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no me gusta war. is what sobs down for you yeah there's always the bad guy exploring the dark side of american justice system with joe on al-jazeera. germany as far as i'm concerned this captive to russia because it's getting so much energy from. donald trump kicks off a nato summit with a surprise attack on germany accusing it of being controlled by russia is also told nato leaders to raise defense spending to four percent of the g.d.p. double the previous demand. live from london also coming up. the first images emerge of the twelve toyboy is
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recovering in hospital after their dramatic rescue from a flooded cave system. trying to accuses the u.s. of bullying and says it will hit back after a child threatens new tariffs on chinese goods. and zimbabwe's opposition rallies outside the election agency demanding reforms before this month's vote. and our u.s. president donald trump has told nato need is to increase the defense spending to four percent of the country's economic output that's double his previous demand and the group's original go trouble so open the summit in brussels with a public attack on germany which he says is a captive of russia trump's outburst against germany came in his meeting with nato secretary general he stole from bug. now if you look at it germany is a captive corporation because they supply they get rid of their call to get rid of
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their nuclear they getting so much of the oil and gas from russia i think it's something that they are asked to look at i think it's very appropriate you're right if we did it at a brokerage i don't know what you can do about it but it certainly doesn't seem to make sense that they paid billions of dollars to russia and now we have to defend them against russia. not makes the nonsuch trying to find nations there are some problems differences on them to do something else and some disagreements on that i've got so. far from russia to germany smallish or cards that disagree but the simple nature is that despite these differences we'll all be able to unite to romo or calls to to protect on the other people from the front of your store or to give them a call. for germany as far as i'm concerned just kept it to russia as it's going to be so much energy for. so listen first effects germany are getting their
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energy from russia explained that any every really. who responded to the criticism when she arrived at some into setting german independence and citing her own experience in soviet controlled east germany made for a tense meeting between the us president and the hours later but the president struck a more amenable to own describing relations between the countries as tremendous and his own relationship with the back was very very good. a diplomatic go to james bays in brussels and joins us live so to talk us through this this new figure that's a measure trump are now asking nato leaders to raise contributions to defense putting it to four percent of g.d.p. . or we are talking about a suggestion from the u.s. president so he must be serious but i would imagine most of the allies don't think it's a serious proposal there's no way politically they'd be able to fund something like that just imagine the effect of this you're going to double the size of all of
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europe's militaries that i think is something that would antagonize russia and tiger nies china upset peace campaigners around the world so i don't think there's any way at all this is going to happen begging the question why did president trump praise it and it's worth saying that in the final communique this is the final communique although the summit has a second day of what they want to achieve signed by all the leaders they do not refer to all to four percent in fact they say they make their unwavering commitment to the previous decision for a plan to move to two percent of g.d.p. to be spent on their defense budget city each of the countries by twenty twenty four but even then when they repeat that old pledge which donald trump says it's not enough they then admit further down in the next paragraph that actually one
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third of them all give them a twenty twenty four just for two percent not four percent and james you suggest they were the kind of communiqué already appearing even before day two then these things are normally quite choreographed and in this case they were overshadowed by trump's attack on merkel. although i think that attack was also choreographed president trump showed real destruction on the cheese seven and i think he thinks it played. well back at home with his base the president of the america first. administration coming and telling other countries things that they do not like because the press were invited in for that meeting with the nato secretary general and they were allowed to stay as he made his extraordinary attack on germany interesting too that when he actually meets the german leader a few hours later he doesn't say any of those things he's much more conciliatory this may be because we've seen in the past that this is
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a president who sometimes avoids confrontation when he's face to face with someone or the two sides have dug a little bit of a truce for now but there's been serious damage done here. james frey's thank you very much indeed. with a german reaction to trump's words. the general tenor of president trump's remarks regarding germany's contributions to defense spending in so far as its role as a nato member country have being negative for some considerable time not just as president but also as candidates and he railed against what he considered to be the insert fissions amount of money being spent by the german government the point to make here is that for the german government they have committed to raising their defense spending to the correct ratio in the nato summit in wales in twenty fourteen but both main parties that vied for the chancellorship in last year's general election very clear that they were not going to reach that kind of target
