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tv   The Wanted 18  Al Jazeera  July 9, 2018 9:00am-10:01am +03

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euro's direction were divided by the new order so the implementation that's going to be handled. the dispute has taken a toll on both sides of the border. isolated regime and its focus on the border conflict with has forced thousands of people to flee the country diskeeper its mandatory military conscription abby meanwhile wants to put if you'll be back on track as one of africa's bosses growing commies with access to editor yes poets but for many it's a symbolic coming together of the better for was that a raised hopes for peace in the horn of africa priyanka gupta al-jazeera it's been decided that brazil's former president listen nothing or learned a so will stay in prison for now earlier a judge granted an injunction from looters released sparking a series of contradictory judicial decisions over the politicians fate the confusion has finally been settled by an appeals court chief justice who said the
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former president must remain in jail for the time being there has been serving a sentence of twelve years and one month in prison for corruption that has more from what i ses. there's been a day of high drama in brazil with different judges in different cities around the country disagreeing with one another on whether the former president of the suitable should be allowed out of prison he's serving a twelve year one month prison term in the city of quit chiba on corruption and money laundering challenges but one judge in the southern city of work would deliberate ruled on the writ of habeas corpus the former president should be allowed out to finish off the appeal procedure should be free to be able to do that then the initial judge the judge who sent that prison in the first place back in april he said that judge did not have the authority to allow former president can rule out of prison it went to and fro with other judges stepping in and so the
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federal court judge was finally asked to make a ruling he said the president or president of the silver should at least spend the night in prison but the impasse is by no means over other judges are likely to step in the country is polarized the country is split on whether the former president should be allowed out or not he has expressed his innocence all along he says is the victim of a political vendetta and what many believe it is if he is allowed out and is allowed to stand the presidential elections in october he would in fact with supporters believe this and opinion polls in it to indicate that would be the case so that very the situation now in which president says that depending on the legal wranglings with the spending twelve years in prison or perhaps by the end of the year it could be president again or brazil syrian state t.v. says its air defenses have hurt an israeli warplane and shot down missiles that targeted the tea for air base in homs province it says six missiles were aimed at
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the base and several were shot down israel has carried out dozens of air strikes in syria over the course of the war hitting what it says were arms shipments on their way to iran back has been. fighters as president bashar al assad consolidates his control in syria some of those who have fled are returning home a million syrian refugees are registered in lebanon and the government there is king for them to leave but many a worried about what will happen when the recross the border from us all in the northeast of lebanon is in a court of reports. their years in exile are now over the syrians are on their way home. they are the latest batch of refugees living in the lebanese border town of our sale to voluntarily return there haven't been mass returned yet but these people are among those who can make the journey back to a syria now mostly under the control of president bashar assad. another little
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usually just we want to go home now would that save many homes are destroyed but ours is fine the circumstances are different for every person. can't happen before syrian authorities screened the names of the refugees and approved the applicants request to return lebanon's general security is overseeing the process. so far the returns have not been in significant numbers the united nations says thirteen thousand refugees have gone home in recent years there are one million syrian refugees registered with the u.n. here but lebanon's government says hundreds of thousands more are not registered. lebanese politicians are pushing for speedy returns because of the economic burden on the country but the united nations says we turned our premature it refuses to organize them because it believes conditions are not right syria is still not safe and assurances need to be put in place many refugees fled persecution and continued
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to be considered a security risk by the syrian government. there are refugees who don't want to return because they don't feel safe there waiting for circumstances change they want international guarantees. among them refugees from the syrian town of qusayr at least forty thousand of them are in lebanon and tens of thousands of others are displaced across syria has not just been totally destroyed there was mass displacement mainly among the muslims who make up the bulk of the opposition. ibrahim is from that town he says he joined the calls for democracy but never took up arms that however is enough to be called a terrorist by the syrian government class. the unit you know. because of the regime another one has to return home to the regime how can we have destroyed and we face security risks because syria is just one of many areas where
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the regime is making demographic changes. those who come from areas like qusayr which form the backbone of the uprising cannot make this journey back they say they are unwelcome and their safety and security are at risk there are still little reconciliation and peace in the new syria. are still north eastern lebannon still had an al-jazeera. this person will be a great job but i'm very close to making a decision that president prepares for an announcement that could shape the u.s. for decades. and chinese leaders meet to discuss trade and relations with the united states. i told. me today the weather sponsored by qatar airways
