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tv   Geography of Punishment  Al Jazeera  July 18, 2018 9:00am-10:01am +03

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been treated in hospital. we are adamant to protect the ongoing demonstrations against any malice by infiltrators who attempt to undermine the safety and well being of protesters and state institutions those infiltrators who undermine the safety of our citizens and the people's resources will be dealt with firmly and with zero tolerance. one of the biggest issues people face is the perpetual lack of electricity which becomes worse during the summer. private generators meet the demand with spaghetti over electric cables on every street for two weeks iran has cut off a thousand megawatts because iraq hasn't paid its bills and the iraqi delegation failed to convince iran to resume supplies and. iran supplies six thousand five hundred megawatts which is hoth of iraq's nationwide electricity production and that's why when iran pulls out from providing electricity it means a collapse of iraq's power grid i believe that a visit by the iraqi side to saudi arabia is very important because the saudis have
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expressed their readiness to supply iraq not only with electricity but also in other areas like housing and transport a new government as soon supposed to take charge in iraq and its future success will depend on whether it can provide jobs and basic services solid and job aid to their. still ahead on al jazeera accused of poor judgment the corruption scandal that's growing in peru plus. my son stayed there sitting and i said i'll be back and he started to scream calling mommy mommy separated at the u.s. mexican border a migrant mother says her child still suffers from the six week trauma. i. mean the weather sponsored by cattle.
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have i we've already seen flooding in the philippines particularly luzon and recently flooding in hard on the bits of vietnam and with this circulation you might imagine we've got a repeat performance anything up to half a meter of rain is forecast in the next three days again it's going to be in luzon western side know the onshore breeze and with this circulation through high now and probably just running into north vietnam and northern laos as well it's like to be named would still a tropical storm but i think again the stronger than the i think it will keep his name as a storm to it goes on land it's not when the surprise obviously is the amount of right it keeps most of the rest of china rose have you draw all that energy is down here for as close a narrow strip become sas the philippines to borneo that's where you run out of moisture so this is the active area satellite proves the point and it's been very wet recently and will be the next couple of days on the coast of myanmar in parts of thailand as well with shallow scattered to the south of that but for the most
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part malaysia and especially indonesia it is a dry picture and we saw a dry season briefly disappeared to a flurry of thunderstorms well it's more this dry season back again but you still might get a few showers in singapore or kuala lumpur. the weather sponsored by cattle i always said. i had a briefing today from a man named steele who has been out there working with the security forces a veteran of al salvador stack keyboard sent to iraq you seem to be without portfolio doing whatever it is that he wanted to take interest and it's about him counterinsurgency while this interview was going on with jim steele there were these terrible screams about pain and terror but what was his mission and what legacy did he leave the sad changes amount is iraq.
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you're watching all just here on the reminder of our top stories this hour donald trump has been forced into a very public and embarrassing climbed a u.s. president now says he accepts the intelligence community's assessment that russia did meddle in the twenty sixty election trump says he misspoke at the news conference with the timea putin in finland. a u.k. based investigative agency has obtained documents revealing an expensive lobbying effort by the united arab emirates in britain and the u.s. the spin watch report says secret meetings were held between crown prince and britain's former prime minister david cameron. security has been stepped up at oil fields across southern iraq as anti-government unrest spreads deadly protests have continued for more than a week amid growing resentment of government corruption and
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a lack of basic services. dozens of displaced syrians have been warned off by israeli soldiers as they sought sanctuary in the israeli occupied golan heights good for. the group including women and children eventually retreated from the border friends to refugee camps they've been displaced by a russian backed syrian government offensive in the southwest seventy deca has more from the israeli occupied golan heights. we're just further down the road from where we saw those few hundred people approach the fence we're in the israeli occupied golan heights the fence behind us right behind there is syria now it's been a very at their front line while we've been here and we can see the smoke in the distance we can hear the explosions the syrian army backed by russia is making very fast headway against the rebels the u.n. estimates around one hundred sixty thousand people have been displaced because of the fighting and this is why you see the people that we saw today move towards the
