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tv   The Stream 2018 Ep 116  Al Jazeera  July 19, 2018 10:32pm-11:01pm +03

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americans what it was according to a gallup poll going into that was the economy immigration and so we also see the president on social media this morning trying to shift the conversation to lowering drug prices as well as creating jobs of course it does beg the question completely when you go into meetings like this you want to be briefed by your aides properly so when does really how much the president did know about election interference how well drift will see before he went into that meeting with. well not only have there been repeated public statements on capitol hill in hearings there was a very public statement by his director of national intelligence dan coats saying very clearly that russia continues to meddle in fact he said the red lights are flashing but there is also a new york times reporting that came out in the last twenty four hours that details how the president was briefed going back as early as january of two thousand and seventeen where the obama administration intelligence chiefs the cia director former cia director john brennan the former director of the f.b.i.
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james comey who was of course fired by donald trump among others very clearly stating that there had been expressed consent by the russian president vladimir putin to meddle in the elections to use a dissin from ation campaign but coming out of that briefing donald trump issued a public statement saying it wasn't just russia but many countries this is certainly true but when the president stands on the stage with the russian president americans expected him to be forceful and the overwhelming reaction and used to be the conversation of disappointment to anger and outrage that the president didn't come out as forcefully as many americans believe he should while it's early morning where you are complete of course which will be much more to discuss through the day for the moment we'll leave it there thank you. pakistan's autonomous tribal region will vote for the first time in next week's general election it's home to five million people who are mainly from the bush dawn ethnic group now they say they've been victims of government oppression including ethnic stereotyping and forced disappearances military operations against armed groups in
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the region have also displaced large numbers of people has more from bashar. august honors due to hold a crucial election on the twenty fifth of july and for the first time their tribal people of pakistan who are administered from islamabad will be taking part in the elections they have already endured heart shaped by leaving their areas because of insecurity they have seen military operations and quarter past seventy years their drivers headed north to have the right toward their representatives were chosen by tribal chief jane and they were always really good makes a conversation with the central government in islamabad but this time around we see a new enthusiasm. in election campaign this is the first time in the history of pakistan that the people of the tribal belt are participating in the upcoming elections you can see the colorful flag banners all around which were impossible
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before. but we are what i can tell you have not been given the right to vote the merger of this area was al qaeda monster that we can get our basic human rights which are the people of the country already have their tribe or they've been merged into mainstream progress on their now wholeheartedly a bard of the political mainstream you can see the excitement here although there is a security threat by the people of their tribal area like the rest of august and are adamant that day will exit side a right to war there are one point five million male workers and a million female warders in an area which had a population of almost five million people but for progress on strieber the population there will be the first time that they will be able to catch their wark to a good representative for people who have been deprived of their rights who have seen military conflict in their area italian did a major change one day
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a day will come by discord in order been possible without the sacrifices of their tribal population and a security force a. unverified video for australian council refugee shows gods punching and kicking some of them. that died. human rights activists say fighting started when two men were denied entry to the camp on the other silent but at least one refugee was taken to hospital australia toughened its immigration policy five years ago by sending asylum seekers to prison camps on remote island such as madness in papua new guinea now the policy has deterred people from trying to reach the australian mainland by boat some who succeeded before the rules were changed i've been speaking to our correspondent andrew thomas in sydney. the boat carrying refugee hamad a man saw and her son arrived in australia insurers in march twenty thirty mm they spent months in detention but are now on a path to
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a permanent life in australia how these second son app team was born in australia just four months after harmony arrived her sister and her two sons made the same journey in between australia's government to the now to new policy towards refugees arriving by boat people who come by boat now have no prospect of being resettled in australia the rules have changed for the man saw and her sons were sent to the tiny pacific island of nuru and were told they'd never leave some people was lucky and some for. just four if you miles. last month variables hammer days nephew killed himself he was twenty six five years in heart. and in the can't without condit have done nothing. as it were mine if you say i lost a lot of car i i said no you can't start again you are young now but.
