaign finance how do you know child policy in almost any energy policy and it is along. with that number of the if we're lucky enough. to kill return symbolic and now realize of a sense of purpose and belief we don't always have built that had done that yet put it that had one hundred of them even if they're dead and it is. inevitable i think you can look at the peak message am.
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i leave the center humbled by the suffering these people have been too hard and continue to endure but also inspired by the greater resilience. like this i know. that. lebanon. is a is a torn. when the. number line for teen prepared food every day they sit and eat as a family and this is when most conversations happen this is their safe place. but the day on friday i put it in and leave it there ok. well i don't have many and i have read. very little in the event that
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a lot of here. hope to have it under the name of that you like at this hour there will always hello but have you never tired of saturday. all die but here we go i doubt that is out there anywhere in the city in the. eyes your parish of law and how you knew you. would how you're now i minister to hunt seeing. it would be in my thought then that in how you pay your own merry way you view it as if we started our that line up here or so then me with these
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i love you. more thought. to be my second night sleeping here one moment is like a very happy intense emotional moment. then suddenly can be just very depressing realizing where your. old people santa felt like a very unique experience. to be would. you know maybe twenty thirty. old palestinians. probably real or most of them were in palestine for ninety forty eight. you get used to it but you
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don't. it's not a normal but normal life the show. actually . made was the one who challenge me to come here i want to know about him i want to see him in his world. and on the strength of a job done comes from his childhood and then expulsion from palestine he knows what he's waiting for why he endures what he does. but i wonder about the generation
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born in the camp. of the shows men are there is many skills when insist on making me a coffee at his local cafe. he has started to be a nurse but is not allowed to practice because he is a palestinian refugee because. his friends each of them with holds and dreams and possibilities also thor did every step because their police to refugees. yalla. amid sings now that weddings inside the camp there is only way to provide for his young family. a millennial i can make them their cattle call their.
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but i knew. it already or if i didn't. i need. to judge if i was that that you went into doubt because it was. made was fortunate stud many of his friends did not have dissed chance. by that was . i. think i think. that that was. the only two i deal. with a child inside that oh yeah i wonder what the future holds for these young men how will they screen time in. the dream of another life outside the town. i. this reminds me of how easy it was for myself my good friend
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jack to get a job. some things become possible for some purely because of where they were born jack joked working with disadvantage use in on them we were laughing at the time when he told us what. was a moment oh god it's terrible not that they would have had a letter that way but i know by that she was on the boat that it. was genuine just like hot spot i was like when he left the city i was childish everyone else that was it i. was touched isha i was a bit united i thought most. awkward like that because i took the joke i was was.
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i am happy for jack but right now remembering a privilege it's. i . was prevented from realizing his dream of not a single but it does not stop him from volunteering his time with the young people of his town. is making a real difference in the life of these kids even while holding on to such a disappointment in the song. was well.
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to make me look at the moment in a new light. let. you. be . with the dark and. i'll try. the arco. you teach me ok to go. but a lot of them come into. their . own. eradicating leprosy in cambodia relied on education and i'm treatment in equal
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measure on them following him bloody early you know disability yet we would be wait until three year old for you more people have this ability. to get and didn't know wait for the next generation of antibiotics may just be way taking place at the bottom of the ocean maybe this but good to know that this hope so q i revisited on al-jazeera. being located outside that western centric sphere of influence were able to bring a different perspective to global events when you peel away the lists of cove a minute tree in the financial dog and you see the people in those words and those policies are affecting see the emotion on their faces the situation they're living in that's when all the us can identify with the story.
