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it is going to will be. sacrifices that may. be sound as can be remembered. on al-jazeera. zero. zero zero zero zero zero i maryam namazie this is the news hour live from london coming up in the next sixty minutes. president trump is greeted by the british queen and a god of honor at windsor castle. but on the streets of central london the message is clear as tens of thousands rally to protest his visit and all the headlines the former prime minister nawaz sharif is
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back in his country been arrested on corruption charges and faces ten years in jail . while in pakistan southwest a suicide bombers targeted an election rally at least eighty five people have been killed and dozens more wounded. and i'm far as small be here with all the day's sport including. high praise from chief its president as the team's repair for the final two matches at russia's world cup. we begin with the latest on donald trump's visit to the u.k. the us president has just had tea with britain's queen elizabeth in the last few hours donald trump and the first lady melania trump welcome to windsor castle it was given a royal salute before inspecting the guard of honor alongside the ninety two year
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old jonah how is life for us now in windsor jonah any more details about the visit . not not in terms of what they were served or what sort of tea they drank no we we believe or we've not heard the country anywhere anyway that it will sort of passed without incident a meeting with the british monarch is of course itself a protocol minefield but it seems that the trump didn't put a foot wrong there was a good deal of pomp and pageantry mr trump presumably would have enjoyed that piped in and out by the marching band of the coldstream guards it didn't take more than about forty five minutes or so because he's now on his way up to scotland the queen would have been forgiven for being just a little relieved given the circumstances and all the controversy around this visit that this was not a full state occasion no open topped carriage ride up the mile or a banquet at buckingham palace just this. perhaps though the highlight of mr
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trump's visit he's often professed himself to be a major fan of the queen she it has to be said has met twelve u.s. presidents up to now so perhaps on occasion a little less forgettable for her all right thank you very much with all the latest from windsor joan hull but earlier the u.s. president held talks with the u.k. prime minister to resume a it's a country residence north of london the to reaffirm the special relationship and donald trump promised to support a post breaks it trade deal as despite reports in a british newspaper where he appears to criticize mays handling of breaks it lawrence lee has more now from buckinghamshire he came heralded by all the american military hardware that comes with a presidential visit but this carried an air of threats unheard of in relations between two countries supposed to be the best of friends because directly before the visit trump dropped the bomb telling the pro brics it sun newspaper that the
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british prime minister's plan for leaving the european union was basically rubbish and that he would not offer a trade deal in place. he also offered his support to terry's amaze nemesis boris johnson he resigned as foreign secretary over that plan trump said johnson would make a great prime minister impossible to read in any other way than a direct attack on may's already fragile leadership aides from both sides set about a gigantic damage limitation exercise so that after talks at checkers may explain the water exit plan from the european union actually meant trumps tone was entirely different once the brics that process is concluded and perhaps the u.k. has left the e.u. i don't know what they're going to do but whatever you do is ok with me that your decision whatever you're going to do is ok with us just make sure we can trade together that's all that matters was
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a relief for the british prime minister there will be no limit to the possibility of us doing trade deals around the rest of the world once we leave the european union on the basis of the agreement that was made here at checkers in that i've put forward to the european union the suspicion is that the newspaper article came from a whispering campaign against may provide semester political opponents intent on destroying and having trump c.-a if so and given that trumps are readily bought their ideas may surely would be forgiven for asking herself who her real friends should be before he arrived here donald trump once again describes himself as a very stable genius and yet it is striking how his position on bricks it seems to change dependent on who he's speaking to all deeply the people who will be most encouraged by all this all the european union who would surely argue to the u.k. government but it's far more straightforward to deal with them that is to deal with
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trump and say well he went to meet the queen the so-called special relationship in a place it has never been before a president who claims to love britain but whose inconsistent rhetoric raises enormous questions about his commitment to his political stability largely al-jazeera checkers. but a giant blimp depicting the u.s. president has a baby has been flying above london as part of massive protests against his visit tens of thousands of people demonstrated in the capital on friday one of more than one hundred organized protests during trump's four day visit charlie agita has been at the demonstrations in central london. this is london's gift to president trump a baby blimp with a phone that presided over the start of protests i proud in the capital have swelled into the tens of thousands as different groups joined together to send a message to the president as he. president trying to break the
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fuselage and he has contempt for democracies embrace a dictatorship things incredibly low value limited to try to. turn his everything that's wrong to trying to achieve them in a piece in the foldback history seems to be i'm still big he said if ok he's disgusting to me stop i this diverse group of people say they believe trump is a wrecking ball for race relations women's rights climate change sufficient and prosperity to handle the crowds the biggest police security operation on london streets since the riots in two thousand and eleven well the u.s. embassy has told americans to keep a low profile and exercise caution despite many americans joining the demonstrations but president trump's visit has been carefully choreographed to avoid the protests rates he's traveling by helicopter to venues outside london the president trying to be traveling mostly by a protest as they had to get creative and they're hoping this all jointly depicting trump as an angry baby will catch his eyes he flies over like the organizers say
