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into russian interference in the us presidential election kimberley help at al-jazeera the white house google is to be fined around five billion dollars by the european union over is android software in mobile phones officials from the e.u. have been investigating contracts with phone manufacturers that force companies to pre-install google services. of the thai football team who spent eighteen days trapped on the ground is due to meet the media for the first time the twelve teenagers and their coach due to be discharged from hospital after more than a week of assessment by doctors psychologists and relatives are also expected to be at the event but we can go live to that event now and speak to us and our correspondent who's this is taking place in chiang rai and step this is a fairly sort of straight a coordinated event by all accounts tell us exactly how it's working.
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exactly this is where the world is waiting for the wild boar football team it must be quite a shock for these young boys to be stuck in a cave for such a long time and then the whole world has been watching it and then they will appear here in a couple of hours from now this is like a school assembly hall and it will be like a talk show it's very carefully orchestrated we were allowed to put in some questions but psychologists have screened all these questions and it will be all life on air here in thailand during prime time they will also apologize for causing all this trouble but they also will thank their rescue workers it will be a big event and of course a lot of people are worried also about the future of these boys about their mental state they seem to be quite healthy right now of course that's why they can leave the hospital but i spoke to one of the fires and the sad the boy has maturity
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a lot in these two weeks when he was in this cave underground for such a long time they have bonded so well with the team and they consider their assistant coach now like a father but he's also worried about the future not only about the nightmares and the trauma that might possibly come but also all this is a tension on these ordinary boys who just been playing soccer. in a small town here in the north of thailand. and but these are boys who do seem despite all the precautions that seem to be taken by the authorities they do seem to be recovering well and are expected to be discharged from hospital any time soon . yes they are recovering very well but we don't know of course what will happen and next few weeks there is also some talk that some social workers from the local government here will monitor their progress so they will visit them at home there's another issue here at stake during this
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this story four of them three boys and a coach are stateless so basically they don't have a tight passport they have been appraised of course for their resilience and they're being called heroes right now but they don't even have a tie passport and of course this has put this spotlight on this issue of statelessness that happens a lot here in this border region but around thailand over nearly five hundred thousand people in thailand don't have the nationality and the government has said they want to speed up the process for these boys not sure what's going to happen to the coach though and a lot of others of course are wondering what will happen to them all right interesting times all right thanks for now we'll get back to of course the scene is that under way. a lot more to come here at out is there including fighting for control the nicaraguan neighborhood at the center of the battle against the president plus. flowers for a special flight here passengers embark on
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a journey to a country that will once again. hello and welcome back let's stop by a look at weather conditions across southeastern parts of asia across to the parts of the philippines. not a cloud there and we've had some big rainfall totals been reported him in a lot i think it's going to remain pretty wet here over next twenty four to forty hours you come further towards the south away from luzon weather conditions are generally better once you get into borneo could be a draw a day cross much of the on and doesn't happen very often java in bali all looking fine at the moment sumatra plenty of sunshine and then as we move north through the late clincher towards thailand as we would like to see heavy rains and big showers are across much of thailand at the moment let's head down into a strata it's rosary quite in many areas we've still got these whether fronts just
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pushing through the bite just flicking parts of south australia down into victoria and tasmania so certainly is going to be cool windy showery here over the next forty eight hours sydney looking pretty good twenty two degrees celsius surgery and thursday and then as this frontal system pushes through there will be a significant drop in temperatures western australia not too bad there perth that twenty degrees maybe a weak front pushing in later on we've got some showers to contend with for parts of new zealand and eventually join the course of this frontal system we're going to push in across the south island but it should be largely dry in oakland. the promise of peace in the middle east not. enough but a new dilemma after the death of the man at the center of the palestinian struggle . now more than forty years after to stablish mind how far has the p.l.o.