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fences the closest that they have come to the israeli fence the soldiers through loudspeakers in arabic telling them to move back the people holding trying to portray what is a white flag using white t. shirts white material to try and indicate that they come in peace certainly need to cation of how desperate the situation is for them they're living in makeshift camps there is no aid handouts where they are yes the israeli army has helped somewhat but the borders remain firmly closed it is a war zone and then on the other hand you have the concern that people have having lived under the rebels for around four years now that the syrian army is taking over their villages and people are afraid of some kind of rooted nation by the troops so this is all ongoing a desperate situation for the people who i think that shows you because the narrative certainly inside syria is that israel was never really a friendly ally i think we can put it that way for them to come that close to the fence and to also for help when he gives an indication of how desperate the situation has become. an immoral act of collective punishment that's how twelve
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human rights groups have described israel's banning of fuel imports into gaza but israel warns it could go even further saying it's reacting to repeated attacks by hamas charles traffic reports from gaza. trunks gather at the column southern border post it's the only official crossing for goods and fuel into gaza from israel but the israeli government has now closed it it says it will let food and medicine in on a case by case basis but is not a fuel essential for powering gaza's basic services many of the almost two million people here only get electricity for four to six hours a day half a minute for the most serious then you know this fuel blockade doesn't last because it will cause hundreds of problems and life will stop sewage and rubbish will pile up and other projects will come to an end people will not be able to go to work the ministry of health will not be able to treat patients that official in gaza city
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will say tells us that gaza needs around seven hundred thousand liters of gasoline and diesel every day just to meet its basic needs now with these new restrictions by israel that fuel simply isn't coming in any more of course gazans have already suffered twelve years of israel's land and sea blockade and these latest restrictions come after the worst escalation of violence between hamas and israel since the two thousand and fourteen war. israel says it launched dozens of air strikes at hamas targets in the gaza strip in response to palestinian protesters kites or balloons carrying molotov cocktails across its goals offense hamas responded by launching around two hundred rockets mortars and incendiary devices and egyptian brokered cease fire was announced on saturday night israel says fires caused by the coyotes have destroyed more than ten thousand hectares of crops on
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private land in recent weeks has also put further restrictions on gaza's fishing industry reducing the area fishermen can work in from six to within three nautical miles just amazing to at least fifty thousand families are in some way involved in fishing in gaza. it's royal has been decreasing our fishing area for years they have killed and injured fishermen and confiscated forty five boats they are trying to get us out of the sea and put further economic pressure on gaza this is far between hamas and the israeli military is holding but how much says it cannot stop every palestinian from protesting using the crates and balloons israel says it will continue to target them until they stop. gaza guatemalan migrant in the u.s. assessors son is suffering from trauma after he was separated from her at the texas border in may he landed there la cruz has now been reunited with four year old
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jeremy and says her family has legitimate asylum claims she's been speaking about as it is kristen salumi four year old jeremy isn't the same since he got to the united states he still likes to draw favorite color blue but he wakes up in the night grasping for his mother yolanda the two were reunited just days ago in an airport six weeks after getting arrested for crossing the u.s. border illegally you landed describes the moment she was taken from her child by border patrol agents you know suddenly my son stayed there sitting there and i said i'll be back and he started to scream calling mommy mommy but i couldn't go back. there were other children there my son was the smallest. they had traveled from guatemala and tried to file for asylum at official points of entry in texas she says she was turned away three times before deciding to try to cross illegally.
