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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 11, 2018 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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theorists believe a lot of people see them as victories for me to improve they have these victories for anybody six troops will continue. to come on out which is iraq. all standing together but it's not a happy family the nato summit gets underway in brussels after an extraordinary outburst. hello and welcome to al-jazeera live from my headquarters in doha would be as a peron i'm also ahead comfortable in recovery mode off first view of the boys cave after that mammoth rescue efforts. and time to let it flow a libyan border agrees to hand over control of key oil facilities and why the
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protests aren't going out in haiti despite a government backed down will live to the capital. have shut the door to begin thrashing out their differences and in brussels the issue of the alliances budget and how america fits and was already said to be top of the agenda before it even started donald trump lectured the secretary general at a breakfast meeting and lambasted germany where just before the doors closed to the media at the nato headquarters and stoltenberg was trying hard to project an image of unity he said u.s. concerns on the burden sharing were being addressed. nato is about europe and north america working together to keep our people safe in a more unpredictable world today we will strengthen our collective defense under
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terence and step up our efforts to project the ability beyond our borders and fight terrorism fair burden sharing underpins everything that we do just a few years ago we were cutting our defense budgets now we are adding billions spending more and spending better. now could you look at it germany is a captive for a ship because they supply they get rid of their coal to get rid of this nuclear they getting so much of the oil and gas from russia i think it's something that they are asked to look at i think it's very appropriate for you and i think we did it appropriate i don't know what you can do about it but it certainly doesn't seem to make sense that they pay billions of dollars to russia and now we have to defend them against russia. no maintenance the non-so trying to mine nations around the there are some parts differences son needed them to do so and also some disagreements on the guy it's a. problem for for the german small issues
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a lot of these three but the span fullname two is the respond to these differences will always be able to unite the promo for polls good to protect on the phone to tell the people from the sound of your story would you give them a call. to go to world war from the cold war focus on your story together or. how are you going to get what a country is getting its energy from the person you want protection against or simply because from the start of the when we stand together also when dealing with bush wrong we are stronger i think will become seniors no you just make you richer richer well that deliberately making virtue richer with a good deal of even the cold war made dollars for trading when the rush of the the in this room and so both went on the trade agreements we've through the i think terry is wonderful i think energy is a whole different story this energy is
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a much different story than normal trade and you have a country like poland the four except as you take a look at some of the countries there were said that because they don't want to be captive to russia by germany as far as i'm concerned it's captive to russia because it's getting so much energy for right so listen for subjects germany getting their energy. for her she explained that to me every. right to you grows. a lot diplomatic editor james bays is watching all of this unfold in brussels and trump and merkel have just had their bilateral meeting on the sidelines james. yes so after that extraordinary attack on germany and chancellor merkel by the u.s. president about breakfast with the u.n. secretary general now the two leaders who seem to be no avoiding each other until now today in fact we've seen them a number of different photo opportunities we saw the so-called family photo where
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all the twenty nine leaders stand together it looked more like a family feud the mood very very tense indeed well after that and the first meeting formal meeting of the north atlantic council that's all twenty nine meeting leaders meeting there was this meeting between president chancellor merkel now at the start of the meeting the white house told reporters there will be no photos no t.v. crews will be allowed in the meeting well what's the meeting got started and they relented and they allowed journalists in they allowed a small group of journalists and camera crews in to see the sea and it's clear although they were still raising some of the same issues that they were not being raised by president trump in the same angry way that he raised them a few hours ago not clear why possibly the beginning of this meeting in this is just speculation by me it was an agreement to try and bring the tension down some
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sort of truce but even if that is the case i think the damage has been done here. i'm reading james that america has said that she looks forward to future exchanges would trump because we're partners and donald trump has said that he expects trade to increase with germany so how much damage would you say has been done by that priest breakfast with again stoltenberg and can these allies overcome what what trump has brought to the summit. well i think there's certainly been damage done to the relationship between the u.s. and germany we know the personal relationship between the chancellor and the u.s. president is not good what about the damage that has been done to the nato alliance at one point president trump said we're supposed to protect germany and yet they are buying this gas from russia well it's not supposed to protect germany there is
