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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 2, 2018 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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this is zero. this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes fighting in southern syria puts a quarter of a million more people out of their homes as ceasefire talks falter. big promises but short on detail mexicans take a leap of faith a left wing populist to be consoled rampant violence and corruption. germany's interior minister threatens to resign as tensions within the voting ruling coalition rise. and i'm tatiana sanchez on
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a big day for sport with five time world champions brazil going in search of yet another wild cup quarter final place mexico stand in their way though we'll be live to russia later in the program. the united nations says more than a quarter of a million syrians have now been displaced by the government offensive to retake there are province in the south west hopes of a cease fire have been thrown further into doubt with some merging in opposition groups over negotiations with russia that means a syrian government offensive backed by russia is likely to continue as forces try to recapture all of dera province from the opposition in the hardest joins us now from beirut is it and does appear to be a split in the opposition ranks and what more can you tell us about. well
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earlier today. the opposition that is taking part in talks with the russian military. talks i should mention they decided to pull out of the negotiations all together they are citing what they are calling humiliating conditions conditions that are being demanded by the russian military for them to accept those conditions all the sacrifices in the past few years just go to waste and really calling some f.s.a. rebel commanders saying that they are making deals to serve their own interests a clear reference to certain rebel commanders who have struck separate agreements with the russian military so-called reconciliation deals but those commanders are saying what choice do we have we're facing military offensive there's nowhere to go our allies have abandoned us so the opposition really feeling the pressure but pulling out of the negotiations. continue to shift in the. united nations says two hundred seventy thousand people have already been approved
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to the syrian government's military offensive now in its third week the remaining towns. are being battered by airstrikes and shelling and the fear is an escalated military campaign now that talks collapse. there is a military escalation to pressure the rebel factions to accept the russian military is conditions to on the assault those conditions are he really a team for the opposition they just want them to give up everything after years of like roofies says they can't accept that. the opposition delegation involved in talks with the russian military which were had by jordan formally pulled out of negotiations and it's not clear if rebel commanders support their decision but those who have made separate deals are being called traitors. the representatives of the handful of towns have been signing so-called records. for
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the government or what amounts to a surrender syrian state television is showing people celebrating the return of government more often than not it has little choice such deals further military action and prevent more suffering but anyone wanted by the state such as rebel fighters and those involved in opposition activities or who worked in rebel run administrations leave. rebel areas are shrinking more than sixty percent of that is now under the control of president bashar al assad's forces rebels still hold parts of the provincial capital that are city and the areas along the borders of the occupied golan heights and jordan including the crossing the opposition is in a weak position it has been abandoned by its allies the united states told them not to expect to be back to militarily jordan close its borders to weapons shipments and refugees instead it says it wants to focus on mediating a ceasefire but
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a ceasefire is not what the procedure and government camp wants. it is pushing for a military victory a win in the sort of corner of syria would follow significant gains close to the capital in recent months then like now it is the civilians who pay the heaviest price. we ask every person with a conscience to help stop the shot and why are they shelling areas where there are children helpless elderly and sick people the children are hungry and without food we only brought tea and sugar with us police force this criminal to the shelling. that is unlikely to happen that this isn't by some of the opposition not to sit at the negotiating table a stepped up military campaign especially since the government stated goal is to recapture southern syria. but there is still room for diplomacy the jordanian foreign minister is expected in moscow for talks with his russian counterpart to discuss. ok dana thanks for joining us from beirut. director
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of policy at the arab center joins us here in the studio good to have you with us why are we seeing rebels doing separate deals with the government on the one hand and negotiating with the russians on the other i think the situation one must see must be very difficult for the opposition at this particular stage because we are having different groups. in the south just like everywhere in syria where the opposition could not actually present a united front neither in fighting the regime nor in negotiating with the regime so this is why we're having different people actually some of them are fighting some of them are actually negotiating settlements with with but this particular stage i believe because of this very massive military. against the opposition i think the situation is more or less like like. people are trying to rush some of them i shall trying to rush actually to have
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a deal with the regime feeling that actually in the latest stage they might get done what they are expecting at this point the could actually have been. a couple of months ago so i mean the division within the opposition actually is making the much weaker done. that they are in and really in the end there is tuition. one of the actually getting. well i think i think what they are trying to do actually is to. to keep the fighters to avoid the destiny of the opposition. the regime pushed the fighters and their families to evacuate. the area to go to it live they don't want to go to the fighters in there are they want to stay on one hand they don't want regime forces to enter towns and cities in the region they want to act as local police in their own towns and
