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other than the mamata from the boss of the south anybody. to talk to any of us she said. you corner i let myself and one in a lot off you know. if i should say i just sort of thought the how their son forward on. any phone that he for. no not just showed up for and. clocked him a hole to bust the signal and absolution the minute. news on the other. end zone i was going to jump off a counter to come heidi for that i gonna come home up to some films i don't have to be to come bearing on how to how i'm so nice to new york sought out for going over the holiday part of a hot all in islamic law about zero zero zero to five to how to how to shoot your
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own notes took lots. and to math that i was someone i miss out on my club in nasca now if you walk by it will hold my for have been getting caught i missed so class a how where most would be so i would then comment on about kolob not a shop a sort of. us.
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the what if comes it doesn't show nothing no i'm not going to hi fi and. most often come by. to me a home seem a talk show host. show universe ca love us so badly. because. the drummer who i was to sleep in the. other knob obviously that was. down about one minute so yeah i thought i had left us. alone if you. look in the. best kind i am even two hundred years ahead of me a number of amano in the last like the one about how does she want to shift the coffee comes up with a come on us let's go. deaf on heart of china should be. unleashed.
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bugs. alarm and mother nature glowing on and down and the mom that she. and how they were not part of for unofficial global jewish. yabba dabba out of monism. lies in how to model the. man how to.
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we. do i had. to. call how i. caught. hold.
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of how. federalists watson helicopter support a key of betrayal. by then to behead the knowledge of how to get said it alaska the konami know how just the beauty.
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of. this. war.
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as i would just say let's say that i lay just observe same. and so when i. put a lot of question. solitaire on a oh my god i'm very hot for just how to look. good just how to chuckle really fell over just how can my good beauties help my country write the words of ballad but little fear maula militia thought of the shock feel circuit. of the short calamity at lascaux the. moment from the spent money for a business person not seen as exteriorly him and minister. of a shot of. the. jewish heart. out about him such positive i for one there. does appear on the.
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hottest doesn't talk of how does. the law says all of the world the world. of television and you. know that it can all out house and not the palam gift cheerless lack or the balance given that there's a minimal desired infalling is our own. as the whole order in the mind of the adolescent not. the most serial killer. and that it can a series of bayshore of the army which have been on his own and a gun or the bad for jet. i know how to philosophically that work but it's almost that i'm a doll and i wrote it or and i cowered in the start of the car when i was being like an authority on it not a new love i'm
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a grown so they're focused on our class lark and i felt a lot line of style around them now just as how's it going to be hugged well when jumblatt the head of that government is i going to have like what i said at the mission. i'm not i'm not. an illegal alien. and lyndon. in a. moment. came. on .
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be the only lubed law by it'll. the but there. were fewer than the what a half full. until i get a letter that know what about. enough that they are actually. in the front of us in one of two hour the daniel horn odds because they say what the cause if it just a little bit of plot takes a lot of blood all that they're going to cheat on. was
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. my job zip the thought i'd love to talk if they're good us but it will not make the argument. somebody at the damage. to be a lier one of the most awful soror. if you know how is that our. problems that in some we can hire do jani. egypt is now china's third biggest trading partner in africa more than ten thousand
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chinese are living in cairo i wanted to see the permits in september one thousand nine hundred five i came with my friends to egypt many started a small traders but i'm now successful in business shit i began to do business in two thousand and three or two thousand and four at a time it was small but then it began to expand al-jazeera world meets the growing chinese community in egypt egypt made in china on al-jazeera. this is a really fabulous news for one of the best i've ever worked in there is a unique sense of bonding where everybody teams in but something i feel every time i get on the chair every time i interview someone we're often working round the clock to make sure that we bring events as i currently as possible to the viewer that's what people expect of us and that's what i think we really do well. whenever i see something that has happened in the news my first reaction is to please god
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don't let this person have been someone that we released on parole gate keepers of the parole system you're asking us for a second chance rape was important to me was on the other side offense and now i get to the other side of it was a marriage that are going to. prison exploring the dark side of american justice system with job on al-jazeera. hello and london with the top stories and al-jazeera the twelve boys who were rescued from a flooded cave in northern thailand have lost last week have made their first public appearance the teenagers and their coach appeared in good spirits as they recounted their ordeal at a news conference in chiang rai of the boys paid tribute to the former navy seal
