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dark side of american justice system with joe byrne and on al-jazeera. new yorkers are very receptive. because it is such an international city they're very interested in global perspective. this is al jazeera. hello i'm still raman how this is the al-jazeera news our life my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes u.s. president donald trump prepares for his first a one on one summit with the russian leader vladimir putin. in helsinki where the two leaders will meet face to face alone for over an hour president trump says relations with russia are an all time low. and they've been
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waiting twenty years for a party like this oh yes france celebrates late into the night after a thrilling world cup victory plus. they were better foes just a few months ago but now the best of friends eritrea has reopened its embassy in ethiopia. welcome to the news in about twenty minutes from now the u.s. president donald trump and the russian leader vladimir putin will hold a much anticipated one on one meeting in finland the health summit is their first official standalone meeting no formal agenda has been set and some of the talks will be held with no staff around so what could be up for discussion while the nuclear capabilities the largest in the world will be one of the main areas to watch for they have a deal in place to reduce the size of their arsenal but it ended twenty twenty one
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and any progress in extending that agreement will be seen as a good sign. then there's syria they back opposing sides but both want to see progress towards a political solution to end the conflict trump is likely to bring up israel's concerns about a rainy and forces in the country also russia's annexation of crimea could be up for discussion putin will likely be pushing for an easing of u.s. sanctions over this but the topic dominating most u.s. headlines is allegations of russian meddling in the twenty sixteen presidential election troops national security advisor john bolton has hinted that this could be on the table all following events for us in helsinki is our diplomatic editor james bays and joins me from the finnish capital now of course the president has already been tweeting and he's been talking and to be honest we're all aghast really at what he's been saying james. yes it's very interesting that president trump as ever is tweeting while he's conducting official business we are not far away from
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the start of this summit the face to face meeting perhaps a little bit delayed from what we've been expecting that's because president putin of course was in moscow for the world cup you can see his plane though in the last few moments as landed on the tarmac here in helsinki and we expect to see the russian leader soon meanwhile president trump has been to one of the presidential palaces here in helsinki the one where the president lives he will of course be meeting putin the other one the one where the president works in the next hour or so and it was interesting when he was there with the president of finland he was asked by reporters about the summit last week at nato. i think nato has never been more together. people are now agreeing to pay and we were having a lot of problem with
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a lot of people not paying its president will tell you and they're paying and they're paying more rapidly and at a later probably never been stronger than it is today. well you heard him there refer to the president of finland but it's worth telling you although the president of finland was there an observer capacity at the nato summit he was not a participant he wasn't involved in that budget negotiation raising the question whether president trump actually at that moment remembered that finland was not in nato it's an easy you country not a nato country you may say a small detail but remember the man who is on that plane at the time right now about to get off president putin is a master of diplomacy he's been doing the job since the year two thousand as either president or prime minister and so he knows all the details but of course james it is quite i suppose unique or iconic that you've got a president who's been in power for eighteen months old in the state and one who's been in russia for eighteen years. coincidence there of sorts but of course it's
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the one that's been in charge of the united states for eighteen months who's been you might say criticizing former administrations and that's making people in the u.s. very nervous about his loose lips. yes he said he wanted a loose meeting but as you say we have got certainly got a president who is speaking a lot and tweeting a lot and on that issue which is a central issue because only in the last few days twelve russians have been been indicted by the special counsel in the u.s. for cyber crime and the issue of meddling in the election again president trump is blaming all that on his predecessor president obama that seems to be his stock retaught on that particular issue of course is not the only issue at this summit we don't know what the agenda is we're told there's not an agenda they will discuss what they want to discuss but i'm sure president putin will want to discuss the war
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in syria which seems to be coming to its final stages and seems to be ending in a way that i think the russian president would like and certainly the leader in damascus bashar al assad would like because certainly the syrian government's seems to be coming out on top with that final. defeat it seems in there are taking place right now of course the other key issue like meddling one that people many people in the u.s. want trump to press putin on is the situation in ukraine and the ongoing an exception of crimea and of course one of the statements that he did come out with was the thought that the e.u. is his photo which is certainly rubbed up a few people certainly politicians across the e.u. the wrong way the e.u. foreign policy chief saying in a statement on monday james that maybe the question trump should be asked is who are his friends that will be very closely monitoring what goes on in helsinki.