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jeremy was held with other children first by immigration and customs enforcement in texas then he was sent to a private facility contracted by the government in arizona you wanda didn't talk to her son for thirty days. traumatized by what happened he has nightmares wets the bed and he tells me please don't send me back to that place. her lawyer gustava terra's accuses federal officials of using thousands of children like jeremy for political gain if you want to break the law yes it was a misdemeanor or felony it was a misdemeanor the germy break any law no he paid for it and he will continue to pay for it one federal judge says with a trumpet ministration did is unconstitutional another says authorities have until july twenty sixth to reunite some twenty five hundred or so children who are separated from their parents at the border but the trumpet ministration isn't backing down from the zero tolerance policy of prosecuting anyone who crosses the
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border illegally and advocates fear that these immigrants once reunited will be deported without due process to says she and her son were threatened by gang members but attorney general jeff sessions announced on june eleventh that domestic violence and gang violence are no longer grounds for asylum she was released from jail with an ankle monitoring device and ordered to check in with immigration officials in september did you know about the zero tolerance policy before you came to she says she would not have come if she knew her child would be taken from her but that was not her understanding of how things work in america kristen salumi al jazeera east orange new jersey. donald trump will host the head of the european commission young claude young called next week for talks that will focus on strained trade ties has been in tokyo where the e.u. and japan have agreed to a free trade deal covering six hundred million people and nearly
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a third of the global economy the agreement is a rejection of president trump's threats of a trade war. more arrests are expected in a corruption scandal surrounding peru's judiciary audiotapes appear to expose judges and magistrates granting favorable rulings in exchange for financial incentives john heilemann reports. this was the first arrest but a corruption scandal has been brewing over the proven judiciary for more than a week on friday five judges were suspended and the justice minister was sacked i don't. know what it all started with the audio is released by website idea ripple terrell's and the panorama t.v. program which appeared to reveal a network of bribes limb fluence peddling judge will to rios was to be one of the leaders. here the arrest of the president to the superior court of justice of k.l. is a good reaction from the very justice system itself however we believe that more arrests
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need to be made. because it's a big test for recently appointed president martin be scouter who pledged to cut out corruption after his predecessor. was also brought down by on the cover recordings he's called together a group of legal experts to plan a judicial reform. the justice system must not and cannot be an instrument in the service of dark powers but it must have the basic conditions for equal access but all citizens to it. to the proven public it's yet another failure of authorities to deal with the rampant top level corruption of the last five presidents before this got a two faced charges when was jailed one resigned just before an impeachment vote. this shows that we defeated the dictatorship but we did not defeat the political system that they organized now the latest incumbent is facing the uphill task of
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beginning to restore prove ians trust john homan how does either. former u.s. president barack obama has paid tribute to nelson mandela marking one hundred years since the former south african leader was born obama has spoken of the universal appeal of mandela's message and he's urged people around the world to respect human rights it's his most high profile speech since leaving office through a sacrifice and unwavering leadership and perhaps most of all through his moral example mandela. and the movement he led would come to signify something larger he came to embody the universal aspirations of this possessed people all around the world the hopes for a better life the possibility of a moral transformation in the conduct of human affairs. well mr ceremony paid
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tribute to the man many believed killed south africa when nelson mandela became president in one thousand nine hundred four and marked the birth of the rainbow nation but reports many challenges remain. i know my share but as attended the truth and reconciliation commission hearings in south africa shortly after apartheid ended she wanted to find out why government soldiers shot her brother at a train station in one thousand nine hundred three she was unable really told the truth about why he died and says she can't forgive and forget she's now part of a group with people like me to try and find a way to heal there were three bodies that lay on the side of the tracks they had been shot a week later we were told his remains were at a mortuary i had to go through body bags looking for him. nelson mandela so that for his first black democratically elected leader made reconciliation a priority of his presidency one of his biggest achievements was his role in city
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of the truth and reconciliation commission it investigated crimes committed during apartheid on both sides to try and unify a racially divided nation political analysts say it worked to a certain extent at that time there was uncertainty by the country's future and whether the different races could live together but more than twenty years later south africa still struggles with the race and other challenges factions in the ruling african national congress threaten to defy the continent's oldest liberation movement millions of black south africans continue to live in shanty towns with little access to running water electricity quality health care nelson mandela's legacy apollo rents and reconciliation has been threatened or will be years by social conflict in south africa this country has one of the highest rates of inequality in the world the poor black majority said they want jobs and lands some sort africans feel the promises of a better life for all made in one thousand nine hundred four haven't materialized in many areas of the country fifty percent don't. not in employment are they going
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to see employment in their life don it's a question that needs to be all strategically some young people born after apartheid are starting to ask questions about whether mandela spent too much time focusing on reconciliation instead of improving conditions for the poor. no more than others in her group say that my mandate is willingness to forgive people even those who refuse to apologize for the crimes they committed tate she says she still trying to find that strain and hopes today's didas work harder to build a more racially and economically inclusive south africa the kind of country some say mandela would have wanted to see how to. janis but. this is all just zero of these of the top stories donald trump has been forced into a very public and embarrassing climbdown the u.s.
