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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 12, 2018 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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it's creating some real tensions not only because he's bullying his argument through the other leaders but also because he's making their mission impossible absolutely he's forgetting that they have each of them has their own constituency but his claim that there has been overall agreement to increase to four percent of g.d.p. to spend on defense i mean that so ready been shot down by the italian prime minister who says if we know this we mean to increase. defense spending at all and indeed emanuel mccraw france saying that that is not the case. yeah i figure did we see a black and white documents saying there's a new target we have to be skeptical what seems to have emerged from this emergency situation is basically the european leaders have left try and place fear tricks and call victory and drive home the message that he's getting a better deal for america with nato. seems in fact there was no hard commitment no
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new target agreed by nato heads of states there were just some verbal. commitment to do better maybe down the line to consider some you possible targets but nothing hard and nothing black and white ok fabrice party a thank you very much indeed for joining us live from brussels thank you. write to donald trump is in the u.k. is on his way to the u s ambassador's official residence just a few days ago he talked about his visit to the u.k. and he talked about it as being a country in some turmoil now big protests are planned around the visit now the barber is our correspondent he's there at winfield house that's the embassadors official residence in the heart of of regent's park in central london and there's some unfamiliar sort of barricades behind you know. that's right marty
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people who live around here say that they haven't seen this on previous u.s. president's visits to the ambassador's residence here in london we've seen a steady stream of american guests arriving throughout the morning it seems that most people are here now and the president's arrival is jew about now. airport style security beyond that fence but the fence is a new feature that they put up fairly quickly along with concrete bolides to reinforce the perimeter of the ambassador's residence very quiet here but there are of course other places that truck president trump will be going to where there may well be small protests most of them well away from where he's actually going to be over the next few days after this town hall event here in london he will be going to blend in palis outside london for a buying quits for about one hundred fifty people. this evening bringing together business leaders and politicians the big day the big day of business comes on
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friday. he'll be going to checkers prime minister to resign may's official countrysides residence and among the things they'll be discussing is brics it will he's already slightly put his foot in it in terms of diplomacy by suggesting in the last couple of hours that britain's aren't being offered what they voted for in that bracket referendum when you look at surgeries amaze latest breaks it plans suggesting there's more close alignment with the e.u. than people wanted he's already on record as saying that he's an admirer of boris johnson who just resigned over the is she so could be quite tense on friday he's also then going to go on for a private part of his visit in scotland on saturday and sunday we expect him to be at his trump turnberry golf resort in western scotland there are going to be small protests perhaps that venue but as i was saying most of the year. most of the noise most of the protests we get well away from we're here yes i think we're looking at
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a live shot so we can look at a live shot of marine one in the air we can't see that shot but. he is reliably informed anyway on his way to way you are and they are taking great pains are they to keep these protesters away from this to try and. absolutely the the the protests we expect on friday in london they'll be a march through central london we expect tens of thousands at least because there are such disparate groups calling to gather in central london that will be probably extremely vocal they've been denied access to a platform and a sound system they're very angry about that but still expected to be large and then this festival or carnival of protests in the scottish capital edinburgh on saturday but they'll be many many kilometers away from where donald trump will be
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here at the residence it's a quiet scene there are no protesters although some have called for keep donald trump awake at night in the hours of thursday into friday we'll see whether that materializes or not but yes very very clearly there is they're keeping a large distance it's interesting that a new opinion poll just out says that although fifty percent of britons say this visit should be happening only seventeen percent in the same poll have a favorable opinion of donald trump seventy seven percent have an unfavorable view he's just behind me putin in the unpopularity stakes so it suggests that people want him to come but they're also very much in favor of people's right to register a protest all right thank you for that. live from central london. with that a lot more to come on this al-jazeera news hour including the pressure is starting to tell india slashes its oil imports as u.s.