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in the life of this parliament frankel americal when she heard president transfer marks she chose to speak to reporters saying effectively that is somebody who'd grown up in communist east germany she was very grateful now to live in a free country not dictated to by other countries where germany could plow its own pharo politically that's something she i think that she has returned to the question will be what sort of fall out there will be long term regarding the nature relationship take you leave between germany and the united states this summit is a very important occasion for the twenty nine member countries question as i say is what will emerge from it. we're sick couple of hours away from kickoff in the second world cup semifinal
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england to play in croatia for a place in the final against france they speak to the wellings who's at the england fans in hyde park in london so i suppose hysteria is probably about the right level of wood for the excitement is building around the sky. there are events going on all across. this despite having a reputation for having less and finest like the one nine hundred sixty six world cup old english a lot of english fans on stopped talking about that because it needed so. there was a glorious time of all the people talk about if you will. but it was you all ninety six where the song focus was coming home was born and that was about the total being pleasured because right now in the succeeding in russia this is this was meant to be both sides but what's happened is they think i'm surprised. that tens
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of thousands of fans have tickets and i can tell you these england fans have all been something to expect to win this match and it's a don't want a big false in the final really at the start of this tournament people want to. start. with these are really colorful now study shows which was expected of him great because. i don't know we saw. boxing sponsors the store sold out of boy scouts this. is a very well know where you want your waistcoat. but. people often talk to him and talk about him as a kind of guy who is just too nice to be a football manager how is he so turn this round and produce the side that seems to be able to win under under pressure. what he's. talking about. a few people have been surprised by my story. and when it was almost certain
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the one of the reasons that he got the job a couple of years gone was because he was so polite he didn't look like the head for the front. of the chopping off the pitch but what he's done is easy i'm still hopeful that soon the single players should go along express themselves just that through the system. this is by the ordering. that got to win a conflict in the past of course the power lies i feel it in having quite brilliant teams in this tournament. i mean. it's like nothing nobody from the south of these are the cheat then coming up against a live shot you're talking about it so you know there's not a nation that's large for the change that is fairly sure. because particularly in the fields close a lot of problems for a brother in the woods but ours was going on. thank you very much indeed. libya's national oil corporation says it's reopening key oil terminals following
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last month's closures due to fighting between rival groups the tripoli based energy says the country's oil production was dramatically hit by the fighting forces led by the warlords plea for have to shut down the ports of arrest the new from the city last month after then came to an agreement to hand over control to the internationally recognized government following pressure from the u.s. france u.k. and other regional powers a german near nazi has been jailed for life for her part in the murders of ten people during a seven year campaign of racially motivated violence battleship or was part of the nationalist socialist underground whose members killed eight people of turkish origin as well as a german police woman and greek citizen mike spann your thoughts. they ought to ship a spent five years on trial for her part in multiple murders that shocked germany acting in the name of an organization inspired by the nazis the national socialist underground or in issue thirty i think the sentencing of misha to life in prison
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including the determination of serious culpability is consistent and correct michelle is not a woman who was unfortunate enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time rather she is a national socialist a racist and a murderer and she know has a hard bed to law in but she made her own bed and it will no probably be hers to law in for a long time to come the case against schip but was that she was a willing accomplice in a three person cell targeting members of the turkish community their first victim was killed in nuremberg in two thousand and was a thirty eight year old businessman who ran a group of flowers stalls at the time police struggled to find a motive. but we now know that shem shakes death was the start of a killing spree that would touch seven different german cities between two thousand and two thousand and seven claiming ten lives three people were killed in nuremberg two more were murdered in the bavarian capital munich the other five in cities