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hello there was a very heavy downpours around parts of china at the moment most of them are in the northern parts of amara you can see the showers history is no way towards the western force in chengdu doesn't like it'll be pretty wet as we head through monday and tuesday to just on the edge of our chart their own choose day you can see some rather strong winds us just the edge of all storm maria that's going to work its way just to the north of time and then slam into the fusion am province as we head through the next few days so something to keep an eye on as we head through the week a bit further towards the south and for many of us here there's some sunshine particularly through parts of borneo down into java bali but elsewhere there are also showers and some of them are pretty lively across the philippines at the moment and then we've got a line of the stretches down through k.l. and singapore further north of plenty of showers there of course many parts of thailand some of those are likely to be pretty heavy particularly as we head through tuesday and into wednesday and thursday as we head across towards the west that is very lively monsoon rains here particularly over the western parts of india
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but also we're seeing a little circulation beginning to pull itself together for the east so you can see this is circulation here more intense rains are expected over the next few days they could well be some flooding here it's drier towards the west. the weather sponsored by qatar airways. the story of a friendship between a filmmaker and a seven year old girl what is it would mean. giving a home to a refugee family being the syrian war. in the face of deep rooted tension between billet binny's and the refugees. shahira my syrian friends. by setting it up on al-jazeera.
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you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour the government minister in charge of leading the u.k. out of the european union has resigned david davis said he quit as gregg's administer because current policy would leave the u.k. in a weak negotiating position. rescuers in thailand say it could take up to four days to bring out the rest of the youth football team trapped in a flooded cave four boys were pulled out in the first phase of the risky operation that's now on hold so divers can top up oxygen supply it's. ethiopia and eritrea restoring diplomatic ties and opening their shared border after twenty years of his still ities their leaders met in the editor aimed capital for the historic summit the country's sever ties in one nine hundred ninety eight when the war began over
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a border it was killing eight hundred thousand people. president donald trump is due to announce his latest pick for the us supreme court it's going to be the second time he's been able to choose a justice in the past eighteen months and it's significant because his decision will probably swing the court firmly towards the right before leaving his new jersey golf club to return to washington trump told reporters he'll announce the decision monday night i'm getting very close to making the final decision. and i believe. this person will do a great job but i've come very close to making a decision have not made it official yet obviously have not made a final but we're very close to making a decision. well let's say it's there let's say it's the four people but they're actually everywhere you can't go wrong and john hendren has more from washington d.c. . in what is increasingly looking like a reality t.v. presidency donald trump has left an air of mystery as to who he will choose for the
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supreme court and he's going to pick that person on television i'm time here in the united states on monday the president has four main contenders at this time one is brett kavanaugh he began his career as a clerk to justice kennedy who is now retiring and there is roman catholic an appeals court judge who the president reportedly considers safe and likable but dolan that is important with this president he considers personalities so vital and then there is the social conservative candidate and her name is amy coney barrett she has written widely academically about abortion and is the most likely to overturn the right to the abortion here in the united states but there is also a fourth candidate and that is one that president considered the runner up last time around when he chose neil gorsuch that is thomas hardman the president reportedly likes his personal story he's the first member of his family to go to college he once drove a taxi and he was recommended by the president sr who happens to be an appeal court
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judge in philadelphia who ever wins this there will be a very close vote in the senate the republicans have fifty one votes the democrats have forty nine they would like to wait until after november when the democrats hope to have more than the president is trying to pull democrats over while the democrats are trying to pull over republicans to their side to block this vote. germany's chancellor will meet the chinese premier for talks on monday to discuss the u.s. led trade war both leaders have criticised donald trump's huge international tyrus and as dawn came reports it's not just the u.s. trade policies that unite beijing and berlin. when they meet on monday angela merkel and likud chang will do so as partners on the world stage trade links between germany and china are strong but right now all eyes are on their collective commercial relationship with the united states the policies of the trumpet ministration have caused them real concern on the ball garion leg of his european
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visit the chinese premier spelt out why bullshit about the trade war is never a solution china would never start a trade war but if any party would do its to increasing tariffs in china will take measures in response to protect china's development interests uphold your forty and efficacy of a w t o and save for a multinational trade regime operating within that trade regime has generated vast amounts of revenue both in berlin and in beijing germany's total trade with china was worth two hundred thirty billion dollars in twenty seventeen a ten percent rise on the previous year but despite this the united states remains the biggest market for german companies in the last twelve months for which we have figures the u.s. trade deficit with germany reached nearly sixty seven billion dollars a fact president trump believes is justification to impose tariffs on alumium and steel imports and which the german chancellor worries may lead to other measures