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intensifies it speeds to isolate iran. voices around the world condemn the loss of life of antigovernment protests is in nicaragua and in sport world number one rafa nadal battles his way into the wimbledon semifinals edging his way closer to a third title. and the u.k. government has released a strategy document outlining its plan for bricks at the gate with the european union the so-called white paper proposes that the u.k. adheres to e.u. rules on the trade of goods but diverges on financial and other services it says the right for citizens to live and work visa free in the u.k. should end and there's an immigration policy that supports businesses should be pursued the e.u. has previously said it won't agree to a deal that prevents the free movement of people. now we've set forward
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a proposal that protects people's jobs protect people's livelihoods deliver us on our commitment for the hard no hard border in between with management but crucially delivers on the voter pushes people to take back control of our money our laws and all folders all right lawrence he is our correspondent live for us in london and lawrence who are now getting a for a glimpse of the full what is called the checkers compromise this is the document of course the agreement that led to the resignation of david davis and boris johnson what does it look like. what would it look like it's about a hundred twenty pages long. it's just a great big policy document basically and outlines of things that you said basically leaving islam in really difficult for people from there from europe or the rest of the world to come to the u.k. in future they're going to abandon most of their trading relationships and legal relationships with the european union only keeping a bits of the trade of goods open in order not to have to shut the irish border the
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significance of it of course is that it is venture only after two years and more since the vote is the first time that the european union is actually being given a position from the u.k. side if they can start a negotiator on their body got about five more weeks left of negotiating time before they run out of road and so next week having published its new minister and possibly the prime minister will run over to brussels and start this negotiation and then we'll have to see if the e.u. says no this is no good we can't have any of this at all falls apart or whether they start to find some sort of position they can agree on but of course is not only the european union that the government in this country got a problem with it's the politicians inside its own party because some of the really really hard core anti european lot are so incensed at the idea of any relationship whatsoever with the european union still standing that they're now starting to call to resume a a traitor and there's an extraordinary picture going around of neville chamberlain
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from the just before the second world war he tried to appease the nazis they put the reason mase ahead on their will champions body. calling her and if he is or of the sort of modern not modern german nazis that's that's the sort of mindset that these people have and the u.k. government is having to deal with this as well as the european union so it's not exactly easy for them and to stays right donald trump is due to have a meeting with mrs may tomorrow. yeah i mean some people said the reason why they published this paper today was to try to bury it's underneath on trump's visit frankly i think they but they publish it today in order to say to donald trump when he has his meeting with may on friday look we're leaving the european union we're going to be your friends and not europe's anymore and of course they know that trump doesn't like the european union he was a fan of bricks it but the problem i think they've got with trump is that while simultaneously he keeps saying i want to do trade does everybody or don't like the germans or the don't like the european union he's obviously the same time he's into
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tariffs and trade wars and making life difficult for everybody else because he wants to put america first and so it's not at all clear to me or anybody else if he's going to be friendly with series in may or is going to is going to play hardball with for the u.k. sides with the on the brics it is to actually say this is the great prize the trade deal with america instead it's a bit of a risk because you can hardly call trump predictable can you you know thank you lawrence a live in london and china says it may consider countermeasures against the u.s. after the trump administration threatened even more terrorists in their escalating trade war the us is proposing a ten percent levy on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese goods last week impose twenty five percent tariffs on thirty four billion dollars worth of chinese imports which beijing immediately counted as china correspondent adrian brown has more from beijing. well on thursday we heard from
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a spokesman for china's commerce ministry here in beijing this is a regular weekly briefing given by the ministry but of course in the current climate this briefing has a whole new significance he said there were no plans as far as he knew for any talks between china and the united states to try to resolve what could become a very complicated and protracted trade dispute he also said that china was still working on its counter measures against the united states and he once again denied the china forced foreign companies here in china to hand over their know how they're intellectual property as a condition for doing business here in china now of course at the moment china exports far more to the united states than it imports this means that it's going to be harder for china to hit back as hard as the united states is hitting china at the moment and that has led to speculation among some analysts that the chinese might start harassing u.s.