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come to achieving its hopes and dreams concluding the turbulent story of the struggle for palestinian homes. history of a revolution on al-jazeera. let's have a look at the top stories here at out as there are thousands of people being boss out of two northwest and syrian towns that have been besieged by opposition fighters for more than four years the evacuation of. as part of a deal between the rebel groups and iranian fighters who are backing the government and to the exchange for the government is due to release hundreds of detainees. in the southern province of durai the syrian government scaled up its aerial offensive
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they've been dozens of air strikes and shelling targeting the city of najaf a hospital is among the buildings hit. in iraq protests are continuing despite a promise by the prime minister to create jobs and improve public services the armrests began in the only oil rich province of basser last week and has spread to several other large cities in the south demonstrates is angry about government corruption and mismanagement of oil found. the passage of pfizer's we need to have resumed two decades after they stopped due to conflict between the two countries the first ethiopian airlines flight to eritrea as capital took off from madison the former ethiopian prime minister harley mariam decile and he's among the passengers on the first flight it's a latest move aimed at normalizing relations between the two countries and a week to both leaders agree to wait in their embassies to develop ports and to
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restart and links. in the government supposes and police have stormed an opposition stronghold at the center of protests against the president at least two people were killed and dozens were injured in messiah city months of anti-government protests have killed at least two hundred seventy five people and widespread human rights abuses are alleged money on the sanchez has more from the capital managua. well since the early hours of tuesday the city of messiah was under siege by paramilitary forces who closed the entrance to the city which is south east of the capital people have been calling throughout the day early in the morning and into the afternoon people have been calling desperately at the television stations radio stations asking for help they said there was a lot of shooting around at these paramilitary forces were in caravans going around now the chief police said in a press conference that the order to clean up the road blocks it's
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a cleansing operation strictly ordered by president and his wife vice president he said that the order was to clean up whatever the cost the u.n. secretary general. has said that the number of deaths in these nearly three months of protest are shocking and that the use of force on behalf of the state is not acceptable well human rights organizations say that the police and the paramilitary are doing these joint operations and that the lethal use of force is being directed towards the unarmed population a crime to be fired by the international humanitarian law the government here has not condemned these actions has not arrested any of these individuals instead as the police chief. has said the government here is directing them to
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thousands of children are being denied the right to education by the european union's migration agreement with turkey that's the finding of a report by human rights watch which is looks at the schooling of asylum seekers in greece is a jian islands more than a thousand children are living in camps on the islands at any one time they are taken there after arriving from turkey by sea and can be held for months whilst their asylum claim. processed the report says fewer than fifteen percent of the very marrow old informal schools and that's despite the greek government receiving millions of dollars in funding from the e.u. human rights watch accuses greece of violating its own education laws which it says is adding to the stress and anxiety the children and their families well bill van s.l. does a senior research of a children's rights and human rights watch in a says the children are only supposed to be in the culture a short time but that isn't the reality we met kids who've been stuck in those
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camps for eleven months and they had no access to education this is appalling particularly given the scale of the amount of money that has gone into the humanitarian response to the so-called refugee migration crisis in greece this is the most expensive per capita humanitarian response ever funded by the european union more than fourteen thousand dollars per asylum seeker in greece and yet these children are being denied education on the islands what needs to happen is that these kids should be allowed to move from the islands to the mainland where they can get into school and the result now is that you know these kids are coming from traumatic situations that fled from war that had terrible experiences on the way to greece then they're stuck in these camps where conditions are truly bad i met a young boy who'd just seen a man commit suicide in the morea camp on the island of lesbos if you were able to go to school if you have a regular safe routine back and help you recover from trauma as a child that can help get your mental health back in shape and that's not what's
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being offered to these kids they're stuck in those camps day in day out with no education and no hope for the future. the hong kong government is being accused of oppression because it's trying to outlaw or a policy which wants independence from the chinese government in beijing leaders of the hong kong national party have been given three weeks to explain why they shouldn't be banned that critics want. who'll be talented next in the name of national security as the silver reports. they're a recent arrival in hong kong's political scene and despite their marginal influence top officials in the city have gone above and beyond to curtail their influence the hong kong national party a pro independence group that advocates separation from china has been given a three week ultimatum now they have until august seventh to explain writing why the party should not be banned all the species of political pressure. as possible