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the stunt was an attempt to show the president's job like politics it was a preview a lot of them smuggled the city told president trump is reportedly unhappy about the blame and in an interview attacked london's meth his handling of terrorism and crime in the capital this was his response one of the things that americans love our city all the rights we have here the right to protest the right to have free speech the right to freedom of assembly and the idea that we would tell those rights because it may cause offense to president or somebody else i think americans would find objectionable why because their own constitution huh. the rights of freedom of speech freedom to protest freedom to assemble that right to protest will be exercised across the u.k. throughout the president's visit bad optics for president for him image is everything charlie and al jazeera. joins us live now from trafalgar square in central london and we've seen thousands turning out for protests today what is the
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crowd like then now we're looking at here really is the tail end of a day of protests across the capital is being described as a carnival of resistance and as we saw there in charlie angelus report it's been very very colorful indeed we've seen a range of speakers on the stage here in trafalgar square a couple of hours ago numbers peaked at around twenty thousand just all this square that's maximum capacity for this part of london we also saw the streets around here full of people to similar scenes replicated on a smaller level in other towns and cities across the country they're united in their slogans accusing trump of bigotry racism misfortune e you're disrespecting the environment by pulling out of the paris environmental accords but have also not really fully understanding the sensitivities of the political situation in the middle east as well they want to reserve may to do more
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to show a degree of resistance when it comes to donald trump's brash style of politics so they definitely feel that the covered government here in the u.k. is not doing enough really to send the right signals over to the other side of the atlantic ne we've seen other controversial leaders visiting the u.k. why has president chum's visit mobilize such a strong reaction. that's right we have seen controversial visitors to the u.k. come and go we've seen protests but nothing quite like this i think first and foremost is that donald trump because of the so-called special relationship between the u.k. and the u.s. has a real relevance here in the u.k. anything that he says will have a direct impact on the relationship of course between the two countries and also as a country edges ever closer towards breaks it the kind of relationship that the u.k. forces with the u.s. may have an impact on the life and livelihood of people going forward it will have potentially a massive impact on the nation's economy also donald trump and his style of
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politics resonates internationally and globally he's a master of the media yes very much in control of what's comes out in terms of social media and that of course resonates amongst the younger generation that have come out in force here to counter some of the statements that he's made he's made there's also a very much a personal issue or personal argument to him that he's tackled over queues for instance the national health service and the read organization here of being a failing organization he pointed the finger city home for failing the city in the wake of the attacks here last year he's also pointing the finger specifically at other well respected politicians to when that is really go under the skin of i think a lot of people here in the united kingdom across the political spectrum which is why they've come out here united in their resistance to his results here to britain thank you very much with all the latest from those protests in central london needs
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. at the news hour life from london still ahead for you on the program twelve russian hackers are the latest to be indicted in the ongoing problem into potential collusion between the trunk campaign in russia and the twenty sixteen elections. the foreign academics being forced out as israel when jack said these are new applications. and it did ject in belgium look to end the world cup on a high note i have the details later in sports. and one hundred twenty people have been killed and two hundred more wounded in a suicide attack in an on an election campaign rally in pakistan a candidate for a provincial seat was among those killed in the blast in the village of mazzone at the afghan border it's the second election related bombing on friday another took place in the northern town of bani. well in all the developments the former
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pakistan prime minister nawaz sharif has arrived in lahore and has been arrested on corruption charges it was sentenced to ten years in jail on charges last week waiting to the purchase of luxury apartments in the u.k. the former prime minister is the head of one of pakistan's most powerful political dynasties now around the horn looks back at his checkered career. oh no was shareef has dominated politics in pakistan for almost thirty years in that time he's been toppled in a coup jailed exiled and managed political comebacks that time and time again have surprised his rivals but he was a wealthy businessman when he arrived on the political scene in one thousand nine hundred ninety but being elected prime minister that first stint in office lasted just three years the president dismissed the government in the wake of a power struggle that included pakistan's military. the four years later and nine hundred ninety seven shareef was back bolstered by
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a sizeable election when he appeared to have considerable influence but that didn't extend to all of pakistan's military commanders he was ousted in a coup in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine due in large part to his if it's to rein in the army then led by army chief. a saudi deal saved him and his family from jail after convictions for corruption hijacking and to terrorism. and by two thousand and seven shetty for two and home from saudi arabia and turned his if it's to reviving his party the pm malin which was then languishing in opposition. victory six years later caught many of his political rivals by surprise chief among them former cricketer imran khan. it was a triumphant return but yet each new term in office was immediately marred by more controversy the opposition staged a blockade for six months that choked the capital islamabad some accused him of
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getting too close to india in the leak of the panama papers in two thousand and sixteen but revelations that would force him from politics should have denied corruption allegations but the supreme court disqualified him in two thousand and seventeen and he resigned earlier this year when i believe just last week a supporters chanted his name a court in pakistan seemed to instead to ten years in prison for failing to explain how he and his family acquired four luxury apartments in central london should if was in london as his wife received medical treatment his daughter and son in law were convicted of corruption disqualified some say disgraced from politics and a convicted criminal now washer beef is not known for shying away from a fight but this time he's fighting for his political survival and. me down the hall and desiring. has more now from lahore on sharif's arrest and that