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villages so this is particularly the demands of these people but i think i'm not sure that they are going to get that because there is actually offering this. integrated within. the regime army and fight with him in other places in syria which is very difficult for the opposition which has been fighting the regime for the past seven years to be on the side of the regime again or actually leave to something that they don't want to do so this is what this is what the negotiation is actually about at this particular stage saying huge numbers of people more than a quarter of a million people now displaced by this great onslaught by the syrian government and the russian air force as are heading towards jordan but the jordan borders closed so what happens to these people the jordanians actually they are saying that they cannot take a few g.'s anymore because they have like one point five million syrians inside the
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country and they cannot take anymore what the jordanians have been trying to do over the past few weeks actually is to negotiate a deal between the opposition and the syrian regime in order to have. a showdown in the end then the area like convincing the opposition to. to have a settlement and also that is actually to get in some concessions for the opposition because jordan. was concerned about just actually having the influx of if if if if you jeez trying to cross the borders into jordan and this is why the jordanian foreign minister have been actually trying to to coordinate with the russians at the end with the americans and jordan was in washington last last week actually trying to have the sort of deal between these different parties in order not to have an all out confrontation in the region what the jordanians would really want actually is to have their regime taking back their territories held by the opposition right now but without fighting because the jordanians they want very
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much to do the orb in the border crossing with syria because most of jordan agricultural exports go through syria or you used to go through syria to into europe in the past and they wanted for economic reason very much but they don't want fighting they don't want if you write talking to in the coming hours from iran they thanks very much for coming in. germany's enteric a minister has threatened to resign rather than support chancellor angela merkel's new migration deal or as a offer has been discussing the agreement with his c.s.u. party which is a crucial coalition partner in merkel's government last week as they are for threaten to turn asylum seekers away from germany the mccain joins us now live from berlin so dominic it was an eventful night what's being said today among the parties. well in some senses the two parties are sort of still setting out their stall as it were putting out why they've taken the positions that they have the interesting thing is that not just among the parties but certainly
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the write ups in the media referring to the events of this weekend where they're all saying that mr their offer has affectively allowed himself to be box then rather that the the offer of resignation was almost inevitable yesterday following those marathon talks you referred to there or that it that he has in essence not really grasped what it was that angered america was offering that he couldn't really expect you to get all of what he wanted his party for that matter all of what they want to and that they should be prepared to accept less than one hundred percent of of exactly what they want to sort of that's the way it's being portrayed in the media here clearly with meetings taking place today and then later on this afternoon it's a remake we need to see quite how this will unfold over the rest of the day yes i won those meetings is between chancellor merkel and the coalition partner as a whole for one of the indications that they may actually reconcile.
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well in this reconciliation if there is to be one that's a very big if one of the problems here is the personal dynamics between the two of them as paul certainly over the course of the last few weeks has been very clear that mr zero first become more frustrated at the way it has played out he was reported as having said a few weekends ago that he could no longer work with that woman the phrase that he used in germany so clearly from that element if there's a reconciliation would have to be personal too but the thing to bear in mind here these are leaders of two parties that historically have been as one in elections at a federal level christine that the union party says they refer to have been an electoral bloc a very successful electoral vote bloc basically since the end of world war two and the formation of of what was then west germany they've been in government together now for thirteen years in one stretch and so the idea that the two might split
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apart well until this year would have perhaps have seemed unthinkable and yet that's the position they've come to know these traditional allies who differ so clearly about one element of policy that's become really fundamental in germany over these last three years immigration border control what to do with them angered americal is by far the most popular politician in germany right now even if her policy of immigration and border controls on her interpretation of it is not necessarily the most favored policy here his party in the most recent opinion polls is suffering for the positions that they've been taking certainly in bavaria that matters because bavaria has a state election taking place on the fourteenth of october and his party is worried about the rise of the far right and the coming hours rather crucial as well dominic many thanks for the update there from ballen. now more than forty african leaders have gathered in mauritania to discuss ways to fight corruption and extremism on
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the continent france's president is making an appearance at the summit emanuel will discuss the five nation french backed and terry units the g five health force their fricken union is struggling to solve regional crises including conflicts in somalia libya and mali. as more from mauritania's capital no showed. french president in manuel would like to see african leaders play an active role in clamping down on smuggling in africa but this is an issue related to armed conflicts and instability about a few days ago hundreds migrants were reported to have drowned of the coast of tripoli and for many leaders here as long as the issue of libya is not solved as long as instability continues in the same region networks will continue to be active in smuggling of migrants into europe the second issue that michael would like to