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yeah i mean i was at the nato summit just a few days ago and they are very nervous about this summit they do not like the way that president trump deals with security issues and trade issues at the same time because they see the e.u. . as his very very closest security partners and the real problem being russia and china and things that they are up to but in that interview he was asked to name his foes yes he put it in terms of trade but the first thing he named of any of the foes around the world was the european union and that really is raising eyebrows the way this president treats his friends and yet seen some times to be cozying up towards those that would traditionally been seen as is enemies and of course one of those is president putin that his executive jet on the tarmac in
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helsinki and we expect to see him any moment now as he then will head to the presidential palace for this. for this important meeting many observers believe president putin has a win straightaway by having this meeting because i mentioned the twenty fourteen an exception of crimea after that russia was kicked out of the g. eight it went back to being of the g. seven it was shy and there were sanctions put in place remember the downing of m.h. seventeen well that anniversary comes up just tomorrow very interesting timing and that of course russia was blamed for all of those deaths over ukraine russia also widely condemned for its role in syria and yet here you have president putin being getting this opportunity to have a one on one meeting with president trump in a summit scenario something that president obama never gave him and he let his
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secretary of state john kerry deal with the foreign minister sergei lavrov but here you see blood amir putin walking down those steps for this summit very triumphant just the day after of course he hosted the world cup and of course he'll be getting off that plane very shortly one of the issues generally about having a summit. james is that there is normally an agenda they normally agree on something they signed a document and as president putin comes off the plane he won't be signing any documents with president trump. you saying that president putin coming off the plane we're a bit of a delay i saw him a few moments ago no nothing planned in advance for this no agenda in advance for this meeting normally big summits like this are pretty work pre-cooked there are things that they call deliverables things that they've agreed that both sides can at the end of the day present to the public and show what they achieved at the
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summit like this there are we're told no deliverables at this summit may not be by the end of the day but nothing has been worked out in advance that means of course that it could go anywhere and we know what a skilled diplomat president putin is and how experienced he is in office and that is why some of the u.s. his closest allies are a little nervous about all of this. and of course james with a very busy day they'll be dipping in and out of you might say camera positions they'll be a pool at some stage where they'll be in a photo opportunity but no real opportunity for such a press conference unusual. no i'm well we're getting conflicting reports about the schedule in fact i've seen various different versions about what's going to happen let me tell you what we think is going to happen going forward president putin now in that limousine it's a pretty short drive into the center of helsinki he'll be arriving at the
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presidential palace which is on the waterfront in the center of helsinki there are naval patrol boats on the water there very high security that's where the meeting will take place we believe that first be that one on one meeting alone probably just with translators that see it and then an expanded meeting a lunch and we do believe at this stage that there will be a news conference at the end of the day involving both president trump and president putin but it's all a little flu. particularly as they have no agenda for their discussion indeed of course we'll continue to dip in and out of the movements of both presidents in helsinki as the day progresses obviously with james and our other correspondents is there live pictures from helsinki international airport where the russian president has just landed he's got into his limousine and he'll be no doubt heading first emotionally to his hotel before he meets president trump within the next few hours
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and we'll be following his movements through the day.
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where ya. ya. ya. ya t twenty now the gulf country will host the first world cup in the middle east trying to gush off scott went behind the scenes to take a look at how preparations are going. it may not look that impressive but this piece of concrete is the spots where the cats are twenty twenty two world cup will kick off it can also be seen as symbolic of this country's solid determination to
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make this tournament a success as it enters the second year blockade imposed on it by its gulf neighbors initially that prevented some construction material from getting into cattle but organizers now say that all eight stadiums are on schedule with all of them ready to years before the world cup kicks off frankly speaking it hasn't affected construction on the site there were materials originally sourced from people came in countries however those are not the only sources of material world there are plenty of other alternatives and we quickly diverted our sourcing to other places the world and other shipping routes things are back on track instantly so the factory. let's say will stadium maybe he will host the opening game and the final and when it's finished in around two years' time it will seat around eighty thousand spectators now with the tournament being moved to december it also means those fans will avoid the kind of summer heat that we're experiencing today as part
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of its winning bid council promised to take apart many of the stadiums set the end of the world cup and send sections to developing countries to help them grow the game of course that's only part of the legacy cattles leaders and woke up organizes a still hoping football can bring this region closer together football always has a has a way of bringing people together sport in general does look when it comes to the to the point of view of the state of qatar we haven't stopped anybody from entering qatar we are the ones that have taken the decision to cut ties or to blockade anybody. all fans are welcome fans from the blockading countries are welcome i really hope above everything else that people walk away with a true. sense of what our hospitality is in middle east the most delicacy is unique and goes above and beyond and in all regards and i really hope that people will feel that i'm very confident that they will so well the next global festival of
