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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 7, 2018 6:00am-6:35am +03

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on political issues we are with the people believed to tell the real stories are just mended is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audiences across the globe. revels in southern syria reach a cease fire agreement with government forces after two weeks of intense fighting. i'm sami's a dan this is al jazeera live from dollhouse coming up beijing imposes tariffs on u.s. goods prompting fears of a global trade war. the u.s. court orders the trumpet ministration to release the names of young migrant children who are separated from their parents at the mexico border. and rescue
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teams are trapped footballers are not yet ready to dive to safety spine heavy monsoon rains being forecast. the syrian government is back in control of southern province after it reached a cease fire deal with rebels it ends more than two weeks of fighting that forced three hundred thirty thousand people to flee and even to the border with jordan the deal was brokered by russia which has been supporting the syrian government and its offensive in daraa bernard smith reports from the jordan syria border. for the first time in three years the syrian regime is back in control of its from two with jordan this military convoy flying russian and syrian flags rumbled towards the nasi border crossing minutes after opposition fighters agreed to surrender terms
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they had little choice in the face of overwhelming russian firepower the fighters will hand over heavy weapons and thousands of them and their families will be given safe passage to opposition held areas in the north of syria. syrian government forces swept through down a province backed up by russian as strikes but as part of the surrender terms they'll leave for villages they captured earlier these and the rest of the border area will be supervised by the russian military for bashar al assad it was a small price to pay for taking back the border this is a vital trade route that the regime would eventually want to reopen with jordanian agreement covers most of the area held by the opposition in southwest syria one of the last remaining strongholds they still hold connla province at the front it with the israeli occupied golan heights recovering control of this area because our side's next goal. nearly three weeks of fighting but data has displaced more than three hundred thirty thousand syrians according to the u.n.
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tens of thousands of them headed to the jordanian border where they've been stuck with little or no access to food water and sanitation. the jordanian government says the return of syrians massed along its border is now a priority and those displaced people will need to feel confident that it's safe to return home so the jordanians say they've discussed guarantees with concerned parties that's the russians who will be expected to protect the syrians from any fear regime reprisals burnitz with al-jazeera on the jordan syria border. well now that hashimi is the director of the center for middle east studies that the university of denver he says the ceasefire is a psychological blow to the rebels or foster losing ground effectively means the defeat of the remaining rebel held forces in southern syria russia has. overwhelming firepower syria has the backing of
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iran and has the law so this is this is a ceasefire that affected lee well i think a play out in the exact same way that we saw events play out in the east a few months ago and in aleppo but two years ago with the conquest of remaining the rain parts of syria by the assad regime backed by its international and regional allies it just confirms i think the worst fears and suspicions of the syrian rebels that they have been abandoned by the international community they've been abandoned by their regional allies and it's just a matter of time before the assad regime conquers all of the remaining parts of syria so it's psychologically a huge defeat it doesn't really represent a shift in the tide of the war just confirms existing political and military trends that have been in place really since russia intervened in twenty fifteen the world's chemical weapons watchdog has found evidence chlorine gas was used in an
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attack on the syrian city of duma in april a preliminary report by the o.p.c. w. says various fluorinated chemicals were found at the site dozens of people were killed in the attack on duma which was under rebel control at the time damascus has denied carrying out any chemical weapons attacks. the u.s. and north korea have agreed to form working groups to send out details for denuclearizing the peninsula the u.s. secretary of state mike compare has been holding talks with north korean officials in pyongyang pompei or says president trump is committed to a bright future for north korea so clark is in the capitals of all the south korean capital i should say so also both sides start the day of talks that they saying they need to clarify some issues what are they seeking clarification on sarah. well as you know the singapore summit was last month and this delivered a commitment and in pyongyang has the difficult task of lying out the next step how
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to establish that denuclearization process and this involves a time frame as well as the the process of yesterday was met by north korea's top brass had a three hour meeting yesterday and today is their first full day of negotiations so far the indication from my pump via tweets is that the there has been some progress made but the u.s. state department has said as well as discussions on the denuclearization program there's also been discussions on the repatriation of the remains of some of the american troops killed in the korean war now this was the fourth point in the pledge of stablish by king john warner and president to donald trump in the singapore summers but the high level element of the the two working group set up by the two countries indicates that they are both serious about the implementation plan we've got to team which includes the head of the cia's korean mission center he's also got on board america's ambassador to the philippines who was instrumental