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attack on the election campaign rally. a deadly attack in the province of baluchistan where a prominent leader. sunny was gated and seventy other people also losing their lives and we are told that there were one hundred twenty day dad happening on a day when a former chief minister of the high before. also so waved an attack on his as he were leaving a campaign rally the attack in baluchistan dog cage one of the prominent leaders of the blue just on the. younger brother of the former chief minister of baluchistan province mr some raced on the and it is all happening on the day when i was sheriff . and did. international airline flight and you know ahead we're told that the
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national accountability bureau personnel had directed him to be taken to a llama but ray serious charges have been leveled against him he and his dog to have been found guilty of massive corruption however. his body is up all day to come to the whole episode and give him come to the security of the airport had been taken over by the better minute he felt it in order to prevent a large crowd from defending on the airport by did it be a did mr know why should he body has they do much good that kind of they were promising to do to get in my writing welcome twelve russians accused of hacking democrats during the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential election at been challenged a sponsor special counsel robert lynn is investigation into alleged collusion between the trunk campaign and russia indictments accuse the russians of hacking into the computer networks of the democratic national committee and the presidential campaign of hillary clinton she had the chance he has more for us now
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from washington chad what more do we know about these indictments. well the deputy attorney general says these what they say are russian military spy officials were attempting to influence the twenty six election he doesn't try to pass any judgment of the d.o.j. pass' no judgment on the effectiveness of their efforts but it was as far as they're concerned an attempt to interfere with the twenty sixteen elections among on the part of russian intelligence using various techniques spearfishing for example sending emails to members of the democratic presidential campaign with links where which would encourage them to type in their passwords but also hacking into computers and inserting software in there in order to steal data in addition to that the russians are alleged to have hacked into state election boards and and have taken the information personal information about five hundred thousand u.s. votes no evidence in this indictment about collusion that's something that everyone
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is very upset about of the allegations the possibility that donald trump's campaign actively colluded with the russians still no evidence presented as part of the rebel investigation to suggest that happened none here either there is evidence of a member of the trunk campaign was in touch with the russian intelligence officials who were posing as a hacker a lone hacker two point zero no evidence though that member of the trunk campaign knew that they were interacting with russian with a russian military intelligence operation alleged to be taking place by the russians and we should be clear these are allegations very unlikely ever to be proven in a court of law that these russians are very unlikely to be extradited to appear in a grand jury so they remain allegations but as you can imagine in the context of washington where anything to do with russia gets people's attention things are going a bit nuts around here at the moment right and what about the timing of these latest charges in the press just days before the trial in helsinki. knowing about
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the timing of the announcement by the deputy attorney general why oh donald trump was taking tea with the queen having said that though it seems this wouldn't have been a surprise to donald trump he was briefed on the forthcoming indictments by rod rosenstein a few days ago so he knew what was coming but also makes trump's comments at the press conference that chuck is very interesting what he was also you going to all you going to confront him about the allegations of meddling knowing what we now know the d.o.j. has he said well i will but i'm not expecting any kind of perry mason moment of law to be putin will say ok you got me he was also asked actually it said as he was leaving the press conference by a c.n.n. reporter but are you going to ask russia to stop interfering in our elections and he turned around and said yes having said that he will bring it up democrats in washington are already saying he probably should call the whole summit off unless this issue is the key issue about some of but that seems very unlikely right now
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thank you very much amber chancy in washington at least fifty four people including dozens of civilians have died in as strikes in eastern syria the u.s. led coalition admits it or it's part of forces carried out the raids and there is or province saying they were targeting i sell but woman is to say the strikes hit an ice factory that dozens of families were using as a shelter close to the iraqi border the u.s. coalition says it's investigating the civilian deaths meanwhile a senior envoy to the supreme leader says iran has no intention of leaving syria regardless of u.s. and israeli pressure a statement from ali akbar velayati came in the wake of his meeting in moscow with the russian president vladimir putin both the u.s. and israel want iran to pull out of syria while russia has warned it would be unrealistic to expect iran to fully withdraw from the country or a challenge has more from moscow. well the adviser to iran's supremely leader a man called. has been in moscow for two days now he met with putin on thursday and
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he's speaking at a forum in moscow today he had some fairly trenchant comments regarding iran's longtime adverse threes israel and the united states to iran and israel have both delegations in russia over the last few days netanyahu was here just a couple of days ago and this flurry of activity is coming in advance of course of the trump putin summit in helsinki on monday but both of these countries iran and israel are worried that there is going to be a grand bargain struck between trump in and putin in helsinki and they have been trying to put their views across to moscow in advance of this at least ten people have been killed in a landslide in the mountainous province of pan chair in remote will feast in afghanistan melting snow in the surrounding mountains flooded a lake sending water cascading over five villages below early on thursday around