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who died in an attempt to rescue them and describe the moments of miracle when the divers found the white house has denied that president donald trump contradicted his entire intelligence community again just a day off to saying as full faith in the u.s. government agencies portis at the white house whether russia still poses a cyber security threat trump replied no but the white house press secretary said he was not talking about russian meddling. chances because the president after comments from the president was said thank you very much i'm saying no to answering questions the president and his administration are working very hard to make sure that right russia is unable to meddle in our elections as they have done in the past as if we have stated a us judge has ordered a russian woman charged with acting as a foreign agent be jailed pending our pending trial after warnings that she poses
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a serious flight risk at a court hearing prosecutors showed a photo of maria bettina meeting an allegedly russian intelligence operative in a restaurant in washington she's accused of conspiring against the u.s. government and is alleged to have and if looks way to the national rifle association syrian activists say the rebel held town of now while in the southern province of their eye has come under heavy bombardment by government forces the only hospital has been bombed reports of dozens of casualties hundreds of civilians have fled west towards the israeli occupied golan heights. the first commercial flight from ethiopia to eritrea after twenty years at war has landed safely the flights which has been called the bird of peace arrived in the us tomorrow it's a red carpet welcome many on board were seeking to reunite with family members. and nigerian police say eight suspected boko haram members have confessed to being involved in the abduction of the chibok school girl
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a mass abduction of the two hundred seventy girls from their school in the northern town cost global outrage in twenty fourteen. the headlines witnesses next. guy. don't you. think and if they the lama then it will come up with the missile.
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defense. do. you want to. know but the fact is you don't know sort of last little plot of a sudden what the heating of the deck to see the hung up. on of. the four feet. a lot take must admit anna and i with a lot of folks. will take i wanna. know what a lot of the mumbai and one hundred who aren't in. this and accuse other markets of kusa consciousness lonnie a good man had to. what they kill him and did so on you and him any any.
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good is them a senate and then there's so many mr ibish. but then let's just don't know a lot. of how to issue about another to. someone. like. you in. the killing. of this. hour long before. your name line doesn't. work out. the.
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what was their mission what was their objective. about finishing a kind of object of us technican a true from what they know come home rain had enough be thought only. bus when i can listen. to how all of us do hala shuffle what the who the how the she for john one hundred how to leave aga. second. one hundred million of us like a. district of seven. b.c. . i
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. told. my cousin would. not. come up for. a month.
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they generally. be lost in the. moment i don't buy the shabby other than about the neon is. not the end of the month but maybe how they can find it on their mando did leontyne to that and i'm starting to feel i don't. need any more joy didn't mean men aren't getting them. not if there's a dummy. not stalk a mouse out of the way i got a model should be on the counter. but it doesn't get off the moral. to interrupt the mad that i'm gonna. be there now no doubt of much of the stuff. i
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mean did how much your mom can be out of shot me so my father she had to have daybreak and you know i'm not your father. today to downgrade the battle for this city lies at the heart of the rebels plans to take down president bashar al assad told excitement in the air the significance of taking seriously the city was lost on no one. with our eyewitness vantage point what we should all was you know the rebels attacked the last syrian army checkpoint before the gates of aleppo to the north of the city and it was a firefight that lasted hours. and it started out on the periphery sixteen months ago and has moved gradually shortly towards the center and and the opposition is now shot in the philippines to penetrate the very you know sanctum of the regime.
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rather low like blood. the. young analyst. a. lawyer. and. the.
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mother felt good. about the young and her color said it was. i was. all. concerned i had the. freedom fighters. to be had but. the only behappen we are more freedom fighters but the sufi. a you dummy of for let them know about freedom fighters back oh they've. got the freedom fighters.
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but can you can. understand a teacher who fear half a class iraq tear. mentally sally that a better can it can be about their power while it. can deni behind. can be a what sea of iowa you'll see her say on the today ya know the can. but. another one if.
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by the. by the. judge if you had all you know. how to beam my shot at the slimy eilish been on my. lips you know i looked out for . a bit microcomputer kind of spoke to me about me it's time you. did you know.