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president and i was says he accepts the intelligence community's assessment that russia did meddle in the twenty sixteen election trump says he misspoke at the news conference with vladimir putin in finland i have full faith and support for america's great inventions agencies always have and i have felt very strongly that well russia's actions had no wind at all on the outcome of the election let me be totally clear in saying that and i've said this many times i accept our intelligence communities conclusion that russians meddling in the two thousand and sixteen election took place. or u.k. based investigative agency has obtained documents revealing an expensive lobbying effort by the united arab emirates in britain and the us to spend more to report says secret meetings were held between abu dhabi's crown prince and britain's
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former prime minister david cameron. security has been stepped up at oil fields across southern iraq as anti-government unrest spreads deadly protests have continued for more than a week amid a growing resentment of government corruption and a lack of basic services dozens of displaced syrians have been warned off by israeli soldiers as they sought sanctuary in the israeli occupied golan heights the group including women and children eventually retreated from the border fence to refugee camps they've been displaced by a russian backed syrian government offensive in the southwest donald trump will host the head of the european commission next week for talks on strained trade ties so-called younger has been in tokyo where the e.u. and japan have agreed to a free trade deal covering six hundred million people and the only a third of the global economy police in hong kong have proposed banning a political party a national security grounds for the first time the government's given the hong kong national party twenty one days to explain why it shouldn't follow the
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recommendation those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after inside story by foot. a step towards a brighter future that still trumps assessment of his summit with a lot of movement in helsinki but he faces strong criticism over his stance on annexing meddling what will be this from its legacy and is there a new world order being formed this is inside story.
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hello there and welcome to the program i'm laura carlisle direct open and deeply productive dialogue that's how u.s. president donald trump describes his controversial summit with the russian leader vladimir putin and the two men said they touched on a wide range of international and regional issues during their private meeting in helsinki on monday but one particular topic has overshadowed the talks russia's meddling in the two thousand and sixteen u.s. presidential election which has been confirmed by the u.s. intelligence community and congress will begin our discussion in just a moment but first is out there. in helsinki. face to face ahead of a solo meeting a meeting that lasted over two and a half hours but if you were hoping they would solve any of the world's problems you'll be sorely disappointed instead when they spoke to reporters their comments were dominated by their views on the most toxic political issue in the u.s.
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an issue that just got more controversial as they seemed mainly to agree on it during today's meeting i addressed directly with president putin the issue of russian interference in our elections i felt this was a message best delivered in person spend a great deal of time talking about it and president putin may very well want to address it. and very strongly because he feels very strongly about it and here's an interesting idea putin then explained that idea he'd get russian authorities to interview the twelve hackers even though the allegation is they were working on behalf of those same or thoughts is or he said they could set up a joint us russian investigation team with one condition north of the witness which is this kind of reference should be a mutual one then we would expect that the americans would reciprocate and they've
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they would question the shoals including the officers of law enforcement and intelligence services of the united states whom we believe who have something to do with illegal actions on the territory of russia. trump called that an incredible offer he was then asked a straight question every u.s. intelligence agency has concluded that russia did what hu my first question for you sir is who do you believe remarkably he answered by switching to a completely different subject which is not part of the investigation hillary clinton's e-mails what happened to hillary clinton's e-mails thirty three thousand e-mails gone just gone i think in russia they wouldn't be gone so easily twenty two months after the election he still seems determined to reaffirm the legitimacy of his when i beat hillary clinton easily the electoral college is much more
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advantageous for democrats as you know than it is to republicans we won the electoral college by a lot one last question was simple yes important. president putin did you want president trump to win the election. yes i did because he talked about bringing the right us relationship back to normal i've lost count of the number of times over the last eighteen months that i've described comments by president trump as extraordinary but this what was supposed to be a summit between the two most powerful leaders in the world is taking things to a new level the president may have been trying to robustly make his case about the twenty sixteen election but there seems little doubt that he's only made matters worse for himself james al-jazeera helsinki. well let's introduce our panel now and joining us from washington d.c.