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five hundred homes were destroyed. a fifteen year old palestinian has been shot dead by israeli soldiers at the border between gaza and israel with thirty more injured in the latest friday protest the teenager named as also and how this was killed in clashes east of gaza city according to the palestinian health ministry it means one hundred fifty seven palestinians have now been killed in more than one hundred days since the weekend protest began and its myth is that because it is road border. so the broader protests continue despite israel's decision to close the carom abu salim crossing off the main crossing core industrial goods into gaza israel did it he said because it wanted the protesters to stop sending over in same three burning balloons they float over the border and they end up in some israeli feel some setting fire to israeli crops israeli snipers have been trying to shoot them out of the skies of the balloons are still going over today but they've not been having much success the israeli snipers and in the meanwhile officials from
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hamas and other groups in gaza have been in cairo for talks with egyptian security officials hamas said those talks are some of the most successful they've had with the egyptians addressing the humanitarian concerns in gaza didn't give any more details than that though another group islamic jihad it says that egypt has agreed to increase electricity supply into gaza and that egypt will also keep the rougher crossing open for the super foreseeable future that's the main crossing between egypt and gaza a vital lifeline really for people in gaza are trying to leave. when all the developments palestine is accusing israel of denying or delaying visas for foreign academics in the occupied west bank campaigners say it's part of a why descale assault on the immigration status of foreign nationals including those who are married to palestinians are a force that reports. roger he called in his wife laura wicker packing up thirty
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five years of life in the occupied west bank both a u.s. citizens he teaches history at busy eight the leading palestinian university she's a midwife and health care researcher the last time they returned from a trip overseas and israeli immigration officer gave them just two weeklong tourist visas telling them they could apply for an extension once home we went and made a new application with the palestinian ministry of civil affairs on the strength of our new contract is that university and have heard nothing so therefore we can't stay professor he cork is not alone six other foreign academics of bears eight have had their visa renewals rejected and are facing rejection before the next academic year it's part of a pattern of intensifying pressure on foreigners one that morgan cooper understands only too well an american she met her palestinian husband salah toto here in his restaurant fourteen years ago israel froze a limited scheme granting residency in such cases a decade ago morgan has to make do with tourist visas but they've been getting
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shorter in duration if approved at all when you have a child and you're thinking about your child's well being and this is completely untenable so move else's are persons who are married to foreigners not have the right of a bride because what kind of life you have here when you don't know i don't know next month if i will be allowed here the rules surrounding foreign residents rights are unclear it often comes down to a decision made by a single bureaucrat at an army base in this illegal settlement just outside ramallah in a statement the israeli military told us that there'd be no change to the policy regarding foreigners entry and in each case was assessed on an individual basis but we've also spoken to the palestinian civil affairs commission which receives the applications before sending them on here and they told us that in the last year what was typically a seventy percent renewal rate had plummeted to about. ten percent palestinian american somebody leads a campaign on the issue he says it's
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a deliberate attempt to force foreigners who often hold prominent positions to leave so by addressing the foreign nationals who are coming to add value to the community by not letting them come in the quality of life is reduced and that is more suffocating for palestinians forcing them to leave the country for people in morgan cooper's position it comes down to a series of near impossible choices to overstay their visas and never leave town for fear of an israeli i.d.f. check to try to renew her papers while here and risk rejection to travel overseas in the hope of getting a new visa on return and gamble that she won't be prevented permanently from coming home for sit in the occupied west bank. on the program. government in a fight. over which. angry protesters or the i.m.f. . u.s. secretary of state arrives in mexico to meet the country's newly elected president
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immigration and trade are likely to be high on the agenda. and in sport we hear from the core asia camp out of their first ever world world cup final. the in. the end. hello there we're seeing quite a bit of rain over georgia recently the satellite picture is showing that area of cloud also affecting us in azerbaijan and in the far eastern parts of turkey and it's all drifting its way towards the east but it hasn't released us and just yet as we head through the next few days this area of cloud is still going to be with us and turning heavier as we head through sunday just pushing a little bit further towards the west we could see a few outbreaks of rain in ankara as well to the south of all of that is dry and hot for us in beirut thirty degrees and even hotter for us in baghdad and here in doha the temperatures will be rising as we head through the next few days at this
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time of year it all depends on the humidity that's what dictates the temperature so forty four degrees and still with a fair amount of humidity in the air as we head through saturday but on sunday it's a very dry air and so the temperatures will get that bit higher so forty eight degrees hot but a dry heat for us that in towards the southern parts of africa we've got a fair amount of cloud in the south you can see it all drifting its way eastwards has brought us a fair amount of rain and it's going to continue to do so is it just nudges its way eastwards there on saturday then it's going to be durban where we see some of the heaviest outbreaks of rain nineteen degrees will be our maximum temperature but as that system pulls away things will turn a bit cooler behind it and then our maximum will be limited just to fifteen degrees . with. when diplomacy fields and fear sweeps in our borders are wide open wide open to drugs terrorists we've proven the barriers are built to impose division defectives
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instead of being an obstacle. into became another almost a quarter to peace in a four part series al-jazeera revisits the reasons for divisions in different parts of the world and the impact they have on both sides walls of shame on al-jazeera. building a new life on an entirely beach living off the sea and. a dream shared by so many but so few make it a reality. of family business led by a remarkable woman with a flair for cooking and desist. island kitchen on al-jazeera.