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for the political parties and. changes. every other person on the next one is coming up what's coming up on tuesday police delivered a letter to the group's founder and chan saying it was recommending a ban on his party due to national security concerns in hong kong we have freedom of association but that such rights is not without a prescription of hall filled the rights holder the rules. of restitution is can be made by law. if it is necessary in the interests of national security john lee warned that he found deed he decided to ban the party anyone attending meetings or making donations to the group could face up to two years in prison he added however they'd still be given a chance to appeal his decision with hong kong's most powerful politician the
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city's chief executive kerry lamb it marks the first time a political party's targeted under the society's ordinance a piece of legislation that has been previously criticised by a un human rights body for unduly restricting freedom of association these kind of conditions would have the chinese on the suit. on the zero because we don't know what it means in national security. government censors don't actually get anything any groups can be accused of endangering national security calls for independence have grown louder in hong kong after a wave of pro-democracy protests that brought the city to a standstill in twenty four teams failed to achieve its goals but was since then activists seeking more autonomy or all out independence for the city have been barred from running in elections are even detained but the chinese city that has prided itself on the unique freedoms enjoyed by its citizens alarm bells
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are already ringing as concerns spreads over whose freedom will have to be limited next in the name of national security when the silver al-jazeera. south africa's been marking the one hundredth anniversary of the birth of nelson mandela the former leader known as the father of the nation a ceremony in johannesburg was held in remembrance of the mt apartheid hero who tried to united the divided country. that our correspondent am with tasso who is in johannesburg and her nelson mandela day has become a fixture in the south african dari what exactly is it and what is of africans expected to do. when us mentalism in sixty seven years of his life fighting for a better south africa so people are be encouraged to spend sixty seven minutes in their day doing something good for the community especially in pour community so what you see across the country is people helping out in soup kitchens and people
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going to local schools in port of spain. a donated books it's a track the country's come a long way since the end of apartheid in nine hundred ninety four but they are still in many many challenges which include poverty and inequality. i share when i say attended the truth and reconciliation commission hearings in south africa shortly after apartheid ended she wanted to find out why government soldiers shot her brother at a train station in one thousand nine hundred three she was unable really told the truth about why he died and says she can't forgive and forget she's now part of a group with people like me to try and find a way to heal there were three bodies that lay on the side of the tracks they had been shot a week later we were told his remains were at a mortuary i had to go through body bags looking for him. now also mandela so that for his first black democratically elected leader made reconciliation a priority of his presidency one of his biggest achievements which is role in city
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of the truth and reconciliation commission it investigated crimes committed during apartheid on both sides to try and unify a racially divided nation political analysts say. it worked to a certain extent at that time there was uncertainty about the country's future and whether the different races could live together but more than twenty years later south africa still struggles with race and other challenges factions in the ruling african national congress threaten to defy the continent's oldest liberation movement millions of black south africans continue to live in shanty towns with little access to running water electricity quality health care nelson mandela's legacy of protheroe and and reconciliation as mean threatened by social conflict in south africa this country has one of the highest rates of inequality in the world the poor black majority said they want jobs and land some south africans feel the promises of a better life for all made in one thousand nine hundred four haven't materialized in. and. to see
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employment in their lifetime it's a question that needs to be all strategically some young people born after apartheid are starting to ask questions about whether mandela spent too much time focusing on reconciliation instead of improving conditions for the poor. and others in her group say they had my willingness to forgive people even those who refused to apologize for the crimes they committed during apartheid she says she still trying to find that strength and hopes today's didas work harder to build a more racially and economically inclusive south africa the kind of country some say mandela would have wanted to see. during apartheid like children giving any early education to whites or women else immediately became president in one thousand nine hundred people push for that. communities could give me an education children like these ones this area's called crowd minds and the school is one of
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the poorest in the community the children some of the parents aren't employed in terms of resources in the school they don't have enough textbooks what you see today is the heart of the nasa mandela city. minutes campaign as volunteers are going to come in to the community they're going to sit down with their children hand books to them read to them because some of them do struggle reading for example so that's one way listen to me he will try to emulate nelson mandela try to make sure his legacy lives on it's just one of many many projects that are taking place throughout the country as an africans all over the country try to remember a man they say lived such a lasting legacy on the country they know they saw a lot more to do but this day is elise one day on many way they hope that small change could be made in especially poor communities want to. live in johannesburg thank you.