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it's a lot of fun to me image styling p.r. we now have tariffs on alimony i'm and still and we have a discussion which is very serious it appears cost who will be imposed with tariffs when they're imported to the us ladies and gentlemen this has the character of a trade conflict i don't want to use any other word for now it's worth every effort to try to diffuse the. plex so it doesn't turn into a war but this obviously takes to. trade is not the only area of policy where beijing and berlioz interests coincide both were instrumental in arranging the nuclear deal which brought iran in from the cold both were united in their opposition to president trump's rejection of that deal but there are still some policy differences on significant issues such as china's approach to human rights on which the two countries do differ and yet it's clear that when likud chang and angle americal meet it may well also the
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a meeting of minds dominic cain al-jazeera perlin in turkey at least ten people have died in a train crash near the greek border seventy three others were injured when five carriages came off the rails close to the city of course lou it's around one hundred kilometers west of the train's destination is stone ball the train was carrying more than three hundred people. rioting and looting continue in haiti's capital even though the government is suspending a proposed hike in fuel prices. police fired warning shots the crowds to strip supermarkets set on fire injuring two days of violent protests at least three people have died since the demonstrations began on friday the government wants to increase the cost of fuel by about forty percent to generate more tax revenue. conditions inside venezuela's jails are notoriously bad with overcrowding and frequent violence but for some prisoners the lack of space
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means they're being kept locked up for years in police stations which aren't meant to hold people for more than forty eight hours john holmes has more. five men to a police station holding cell but smaller than a car. with no excited no beds they stuck in here twenty people seven snatching sleepin blankets slung up his makeshift hammocks the bottles waged in the bars a few urine ating. but at least it's for a maximum of forty eight hours that's what venezuelan law says anyway reality some of actually been here for years one a half in this man's case he's desperate to get to a real jail. there are moments when there are lots of prisoners they bring them and bring them but there aren't transfers to anywhere else and that's really difficult because the holding cells sometimes ireland and you collapse. venezuela's jails are completely overcrowded that means the prisoners across the country are stuck in
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police station lock ups while they wait for space to be freed up for many family visits are their only hope of food and your investigators claim that several detainees have died of hunger. venezuelan enzio window to freedom monitored almost two hundred temporary detention centers last year they found that nearly two thirds were clean. and so rubbish and human waste hold up and this is was right more than sixty percent didn't have separate cells for women and that law cuts worth two hundred fifty percent of their maximum capacity the crush of people has led to many police forces resorting to a radical and illegal solution keeping prisoners simply struck some patrol cars when they run out of so. meanwhile the wheels of the venezuelan justice system turn slowly to speed them up or at least make conditions will bearable you have to pay.
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the just and that is swell and the whole penitentiary system is the big mafia that produces a lot of money. taking you to the tribunal to continue judicial process getting the transport to get you anywhere. they can charge you to eat for the officer to take the food you drill it brings from the door of the locker. especially for those who don't have the cash this is the reality of what can be years on end john home and. venezuela. this is our jazeera these are the top stories the government minister in charge of leading the u.k. out of the european union has resigned david davis said he quit his brags that minister because current policy would leave the u.k. in a weak negotiating position u.k. police have confirmed that a woman forty four year old dawn sturgis who was exposed to the nerve agents nova
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chalk last week has died a male friend she was with at the time in the town of amesbury is also critically ill police suspect it was the same batch of nova chuck used on a russian double agent and his daughter in march. four boys have been rescued in the first phase of an operation to get a youth football team out of a flooded cave in thailand eight members of the team and the coach still remain in the cave rescue workers say phase two of the operation will start in the coming hours. ali i would like to inform everyone at home and all those who have been giving us support all along that after sixteen days today's the day we've been waiting for we are seeing the wild boar football team in the flesh now it's being decided the brazil's former president luthor nothing lula da silva will stay in prison for no earlier a judge granted an injunction for lou's release sparking a series of contradictory judicial decisions over the politicians fate the
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confusion has finally been settled by an appeals court chief justice who said the former president must remain in jail for the time being president donald trump is due to announce his latest u.s. supreme court pick his decision will probably swing the court firmly towards the right i'm getting very close to making the final decision and i believe. this person will do a great job but i'm i'm very close to making a decision have not made it official yet obviously at that maybe final but we're very close to making a decision. like that well it's it's there let's say is that what the vote but they're actually everywhere you can't go wrong rising continues in haiti over to propose hike in fuel prices even though the government's suspended the controversial policy. at least three people have died since demonstrations began against the government's plan to increase fuel prices by around forty percent
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those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after inside story by phone. two weeks after they went missing the first boys have been rescued from a cave in thailand there was an operation that involved many divers and experts from around the world this is inside story.