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welcome back quick look at the top stories u.s. president donald trump has met britain's queen elizabeth at windsor castle as part of his four day working trip to the u.k. tens of thousands of protesters have been rallying in the capital to show their opposition to trump's policies. the former pakistani prime minister nawaz sharif and his daughter have been arrested after flying back to pakistan he was sentenced to ten years in jail on charges last week when eight into the purchase of luxury apartments in the u.k. . and at least one hundred twenty people have been killed and more than two hundred injured in a suicide attack on an election campaign rally in southwest pakistan i still have claimed responsibility for the attack. well now to zimbabwe where the main opposition party says police officers have been prevented from freely costing early
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votes ahead of the general election the july thirtieth poll will be the first since the ousting of longtime ruler robert mugabe the election commission insists its process is being overseen by monitors but that hasn't abated fears of vote rigging and fraud. has more from harare. the role of the police and army cheering elections in zimbabwe has always been controversial officers who will be working on polling day vote early here they are queuing to costly votes five years ago opposition parties are concerned that this time postal voting is being done inside police stations and some offices will be intimidated into voting for the rulings on the party. mood in sync with that in that seemed to me brilliant and still does so we could cause from this early is mainly in the morning by or phish shows with screaming we're isn't. about what
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they're seeing has really tried to make them do. a spokesman from the independent electoral commission initially told state media no voting was taking place later a senior police officer confirmed some of them are that confusion helps explain why some opposition leaders doubt the credibility of election organizers the police say the opposition allegations are not true therefore due process is being done in a very secretive mina there is no officer that has been told to fourteen a friend of another officer that's absolute rubbish that's absolutely motive. we we we we are what it literate police officers for want information. they come and sit in front of. that voting day at the end of the month will
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be the first without deposed president robert mugabe the electoral commission says four thousand police officers have applied to vote by post commission staff insist no officer would be forced to use the system and if they want to go to polling stations they are free to do so some analysts say irregularities in the run up to the polls aren't addressed so that all parties are satisfied the election results would likely be disputed. al-jazeera had. the u.s. secretary of state is in mexico to meet the country's new president with immigration and trade likely to dominate the agenda rising crime in mexico is also likely to be discussed a problem that many blame on u.s. policy and latin america editor lucien human reports. oh since previous bannock times to people has functioned as an enormous open air market in the heart of what is now mexico city it's long been the place to buy
9:35 pm
cheap goods some stolen some pirated but these days when people say you can find anything here they mean drugs and want to magic weapons. it's an open secret we don't dare go out after dark and it's scary to me is because it's more dangerous in the deep inside this market assault rifles and guns are being poured in sold by to rival criminal gangs each with the support of a different transnational drug cartel and as the trip war between them escalates sold to have the violence and the fear that many of hoped would not reach mexico's capital mexico points the finger at the u.s. for not doing enough to prevent an estimated two hundred thirteen thousand firearms from being smuggled into the country every year from the the norse. the impact of those guns is felt across mexico the murder rate this year is expected to surpass
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that of two thousand and seventeen with more than thirty thousand killings it not only underscores the power of organized crime but also explains why many undocumented mexicans trying to cross the u.s. border say they are fleeing violence. with think that the best way to tackle the immigration phenomena and the problems of security is to spur development in mexico. the president elect and that is mainly llopis of it i would want to president donald trump to understand that mexico's deteriorating security situation is a bilateral concern that requires us cooperation especially in economic investment that progress that the tone of relations with washington has changed since the election of. but former foreign minister that warns against reading anything into the overtures by the white house from playing nice doesn't do anybody any good there is no difference between a nice trump and
9:37 pm
a mean trump the substance is the same and so with mexico it's going to be very difficult because trump has been very nasty with mexico and given that history the expectations ahead of the meeting with some of the most influential members of president trump circle are not high. and you see it joins us live now from mexico city so this is the first high level meeting between the u.s. and the newly elected mexican leader what is seeking to do. hello mary and with a meeting is taking place in fact it began just a few minutes ago directly behind me at the campaign headquarters of the president elect and the. thought of just what will come out of it nobody really knows but what i can tell you is that this president a left elect who is a left winger who is a populist and who has had very very strong opinions very negative opinions about president donald trump is not expected to be as compliant as the current president
9:38 pm