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in setting up the working level groups in the lead up to the singapore summit so pumper is under pressure to establish the next steps and establish that plan but there has been increasing doubts about north korea's commitment in the lead up to these talks simply on the grounds that some intelligence reports and satellite data seem to reveal that north korea was in fact expanding its nuclear facilities and wasn't necessarily disclosing the full level of its arsenal stockpile so the attention now is on whether or not today's meeting can establish or the two sides can can reach an agreement on a timeframe as well as the next steps on the singapore summit all right sarah clarke verifying so much. now the u.s. federal court has ordered the trumpet ministration to produce a list of all children under five forcibly separated from their parents at the border with mexico the older also requires the government to explain how each of the migrant children will be reunited with their families by tuesday the separation
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sparked a fierce outcry and protests against donald trump zero tolerance immigration policy john hendren has more from washington d.c. the troubled ministration went to court in california to explain why it can't abide by an immigration court order the court had ordered that the administration had to reunite the parents of undocumented children who had been separated at the border with those children within thirty days but for children under five and there are about one hundred and one of those that had to reunite them by this coming tuesday administration was in court explaining it can't do that because you couldn't locate only about half or forty six of those one hundred one children under five there are three thousand children in total who were separated from their parents or the administration still is trying to meet the goal of reuniting those children with their parents the judge said the top administration might be able to get
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a delay if it could produce a list of these one hundred one children and their parents by five pm on saturday so that is what the administration is looking at but what this means is that the administration did not have a plan in one throws children with their parents when it separated them the government lawyer said that the government would comply with that order but she would not personally be there for the saturday meeting because she had a dog sitting duties. well the powers have been meeting in vienna to try and salvage the two thousand and fifteen iran nuclear deal it's the first time they've all met since the u.s. remained on the landmark agreement in may the u.s. is re imposing sanctions on iran or has threatened to punish countries who continue to do business with to iran ministers are trying to find a way to compensate iran for the sanctions but there's been no breakthrough so far this request we will not be able to compensate for everything that arises from companies pulling out of iran which feel their american business is threatened by
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sanctions for companies which still want to invest we would like to keep payment options open and create securities with an extended mandate of the european investment bank due to the u.s. sanctions the situation has become difficult but we try to make clear to iran that completely abandoning the deal would cause even more harm to iran's economy therefore i hope we will move a step further today by making it clear to iran that we will deliver as far as that is possible. a football coach who led the group of young players into the cave complex in thailand has apologized to their parents and scribbled notes in the first message from a couple of. rescuers say the twelve boys are not yet ready for the dangerous dive to safety heavy rains are forecast that could worsen flooding inside the cave and forced rescuers to retrieve them despite the risk. has more from chiang rai. two weeks after the boys and the coach went in to the dumb one cave here in
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northern thailand all options are on the table is to try to get them out you know we know the the most feasible one right now but very risky very dangerous is to bring them out the way they went in but there are many technical dives involved in that process it's going to take hours and we know that some of the health of the boys and their coach aren't the best so it's a very taxing operations they need to make sure they're in the best health as possible something that the families have done over the last several hours overnight and that is that there's been an exchange of handwritten letters now we know over days they've been trying to put a communication line all the way into the boy's forty five kilometers into this cave system that failed it wasn't working so what they did is they exchanged old fashioned style handwritten notes the parents sent notes in there was actually a note very endearing we love you we miss you we're all standing by for you right outside the cave there's also a note from a doctor saying don't worry your parents are being cared for out here and then the boys and their coach responded to that letter saying don't worry about us we're
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fine please go home please get some rest to their parents and one even said he's worried about the teachers because they've been out of school and they're worried about there being too much homework one boy even asked to have barbecue pork ready for him when he comes out so and then during exchange but obviously it underlines just how emotional this is for the parents and all the relatives involved in this and this nation to this is something that they've been following again for these two weeks that these boys in the coach have been in this cave system. former pakistani prime minister noyes sharif has been sentenced in absent here to ten years in jail for corruption his daughter received a seven year prison term they were convicted of buying large shuras properties in london with undeclared income sixty seven year old sharif who's in london denies any wrongdoing he says he'll eventually return to pakistan he was removed from office last year over other corruption allegations and banned from politics for wife carol hi there has more from islamabad. a handful of protests.