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joel rubin former u.s. deputy assistant secretary of state and paris remy an associate fellow at the french institute of international and strategic affairs and moscow vyacheslav masses of former russian diplomats a very warm welcome to all of you just start with you because this is being called by people in america the worst summits in the history of u.s. russia relations would you agree with that well yes i would and i think that's an understatement as someone who served in national security positions for more than a decade i felt like it was a humiliating experience to watch the press conference yesterday the president didn't stand up for american interests or values he kowtow to vladimir putin he essentially threw the american intelligence community under the bus and said that our intelligence assessments are not important as long as the person who committed an attack against our democracy says he didn't do it so it was
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a very depressing moment for those of us who've worked in national security and for the american people across party lines this is a very confusing day for americans i've got to have the very strong reaction that we're getting there from america humiliating experience jill says what's been the reaction there in russia. well in the rushes they considered that it was a very great step ahead. in concerning our russian and american relationship first of all the second. day i met are going to be a relation digger i dated below zero last decayed so i think that this meeting demonstrate in new approach from american side and russian side. getting pushed back for developing at this by letter liberalizations in favor or of international law in faroe or in favor of interests of both sides
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i cannot say that meeting ended by zero point zero ending. bye bye bye bye trump because this. achievement is far in the interests of all humanity i think that in russia they look at this and not waiting very much from this meeting concret deals are made the latest on the grain on any other sanction any other regions of the world but in the russia looking at this event as a by do you need a door of up what unit is that opened by two presidents i don't even hold humanity in that his hand is open to some hairy hats and russia how exactly does this benefit everyone in the wild oh. our reaction is push it if it
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streamed it positive and it is. going seeing was in russia and by a foreign policy is. affected by our now our position in. in the world because of the. extremely. tense tension in by letter relation we deny that states or role of the united states in world policy is that all of us for all in the economy in politics and in many other things so i think that it is a big big step ahead but not mom there is no deal so there is no agreement there is no some concrete the results of this meeting but it's not so important then then seeing remy let me tell you it is made on tragedy that let me tie let time the less income tax in a manner let me just move on to randy on the one hundred had that it's a humiliating experience for the u.s.
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on the other hand a big step ahead on the cheap and for humanity what's your take on it. well donald trump's show of defiance has been seen well as some criticism and maybe some irony on the parts of some european governments and media commands but small generally does one thing ness among european countries especially in canton intell europe to somehow appease tensions with russia it's been quite clear the past few years and these developments and sems of europe's and their policies especially in germany with the plank construction of the north stream to pipeline so at the same time europe pays for maintaining. sanctions and trying to somehow mend size and have a two to develop economy relations. with russia and russia also has
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become an adamant in the rising tensions between the you and the u.s. . don't has accused germany or of being under the influence of the bretton lane well obviously germany the german government also has been critical of trump anees approach to it to russia but also refusing to broaden sanctions to to include d.n.a. into the larger tensions between the u.s. and e.u. and that includes russia in a quite products a cool manner but more generally does does this willingness to to somehow appease tensions i mean we see trump as somewhat of a disrupt a day or a one one hand in one week grammy we saw him blasting naysay and then just a few days later a bus rang up person i mean that's got to alarm the e.u. . well the certainly
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a big political game at the moment with trump criticizing european governments for their relates of low defense expenditures at the same time. getting close to russia so that's also an economy excite to this to this political game as put the tramp has been very critical of the was a specially of germany's traits plus. you can see that the german government is trying. to keep a lead on tensions in order to avoid some type of specially on comic sports so it's a last political gamble taking place at this moment the french government is being a little more search tools to us when it comes to trade issues but really
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russia is just one part of these i mean from a european perspective russia is one part of these growing tensions between the you and the u.s. in general it's not surely just about defining one come on approach to russia it's it's a bit more complicated than that especially given the. trade tension that the moments nikkei joe why has trump broken so decisively with what the u.s. stance towards russia has been for very many is well first and foremost i want to make sure that we understand something here about the united states engaging russia in the obama administration the united states negotiated agreements with russia on nuclear weapons related to new start on syria and chemical weapons and sanctuary was engaging in diplomacy with russia on multiple levels russia the chose to.