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time for the take a look at the top stories here about a sarah thousands of people are being bussed out of to northwestern syria in towns besieged by opposition fighters for more than four years the evacuation of prior is part of a deal between the rebel groups and iranian fighters who are backing the government and the exchange the government is set to release hundreds of detainees meanwhile in the southern province of derive the syrian government has scaled up its aerial offensive they've been dozens of air strikes and shelling targeting the city of nowra a hospital is among the buildings hit stephanie decker is in the occupied golan heights. what you're seeing in the distance which is there strikes is the syrian government. along this border you have the peace they cannot get any they can't cross so they're hoping being this close to the fence with israel that they're at least safe from airstrikes but certainly from what we've been seeing play out here in the last couple of hours is that you are also seeing military action probably
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about a kilometer back where those people are so that certainly must be absolutely terrible . google is to be fined around five billion dollars by the european union over its android software in mobile phones officials from the e.u. have been investigating contracts with phone manufacturers that force companies to pre-install google services in the cargo armed government supporters and police have stormed an opposition stronghold at the center of protests against the president at least two people were killed and dozens were injured in messiah months of anti-government protests have killed at least two hundred seventy five people and widespread human rights abuses are alleged. passenger flights between ethiopia and eritrea have resumed two decades after they stopped due to conflict between the two countries the first ethiopian airlines flight to eritrea is capital asmara took off from madison is the latest move aimed at normalizing relations the thai
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football team eighteen days trapped underground is due to meet the media for the first time the twelve teenagers in their coach are due to be discharged from hospital after more than a week of assessments by doctors various of the latest headlines from us here at al-jazeera coming up next it's p.l.o. history of a revolution. to sunk their intake when he's worth millions of dollars to the nepalese they are living god. when one east investigates the fight to reclaim nepal's stolen idols. of his era the i.m.f. said riyadh's a breakeven although priced twenty eighteen is likely to be around eighty eight dollars a barrel why is argentina again turning to the i.m.f. to help now we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. in one thousand nine hundred forty eight the state of israel was proclaimed. palestine was lost.
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sixteen years later in one thousand nine hundred sixty four the palestine liberation organization or the p.l.o. was founded. made up of different factions the p.l.o. has been at the heart of the struggle to regain palestine ever since. with the prospect of a new order in the region the p.l.o. needed to shift emphasis from revolution to negotiation. but the new political forces were making their presence felt within palestinian society. threatening the role and relevancy of the p.l.o. .
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people following the one nine hundred ninety one gulf war u.s. president george bush and his secretary of state james baker decided that was high time to resolve the problems in the middle east they devised a formula to bring the reluctant israel to the negotiating table i think bush was was really annoyed and he he and baker came up with this idea which i thought was actually quite quite smart and said you can have the loans but only if you create a complete freeze on settlements because we are not going to subsidize policies in the west bank that we oppose in the u.s. congress baker increase the pressure on the israelis goading them to call it's going to take some really good faith affirmative effort on the part of our good friends in israel and if we don't get it and if we can't get it quickly. i have to tell you mr levine that that. everybody over there should know
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that the telephone number is one two zero two four five six fourteen fourteen when you're serious about peace call us. the american strategy worked and israeli and arab delegations attended the peace conference in the spanish capital madrid in october one thousand nine hundred one. although p.l.o. leader yasser arafat was not invited he was well represented by palestinian negotiators from gaza and the west bank. kept a tight rein on the palestinian negotiators and they made sure they told the party line and a shot of fifty thousand. well that the shutter can literally shut out if israel when i came out of madrid the speech delivered by hided obvious chef in madrid was written by hand and i strongly and the bill. and i come honey it contributed to it but in the end it was faxed to tunis and we waited till morning until by return
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facts we got arafat's blessing with notes and amendments in his handwriting. the americans and the spanish new this after the madrid conference further negotiations continued in washington away from the media spotlight secret talks were also held between israeli and palestinian officials. in april one thousand nine hundred two a plane carrying yes an artifact crashed in the libyan desert. artifacts survived. but the crash highlighted the lack of any clear successor to the palestinian leader the focus of. the transition of power was becoming an increasingly important matter in the palestinian territories islamist factions which were not members of the p.l.o. were steadily building a solid base of support. they were vocally opposed to the negotiations artifact was conducting with israel. of the figure of. the physical system
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that this enemy of the ideas in madrid if you would would say if one of the at least there were many were also violent as well as these them. many palestinians shared such views unconvinced that negotiations with israel would lead to a breakthrough aware of the skepticism on a fad gave the go ahead to a secret channel of talks in the norwegian capital oslo. yes it out of five of them into strategy was to open many channels and that many people try to achieve something there he keeps his windows open and they waits the incoming when the end result is what's important not the person or persons delivering the goods. on august twentieth one thousand nine hundred three israeli and palestinian negotiators reached accord and also agreeing to a framework for resolving their decades long conflict the oslo accords were announced to the weren't. hamas was quick to condemn the accords. it was the first
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sign of a growing divide between hamas and the p.l.o. . on september thirteenth one thousand nine hundred three israeli prime minister yitzhak rabin and p.l.o. leader yasser arafat shook hands and sealed the deal at the white house. the children of abraham the descendants of isaac and ishmael have embarked to gather on a bold journey together today with all our hearts and all our souls we've been shallow so long since. i i i'm we would fold against you published. and we say to you. in the old leave the voice. off the.