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showing that the ruling of the national accountability court which i taken over nine months to a drive and a conclusion then painting mr sharif to ten years in prison his daughter to seven years in prison and a son in law kept hundred. to one year in prison now in a washout even also said to be fined eight million pounds his daughter marion now was getting awarded a candidate for the upcoming election two million pounds fine they said indeed a landmark wardak by the national accountability court mr sharif. have to appeal within eight days to file an appeal by day we'll have to do go after tearing themselves studio targeting and it's going to be important to see whether mr trevor now returned from england to lead his party through the election retired you on the
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green a fifth of july if you don't know it of course really heavy political price showing more political uncertainty for august on a race down yet the war as far as the people of pakistan are concerned that accountability much before all and it should be cross the board and should also include other political party leaders. still ahead of al jazeera. crab crisis the town the voted for trump now feeling the pinch of east migration policies plus. and the richardson of the world cup in russia west just the fifth time in history a european seems to be taking polls in the semifinals. welcome
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back we'll start in north america this time and the heat wave which has been affecting eastern parts of canada resulting in more than thirty fate is i'm pleased to say on is where that's a cold front which introduced slightly fresher conditions across much of eastern canada and also down through into houston part of the united states so cooler weather for new york still pleasant twenty six degrees some heavy rain from that frontal system across southeastern recently all the way into parts of texas you see it gradually fragments as we head on through into sunday another weather system moving across the northern plains into the prairie's and also affecting the great lakes another stage we're looking at to find conditions out across many western areas so we have got some showers developing across the desert southwest heading down into central america it's looking fairly wet across parts of mexico some heavy showers are likely here in d.c. all the way through the isthmus the risk of showers coming off the caribbean side and the risk will increase of think as we head on through into sunday but for most
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of the islands weather conditions are looking pretty good i think for western parts of cuba and the bahamas likely to be some heavier more prolonged showers at times northern parts of south america see more showers southern areas gerri find this is quite a nasty area of low pressure giving some pretty heavy rain and it could be a very wet day in oneness aires. seen but rarely heard india's two million street children live a desperate existence when he meets the child reporters from the slumdog press giving a voice to india's invisible children on al-jazeera. al-jazeera where every.
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you're watching out you syria time to recap our headlines this hour the syrian government is banking control of southern that are profits after weeks a cease fire deal with rebels it ends more than two weeks of fighting has displaced three hundred thirty thousand people the deal was brokered by russia which backs the government. the u.s. and north korea have agreed to form working groups to set out the details for denuclearizing the peninsula u.s. secretary of state my compost in pyongyang for the third time this year. u.s. federal court has ordered the trumpet ministration to produce a list of all migrant children under the age of five who are separated from their parents of the mexico border the order also requires the government to explain how
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each of the children will be reunited with their parents by tuesday. china's premier league chang is seeking closer trade ties with europe after the u.s. imposed tariffs on chinese goods lee is due to meet european leaders in bulgaria on saturday beijing impose tariffs on thirty four billion dollars worth of u.s. goods on friday the move follows u.s. tariffs on chinese goods worth the same amount brian reports from beijing. china has always said it will match any u.s. tariff with its own at the ministry of foreign affairs briefing just hours after the us terrorists were imposed china promised to be true to its word. i want to stress that we never want to see the escalation of trade frictions into a trade war a trade war is the last thing we want to see because as we've said many times no one country will benefit. thirty four billion dollars worth of goods will be
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affected from farm products to automobiles chemicals and medical equipment as those u.s. products become more expensive china has been looking for other countries to supply them china has been trying their hardest to diversify suppliers of energy of agricultural products especially when all the heat focused on saudi being on china has been boosted its investment in a lot of other unconventional countries for soybean exports such as russia in so doing say critics of the u.s. policy beijing has been forging deeper trade links with the u.s. competitors there will be no winners the question is will there be something lose more than anybody else right now though it looks like the united states is doing the opposite of what it intended it is in essence rallied the entire world against it and u.s. tariffs could ultimately hurt u.s. firms as well as chinese that's because far from being
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a straightforward take for tatts an easily winnable trade war it's complicated for example some of the chinese semiconductors the u.s. is putting terrorists on use microchips that are designed and made in the u.s. so those companies will also be hits. it's thought the u.s. is imposing tariffs to punish china for what it says are unfair trade practices and stealing american intellectual property rights but attending a gathering of sixteen central and east european leaders in bulk area chinese premier league co-chairing said foreign firms were safe in china so. our view is that trade war is never a solution china would never start a trade war but if any party resorts to increase of tariffs then china will take measures in response to protect the interests of pole the authority of the world trade organization and c of the multinational trade order as relations with the u.s. continue to sour china's leaders appear to make new friends wherever they can robert
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bright al-jazeera beijing and deborah elms is the executive director of the asian trade center she joins us now live from singapore good to have you with us so if trade between the u.s. and china drops how might that affect other asian countries. well i think it's very problematic for companies here in asia because they're very tightly connected through supply chains so as an example one of the products that's on the list for tariff increases are boats you know recreational boats and so forth but a lot of the parts and components in a boat or railway cars or some of these big heavy machinery products that are on the list are manufactured or created across asia you know the seat belts the seats dashboards the steering wheels all of those things can be made by even small companies across asia and those are now affected by this tariff increase so as we