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football will make history in the arab world it also comes with its own unique set of political goals. in the studio without the hard holding down the fluorescent yellow jackets i thought worked really well thank you lots of issues about qatar's world cup in twenty twenty two that have been discussed in the years after it was awarded the games and obviously within the next four years one of them has been about the timing of the world football world cup but it's moved now and it will from the summer to the winter yes so originally council didn't bid to host a winter world cup they bid to host it in the regular traditional period of june july which is the northern hemisphere summer however later on fifa felt that it was just too much of a heat risk for the players and the fans that are going to come and visit because as we know we live here the temperatures do rise up quite quite significantly in
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the summertime so favored decided to move the world cup to make it more comfortable for both players and spectators they moved it to this november december period but it was controversial because it will affect leagues around the world especially in the european leagues many of whom do play through that traditional period the copy happy about no planes about already they have complained about it yeah i mean some of the european leagues already have some breaks sorry for example in germany in spain they have breaks of between two and four weeks the english premier league however does not have a break and they're actually going to start introducing a break from two thousand and nineteen two thousand and twenty season it's going to give the teams about thirteen days but i think as we progress closer and. closer to that world cup that break will get larger just so that everyone can get used to having a larger break and to see how it affects the dates of major other other major football football matches that are going to be held qatar itself prior to the world cup had
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been bidding for other sporting events like the olympic games it's done it twice it's failed twice why do sport matters to this very small goals country where cats has hosted the asian games it's also every year holding a big tennis and golf tournament and the thing is when you bid for something like the olympics it really puts the country on the world stage and it shows intent it shows ambition and it gets that kind of conversation going with other countries that you know you're not just a small oil producing country that you have ambition and you want to become much more of a world player or for the moment we'll leave it there joe of course lots more to discuss as the day progresses and obviously we'll be looking at what's happening in france as they celebrate for the moment thank you well of course the french team are leaving moscow after the world cup win on sunday the team is headed back to paris where fans have been celebrating since the victory and that's where our correspondent natasha buckler mostly has the best correspondent job of the day
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natasha it's been a tale of two countries two cities two peoples but certainly where you are the people must have been partying where into the morning. well there are lots of bleary eyes and a lot of tired faces in paris this morning as a people wake up to the fact that they are now champions of the world a lot of happy faces indeed and you know we're on the show as laissez and now i'm not a night we were here and people partying till the early hours of the morning it was really a sea of red white and blue is quite remarkable and anyone the was here will remember this i'm sure for the rest of their life from some one since one thousand nine hundred eight they are now well champions i've just said the second time a whole new generation of football fans absolutely delighted and people are coming back you might see some of them and their blue shirts behind me because of course the team will make their way down paris his most famous avenue on an open top bus in a few hours' time say that people can really welcome them and the trophy home what
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it's all about all of this a little bit more i'm joined by kevin jeffries he's a sports journalist and he's written a book on statistics in the world cups he's a perfect person to talk to thank you kevin for joining us i mean first of all at the beginning of this tournament many people thought that the french team my not even make it but now they are the world champions just just crazy you know where we have a good team but nobody for that we could win the world cup and we were as you mentioned is like the circumstance against sweden the atmosphere is going to really help here with this mining and with the other jersey on the plug on is just perfect. and the other thing is in ninety eight there was a lot of talk about this team being this a symbol of multiculturalism people talking about this young team in similar way what you think about that there's a lot of talk about are they going to unite the nation like the like the team of ninety eight it we did it we do it at least go a certain period of time it's a great example of the new the whole new generation having you know john about the going to be coming for the suburbs so that the kids have
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a new example because people that kept hearing about ninety eight was a bit now we've got great players champions and they coming from the same place that they do so it's. it's great but i mean brave social cohesion i don't need to make it right kevin thank you very much indeed and as i said we'll be following that up parade when the team come back to paris they will after the break be going to see the french presence about all my heart will be hosting them at the least say you'll also be hosting a thousand children from the suburbs of paris suburb some places like bondi working in back page star strike only nineteen years old comes from say a really special moment all of them and of course all the people in france today. leave that for now the taj and of course join you through the day in paris that cross over to the other side of europe and to croatia a very different story that because despite the heartbreak it's been a significant world cup run for the country the first time they've ever reached a final and it's just only got