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t.v. and not my not mock it to send. a signal to us that. a sob. had to step. foot that you. know and not just send. down not just. this cell i mean i had it was shared my it was the first time this really kind of constant leaders had come face to face was. condemnation of the hostility toward spread like wildfire throughout the. my.
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feel that you know me as well. on this block day hello betrays the blood of the martyrs who fell for their homeland. today the p.l.o. is harmed beyond belief its own people and sold out there right in their homeland palestine today the p.l.o. recognizes israel and acknowledges this really sovereignty over the whole of historical palestine. notwithstanding these criticisms law school boards found supporters in the past love. placing a lot of heaven mostly with. the. faisel hussein and god rest his soul used to say that he had reservations about the all slow codes but he called it out child and that it was better for us to defend jerusalem from ramallah next door than defend it from far away trueness.
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but the peace process initiated by the oslo accord soon began to fall. on february twenty fifth one thousand nine hundred four goldstein a jewish extremist opened fire on palestinian worshippers in the main mosque of hebron killing twenty nine and wounding one hundred fifty. cut. cut cut cut. just weeks later hamas responded with two suicide bombings inside israel killing fifteen survives. suicide attacks were to become a trademark tactic of. the mosque massacre and the suicide attacks did not preclude the signing of the gaza jericho agreement from a nine hundred ninety four in which israel agreed to undertake group withdrawals
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from both areas. in july nine hundred ninety four and a fact returned to gaza. he received a hero's welcome. it was the first time in twenty seven years that the p.l.o. leader returned to the homeland he had devoted his life trying to. return heralded the establishment of the palestinian national authority for p n a set up to fulfill the terms of oslo accords and administered the palestinians or. other artifacts found it difficult to make the transition from. liberation. i.
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built his authority on a totally cerium races the criteria for admission to the instruments of state was contention upon being a member of his fed the movement and recommendation of one of his security apparatus it was single party old with no accountability. as i refer to try to build the foundations of state he also needed to continue negotiations final status issues such as the status of jerusalem security borders and refugees remained unresolved. but the prime minister of israel at the time binyamin netanyahu maintained a hardline negotiating stance. it did not endure him to u.s. president bill clinton. well initially i mean he actually said after this first set of me when that a ok. when he left the room i said what is i think the superpowers he is and were not. final status issues came back on the negotiating table
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following the election of a who'd back as israeli prime minister in one thousand nine hundred but i quickly gained the ear of the u.s. president and brock's logic is. what do i need and what do i want i want to get to a final status agreement with the palestinians by the time you president clinton leaves office that's what he tells them in august ninety nine when he visits but ox offer was for israel to withdraw from much of the west bank while keeping sovereignty over tea parts of jerusalem in two thousand he convinced clinton of the need to convene a meeting without a fight in the united states to resolve the final issues one and he couldn't say no to the president he came with a profound suspicion and resentment suspicion that the americans and the israelis were going to present him with a fait accompli that he couldn't accept and resentment a day who'd barrage who he believed had chased these really serious negotiation for the preceding seven months ignoring him and israel's commitments and who was
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prepared to give to our side ninety nine point nine percent of the golan heights minus four hundred yards off to northeastern portion of the lake and yet mr barak's offer to our friend camp david was ninety percent but not confused to meet alone without a fight at the camp david now at camp david brock took this position i don't want to meet on the on our foot i don't want to build that kind of personal connection because again once i'm with arafat's alone he will write down everything and barack would say he always says it's not our photos as it's not patting us on everything that people say keep it in his pocket and one day will come out and say barack has agreed to divide jerusalem and so i can't accept that they felt they did not have come they have it. well and you know in the zone aka how do you want arafat to go to camp david and end the conflict without getting a written offer from barack i'm certain that if he had been presented with a written offer he would have asked to have had it and initialed and put it in his
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pocket and i'm certain of that that. before agreeing to attend the camp david summit on a fact sort of assurances that he would not be made the scapegoat if the talks fail . on a fact rejected by next proposals at camp david he concluded the palestinian state in visaged would not be viable made up of count on and completely surrounded by territory to be the next to israel. should be all the and then what the clinton do he breaks his promise and blames not a fight for the failure of calm day with a lot of fight is made up to be a liar that's a plain shame for. much of the western media criticized on a fact that the time for rejecting the proposals. but today former u.s. administration officials acknowledge that artifact had little choice. what was