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address with the african leaders is the fight against groups are fully answered with. these learned states in the whole region yesterday to french soldiers were killed in gaza and about a week ago an attack targeted the headquarters of the g five in civil. g. five it is the task force that comprises soldiers from mali in the child mauritania and broken up faster and despite the fact that they have been active launching attacks against the armed groups over the last few years they haven't managed to make significant gains now this call for the international community or for the americans the french and the africans to come together in a radical way to tackle the growing rise of armed groups in the sahara region. there's plenty more still ahead here on this including my political discord in libya could threaten oil production globally. and the u.s. actually general visit visits bangladesh for a first hand look at the rangar crisis. past the year's third tennis and grand slam
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wimbledon has begun tatiana will be here with the latest from day one at the all england club. mexico has elected its first leftist president in more than thirty years on. dress manual lopez obrador is claiming a historic victory after his two main rivals both conceded defeat. reports from mexico city. times of a bridled violence and corruption mexicans have taken a leap of faith was a hero massacre was we all want to be able to live and work in our country without being killed with lopez obrador we believe there will finally be real change. to the first time mexicans have chosen a left wing populist and the respond. to the better known as he represents social
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change and the pope all honesty. no. i will not let you down i will not disappoint you i am conscious of my historic responsibility i don't want to go down in history as a bad president. says he will begin by a radical corruption which he says is the principal calls poverty and violence but just that through college tuition expects you would see his ambitious goals mystery because he has been short on details about how he wants to implement what he calls a radical transformation of mexico. he has explained that he'll pay for ambitious social programs and subsidies to the poorest with an estimated twenty five billion dollars he says corrupt politicians steal and that he'll even sell the presidential
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plane to save money. his opponents say he has a messiah complex and warned that he will undermine the democratic institutions and send investors flee but for millions who voted for. he represents the change this country desperately needs that the government cannot do it alone but the sea will say they cannot do it a long either. so we have to join forces in a vase is honesty in a vase is of a real fight against corruption and in a basis for good judicial system to give justice for all the love of all that of course is easier said than done and given the extraordinary expectations he's awoken of those jobs will be all the more i don't see a human i just see that mexico city a town home and joins us now live from mexico on a very decisive victory for life as an open door he's now waking up as president elect assassins genda.
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exactly that and it's been a long long way for him to get this far. simply one of his last two elections people this is visited every one of mexico's nearly two thousand five hundred minutes of politics at least twice so you could say he has worked for this and we know he's already up because he's been giving interviews to national television stations what he said last night is going to be his first action today is he's going to meet with the united nations the church the civil society groups in mexico and he's going to try and devise some soul to strategy has to bring peace to the country two thousand and seventeen was the most violent year on record in mexico two thousand and eighteen is pegged to suppose so that's a very sort of urgent part of the first bit of his presidency after that he says he's going to spend july and august getting together what is his project to the
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president what are its key policies and then in september he's going to go on another tour around the country to see the villages he says i mean this is going to be a divorce i'm going to still be listening to you he says the poor are going to. president say it's very nice to go around. again and listen to everyone in the villages and towns in mexico speaking to analysts last night such a little bit of a worry because as you heard there from lucy. lopez obrador has lots of ambitious promises he says he's going to eradicate corruption he's going to rescue failing rule sector but he hasn't got a lot of policy detail on how we exactly he's going to do that he's now got a five month period between being president elect in december when he takes over the president so a lot of people are hoping that he'll use that time to actually get together the policies together with his captain a group of people that haven't got
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a lot of political experience between them and john mexican's they're gearing up for another major event a match in the world cup against brazil in just under two hours time what would it mean to mexico in the second round. what it would mean breaking really what's become a bit of a national to here they haven't gone beyond the second round of the world cup in six tournament so this is generally where it all lends for mexico and generally they. against one of the world cup the world's top teams and they go out three really have to see if they can break out today against brazil and i think it's fair to say that the country is probably more interested in the election than they have been for a few years so massive but it also probably the world cup for the next couple of hours is going to take over the national consciousness and see if they can do what they have been able to say ok john we'll be watching place lee thanks very much for