and weak opinion yet had been up until very recently the key issues here are going to be security and migration and joining me to talk more about that is. an expert on security at the level thank you for joining us how feasible is it that the united states that the u.s. secretary of state and the head of homeland security who is at that meeting at this very moment can get what they want from the incoming government well i think that at this point they're going to rate to rate the points they've been handling security agenda from. i think that their main issue their main objective is to to seal corporation with the upcoming presidential administration in terms of combating migration from central americans particularly entering from mexico southern border and eventually making it to the u.s. so if they can strike some deal in terms. of central american migrants it would be
9:39 pm
a victory for the u.s. to exactly but why would. i would. call to the incoming president want to cooperate he needs something in return from the united states government doesn't he yeah definitely and i think that the fact that the secretary of the treasury is here as well points. they will follow perhaps a more political strategy of course amido has talked that he will not do and i quote him the dirty war for for the u.s. administration the dirty work meaning mass deportations of that central american migrants in mexican territory and he has talked about men took a more holistic approach about reactivating the part of mexico in order to curb migration i talked about cooperating with central american governments in order to tackle migration through economic development plans and i think he will definitely raise these issues with the u.s.
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representatives were clear to both countries and both presidents the president elect and president trump have said that they need each other that they want to have a cooperative good relationship to almost reset the relationship which has become so tense but they also at the greed or at least one of the conditions i understand for this meeting was that that four letter dirty word the wall not be brought into the equation and not even be discussed during this meeting is that correct yes and i think that this whole story to raise the priorities of the u.s. representatives which is mainly to seal the border to stop the flow of central american migrants in within mexico and of course the border wall in the in the in the northern border of mexico is a separate issue from now and it's a very contentious topic but it seems that at this point it will not be as they don't want this this meeting to be tense and they want to focus really on the southern border issue of migration and a lot of central american migrants the president elect has said over and over again that the only way to stop migration of wealth from central america and mexico into
9:41 pm
the u.s. and also of course the violence that pushes so many people across the border is for there to be development here and that he expects the united states to contribute to that something like the alliance for progress that president kennedy once spurred is that feasible it is feasible. effort. respect has been quite efficient and there has not been a lot of economic cooperation but the us has a greater interest now and a greater stake in really cooperating with central america and with mexico to bring about economic opportunity in order to stem down the flows of migrants and this has been one of the central complaint played such as. to really focus on on on on on reactivating economic growth in these marginalized regions and while he will be interesting to see what kind of deal they can strike they can strike some sort of economic aid flow force for southern mexico and central america well very quickly
9:42 pm
one last question what's fascinating is that this is an unprecedented meeting. and . hasn't even been named officially the president elect it was only elected two weeks of global this was a meeting that was actually proposed by the united states invest invited themselves didn't they yeah in a way it is very surprising certainly many do not expect. to have such a courtier relationship given their clash of personalities for example and their very strong viewpoints are very contentious issues for of mexico and the u.s. but it is a welcome development and let's hope that it sets a clears late for mexico american relations right we're going to have to leave it there fascinating meeting taking place fascinating times between mexico and the united states back to you mary it is indeed thank you very much in america and attending senior managing us all the latest there from mexico city. now the international monetary fund has defended the haitian government's plan to raise fuel prices by fifty percent the proposal had triggered four days of violent
9:43 pm
protests the government agreed to eliminate fuel subsidies in return for more i.m.f. assistance but scrapped the plan following the unrest haiti's prime minister is under pressure now to resign with a vote of no confidence scheduled for the weekend. is in the capital port au prince . desperate cleans rice before selling it this is her main source of income when she is at home and wants to cook rice herself she uses kerosene to light her stove like millions of other haitians lacking the money for electricity kerosene is one of the main fuels of choice for the poor. it's cheap a leader costs about fifty cents but last week the government announced a price increase of fifty percent on the fuel it is sitting which would have had a devastating impact on the poor in a country where half the population or about five million people live on less than two dollars
9:44 pm
a day. to have to price of to guess put. on. the proposed price hike lead to widespread and violent street protests it forced the prime minister jack. to suspend the move in spite of that more protests are scheduled for friday in february the international monetary fund agreed to give haiti ninety six million dollars in much needed funds but only if the government agreed to several measures one of which was raising the price of government subsidized fuel the government complied chaos ensued this haitian economist says his country has been receiving loans from the i.m.f. for more than thirty years and the conditions to borrow carry a steep price. we know the i.m.f. is playing the worst negative role and is permitting our ability to develop our
9:45 pm