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presented at camp david i think if you ask any american negotiator today any of us do we think the palestinians could have accepted the ideas that president should could have accepted the idea that president clinton put on the table or already briefed our fight on in july two thousand i think they would all say they would have to say in hindsight now they couldn't accept they could accept them because there was no way could defend a nine to one swap there's no way you could accept israeli sovereignty over her own there's no way you could accept. this patchwork of sovereignty over jerusalem cetera et cetera in fact the proof of the matter is. the palace in need us for today are lauded as the most moderate. most of us i will now zen yes a bit rebel they all rejected what was on the table and not on the table at camp david in terms that were even more harsh than our fight him self they were adamant against that so that tells you something about whether these were the kind of
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proposals that that a palace in could accept should he have taken the deal and. a last ditch attempt by clinton at the end of his presidency failed to produce an agreement and out a vote was playing i blame it partly on on. dennis they told the incoming. administration . bush and cheney literally on inauguration day that it was totally responsible for the failure of the peace process and that he was a liar and you couldn't count on you could try to deal with him. after the meeting at camp david on a plan to return to gaza and received a hero's welcome for refusing to accept what the palestinians viewed as unacceptable. he was by now however a pariah in washington unwelcome and on trust. just weeks later the second intifada erupted triggered by arab al shut owns visit to the temple mount or
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noble sanctuary in jerusalem. the palestinians had lost hope with a diplomatic approach. amid the death and violence of the new intifada and hamas increased its role and its power base in the occupied territories. in israel that are close the elections to the leader of the israeli opposition out of old archrival carry out shot on shot own was in no mood for concession and following the september eleventh attacks on the united states he was quick to spot an opportunity to get the americans more on his side. edge about and then set. september eleventh allowed children to gain sympathy for israel's internal to cuti situation in effect what he was saying was that what you in america faced on september eleventh i faced on a daily basis and children was able to convince the world that yes i was the sense of terrorism. israeli military actions that kill children women and the
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elderly because palestinian will reactions to be emotional instead of political and therefore revenge became the source of justice for the weak israelis knew this i believe the crushing of the palestinians political backbone is one of the great achievements of the israeli army during the intifada so in other words there was chaos. in the spring of two thousand and two at a.o.l. chat on decided to hold yasser arafat personally responsible for every act of violence perpetrated against israel. israeli forces quickly surrounded artifacts headquarters in ramallah and set out to systematically destroyed all the instruments of palestinian state for. the siege and with few remaining allies artifact turned down an offer from chad on to that. he feared he would not be allowed to return instead on
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a fat announced that he would fight to the very end. under pressure and a further devolved some of his powers to the newly appointed prime minister mahmoud abbas also known as i will as an but in arafat's eyes are bass proved ineffective and i shall continue under obama. i was without a fight when prime minister abbas was in washington out of had received a phone call telling him it was no good sheria the white house had not agreed to him regaining his freedom at that point arafat's find out if the americans refused to grant abbas the freedom of yasser arafat will the democratically elected president of the palestinian people does he think they will give him the rights of the palestinian people in jerusalem and borders and the issue of refugees they will log out of that subsequently quickly move to engineer the fall of all muslims cabinet and he did it. surrounded in his ramallah headquarters out of fat
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held out on. look tobar of two thousand and four when he was struck down by a mysterious illness. israel said it would allow him to seek treatment abroad and return. on a father died in a paris hospital calls on. the palestinians claimed he was poisoned. the israelis protested their innocence.
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didn't. claim just that if you have turned. away i'm going to say. about time for the president on a fact. he was on my corner in the process of the world. he was not only a concept i was aleppo nation of the whole people. off all the oppressed people throughout the log. on our lives and to lose that none of that staci and thinking is that great go or are those off fighting against oppression and we regret that. and that would give all conduct says. and add up if i don't want to be.
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i. want to same for thing the way the world stood by and watched while out of fact was treated that way in the last years of his life it's absolutely shameful . following out of pat's death mahmoud abbas was elected president of the palestinian authority but he lacked the power base and hold over palestinian politics that on a fact had to stop which. soon face the challenge to his all for the from hamas the islamic movement which now commanded the loyalty of a large proportion of palestinians. in january two thousand and six hamas defeated the fact the movement of bombast in parliamentary elections. a power struggle ensued between the palestinian authority led by a bass and thomas. gun battles broke out between fatah and hamas come.