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he. made. her feel. good and. i don't. know who. knows. so. well. how. oh. it's.
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not about that at the moment i'm not going to succumb what i've been. kind of public in what i've been this month and dominik my member am on fire. the devotees who follow saddam out of camilla have been. to the chim better but who
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come on can pay a lot. but most of the moment. i own what i have on him i have said paddy. what our motto hatari on american talk on . my one i've been ramesh if sort of allies in the classroom so the feeble attorney . susskind now about there are south of us. dollar my sort of big deal. it's just silly and i was so margo she done it with the
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whole doll out of body. and ear and now it's going to how i got on that i know a lot i mean there is a new or so are you. do you. love a similar nick on how to do in the us now i learned to view one of the top thirty here on the rush i can to see out there. let's come out to color and tissue compartment musselman how topical coming out creates this isn't how the minutemen kind of how. men are the colored where and when i was a how did i say look here and i'm looking with that the taliban wall to toggle son to send stuff to mom international. mom star were no can say to stop but at the top and i thought to what are you wishing the whole bunch on economic
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genocide is the habit of yourself we have acquired the sheep my son my domino much sakit best appeared and i mean she had these i can try to stop the one unless you can dive bomb or if she can walk to my feet. were you afraid that they would not accept you. i love fear fish if you host a bonfire hole from now on my son and about the. an hour from a not an e a a a moment a live hole and in and how can a. big money out of your comment i'll be hard for you tried the door we had thought of to cause a leak on a chain in. just a thirty hour or how about behind the my good luck what i believe thought about that he. had but was still ahead of out of the taste for how i felt for the love hated of the good that i got to see.
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can i want to dash to her tightly but. i'd rather let me know that love for her comedy doesn't have to look to. offend some stosh. in august. the one been to march with the. yeah dimmock lot of them bought it on a foot the soft until most out of place. but i thought about home of the one to go to about it. but the problem of the last thirty about attorney about who how do you not know i thought hodges abouta woman the whole way to.
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touch the product not to men. but now but doesn't is just who don't amount to. listen if you hold water i. know how to love and it. wasn't the whole model of muscles. but it's all about the on home ice road but the. mother hockey they might know so she can model i don't think i believe the. mini my body had the audience. which of them a day of the latest about them and with the amount of come out of high level a safe when i shall share if good.
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do you think it will ever stop. to sala. kirk my lot of. concern about that with but huddle before but i thought of my best with the. proper how you on about it. ya know bob an arm but i'm mobile you want anybody with soria less i wish i could romance you know how to moment in a helluva a mother in a father how about a. year old. the la county. had a bubble of how to occur and the hamas rockets were sued a couple of how. the holiday. do you think you will ever be able to go back to syria.
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do you think it will be possible for all kinds of syrians that are now in europe to come back to the country. let them control kayin show a film. from the auditor. a lease. on a back iraqi year kind of feel on the photo you see in a litany but mother any the more cloth lee. was so mother more of the young to be able to tourney. them in the.
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d.c.u. so now. or ah it. will. be doing home. come to. we're.
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more does the joy. was. for those. who are. both very. very good.