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outside bavaria eight of the victims were from the turkish community in all cases the victims were shot in the head at close range but what this map doesn't show is that after the last killing it took the authorities almost four years to track down the cell and then only after two of them had carried out an armed robbery been cornered by the police and then shot themselves before they could be arrested. it fueled accusations of incompetence by the authorities with some people suggesting some officers might have colluded with the. families of the victims say their ordeal has been made worse by the time it took for the trial to happen. why did the murderers choose my father i can't and won't simply believe that it was a coincidence four hundred thirty seven days of investigation and these questions weren't answered i have no closure because i have the feeling that not everything was done that could have been done because i'm sure that other accomplices are still walking around after her fellow conspirators deaths handed herself in to
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police in twenty eleven during her trial she rarely spoken court except to deny being a member of the n.a.s.u. to disapprove of its actions and to express her regret for not having been able to prevent the murders the reality for her now though is that a guilty verdict may and she spends at least fifteen years behind bars max banya al-jazeera style town this half hour japan's prime minister visits the areas where state by deadly floods promising to return things to normal as quickly as possible . and more protests expected in haiti as anger mounts ever the government's plan to raise fuel prices. welcome back this massive cloud you can see on the satellite imagery was typhoon
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maria beginning to disintegrate now after it's made landfall but still a pretty potent feature made landfall is the question of a category three three hurrican and the rainfall from it will continue for at least a couple of days across this region so there could well be some severe flooding extending as far inland as will hand perhaps over the coming days the rest the region remains pretty disturbed because while it dries up in fuzhou further south we get some heavy rain for hong kong there's a lot of share activity at the moment across the whole of vietnam through laos and towards me amar and that's expected to largely continue now as we head across into south asia the monsoon is really active now some big rainfall totals being reported all way from mumbai and down through the western ghats and eastern parts of india too seeing some pretty heavy rain over the next twenty four hours still lots of showers all across northern parts of india through nepal bhutan and i think it really is only into the far north of the northwest of india where it's drier but delhi will see some heavy showers crouchie looks as though it's going to be dry and
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fine here in the arabian peninsula is certainly dry it's also very humid with temperatures reaching a sticky forty three degrees here in doha. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of other lives other stories. providing a glimpse into someone else's work out inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers everybody's going to go all the. sacrifices that. is going to be stone as the memory oh oh oh oh oh yes on al-jazeera.
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top stories. the u.s. president has told nato leaders to increase their defense spending to four percent of their economic output that's double his previous demand which was the group's original goal. before that donald trump opened the nature summit in brussels with a public attack on germany saying it's totally controlled by moscow because it buys billions of dollars of russian oil and gas. and england in croatia fans are gearing up for the second world cup semifinal to see you will take a place in sunday's final against france. dish and had unique riches in the creation capital zagreb where fans are ready gathering how confident are people that team what will make it to the final. they're very very confident that crozier will advance to the final against france
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this year and maybe get their revenge for the ninety ninety eight of the fifteen the semifinal of the world cup against france so i can find any fan of crazy today in zagreb or probably over gracious would say that croatia will lose this game or even or even draw they all believe that frazier will win some of them are more confident the others and they said it gratian will win two or three nil but the others will say to one for the grace of basically everybody is very confident they're ecstatic about this final and the shops are closing early today in song of and all of a gracious because people in workers who work in shops and anybody who works today obviously it's a working day once you get called early so that can prepare for the start of the match for the kickoff and obviously here in the central square in zagreb some ten thousand people were gather around to watch the game and probably if gratian wins this game the celebrations will go throughout the night and it's going to be very very noisy and very lucky and they're all going to be even more excited because
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then they still are and they're very ecstatic at this moment to this point before the match a good education thank you very much indeed. ten people have been killed in a suicide bombing and gun battle in eastern afghanistan. ten others were injured when three attackers were themselves up at an education department office in jalalabad the capital of the province a gunfight with security forces last in several hours no group is claiming responsibility but both eisel and the taliban have carried out raids there. so i was in thailand you helped to bring twelve school boys and their football coach to safety from a flooded cave have called the rescue a miracle the boys will stay in hospital for at least a week but on the road to recovery from chang ryan step fashion reports. they're looking surprisingly healthy considering the ordeal the rescued boys are