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hello there and welcome to the program i'm laura caro rising waters for ling oxygen levels and no easy way out it's a treacherous situation for anyone especially twelve children and their football coach you've been trapped in a cave in thailand it's a story that has gripped the attention of much of the world and on sunday several of the trapped boys were successfully rescued and taken to a nearby hospital for treatment divers guided the boys through hours of walking crawling and swimming with an oxygen tank out of a deep cave complex the teammates along with their coach had been trapped for more than two weeks the rest of the team is still making its way out but monsoon rains off threatening the dangerous mission shala ballasts takes a look now at some of the challenges of this operation. the tome one cave is in northern thailand in the chiang rai province near the border with me and ma and laos it is one of the longest caves in the country stretching ten kilometers
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through the door mountain range the boys are stuck just past a cabin known as party of beach now looking inside the mountain one point five kilometers from the main entrance navy seal team to set up a base in a cabin and no one is trying to three three kilometers in a semi in junction it forks off to an exit but that's flooded the cave widens to large cabins and narrows to passages so small that rescuers need to crawl to get through the passageway climbs and drops which means that when it rains water builds up in these steps four kilometers in is passing a bitch the boys are about four hundred meters after the spot and eight hundred to a thousand meters below the surface to get the boys out through the flooded patches rescuers have attached a guideline and daughters emergency oxygen tanks every twenty five to fifty meters the plan is that as they swim one navy diver will be beside them another one behind
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keep in mind some ways don't know how to swim there are strong currents and the water is dark and muddy they're being given wet suits boots helmets and a scuba mask but no tank the proposal being they'll get from their dive buddy supply now don't take at least five hours to get each boy out so it all may take a couple of days to complete the risk you. well an extraordinary rescue let's join our guest to talk about it joining us from goes in the u.k. mike tipton professor of human and applied physiology at the extreme environment laboratory at the university of portsmouth he joins us via skype in london on drugs unless child psychologists at king's college london and consultant morley hospital and from all the. also via skype neil bennett he's a diver and managing director at new zealand diving will get to you all in just a moment but first let's talk to bill white house he's
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a spokesman for the british cave rescue council and has been in direct contact with the british divers helping with the rescue in thailand he joins us on the line now from buxton in the u.k. so bill what a relief to hear that these first boys have been coming out and the heads of shuttle as well what are you hearing about the rescue efforts. yes increase in incredible. good news the operation to bring the mouse it was is extremely dangerous and frankly very risky. and there's been a lot of planning going on in the last few days. in preparation for if the thai authorities gave the go ahead to to tried on a rescue. to the way to do it well whatever way they have done it may seem to have got it right because if they were if if they however many of come
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out now if this is the process is they use work for them then god willing there's a chance that it'll work for the others well it's the it's excellent use. of we all recording this program on sunday night the whole time it is six point we believe that is being brought out you are in townsville and you with the british dive of who are involved in this operation the two men who first of all found the boys what role are they playing in this part of the operation in this part of the operation well we can't be sure of course because once things once things started of course being communicator that are probably underground now rick rick stanton and problems and who were the two divers who first gone through to the boys. a while ago now isn't it. still on the site
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one site i don't know for certain that they're involved in today's dive i would be astonished if there weren't and then there are there are now on site. seven british cave divers. and there are one some from other nationalities and there are the the navy they're trying a the seal drivers who are not cave divers they open water divers who have been operating for another more to dive in a very unusual you know. and vironment for them and what they've been doing is truly heroic. and it's very sad one of them lost their lives during the process the other day in the ok i mean this is a very is cave diving is a very serious and different type of dry diving to open water diving there are all sorts of considerations that come in about the way equipment is used the
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different kinds of risks and things which have had to be built into any of the rescue operation and bear in mind that these children not only are listen ok as divers but they're not divers and not even swimmers i gather ok the white house we appreciate you taking the time the to join us at the top of our program here inside story thanks very much and let's go straight now to dr andre in london six point out at this stage of course of this program will be airing and he will be hearing of more boys coming up on the coming to. i mean what an enormous sense of relief for them and for the families and they for the rescue is. fantastic news and i just talk us through what because those things i'm oceans all as you will as you know been rescued. i would
