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oh absolutely this is consistent away the national strategy that improving the quality of a life now is a priority had the labyrinth had of the trade war but with the threat of a trade war with the united states china has just released a white paper claiming its fulfilling its commitments as a member of the world trade organization or w t o which regulates international trade. that should have china will continue to seek to improve multilateral trade reduce keep pace with the times and the reforms the multilateral trading system with other members of the w t o taken together with the tariff cuts it seems to be sending a message that despite u.s. claims of unfair trade practices china is playing by the rules the tariff cuts also serve a wide distracted you could object if putting pressure on local producers of low tech goods such as clothing and cosmetics to become
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a part of china's broad around bishan to be a global leader in high tech manufacturing that bold strategy made in china twenty twenty five is seen as a major challenge to the technological dominance of the united states and design a goodly one of the reasons behind the u.s. threat of a trade war to thwart china's ambitions mcbride al-jazeera paging. felipe the grain is a political economist and former advisor to the director general of the world trade organization he says that trying to isolationist trade policies are bringing the rest of the world closer together. what you're seeing is that donald trump thinks that he couldn't believe the rest of the world to give him what he wants on trade but as your package showed the rest of the world is standing up to him and increasingly working around him and what's happening in asia is very significant the transpacific partnership is going ahead without the united states and the chinese lead he has
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a new momentum and it's very very striking that japan which is traditionally feels threatened by china is now out championing the e.p. and indeed that broader asian integration as an alternative to trade with the u.s. so increasingly what we're seeing is globalization going on around without the united states i mean it's not clear what donald trump's check tips are sometimes he says because we're just we're threatening tariffs in order to leave or open foreign markets i don't the times it seems that he wants managed trade simply you know the chinese and others to agree to buy more american produce. other times it's about you know protectionism and bringing back supply chains and the bigger picture is that sometimes it seems actually that he wants to break apart the links that exist notably between the u.s. and china and to create rival blocks and he's got so many confused ambitions and
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they they work against each other for example if you want to create a rival american block to a chinese blog you wouldn't be antagonizing your allies in nafta canada and mexico and that's precisely what he's doing. you know as president donald trump says he has convinced saudi arabia to further increase its oil production saudi and fellow oil exporters had already agreed on an extra one million barrels a day as an opec meeting this month trump tweeted just spoke to king solomon of saudi arabia and explained to him that because of the turmoil and dysfunction in iran in venezuela i'm asking that saudi arabia increase oil production maybe up to two million barrels to make up the difference price is too high he has agreed but saudi arabia made no mention of numbers in this statement which reads u.s. present trump and king solomon stressed all efforts must be made to maintain stability of the global oil market and the world economy's growth both leaders
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emphasized and made by producing countries to meet any possible shortage of supply must be endorsed. countries against increasing oil production saying that face consequences for that a trial. if any country attempts to take iran's place in the oil market in this battle we would consider it a big treachery to the reigning nation and the world community and they will surely pay for this betrayal the us has backed the saudis to increase their. so that if he runs on oil was taken off the market nothing would happen to the world oil market they wrongly imagine that it is so easy for saudi arabia to promptly billions of barrels of oil to global production. so has hair on al-jazeera with argentina and portugal out of the world cup can spain avoid the same fate take a look ahead to the knockout game in sports that beat up.
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on counting the cost the european union is trying to change we'll look at the reasons why the economic cost of violence in mexico plus the timber companies accused of endangered the world's second largest rainforest. counting the cost on al-jazeera. eradicating leprosy in cambodia. education and treatment. on. the employee early disability yet we will be waiting until three year old four year more he will have this ability. and then no wait the next generation of antibiotics may just be way to the bottom of the ocean. as it.