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to me. the promise of peace in the middle east and not. enough but a new dilemma after the death of the man at the center of this strike. now more than forty years after the status how far as the p.l.o. come to achieving its hopes and dreams including the turbulent story of the struggle for palestinian home p.l.o. history of a revolution on al-jazeera. has
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got to get even colder in the southeast of australia a cold front coming through this is it in the bite that is just moving towards adelaide now full cost wise that puts it sort of over land and it's like a rather dreary day in adelaide and just turning that way in melbourne thirteen at best that will be after cod particularly probably a bit further east and a c.t. for example the sun is out further west percept about seventy degrees and sunny is fairly typical though it's not particularly warm even when you get that city not late eleven yet best in melbourne and tasmania has gone all windy and wet once more with probably some stay at height for new zealand well we got rid of the real story where that a good day or so the clouds building one small to see the arcs there on its way into the western sides it's already most likely raining on western side of new
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zealand both islands and that's increasingly likely during thursday in northern ireland maybe on friday it looks a brighter picture you know it is not very much happening in tonga or fiji and we rock the west is on the pacific again to mid summer sunshine and again continued warm in fact you'd say it's hot soccer's forecast and actual temperature mid to high thirty's. just skipped. me from the sun roof funny thing is a promise. to. raise from this roof is the name under which i recorded the regulars with regular music is really going to trip my love for a very young age it may come from jamaica but i feel that. it talks about just the quality folks of all people in this ng are great the music has
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a message that's deeply relevant to this road especially for a good thing this is kind of all in all the right wing assault on our freedom to oss questions and generally all freedom of expression and people you know are being taught it's like students teachers activists in their class right so it's nice all of them have been intimidated that's the number of people on the street see the protest has reached our doorstep soul in which as a whip i'd like to attempts to contradict something it's. this is zero. hello i'm david this is the news hour live from london coming up. boys and their coach speak about their eighteen days trapped in plotted caves before finally going
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home to their families. the white house denies that president contradicted the u.s. intelligence community again. to villages besieged by rebels syria's government launches what activists are calling a frenzied attack plus. cheers and celebrations as the first commercial flight between ethiopia and eritrea touches down and outs mara after twenty years that war. with the days where we hear from rory mcilroy as he prepares for the season's. championship and the number one hopes for a fifth major title. they
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survived on rain water for nine days inside the depths of a flooded cave now members of a young thai football team have spoken about their ordeal for the first time with one describing the moment they were discovered magical the twelve teenagers and their coach appeared in good spirits questions at their first public appearance so fast and has more from china. thank the happy faces of what is now one of the world's most famous football teams the wild boars can finally go home well no not for the performances on the pitch but for their miraculous survival and rescue from the pitch black of a cave in northern thailand. a charge to go into the water and dig to see if we can go through but i could feel that the bottom was all sand and the top was just rocks a pulled the rope and the boys pulled me back afterwards i told one of the boys that we cannot exit this way. what was planned as a one hour visit to the cave turned into an ordeal for eighteen days and nights
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closely watched by news viewers around the world. i found a sunday hill and there was water dripping from the cliffs and rocks so i told everyone that we'd better stay near the water so we decided to spend the night there before we went to sleep i told him we should pray together before sleeping the youngest is only eleven years old maybe. i tried not to think about food otherwise i'd fill it in more hungry after nine days they finally were found. and we heard some noises of people talking at that moment so we told each other to be quiet and listen to the noises we weren't sure so we listened and it turned out to be true i was surprised. a team of international divers finally managed to swim them to safety in what experts this cry by one of the most difficult and dangerous cave rescue operations ever remarkable stories of survival told by the boys and
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their coach for the first time with no food at all they tried to hide any clean water they could drink all the time they were trying to find a way out as they became weaker and weaker by the day. the father of the fourteen year old goalkeeper says he wants his life returned to normal as soon as possible i mean of course i am worried we can't see in the future but i will tell my boy when he returns to the normal world he may face things he has never experienced before i try to encourage him to make sure he will be ready to face this issues only speak about what he wants to say things that hurt him he should avoid the wild boars will all become a novice monks for a period of nine days to pay tribute to the former tiny navy diver someone who lost his life during their rescue. di artists have made this mural in chiang rai. to honor the extreme bravery and international teamwork of everyone who participated
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in the rescue operation of the sharing their stories with the world the boys can finally go back home steadfast and al-jazeera john wright. while the twelve boys have now returned home to their families it was the first time they were allowed to home after being quarantined in hospital for a week following the rescue earlier during their near news conference several of the boys apologized to their parents for entering the cave system officials have asked for the team's privacy to be respected so that they can return to school and regular life. the white house has denied that president donald trump contradicted his intelligence community again just a day after saying as full faith in the u.s. government agencies trump was heavily criticized on monday for refusing to confront blood amir putin over russia's interference in the twenty sixteen u.s. election but earlier he appeared to say that russia no longer poses