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the update from a scarcity. now libya's national oil corporation is suspending exports from east libya the move follows the capture of two oil tunnels last month by forces loyal to the warlord honey for half staff his forces have prevented oil shipments from being loaded at several oil ports in the east of the country backed government has warned international companies against dealing with hostile. has more from tripoli. libya's n.o.c. that is the national oil corporation based in tripoli which is allied with the u n backed the government of national accord has declared. in two major oil ports in the eastern part of the country namely two eighteen year old port which is located in the oil crescent and lead a girl oil port which is based in the eastern city of tobruk and that is following the actions taken by warlord khalifa haftar to prevent any vessel from loading oil
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crude in the eastern oil terminals now n o c that is the national oil corporation has taken that decision to protect the n.o.c. from any legal procedures from any legal prosecutions that might be taken by foreign contractors the foreign companies that are contracted to buy or to take libyan oil. crude now this follows the syrian made by a warlord khalifa haftar to hand over the oil terminals in the east and the eastern of libya to the. new sea national oil corporation that is that is following the conflict that erupted in the oil crescent area between forces two of loyal to a warlord khalifa haftar and others loyal to their full model a chief of the petroleum facilities guard brahim. now. based in tripoli says that the total loss of all in this conflict is more than six hundred fifty million
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dollars still today. a philippine mare is being shot dead whilst presiding over a weekly flag raising ceremony in his city. with antonio assassination was posted on social media a controversial walk of shame campaign parading drug suspects around town in one city but self so has powers over local police suspended following allegations of involvement in the narcotics trade ins of suspected drug dealers have been killed in a war on drugs by president go to ted. he was actually general and tell you good terrorists has described the right as one of the most discriminated groups in the world he's in bangladesh on his first visit to camps hosting around one million refugees from neighboring miramar the bangladeshi government is pushing for more support for tens of thousands of the refugees whose camps are at risk of being
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washed away in the monsoon season. june has more from the camps in cox is bizarre. the u.n. in the past few months trying to do a donation drive to get money for the war hinder refugee population it's only been twenty four percent funded thus far that really goes to show how much this population is neglected secretary-general good care is spoke a lot about the fact that there were hindu population is perhaps the most discriminated against population in the entire world he said that he went around kind say you know ten years ago and saw the kind of difficulties that they were living with even then and it's only gotten so much worse now one of the things that i asked secretary-general to terrorist specifically about is something that's become a bit of a bone of contention here there was a memo of understanding that was signed between the you in the government of me and mark and that memo of understanding was leaked in the past week to the press and as
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it turns out it did not mention the name as the ethnic group of this people and it did not talk about if they would be granted citizenship if they were to return to me and mark some point in the future when i asked secretary-general good terry is about that he said that this was just a starting point that this was a document that they had to enter into it was nothing perfect it was nothing binding that there must be a lot more work that needs to be done he said that any citizen of any country needs to have a right of return and that anybody from any country a country needs to be able to be considered a citizen of that country so clearly he's saying the government of myanmar is not doing nearly enough that they have not been nearly cooperative enough and we hope that they will be able to take you to your steps to ensure the rights of the remains of population. and it's got a check it over whether now on his resume he is of a typhoon pressing northeastern asia. is the name of this film it's an easy
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name to pronounce on good luck with future news bulletins there it is. from eastern asia and you can see it making its northward track now the track is actually varied with time initially looks as though it's going to go right over the korean peninsula but fortunately it looks at those going to make a slight right turn and hopefully go through the koreas strait we saw take it away from the mainland population centers never last moment his way they couldn't of a category one hurricane in the atlantic it will increase in intensity to about a category two but as it goes northwards it is going to weaken as it runs in across this cooler water across the region so as we move the forecast sequence forward we should see how this system then starts to turn away towards right but it is going to impact both south korea and japan so there it goes through the region as
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you move in and take a look at the detail of the rain is going to be the key factor because rain has been a significant factor over the last twenty four hours so for instance one hundred millimeters of rain has come down there and that's ahead of this system as a tutor separate weather front so as this moves in is going to result in some really heavy rain affecting parts of south korea the southern on its of japan on the system move only very slowly through the sea of japan so there could be flooding in both countries. thank you had hair on al-jazeera went deep inside a cave in northern thailand where divers ahead of paying it to make a breakthrough and then one day of searching. teachers across the u.s. are demanding better pay and working conditions. and a four time champion quest for him was vital and this year's tour de france after all that yana well explain in schools. each year childhood and so for an estimated fifteen million girls globally omeri
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before the age of eighteen. young girls compelled to marry after fleeing the war in syria share their stories and talk to a zero. i really felt liberated as a journalist was that it was getting to the truth as i would say that's what the job. of the foreign minister.