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imagine this to be between the u.s. and china it's not really just between the u.s. and china it's increasingly between global supply chains and global supply chains and a lots of collateral damage is going to result given what you said then one wonders whether they'll be the next logical thing impacts on the flow of capital investment into asia as a whole i think it's possible i mean so far what we've seen in the capital markets is that markets tend to be shrugging this off as relatively minor and if you look at the scale even sixty eight billion dollars in goods targeted both ways is fairly minor compared to the overall size of the u.s. economy in the chinese economy but if it continues to escalate which i expect that it will because there doesn't seem to be a pathway to stop the escalation then increasingly you're talking about larger and
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larger swaths of both the u.s. and the chinese economy and more and more of the economies around the world that then becomes an issue for investors and for you know financial markets so at some point this will affect more than just soybean farmers in iowa but this becomes an issue for a lot more firms in a lot more places. and wondering if there could be any good news in this for at least some asian sectors or companies for example that in our report there are reports of talked about how chinese semiconductors include. u.s. microchips is it possible that the chinese now might try and outsource some of their components to other asian countries instead of buying them from the u.s. and could that be good news for some in asia. it i mean there's always some groups that will be able depending on how long this goes there might be you know isolated groups of groups of companies that win. but i think the challenge
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here is that in times of high uncertainty it's not exactly clear where you shift your investment dollars i think what you are seeing in asia and where we have a sort of silver lining is we have deepening trade linkages within asia so we have increased rush to get the transpacific partnership agreement up and running and of this year certainly by the first quarter of next year we have renewed momentum to have the regional comprehensive economic partnership sixteen countries here in asia by the end of this year at least some sort of substantial conclusion so we're seeing a lot of trade linkages being accelerated as a result of this great trade uncertainty and for asia inter asian trade as a result should dramatically increase and so that definitely has an upside and you see with the story that you just ran china looking for new partners in europe the europeans are extremely active here in asia so i think in terms of asian markets yes there will be an upside in the end but it comes at
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a cost and the cost is disruption of existing global marketplaces and crucially potential disruption of the global trade regime itself which we've come to rely on for more than seven decades if that goes sour then all of this attempt to sort of jury rig or shore up that system is a little unclear we don't know where that's going to lead yet and that i think is what's causing some heartburn even in places that might otherwise benefit scary times thanks so much for your analysis to. colombians are holding candlelight vigils across the country to demand action on recent killings of community leaders more than one hundred people have been killed in conflict areas since a peace deal was signed with dark rebels in two thousand and sixteen rights groups blamed the violence on fark dissidents who didn't back the agreement or even protest in haiti's capital port au prince over the increase in the cost of petrol demonstrators built barricades and burned tires to block major streets in the city
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earlier the commerce and economic ministries put up the cost of diesel gasoline and kerosene the government agreed to reduce fuel subsidies in february in order to receive aid from the international monetary fund. u.s. seafood industry is feeling the pinch of trump's tightening immigration policies with a shortage of labor as those in maryland's crabmeat sectors say many businesses that employ foreign workers are now in danger of shutting down hard to joe castro reports from who presided and. just as essential to life on hoopers island as water and air are the crabs. it's all of it i mean if we don't have that. we don't have nothing it's all catch in the water the chain of islands on the coast of maryland has depended on crab fishing for nearly three centuries the local economy rides on the backs of these christie ations and the
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mexican workers who travel here to pick their meat. these are foreign seasonal workers who fill the local labor shortage this woman has made the annual journey for twenty years perfecting the linen i make more money here than in mexico i don't have to work as much and i have benefits and i've been able to better my life. but this partnership between the mexican crab pickers and their american employers faces a challenge to the trauma administration changed the process of awarding a worker visa called the h two b. this year it's now a moderate in fewer than half of the crab factories on hoopers island received these approval feel very good but i mean it's still feel bad for the ones that get it across the bay a less fortunate pier this crap making house lost the visa lottery and no visas means no workers so behind these doors is an empty picking room no workers no
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crabs no money on the table we're barely getting by we're. taking a check go get a crew here get the owner harry phillips sells bait fish to. five i can't do this over you're the i mean we're hurt real bad you know. in a community this small it spreads quickly the general store has fewer customers who have fewer dollars to spend. actually almost a lot of business here myself and a local restaurant yet in this rural county that trump easily won in two thousand and sixteen you are blaming the president. i'm so happy with the president. maybe he doesn't know what's wrong i don't know local say they believe trump will
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and the visa lottery when he realizes the damage it's done they hope this isn't the end of their livelihood heidi joe castro al-jazeera hooper's island maryland. the south. the so. laura. laura the boy.
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two million children live rough on india's streets. it's a brutal one their suffering usually and ignore. but a new spirit run by street children is now bringing their stories from the slums to the world. on this episode one of the dedicated young reporters as the uncovered the important issues of the street. easy leak. in the laneways of old delhi a young editor at enter a porsche are about to show me an unusual five all taking place across the country please. please.


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