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a north atlantic treaty that was signed almost seventy years ago actually in washington d.c. article five of that says an attack on any of the nato allies is an attack on all of that treaty they are all required to protect one another article has only been invoked one time after nine eleven but the basic underpinnings of nato in this alliance or in some ways being challenged and so you know is nato itself and the alliance at risk change because of what trump is saying can they survive this u.s. president. well certainly there is a lot of talk from others and particularly from the secretary general about the unity of nato and how that they have a job to do and they're going to continue doing it but certainly nato has continued through the cold war that was created for through the end of the cold war and its
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expansion because i think in many parts because of the determination of one country the united states is that determination still there james thank you very much for that is our diplomatic editor james bays who will be on throwing or trying to all those questions for us from the nato summit in brussels. but let's move on to other news now in the first pictures of the rescue thai schoolboys have emerged since they were brought out of the cave well this is them recovering in an isolation ward of the hospital. doctors say the boys and their coaches about two kilograms otherwise in pretty good health the young football team spent seventeen days trapped underground in the chiang rai and sent us this update. at the press conference today by government express get gratitude not just to those who worked from within its own government but also volunteers who came from other
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countries and brought in their expertise this is quite unprecedented not only because thailand had worked with other countries before but also because it didn't matter what the issues these countries have with thailand it didn't matter that some countries the border issues to thailand what mattered was that the collaborated and turned this very difficult operation into a successful one now most of the boys almost all of the boys are doing very well they are expected to stay in hospital for about seven days before they are brought home and they have to stay at home for about thirty days it is something critical because there is still under medical observation although almost all of them basically are doing very well according to doctors both physically and mentally and it's also what makes this story special is that according to experts the story of the boys really is in keeping with the world cup fever at the moment you know whatever happened under those conditions they exhibited strength unity and
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brotherhood really the kind of values that the world cup espouses. so it's hard bombing and a gun battle in the east of the amazon has killed at least ten people. with three of the attackers grew themselves off of the education department offices in jalalabad. to confront the attackers before the battle ended in the capital of province groups claiming responsibility but both and the taliban have carried out previous raids. the u.s. secretary of state has called for. states to end the blockade against cutter during a visit to the united arab emirates my pompei are held talks with crown prince mohammed bin zeid in the capital abu dhabi. urged an end to the diplomatic spat saying it would lead to the strengthening of iran in the region the u.a.e. saudi arabia bahrain and egypt imposed a blockade on in june last year. libyan warlord khalifa haftar has agreed to return
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to control of major oil ports to the internationally recognized government following appeals by regional powers as well as the us france italy and britain have to us forces regained control of export terminals last month after battles with a rival group the fighting in the so-called or oil crescent prevented tankers from docking and cost the oil dependent economy nearly a billion dollars without the head as in tripoli. after three weeks of blockade finally warlord hefted has responded to the international pressure by international players and he has decided to hand over the oil terminals in the east of the country to the internationally recognized the tripoli based national oil corporation now according to the n.o.c. the national oil corporation their oil exporting operations are going to be resumed in the oil terminals after three weeks of blockade we understand that the meeting
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that was held in room on tuesday was held by the united states representatives and also representatives from italy the u.k. and france and that pressure was put on the eastern rivals especially. for hefted and the presidency of the tobruk based parliament and that message according to informant sources was meant to isolate the oil sector away from any conflict in the east of the country according to the national oil corporation there too to loss of the three weeks of blockade by hefted forces has cost the libyan budget around one billion dollars since the beginning of the conflict on the fourteenth of last june now the end of the conflict of the hand over of the oil terminals to the national oil corporation does not mean the end of the conflict in
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the east of the country we understand that have had plans to hand over the oil terminals to their parallel corporation to the rival and to see the evil oil corporation which is a lie to the top of the best government now we understand that the. handover of the oil terminals to the. national oil corporation does not mean the end of the conflict as have that its forces are still based in the. trying to put themselves as the guardian of the oil terminals. to haiti and underway in the capital often days of protest against fuel price rises despite plans to shelve the hikes demands the president to continue. reporting from the capital port au prince. a buzz of activity at first glance it appears like just another regular day in haiti's capital city. but don't be fooled this is