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again you're watching out just there as a reminder of our top stories this hour the u.n. says more than a quarter of a million syrians have now been displaced by the government offensive to retake their up province in the south west hopes of a cease fire have been thrown further into doubt would split submerging and opposition groups have been negotiating with regime ally russia. andres manuel lopez obrador is because to become mexico's first leftist president in decades following his election victory he told chairing supporters to clean up corruption and deal with spiraling gun violence. and more than forty african nations have gathered in mauritania to discuss ways to fight corruption and
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extremism the african union has called for action on south sudan's civil war after a recent cease fire attempt collapsed the e.u. is struggling to solve regional crises including conflicts in somalia libya and mali. let's get more now on our top story the latest fighting in syria's southern province. has more from just inside syria close to the jordanian border. thousands of displaced syrians are flooding into this borderline area with jordan where the syrian jordanian free zone crossing point those large numbers of displaced syrians are escaping put their lives seeking safety on jordanian home soil we can see on the other side of the parents jordanian army soldiers the lined up the displaced syrians only been indicted humanitarian conditions in the absence of basic necessities like food and water basic services are also totally absent in this area these two. what flowed from east and countryside where towns and villages
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have been really know over the past days under intense aerial bombardment by russian jets as well as the us ground fighting between the regime forces backed by foreign militias and free syrian army fighters. other top stories sunday's election in mexico and the rise of andres manuel lopez obrador is the senior director of the americas market intelligence he joins us now from mexico city said lopez obrador was saying in this morning getting right down to business he's talking about an era of fiscal discipline not using the presidential play not letting his children form part of government all key parts of his fight against corruption but can he really do that. well it's going to be a very complex task for my as a person but i thought i was trying to reassure markets that if you stay fiscally conservative same time you made a decision on during the campaign you will raise pension and try to fight against
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security and security in the country is not going to there's a difference spending however the good people under the by the brotherhood is that you as a president with a very large mandate actually reach more than fifty percent in the you know one run election that you keep in mind a cow they're running in. but you think that thirty eight percent so you have a very strong backup from the population and the support here there's a very high level of expectation trying to be able to keep you foreign investment that might be scared away from the school funding from the government but also reassuring and doing the promises that you have made on the campaign trail is going to be indeed a challenge for him absolutely and he says a lot riding on his shoulder shoulders this is third attempt at the presidency why do you think he's won now. boys won because a lot of. the population. evolution of mexico over the last ten years there's been an increase in security with fifteen thousand people in mexico on drug
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cartels war and i'm going to have. issues of. wages union wages in mexico so there's a very strong expectation from the population i'm no i'll try to become president two thousand and six in two thousand and twelve already too in the past and wasn't successful tonight eastern and it was very important here is to see the expectations on the population it was clear. several months now that i'm the world's going to win the grouping is actually has been able to prepare is to trick cabinet display it and reassure markets explaining what he was about to do in a country he says he thinks friendly relations with mexico is northern neighbor america committed to a relationship that was not between make me president and president trump. was going to be very interesting too to witness the next coming summit from on issues such as free trade with the u.s. there's going to be obviously some coming from and on these issues the question to
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see because of the coalition of families is so diverse from the very extreme left to do as a social conservative on the on the center left side what is going to be the position of i'm on the if there's a p.e. shoes looking at free trade looking at environmental for investment and how this will indeed be impacting the relation with united states and latin america leftist leaders are hoping this election is going to revive all of that somewhat epping pink pink tide and that one of the conference. yeah actually when you look at bennett's well in economy disarray when you look at the shootout to go between nicaragua korea lost in acquiring our modern ways moving more toward center center left so even center of politics that this body is in in latin america are looking at i mean i was maybe being the resultant of the heat wave that we've been in a in past decade however one has to remember that i'm the one used to be the mayor of make because city was but the more able to actually work within the company the
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l. parading in so it's unlikely that we're going to the very left his position from going in a near future is to be more about the promise that the left leader to work in conjunction with corporate interest to try to revive the economy here in mexico also at the same time with the rise of new figures in american politics especially the mayor here at the new mexico day for the first time it will be a woman here with a key for the population and very impressive background so rival new leaders a new generation of leaders in mexico that will try to reinforce and implement new policies for both the population and economic development of the country. very interesting indeed to speak to thanks for joining us there from mexico city experts keep it alive as a swimming deeper into a flooded cave system in northern thailand hoping to find a football team missing for nine days as thousands more rescue workers and join the
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search operation for twelve teenagers and their coach scott hydro reports from chiang rai on how the crisis is bringing people closer together tucked away throughout the entrance of the tumbling cave in the bustle of the search and rescue efforts shrines in africa have been appearing. thais from near and far have been coming to make the offerings their part they feel in making sure the twelve boys and the football coach are found alive yes i think a lot as a christian church leader in chiang rai province song gone since corn and his community have been praying for the missing since the very first day and part of the effort to find them is right out the front door of one of his churches although thailand is overwhelmingly buddhist he feels this is a time for all faiths to work together. it is very important in this situation there are no borders between religions all faiths because we all have the same goal to help one another we don't care where they are from what religion they are the