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a population of four million thousands of croatians gathered in the capital sana grabs main square to watch the match there were tears after the team's lost a friend since only defeat in the tall meant but there were celebrations as well as many were happy with how the team reached the final and the competition let's join robin forrest a walk in zagreb force of course as i said to natasha in paris tale of two cities a tale of very two very different moods i mean what is the mood like on monday morning. the mood is one of. their national team and for the country i ever won here now is that still i see. how the i often spot the i love my country i love my home and i was the was i have the last they came second in the greatest tournament fourteen
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in st i that is a remarkable accomplishment for a country of just four million i had they won it of course they would have. beat off it there with europe why did. country of such a small population as we did back in ninety three. but let's not forget as well that the croatian still had a fantastic team of players i most reach i just took them out of the tournament he won the pool and they just incredibly happy that they made it this far yes of course disappointment but the team who are due to arrive. at this are great barefoot shortly will be crowned if you like a national hero later on today. for the moment we'll leave it there i think robin very loud people very excited to welcome their team back i will join you through the day thanks. still ahead here on al-jazeera news are malaysia's major change one
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thousand you say sent to parliament after a shock election victory. plus. the trying to off demolition looms over a school in the occupied west bank. and in sport is a full the wimbledon title for live on junk a bit speech will be here to tell you how he succeeded. ever tried israel putting its embassy in ethiopia in a further sign of growing toys between two long time regional rivals trace president to science and where is the in the capital addis ababa for the opening ceremony and his three day visit aims to cement ties after the two countries declared a state of war was over has more from the ethiopian capital and. this of a quote for the past twenty years is now an army of workers have been getting into business for most of the past week and it was opened by president ford. together
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with a prime minister with european. size opponent is a visit was considered almost inconceivable just weeks ago because he was the man blamed for the little bit between the two countries for most of the past two decades but when he came he was warmly welcomed. while those will be few people lining the streets where he went chanting his name and all these proximity and all your relationship between the two countries is definitely going to benefit the people of the two countries in eritrea there's been the force. that military a lot something else is now hoping will now in ethiopia a long long country leave the two horse and a trail house which have been traditional horse and also the first flight from ethiopia. eritrea is planful as they so
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a lot of benefits for both sides of the border. community school in the occupied west bank is opening early for the new academic year as it faces the threat of israeli tabulation the palestinian village of. to be bulldozed expanded illegal israeli settlements but earlier the supreme court issued a temporary injunction blocking the demolition of the school's future remains uncertain as the israeli government pushes for villages to relocate a landfill so it has more from. the school of colonel ahmad in this small bedouin community has opened a month and a half early and according to the palestinian education minister palestinian authorities education minister he said this is to proceed israel's demolition order now the supreme court is going to rule by almost the same. whether that school and indeed this village is to be demolished what the palestinians here will tell you is that this is all part of
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a wider israeli policy and the village may look on significant and may look on important but if you look around it is surrounded by illegal israeli settlements the not one is mana i don't mean and the feeling here is because this area is scattered by at least eighteen of the small bedouin communities that israel is trying to push them off this land to make way for israeli settlers and the people we've been speaking to here they don't want to leave they've been here since the one nine hundred fifty s. but they will tell you that they're certain that israel will do everything to make them go well in a few moments we'll have the weather with stuff but still ahead here will be al jazeera views are a test of media freedom will be a bar as to chad let's see reporters all the good crisis go on trial plus. i'm the richardson of moscow is a finding out about one of the unexpected consequences of this for the world cup.
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and that is wrong. when. the weather sponsored by cattle. hello there it's looking fairly stormy for some of us across asia at the moment and by that i mean there's the risk that we could see quite a few tropical cyclones in the next few days you can already see plenty of cloud across this region and within that is where we're seeing the risk of seeing some storms develop so firstly let's have a look at what's going on in the west because here we're watching this area quite closely now probably this won't develop into or topical storm or anything more similar sinister because it's quite near land and there's also quite strong winds high up in the atmosphere and that's pushing the system over what we're certainly seeing in hong strains already here and some of us already reporting some pretty heavy downpours here in the northern parts of vietnam we've seen sixty eight millimeters and in the southern part of china we've seen fifty seven for this whole region really is seeing some heavy rain and if anything it's going to get worse as
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we head through the next few days thanks to this system here now this is just to the northeast of the philippines at the moment and it has developed into a tropical depression so the wings on particularly strong at the moment and it doesn't have a name yet but as it works its way west with it's expected to intensify a little bit and when it does it will be called a song and it will work its way towards that part of vietnam and china where we've already seen heavy rain so there is likely to be flooding here in the next few days . the weather sponsored by qatar airways. i had a briefing today from a man named steele who has been out there working with the security forces a veteran of al salvador as diety board sent to iraq you seem to be with our portfolios doing whatever it is that he wanted to take interest and x. about in counterinsurgency while this interview was going on with jim steele there were these terrible screams about pain and terror but what was his mission and what legacy did he leave searching for steel amount is iraq.