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expect that most of the children will be probably elated by the rescue after the longer deal that have been subjected over the past few days. many of them will probably become quite emotional i would expect actually most of them to experience some emotional symptoms over the next few days this may become evident as being particularly irritable or becoming tearful of course they would be very happy but they will have very strong intense emotion to cope with that because lee was right they might we know that they are being flown straight to hospital by helicopter on the top hospitals in chiang rai region physically how are they likely to be well i understand alone get methink seems unconfirmed that the first boys to come out were the ones that were regarded as the weakest so i suspect you know if people are able to distinguish how well the different boys are the ones or
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the weakest are probably the ones that are suffering most from dehydration malnutrition and perhaps even from hypothermia or getting cold so they there's nothing that should have happened to them physically that can't be corrected you know after the event i think probably the longer term consequences will be psychological rather than medical physiological ok you know that bodes well doesn't it if the weakest are being brought out fast and they have come out as quickly as they have it both well for the rest of the rescue operation. i'm allowed some of the we're going to start into the as a species to tear we're going to need stronger ones to be over the more complex situations so given the required in our first thousand through personal transfers them out and sort them out in these years the missions that bode well for us and
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save are now have the risk. of course diving was always the big concern has part of this rescue operation what were the risks to the children who were having to dive and indeed the divers who were leading them well the some of. the pumping of the water has actually reduced that quite considerably allowing them to move out large sections which really helped the situation but. you got to think of some of the. most part climbers some of the. meetings in march thirteenth of the poor four hundred meter three. that both so true possible chip leader is that sort of lead the premier on respiratory problems and then you have the narratives actually which in itself is probably the most disturbing part of it because it can work in school the. nineteenth but he preaches like
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a nuisance are on stand in a pretty shush and so it's news stream a grant to be read in if there are visibility and. surely how. these guys are actually facing probably the biggest challenge of a live strong. absolutely i mean from my limited experience of diving trying to remember to breathe normally it's very difficult when you're underwater i understand that these boys are being fed with a full face mask which is easier than a mouthpiece. yeah what was a concern is that we all imagine that if a child climbing tries about the services of existence or another environment one things people do when their purpose is actually fixing up the house having a full face mask reduce the problem of being a mother going to be is not lying to someone risk your. child in the middle of the nursery with my daughter to be such
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a gift that regular the back into the mouth is quite limited so we reducing that possibility is a filter her posts. under how is it best to try and keep these boys calm. well i think first of all is is really important to find ways and words to explain fux very easily to them so think about the kind of communication the rest for might have with their own children and families to find ways in which communication is clear and there for children know exactly what is going to happen what are the things that they can do if anything should go wrong so that they would know at least the facts secondly it's really important i think for a director to build some report with the children and spend some time with them which i understand has happened over the past few days so that the children can learn about them and effectively find ways to trust them should they need to in
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emergency situations you talk about the fact that one wonders how honest you have to be with children when you're asking them to take risks i mean presumably there is no way that they would have mentioned the fact that the former navy seal died on friday and he was axed in the cave i would assume they wouldn't have what i was referring to is the instruction on what to do when the rest might ration where i'm going so it's really important that they knew what was happening to them because having unpredictable things happening to them of course would only increase the risk of them becoming distress as the rescue occurs do you think age might be on their side head do you think it's adults we tend to panic more and look at the worst case scenarios where as a young boy might perhaps and something more intrepid might see it more as an adventure. perhaps perhaps it's really difficult to say what we do know is that actually an adolescent it's actually more difficult