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main mission is to help people who are in trouble in times of crisis like the missing thirteen many thais focus on their spirituality sometimes even ignoring the science of the situation one man has traveled up from bangkok because he believes he can communicate with the dragon spirits here in the caves. identifies himself as a spiritual leader he came up to volunteer in the rescue effort but he also feels that the power of kindness and peace can effect change in the physical world and he wants to use it to find the boys and their coach up to three even ten not by their boy the me but of them to me there are not enough power. up to. their power. and power and to their. enough power to do the big. and at the same time the
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largest international rescue effort in thailand's history is in full swing using the physical power of the military and more than a thousand helpers while many thais continue to exert spiritual power but also eyes are working for the same goal seeing those twelve boys and their coach in the daylight again it's got harder al-jazeera cheering right straight it has cut funding to the palestinian authority because it has the money may support people convicted of politically motivated violence promise a julie bishop says funds were cut off to she didn't get assurances from the scene all foresee that they weren't being misspent a stylist seven million dollars donation will be routed to the united nations humanitarian fund for palestine. persons are protesting in the occupied west bank against the u.s. peace plan for the middle east what present all trump has called the deal of the century high force it has more from ramallah. several hundred. on the street
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in the sense of the british people leadership but i did see the movie yellow actually very much a fatah factional protest called by the leadership really to expound its position on the u.s. attempt to restart the middle east peace process between israelis and the palestinians they say that the deal of the century is donald trump is trying to sell it is dead that they will not accept it i think the leadership was very much stung by a two interventions from the u.s. envoy jason green but and on from subtle jarrett kush to when they were in the region i just a few days ago each talking to the media here and be more critical of the p.a. leadership the president mahmoud abbas and the p.l.o. second generation erica they were complaining of an attempt to sort of bypass or even overthrow the p.a. leadership as the u.s. tries to drive this through appealing to the palestinians on grounds of economic
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opportunity that might be available to them if the u.s. peace plan were adopted they say the palestinian authority continues to say that the u.s. declaration on jerusalem recognizing it as israel's capital disqualifies united states a speech of much of mahmoud abbas's words just read out over the last twenty four hours again says that the united states is morally and politically unfit to take part in the peace process they are keen to show that their supporters a very much behind them in that message detectives in india trying to find a motive for the deaths of ten people found blindfolded and hanging from the roof of a house a seventy year old woman was found dead on the floor these are investigated when they die of style of suicide or killed in a village in northern new. this president has accused the oil cartel opec of manipulating markets u.s. isn't part of the fifteen member group but president trump is pressuring his ally and opec's top producers saudi arabia to increase its oil output and interview on
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fox television trump said opec better stop its manipulation of the market because the u.s. was protecting many of the members castro has more from washington d.c. . president donald trump increased his pressure on saudi arabia by appearing on fox news and saying that he was one hundred percent sure that opec is manipulating the oil market he went on to say that quote they better stop it because we're protecting those countries many of those countries and it is no secret that the country he is referring to there is saudi arabia trance appearance on fox news comes on the heels of a tweet he issued yesterday in which he claimed that the king of saudi arabia king solomon had promised him during a call or had agreed rather to increase saudi arabian oil production by as much as two million barrels a day the white house though quickly back pedaled on that assertion following
4:43 pm
trump's tweet with a clarifying statement saying that saudi arabia had only indicated that it can raise or production if needed further contrast ng trumps claim is saudi arabia statement itself which made no mention of any increase in production amount but the fact that trump is still increasing the public pressure on saudi arabia u.s. ally to increase its oil production is a sign that he will continue with this strong man strategy as trump feels the pressure from of the american voters to lower gas prices at home. teachers from across the u.s. will meet soon to decide the next moves in demanding better pay and conditions have been taking part in strikes saying they're having to buy cars from equipment themselves take second jobs reports. it began in february with thousands of teachers in west virginia took to the streets in every public school in the state closed to choose who they are among the lowest paid in
4:44 pm
the nation but their actions and success in getting more pay inspired others to follow suit. the following weeks similar strike action was seen in several states including arizona. an oklahoma across the u.s. teaches a calling for better pay more funding for schools and a reduction in cost sizes i think teachers are by nature caring people and they do whatever it takes but we're tired of it and we're getting ready to. where we are so you must mention oklahoma arizona. west virginia we are i'm sorry i'm getting i'm actually i was interviewed by. my director of many of the states where strike action took place a controlled by republicans and have seen deep cuts in education funding success in having their demands met has been mixed but many teachers say they've taken second jobs to make ends meet we don't pour the money into it people always say find
4:45 pm
a better paying job that is not the solution we're doing this because we love it we love teaching kids in june a supremes court dealt a potential blow to the collective bargaining power of unions ruling that government workers could no longer be required to pay jews. that could cripple the financial and political power of teachers unions but many have vowed to fight on here in florida where teachers are among the lowest paid state records show forty percent leave their profession within the first five years that say unions is reason why teachers concerns should be met and why education should be a higher priority and the gallacher al-jazeera miami florida. still has hair on how to sarah basketball's biggest star lebron james switches teams and a one hundred fifty four million daily living in the details in sports but tatiana .