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in iraq waste inefficiencies and a growing population i've led to do in lynn water sailors. you have been determined to extract water from any source possible this is what you see as a result now the country's future its. attitude to change and innovative solutions are being found. people in power investigates iran's water crisis on al-jazeera. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera as news our lives the whole robin or
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a bite of all top stories the leaders of russia and the united states are due to hold that much but dissipated one on one meeting in finland soon a short time ago vladimir putin arrived in helsinki for his meeting with donald trump the u.s. president has already been tweeting that relations are worse than ever he says he has low expectations for the meeting. also the french team is leaving moscow after its football world cup win on sunday and now heading back to paris where fans have been celebrating since the victory over croatia. tray is reopening its embassy in ethiopia. sign of growing ties between the two longtime regional rivals eritrea's president is in the cabinet is out of the for the opening ceremony. for the middle east now where the syrian government has launched more a strikes at rebel positions in the debtor country side. bombs at the turn of in the western part of the province government forces are trying to capture a strategic hill for
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a push into neighboring quint data the syrian observatory for human rights is reporting fierce fighting on the ground control over both the provinces would consolidate president bashar assad's hold in the south. there are protests that have been sweeping the southern part of the country and entered a second week about two hundred demonstrators have gathered at the main entrance to iraq's natural gas field as anger grows over unemployment and the lack of basic services meanwhile iraq is on the sort of commodities port has reopened and is expected to be fully operational in the coming days three days after it was shut down by protesters on sunday two people were killed in a shooting in the city of somewhat south of the capital baghdad the government is promising billions of dollars to address people's concerns but many are skeptical. to asia pacific now where government is getting ready to officially begin work in kuala lumpur after sixty one rule of the same political party came to an abrupt end
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in elections in may and prime minister marty behind it and nineteen you members of parliament have been sworn to switch parties to lead a company against brazil that is now facing corruption charges over the disappearance of billions of dollars from a state fund. to do it we have to show that to practice a constructive democracy previously when we were in government we got blamed a lot so not know how to muhammad's past you has to show us the avenue for the opposition to raise concerns for example in today's parliament speaker issue. the first session of parliament more than two months optimal asians voted in and new government has seen quite a dramatic opening all but a handful of opposition m.p.'s staged a walkout before they were even sworn in they wanted to protest against the government's nomination of the speaker of the lower house they said procedure had not been followed and have asked for
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a fourteen day postponement of this parliament session the since walked back in but have indicated that this may be the subject of a legal action now the government's choice or candidate for speaker is significant he is a retired judge well regarded in legal circles and is not active in politics quite a refreshing departure from his pretty criticise that there's also a lot of hope riding on this new government that promised greater transparency in the way they govern this country as one of the first steps nine government agencies will report directly to parliament including the anti corruption agency as well as the public prosecutor's office a government agency that previously been tightly controlled by the prime minister's office many people are also looking to this new government to repeal repressive laws including the fake news. act passed by the previous administration just a couple of weeks before the last election widely seen as an attempt to not just
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stop debate but also the distribution of information on one and. the two reuters journalists arrested to me last year have gone on trial the pearl were investigating the killing of ten ring of men and boys when they were arrested they've been charged with violating the amal's official secrets act and could face up to fourteen years in prison step bason has more from neighboring bangkok. this is of course a trial that everyone around the world who is watching me on maher is watching very closely because it's not only seen as a task for press freedom because as you know in two thousand and twelve became much more freer for the media in the myanmar before it was extremely restricted it was one of the most restricted media in asia but in family there was this new spring a lot of more freedom people could go in journalist could go in and report on stories and when i'm trying to achieve became the state cantaloupe that was still going on there was still this freedom but then of course the rohingya crisis the whole crackdown happened against the ranger and of course this is now seen as
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a strong warning beida military to all media all journalists in myanmar not to investigate what actually has happened against the region because that's what exactly what the reuters journalists were doing they had investigated this massacre of ten men in a particular village and interestingly after they were detained and arrested the military actually arrested some soldiers who day say were involved in that exact same massacre and they have been put in prison for ten years now so basically the government and the military was admitting that that massacre the reuters investigate it was actually really really had happened. to secure streets to hold since you were the american president to donald trump has just arrived the president putin has arrived to the presidency of the finland where he's meeting firstly his hosts and. we are expecting him to move on to meet
1:38 pm
president trump later in the day let's join or diplomatic editor. james day's who's also following those pictures as well it's a very slow process we've got sergey lavrov the foreign minister also in pictures we can see james with the entourage what we know about the sort of the process and the movements of these men and when they're going to meet. well the president of russia president putin is now in the finnish presidential palace where the meeting will take place and in the next few moments i think you're going to see as we're told it me pretty quick the u.s. president arriving we knew they were going to arrive separately and because president putin was coming from the airport it was likely that he was going to arrive first in this presidential palace which is no stranger to russians a little bit of finnish astri not very much so to tell you that at the end of last
1:39 pm