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being isolated from their parents to reduce the risk of infection in hospital. john gave his son a big thumbs up when he saw him he was one of the first to stop looking for his son who when he disappeared almost three weeks ago. i didn't feel confident that my boy can do this even though he knows how to swim but i'm not sure if he's a good swimmer he only got basic swimming lessons at school but i'm very happy and proud he came out safely he can't wait to hold his son but understands it might take a few more days. the first thing i want to do is hug him all parents have the same feeling i want to see the face of my child and embrace him and ask him how he feels and how he's doing the five hour long hazardous journey out of the narrow flooded gate system has taken its toll on the children and their coach the commander of the time navy seal divers who played a vital role in the rescue says they were very called mast. the boys got special
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full face masks with oxygen circulating all the time the divers carried them out and they were wearing wet suits to keep them warm we made them relaxed and calm and slowly moved them out but they were very cold. the complexity of the rescue operation became clear when trucks full of equipment drove away hours after the last cave rescue was completed twenty tons of oxygen tanks ropes lights and food supplies have been ferried underground clean up has started after a rescue operation unprecedented for its scale and complexity has been called an extraordinary example of human frank and resilience family one cave and the rescue of the wild boars soccer team will now go down in history of the moment where the impossible was made possible. to him while their families school friends and everyone else in thailand celebrated their safe return
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to footballers will have to stay in the hospital for at least a week to recover hoping that the first talk with their parents will be sooner than that that fasten al-jazeera john wright thailand. japan's prime minister has visited areas hit by the worst flooding in the country for three decades. and promised to help survivors by pledging four billion dollars towards recovery shin's are two survivors sheltering in an evacuation center in the western city of karachi keep all than forty of the one hundred seventy six people who died in the floods and landslides lived there dozens are still missing a huge cleanup operation is underway throughout central and western japan china has accused the united states of bullying and warned it will retaliate against any further u.s. tariffs earlier the trumpet ministration raised the stakes in the growing trade dispute by threatening ten percent tariffs on two hundred billion dollars of chinese goods china's commerce ministry called the u.s.
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action completely unacceptable and warned it will complain to the world trade organization the u.s. announcement is the latest move towards a potential global trade war president trump fired the first shots in march imposing a twenty five percent tax on all imported steel and ten percent on a minium exempted some countries including canada mexico and the e.u. block in april china vowed to slap retaliatory tariffs on thirty four billion dollars of u.s. imports they came into effect last week but in june the u.s. went ahead and impose tariffs on canadian mexican and e.u. goods mexico announced an immediate tit for tat response and canada has hit back with tariffs worth more than sixteen billion while the e.u. is promising its own three billion dollars sponsor several countries have complained about america's terrorists to. and could impose further eternity measures depending on the outcome. well more angry words from china's commerce
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ministry on wednesday a spokesman saying that the latest u.s. action was unacceptable and that china was shocked saying that the united states was accelerating and escalating the trade dispute with china he warned that china would take countermeasures but didn't specify what those would be but it's got many firms u.s. firms here in china worrying that perhaps the chinese government might start harassing u.s. firms here now china has also said it's going to sue the united states at the world trade organization we've heard very little from the w t o's so far remember this was the organization set up to deal with disputes just like this meanwhile stock markets here in asia have not been reacting well the hang seng in debts dropped more than two percent on wednesday morning the nikkei index in tokyo dropped also by one percent the markets are worried about inflation and about economic growth
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china meanwhile is taking measures to try to insulate its economy it's reaching out to other countries that have fallen out with the united states over trade germany in particular the chinese premier has been in germany earlier this week he talked up the prospect of new trade deals between the two countries and next week china will be hosting e.u. leaders at a summit here in beijing where the theme is going to be free trade over protectionism . zimbabwe's main opposition party says this month's presidential election won't go ahead unless there are changes to the voting system m.d.c. party supporters of protesting in the capital harare accusing the election commission of poor preparation ahead of the vote partita nelson chamisa wants by the papers to be printed independently past elections have been marred by accusations of vote rigging her in which has the latest from harare. opposition
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supposes in zimbabwe say they are too many ghost votes is on the votes as though they say some names appear more than once they say some addresses don't exist and some i.d.'s look suspicious they must sing to the electoral commission in the capital harare to minding that something will be done about it officials at the electoral commission have said that the algorithm to listen to the concerns was all position still exists but they say he was having and they don't know was also votes as on the votes are all my mother and son proposition no one said it was a seat off the ballot they are demanding to see it want to be able to be taken to make somebody i know it cannot exist in the editing body is going to try and reagan this election the major commission says zimbabwe's law does not allow oppositions applauses to look at the paper before getting it said for security reasons but