4:46 pm
4:47 pm
ok away from the world cup let's go to how to feel about the once is not the world i know your favorite wimbledon we were expecting that today thank you laura so play has started on the fuss a day over wimbledon the tennis a grand slam of the year as is traditional the defending men's singles champion roger federer opened play on center court the swiss took a can of dismantle a of it in straight sets six one six three six four federer is aiming for a twenty fast a grand slam title and record extending ninth at the end in the club all sports correspondent lee wellings is at wimbledon he joins us live now live roger federer
4:48 pm
is on his way to the second round as he did last year he skipped the clay court season but he did lose in the final at hollow what can we expect from him this year . he was as impressive as a wife he. did this all the faults or do some not your bitch. supply the guy. was a formidable. he got better as the guy. he saw of. like he was going to be troubled and you would expect that yet again at the end of the tournament what i can't get over is the fight of his ten years since federer and nadal paes and i'll give you the greatest game in the history of tennessee are you getting way around the peak of their career is that but they're still number one and number two in the world federer as well as going to lots of small about because he's a huge deal with a japanese company unocal over three hundred million dollars and just as
4:49 pm
a goal for the next ten years. he's also. in the world cup but he's not on swayed. by this is a good way for him three and a williams is the action of later as well she's also chasing history how realistic is it to expect another williams triumph here. it's pretty realistic who could stop serena williams when she hits the top of a guy i mean she's our opponent a bunch of losers go to law and apply it to try and deal. with serena williams i just think it's really good to see you have some sniffing is about being seated she seated number twenty five despite this being missing wimbledon last year was not a child for that she said you know what it should probably be seeded one shouldn't she she is not the greats of women's tennis and it's just so good to say how but i think we've really missed the last year despite the brilliant performance of venus and we always expect good things from a even if she is not the very peak of
4:50 pm
a guy she's going to be. and massive disappointment for andy murray pulling out on the eve of the tournament what are the chances the hague can return to full fitness and be the player he once was. he was joking in the press conference before the. watch the. the world cup he says there was a heavy heart. he knew he wasn't fit enough it's not just a case of course the british. it's actually a. level where if he's not going to go. it wasn't really worth the risk of injury so it. was a sensible decision for not supplying this one thank you very much.
4:51 pm
five time champions brazil kickoff the world cup action on monday in just a few minutes time when they take on mexico in the market later group g. winners belgium face japan who advance to the knockout round by virtue of receiving feel a yellow card then senegal in the group stage well let's head to the russian city of samarra now where our sports correspondent andy very jython is standing by andy we've already seen germany argentina and spain go out what are the chances brazil could join their fellow former wild champions the act that bill. let's remember it was mexico started the so i really unpredictable world cup by beating germany i mean they're opening group game but really now still in this world cup over in nevada who scored the goal in that game set
4:52 pm
a great season in the dutch league with these the i know even where he won the league and he's been really impressive in securing the first two games when mexico picks up a win over germany followed it up with a win against south korea i think mexico is bigger robey what happens to them in three against sweden when they were beaten three male dominant finished runners up in their group and rather than playing switzerland in the last sixteen here they are taking on brazil mexico have this all full record as far as their fans are concerned of having reached the last sixteen of the last six world cups and of me on each occasion they've been not sounds the only time they go further than that is when they are on hard soil so they would have rather been playing switzerland so there's a little bit of negativity around let's see some other bad news is at their best defender you're going to need all the defenders they've got today as they say come brazil at summer a no he's suspended and that means that rush from mark has used thirty nine i will be starting in this game he's playing at his fifth. world cup later on and the belgium faced japan on paper it should be
4:53 pm
a belgian win but how likely are we to the another surprise result that. i think appears to be a surprise to your part of the only known european or south american seem in this round of sixteen that never got further than this in the world cup they want to claim his faults was before their run sixty first in the world whereas belgium rank three belgian paul you write it but what i would say about belgium is you saw the fall we haven't really seen just how good about they all they had a couple of great games against teams you would expect it's a winning against bottom aren't seen as yet and then the game against england was a bit of a fiasco but it seems already fruits of the last six days are rested version the expired c c neven are but i think anything other than an upset and a thing other than a win for belgium would be a big surprise. and andy what are japan's chances if you had to say.