local economy the i.m.f. the fundamental role is development for the global markets but before we open up our economy to the world we need to develop and to make structural changes in our local economy. the majority of haitians want the prime minister gone but they don't trust anybody in government and they want to change in the entire system a system that for many years here has benefited the very few that are rich but hurt the majority of those that are poor in the case of the fuel price increases those who would have benefited but a few that are wealthy who own the distribution networks gas stations and kerosene companies everyone else esperance check a lien at the last gabriel's on doe al-jazeera port au prince. gunmen have attacked four villages in northwestern nigeria killing at least thirty nine people many others are missing have struck the region before but the area they
9:46 pm
operate in seems to be growing and eye cheering government says it's working to end the lawlessness in the area and thousands of people have escaped to the village of gandhi from where interests of. there are more than four thousand five hundred internally displaced persons in this primary school that is acting as a temporary shelter for these people there are coming from for religious attacked and destroyed by bandits on monday and up to this moment a look of people who have earlier on would early on escaped the bandits are coming in to safer locations like the town of gandhi that is hosting most of the people displaced by the attacks over the past few days officials are telling us that there are a lot of people yet and accounted for census is being taken now to understand how many are missing and what needed to be done we still is still believe that there are people that i miss in the villages i that they are dead or the missing so what we did was that will probably include in the army the police and civil defense with
9:47 pm
the community they will now back to the village to go and you know convert the whole area within and outside the village and also do what i eighty years to check whether there are corpses that now will come up from the river and the ones that have not been buried. in the bush they will now collect all the other ones and then from there will be able to know how many are missing how many i did and that looks like a very very huge task ahead of the efficiency of doing this a lot of people have been displaced by this violence since it started four or five years ago but the epicenter of the attacks by these bandits have been some forested this is the first major incident recorded in sokoto state and it's shaking a lot of people sending a lot of people into panic that are even stories that the bandits are blown villagers not to farm unless they pay taxes. so i have. rolling out new ways of reusing and food a global initiative led by chefs and sending less food to the landfill. or we'll
9:48 pm
look at serena williams as a road back to women's tennis. chefs
9:49 pm
from around the world have come together to help solve the issue of food waste the un says around a third of the world's food just over a billion tons is thrown away every year now in malaysia activists are trying to get restaurants to be more sustainable florence louis has more from. from
9:50 pm
a farm to a supermarket then on to a plate but up to a third of all food eaten never reaches the table in a world where one in nine people go hungry reducing the amount which is wasted is seen as a moral imperative it's also about sustainability food that's thrown away ends up in landfills contributing to greenhouse gas emissions now there's a movement to get chefs around the world to be at the forefront of reducing food waste those of us in white coats we cook a lot of food we use a lot of energy we use a lot of water and we make a lot of waste and so we have a particular responsibility to the larger society to the planet to make sure that we're doing well in each of those categories what's called the food waste challenge is being launched by the world chefs association and two of the partners the feet the planet initiative encourages chefs worldwide to start measuring the amount of wasted from their kitchens and make a commitment to cut the mountain of discarded food that's in addition to
9:51 pm
a new curriculum for student chefs to teach them sustainable practices from sourcing local produce to more efficient management of the energy used in kitchens . a pop up not for profit restaurant in stockholm is taking the idea one step further it's serving up seven course meals using only produce from supermarkets which is usually thrown out this menu includes pasta made from stale bread that's been ground down and mixed with flour most restaurants are inherently very on wasteful the bottom line relies on being very careful with what you have and using every part of every product so chef saw a wonderful way to really engage people in reducing their third waste and if we can get lots of chefs thinking like this and talking about it that's the key thing lots of chefs think like it but none of the guests that's the evan if we can encourage the storytelling behind it i think that's when we can hit the public it's hope to get everyone the cooks in the kitchen and the customers to have
9:52 pm
a. everything about waste and how it can be turned into tasty meal consumers also have a responsibility when it comes to food raises and it can be as simple as making sure you don't cut up too much of the end of a carrot when you're cooking to finishing everything on your plate ultimately making a success of the chefs throw away idea will depend on all of us florence lee al-jazeera kuala lumpur time for all the support now with fara. they for president gianni and fan tino says the world cup in russia has been the best ever and he's promising a special final one france take on croatia on sunday. evening i know i'm going to be or she will be using all the concentration. but
9:53 pm
it's a little cold a little bit of the cold. blooded you as well that leads me to. the creation of the field he's. going to be egoists the existing system with your beloved leaders. croatian coach glasgow delage says the best two teams have made it through to sunday's final but he admits it will be the hardest game his side has ever played. he. united as you talk to me i think france have shown different styles of playing against belgium and morocco they went up and they could defend in a defensive block and they were very dangerous in counter attacks and in cost transitions and this is what we have to be very cautious about it's not going to be easy to defend against counter attacks and fast transitions particularly with ingres men who are really fast and dangerous. while much is expected of the french