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in the summer of two thousand and seven and as fighters captured the fatah headquarters in gaza. securing control of the area gaza became the confirmed stronghold of homs thought to have been supplanted. without a photo of lost control of gaza the way that. it's hard to believe that he would have for one simple reason that was an icon he lost a lot of support among palestinians i felt it even as time went by but he was an icon because he put the palestinian issue on the national the international map he established for the international community. a sense that somehow what he had in a fight as policy national aspirations had to be achieved so he put the palestinian
6:46 pm
movement on the world stage and he also unified the palestinians in a way that no other leader had i think what's happened since he has died. should tell us something about how central he was to the palestinian map and you know it's ironic that. even some of those who were most critical of arafat's among palestinians during his final days. are the most eager to toot toot to rally behind his name and his picture in his flag today. today the palestine liberation organization is no longer the force it once was. the emergence of new groups such as hamas has eroded support for the traditional people. rather than being a unifying force the p.l.o. is now with retired and an intercom system into schools. the revolution
6:47 pm
started over forty years ago may have faded but the dreams of the palestinians for statehood live on as strong as ever move through you. when people think of cuba they think of revolution but ivana is undergoing a new revolution and people have less of the past year there isn't a bold new age and we're here to discover if those changes are reflected on the plate that this is q what is the q a good. restaurant owner i'm trying to bring more to david roots a.j. it's on al-jazeera. to stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the.
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headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. and going home the teenaged. flooded cave ordeal for the very first time. also caught between the war and the border syrian civilians trying to escape to the occupied golan heights but will israel. and taking off to a new beginning ethiopia and eritrea resume flights for the very first time in twenty. and. we had a. century celebration for south africa's legendary leader but what happened to nelson mandela's dream of a rainbow nation. welcome to the new team of time footballers who spent eighteen days trapped underground are
6:51 pm
due to tell reporters of their ordeal for the very first time the twelve teenagers and their coach have been discharged from hospital after eight days of medical and psychological assessments by doctors they've been recovering in hospital since being rescued by scuba divers in a complex rescue operation following events for us from sharing right is our correspondents that vaseline and we're expecting them to take to the stage imminently to answer the questions that everybody well wants answers to. yeah absolutely the wild boar football team is expected to arrive here pretty soon it's only an hour away before this talk show this very carefully orchestrated talk show by the government is going to start and when they are expected to take some questions it's all very well directed and there's a lot of fear about their mental state their possible trauma so questions were
6:52 pm
allowed to be put in but they were carefully screened by psychologist so this will be to protect the boys the government has been very protective of these boys since they've been rescued a week ago so this will be the very first time the public the audience around the world everyone who has been following this story so carefully will be able to see their faces here they are forced to see how they are doing and what i'm hearing so far is they're doing really well only i spoke to one of the fattest yesterday there is concern about their future of course this has gone this is been so overwhelming for these these children but also for their parents their ordinary village kids who were playing soccer and who will go into a cave to celebrate the birthday of one of their team members and then they get stuck and the whole world is following their ordeal so this is what they're going to be facing in the next hour all these cameras all these journalists waiting for their voices and their faces to appear here indeed just give us live for the
6:53 pm
hospital is from the venue where you are because as time has progressed since the rescue we're learning more and more about the boys that back grounds where they really come from. exactly as i said they come all from a small town in northern thailand close to chang right and four of them are actually stateless the coach and three players are stateless this is like you have to understand the border region so a lot of people travel back and forth between me and my and thailand and the coach for example his parents died and then he was sent across the border for education here also one of the art of kids he has been sent for education here because that's what you can get as a stateless child you can get an education but not much else they don't have the same rights of course as the time nationals and of course this whole story has been to spotlight on the state list issue because nearly five hundred thousand people in
6:54 pm
thailand are stateless and the government has sort of insinuating saying that maybe in the next few months these this process will be spit speeded up for the particular kids but everyone else of course is wondering what will be done by the government for this whole issue of statelessness here and of course we will come back to you once those boys arrive at the venue so don't go too far away we'll be back soon with you in thailand let's go on to our other top story that we are following and that's thousands of people are being bussed out of to northwestern syrian towns besieged by opposition fighters for more than four years now the evacuation. in four and freya is part of a deal between the rebel groups and iranian backed fighters supporting the government around one hundred buses are taking pro-government fighters and their families to areas under the army's control and in exchange the government is set to release hundreds of detainees. in the southern province of their residents say it's like doomsday after coming under attack by government forces they've been dozens of