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a country again dealing with a political and economic crisis port au prince has in recent days but the scene of large scale protests thousands took to the streets at one point officials temporarily close to the capital's international airport fearing the crowds the anger was directed at the government police used tear gas to disperse people apparently threatening to overrun the presidential palace several people were killed during the melee. the unrest was sparked by the government's decision to increase fuel prices by up to fifty percent the increases cover gasoline diesel and kerosene sales however it's kerosene which stands apart from the others being the cheap fuel of choice for the millions of poor haitians to power their stoves and generators people of this economically of the country most of whom make less than a couple dollars a day are furious at what they view as an inept and corrupt government the fuel
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hike was the last straw. we are taking to the streets because the president is keeping the people hostage everything is overpriced unemployment is high and people are hungry to free haiti from all of that that is if the president doesn't step down we'll continue protesting we've given lawmakers an ultimatum either they force him from office or we will burn the parliament down to the ground. the government says the gasoline rate increase was needed and it would have brought in tens of millions of dollars to fund much needed infrastructure projects throughout the country but faced with a backlash the government backed down and halted the rate increase at least for now but this is still a country in deep political crisis people here saying they'll go back on the streets to protest until there's a change in government georges lucien is a historian and political analyst who says these protests are different from the ones in the past because now the anger is focused not only on the political leaders
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but also at the business leaders as well. these policies not only affect the poor but also the middle class until the government starts working to improve people's lives there's no guarantee the recent unrest won't return so far all the government policies are pushing people out of their lands they are building sweatshops in other industries for imports but ignoring local production. a proposed fuel price hike that is now to fuel inflaming the end of a long suffering people and joining us live from. more protests call for today. that's right the opposition has called for more protests today as well as later in the week as well those protests have not kicked off yet here in port au prince yet but we'll be watching them very closely to see if they have the same intensity that they had over the weekend those weekend protests were some of the most intense and
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in some ways a violent that we've seen here in haiti for many years meanwhile the government is reeling and the government is in deep crisis right now president job and he would always has been meeting with his emergency cabinet he's been meeting with representatives from the united nations canada france and other countries these are all countries that are big donors to haiti as well as meeting with the haitian business community as well trying to get a grip on how to come to some sort of peaceful agreement here on how to get past this crisis as we all know that this. gas rate increase was temporarily suspended by the government but clearly there's still a lot of anger on the streets and will this government the opportunity to calm this crisis because protest is a continuing the call will strike a change of government any sign that could happen. short answer is yes the parliament will be having an emergency meeting on saturday
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where they will be voting no confidence on the prime minister jacques. the prime minister as this no confidence vote will be happening we're told on saturday. there's one hundred seventeen members of parliament sixty vote for no confidence that would mean the prime minister would have to step down but does that mean it would be the end of this crisis probably not because protesters on the streets also say they want the president as well to potentially step down so far there is no signs that he will do that so this is a crisis as we found out it could be going on for a very long time and thank you very much for that so now let's gave you. prince thank you and still ahead on the bulletin china retaliates over the latest u.s. tariffs and the escalating trade dispute and why zimbabwe's main opposition opposition party is threatening to derail the first presidential election since one
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of mccarthy's downfall. welcome back this massive cloud you can see on the satellite imagery was typhoon maria beginning to disintegrate now after it's made landfall but still a pretty potent feature made landfall as the quiver of a category three three hurrican and the rainfall from it will continue for at least a couple of days across this region so there could well be some severe flooding extending as far inland as will hand perhaps over the coming days the rest the region remains pretty disturbed because while it dries up in food to further south we get some heavy rain for hong kong there's a lot of share activity at the moment across the whole of vietnam through laos and towards me amar and that's expected to launch continue now as we head across into south asia the monsoon is really active now some big rainfall totals being reported