year finland celebrated its one hundredth year of independence independence from russia that run this country for one hundred eight years and the building you've just seen president putin arrive in the walls of the residence of the grand quinn this was the grand duchy of russia that suggests there was some autonomy there wasn't the ground it was also called dissolve are some history some russian history of course finland a neighboring country of russia finland also a place that during the cold war was neutral they're still not a member of nato they're still nonaligned but they are a member of the european union and that's why i think with the cold war history and a history of diplomacy between east and west in this city but this was seen as an appropriate venue for a meeting between the two presidents one inside the presidential palace one to come in the next few moments we've had details from the white house side about what to
1:40 pm
expect now some details from interfax the russian news agency which is saying they'll be. about three hours of talks between the two leaders the white house as various points told us there be an hour or an hour and a half meeting just with the two presidents alone with no way just translators. interfax is saying yes an hour and a half for that and then at the end of all the proceedings interfax telling us that the news conference they're setting aside forty minutes for the news conference opening statements and then two questions from american reporters two questions from russian reporters that certainly what's coming from the russian side perhaps they don't want the sort of freewheeling press conferences that we've seen in singapore and then at nato and then more recently checkers but do remember when to resume a the british prime minister was at checkers she said the beginning of her press conference will be very limited and only
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a small number of questions from each side and then president trump just went on and on so with this unpredictable president you never quite know what to expect of course james are also seeing pictures on the other side of the capital city of helsinki with demonstrators right demonstrating as a range of issues i'm sure and it is of course a range of issues that will want to be addressed in those private conversations between trump and putin but there's no real set agenda so we don't really know what is going to be discussed or what's going to come out of these meetings and we had to that press conference. no we know more about the gender of the protesters i think we do about the gender for the discussions as you say a range of different protesters some protesting just president trump but many of them protesting both leaders some also just protesting president putin and human rights abuses in russia we have environmental protesters angry about trump pulling out of the paris climate deal we have protesters with regard to nuclear energy
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nuclear energy peace campaigners who are also. protesting among a large group of protesters i hear helicopter in the air above me and i'm not far away from the presidential palace and i can tell you whenever you're on one of these trips and the president of the u.s. is on the move in his limousine there's normally a helicopter in the air i suspect we're going to see president trump join president putin at the presidential palace. here the president of finland palace on the waterfront right in the center of helsinki in the next few minutes indeed of course what will come back to those images and more analysis with you james as it happens for the moment thank you all saying on message ahead of his meeting with putin u.s. president all trying describe the european union about china and russia as america's greatest show trump condemned european leaders for taking advantage of the u.s. over trade well i think we have a lot of i think the european union is
1:43 pm
a foe what they do to us in trade now you wouldn't think of the european union but there of. russia is a foe in certain respects and china is a follower economically certainly they're a fellow but that doesn't mean they're bad it doesn't mean anything it means that they are competitors they want to do well and we want to do well and we're starting to do well well he's our china correspond with more from beijing. well in theory you'd think that the e.u. in china would be allies right now after all both of fallen out with president donald trump over trade in the case of the e.u. not just trade but also defense china though is looking for more than just trade deals at this china e.u. summit they want an ally a coalition partner to stand up to president donald trump's trade practices but e.u. officials appear wary about wanting to do that at the moment president donald trump
1:44 pm
is weighing up whether to impose judi's of up to twenty percent on imports of all european cars and so european leaders don't want to do anything to antagonize president donald trump they don't want to appear to be seen to be ganging up on the u.s. leader now the president of the european council donald turk came here with an urgent message not just for his hosts but also for the leaders of russia and the united states it is a common duty of europe and china america and russia not to destroy desire or the but to improve it not to start through a divorce which turned into a hot conflict so often in our history. but to bravely and responsibly reform the rules based international order well the timing of this summit is of
1:45 pm
course significant coming just ten days after the start of the trade war between china and the united states timely for another reason also because on monday new figures came out which showed that china's economy is continuing to slow in the last quarter it dropped from six point eight percent to six point seven percent not a big fall but a reminder that if there is a protracted trade war then the fall could be much bigger eventually. you get closer to china it will be keeping an eye certainly on what president trump has to say about it as the motorcade arrives at the presidential palace in helsinki the president of finland is expected to greet both leaders mr at the and managed in in the residence there. in central thing and it's on the waterfront there and of course we are expecting
1:46 pm
the leaders to show themselves at least one hundred before the going to closed door meetings there let's join our diplomatic editor chains baze who's also been following events just a few moments ago james or you weren't far wrong when he said when there's a helicopter in the air the president's on the move. yeah he's on the move and any moment now we're going to see him in the presidential palace just to slightly correct you so there are two presidential palaces this is the not the residence this is the working. home of the president of finland which is the much more historic of the two buildings as i explained earlier goes back a originally was a merchant's house but then was taken over when the russians were running this country to be the home of the grand you who happened to just be the czar of russia a long history here of involvement with their neighbor russia but also a long history of diplomacy going back to the cold war when there were meetings
1:47 pm
here with president gorbachev and george h.w. bush took place here also a meeting between president yeltsin and president clinton but perhaps the most important meeting took place back in one nine hundred seventy five led to something called the helsinki accords and i think that shows you what can happen when a u.s. president and a president from moscow in those days it was a soviet president meet things can change because they then came up with those accords that really put in place all cemented in place the the existence of the eastern bloc would have the same time said there needed to be human rights in these countries and that gave a little foothold to activists which some believe may have been the sea that led to those revolutions in one nine hundred eighty nine which then ended the iron curtain and eventually swept away the soviet union a lot of history in the past has taken place at summits involving the u.s.