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invade ukraine and chose to invade american democracy and what that did was that in addition to human rights violations at home that created these tensions and so when president trump has come in and sort of pushed to the side of the argument that in the past somehow everything was done wrong by the united states and that's completely misreading the recent history of american russian relations so i think right now where we are as president trump is trying to rewrite the history and not really stand up for any of the american policy positions that we have over years and decades been pursuing and advancing towards russia we did this in the cold war with the soviet union where there were tensions and conflicts that we had negotiations with the soviet union on multiple issues while also criticizing them but that's no longer the case apparently apparently dealing with russia means only agreeing with russia no longer being able to criticize and deal with them and
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that's problematic for american national security i've yet just have if you honest i you surprised that we didn't see trump calling out any of russia's provokers have actions. well i think that the board gave up salute likelier of you all about this interview that ends in america under your let's move it was a way he did then it's from them and let's look at crime involvement in ukraine bringing down a russian plane supporting assad many other recent russian view always different russian view a different. american the european relation first of all is not just subject all russian policy it is subject of american the european relations and specific of a. polish it does europe does not go and in many others think in uganda on the it in military field so it is not up to russia to interfere in this relations
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between america and europe no but my point. used to haring this kind of criticism from u.s. presidents was rushed that way you said well we have here at this time. we have created. america or europe in their interference in a cranium situation for example because good guitar and seraing alleged emit government you know called each in the key of it was made by john mike in victoria nuland and many are with the west on presented us officially. well involved in this process over strolling allegedly made government then gave they achieved their goals what do you blame their option they brought to look at the power as a russian point of your. four forces connected in the second world
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war with germany that went germans that well fighting russian russian army during the second world war and now they're dominating in the oak re-employed but polish a people in a group in crimea refuse to acknowledge this changes and it is for you know ok well let me know ok i'm going to try and bring us back from getting too involved in the ins and outs of what happened in crimea and ukraine because that is a whole subject that dissolves a the whole inside story to be devoted to it is going to bring us back the reaction that we've been seeing to this particular summits and present trump has come under fire for defending russia over accusations of election into ferentz not politicize from both sides of the political divide have expressed outrage what the president did. side with our number one enemy who is attacking the united states daily in a variety of ways and be little in kneecapping our allies is just appalling
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and demands some kind of explanation and republican senator john mccain called trump's news conference with vladimir putin disgraceful in a statement he said the damage inflicted by president trumps naivety egotism false equivalence and sympathy for autocrats is difficult to calculate. the director of national intelligence dan coats publicly breaking with donald trump and saying russia interfered in the u.s. election this is what he had to say we've been clear in our assessments of russian meddling in the two thousand and sixteen election and their ongoing pervasive efforts to undermine our democracy and we will continue to provide on vanished and of objective intelligence in support of our national security so we look at some of these reactions how much trouble is trump in that home. i think we're now in a new stage in trump's relations with congress and with the american people this
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really performance yesterday fed into a lot of the concerns that democrats have been expressing about who's really in charge in this relationship and so now it only will give you lots of the fire for democrats in congress for example to call for preventing the supreme court nominee from moving forward because there are questions about the legitimacy of president trump's. presidency and this is what president the irony here is that president trump attempted to stamp out the questions of the election interference yesterday he tried to do this over a year ago when he fired then cia director jim comi tried to end the russian investigators and it ended up exacerbating the problems that we have the robert mueller investigation we may very well see the same dynamic now where democrats in congress will be able to peel off republicans and open up questions about what is really going on because we just don't know we don't know what happened in that two
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hour and ten minute meeting we don't know what they discussed and we do know what we saw in public which is very troubling across the political spectrum and so i think that there is a more much more tension that's going to come about as a result of yesterday romney it is a big question isn't it what happened behind those closed doors what was discussed and that and a half private meeting and what are your feelings on that. well lots of issues were discussed obviously. political much as in particular some some economy kwan's some some of those issues where obviously mentioned during the prince's surprising press conference others will remain more. discreet but certainly does does a lot going on that's not just about donald trump also about u.s. policy on several issues also on the middle east that's a very important. also for european governments as russia has become