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all way from mumbai and down through the western ghats and eastern parts of india too seeing some pretty heavy rain over the next twenty four hours still lots of showers all across northern parts of india through nepal bhutan and i think it really is only into the far north of the northwest of india where it's drier but delhi will see some heavy showers karate looks as though it's going to be dry and fine here in the arabian peninsula certainly dry it's also very humid with temperatures reaching a sticky forty three degrees here in doha. it's like the wild west they can do anything and the really hard for them the old powerful internet is the tool for democracy under threat. voices. in the echo chamber world of fake news in cyberspace the rules of the game
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have changed there are no precedents. out investigate disinclination and democracy . it's good to have you with us on al-jazeera these are our top stories nato leaders have shut the door to begin thrashing out their differences and brussels the issue of the alliances and how the u.s. already set to be top of the agenda but before it even started. the secretary general breakfast meeting and bested germany. boys. in hospital after a seventeen day ordeal inside
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a flooded cave thailand's prime minister has thanked everyone involved in the daring rescue operation involving several foreign teams and the clean ups underway in the capital of haiti after days of protest against fuel price rises at the moment. later on wednesday. now thirty five recently identified victims of the massacre have been buried as part of commemorations marking the twentieth anniversary more than a thousand bosnian muslim men and boys were killed by serb forces led by general. dutch un peacekeepers were out. failed to intervene but that it was sentenced to life in prison by u.n. war crimes tribunal but has appeared on well let's get more on this knowledge on bogalay that she's live for us in serbian etc so what's been happening there and you know twenty three years all what was the message being sent from surrogates.
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to live in love and he's always hard and painful be awful to people of sober needs and of course especially for the family members of those who were killed in the genocide in the night the file when they talk about family members and their situation is difficult for more than one reason for this and they waited for heroes to find their family members second those remains were not found in the van but he doesn't graves so people were killed buried then off to move on another location down the safe and one then that there was one so when you see this memorial center you can hardly find a whole body in these graves so that's why every year family members are dealing with this hard and painful decision whether to bury those remains they have to wait for some other illness to be found and as time goes by there is less and less. and
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there is the reason why more than three hundred fifty identified but incomplete the remains are still in the sand there. and then to vacation in the city of the so-called that's the reason why to defog coffins this year this is the lowest number so far that also explains why in one of these graves today is buried one single bone of a young boy murdered in one thousand nine hundred five so every year we hear some men. seduces school and law of peace and told us here in sober need since thousands of people are gathering and here to send those messages these simple so muslims when we talk about really a word flu conference clinton is there and there are still hard to find. yet not surprising elena thank you very much for that for now that as you lay in
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a bush us joining us live from striven at some thank you. to zimbabwe now where the main opposition party is threatening to try to prevent elections later this month adjourned a valley in the capital the movement for democratic change accuse the room and sound of p.f. trying to steal votes m.d.c. supporters said there are discrepancies in the electoral system including fake losses how to toss a has the latest from the. opposition someone says in zimbabwe say they are too many ghosts votes is on the votes as well i say some names i.p.m. more than once they say some addresses don't exist and some i.d.'s and looked suspicious they might seem to be electoral commission in the capital harare to modern day that something will be examined by its officials at the electoral commission said i have said that the algorithm to listen to the plan son was well positioned still exists but they say that knowing that they have they don't know
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was the vote says on the votes of all i know that the sun proposition someone said if they see off the ballot paper they are to modding to say have they want to be able to take care to make certain you know it cannot exist then they have their own anxiety to try and make this election the next commission says involved was no law does not allow opposition supports is to look at the paper before you know it said call security reasons but these people say they are having that again threatening to try and stop payment soon from going ahead if that does not happen again next time it was on june i thank you international observer. already in the country i'm watching the games in a very very closely i'm going to mexico without. my president on the ballot so. the only surviving member of a german neo nazi cell which carried out a series of racist murders has been sentenced to life imprisonment beach south of was found guilty of ten murders and bomb attacks target and turkish immigrants