6:55 pm
air strikes and shelling overnight targeting the city of najaf. and thousands of displaced civilians are now trapped between an intensive government offensive and a closed border fence with israel hundreds of them are taking shelter along the israeli occupied golan heights stephanie decker is monitoring events for us from that location joins me now live so you just bring us up to speed there have been developments in the past half hour. well we're really seeing the syrian war unfold in front of us. as you mentioned the syrian government relentless campaign to push the rebels out of the area behind us but surrounded now i'll just step out a shot let me show you also you're mentioning this to be. intense this border but certainly from the vantage point that we have you know there are a couple of hundred meters back from the actual fence itself but we've been seeing throughout the day that we've been here an intensive barrace of airstrikes probably
6:56 pm
about a kilometer back from those tents that you're seeing will probably see one happen as we're on and that's how they've been coming in we've lost track of how many were discussing with the team how many we thought perhaps it coming close to one hundred at some point six at the same time just behind those ten so it gives you an indication of just how close this conflict is and why the people are so close to this fence because they're seeking some kind of shelter some kind of you know immunity response as you will but of course these borders remain closed all the neighboring countries borders remain closed to hell seven years into this war israel has made it very clear it will not be opening its border is in the words of the defense minister not even one syrian the army has provided some aid certainly but i think you know it's very clear there's not a big aid operation happening there for these people it is a very difficult situation and of course you know related to where you are you know we're also getting word about the syrians being evacuated from. again for
6:57 pm
international audiences so much movement on the ground of people moving out of areas and cities and actually where they're heading to. well the bigger picture if you look at seven years into this war food and to fight a war besieged by the rebels for around three years now this deal has been a long time in the making it looks like it's actually starting to happen today they'll be evacuating around seven thousand people from that area but the bigger picture here and also what you're seeing unfold behind us is that the government is getting more and more territory it really is turning reversing the tide to get this war at the pockets of rebel resistance that it's very very windy yourself but the problem the pockets of rebel resistance that remain are slowly being reversed in terms of reconciliation deals like you're seeing in full and of prayer like you state and many of the villages here this is now besieged really if you look at it from the rebel perspective by government forces and they're moving fast one of the
6:58 pm
fears also of the people who have been living under the rebels for so long is of retaliation by government forces thinking people activists journalists who have been sympathetic to the rebels perhaps this is one of the fears they have and which is why they want to flee but again you know they have nowhere to go the borders the clothes they're not going anywhere for the moment we'll leave it our stuff of course come back to you as a situation develops the at the golan heights if you will known human rights groups are calling israel's suspension on fuel imports into gaza as an immoral act of collective punishment israel has banned fuel from entering the palestinian territory until sunday it says it's in response to attacks by hamas and warns is prepared to go further the impact on almost two million residents of gaza or is huge as charles stratford explains. trucks gather at the column border post it's the only official crossing for goods and fuel into gaza from israel but the israeli government has now closed it it says it will let food and medicine in on
6:59 pm
a case by case basis but is not a fuel essential for powering gaza's basic services many of the almost two million people here only get electricity for four to six hours a day. for the most serious then you know this fuel blockade doesn't last because it will cause hundreds of problems and life will stop sewage and rubbish will pile up and other projects will come to an end people will not be able to go to work the ministry of health will not be able to treat patients but official in gaza city will say tells us that gaza needs around seven hundred thousand liters of gasoline and diesel every day just to meet its basic needs now with these new restrictions by israel that fuel simply isn't coming in anymore of course gaza is have already suffered twelve years of israel's land and sea blockade in these latest restrictions come after the worst escalation of violence between hamas and israel
7:00 pm
since the two thousand and fourteen war. israel says it launched dozens of air strikes at hamas targets in the gaza strip in response to palestinian protesters kites or balloons carrying molotov cocktails across its goals offense hamas responded by launching around two hundred rockets mortars and incendiary devices and egyptian brokered cease fire was announced on saturday night israel says fires caused by the coyotes have destroyed more than ten thousand hectares of crops and private land in recent weeks has also put further restrictions on gaza's fishing industry reducing the area fishermen can work in from six to within three nautical miles just amazing to at least fifty thousand families are in some way involved in fishing in gaza. has been decreasing our fishing area for years they have killed and injured fishermen and.


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