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the afghan national army. guardians of a country ravaged by decades of war and occupation abandoned by its liberate his. young men who know that each day could be the last it to continue to fight for a future free from calix. afghanistan's own battle and witness documentary on al-jazeera. hello i'm in london let's just take a quick look at the top stories now hundreds of protests are taking place across the united states against the top of ministrations controversial migration policy we've been looking at live pictures from a march that's taking place in minneapolis all in two thousand children remain
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separated from their parents despite president trump signing in order to end the violence in new york a selection of activists in actors turned out in that city to address the crowd. i am part of turning that hunt for them down the road of great the mundane and briggs i mean and to the. look at those rules the more good of good little. girly general motors of course. little girl. who was really. into mother uncool as long as it takes we will come together and we're going to have some freedom magically known to the law who could ministration the mean narrowed holland and the thought morrison of children from their parents are living in heart with reality to syria now where rebels say peace talks with the government and its ally
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russia have ended in failure the free syrian army has refused to surrender in the southern province of daraa several rebel held towns and villages in the area have now accepted government rule. more protests have been held in the south korean capital seoul against the arrival of yemeni asylum seekers about half a million people in south korea have signed a petition urging the government to revise refugee legislation and the german chancellor angela merkel says fourteen e.u. countries agree to take back migrants who originally registered with the local made the claim to her coalition partners who want the government to be tougher on migration but hungary is denying that it's agreed to anything south sudan's latest cease fire is reportedly been violated within just a few hours with both government forces and the rebels blaming each other it was signed by president salva kiir and the rebel leader react which are on wednesday
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although the top stories are going to bring you more on everything in the news hour that's coming up in about twenty five minutes time do join me then al-jazeera world now continues. thank you but that's you. back home life continues despite there being no chance of getting a job families still value education. i see the youngest generation now filled with potential i'm brilliance i do have. a lot of litigation think they can get it again i'm still not sure. how.
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i do. it is six am and the time that little john. great granddaughter has to wait if she's to try and reach to school on time.
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i walk with her as she makes her way through the camp to the place where the bus will because. this is education for the children of the come this is what school means. i feel like we're standing in a war zone. as we wait for the bus that no one seems to know how long it will be before it becomes how. there is no shelter a bus stop or seat for the children to sit on if their legs are tired. there is no electronic board to let us know when the next bus will arrive. and the only thing
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for sure is that there will be more than six minutes between buses. but. i wonder if i would have had the determination when i was eight years old. was. was. was. was. a. lack of schools and means of transport is not the only threat to the young. the hanging cables is a constant danger and according to a fifty in bushel but i was in a camp have been electrocuted so far thirty seven of these lost their lives. only.
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i wonder how many people this clinic must provide for. each child each mother has a story that stretches over countless shadows of despair war and most. everyone else face the realities of dispossession and the refugee. was. here. oh.
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oh. oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh if only i knew. she was. with. you. oh yeah i want to know if this is the only. clinic in the county yes isn't there only one of us in this serving twenty thousand people. who love thousand photos finest in your day. sir or said yes or no yes i yes something official policy yes. the influx of syrian refugees has doubled the number of people the clinic must now provide for the people with the least have been the only ones opening the doors to the needy. the
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good news is that her job done was just caught a cold and will recover but good news is seldom separated from bad here. and how job done learn some news he was fearing. the only harm has. come to my whole of the multiplicity of the foster. care on the. pillow the love of my home office the mafia. the. the the. the. the.
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nothing but hon but those jewels the seven year. joys of chemical little only out of the left now the one that knowledge can be a gas have any you cannot undo and avoid one day in my home not for. fear of what. name it means two years i wonder how sure may so strong who siblings killed in
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a civil war and her mother killed by a car at the entrance to the camp after finishing her work as a cleaner. a lawyer from them. called my work not so long how that a normal. american almost soon enough of them will supply him and then another celestial someone how long the telephone. it's hard for the parents to see their children growing up here knowing that they would have to face a life without any rights a citizen. up
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until now have seen on the surface how not to stuff for them but tonight for the first time there is a tension in the house to review some something much deeper. but you know you see. this man now on trial you know yes he is a failure without having owners of his roof and the home of the cologne fastens i modify lawgiver susan say i love how word to me how fast enough and understood had a man was sort of nothing on foot and i said i. have a my life infatuation is among them that message and also i will say on the law michel you some of them are. in muncie and look out on plus they will
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know. how many of you many good question here. how your notion seeing can a good many well like you're not there like many. that have it at the low family oh he. understood i never thought of that the murdoch and part of a whole lot of all all of us fought off my ob little dot com let's put out a special little of that called the battle of the lot of that that they loved a lot of them especially the love of no one the less about the love the lot. i don't follow that about moustache lairs oh look learn it going to florida on buffalo then it let me get for it then the moron mustache will honk you have won it last i thought of a fourth mustache from a lack was thought of more like a headline. not a headline how about other moustache from of or two on the stash well now the mamma
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thought it. less than a year for us there and i have a bit of none i love to death up but i have not seen this hurt the nominee for now i know to what depths of despair existence in this camp can bring a man. the camp is no longer a story for me pictures i can see in a book or refracted to me from the t.v. screen from which i'm removed and can remove myself a tiny moment the cam is in me. i wander through the camp and the
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images imprinted in me forever beneath the deadly electrical wires cutting across the sky lines and in closing the trail of streets. that are. posing much the camp is real and the kindness and generosity welcoming. the child. now. as i was wondering one day i remember my being caught by a house in one dusty street of the can it was quite beautiful on the outside it was called in sun human. rooms filled with artistic projects in a way strange at all odds with the stark and harsh reality of the camp i wondered if this were some museum some funded art center for the privileged i learned from naama the chairman of insight on that this was actually a drug rehabilitation center. and all funding came to the center and it was built
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upon the ruins of a prison a remarkably small number of drug offenders live in the community number tells me but for them the center has proved to be the way back to the community. for the young palestinians living in the cam there is more that can do to resist a life despair. in the midst of the crowded streets the kids keep playing football and hubba ensuring their survival.