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these people say they aren't having that and they threatening to try and stop the election from going ahead if that does not happen again next time it was on june i think it's a national observers already in the country and watching things and very very closely it will be the first in its own without robert mugabe the home of president on the ballot so. more anti-government protests are planned in haiti as pressure grows on the president to step down. four days of unrest respond by the government's plan to raise fuel prices in the impoverished nation protesters clashed with police in haiti's capital on monday. it is interior minister says a group of people rescued from the mediterranean should be locked up and then sent back to their home countries is reported they locked themselves in the control room the tug ship found them off the coast of libya and refused to that crew take them back there they were later transferred to an italian coast guard ship. not shot if you are going to the top if the people who are threatened and attacked but end
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up in a jail and not in a hotel i will not give permission for any kind of disembarking until there's a guarantee for the safety of italians the people who are criminals and not refugees who've hijacked the ship violence will end up in jail the some time and then be brought back to their country as soon as possible reports from greece suggest the government is planning to expel two russian diplomats because of attempts to undermine its recent deal over a new name for macedonia that deal or been in the way for what will now be called the northern republican lesson or near to join nato which russia strongly opposes transfer for us has more from athens. the statement from the greek government spokesman simply says greece wants good relations with all states but doesn't mean it that doesn't mean it can accept behavior which doesn't show respect for international law there is an indirect confirmation of the imminent expulsion of two russian diplomats in the interfax russian news agency wire quoted by royce's
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which says that if greece expels to diplomats then russia will expel two greek diplomats and there is an indirect confirmation of this tit for tat expulsion on wednesday from a foreign ministry official to whom i spoke who said to me that we did nothing in the script case because we had no evidence that was the case in which a russian national was allegedly poisoned by russian agents in the u.k. but in this case he told me we do have evidence which obviously all builds up a picture that there is about to be. great ugliness on the greek russian. in the greek russian relationship possibly taking the form of tit for tat expulsions the greeks appear to be unhappy that russian embassy officials have been spreading propaganda or misinformation concerning greece's recent agreement
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with the former yugoslav republic of macedonia over the name deal whereby greece would finally recognize that country and allow it to enter nato this week and a quick reminder you can always catch up with all the news we're covering by checking out our web site that is al-jazeera dot com. minden are the top stories the u.s. president has told nato leaders during crease their defense spending to four percent of a country's economic output that's two percent higher than the group's original goal donald trump also opened the summit in brussels with a public attack on germany saying it's totally controlled by moscow because it buys billions of dollars of russian oil and gas the outburst came during his meeting the nato secretary general stoltenberg you know if you look at. germany it's a calculus over which they supplied to get rid of their call to get rid of their
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nuclear they're getting so much of the world that it's from russia i think it's something that they are asked to look at i think it's very appropriate you're right we've got a brokerage i don't know what you can do about that but it certainly doesn't seem to make sense that they pay billions of dollars to russia and now we have to defend them against russia. england and croatia fans are gearing up for the second world cup semifinal to see who will take a place in the final against france kick off will be at eighteen g.m.t. with tens of thousands of people expected to watch the game in their respective countries france secured its place in sunday's final up to beating belgium one nil . at least ten people have been killed after two suicide bombers detonated devices at an education department office in the afghan city of jalalabad the third attacker was finally shot dead by security forces firing a gun battle japan's prime minister has visited areas hit by the worst flooding in
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the country for three decades and promised to help survivors by pledging four billion dollars towards recovery shinzo a bass boat to survivors sheltering in an evacuation center in the western city of course she keep more than forty of the one hundred seventy six people who died in the floods and landslides lived there dozens of still missing. china has accused the us of bullying and war but it will retaliate against any further tariffs imposed by washington earlier the trumpet ministration raised the stakes in the growing trade dispute by threatening ten percent tariffs on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese goods china's commerce mistry called with completely unacceptable. stories to stay with us except it's witness the have more news for your to that that's for sure.
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that's all you've got minute very it was a great job under god bob.


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