4:54 pm
sorry i didn't catch you that's out there on it and the last question what object plans chunk says. well they're all seem pretty confident because i was listening to that cover story just before this game started a lot of focus on penalties in the front and it's going to go the distance he said we have been thinking about that he doesn't think it's fair for the players to practice them because you can't recreate the pressure of a penalty shoot out so he was saying we're not thinking my guys will bounce issues out with thinking about winning this one in ninety minutes. thank you very much andy. russian fans have been celebrating long and hard off of that team a shock when i had the spain at the well top. these were the things that a fan zone in moscow off to russia the twenty ten champions in a penalty shootout going into the tournament home hopes one high. russia's world ranking of seventy is the lowest of any team at the tournament and now they've
4:55 pm
reached the quarter finals against all odds where croatia lie in wait. for time tour de france champion chris froome has been cleared to defend his title at this year's race which begins on saturday the british cyclists have been under investigation for nine months after more than the allowed level of an asmer drug was found in his urine sample last september the world anti-doping agency which is worked with cycling's governing body to use the i say there was no breach of doping rules and the case has now been dropped basketball's biggest star le bron james is the moving to the second most successful and be a team that is the l.a. lakers the four year deal is worth one hundred fifty four million dollars the move comes days after he decided not to extend his contract with the cleveland cavaliers is the third time in eight years that the three time n.b.a. champion has switched teams as he looks to emulate michael jordan six career titles
4:56 pm
the lakers have won sixteen championships that's one less than the boston celtics. in thomson is the author of the book the soul of basketball the epic showdown between le bron kobe doc and he says the move comes at a good time for both le bron and for the lakers. he'd been with the cavaliers for four years and they had spent and spent and spent to improve their team and they'd simply run out of options in the n.b.a. they have a salary cap and there are limitations on what the team can do the cavaliers have no more money to. incapable of winning a championship around the brand anymore and so now he's moving to a team that has tons of salary cap space he's going to be one of the few teeth you players on their roster and they should not have any trouble attracting more players to play around. though if he's the greatest yet i don't know if he's
4:57 pm
achievement enough to replace michael jordan but he's six with eight inches he's built like a big man in basketball but he plays like a small man and use guns every single school there and with every year he's gotten better he just looses to the team cleary played in every single game like the n.b.a. and that's and he carried a bad team the n.b.a. finals. we've never seen a guy like this in basketball and we may never again. i've had to live with both family to laura that has a night out thanks very much and you can always find out much more on the website and to ask for that as al-jazeera adult column they can find all the latest updates on the news on the day as it from me nora kyle for the sins of the to say what is if you got it back in just a moment it will the days these for you. thank
4:58 pm
you love such. just told. me to. play it safe cause thank you. both. lol just. plug.
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where were you when this idea. that when they're on line it's undoubtedly. call of poverty inequality in our society today or if you join a sunset criminal justice system is dysfunctional right now this is a dialogue what does it feel like to go back for the first time everyone has a voice and allow refugees to be the speakers for change join the conversation on our. a new series of rewind can bring your people back to life i'm sorry and bring you updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries the struggle continues. to. rewind continues with the return of the. true hundred species are going extinct every twenty four hours and a lot of that is attributed to wildlife trafficking rewind on al-jazeera.
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two hundred seventy thousand people out of their homes as talks. and. also coming up the u.n. chief says he's heard stories of unimaginable atrocities. refugee camps in bangladesh. big on promises but short on detail mexicans take a leap of faith and i'm left with a populist hoping he can solve the rampant violence and corruption. and we go deep inside a cave in northern thailand.


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