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companies here in china stepping up inspections but of course the chinese have to be careful in that regard because some of these companies like boeing starbucks mcdonald's apple employ thousands of chinese workers in the meantime the media here in china is being told to be restrained and measured in its reporting i think the government wants to avoid any instability something that will cause panic on the markets which of course both dropped on wednesday so the word to the media is to not to get too excited to take the heat out of this debate and not to criticize in particular president trump directly that the divers who helped to bring twelve boys and their football coach to safety from a flooded thai cave have called their rescue a miracle the team is under observation in hospital where the boys are expected to stay for a week to me then. is our correspondent in general i. the boys and the coach are
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expected to stay in hospital for the next few days this is while three of the boys are being treated for a lung infection while the rest are going through laboratory exams and forty after that they will be said home or they will still be under observation for about thirty days now during a recent press conference the thai government expressed gratitude and and basically extended its thanks not just to its own forces but also to countries that extended assistance and sent their expertise over here this was a very complicated mission but it turned out quite successfully and even if it's something that happened a few days ago thailand is still in a celebratory mood while experts say this is how humanitarian agreements are for and this is going to be seen as a test case in future frameworks in future emergency assistance the will be conducted not just in southeast asia but all across the world. all right time for us to take a look at the weather here's where you're taking us first india where there's been
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an awful lot of rain shouldn't really be a surprise i suppose considering we are in the most monsoon at the moment but it being particularly active just over the last few days in fact this is what we're seeing in mumbai at the moment see all the cloud that we've had over us and brought us yet more heavy downpours on top of what we've already seen so now we've got scenes like this the streets water logged there and we've seen around eight hundred sixty five millimeters of rain in the last ten days so an awful lot of what weather course short amount of time so it is now causing us problems but that's not the only region where we've got problems from the monsoon at the moment you can see the bright white areas of cloud work all the way up towards nepal and for here we've also got a lot of water looking currently to thanks to the extreme amounts of rain that we've seen here and also in nepal here we've also got a lot of wet weather these pictures just from the outskirts of cameron do showing how bad the flooding is there now as we head through the next few days things are going to change a little bit but not really force in mumbai you can see the dark blues there all
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the way along that western coast we are still expecting more very heavy rains here and that could give us more problems with flooding be conceivable circulation developing here just to the south of kolkata and that seems to be a little area of low pressure that's developing that will give us enhanced amounts of rain and it will probably give us more in the way of flooding marty. sir thank you very much indeed still to come here in the al-jazeera news. eighty years in suspense people are angry a prime minister that so far has refused to step down and protesters that demand that he does roles on board port au prince story coming up. lessons from prison what nelson mandela really thought about his long struggle against apartheid. a manny pacquiao has his sights set on becoming world champion again details coming up in sport.
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where were you when this idea popped into it when they're on line it's undoubtedly chief goal of of opinion equality in our society today or if you join the sunset criminal justice system is dysfunctional right now this is a dialogue what does it feel like bring you have to go back for the first time everyone has a voice and allow refugees to flee the speakers for a change joining the colobus conversation announces iraq when the news breaks. on the mailman city and the story builds to be forced to leave it would just be when people need to be heard to women and girls are being bought and given away in refugee camps al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you the winning documentary and nine years on al-jazeera i got to commend you all i'm hearing is good journalism on and on mine.
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time for us to take a look at the top stories here at al-jazeera nato member states have reaffirmed defense spending to twenty percent of national income by the year twenty twenty four president trump said the allies had agreed to significantly reduce spending about the french president said there's been no increase in the two percent rise had already been agreed back in twenty fourteen. the u.k. government released a strategy document outlining his plan for. the european union the white paper proposes that the u.k. and here to e.u. rules on trade but he says the right to e.u.
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citizens to live and work visa free in britain should end china says it may consider countermeasures against the u.s. after the trumpet ministrations threatened more tyrus in the escalating trade dispute the us is now proposing another ten percent levy on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese goods. that evidence of prisoners being killed tortured and disappearing from secret jails in southern yemen has been published by amnesty international the rights group says what's happening there could amount to war crimes the u.a.e. has denied previous allegations america choudhry has more. al-jazeera obtained a voice recording late last year of a man who said he'd been held prisoner in southern yemen operated by so which is from the united arab emirates. there are various methods such as the use of electric shock waterboarding as well as forcing detainees to strip naked this is
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how they torture us in different prisons they use different methods amnesty international says evidence from more than seventy families government workers and prisoners all show crew and unlawful practices in prisons run by amorality and yemeni forces some of these detention facilities are not actually official. what we and others have in our investigations is that there is a network of secret detention. the most egregious violations are actually. a coalition of countries led by saudi arabia and the united arab emirates has been fighting heathy rebels for more than three years to back the government of president added rebel months are hearty the who has created a humanitarian crisis and pushed millions of yemenis to the brink of starvation secret unknown you even detention centers in five governorates in southern yemen are detailed by the report says they say there are credible allegations of deaths
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in custody of missing detainees of torture and what's described as egregious detention related violations which cannot be justified under any circumstances other rights groups have made similar allegations and all of the warring sides are accused of human rights abuses. saudi arabia has just announced pardons for troops disciplined for their conduct in yemen saudi state media didn't specify their crimes amnesty is calling for suspected criminals to be put on trial and for the united states to suspend cooperation with the u.a.e. including ending weapons sales america choudhry al-jazeera. andrus creagh is an assistant professor in defense of the king's college london he says both saudi arabia and the u.a.e. have been accused of war crimes before. it's not the first time we have now a very long string of different reports from international independent watchdog.