9:54 pm
forward lyon anton. francis chances code to hinge on something else. we are able to win it but it's going to depend on details we have to be ready for that but considering our game i think the defense is the most important thing because we know that up front we can score goals any time it can happen with killian about the with the move from the wing with the live from across so even with me with a little bit of inspiration i have some time i do think however that the defense is our base. belgium and england are making their final preparations for the world cup match nobody ever wants to be involved in the play off for third and fourth the belgians got the better of england one know when they met in the group stage a winner they will give them their best ever result or world cup although the players it's a difficult game to play. we really disappointed which is
9:55 pm
normal we wanted to reach the final we wanted to go all the way to the end and that's why we're so disappointed about losing against france but i think we have a last goal left which is to leave russia with our heads held high and that can be achieved if we base angle and get third place i'm sure they're on the pitch but we've very focused and very committed an order to win this match. kevin anderson has booked his place in the wimbledon's men's final he came out all on top in a marathon match which was decided by a fifty game final said anderson winning it twenty six to twenty four coming up the twelve year rivalry between rafa nadal and novak djokovic continues the pair who won twenty nine grand slam titles between them just ten months after a complicated chopper's serena williams will try and reclaim her wimbledon title on saturday the thirty six year old american will be going for a record equalling twenty four grand slam titles. facing a tough challenge though from germany's angele kerber in the final or earlier we
9:56 pm
spoke to former professional tennis player turned commentator sophia she says williams performance at this tournament is one of the best in her career. i think that it's not only the fact that she went through you know having a child but it's also the way that she had to go through that experience i mean she was so ill and sick and for her when she mentioned that she had trouble going to a mailbox was was the least you know of of saying of how bad it was to have are now in the final of will it against her which is a repeat of the two thousand and sixteen final is absolutely incredible i think anybody would have you know thought about it we don't would have said yes she can come back but to that level today and she's playing incredible tennis in that final in two thousand and sixteen was all about the serve of serena williams and if she's able to do and repeat what she did she was never broken in that final she faced one breakpoint at three on the second set against her and on that break point guess what she did and next and then after that backed it up with another do stoop to
9:57 pm
hold her serve at who are three and eventually winning the match in two sets of folk or it's going to be all about being able to return that serve and ourself raise a level even more i mean she's been tested target much more than the us arena probably draw the tournament so far as far as syria is concerned she is the greatest of all time and you can count on today and tomorrow sorry being one of the best final for her and. greg of an adverb doubled his overall lead in the tour de france on thursday the belgian now leads by six seconds over a chair on thomas despite both finishing stage seven with the same times the stage was whining by dylan and groaning when they again the dutch rider coming out on top in a sprint finish grown of a good one the final stage on the show also as a last year that's all your sport for now it's now back to marion and london you know very thank you for a well that wraps up the news hour but my colleague nick clark will be with you in
9:58 pm
just a couple of minutes but much more of the day's news. a new series of rewind a care bring your people back to life and brand new updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries the struggle continues book from. these distance rewind continues with the silver friends we're going back to a poor south african neighborhood where music and tradition come together in an annual competition for the people of the only we want on al-jazeera.
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of opinion and wits that take that view is no point to make an argument that i have no basis in fact or knowledge and esteem chamber of two banks in every important thing an examination of the ideas the thinkers the theorists the leaders a lot of people see them as victories for me to improve they haven't seen victories for anybody to secure itself continued a new series of head to head coming soon own al-jazeera. on counting the cost why china wants an expanded economic role in the middle east will look at which countries are leading the way in innovation plus safe all parents are causing one of the world's most profitable and widely used killers goes on trial counting the cost. with a crackdown on media and political opposition cambodia is getting ready for its national election when east investigates how far his ruling party will go to
10:00 pm
consolidate its power. on al-jazeera. tea with the queen dinner with the prime minister claims of fate and huge protests donald trump's visit to england for close next stop. and i mean this is live from london the u.s. justice department announces charges against twelve russians for hacking offenses the jury in the two thousand and sixteen presidential campaign. targets an election rally in southwest pakistan one hundred twenty people have been killed two hundred
10:01 pm
others wounded. and the former prime minister is back in pakistan he's been arrested on corruption charges.


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