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a presence in the middle east and on some issues are really critical to europe and she european stability like the syrian civil war and. the migration crisis also more and more generally so all of these issues are really part of a broader political political gaiman's odds real really shoes to tackle so it's not just about. i mean really negative on one side or collusion on the other it's small more complex than that certainly and in a sense it's a pity that those really important debates are somehow being overshadowed by by those those other issues. you have for meddling in and u.s. us of actions so that there's an anguish and me on they have a history has no mention of them in this press conference i mean there was so little in the way of details on any of these very crucial issues so there is the
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feeling that the status quo just remains on things like crimea on issues like syria on issues like oms control. well i think there are quite a lot of international issue that took on sons of presidents because the a role of the united stance in the world policy i got it and no one can deny because in you what's happening in this globe it is. concerned american foreign policy is a lot like going to russia in many ways so i think. the president has a right to talk privately and they talk privately more than two hours after as it begins a break in presence of foreign ministers and secretary of state but i think that. they are responsible to make report to their palmettos the
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public were in the vote form they called into consideration constitution love it when i just said on the russian federation i don't think that. in this concrete situation when donald trump was on didn't go on to go up struction saw the great pressure on him inside the united states from his open ends and what did it well who would demand what did in demands of them do it president promise not they're not acknowledge an illegitimate of keys election blaming russian for interference i'm sorry if russia cares if there's a right and possibility to influence and the american presidential elections i can't believe it ok but you know that's that's the challenge and that's on to that. well. with all due respect one can believe it or
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not but the american intelligence community has the tools and the capabilities of identifying influence operations conducted against united states and it did so and there's a lot of electronic influence that was executed through social media twitter facebook as well as potentially money provided there have been indictments about this money provided to groups to run political support for one candidate there was hacking into the democratic national committee there's a paper trail and i trust that our intelligence community in our law enforcement knows what it's looking for and i do agree though that we should have a report about what it was that was discussed in this two hour meeting we don't know i hope that it was about the policy issues outlined by by by by our colleague here on the show but i'm not sure and until we have that answer i don't believe
9:45 am
that the agencies the states farm the defense department the intelligence community will know what to do and i don't think our congress will know how to react so we need transparency right now from that two hour meeting now be very interesting to see if we get says oh not will many thanks very much for joining us today joel rubin. matters of. and thank you two very much for watching you can see the program again any time by the single website that's al-jazeera dot com and for this question to go to all face that pace that's facebook dot com a.j. inside story because it's on the conversation on twitter at a.j. inside story from me laura kyle and the whole team hand it's by and. i.
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fresh perspectives new possibility. see and this gentleman is on the dollar bond with north of the public's support debates and discussions
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when you see tough questions like this what comes to mind how do you respond to people how global of all couldn't see al-jazeera as the old winning programs take you on a journey of around the globe. only she's here. well you know. some of it i like. robots and in doha the top stories on all dizzy donald trump has been forced into a very public on the barest incline down the u.s. president now says he accepts the intelligence community's assessment that russia did meddle in the twenty sixteen election after condemnation from his own party trying to now says he misspoke at the news conference with blood in your putin in
9:49 am
finland our white house correspondent kelly holcomb has more. a stunning reversal by u.s. president donald trump i said the word what incentive would be. faced with nonstop criticism over his press conference with russian president vladimir putin in finland from claims he misspoke and now accepts the conclusion of u.s. intelligence that russia meddled in the twenty sixteen presidential election i have felt very strongly that well russia's actions had no impact at all on the outcome of the election let me be totally clear in saying that and i've said this many times except our intelligence community is conclusion that russia is meddling in the two thousand and sixteen election took place in terms of arcs follow a barrage of condemnation from members of his own political party for his initial
9:50 am
acceptance of putin's denial he just said it's not russian of any election interference by the kremlin i remain and. i thought it was shameful i think he needs to fix it morning the republican speaker of the house of representatives equally unequivocal not only did russia interfere in the past it threatens to do so . again they're doing it around the world they did it to france they did to moldova they're doing it to the baltics russia is trying to undermine democracy itself democrats are pressuring republicans to reinforce those words with action if donald trump is such an easy mark in helsinki president putin will realize he's an easy mark elsewhere that's why lawmakers are pushing for further sanctions against russia many are also demanding trump requests the extradition of twelve russians indicted last week on charges of interfering in the twenty sixteen u.s. vote but like the previous administrations my administration has and will continue
9:51 am