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to cope with these intense emotions so what you may be referring to is the idea that they may think this is a challenge in some ways or another and they're for be motivated to do their best rather than being anxious and restricted their actions throughout the rescue operations but the funny thing i would expect of the lessons to. struggle coping with these more intense emotions right like the physiological impacts i mean this is a one to two kilometer journey it took five hours for experienced cavers to complete its diving crawling hiking and it's incredibly taxing physiologically speaking how these children going to build up the straight the how did they build up the strength having been malnourished and nine days. yes i mean it's quite remarkable it's not the kind of thing you'd want to take on if you were you know fully fit and healthy so they obviously they obviously maintained their
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physiological status pretty well over those first nine days and the very fact that they survived nine days tells us that you know some of the major stresses like dehydration and low oxygen levels weren't really present and affecting them so there's that there's that aspect to it i mean i think the other important point to make is although we've said the weakest have come out first as assessed by a doctor that doesn't necessarily mean the weakest in terms of their ability to undertake this task right because it will of those initial decisions would have been based on a on a health basis rather than i physical fitness or ability to dive so you know we're halfway there but we're certainly you know we've certainly got some way to go my concern would be things like not being able to meet the physical challenge. you know a wet suit is fine but if it's
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a poorly fitting wet suit it's next to useless and as we've already heard the way people react to having to go breathe underwater had no experience of doing that is something somewhat unpredictable we've we've taken lots of naive people and taught them to use emergency breathing systems so helicopter on the water escapes and the reactions you get of quite unpredictable some people just find it almost physically impossible to take a breath in when their head is underwater now hopefully none of those will apply in this case and we'll see you know a successful completion but we're certainly you know we're certainly not out of the woods yet i nail think that the rescue team spent three four days training for this and then they trained the boys do you think they would have taken the boys on their practice dives in the water to get them used to breathing underwater. absolutely means the thirty guys who we have out there were enough or over the receivers in
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the computer that the person is in effect among the water like that you rely on so that we can use the recent fruits and such in prison for as last year on the war so a lot of people will. probably he says when i get water around the fight has nothing to do so i mean what around them are still blocking the mass throughout something that would be the most of the scale what i can expect the struggle through the price of nothing to have this problem where all the resentments among us or is going to wait for them out. by sea because there's no way to swallow a city that will worry about it but continue to be regular in all of us so the cities are going to experience a struggle to get through this time you have to be committed with and the other thing as well people kind of a look in the slow walk through with going to be a man so not only have to go here with the water conditions they're going to be out of the over the currents of the as we saw in that movie making mountains or them but they have to build that report with the rescue research i have to be doing
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right now for the rescue so start going pretty well like what sort of state is the body in after being two weeks underground. that is almost completely dependent on the amount of fluid you've received the amount of food you've received in the amount of exercise you've been able to undertake i mean one extreme you wouldn't survive that long you know you are estimated survival time without any flu it is just a few days. you know at the other extreme provided that you've got fresh water and food and you've been able to exercise you should be able to remain reasonably capable but you know i would you know you would expect to see a pretty significant reduction in their maximum physical capability and they may well need to come close to that to make an escape the other big thing we see. which is we don't really understand it's sort of psycho physiological phenomena is the way people react to being rescued there are significant number of people who
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actually fight and fight and fight for their survival and do really well and just at the point of being rescued that can they condition deteriorates and they're the ones that need to be looked after particularly carefully in this case you know towards the end of the rescue and on reaching the surface so you know as i say this is very very variable it's very in between individuals as well ok you know it's going to be a significant challenge under that's a fascinating phenomenon isn't that that you're fighting so much to survive and just the point when you reach that you give up why might that be yeah so what we know about these kinds of situations is that when we are exposed to stress buthe to to a chronic there is an elevation stress hormones such as cortisol what happen quite often is that after acute stresses when we effectively start relaxing that cortisol also goes down. what we see is that the amount of energy and