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you know i lost him now and i can't live it. i can but it. australia's policy change in twenty thirteen was in response to almost daily budgets of about fifty thousand people described as an authorised arriving from the nineteenth of july all refugees and migrants were sent to either the tiny island state of nuru or mouse island in papua new guinea as a deterrent it worked the boats had stopped arriving by the middle of twenty fourteen by which time a new australian government that it turning back boats it seemed to the policy since the commencement of operation sovereign borders we've been able to provide the human environment of the people to settle in regional processing centers obviously conducted boy in the now room carson our own government employee injury about the pay injury government we provide assistance to those processes but at the same time the dividend of the success of stopping bites and most importantly
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stopping drownings at sea is that we've been able to offer a record number of places under the humanitarian refugee program was an estimated two and a half thousand people were sent to mount a silent on a route around six hundred were later paid to return to the countries they'd fled three hundred have been resettled in the united states and about four hundred have been brought to australia the australian government will not say so publicly twelve people have died or been killed or man a solar roof about a fountain people remain on the island if the policy is only successful because it demands the sacrifice of human lives of people offshore then it's not an effective policy but neither big political party in australia proposes changing the policy so its fifth anniversary is unlikely to be its last andrew thomas al-jazeera sydney. well vocal support on his talk they gave very much so while the third gulf major of the year the open is underway at carnoustie in scotland american kevin kismet as the clubhouse leader at the moment he's on five under par defending champion jordan
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speight struggle towards the end of his opening round he a just finished one over par two thousand and fourteen when there were already mcelroy is looking to end of four year major drought this weekend long way to go in his round but the former world number one even a through six holes and three time open champion tiger whistled he off in about half an hour's time earlier this week the american set the tone a man could be where he has the best chance of adding to his fourteen majors. a limb pick champion gymnast allie raise men has stolen the show at this year's espy awards in los angeles but it's not sad achievement in the sport instead she and other victims delivered a scathing attack on those who protected a u.s. team doctor who abused them pay to stem reports on how to raise men anto fellow sister survive is wanted for that courage. the annual awards recognize
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excellence in school performance and this year's ceremony in los angeles had a female host for the first time racing driver danica patrick an appropriate choice given what was to come the authoress courage award is given to sports stars who are deemed to possess strength in the face of adversity courage in the face of peril and the willingness to stand up for their beliefs no matter what but cost this year's winners were the survivors of one of the biggest sexual abuse scandals in schools victims all before us gymnastics team dr larry nasser olympic gold medalist gymnast alleyways and sent a strong message to anyone who had protected message for so many years all we needed was one adult to have the integrity to stand between us and larry nasser just one i don't have the list sans believes and acted the people standing before you on this stage would have never
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met him first thirty years people at the united states olympic committee usa gymnastics and michigan state university all placed money and medals above the safety of child athletes. serving a sentence of up to one hundred seventy five years in prison for sexually abusing athletes and patients for decades. kill often abusers and enablers perpetuate suffering by making survivors feel that their truth doesn't matter to all the survivors out there don't let anyone rewrite your story your truth does matter you matter and you are not alone the women who spoke out against nasa can look to be cool sister survivors on the nasa scandal. as an aid to other sports around the world to examine the relationship between coaches and it's here to stay
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with al-jazeera. while here's a look at the other winners on the night the houston astros were named best team of the year after winning baseball's world series sloane stephens took home the best women's tennis player after a victory at the u.s. open while roger federer won the men's the award and the award for best female athlete went to the youngest women to win and a lympics snowboarding medal kim alexander ovechkin of the washington capitals won the award for best male athlete basketball chiefs have come down hard on both the philippines under strain for their involvement in a brawl during a world cup qualifying game earlier this month the sport's governing body fever has suspended thirteen players and two coaches from both teams for a huge fight in manila the philippines had ten players and two officials banned
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from a total of thirty nine games and will have to play their next home game behind closed doors they've also been fined almost two hundred fifty thousand dollars for sportsmanlike behavior while basketball australia has also been fined one hundred thousand dollars. with the black all and i still stand by it i think that's wrong to think that something that you know my the contrast when i spoke previously that the game that we played against japan in tokyo two days before was a thrilling one point man she was played in the right spirit it was it was a fantastic contest that's the way we play a basketball so what we saw in the philippines was was the polar opposite of how we want to go about that so the challenge is in front of pliers a time a team management is to you know you know when we go out on the court we fly you know because i mean decided you know and fair and within the spirit of the game and you know will be judged on their actions as we get through the next window of the favor qualifiers for september and november february and ultimately into the world
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cup. roma have all but confirmed the goalkeeper allison will be joining liverpool ahead of the upcoming english premier league season but insisted selling of their brazil international doesn't show a lack of ambition on their part the italian club is believed to have accepted a bit of eighty seven and a half million dollars for the twenty five year old that would surpass the current world record fee for a keeper held by event to see paid sixty one point seven million for john luigi pusan in two thousand and one. finally four time formula one the world champion lewis hamilton will rise from the sadie's for at least another two season the person has agreed a new contract with the team thought to be worse at fifty two million dollars pay you the sadie's have won four consecutive drivers and constructive championships with hamilton winning three of the thirty three year old currently trials of
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ferrari sebastian vettel by eight points in this year's title race heading into sunday's german grand prix. thanks very much that's going to be there in user with me about for the full news on the other side of the break into labs and talk to you on a me. that's real time at your company. where were you when this idea popped into your pocket when they're on line it's undoubtedly chief goal of overheating inequality in our society today or if you join a sunset criminal justice system is dysfunctional right now this is a dialogue what does it feel like bringing you to go back for the first time everyone has a voice and allow refugees to be the speakers for change join the conversation on
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our fresh perspectives new possibility. seeing this gentlemen this is. north of the public support debates and discussions when you see tough questions like this what comes to mind how do you respond before how global of all could you see out there is a winning programs take you down the line. only here and when diplomacy fails and fear sweeps then the borders are wide open wide open to drugs terrorists we've proven the barriers are built to impose division and it's not a sixties instead of being an obstacle or tornado wastes into became another obstacle to peace in a four part series al-jazeera revisits the reasons for divisions in different parts of the world and the impact they have on both sides walls of shame on al-jazeera.