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revisited. time to lace from the world cup and has to be as dramatic today as it was yesterday it could well be because the host nation are in action and we'll see how that goes in just a few minutes twenty ten world champions spain kick off against twenty eighteen world cup host nation russia they want taking place at the luzhniki stadium in moscow later croatia who won all three of the group games take on denmark now russia have surprised everyone by getting this far they entered the tournament as
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the lowest ranked of all the teams they lost to europe y. in their last group game but they played much of that match with ten men and their coach says the team feels no pressure going into sunday's game on the other hand spain labored in their three group games against portugal iran and morocco and if history is anything to go by it will be a tricky tie against russia as they have a terrible record when it comes to playing hosts losing all eight of times of previous major championships. look we are clear in that aspect why do we have to always look back we've already played three matches and now we play in the fourth one and now we thinking on what happened eight ten twelve fifteen years ago i had a long experience as a player and i've already enjoyed a lot and the most important thing here is the natural five pm the rest is not important. the other matter of the day is an all european encounter between croatia and denmark the danes are unbeaten in the last eighteen matches and have only
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conceded one goal in the last seven games when kasper schmeichel has been the goalkeeper but croatia could be a danger to their hopes of progressing they demolished argentina three nil in the group stages and will be looking to reach the quarter finals for the first time since one thousand nine hundred eight alongside luca moderates they have plenty of players with champions league experience like even that katich even. though. of course this is an important game for us we've played fantastically in the group stage and we must be proud of that but this new game means we have to forget all that went on before we need to translate what we've already done to the game against denmark it will be a stern test for us it's high time that this generation gets over this obstacle which we haven't heard since one nine hundred ninety eight let's go to moscow now where our sports correspondent andy richardson is standing by and the host nations traditionally do well at the world cup some would say russia have already exceeded expectations what chance of an upset against spain then. i mean the
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very fact we're having this conversation just shows you how quickly sports and reality in psychology can change they were really written off as no hopers not by the rest of the world by their own fans before this tournament began those wins against saudi arabia and egypt just changed the whole mood and atmosphere around this world cup where russian fans sunny realized we won't just be observers we actually got a team the complaint competitive role in this tournament they've got a couple players that fronts are some zubrin dentist chair a chef who are in the form of their lives they've been banging goals chair a chef ironically a product of the spanish football system his father was a professional player over there and a young age he went into the royal madrid academy system didn't quite make it with ram which really now plays with villareal now prior to this world cup he'd never scored a goal for russia he's got three in this tournament so we're a pretty good time to score them i mean look there's no pressure on them nobody
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thought they could get out of the group only once before as the soviet union if they warn a knockout game of the world cup that was way back in one nine hundred sixty six as russia they've never made it out of a group stage there's no pressure on them they've got nothing to lose they play this much for that high tempo pressing game the weather is quite cool and here in moscow today is actually a bit of rain in the ass of that will suit them they have a puncher's chance they do as for the spaniards how well of a cope given the dismissal of their coach on the eve of the tournament and. yeah it doesn't look as though every thinks as it should be there they've conceded five goals which is something that spain just don't do it world cup they don't concede goals that's a sort of defensive trio of sergio piquet and ramos all quite as solid as they once were and david behavior who came into this tournament widely rated is the best keeper in the world he's been making mistakes it's not as it should be i think it's really hard to understate what an impact it has when your coach julian
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he's been in charge of the team taken and serenely through qualifying gets fired forty eight hours before the game before the toll it starts and it's all very well the players saying well we're experienced we pretty much coach ourselves that's just not the case fernando hierro has stepped in the sporting director a very experienced player someone who's been around the game a loss he was part of the coaching staff. for the team in two thousand and ten when they won the world cup but as a front line coach he's got next to no experience he had a bit of time in the second tier of spanish football and that didn't go but sickie well and you just wonder how that is impacting on the players and how that is impacting on key decisions that are being made during games and this going to be some key moments in this game when he's going to step up and make decisions let's not forget that spain are the favorites their unbeaten since since serve european championships two years ago so really they should win ok later croatia play denmark
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many say it's a sure thing for the crow it's the danes have been. you know that there the dark horse is everyone's liking to back now they were inconsistent in qualifying their let's not forget that so they finished in their group behind iceland had to come through a play off against greece they've got this fantastic midfield like a moderate they've got marry a man zuki battering his way through defenses up front and they were good saying they have only once before got out of their group at a world cup that was in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight when they reached the semifinals and the way the draw is opening up if they can maintain the sort of form a shown in the group stage then why not they're up against a denmark scene that didn't exactly eliminate the tournament during the group stages when scoring a lot of goals played in that awful known they'll draw with france but the last time they were out of the group stages in ninety eight. they played two good games against nigeria and brazil and everyone connected with denmark is hoping they too
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can really start a fire in this world cup all right and we will leave it there thank you so much as always let's move on then wimbledon starts on monday world number one rafa nadal has been getting so much needed practice at the all england club last month and the one he seventeenth grand slam title at roland garros but the spaniard who won wimbledon back in two thousand and eight and twenty thousand hasn't played a competitive match on grass third losing to twelve months ago he also hasn't been in the last sixteen of the tournament at all since twenty eleven spectators are always. hey not here. to play with them and great to have a good result of course. but. one of these events that. you really don't have. the. feeling of how you feel how you are playing how you are not blaming but there is nothing new. see that thanks peter and as it for this news
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hour we're back to spend more of the day's news and starting with the mexico elections and we've just seen the frontrunner undress munyal lopez obrador casting his vote there in mexico city all that and more coming right up stay with. you. and that's. just.