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a cyber security threats this despite his intelligence chief saying the opposite can really help get reports from the white house. i just want to. tell you that reversing course for the third time in as many days u.s. president donald trump on wednesday cast doubt on whether he believes the russians are interfering in u.s. politics is really disturbing. thing rather than making waves you know that no only added to more confusion and contradicts his own public statement made a day earlier a tuesday trump sought to clean up statements made alongside russian president vladimir putin in the final and on monday he just said it's not russian after heavy criticism even from within his own party trump claimed he misspoke and he sentence in my remarks i said the word would instead of what you. have said and should have been i don't see any reason why i would or why he didn't want to invade russia the
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most recent reversal once again gives russia the benefit of the doubt even though trump's own director of national intelligence made it clear just last week that the kremlin is interfering i'm here to say the warning lights are prick blinking red again in an attempt at damage control the white house press secretary denied trump ever suggested russia is no longer targeting the united states i talked to the president he wasn't answering that question he was saying no he's not taking questions and i've stated what our position is the president trumps democratic critics in congress are satisfied with those answers they're pushing for trying staffers in the translator present at the truck meeting to appear before congress to answer the questions they say the white house won't really help at al-jazeera the white house. they cannot go live to roslyn jordan and washington rosalind with
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so much reversing back and forth it's hard to tell exactly what trump is trying to say or to believe at the white house is saying what do you make of all of this well clearly the white house believes it has a big problem on its hands there is no reporting coming from political and some other print publications here in washington suggesting that the chief of staff john kelly has been reaching out to top republicans on capitol hill to basically urge them to tell the president to his face you really went way out of bounds when you met with blood in your putin on monday they're putting out this story to really show that the president isn't even listening to his top advisors clearly it's undermining any credibility that the president wanted to have on trying to have his own reset as it were with russia it's something which he campaigned on during the twenty sixteen election however the prevailing theory now is that the president is
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much more interested in protecting russian interests rather than that of the united states and so this is perhaps the most serious controversy in an administration that has had a culture versus almost from day one. the rest of the world is watching with confusion and somewhat bemused meant what do you think this is doing to how the u.s. is being viewed from the outside. it's not helping to the in fact if anything it's probably worsening the global perception of the united states there are members of nato that are questioning whether the u.s. actually would stand up for all parts of the nato treaty particularly article five in which all nato members promise to come to a country if it were to be attacked they are questioning whether for example if something were to happen to one of the baltic states would the u.s.
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be there to protect that country from perhaps some sort of russian military incursion there is also concern that the u.s. is not doing enough to stand up for human rights that it's not doing enough to try to stand up against other countries that are led by dictators notably in syria where the civil war has killed so many thousands of people since it started back in two thousand and twelve there's a real concern that the united states is not the trustworthy ally that it has been for the past seventy three years. jordan in washington thank you a u.s. judge has ordered a russian woman charged with acting as a foreign agent be jailed pending trial warning after warnings that she poses a serious flight risk now at a court hearing prosecutors showed a photo op with tina meeting and allegedly russian intelligence operative in a restaurant in washington she's accused of conspiring against the u.s. government and is alleged to have infiltrated the national rifle association.
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has the latest from washington. at wednesday's court hearing the u.s. justice department successfully argued that maria booty know would be an extreme flight risk if released pending trial the judge agreed and ordered the twenty nine year old woman to be held without bond in court filings prosecutors allege who posed as a gun rights activists and gain access to the top tiers of u.s. conservative groups the powerful national rifle association was her primary target photo show with n arrays former president and other notables on the american right prosecutors say she gained access to conservative v.i.p.'s through a romantic relationship she struck with a top republican operative and in two thousand and fifteen is believed to have interacted with none other than then presidential candidate donald trump at
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a forum prosecutors say buton acted as a russian agent under the direction of alexander torsion a deputy head of russia's central bank torsion is currently the target of u.s. sanctions for maligned activities pleaded not guilty to charges of conspiracy and failure to register as a foreign agent her attorney says she is innocent of all charges but the american government argues that this case shows the breath and the depth of russia's activities in an attempt to influence american politics. syrian activists say government forces have launched a frenzied attack on a rebel held city in the southern province of daraa there have been dozens of air strikes and heavy shelling on nawa it's only hospital was bombed with reports of dozens of casualties now as the largest urban center in southern syria still controlled by rebel fighters and the fighting is forcing hundreds of civilians to flee west towards the.


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