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when people think of cuba they think of revolution but ivana is undergoing a revolution and people traveling with isn't the building we're here to discover if those changes are reflected on the plate but this is a q what is the q and. russian owner i'm trying to read more today ruth a.j. it's on al-jazeera. a jewish nation states we look at how a new israeli law both defines and defines its citizens. so obama you're watching al-jazeera live my headquarters here in doha coming up in
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the next thirty minutes what's been seen as a major victory for syria's president rebels agree to surrender their weapons in the southern province of truck. also who poisoned a former russian spy and his daughter british police are reported to have identified the suspect. and accused of committing crimes that constitute genocide a human rights group details how soldiers and meum are prepared to attack civilians . be with us welcome to al-jazeera israel has passed a controversial law that for the first time declares the country to be the nation state of the jewish people it makes hebrew the only official language downgrading arabic to an ambiguous special status and it also promotes the construction of jewish only communities however critics say the little marginalizes israeli palace
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. in minority who make up twenty percent of the nine million population is really palestinians have the same rights as jewish citizens but face discrimination rights groups say the law will only promote racism and stuffing deca reports now from west jerusalem. was its official israel is a state exclusively for jews that's the essence of the controversial nation state bill passed by the knesset on thursday after hours of heated debate the measure became law by a vote of sixty two to fifty five the two abstentions for years the language of the bill divided political opinion between the ruling parties and the opposition members of the knesset say the law legalizes discrimination. this is a bill from a government that has an enemy to palestinians it's the most dangerous measure it's a law from a racist government against palestinian rights and to create an apartheid regime it turns israel into a fascist state yes i don't most controversial clause in the bill
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a provision calling for jewish only communities was replaced at the last minute the original legislation would have allowed the state to establish separate communities on the basis of religion and nationality the replacement provision says the state sees developing jewish settlement as a national interest and will take steps to encourage advance and implement this interest illegal settlements for jews are already being built in breach of international law and u.n. demands another controversy is the status of the arabic language the new law says hebrew will be israel's only official language demoting arabic from second. deputy attorney general says the law also allows the construction of synagogues and ritual baths but not mosques. the israeli president says the legislation could harm jewish people and israel's enemies could use it as a weapon protestors against the will march to tel aviv on saturday.