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what strikes me most is how out of the darkness everyone i meet here is trying to find. was. was. music nurtured by volunteer musicians is bringing beauty back to an ugly existence. with. the air. was. for a brief moment here these people celebrating together and not refugees at all own way. god but are equal citizens of the world i
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feel so lucky to be witness to this. heard. there was. this is. a bill from our people from our. voting rolls for your visit. it's thirty. three big for us but it don't itch to come down. thank you very much thank you but. my journey has been a journey of self discovery as i walk home without merit i realize our happy i am to be coming to the door there are only six days ago i approached that prevention
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and uncertainty. i love drinking tea with the family and helping to be alone thirteen with the food i love the sound of the children and seen them smile and laugh. i want to be their advocate i want to make what difference they can want everyone to feel what i felt and to see what i've seen. one thing that they kept telling me is that we're just we're just human like everyone else and they just want to live a normal life and. they kept emphasizing that you know to day they will return one day and that will happen and so although they feel that. there is a huge injustice being committed against them but they're still not giving up on an on on seeking this is their goal which is to to go back to palestine and to to live
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it such a depressing situation name just one world now how nastily can it and rattle it it's like a great board of string it's got into such a mess made by scholars. human misery is just a. bunch we're more annoyed with so much of it they should be ignored. but international. coverage and international opinion and you know it's very very hard to get an airing for this subject and that's why one of the things i wanted to ask from this meeting is. if this in this parliament would be so important if we could have perhaps a debate on the issue of palestinian refugees if we could have. issued been more at the forefront it would be very important to you to the people living in and the
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refugee camps in lebanon and elsewhere and especially. as a british citizen t.d. they reminded me that britain has. a special responsibility it's. the to parliament ariens jenny tongue and thomas shepherd were keen to listen to how should the story and stories from the camp but i realised how complicated the palestinian issue is. when ever you meet palestinians in the caps or anywhere else you always get positive messages from men they're always you know arranging things doing things having festivals carry on their lives. children the children that education education education that's most wonderful thing that's very positive very positive. and not going to let that culture die. but.
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i think. i. i. i. i.
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i think i owe. oh. oh oh. oh. oh. oh. oh. yeah oh yeah you know love to. have you. well
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i need. to learn you stand up. on your numbers oh yeah. oh yeah i know that's a knock. on the ok finally gone around the. country and you know how do you know that thank. you i mean. yeah. and i'm. going to my. side then. follow. the side of. i'm like. i'm.
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almost over there sort of. almost the whole. of us. if. you will that. will write to me. we have a number. of
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industry where a family is like back to hard to build a shop to print kick ass in palestine who are driven from their homes in prosperous farms seventy years ago and have been living in camps and temp accommodation in lebanon since then and is he aware that the lebanese government that it continues to restrict palestinians right to what prohibits them from ending property and refuses access to health care and education leaving them dependent on an roic who have diminishing funds can he really be content to let this continue for another seventy years or will the palestinians be allowed the right of return to
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their homeland as prescribed in international law. the story of a friendship between a filmmaker and a seven year old girl what is it would mean. giving hope to a refugee families fleeing the syrian war. in the face of deep rooted tension between the lebanese and the refugees. my syrian friends. by setting it up on al-jazeera.