to move aggressively to repeal and they have friends and we will we will stop if we were. any efforts to get if you are in our elections some democrats are calling for legislation to prevent the president from criticizing the f.b.i. and the department of justice as the president has done in the past so that the special counsel robert muller can continue his investigation into russian interference in the u.s. presidential election can really help that al jazeera the white house u.k. based investigative agency has obtained documents revealing an expensive lobbying effort by the united arab emirates and britain and the u.s. to spend more to report says secret meetings were held between crown prince and britain's former prime minister david cameron security has been stepped up at oil fields across southern iraq as i'm too government on rusts pride's deadly protests
9:52 am
have continued for more than a week amid growing resentment to government corruption and a lack of basic services. dozens of displaced syrians have been warned off by israeli soldiers as they sought sanctuary in the israeli occupied golan heights the group including women and children eventually retreated from the border friends to refugee camps they have been displaced by a russian backed a syrian government offensive in the southwest donald trump will host the head of the european commission next week for talks on strange trade ties. has been in tokyo with the e.u. and japan have agreed to a free trade deal covering six hundred million people and nearly a third of the global economy agreement is a rejection of the u.s. president's threats of a trade war police in hong kong have proposed banning a political party on national security grounds for the first time the government has given the hong kong national party twenty one days to explain why it shouldn't follow the recommendation the party describes the threat as political suppression
9:53 am
those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after searching for still more on the web site as well by phone. there's a new political. you take my. word
9:54 am
against. everything that american troops have done in iraq all the fighting all the dying the bleeding and the building and the training and the partnering. all of it has led. to this moment. you deserve better than tyranny and corruption torture shrinkers. you deserve to live as free people and i assure every citizen of a wreck your nation will soon be fully. back. it's ten years since america invaded iraq. ten years and over one
9:55 am
hundred twenty thousand dead among them over four thousand four hundred american soldiers. this documentary tells one of the great untold stories of the iraq war how the us administration funded a deadly sectarian paramilitary force to fight those threatening the american presence. it was a decision that had field a sectarian civil war has ripped iraq apart. at its high. three years later three thousand bodies a month was showing up on the streets of iraq. this is also the story of the nam the pentagon sent in to organize and train those paramilitary squads. he's a veteran of the america's so-called death the wars stretching back to vietnam and
9:56 am
salvador. this man was so important to the pentagon that the then defense secretary donald rumsfeld still fit to forward his past no memos to the president and the vice president to president george w. bush c. c. vice president richard b. cheney from donald rumsfeld the attached memo is from a person we have sent into iraq from time to time a centrally to work with the iraqi police. he is smart tough and a keen observer none the less you have said you like texture and this is texture. we did have much higher clearance than the rest of us did and he would make vague references to meetings with the secretary of defense and meetings in the white house. who were shot at. by the
9:57 am
way in a room in the library interviewing studio and i looking around i see blood everywhere . so who is james steele and why did the pentagon choose him to go to iraq. the conflict in which over fifty eight thousand u.s. soldiers died is where james deal was first introduced to country insurgency as an alternative way of combating a guerrilla uprising. still served in the vietnam war in the black course regiment from one thousand nine hundred sixty eight to nine hundred sixty nine he was described by general george patton jr as the best troop commander in his regiment. but a vietnam shaped his formative military career it was in the war against leftwing insurgents in el salvador that james dear secured his reputation as the country
9:58 am
insurgency specialist. steel arrived in el salvador in one thousand nine hundred four as the leader of the us mil group a group of u.s. military advisors to the salvadoran army. told greentree got to know james steele when he was working in the us embassy in el salvador at the time. colonel steele as the no group commander was in charge of the special forces teams the training teams that were out of brigade headquarters. the u.s. was trying to defeat a guerrilla insurgency and american ex-pats trained to serve a drawer in security forces in the dark arts of counterinsurgency some of these salvadoran paramilitary units were effectively death squads.
9:59 am
celery in a case deal was a u.s. drug enforcement agent who was involved in training these paramilitaries. he was widely acknowledged for his efforts. james steele in salvador. very military died very disciplined his decorations. models and that was given to him by the u.s. military and the salvadoran military were surrounding his office so i was very impressed with colonel steele. dr george because i got to know and like james when he visited salvador to write a ph d. thesis on u.s. military strategy in central america. he was totally committed to defeating the guerrilla insurgency in el salvador he used to discuss how he traveled around to the military bases where u.s. trainers were based he talked about the importance of building human intelligence
10:00 am
information as opposed to just technical information i don't think he had any hesitations about obtaining information by very rough forms that were being carried out by the salvadoran armed forces under the eyes of u.s. military trainers. steele was the chief american country insurgency expert on the ground in el salvador a figure of a new almost authority to the salvadoran military here to the mill group commander in el salvador nothing moves with his authority. and their objective was to eradicate the guerrilla movement it's very well written through history that there were major massacres being conducted. we put these allegations to retired colonel steele and have received no reply.


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