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activity that has sustained people throughout the stress. will experience will then translate in a lot of weakness and tartness and in some ways even cognitive impairment after that experience so i entirely agree that we need to really have a holistic understandings of what is children will go through thinking about their physical threats and limitations including of course darkness but also food and factions as we have discussed and this will partly have an effect on how they will respond after the rescue operation will be hopefully successfully over there let's hope that the rescue operation continues as it's begun but let's just visit briefly the scenario where it is aborted under what conditions might that be the case. from the moment we felt that lutie or something of
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a blockage in the system will not achieve that scenario then they're going to. slap say well if the motor running which is one of the money back what pushed it forward if you didn't have a star increase aid while writing. and that money will also go back because there might be other characters that like. among other things that probably didn't touch on that he remarked pursuit it was the amount of human feces in. the knot and so on but enormous with the problem any sort of build up in the lungs that's really going to effect the thought of it moving forward. it's not really considered a threat keep up with the problems of the condition yeah mike how low to those austan levels get. the report i heard was about fifteen percent so that's down from
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a normal twenty one percent that's still ok because i'm in that sea that's where you can translate those percentages into altitudes so that's a bit like going to you know just around about two thousand meters so that's not so much of a problem but you know once it got down to thirteen or twelve percent percent then you're starting to see some of the symptoms of hypoxia so i think probably as we just heard this particular option was the sort of the least worst option so if we get to the situation where we have tics you know retain some of the boys in the car even think clearly there's going to have to be some fairly significant interventions there the other problem that kind of gets missed is not just the reduction in oxygen but if you're in a situation where you're not getting fresh air into into that situation you're also going to get a buildup of carbon dioxide and that in itself can be you know potentially very hazardous so if those numbers were right and we were down to about fifteen percent
9:44 am
then it was getting pretty close to the time to go under and just lastly even if when the boys are all out you know dale's not over is that one of the sort of long term mental health impacts one must be watching for in this team and not forgetting in the coach as well absolutely so i would expect first of all that all the children will be screened for a considerable amount of. and for their psychological consequences through this or deal and i would expect that discriminate will detect at about ten to twenty percent of them will develop injuring mental health problems or psychiatric disorders because of such a true disorder that can be developed after these kind of traumatic experiences is quite broad includes conditions such as the pressure on one side to disorders plus traumatic stress disorders but also other types of conditions which are called
9:45 am
externalizing so acting out in some ways or another and these are conditions that we call conduct problems but also substance abuse. is important that you assess when to thorough and brute to detect the different types of psychiatric problems that these children might develop and at the same time is important that the children are also assessed for the risk ok we know that all the conditions that i just mentions are associated with increased risk of self harm for example so it's very important that the risk is assessed ok sorry under we do have to leave it there. good news that's the rescue operation has so far been successful let's hope that all twelve boys and their cage do indeed emerge healthy and happy when you think that a four year old for joining us might tempt an undead death and nail bennett also bill white house at the top of the show and thank you too for watching can see the program again any time by visiting our website as al-jazeera dot com and of our
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discussion do go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com for slash a.j. inside story you know the join the conversation on twitter at a.j. inside story from me laura kyle and the whole team here it's by now. this is a story about a small village the society that inhabits it and two of its most important
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characters the villages by lou telephone and it's an execution of. discovering new filmmaking talent from around the globe to find a latin america delves into this cuban market culture and it's only in line to the outside world people calling on al-jazeera. july on al-jazeera in a new series of had to had maddie hasson talk of the big issues with hard hitting questions pakistan is going to the polls to elect a new government what part will the country take people in power continues to examine the use and abuse of power around the world a generation of voters in zimbabwe grew up knowing only the leadership of robert mugabe now they are electing a new president of the first time since independence his name's not on the ballot on television and online the stream continues to tap into the extraordinary potential of social media to disseminate news. july on al-jazeera.