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welcome back we've got some quite chilly conditions across southeastern parts of a straight moment night time lows well into single figures across these areas and daytime highs not great outlaid there fourteen melbourne just thirteen degrees celsius and across western australia so complacent perth they're coming in at twenty two degrees celsius so there's a move the forecast through into monday that front begins to push into wards perth meanwhile we've got one or two showers on the coast maybe brisbane seeing the odd shower but again those temperatures still very much on the low side moving across into new zealand we've got pretty unsettled weather at the moment certainly looks like being a wet and windy one through much of sunday particular the western side of both north and south islands as we head on into monday we will find the bulk of that rain begin to clear away certainly slightly brighter but sherry whether beginning to push in so a slight improvement expected now as he moved up into northeastern parts of asia
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here too it's looking pretty unsettled we will eventually see a tropical cyclone appearing from the south heading towards south korea but ahead of it we've already got some heavy rain and in fact it's also pushes into north korea to move the forecast through into monday that rain still in evidence there is a cycle beginning to develop south korea like you see some very heavy rain me want to should be largely dry and beijing highs thirty one. july on al jazeera in a new series of head to head maddie hasson tackles the big issues with hard hitting questions mexico is getting ready for a general election what direction will the country take as it struggles with drug violence and economic instability. people in power continues to examine the use and abuse of power around the world as the world cup in russia nears its end we'll bring you stories from on and off the pitch of the world's most viewed sporting
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event on television and online the stream continues to tap into the extraordinary potential of social media to disseminate news. july on al-jazeera. every year in pakistan hundreds of women are victims of so-called honor killings one on one east searches for the truth in a case that exposes the growing clash between old beliefs and modern life and how does their. area. zero. zero no i maryam namazie this is the news hour live from london coming up in the next sixty minutes from new york to chicago atlanta to south carolina across the
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fifty states americans protest a government zero tolerance migration policy. peace talks between syrian rebels and president assad's key ally russia break down as government forces close in on there are province. a break in the rain gives rescue is a new window as the search continues for boys and football coach missing in a cave and more than a million afghan refugees await their fate as the pakistani government decides whether to deport them or not. and i'm over with all the day's school. fronts of the cup in russia better more later in the program. huge marches are taking place across the united states with tens of thousands of people protesting the trumpet ministrations controversial zero tolerance
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immigration policy demonstrations have been held across all fifty states with a massive turnout in minneapolis these are some of the pictures we've been seeing there more than two thousand migrant children remain separated from their parents despite president donald trump signing an order reversing the separation policy as well as the quick reunification of families protesters are also calling for an end to immigrant detention and the travel ban targeting some muslim majority nations. tens of thousands of people marched towards the white house protesters gathering in lafayette square chanting and singing president trump and his family left washington on friday i missed. a at the trump national golf club for the weekend meanwhile thousands of protesters in new york marched across the brooklyn bridge bearing signs with slogans like make america humane again and immigrants are welcome here gabriel elizondo is there and sent us this update. thousands of people
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marching here in new york city they just completed a march over that famous earthling bridge there well over ten thousand people here i would say and they're calling for two things number one the reunification of the children that are already separated from their family members and number two they are saying stop stop this zero tolerance policy of president donald trump that is still holding and criminalizing asylum seekers after they cross the border into the united states now just here in new york city it's thought that there are over three hundred children that are in shelters here that have been separated from their immigrant family members now this number we don't know exactly because the federal government the government there has this information is not actually sharing the exact number with new york authorities but it's believed to be over three hundred we see a very diverse crowd of people out here all saying that they have to come out in
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force to make sure that their message is not only heard here in new york but washington as well and even around the world. thousands of people have gathered in the streets in chicago fifteen thousand registered on facebook saying that they would come to this event and many of the people i talked to said that they have not registered at all so we don't really know what the numbers are in many of these people are wearing white as the organizers of the event have asked them to do to make a dramatic statement but of course many of them aren't you see signs here they say things like families belong together there have been some counter protesters wearing signs that say things like to reunite families in mexico but by and large this is a protest against president john and trump's immigration policies john to a man who said the last time that he went to a protest was in the one nine hundred sixty s. and it was a protest against the vietnam war but he said he was show furious about the president's immigration policies that he came here to protest once again. now an