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and different n.g.o.s who basically document how the u.a.e. and saudi arabia have conducted their military operations in the country so we have a long list of different war crimes that were committed but apart from the war crimes that happened in operation we have these allegations which i think are very very plausible and are very credible about how they use a network of dark black sites that are actually extrajudicial prison sides where people are being detained tortured and apparently even killed this is not something completely new i mean the u.a.e. run similar within their own country so we've seen since two thousand and eleven there has been a purge of opposition and political people close to political islam people who've also been subjected to torture detention without any rule of law and disappearances so this is not something entirely new and these probe these allegations are very credible for the u.a.e.
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they have been sucked into the yemen war at the invitation of saudi arabia but there has been an array and in agreement with saudi arabia that if the u.a.e. got involved in yemen they do so to advance their own national interests which are not necessarily the same as the saudi interest because yemen never really posed a direct threat to the united arab emirates neither did the who these for the for the emer artie's yemen is an axis point to the indian ocean it is an access point to the horn of africa and if you see the different string is there's a string of pearl emerging and yemen is in many ways the the crown jewel in this string of pearl of of pills that the u.a.e. have lined up across the horn of africa as they have bases in somalia in eritrea and in yemen so it's really about consolidating control over this strait of the bubble mendip. some of iran's biggest oil customers appear to be succumbing to u.s. pressure after withdrawing from the twenty fifteen nuclear deal president trump urged impulses of iranian oil to find alternatives and now there are signs many
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a cussing bag mariana honda reports. iran exported little more than a million barrels of oil a day before the nuclear deal and its top four customers were in asia nucleus sanctions were lifted iranian exports have now more than doubled but these four asian nations still consume a big share that goes some way to explaining the significance of reports that india japan and even south korea are heeding the u.s. demand to stop importing iranian oil and why iran is now threatening to block the strait of hormuz the vital seaway for the world's number one or oil exporter saudi arabia as well as around other oil producing rivals in the gulf. donald trump with the truth from the iran nuclear deal two months ago we will not allow our regime the chance death to america to gain access to the most deadly weapons on
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earth he warned countries to halt iranian oil imports by november when new sanctions start and threatened u.s. financial restrictions that could make accessing crude oil even more difficult u.s. allies in asia and heaven to consider their close ties with the us against the need for a reliable flow of oil financial experts reuters and bloomberg was civis is quote shipping and industry sources who say asian countries are being swayed by trump's threats the sources report india's oil imports from iran slowed by almost sixteen percent in june some oil refineries in india and in japan have began scouting alternative supply is and september oil cargos from iran to japan could be the last . south korea has already made cuts of thirty percent but iran's a number one customer china is locked in in trade war with the us china says it
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won't comply with u.s. sanctions on iran but others will be looking for a new supply is an opiate reason lucian last month championed by u.s. ally saudi arabia allows oil producing nations to boost production ensuring countries in the middle east at least are ready to make up the iranian oil shortfall which brings us back to iran and its threats to block the strait of hormuz it could account for an apparent softening of the u.s. stance on iran this week speaking from the united arab emirates secretary of state mike pompei or signaled the possibility of sanctions exemptions saying the u.s. is open to requests for the tough u.s. measures due to start in november to be waved over a number of deaths from floods in central and western japan has now reached two hundred with intense heat and water shortages raising new fears of disease
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a huge cleanup operations underway after the worst weather disaster since the one nine hundred eighty two dozens of people are still missing a more than eight million people have been told to leave their homes landslides of cut off road access for around twenty thousand people. a state police chief in australia has issued an historic apology to aborigines for causing them decades of immeasurable pain and suffering was in australia's top policeman christophe's and said he was deeply sorry for the wrongful actions of the force in the past they included the forced removal of children from aboriginal and torres strait islanders what he called unconscious bias among offices has contributed to a traumatic history and fuelled fear and distrust which remains. the founder of us pizza chain papa johns has resigned after apologizing for using a racist slur against black people john schlatter admitted making the remark during
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a conference call two months ago and it led to us major league baseball canceling a multi-million dollar advertising campaign last year came under fire for criticizing n.f.l. players you know down on one knee during national anthems to protest against police brutality. more anti-government demonstrations are being planned in the corral and the number of protesters killed during four months of armrests has now risen to at least two hundred sixty four human rights organizations accuse president balliol day there of ordering troops to use grenade launchers against protesters mariana sanchez has been meeting grieving families in the capital managua. the family of eighteen year old alexander mendoza say he disappeared after taking part in a protest in me his mother says ten days later she got a call from the coroner's office she was asked to formally identify alexander's body. as it was. i never imagined this would happen but i would hear that the