1:48 pm
and russia the basis of the current world order in many ways comes from the summit at yalta which created things like the united nations so important when the leaders from moscow and washington were. meet also worth telling you something interesting as they are making their way here and have been making their way here as i told you earlier president trump has been on twitter and as i said he was talking about what he says is the rig which chant at one of his tweets our relationship with russia has never been worse thanks to many years of u.s. foolishness and stupidity well in the last hour that has been returned treated by the russian foreign ministry with the line we agree of course so we're just in pictures of lot of mir putin having arrived just a few moments ago and of course only grand houses and palaces of course in helsinki having been there myself and i hope easy to get confused my apologies there let's
1:49 pm
just focus on one issue though james lots to discuss obviously throughout the day but at the same time that trump was meeting the british queen you had the justice department in the states indicting twelve russians now this is going to be a very touchy subject as the two presidents meet. absolutely the question is how in the eyes of the close meeting with just the two of them and translators all in the expanded meeting with delegations from both sides is president trump and his advisers how are they going to confront president putin on this particular issue because president trump seems to be consigning it to history and saying this happened on obama's watch that he's not going to be acceptable to many back at home including members of president trump's republican party particularly as the u.s. has new elections they have congressional elections taking place in november and
1:50 pm
concerns that maybe this sort of thing could happen again so that will be a key issue on the agenda potentially but we don't know the agenda we're told from president trump himself he wanted a free flowing loose meeting sorry and they could bring up whatever they wanted to bring up indeed i suppose we'll have to wait and see and just be patient i suppose for a little while longer for the moment james thank you now the e.u. colombia chile and ecuador putting more pressure on the crack u.s. government out of ten people were killed as paramilitary groups targeted protesters in the city i myself am a human rights watch group says at least twenty two vehicles carrying government security forces have arrived in the area very innocent as more from a number. a caravan of paramilitary forces operating in the open the masked men are backed by the government rights groups
1:51 pm
have accused them of carrying out attacks on people in the cities. and the surrounding area. and it's a situation without precedent we are submitted to a terror war where there is no rule of law where anyone kills you or kidnapped you we've never lived something like this before and despite this nicaraguans are showing their ability to resist it. the government says it's fighting against opponents plotting against it but international organizations say the government is condoning the disproportionate use of force against civilians. but we condemn the repressive acts we're seeing around the country including harassment individual and collective detentions houses being mocked and deaths we are very worried about what's going on. rights groups here say paramilitary groups in some neighborhoods and kidnapped people from their homes he said that they say the gunmen are
1:52 pm
operating with police protection. in men now while many that are one say they are not afraid to fight government forces even with weapons but most of the shadow but despite the dangers we will continue fighting to have a free country because we deserve it. was good i learned opposition groups are no match to the heavily armed paramilitary forces and human rights organizations have urged the government to bring an end to the violence this is the most high god rebel you can let him in so in our reports we emphasize the need to par if i what these mosque forces that seem to operate in the country with impunity. an attack on sunday left at least ten people dead it came a day after paramilitary forces attacked students trapped inside a church in my now one in a siege throughout the night that lasted more than fifteen hours two students were killed and more than ten wounded in. the crisis in me get i was quickly spiraling
1:53 pm
from peaceful protests demanding pension reforms to indiscriminate attacks of illegal forces in joint operations with police acting with impunity around the country. again us on just now when we got our. i times for certain has to be said peter it's just world cup football is it and where else could we begin really now now two time world champions after taking victory in sunday's world cup final against croatia for two coach they did a shambles that becomes the third man to lift the trophy as a player and as a coach he emulates mario as a garland franz beckenbauer and these fans were emulating the celebrations of twenty years ago when france were first crowned world champions many might be too
1:54 pm
young to remember the one thousand nine hundred eight triumph or like star player killing and bop and might not even have been born yet. and france's victory was celebrated further afield as well new york's empire state building lit up in blue white and red the colors of the french flag to mark the occasion. the fashion buffalo joins me now live from paris natasha what is the atmosphere like in the french capital this morning still just a few hours off of that will cup victory. well as you can imagine there are a lot of a bleary faces in paris this morning but a lot of joy as people really absorb the fact the fronts are now the world champions and we were in a fan zone in the center of paris when the final whistle blew at the end of that game and i can tell you the crowd absolutely erupted eighty thousand people singing enjoy now many of them came here to the shells of the say that's where i'm standing right now they policy latents night at the early hours of the morning even and that