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eight were killed along with a greek and a german policewoman during a seven year campaign the forty three year old member of the national socialist underground group is planning to appeal the group's been linked to police and security agencies for the opposition parties accusing them of tolerating rush one extremist. russia says it will expel greek diplomats in response to athens decision to do the same greek media is reporting the decision to expel russian diplomats came after suspicions of moscow's involvement and undermining an agreement with neighboring message donia well the government in athens has so far not confirm those reports but says it will not tolerate any behavior that violates international law greek prime minister alexis tsipras is known to have close ties to the kremlin. china is accusing the united states of bullying by threatening more tariffs on chinese imports chinese leaders say the threat of u.s. taxes all two hundred billion dollars worth of goods is unacceptable and warned of
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counter measures well the chances of a trade war increase last week when the world's two largest economies issued for tat terror threats by china correspondent adrian bell has more from beijing. well more angry words from china's commerce ministry on wednesday a spokesman saying that the latest u.s. action was unacceptable and that china was shocked saying that the united states was accelerating and escalating the trade dispute with china he warned that china would take countermeasures but didn't specify what those would be but it's got many firms u.s. firms here in china worrying that perhaps the chinese government might start harassing u.s. firms here now china has also said it's going to sue the united states at the world trade organization we've heard very little from the w t o's so far remember this was the organization set up to deal with disputes just like this meanwhile stock
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markets here in asia have not been reacting well the hang seng in that dropped more than two percent on wednesday morning the nikkei index in tokyo dropped also by one percent the markets are worried about inflation and about economic growth china meanwhile is taking measures to try to insulate its economy it's reaching out to other countries that have fallen out with the united states over trade germany in particular the chinese premier has been in germany earlier this week he talked up the prospect of new trade deals between the two countries and next week china will be hosting e.u. leaders at a summit here in beijing where the theme is going to be free trade over protectionism . a british man who was exposed to the deadly nova charke nerve agent ten days ago is no longer in a critical condition chali valley of again consciousness on tuesday and has spoken briefly with detectives solve
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a hospital officials say the forty five year old made further progress overnight his partner dawn sturgiss died on sunday police say that at this time there are no forensic length between this incident and the attack a form of russian spy so desktop. and his daughter and much. i would get on that as a product and help with the headlines on al-jazeera but our leaders have shut the doors to begin thrashing out their differences and brussels the issue of the alliances budget and how america fits and was already set to be top of the agenda but before it even started donald trump lectured the secretary general at a breakfast meeting and lambasted germany. nato is about europe and north america working together to keep over people safe in a more unpredictable world today we will strengthen our collective defense under
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turns and step up our efforts to project the ability beyond zero borders and fight terrorism fair burden sharing underpins everything that we do just a few years ago we were cutting our defense budgets now we are adding billions spending more and spending better. the twelve young boys and their coach of recovering in hospital after a seventeen day ordeal inside a flooded cave thailand's prime minister has thanked everyone involved in the daring rescue operation involving several foreign teams the cleanup is underway in the haitian capital after days of protests against fuel price rises with things are calm at the moment but locals fear another round of violence later on wednesday libyan walorski the has agreed to return control of major oil ports to the internationally recognized government following appeals by regional powers as well
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as the u.s. france italy and britain have those forces regained control of export terminals last month after battles with a rival group the fighting in the so-called oil crescent prevented tankers from docking and cost the oil dependent economy nearly a billion dollars. thirty five recently identified victims of the street minutes a massacre have been buried as part of commemorations marking the twenty third anniversary more than a thousand bosnian muslim men and boys were killed by serb forces led by general. another thirty thousand were violently displaced dutch united nations peacekeepers were out and fail to intervene. sentenced to life in prison by a u.n. war crimes tribunal that is appealing. but those are the headlines on al jazeera produce stay with us the stream is coming up next. with. people killed under his roof it took twenty five years to bring him to
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a court of law but why for so long was such a brutal dictator considered an ally of the west reporting to the congress the president were engaged to. al-jazeera the history of tragedy tourists former president saying hybrid dictator on trial. millions of iranians are bracing for the impact of u.s. sanctions following the trumpet ministrations recent decision to abandon the iran nuclear deal hi i'm femi ok and your industry we are live right now on al-jazeera and each will ask our panel what lies in store for iran's people and its leadership when the same begin to bite send your comments via twitter facebook or the you tube live chat.
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living under sanctions has long been a fact of life in iran with the u.s. holding restrictions in place since the islamic republic was founded in one thousand nine hundred seventy.


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