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where were you when this idea. that when they're on line it's undoubtedly chief. of opinion equality in our society today or if you join a sunset criminal justice system is dysfunctional right now this is a dialogue what does it feel like to go back for the first time everyone has a voice and allow refugees to be the speakers for change joining the conversation on our friendship hispanics in this new possible. thing in the sand in the. noise of the public support debates and discussions when you see tough questions like this what comes to mind how do you respond to people how global could. programs take you around the globe.
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captaining a leading used team at sixteen years old takes determination. to the staying on top of your game at school. the whole family bands together and shares the sacrifices necessary for a song to have a shot at becoming a professional footballer. by two in a zero home game on a jersey. mexicans say they're fed up with widespread violence and corruption. and an oracle this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up.
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russian and government astronauts killed dozens of civilians in southwestern steering committee at least twenty three children. and as the search for missing children goes deep into caves in thailand we meet a man who was once lost in the underground complex. at every level of mexico's government up for grabs in elections that have become a referendum on spiraling violence corruption and scandal plagued politicians the presidency is the most important race and polls suggest the left is counted on dress money or lopez obrador will win after a fiery campaign against what he describes as the mafia of power is a picture of him voting in mexico city not long ago but lopez obrador as rivals woman he could set the country back by decades on home and joins us now live from
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mexico city's edge on the polls have opened we were watching the front runner lopez obrador waiting for over an hour to enter the polling station in mexico city we've just seen him voting in the last ten minutes now he's just leaving that polling station at such a crucial election for him. it definitely is you say he's waiting an hour to vote well he's been waiting twelve years to get to the moment when he can be called the country's president so he probably won't mind too much just a little way at the start of course he's the front runner by far by by about twenty points in an aggregate of the main polls and that's going to make this quite a landmark moment if he does get over the line become the country's next president and that's because mexico's two oldest parties the pre and the pan have held a grip on power here for eighty nine years lopez obrador has his own party marina so he would break that this election is also
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a landmark in it's being billed as the biggest in history there's more than three thousand four hundred posts up for grabs including the houses of congress which are going to be completely renewed so this is quite a moment here in mexico right now it is and indeed the next leader is going to be faced with some pretty serious challenges in. exactly but this three main issues really for mexicans of the moment and probably top of the list is security i think most of our viewers are going to remember years past the drug war in mexico they might be surprised to find that actually it's got worse two thousand and seventeen was the most violent year on record in two thousand and eighteen look set to support just to give you a damning statistic in may of this year there was on average a killing every fifteen minutes in mexico so whoever wins this election is going to have to come to terms with poverty as well is another big issue there's a you only inequality in mexico that means that the top one percent of the country
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has a third of its wealth and the third issue for a lot of people here has been corruption the political class here is really seen a sofa interested and especially the last federal institution ministration under the pre has added to that there's been a lot of problems with conflicts of interest involved in the president himself there's been various scandals in involving corruption with the administration so these three main problems are going to be what the next president has to look at fixing if you want to restore confidence from the voters ok john heilemann is the latest that from mexico city thanks very much tom. now southwestern syria was home to the earliest days of the uprising against president bashar assad now village by village his forces a recapturing territory from rebels who are under intense bombardment. strikes by syrian vice jets and their russian allies have killed at least seventy
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five civilians and province over the last twenty four hours a string of rebel held town and villages have now accepted government rule and talked of busy and fourteen rebel groups and russian negotiators as they try again to end the fighting i was there is somebody has more from the jordan and syria border where the displaced people are messing. we are at the crossing point separating jordan. which has been reeling for days on their severe bombardment forcing the displacement of tens of thousands of syrians towards the border with jordan as you can see behind me hundreds of jordan's residents of flocked here offering what they can to help the syrian refugees jordanians have brought food items medical supplies baby milk the situation is dire as large numbers of displaced syrians mostly women and young children are flooding into the area the u.n. reported more than one hundred sixty thousand syrians are stranded along the border with jordan the jordanian government issued
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a statement to the effect that it is prepared to allow humanitarian lifeline to be extended by the united nations and international community to the syrians board it says it cannot afford to open the border for more refugees as jordan is now home to more than one point five million refugees the government cited political economic and security issues to stand behind its decision. a suicide bombing has gone off in the center of jalalabad in afghanistan just hours after president left at least twelve members of the sikh minority community were killed in the blast and also injured twenty prevention government officials is the latest in a series of bombings in jalalabad where iceland the taliban have a strong presence german chancellor angela merkel is trying to patch up deep divisions within her governing coalition about how to handle the influx of refugees and migrants ally the question social union party. is meeting to decide whether to