1:55 pm
policy will continue today people are arriving now because there is going to be a parade down the shows he's a parsis most famous avenue an open top bus with the team that with the trophy they off lying about from russia shortly and you can imagine the celebration and the welcome that will be there for them i what can you tell us about presidents emanuel claims to celebrate the team. the french president was in the stadium in moscow when the team won and he was absolutely ecstatic there are loads of videos of him on social media you know a fist pumping the head don't sing the meeting the players often he will receive the players when they finish their parade here in central paris straight off that he will be he's hosting a cocktail in that only he's also in fighting a thousand young children from the paris suburbs to join in with the celebrations at the eliseo and meet the team and that is special because so many of the team come from the paris suburbs places where you know unemployment is high and lots of
1:56 pm
young people say the opportunities are often stocked against them they suffer from discrimination but here they all here are these players will champions wonderful role models and so many young people now say their real inspiration and that's part of the message that i imagine the french president is trying to send out by inviting these young players to meet the team today. and that's about paris thank you very much i'm sure we'll speak to you again a little bit later. so let's just break in sport and go back to helsinki where we can now see the u.s. president donald trump's motorcade arriving at the presidential palace of course strains our diplomatic editor told us a few minutes ago this is the working palace the where the president actually works on a day to day basis and of course this is where the two presidents will be welcomed certainly by the host to then meet each other for that meeting that's been churchill's of course for monday let's join our diplomatic had to change base in
1:57 pm
james we are seeing these pictures now of the american presence motorcade arriving slowly at the presidential palace what can we expect in terms of a timeline of events. well the timeline is certainly delay. we had expected this meeting to take place nearly an hour ago and that's because of a late arrival of president putin president trump coming into the presidential palace just after president putin he was here about fifteen minutes ago and this is where the meeting will take place it's not just one meeting there are two phases of the meeting we understand the lunch as well but the most important phrase is the first phase we understand from both u.s. and russian force sources for ninety minutes one and a half hours of the two men will be effectively on their own no other advisors no no takers only we think translators president putin we know
1:58 pm
speaks a bit of english president trump to our knowledge does not speak a word of russians so there will need to be translators but no one taking a record of what they say which is significant and it's the same way that president trump in a shorter meeting dealt. in singapore with king john on that historic meeting to of course that meeting is one that some are being somewhat skeptical about what came out of it and that the president did manage to get president trump didn't manage to get commitments of course of these two leaders president putin has been doing the job a lot longer he's dealt during his time with four different u.s. presidents president clinton pretty briefly in his first year this is his fourth president so he knows how this business words but we've just seen those pictures of the president of the first lady arriving being greeted by the finnish president
1:59 pm
calls are a range of issues we expect will be broached chains but the problem is there's no actual official agenda and therefore one wonders what is going to be discussed in what order and what is the priority. what is the priority and are all the issues going to be discussed independently because some of the speculating that there are various things that the u.s. wants there are various things that the u.s. is ally israel wants and there are various things that the russians want could there be now we're in the realms of speculation now but could there be some sort of grand bargain or trade off sort of something from ukraine for something from syria for example. or to see what does happen in the coming minutes let's cross over to our other correspondent in helsinki nadine barber he's at one of the protests being held in the finnish it capital of course a range of people are complaining about
2:00 pm
a range of issues not just about mr trump but also about mr putin to. absolutely so you can probably see a big protest behind me helsinki this is fairly large there were protests on sunday involving ghosts perhaps three thousand people right now these protests have marched from a park elsewhere in the capital they're calling it helsinki against trump and putin of course there are issues that they differ with. donald trump over including immigration policy things like climate change but some of the protesters who are actually u.s. citizens have said that they've also come to oppose what they see as their president acting in the interests of russia there's a tweet a twitter hashtag going round that is treason summit some people accusing donald donald trump of actually being too close to president putin and not prepared to
2:01 pm
push him on issues like meddling in a foreign elections of course he has promised to do that we'll wait to see what comes out of the one to one meeting as james were.


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