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israelis came today to protest against the nation state law which is a racist and fascist law that is trying to turn israel from a democracy into something else therefore we are here to block this drift towards dictatorship and fascism. i came today to say that the arab citizens of israel are not inferior the nation state discriminated against them as the israeli government has been doing for many years arabic is an official language and they deserve equal rights. the government led by prime minister benjamin netanyahu insists that it's important to establish that israel is the historical homeland of the jewish people who have the sole right to national self-determination palestinians say they see the move as legitimizing apartheid turning what is already an act of policy of discrimination against them until stephanie decker al-jazeera. the palestine liberation organization says the law marginalizes israeli palestinians. this law
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establishes a system against the palestinian people and implements a policy of ethnic cleansing against them in order to expel palestinians especially when this law provides that this land is for the jews and a knowledge of historical facts about the existence of palestinians on this. post chief political correspondent and he disagrees with critics who say this bill is about israel promoting apartheid. well in apartheid you had no blacks serving in their parliament from one thousand nine hundred eight until one thousand nine hundred four in israel you of eighteen arabs in the parliament and to have had in every parliament we've had here this bill ends up not harming them at all you have arabic specifically protected in the bill there were attempts to add things that might have been considered racist they were not included in the final draft of the bill and it's now made sure they wouldn't be included in the final draft of the bill this could have been a lot more controversial than it ended up being it's specifically guarantees the rights of arabic as
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a special language it guarantees it says that citizens of israel no matter what their religion is and their nationality can act to preserve their culture and their heritage and their language and their identity there are things here that are bad for jews and there are things here that protect arabs well bashar is a senior political analyst joins me now from london she'll be many palestinians that disagree with gil hoffman's point of view amal won but what this law does as far as many perceive is formalize the segregation of the discrimination that's already been in play for over seven decades. absolutely and certainly it's not just palestinians who disagree with gil hoffman it's actually fifty five israeli knesset member disagree with him so does the former justice minister in israel. also a former foreign minister who actually argued that this sort of a law would give ammunition hence proof to those detractors of israel
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that israel is an apartheid state. in fact she blocked the possibility of vis a vis draft floor becoming law back in two thousand and fourteen and two thousand and eleven because she thought this was just the wrong glow so not only do palestinians disagree with what you just heard earlier from the jerusalem post guy in fact most jews disagree with this sort of take on israel on zionism on policy a minority in israel now the fact is and i hear we talk in fact not analysis is for the last seventy years israel has discriminated against its palestinian minorities almost every other former israeli politician is on the record admitting that so there is no argument with that fact now is it a party exactly like south africa no it's not there are no two systems exactly the
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same thing when people refer to a setting characteristics of a party that is there they don't mean that palestinians drive in the back of the bus they don't mean that they are not allowed in parliament but what they do mean that the discrimination is based on a certain race is racist ideology against them because they are not jews and that doesn't just happen within israel it also happens in the west bank it happened in gaza before and certainly it happens with three quarters of the palestinian people who are not allowed to go back to their homes black south africans were not aware of not deported three court. those of them outside south africa while three quarters of the palestinian people cannot go back to their homes in fact some hundred and twenty thousand palestinian citizens of israel are displaced people they cannot go back to their old home towns and villages within israel itself so one wonders why you legislated this particular way because it doesn't seem to lead
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to an avenue you that would make well headway towards a peace deal or peace table negotiations with the palestinians in any shape or form . what to be honest. nothing there not only our government has done over the last what is it ten years now serve the purpose of peace you know unless you take it from their very racist coalition partners but in the end of the day everyone around the world including europe and the united states understands that for example the expansion of settlements is not conducive to peace that annexation of his jerusalem is not conducive to peace that simply repressing the palestinians and creating all these checkpoints and so on so forth one by thing guys are strangling gaza is not good for peace but be that as it may i think the point or the object of behind this new jewish nation state bill is to make sure that
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a majority is needed within israel. in order to allow any palestinian refugee to go back to their home that any future palestinian and if you choose a peace plan would not. pressure israel into accepting the refugees for example to go back and will not pressure israel to giving up its full control of all of jerusalem including occupied east jerusalem for the most we'll leave it there mo and see how this plays out in the coming days mo bashar there are senior political analyst staying in the region and will head to syria no agreements have been reached between the government and opposition in the city of now on the problems of a quick intro now the areas of faced an intense aerial bombardment over the past two days these pictures shown strike hitting an area just beyond the occupied golan heights not far from going to trial rebel fighters from there are being taken to it lived in the north and government troops will now return to the twenty eleven positions. two towns besieged by rebels in syria's italy province have been
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evacuated after a deal was struck between opposition fighters and pro-government forces thousands were bussed out of the fray in the northwest the shia towns have been under siege by sunni rebels for more than four years pro regime forces and their families are amongst those who left they've been taken to areas under government control in exchange the government is expected to release hundreds of opposition detainees. the u.k. security minister has dismissed reports that police have identified suspects who poisoned a former russian spy and his daughter as wild speculation the press association says police have obtained security camera video of the novacek nerve agent being planted and the suspects of russian surrogate and eunice cripple were found unconscious in salisbury in march the kremlin denies any involvement let's get the latest now from jenna hole our correspondent in london we were exactly are these reports from the associated press saying it's the press association.
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and they're quoting an unnamed police source as saying that the police have as you say identified a number of suspects they believe them to be russian involved in the poisoning with nabil chalk nerve agent of surrogate scribal and his daughter use they've done this according to reports after painstaking work involving hundreds of officers scanning thousands of hours of c.c.t.v. footage from the scene in salzburg where the pair were discovered also from their home and areas around where they may have travelled before the poisoning took place and they've cross referenced those images with c.c.t.v. taken at airports they've also looked at passenger manifests on flights and they seem to have drawn some connections suggesting that if they're not russian these people at least arrived in the country from russia as you said security minister has dismissed.


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