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doctor told me both he died of natural causes and that he got scared and had a heart attack. eighteen year olds rarely die that way so much let it go into an independent forensic doctor for a second opinion so you know what i think. and he said my son was strangled to death. but editor then fired the complaint with me get out was permanent commission for human rights groups say it's been overwhelmed by such reports. on wednesday the organization of american states described the situation in the gut how one as grave. there's been considering the deepening and increasing deterioration of the grave human rights crisis in nicaragua the enter american commission for human rights calls on the international community to demand nicaragua immediately puts an end to repression and arbitrary detentions and all other human rights violations. but the new guy now one government dismissed the oas
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report as biased. nicaragua rejects the report it was rushed prejudiced and lacks objectivity it requires a professional attitude to report the truth about what's going on. the government says the protests aimed to topple president there. here at nick at i was national university students and other government opponents have been entrenched for more than one month the government accuses them of being subversive a threat to peace. but the opposition accuses police and pro-government paramilitary forces are firing live rounds at protesters this week has seen some of the worst violence since the protests erupted nearly three months ago. i was long time precedent that has rejected calls to hold early elections the opposition is
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just as determined but many here fear what's to come. with more teenagers like alexander are likely to be caught in the crossfire of the country's political crisis. just got out wrong. pressure is mounting on the prime minister to resign despite. decision to reverse his plan to raise fuel prices. have no confidence issue for this weekend following days of often violent demonstrations. protesters again on the streets unlike the demonstrations over the weekend remained peaceful the police closely watched the crowd and shut it down before the demonstration could grow in size the protesters say they will be back to underline their demand for the resignation of haiti's prime minister. the prime minister's trying to hold on to
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power his government in crisis after his call for sharp increases nearly a week ago set off the protests he spoke briefly after meeting with the head of the parliament he gave no indication of any plan to step down. this morning i met with the head of the national assembly joseph lambert and we talked about our common interests and how we can move forward from the current crisis. has only been prime minister for seventeen months he had never held public office before there is now a growing consensus here both with the business community and also with the poor that his government is weak and his days in power are numbered. a vote of confidence has been scheduled in the parliament for saturday there is intense pressure on the prime minister to step down before then. a change of government won't fix anything the problem is the system it's rotten and can't bring change on its own we need to change the whole political system otherwise there's no hope for
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haiti. i hope the parliament votes the prime minister out of office we need a government less more representative and a prime minister who can bring people together. more protests are expected in the days to come some haitians worry that. the prime minister reeked uses to go it could provoke the opposition and raise the risk of even more violence for now most here believe it's not a matter of if but when gabriel's sandow al-jazeera port au prince the kremlin has vowed to respond to the expulsion of two russian diplomats from greece they were accused of interfering in greek a pheasant of undermining the recent name change deal with neighboring macedonia the surprise at the nato summit in brussels because the greeks a traditionally pro russian from athens offered us diplomatic expulsions are a slap in the face in the midst of an otherwise cordial relationship they haven't
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happened since the cold war an official information suggests the greek government is upset over moscow's efforts to undermine greece's recent agreement with former yugoslav macedonia that agreement settled the name issue that's been separating the two for a quarter century and opens the door for that country's entry to nato as north macedonia but nato has pushed to absorb the balkans has annoyed moscow. southeast europe is a big question mark for russia in the past few years it clearly doesn't have the relations it had during the communist era situation needs to be resolved soon various states want to be nato and the e.u. is not pleading to russia nato and policies in greece bulgarian at their back and countries are not leading people to believe that nato and that will benefit their economy and society. sentimental most greeks friendly feelings towards their fellow orthodox russians and consider the true hostility between the two people is all but impossible but politically greece belongs to the west and the line
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including imposing sanctions on russia for its annexation of crimea four years ago so.


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