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accept migration deal she struck with brussels has been pushing for much tougher rules. joins us now with more from berlin said about what emerging from this meeting of the chancellor sister party. well we understand laura the german news agency the d.p.a. is reporting from the c.s.u. meeting that interior ministers they offer from the c.s.u. basically the leader of the party the federal level he is apparently saying to his colleagues that he really is not very impressed by what angela merkel was able to agree on friday he says that looking at the elements of it this idea of anger centers areas in the e.u. where migrants could be processed as it were really doesn't like that idea and said so to his colleagues and furthermore he said that he doesn't believe that the sorts of border controls and the idea of turning migrants back at the borders is really what the equivalent of what he wanted is what is being provided in the deals that
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angela merkel has negotiated saying that they're not they're not they don't they they don't equate to what he was expecting so very much from his perspective it sounds quite negative that contrasts with what i'm going to merkel has been saying she's been giving an interview to german t.v. earlier on today which will be broadcast in full later on but some of the excerpts of the interview suggest that she thinks that what she came back with was substantially what the c.s.u. had been asking for so on the face of it quite a contradiction going on between what these two people who are the heads of their parties as it were are saying one to his colleagues in munich and the other to german viewers watching the t.v. later on today ok how also is that deal like to be threatened by austria taking over the president his presidency of the e.u. . well the point here is that the austrian government has been making feelers as it were to the area government and other governments in neighboring countries simply to the east because bridging the gap or building
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a bridge as it were between east and west is very much very much what sebastian courts the young transfer of austria thinks is the way i have this question is issues our border control and immigration as i found out when i went to the austrian border a few days ago. he says countries youngest leader and finance for six months at least on paper europe's as austrian chancellor since last december sebastian courts has governed in a coalition with the far right and increasingly his policies have reflected that year. and to have been in the last years goal is to stop the tide of illegal immigration the refugee and migrant influx into europe we have always stuck to our position and will use the e.u. presidency to work on a sound european solution that can only be achieved if the protection of our external borders works we have to be the ones who decide who come into europe not the people smugglers. and courts says he sees his country's role as
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a bridge between east and west which is why he's been making overtures to the countries of what's called the visa grad group the czech republic hungary poland and slovakia who some in brussels consider to be in the e.u.'s awkward squad they don't share the desire for an ever deeper union and don't want to accept more migrants or refugees trying to cross the mediterranean that he would have to go right back everybody jumps into the water our people catch them bring them out fish them out of the water and automatically they're basically ferried into the european union i don't believe this is a complex border defense it's extremely important that we define what happens with those who are trying to cross seas illegally into the european union. there is another border that is important. to ministers in vienna this is the sad sack river a natural front here dividing austria and germany from each other but in recent times the government of sebastien courts has been reaching across this river to try to establish good relations with the government in bavaria and it's
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a sickly regarding immigration and border controls because ministers in munich and vienna want to see much more of this police checking people crossing their shared frontier a technical but apparently temporary breach of the e.u. is showing an open borders deal but while this is clearly what courts is seeking his counterpart in berlin angered america has resisted the widespread return of such controls insisting that chang and is a vital plank the e.u. policy away from the issue of migration another problem the austrians will face is the pressing question of how to deal with the e.u.'s budget which means that as mr cortes takes a seat around the table he will face lots of questions which may not have easy answers. so that's the pressing question for mr cook's with the pressing question for mr zero for is does he want to reject as he and his party want to reject this
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deal that i'm going to merkel has come back from brussels with effectively plunged germany into a crisis of whether the coalition government can carry on from one final fours but if the c.s.u. were to leave the coalition there are other parties that might well support on confidence and supply basis on on an important vote by vote basis angle americans coalition with the social democrats and the c.s.u. really has to ask itself whether it wants to stay inside the government and deal as ministers or reject and go into opposition but for the moment we wait to see what will happen over the next few hours dominic kane life is in violent acts from the time nick. now check of the weather is next and then one mother's heart break why people like this could have a big influence on mexico's election. and high up in the mountains hidden from view we travel to the monasteries that are about to get global recognition.
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hello there for many of us in china it's been very wet recently it is the rainy season and that rain has certainly been quite active here are the latest pictures out of this young sheep province showing just how deep that water is it is causing quite a few problems there and she and she isn't the only province where we've seen problems with wet weather this system has also been stretching of course into this issue province giving us a lot of heavy rains here as well and as we head through the next couple of days there will be a few more outbreaks of rain but probably not quite so much as that that we've seen recently the shower as well will see one or two across parts of hong kong as well as our temperatures make it to thirty three degrees i think for hong kong where today will be chouse day that's where looks like we'll see you.


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