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every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking stories join the listening post as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they report on the stories that matter the most on al-jazeera. i'm wrong about this and in doha the top stories on the government minister in charge of leading the u.k. out of the european union has resigned david davis says he's quit as briggs it minister because current policy would leave the u.k. in a weak negotiating position prime minister theresa may has struggled to unite factions
9:49 am
within her ruling conservative party over how the u.k. will proceed with gregg's it u.k. police have confirmed that a woman forty four year old dawn sturges has died after she was exposed to the nerve agents novacek last week a male friend she was with at the time in the town of amesbury is also critically ill police suspect it was the same batch of nova chalk used on a russian double agent and his daughter in march rescuers in thailand say it could take up to four days to bring out the rest of the youth football team trapped in a flooded cave four boys have been pulled out in the first phase of the risky operation it's now on hold so divers can top of oxygen supplies scott has the latest from chang right. after more than two weeks trapped deep underground one by one the boys emerged and were taken away by ambulance their ordeal finally came to an end when rescuers launched a daring effort to bring them out guiding them through a four kilometer labyrinth of treacherous tunnels and caves. the head of the rescue
9:50 am
mission described it as d. day and called the boys by the nickname of their football team when he confirmed the first extraction had been a success. you know i would like to inform everyone at home and all those who have been giving us support all along that after sixteen days today's the day we've been waiting for we are seeing the wild boar football team in the flesh now that's. the rescue mission took days of preparing and planning after the group was found alive by divers on monday crews have been pumping water out of the cave system resupplying the boys with food and oxygen and drilling to help open up their escape route with. sunday's mission was described as better than expected and went quicker than planned as rescuers take the next ten to twenty hours to prepare for monday's mission heavy rain has started to fall and that's something that could complicate the next rescue eight boys in their twenty five year old football coach remain
9:51 am
inside the cave experts say divers are already face a dangerous mission to get them out for the team themselves of course there's the risk is as they're bringing the boys out there can be something that goes wrong in one of the dives and either one of the boys panics or has some type of medical emergency such as vomiting into the regulator mask which is it can be deadly and if they panic they can potentially also take the rescuer with them so from a team standpoint that's one of the biggest dangers they face before rescued boys are now recovering in a local hospital for the nine others still trapped agonizing wait goes on it's got harder al-jazeera chiang rai. it's been decided that brazil's former president louis in the saloon of the sofa will stay in prison for no alya a judge granted an injunction the falloon as release sparking a series of contradicting judicial decisions over the politicians fate. the
9:52 am
confusion has finally been settled by an appeals court chief justice who said the former president must remain in jail for the time being president donald trump is due to announce his latest u.s. supreme court pick his decision will probably swing the court firmly towards the right i'm getting very close to making the final decision. and i believe. this person will do a great job but i've come very close to making a decision have not made it official yet obviously at that very final but we're very close to making a decision. like that well let's say it's still let's say it's the floor vote but they're actually everywhere you can't go wrong rising continues in haiti over a proposed hike in fuel prices even though the government has suspended the controversial policy. lisa fired warning shots of protesters who've stepped supermarkets at least three people have died since demonstrations began against the
9:53 am
government's plan to increase fuel prices by around forty percent those are the headlines the news continues here after al-jazeera world by.
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let have our law and a moment will give fish a little bit of a. that if sad than. that because if they go to her she shared with him with me ok. with every move every move has shut and moves and loom and low and move.
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one by a bend in that and then down so day i am so want to. say that i have cherished a sad one. i am killing a fetus and so i am sure with this as you put in they show the down essentially lifts. over to visit we could sneak she had me do it in the. winter when who own oh and even if none did i want a moon x. a so full that a more had the custom of her. lifting that i am in the ending were fed git out well lots of time little bit
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sad that mum woman at the. sad involve a village nanny to bits of jasmine you. have been led to that the saddest going to add even their sad then vava visioning lim up to hallam of literacy yet and trying the best so i have. yet to. assist the village. and say we have it today. lewis has a hair so someone in n.c. palin will show a lot of the war on. the the. war one long. love the above all. along with both men of all.
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well know what. you have in. our day. have a love. of the folks who was there for you to leave us with look if you go. around them our freedom was right this might be our fault was right up because i'm one i was. on
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you kids school i'm coming to this week but in this county that's going to talk to . us. i don't think you know actually i'm with i'm going to be. rather large in saudi in the. let's think that iran. did look at a mother had a bunch of soria. or let their mother i last saw you on
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a normal ws for where can we cut of one. any size jersey but i'll bet out beside the home. i. live in marlow for the guardian a. model fair. enough some actually been how to live in my life a giant on the job. with this home going to say his is a slick butin you live in you have a ford lease in the city you put his name into the foundations. and live ninety but off the ledge in a city in oh well young you've got to leave the. young man had a good month heck in the story i'm up for the let him believe. in a sort. of knock at my
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head of i'm sorrier on the road to hell among the get go good mother out of us what yani us for this year often are so much three and i have. never in my life or jerry on the job. ever see barbara let's. not be heard of all obviously or i'll be in one longer than the shell out money good most of the leave home but had none. so where you have at this a school is through the economy live a study that has gone. balls dean had no. idea how do you i lucked into a dorm and it is a subdued little beyond me i initially got me to give him an a plus he could answer and when hayes who do you are going to muffin on the plot about a lunch of a rat out with a mint kid might get the whole team by any big city you wish it so to your big city ya'll before you know come in were near you and if it too bad but not.


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