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elderly man is not popular in chicago he lost chicago in the two thousand and sixteen presidential election and. he remains highly unpopular here and he often uses the city. talking about the amount of violence in the streets here and that feeling is requited by many people in this crowd the big song is pink floyd's the wall everybody chance at the line that says leave those kids alone. well now to our other top story this hour syrian rebels saying that their peace talks with the government and its ally russia have ended in failure the free syrian army say they refused to surrender in the southern province of daraa it comes as a string of rebel held town and villages that have accepted government rule following an intense bombardment campaign that's forced more than one hundred sixty thousand people to flee. for diane has more. for the celebration over syrian forces claiming control of rebel held town isn't
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dora province syria's state media showed these images allegedly showing unwavering support. but on syria's border a desperate plea more than one hundred sixty thousand civilians have fled in just five days neighboring israel and jordan have closed their borders jordan says it can't afford to take in more syrian refugees. we came from the city of hama which was drawn by bombs and came under siege with pleading with jordan and its king hoping to go through. airstrikes led by syria's strongest ally russia have gone on for at least ten days rebel forces have been now powered peace negotiations and on and off cease fire deals with russia followed. previous cease fire deals had been breached before. vision syrian regime forces
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launched an attack on the other side so who made this agreement the united states and russia they both have responsibility and this needs to stop. daro was one of the last rebel told areas in syria symbolically it's much more it's here where the uprising against syria's government began seventy years ago now its fate may have international implications it has a very important strategic value for israeli because it's about its north border the u.n. warns the situation could turn into a humanitarian crisis many of those who try to flee now have nowhere to go. lopez so the young al-jazeera. well coming up for you on this news hour from london iraq wiggins' its manual recount of votes in some regions but we'll tell you why this might not end the crisis over last month's election why sunday's mexican
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presidential election is turning into a battle between big business and the working class and then later on in small world number two caroline wozniacki wins her second title at the least. for now sweden says it will host yemen's warring parties for negotiations meanwhile the u.n. is saying that it will help run the red sea port in the data saudi and a military coalition has been fighting to take the city from the who sees for two weeks now most of the country's humanitarian supplies come through the port to feed the millions of people who desperately need aid. on another development south koreans are continuing to rally against the rapid rise of yemenis seeking asylum there will and five hundred people from yemen have flown to j. zhou island since december about half a million people have signed a petition urging the government to revise the refugee legislation government was forced to hold them urgency meeting on friday to deal with the crisis eventually
5:57 am
promising to tighten its laws craig leeson has more from seoul the south koreans are protesting against what they see is a refugee crisis here in the country this is because more than five hundred yemenis have access to countries through a holiday island called j g u r l and then our stuff because the government has moved to heal them in coming to the mainland there's only about three hundred people here right now but they represent about half a million people who signed a petition urging the government to revise its legislation to get more refugees these protesters taking place more is another protest one hundred meters away in support of the refugee none of this is hoping for yemenis who so far as do a stock company on jade you are the all fighting in yemen has forced more than two million people from their homes most remain inside the country but hundreds of thousands have also fled overseas according to u.n. h.c.r.
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fifty one thousand have gone to neighboring amman another forty thousand in somalia which already has one and a half million internally displaced people it's followed by saudi arabia which is leading the coalition war effort in yemen and djibouti a much smaller number of fled to asian countries like malaysia where they can stay visa free for three months most yemenis do try to get to europe though via libya making them vulnerable to mistreatment and of course drowning one of the yemeni asylum seekers and then i says he had few options but to go to ireland. was the only country available for us to go to without a visa and claim asylum because we can go into a few countries in the world with us of these but they don't accept refugees or they didn't sign the. united nations convention or grievance to accept refugees as the church. of south korea but as i mean we can't go to south korea we can go to.
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and it's dalai country in the world we can go to without a visa and claim asylum because obviously if we go to another country and stay there. if our visa expires then we will be stuck in jail or debilitation sense of because in order to be deported back to that expired us and then you have to go through a neighboring country because it isn't that awesome there is not there is a derek's place we can go to. we can't go back because of the war and us but if let's say you want to go back. because you need to get a visa to go to a neighboring country why don't you more now on our top story we've seen thousands are rallying across towns and cities in the united states today to voice of vero position to president donald trump's hardline migration policies and the full separation of children from their parents despite the fact that he has now signed
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an executive order to try and reverse that joining me now is laura priorly the director of immigration policy and campaigns at the american civil liberties union and i think you did play a role in organizing the protests that we've seen today just tell us what the purpose of these demonstrations are. so. i just want to say one thing quickly because you started by talking about how president trump has issued an executive order and i just want to make clear that he was forced to issue an executive order in large part because of the public outrage and all of the pressure that people all around the country and outside of the united states are putting on the u.s. government to on do the policy that he put in place we've also in the last week had a huge victory in the courts where the federal judge has ordered president donald trump and the u.s. government to we're united families immediately so we've been organizing on the ground i just came back from.


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